Afentra's Podcast Thursday June 7, 2018

Thursday, June 7th

Open, Tom Green, Buzz Briefs, Fire, Stolen Car Attempt, iPod Shuffle, and more!

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Marry me bobbitt's meat puppets does. Yeah Nevada or that and fire. I mr. Owens Channing via. Power in. Debt again Thursday. Yeah I mean stripping Thursday. Yeah I was raped beaten. I brought my dongle amenable to. Sure Warner. I pressure on dongle you don't hang up the dongle. End. Oh while all its iron trip is to Austin corrects. For Austin city limits as are all kinds of people are playing and not Boston. Now our Austin. Ice and Austin and on CA it's firmer it's promised stupid movie okay I Chatham hey you know moderate ask you what motivated. It's from. On Tom Green. Where they go to college Freddie out finger now that's a given now that he's an hour and a few blocks Freddy got bigger reason they. Now I don't even think I've seen it solidly through I just seen Tommy Greene is an outrage. What the hell happened to Tom you can follow Montoya Ares dug on our own during comedy you know he's got enough of a name where he can just trying to go around and get 200 pounds he's fifteen in night makes decent depth yelled Brennan's next week I'm excited and beyond. How Ali. June 14. At the teen crew is ill burn and on the backwards man. Not you know backwards men and it's from pretty. Yeah I'm it's where you put on your clothes backwards. And you stand in front in the Mir going on the backwards and backwards. Life. What do you. I don't know but when you see it you kinda wanted to. Are used as though I'm not gonna deny that I have not backwards man. It is Nate so Deanna I believe you know grant the Truman yeah that's and as not to Ankara. And I didn't think earlier I meant then trim and yet maybe the boat in the tinkered with clubs. Any. And that's her with the T. And I came into work now it's on it's early I'm sorry thank you for correcting me and our. And what that says you've got into outwardly what they say. On the back or delay and it's as good. Maybe I'll watch Freddy got fingered this week and climbs inside it. I've seen down yeah I real memories are now Leo DiCaprio. Sleeves and about Fuller sound yeah oh yeah AA and Allen movie. The moment the words when Serbia is the revenue into the revenue and so yes where is the bad guys a bear something. And another guy but also the other guy gets. I think he gets his scalp cut off yeah. By American Indians it just doesn't slightly irrelevant yeah Wednesday. I enjoy the revenue I'd rather see the rent them and Freddie have no I would definitely rather received for India thing. Tom Green you don't remember Tom agrees to look young. It's a weird thing is we look now. I don't care I don't know why are talking about Hungary and I don't give a good asked about time I do he's kind of irony in 2000 times as eighteen years again show venture backwards man who business is that. Why does. UT shirt says excuse my TC attitudes. You don't have lightened that sure it's just so much batters wherever your round. I do like that sure where to get that. Honestly. It was a very Knoll as I've paid for Salina airport it was a comedy used to use them for pre anymore. What come to him that rubio Rojo. They made my waiter check leisure room we had. Wade Davis are in the royals were good. What's based on the true story tax fine Freddie got favorite asking her whether it's I'm hoping for Freddie I am hoping for the remnants. Eight well thought you'd like a rabbit and that's a really good admittedly I don't mean this as the drug invites people. Acted in and likely. Puts people at the evidence but it's your average people ask me as the Cuban people that's five and you don't have anybody acted like Leo and now one movie. I am the departed. I can in the departed. That's a great movie like the beach so much. Similar relate to beat. Think I saw the beach they closed deadbeats in the match. And now here asking the wrong person. Are aren't so Tom Green Leonardo DiCaprio doing a movie the other. It's a Danny would you like some sausage Janine de LAS fast hostages let the sausage steady. That's not from the revenue and that's from. Freddie up that's that I congratulate themselves. Daddy would you like some sausage Danny would you like some sauce today's is like all he does in the movie is like repeat things over and over again until they're funny ranked and it works I would like to hear that clip or hit Eddie woods said yeah I do running here down on the backwards man now why am I had a positive. Whoever Tex of that and gets me. They got me and not the backwards and I don't care about backwards depth swearing in here Rio. And exhausted and worn on a different role and. Being creative. Now if you'll excuse me I still some work to do that. Tuesday that he wouldn't talk. Yeah if you go back annualized his mood is very near murmur. It's weather or movies that reversals are. Genuine and sincere. I love they. Don't care of that occurred a month ago I'm now it's time you got me with the daddy and sausages. As a member of the bomb bomb saw. Yeah I area as they licensing mallet I'd say is they had to make you believe that and then Freddie happier now that's just hungry and hunger and caption that's about Obama is on the lips. Okay Eminem to get from that number and in room as they Wimbledon than you do with a million. In the food isn't. He's lucky in my just in the UK the. Mark. Mark and mark