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Mean in my golf. Me and my goal Miramar globe. That's who SuSE. Is it in reference to I don't think Michael Jackson. A those office. That's a daily and that's that do as a conference I went Jackson. By the way ahead that is new and MG MT little boy let's hope that a man anyway not. Her I hope that I I really hope they go a different way for the wrestler record wasn't. The MG MT singer didn't he come out. On last year's and I think you might be is what that does it insulate you from a bad record none none that I'm saying maybe it is time he was away I mean Michael. I don't know I don't know I don't know. It's the a's got to write about his gave boyfriend how mark. Welcome prices here oil adds just a little. Slow martz. Changing his own mind stealing any it did in the authorities or anything of the oil is trying to excuse the song. I don't think Israelis that are bad. And then he is also saying that he must be writing about his wife and I can mean any insinuation. And thirteen. And none out easy who's uranium out let's say let's find out GAAP please. Not everybody's out Marx as for nobody Emery and somewhat. That is an area originally. Now this is according to genius dot com which is no longer raft genius of tennis genius America. There's is there and it the sanitation is under reviewed but it's as it TO is the line was Meehan my girl. What was later changed to me and Michael both. Why because it's purposefully ambiguous. But must take it as a sign of a friendship. But any says the only problem he says not everyone can be you like me at this I think this prison drug is visiting the idol airs. Not everyone can be like me and my golf. The only problem is forgetting which side you're on. So you think the burning light will reappear on summer nights clear earlier reference degrees. Like all the rest but they can't find out. Is that the lyrics yeah. Savient. Not everyone can be like me and Michael. The only problem is forgetting which side you're on. So you think the burning light will reappear on summer nights. By color arrest but they can't find out. They can find out. I think what he think he means by science. I'll see. Armored top. You're going with a nontraditional. Stacking order in a city. In every scene it's Meehan Michael imaginary bombs raining down from the clouds. So it seems the danger signs will never let the feelings by. When the best and brightest have gone in Michael. You know criticize is it's like it's like. Who sings take a skinheads bowling. Them over MD German DA out. Sorry of some things yeah there me and my eagle make it makes it now and doesn't have dance yeah water say hey tell your hands and how we still resides I was totally I was thinking that passion pit. Alias name is Michael that idea the idea came out he had many things come out last year he's my an Audi. There I'd take that statement in and out and seen as you may do learn. I'm sorry it's fine I think impassioned PayPal manners or red approach post called the Meehan Michael period. Our islands here there's all closed behind it was here this tea or tie him they never thought MGM champ. Tell me in my Konami can we design. It's is it fair to say are they I'm answering ads and ads aren't. Myanmar even if we are booking now here's the problem right I mean it's it's usually only at a record it's so here's had C verve for any say that I mean you notice any tea record or someone's comment on Salmons played in vitro. Are out of the live we are out of who have room. But I'd nobody said bill allow brown I saw somebody posts about that a nice if other causes they dig messes the FaceBook is they said that. Hey guys do an offense promise there why glade kept my mouth they use I monitor of plywood the gift of the guy go like. I don't know. Yeah I mean I'm an hour now what we had to go through it again the Levys shouted out it's kind of fun so. All right cave. Do you wanna borrow can be you wanna do B divas here like I don't know yet how why would not and we've been to Indonesia oh floor and Oliver got DM decade what makes this year different. A hanging. I wander. Though I Vera beside him no I agreeing to do thing where we repeat the same words over and over again and so we're gonna say Meehan Michael. And that's what it is that's how what songwriting isn't when he seventeenth when he takes a look at her. So I was three in the lyrics for the listened to the song. It's who Michael could be. What if Meehan Michael by the same person. So it's the character in the song is basically talking about his chase itself in my building his ego. Is that the theory on that experience. Senate fight club and I love song there you have sons now. I'm man. We should hear it again somewhere is some mailing to a video this. With some really into video to us and they say. I saw this on another form and it's really weird the whole song sounds like a lot like the MG MT song. And I think I can even hear Michael in the course but MP joke oh it's Russian. But there. And I I pirate it. Wherever hope. Ready. OK so here is with just again is in Michael. And so for reference here. Me in my car. The figure into the same from. School is spots and people. They're gonna have got to stop having one person writes songs. Bonuses. You can't yeah. Yeah. Down. That's near Michael Barrett this is the Russian one. I. Food from. Say if only resonate even design idea then why did. Before coming from Tom is that the Fed up mom being. Yeah he knew my