originally from thousands. Of troops do. All right it is trip in Thursday also we have tickets to Flogging Molly and drop kick Murphy's for tonight. You Daria Providence medical senate empathy that Newton. Kiss me I'm Irish. Okay I'm the only one as Irish is Dave and did you know that. President Clinton. Is thought I'd throw that out there she cared lead singer flying Molly. Yeah end all of life knowing and I think his wife and after some choose to put an island in the me and I don't know if there's still together. I guess we'll find out later. Our yeah asset strip and Thursday no numbers and you call yet we'll do it after news of her first number named Austin city limits so be listening to your number if you. Sign up to play all right Danny yeah what's going on the world. Well so. Everybody was calling. This person. Fire mom. As opposed the fountain mom. I heard about firemen on I didn't see what happens I feel like it's a bit of a stretch what happened. Sloan an insulator is. Anchors around 4:30 in the morning. Let's listen fires. Are there won't was yet again and it's for us for thirty in when that's I don't think it's it doesn't count doesn't count we shift at the case count and can. Yeah that's right mark you know stadium security guard discovered the woman wandering around the ball diamond with a flashlight. At about 4:30 this morning. Police say that Bridget to priest Karl per crisis throughout and turned the ball park through a gate yesterday at 8 AM. Now the royals say they haven't found any evidence yet that she'd been in the stadium that long. The priest admitted to walking down the field and all around the stadium and a stadium security checked the Major League park. They found garbage left behind and evidence that the priest had set three small fires on the stadium's well manic church turf. The small burn marks starring what most fans know to be a lush green landscape. Were cleaned up quickly this morning by the royals grounds crew. When you first hear that somebody try okay fired through the field at Kauffman Stadium you get one idea in your mind and this really was. Basically saying marks that are no longer there it's a serious situation we take very seriously but the field has basically not mean that. I mean I was worried about the field. I was worried about the sorry there doesn't worry about the bills she's 36 this rough proof lies and fires the maybe she's should he come and Upton. Every year it doesn't count unless. I see the fires there and man like. I didn't think that they say when you think fires. You being used what do you want image in your head I mean I didn't picture like Bambi is force burning or any thing. I did you elect a couple wadded up piece is the Kleenex. I'm sure she was eaten. Whatever he evening news in the Naia. And you're like present and he and that has played. Being sort of float of that are on fire like no not really no now now. It's chock full of a threat match. I mean Jeff and Deanna mindful movements and let's. All right I don't think fire moments. I think found moments. She's real but fountain Mamas are more and are getting wire mom was setting it off during the game answer when I'm saying now we're talking. Brett and I didn't get. 100% long longer hundred. Do you know who dandy and the driving Manning is now neither do lie. But I pick this story specifically because somebody tried to carjacked somebody named. DND and the driving man okay Saint Louis. Dandy and the driving man I never heard it and in the army man while we're not for example if in Saint Louis. That pizza on the blue is its. Tell Jeffs is heard using it and found it really is. I actually liked that day in. Female put a gun in my head and another one over here and a man coming in on the right and three guns plainly they said give us your car. And your money or will she accused. Dean is all right cheered drivers who gave the suspects forty bucks in his cell phone but he says they failed at stealing his electric car. He says first the three people tried to drive away while it was still plugged in the car will not leave or go anywhere. And Telecom plot then it would not start because. Finally he says they made him drive but that didn't work because the car was not charged so the suspects fled on foot. Gains friend says Dane is a good personnel giver he has given himself for twenty years giving a homeless free rides. All over Saint Louis dean's goodness was obvious in his message for the three suspects. Turn your tell them. I forgive you. This system sometimes you have to deal with consequences that we suffer as a result of bad choices which you can come back from that. I forgive you put your yourself informed on management's. It's fine. I as well it's funny glad he's okay I'm great I'm glad he didn't get Howard three people trying to steal one part in the hit a bad idea. While make sure you know. It's not electric you've got a problem and a woman pointing a gun of these that's one that's kind of stands out that it doesn't it. I've never happens every about. Female carjacker. Never heard about the current. Count and examine thought about it I'm sure there's plenty of female. Carjackers intelligent out I don't and. Beam. Listen he is the latest statistic I can find. Apparently Simmons as we have got our round. Dan DNA and then Taylor ran those Taylor man yeah I think. Let's see on the plaza come on how do you now know that he is that Casey legend and I don't I don't know