curve. Post summit Everest is just it's just happy. But it is a month ago they have had their house has been around some nameless other than somebody in examining cover that. And AM parents. So you know this from the mid eighties is a Russian pop gem from the mid eighties dance Soledad yes. Until they covered me and maybe MG MT number you can keep tell somebody. That's. It's the same. You saw the regression I mean yeah something about Michael brown and Rihanna. The day. And a bit. Classes. Six and I got an Tim Tebow comment smile yeah. This is it okay. Stay. Monday our CD. My group called home. Stared wounded. Stationary engine can. Be sure that. That group didn't cover MG MT. There's so many houses texting in same old video for the song explains how this song was stolen. By as speaker Russian. I don't know maybe Michael is Michelle born in garbage. You Mikhail. Anything Michael not me can now Heidi convict they are today. Confessing. Would you quit passing on her own music and that no way and it's annoying to our worries today so is the tigers have like they did steal. Confident and consequences. And they say based on. And it says they really like the song and one in their own version of it. Mean I mean and stuff out like exact saying the real version in most of acts permission today. I'm sure they wrote native made of it music video about it and then. Their song is a parity Simmons yelling the Russians aren't plays in their video like you can yell that if people all day but in lesser hanging out and MG MT. Music boards how are regular people supposed to know that. The tendency MTB EC I seriously don't act so offended that people didn't know that it was apparently the Russians aren't plays in the video the last sentence off why this is single then this is fair I. I named it says though this news sun reaches new heights with the track it isn't long before plagiarism will be called out. Says that and Jim team on the the article on consequences from. They show this in the political bear while Imus well. Who once called them. I don't know what's. I cannot 47 I mean I shoot down now and down and go. I now know my job now the whole song is meant to be about how easy it is to make hit songs MG MT from work with the Filipino wrinkles to true faith and stealing the song for hype. Allowing hits now it's not gonna be hit it. While any was CEOs such events are right and then attorney says the quick as the women presences credits in your own music. Did you want us to crap on music it's. As a result they're passing on their own music and what a band right passing on their own music about how easy it is to CNN. That's right a pull ourselves together blight the Mae and asking those songs and clearly you don't iCloud Amazon does labor cover and radio played OK radios got out. Either which by the way we did end and not everybody now. Yeah that's really annoying that they would do that. Great don't hands. Insinuating. That blood and GMC. It's still aren't times since irregular spectacular written shut fast 510 right now all my garage as spectacular again are at it right. And sat of ads saying where's your fans. And saying art was so easy to get a hit which by the way it's not as you damn well now it. An old idea that with left and three now they wrote it they don't like it. And which showed on the record bona. We haven't they sell plan in place now they get the money. Now and it was kind was it Iron Man. There were some movie. And they chose that over other songs to be assessed by Iran and it was in it was in a movie it was a demand. Was a man moving and amnesty and B he hooked up for. I don't know it was when it was a superhero live here. That remember oratory I wanna say maybe even in Bynum and Bryant I don't know man I don't any of Spider-Man is the reason it. Those who know my and I'm from yeah. And can gain and then it's. Maybe about Otellini meaning anymore. I heard that they analyze it came from someone here in hand is that written anywhere. He has a zoning we her hanging. I don't know that's a teacher and a. But I do know that and didn't he sign is not going to be a giant hit. Called me and Michael it's. Not cool to mess with people who like your music. Well played for awhile till they found it no problem. Just me in this town today and I want to talk to them that day so. That's always strata Michael. Something they do assure him like a New York or Los Angeles just so a lot more people. It like here this scenario we get back to MG MT in a it's like who else. That song there kids get. Now my kids is. To be dance. If it contributed and slugging. I mean they're all all those songs use the same anyway no not. MG MT Billick. That on throws Everett. I think it's a lovely the band. The news dad it's only been out they ripped it out like MG MT that is ripped off that even sounding like an agency that is copying MG MT. Now there's some evil light yet that's cool man that's fine if you like garbage. All or we allied a lot of marriage Darren Manning and adding that thing is like as long as you can admit it's garbage but you like it it's fine. Lake 80% oil like is garbage Brett that's fine. As I know. Simmons an actual injury that the materials sounds does seem that out of my criticism assigns an artist. Yeah Alec every silent black. And for me to three doesn't. Yeah that I dare them this once stood out as they really bad news here very well that and that's not a nice thing to do you people are now and I don't do that now. I'm sorry I don't hear