DL damaging our hand. I'm sorry on the plaza. Here awhile. Born here in order. Aaron dandy and I've been here Muslim allies. Abatements and the attention. Coming out these play that clip intense and have a key interest in our community and unique unique evening. Yeah I'll take. Indian it and I am a story if you count oh yeah okay. This person when I step back the car won't go without me until woman jumped in the driver's seat and she. Where until it's unplug the then it would not start because. And our car do you know that dandy Andy guarding man. As his key fob Ty doing issue. I played Dion yeah. I'm as good idea you don't have to worry about key fob anymore pray I don't drive zone electric current he's so much cooler than all of these. Care beaters angles everywhere I lost twenty. Or retreat in the garden. So that when you're driving down. Somewhere between here our time need touch my issue well I would you guys are right so. G across. Time you don't cross that didn't know I mean I don't want to like. I'd I will be very polite crossed I think it's a wonderful thing. You don't think they're weird to say it well I mean. There is fit in where now it's fine man. I haven't didn't you across Belgium you know looks rough and he rather patronage. Army and that would explain my body though pride. South mostly people are pretty. You're got to YouTube several times and hurt you you're a deep. Delegate. I don't know I repeat from working out early and then beaten. And an area of tying up any Red Cross state just fired their spokesperson. And it was sad that LG BT pride is quote and cut the fish and and this is the CEO. And I love him so much 'cause normally I'm not down with CEOs Greg down with the mayor mean but. According shares CEO of prostate. Greg Glassman in this is the court. He needs to take a big dose shot after Oppenheim out for awhile it's faster and I love Ed. Who does that goodies he's saying quote he needs it to this is their spokesperson. Quote he needs to take a big dose shot I have been hideout for awhile it's happened. I hiring he crossed an employee was fired after tweeting his support for it crossed it just James cancellation of a pride event. Citing his belief that celebrating LG BT pride is quote unquote the scent. Russell Berger was dramatic it's successful but as company's chief knowledge officer. Often a factor a person. Spokesperson and co author of the Russell's. And who wrote a blog about scientific misconduct. And walked on ball. Nearly happened Wednesday afternoon. They see as CEO now that they wanted to let we're gonna commission study and an investigation he says it out this is H Reid and as someone who personally believe celebrating pride does is saying that like to personally encouraged. Passing cash check prostate infiltrate for standing by their convictions and refusing to us. And acts indeed pride work. The intolerance of the LG BT QIDL. Ideology toward any alternative views is mind blow. And. Wire across state guy. You it'd take a stand equity doing I guess I don't know I understand. In this TE in age why do you care. Control. What he had care what do you care Russell seems to be worried. About why it. Exists worried about Twitter some. Cross I mean it's ridiculous. The intolerance of the LG BTQ ideology towards any alternate views is I'm blowing so sober. Any alternative views is discrimination towards a group that is really is yeah like any says think they were for a company that tolerates disagreement I have. Clearly they don't alcohol. I am homosexual co workers who I love and respect he says what O'Malley clearly you down and end as far as I'm aware. They are demanding Aggie punished for Miami youth buddy CO. All your CEO thoughts oh I mean look I missed tennis and then he deleted this week's empowered. You know I don't delete your stuff like now he looks now it looks like a person. Known to man. They always look just about like that. Yeah he's afraid I'm liking it and man you got that had to break it airs an alliance. He's in shape this house. That's okay yeah. That act as us come on all of the clock don't understand oh okay I visited I don't know what you're doing and when you say stuff like Bentley who were you trying to impress. I don't know or are you trying to change people's mind now I think is just trying to be intolerant. Yeah. If you don't want it. Perfect it's not like as not your preference fantastic and I be someone else's it's weird because he's like willing to say I personally believe pride to celebrating pride is a senator. But he like I. Negate or yeah. No doubt mutually exclusive. Yeah I love my cup notice he has many friends. Are better it is like they not a black friend another Lackey got love my gay friend half. Ridiculous these days probably keep cross in and business. Right talent tolerate them intolerance neither Newton my best friend's day I think that's why that across the TO was like crap. I'm gonna shut is down right now. Well he. He didn't just firing was like he needs to seek out legal way to take a big glasses shot spot behind that is also that is that quote from as CEO. Well die and I did see yeah. Like I answer although I don't know why wait is that it's across state needs a CEO I exercise program. Aren't as he started. I don't now I'm just thrown out there did that doesn't necessarily mean that yeah I don't know item in. I don't know as though I am I now our CEO. After we got sued and about the decision was pretty entertaining in any thing. Mean. Rule. Something about we have nominated we abided. We got invited there wasn't as dead as. Everybody needs. He glass an issue. That's for sure but anyway pride month. All right last weekend I'll allow alien that Asus and it's let's say hello my. Late so what if I called it and so pride month and I think pride week. Reverend Wright on crossfire it's pride month pride day should the average I called it X it. Across the engine is gonna cost a 150 dollars. Month I don't I saw people across the region the other day okay. They come outside as like a hundred degrees boom. And then they like using the outside and they're outside on the sidewalk you are running around the building. A mighty paper you pay to run around a building. I did you land nice I'm exhibit takes the outside is not what a lot of your part of now it's better than running and plays. You run a place I mean what you call it. It's treadmill he had turned up yet as I just feel like you can get your running. Did they do other stuff area residents like yeah. It's funny how it is funny but I'll entertain a lot of just like Harper's. So they are if you like alarm Pena. So in the sense that they're fun to watch it like I'm not doing that now looks to wager hard work in America so see that he'll. That we have we think probably the light push push and tires up that was retired but they still are doing now work out of the day your watered. My knees bitten. Is bearer crawled backwards. Down Metcalf. It's an otherwise and where did you lake. He does king crab walk not crab I don't land crab rocky there. Like anything more had to be on my toes Romania and well yes I and I I just well. One thing. Well yeah one Edmonton he out although we disagree with the verdict we abide by Nagin mean. We while we do not agree with the jury's decision we will abide by that I love you guys are quoting RC I mean. What they call those saying they're not it's like a squat and they need jump. Oh burglary armed these I hate therapies he. Europeans. I think I hate Chinese more though. There's a lot of literature. And our process mine and yeah we should totally you cross that I don't want grabbed owned grabbed O Michael Milo says. I don't and that is where you work out so hard you Killen of red blood cells die. MF and cut anything I mean interfering played Indian line cross that is you have to have the ability to push yourself. Like it. Right. I eat sleep I'll get in modes. I don't work out like look my best Hebert got him as another box in there and nylon tape blu. How about. Larry let's do a number I crossed it is expensive because of the trainers and equipment and certifications required. I'd keep people safe makes cents. OK I mean I was always plays as because if you don't have a license single seat of a billion that's like cross that is expense. RO. Sixty minutes is cross. Our parent or take about a glass of shut. Home. Movement are bruised or are convinced fine art is five or regular number yeah 730 people. I data driven Thursday to Austin city limits. I can't even remember off the top and and I know challenged him in mountain. The first weekend and then as playing who else. So he attacker. The manager I am anyway you'll have until 740 to call me back at 5767965. If your phone number and in. 5070. 57845074. Mean did you Zaun had to play turbine Thursday and aren't as the last shortages of yourself up. If that's the case coming back yet until 740 fives and 67965. Yeah. Manchester orchestra playing well Austin city limits music festival also plain boulevard via. Engaging Langer won in new nick. This has led the bands. Oh hi how are you. And. So tell me what you wore our phone number is just the last word it hits. Your area. It. Yeah. The Nasr who we are of the year are you in the caves. I'm. Exited sounds like you in the back games yeah I urge you work in the came he's driving and gave us. Then that's that you're going Austin city limits music Massimo. I'm excited worry it's a stupid lineup it's ridiculous. Arctic Monkeys childish Gambino. Jeff. Saint Vincent and Janelle Monday found agendas he. Credit an awfully cheeky greens it's just stupid anyway congratulations. And as a whole. I think you have a great time. All right that means we have a new job on Thursday outlined the first time dollars and eighty think the first number were you. Yes what does the eastern and Thursday and is. That is Weezer covering showdown meaning pretty much. Exactly. Yeah just. Not. As good you know odds just take into an area. I'm I'm happy here even now the fact there organs Blake has Weezer in our men men is. It's pretty good it's a good cover comment how to present anyway. Lots going on this weekend in an ominous start Thursday as an early weekend here. But Friday. I am. Judging. The air guitar competition. At the record bar yeah so dear free and you don't have anything else to do. Coming out a leash is doing in. And Jim is doing it from the get up kids all the air generator sing and what was his band's name. A I'll let Jim septic like collect less polite very good getting help them. I saw them in the field by church once and like Blackpool in 2002. I like we had album it was really really good engine things you know I am yeah. He does they all sing for radar state. We will sing bail we all thing for Nelson's long do we sings it and we are raiders and it that's right and I also Friday night is Cold War kids. I have tickets to that. And I also have tickets a Flogging Molly so let's play iPod Shuffle I mean I don't need tickets a Flogging Molly tonight and called our kids tomorrow what what time is there. Add doors are at Simon at the record are and I think every I gotta be there 830 judges chicken ate very. And airy. Mean a lean mean and lean sent a very lengthy email to the judges I have to read it's fairly comical mountain. The last time a leisure and I did it it was at the old record garden. I was and not alien and then now. Because I mean aired by as drinks well there's like that then DL you army navy and judge. You gotta Amitabh and we took full line advantage. Just all the shots Ellis I'll. All the shot all the bull Marin orange juices. That handed shots sighted way there. Was it that it isn't the sex. Or six huge business and I think it did ballads and the mode I think I've got all their air competitions. I haven't done the sex and no one's asked me did you via how they I got a tea is funny because there's always one judge who gets annihilated. Well time in my experience Soledad gets a workout my sides yet that I mean I it annihilated I am I'm sure he's Sherrod GM well yeah. Well Jim writes it will be annihilate. I DN jam a leisure while Clinton she's gonna you know how to jazz. I do a lesion was that gap bit a lot as she had seemed every lead that grew delightful hours she she think she's. Simon and is very simple. Very simple. Your first couple acts are always going to be speakers and rats they come in. And bar in the house down even Manilow you're scale as well to say 108. Even you come out you do it ten out of ten if your first I got to score you as an eight out of ten I that's got to be my hiring of gymnastic. But there is a combination thirsty scores and combined in his typical. Yeah they're going yeah there's combinations. I was told there were being a man. I have to get into the email it's pretty funny yeah he is gonna make it he gave me the right down to is this he's for real people come out. And they come up from all over to be a part of as a they're gonna go. So like the national competition when infamous I remember Hewitt says there air California why he liked to Sweden brain but I think he underwent locally nationally and then Sweden. Are signing that's happening at the record ball hanging on Friday and but while let's play iPod Shuffle mine is and there 5767965. Com now if you're going to win Flogging Molly and drop kick Murphy's tickets for two nights. And Cold War kids for tomorrow and they're playing cat power and light. You don't know whose plane where whenever we got accounts account of the Charlie hustle. Concert calendar means it's time does that come very helpful anyway. Mark and Danny. Shall not done. And why. Is coming up I airline. Hi I putt I love to near one and act of violence there right yep Mary guide I'm impressed things in the air on for Danny America. Also a glass animals. I love them I miss them. Heinous faces. Okay. I. Okay. I would give you for this untruth. On Iraq. I was getting gas outside Illinois and a half now. Knew her latest album. Condit and unhealthy relationship and probably just consider. I feel that's why demoralizing and in this on June the way you drew anyway. Sounds he wants to assign there's any chance of Saddam Ericsson viewed against. Minus the bear who want to get the fighting Molly drop kick Murphy's name and coworkers tomorrow. And it. Hearing. Any of them do and his right hand man. I mean. Al towns and ran into gittins and be out of town halls of free horse. My mom called me and TV news. And I now it's saying I don't think. Higher emissions but then moving. Out of pretty yours say it out yet is this from the soundtrack. As Billy Bob Thornton. Right out. The directed by Billy Bob or maintained he's starring Matt Damon and Penelope cruise I never did see Audrey horses and our. So feeling guest Helen Jones and Rihanna and NN news. And you would want to take Ali Ira I see a movie about a young cowboy amazing birdie and a soundtrack. I don't know it's. He just did Bradley Cooper clued him answer we'll now with Lady Gaga. I solved there in a movie yet he sings sounds good. Hamas is playing guitar and play. That's very steer. Now the as Rihanna and get them some young talent I don't think it's hard to sound okay because there isn't all the pretty horses. I don't know that's I think that maybe the name of the album. I've always listen to the way. Andrea are on the prairie has announced her area got I don't I don't mind. IPod Shuffle mine is up by 767965. If you like I. What is so it is part of the founder of the tech slide when they is that there is the mummers danced next step and remember the moment yeah I don't know the numbers and. Already our it. Guy. Also. Elaborated premium and you know. About it according Wally world. So I could use an hour the clings to workable alternative for Abram and why is next and I've gotten you got to say for tomorrow are fully paying you would think I now I have some in the well pop up political and her. Hello the buzz. Good morning and good morning aria an ordinary. Goodness. In the the anti Arab have a good day today is standing. Or rubber ball happy birthday scene and you're welcome. You know I feel like maybe you shouldn't play in Asia does win south. And let someone else play. It's up to you you can place him that I am having deviant against about anyway because it's your birthday. Yeah I'm sort of got hang up I don't hang up hang on hang on a mark you get see any. What she was called for anyway and hurry up so you can clearly outlines we've got a whopping three easily take yeah yeah the back as. I'll play our budget excellent sense. That rip currents would be a voter don't work. When you. I'd get security that they are building Yahoo!. A security here and you know Alex from Harris you know and Tanzania asbestos stuff. No there there are quite a few people alert. Imus urged. Alex though line we just how Alex he calls and fragments of a junior and his allies from the Paris this year Chris security IRS Carey Chris. What's next and I bod. I. Know. I'll give you target you can get Ali Jack like south Italy Jack white's fellow White Stripes rock into hers and whether. Or easy and Annan. Electric six I'll even do that. And Eric and. And I we have one more alive by as a six and a 65 memory that's cast of information for the eightieth birthday plus it's just nice yeah. Insists she gets something for your thank you call and you make it through you through your iPod shot well happy birthday. As you heard a favorite day of the flaming Burke that changed that had a good day at severed pain or use data. A year ago. Our. Hello the Baz. What. Moments in that's. I let them liquor outlet. Bobby Bobby. From last year tree you could when you're our outcome dumped a deliberate. You're wearing yeah we aired on Omar wedeman Donald Cooke got promoted written oral. You'd use Lugar Easton. That's gotta agree. When he yen. Yeah I don't know I don't know what sort get that are critical reflect random surprise. As is your second job. This is my only well. Is over eats. We agree to outfit got people out of your class you I don't know that you want your help Iowa and I now. Request for Bonnie yeah you are I mean that's not gonna how would you name on it over. Oh rubber. Just Robert the other. That's ahead in a bit as Robert. So now they are found in the mayor elect became a mirror mirror and they're blaming anybody marry our Bonnie. What is next and I'm glad I don't even wanna play on it's it's funny not and I really wanted to let our Roland had everybody's dead deer antelope. Now by July yes why are you got in on them to Angelo are not he's and the I mean. Rented there's dirty. Yeah I'm ready ready yeah me populace really quick. Our Butler the mummers dance we remember. I don't know I it doesn't I don't know. It's stupid either in and I'm sick and commercial. And and you're just jam or play and I bunch of them. I knew I. And in the Canon. Yeah it. Stand. Other notable amount is so. I don't know what I'd like to try a plumber sounds pretty epic yeah. Bombers in to these things. It's been Manzi driving down the road time. I drank tea. RAI about shoveling need Flogging Molly any Jack White or De'Angelo for a winner and team yet five's been. It's ambient. Also allied. Added to boulevard. Season. They believe should go around. Win. Actually need. That's a first spent. Got a letter and it came back. Chris I think hairy. Where are the odds are in me. I I'm gonna play. I'm a starter from the beginning OK because that's is blasphemous I had missed a white strike. Then reclaim mine is the mayor of our doctors of The White Stripes congratulations to Chris. And Jack White I got to widen I got all his pants. Down damn line. The White Stripes apple blossom on the map. RA. It's June as the shovel again you now Danny is our email. We have tickets to see Flogging Molly in drop kick Murphy's tonight. Providence medical amphitheater senator out it's a mouthful. We also has hard to fit Providence. It's a lot as an I like the medical center and computer parts a lot to end anyway I. Also if you win you'll get tickets to Cold War kids tomorrow so you get a fly you Miley tonight. A lot of drop kick Murphy's and it's called work kids apparently tomorrow on our Internet. It's really easy to play we even do it for you enchanted Europe irons I'm using 796 spies our phone number. If you'd like to drag two wins against any and if you want one or the other. Just let us know that's all I'm offering that mean I'm a guy covered. Fair at least two it's been carrying cars and 6796 time why is on gaining iPad mark. I must say. All right AKA. Do any for whatever reason loans and defends man it's hard to stay with you Danny you Eminem. No firing. You never know Laura I am old and for America unique. Ransom. He's like yeah I think I'm still me Anil I'm kind of hang me. I don't shout out out of town of there are now not a day and after cumulus OK QQ is in the news that's the parent. Yeah. I can't The Who has. We've interviewed him before. Inner even before him. Just let the sun columnist new duty. Bubba Sparxxx I don't remember talking about we did we interviewed but it went well that I was doing all gang was really nice and like talked about it is it is addictions and stuff but who's really fun it is. Itself a couple in the the consultant while windows called me. Well that's a little purpose that I Colombo with CNN but it's just let me got the ball. So legends are made at a below their own and I hired and now here very fire had your gas. Bubba Sparxxx and the bond he bumped you don't want to get ready for it and you have you know he had previously. I need a break. We didn't sound of me now. It's in the club this ready to blow on the go. Best of what else would bird is one of the store Cumberland times does it play Klestil and blocks and I meant. Do you guys fight it out as school. A long time now what the through Jesus. Album came out. You got to. I was going to run at the VH one has to do this thing didn't he found it. How that was so long ago but I think we'll VH one that I now. Right to that even exist anymore there does sir I don't even reality shows at this point I think it dies I don't know I have no idea. These Jesus save the music campaign needs and artists are way to. You part of it and try to raise money for schools a demand instruments. So on. We did because I raised her with likely a and I wanted to devise something it has an arm trying to remember what it lives. I opted for the VH one divas poster nice well you know. It was the original divas original Mariah is on there. Yeah I have to finance anyway you remember. The white cholesterol it's on its own Maria Maria and I remember that maybe. And he was in a movie. I don't know probably. Probably acted like it was in a movie in hand to keep clear lines Arie I 77 ninths I mean you think they. IPod Shuffle for Flogging Molly drop kick Murphy's. And or you can happen on if you want ago if you could make it take him off deep depth if he can't and don't then leave it for so many out Indo. Mean well that Maria Maria sung your genome wooten clients on hooting cleaning up the with. Yeah that is the same riff is Maria Maria. Exact debt agreements yet I say they have a clip like it is way too much Larry's right up it's really interest it ranked if you can. If you. You can beat him now. When guys that's tiring. And as bad as. And Mario. That hurry. And well. With. Lee Lee woody doing. I'm on the court. That's got the good data via the ports that yeah how can mean only hanging out in the backyard. Important and here I thought OK so you aren't accurate. Because I was picturing you in the area reports. Were not apparently to have a bungalow to BN from ports. Among other colors on grass and then. Canada. In Germany and extremely am I. Tell me what is next and he and he's and I about it. Photo. I agree yes. Sir when are they coming in August. Eluded me the tickets. Hello the buzz. You want more and he's. John. Dillon. Carbon where you drive and middle and lower. House. My job on the trucker. If I'm a big ring but I do. You people still use seabees. Are they do our company now. RL radio. Yeah that's I guess I would flirt around them. A bad idea John JD don't have a CD hammer radios set up in your house right now that I ever prepared to die or Obama. I am not let's go to work train I don't think that's hard. I would have that in reality of which I think it's that's an area outside of big daddy home or are those very lives. Carried out what's next and then he's about our. Ninth team loves to quell eyes do. Us it's my job it's Medea but will you please turn and there were hurt not. Turn down the Rio could easily get your bird is a go and it's a damned idea that the county out and that is what happens when I stay out on the ice is their own time now is dog eyes sound like I do that's okay well I'm aware. I am aware who are is this. Another job the same drowned ever done. Different all are driving. Also it's where he's. I am going guys do you have a CB. I don't know how to. Wind acts. I don't oh yeah entrance to do you take a lot lizards. Yeah. You know I have the right or Italy or hear you deliver your cargo on time. Actually not delivery beverages for company it should Ali have everything company gets in we have come to judge and got a kick start though the how did you know. I'm that you are right now where they're. Not watching the cut because that's weird. He dreamed that Allah I'm holding his hand would go. We allowed six or I don't lie I have. Wherever I go and I always have your country artist and I Hannity started it's ridiculous. Sorry what does next on Danny's iPod. Where you're you're snoop are all on line you guys get five spins its iPod chapel Jimmy is aptly named Toto. Iced tea or Snead god. For a winner mark for the love of god can we email engineering again about the fourth line. He's seen you this time beaten. Since they're really afraid of me that's kind of what that no not at all like I got no call nine but for the love of god. We only have more phone lines why can't they all work. Why doesn't bother me why you like here we usually I'm so used to having four people on and I hate him just three it seems like a weird numbered. Now like that in union that the you can always are aren't enough that nobody cares about and yet we need satellite Peterson shot. Real quick burst into allies right there does the first couple Bates. Aaron out. And I are like that Libya remains none of them yes. I was thinking the exact same and our guests I'm hiring Jack can't enough in my head out our Greg and I think he blamed eerie it sounds like a bleached his son now I know we're dead again now gets it. Yeah. I'm better than anybody thought sure that's of course it does. He'll love life. I bet Jack Hanna is engraved with amazing live I'm not saying Massa. I think. Others like Damon. Same premise that. And I really. And you look the American. Well we'll understand. Phillips' queens. Kuwaiti dad. Chemicals when you ask you think he does dad doesn't. Brandon Flowers sound exactly like those three large flows from queens fun pulled from going on here. I love queen and I can't wait to see that movie I went big October. That's a wage who logs and no I mean act is the Incredibles moviegoing and I thought that's that is my hands down favorite idea encouraging. They just movies. Trailer yes and I feel like it's been out this summer comes out June 15 top RIA. Guy he adds meaning. All I can buy my tickets are views so far say it's just a blast. Do they really now I don't read reviews I know but it's always I. I hate review is something is different now all this different people like different things. I like it when I don't wanna hit a movie and they agree with me that's my favorite human RNC that's why you look at how violent that I am Mac are packed. Was that the first allies got a rambling I am channel I TC dogs for a winner Guinea's iPod is. Rigged the old car. Sean Goldman. You know. Natalie Imbruglia and yeah same here. It's. I really. Yet thankfully it sounds agree reasoned a lot of it on. If you never air thing you ever seen maybe as sign of it is a monster yeah now. Do we have songs like this anymore. You know we do here on better I don't know of those in 91 hit wonders where. May they were really were one get one area leads us Natalie Imbruglia Lou Vega. Or of the dudes from Gainesville called. The dudes from Gainsville Gainsville Florida Sister Hazel Sister Hazel I mean it was all that time and Sean Colvin and ask us some always. Shawn Mullins Sean Coleman and show what a terrible time in music there was 00 awful Al block meant. Tom Bachmann to. Let's not forget Duncan sheik Don gallery Friday sure senators Evan back on again gas you know he isn't he's not that it. I know how people are reporting that he's done is now I'm not dad I know he's well not dead. Yeah I anytime I hear Duncan sheik out. A message. Which is alive again. At that side. Dad back pay us back. Down. The rhythm of the dancer and this is balances neighbors song. It's now now. And you put a lot to my first radio station did this time in music back. And early mid ninety's live mesh well. Booed. When I got in crystal waters. 100%. I mean you'll love. I think somebody uses a remake the song. Recently I was very disappointed us. Don't miss the cement. In spot in. This affords them you know. You know I teams you've done for women's. Like fifteen people like. Right now. Let's turn around Bruno Mars has his grid isn't big gigantic and girlfriend role. Behind Don introduced until. I think I sovereign I think he did film. I had great night now grim again sir that was great I know we do so alike agree is. I mean we were all day and use yeah I. Thought yeah. Yeah and a great Al Flickr is out I yeah. A lot of people would have. Slid out Catholic furry things on them India very funny furry things on their hats and library costs delays yet lots accounts I can I ask. And lots of furry. Things on patents yeah yeah yeah lots of breathing weird shouted great chapter goes. For revealing a head nod not cheap date not cheap. I mean I also between new drugs. And the headlines the drive that's what I what can enjoy you Moraga and yet everything everybody Robin that's may have the furry hat every relevant in unison to rub your napoleon's personal friends back. We weren't doing that Irish and I don't think I was German I'm pretty sure it wasn't him. The wind up. Congratulations. Italy EL a Winamp. On the back porch. Something front porch back back porch only backwards don't act urgently. Congratulations. As this new jet this is the right. Why isn't Weezer in Toto tour. I think they said they would sell out insulin. I hate that guitar it's just behave McEntire yeah I missed dearly and in a manner. My interiors you are like they are heirs elect Barack did and here's like surfing their manners I do likes speaking. But is it Kelly Slater so let's play. And good times you'll. Speaking. Serve so yeah irony or errors we'll do some after big gigantic. No I don't know where hair nobody. He plays we don't play that we'll always. We don't put out one. The ground alerts sign. I don't know why we don't we should play the growl as well I don't put it big gigantic aren't trying you play big gigantic. Downplay the growth. Yeah I've gotten himself but tried not could I did it. Whenever they haven't found sire you're on holds I'm like what is this is like where my parents. And many. Looks you know. I did hear he looks like they do is remind chemical romance chart a way yeah I mean I've I've delegates anymore DV Havoc but I agree. I was all or how what her anyway that's the 1935 what's the name of the drag give yourself a try. You give yourself what to do it enough now I walk out you don't try to you know motivate me Manny. Right. I mean Nash and Tony and I are inspiration and believe Weaver stars you know in prep players. You own home loan. You own and Eric we're done. Tomorrow. Caller flogging nine drop kick Murphy tickets now. Tomorrow cold work adds to the VIP passes or just yes will be doing the customer in hand for power might also. I'm going to be the record bar. For the air guitar competition a judging. I'm really feeling. I'm like not qualified sheer army line. Is there guitar who's gonna give a good time with us all about uses it really is about having had time to be feeling of alien yeah. Sounds I'm David tends to the last line. Aisles yeah there are judging allegiance fellows coming in tomorrow yeah we got shot a guitar competition and and Arkansas Democrat and carry a slumping ousting can't remember how well. And will be a nice surprise on it will be yeah have a great day thanks for listening. We chant tomorrow. And and me.