there are artists are not mean just because there are artists you know you have. To make them better you make some songs only sums on Moreno this same man exactly. Exactly be holding to a band are on our idea line and grease on our artists that claims to me. Polls early there is right that is funnyman laid back has a lack the alternatives. To do very down yeah it's very tall. I like pop. I everything but I like some country in. You don't have been loyal to a band or music genre or anything you can do I like he was and light. But I and I think it's about a girl whose duties and now see eight offenses grow and why can't do I love them I am I did fender jaguar heightened. Oh this is lower ratings saw that. You've got us is Lara ratings suck you got us you got us so good in my heart he looked red stripes I. Can't live without Europe for adults. 8087. I can act. You're going to be fine and well I did go line that they know how to do this job and I don't. Well that's the Perry you know why. You're ratings sank and guns and Mary Jimmy world. On the buzz. When any kind of it Truman Merck. May fifteenth correct. G yelled T gets. To see ju me or own spin on button on the opening bans the hotel iron ruling until. The hotel iron. Hotel liar I base of the hotel are iron at a hotel liar iron NORAD Nadia. Our. The oh that's an interpreter is think their run. And yet we haven't served and there is anyway and we only get my trusty Willis out. Unanimous. Grow our own man own screw around noon screw oh man are. I want to do is number. Create parry. At 719. You'll have until 729 to pick up the phone and call me if he had registered for Japan Thursday. Is she you she he's. Who's playing that fast so like everybody. Alarming and I know Jack's plan. Manchester orchestra will be queens is stunning trying things and think sensitive I think also is the distillers on the bill. Are the Steelers not is the distillers. I think maybe anywhere and are they'll are those last four digits of your phone number. Did you get registered for Japan Thursday as so we need to take up the phone calming claim your trip by 76796. Time he had until 729. 3603. Common. Alerts on the phone. Turbine Thursday. She keys for us alone and Georgia kind of abuzz. I got a potter I got a piano has about cheese ice I was in euros on. And then that is no hey who's this. Ashley and emerging media may be doing and saying why is the first three digits of yourself and hang in your birthday. And they're all UK actually yeah ever managed he keys. I have not. Music festival in general. And well you're all. But now like a proper music. Gang are out now our task congratulations. We got away and dropped. I don't think I'm excited for you you're going to seeking easy and Jesse Jack why. Queens is serenade and I am our friends I would really wanna go out and as but I cannot. So technically he is I am going to live vicariously through you actually enjoy yourself. Hold online and Graham marked RT okay. It's right that trip you have friends are going to shaky knees that's all that means we haven't determined there is and yeah. Our shores and Alabama dying out as 2008 team. Why is it's not allowed to play out there it is Portugal the man positive people aren't doing us they won't play because this is is not allowed to play. They killer's eyes and that a lot of mark Reid checked the date on Manuel let me play it because of the date and says it's out of date. They opt out Gupta on the news of areas out sir land and then Monday qualify here now once we get on that they announce it and are we do have a winner. Four. What she needs as well. Our next driven Thursday it which we will get away afternoon as surrogate is. Lined out to get qualified. And once we fear that. Let it is said the killers Foster the people are. Cordial with a man in man that man it Mao and now it's just headliners are Greg Kendrick Lamar the chain smokers Paul's name. Just in town and put on an amazing show Manchester orchestra around. Distressed Alice American. And many many Maher even Asia narrow which I'm not a fan bad they're playing and both of them throwing that so recess. As sober since buying power and he knows plaintive. Well I ground you know Perry anyway. That is coming up Danny what's going on oral. Did out peel off DL. Do you remember. What happened at hooters for a couple of days ago now I have an editor I did. These aren't they will be filed for what happened at this hooters restaurant a three year old boy was spit on and called a racial slow our. And tonight about boys again it is speaking out only to KC TV five. I really harper is live along Metcalf and 107 and Rudy as you can imagine their furious. And Ellen they are still in shock. That three year old boy they tell me wandered away from them inside this restaurant and that's when the crime happened the grandfather did not want to reveal his identity because a suspect. Is a first responder any fears retaliation. My whole body just when no one I heard them. We choose our customized dude it's coach. This grandfather of a three year old is speaking out after police say his grandson was spin on it and called the and word inside this polluters are you rush kidding me baby. He's helped loose and in the police say the crime happened Monday night around 830. A witness who did not reveal his identity but did told the police says he heard the suspect used a racial slur. Should get battle at all. She wore the suspect has been around in a bind as the Kansas City find me it's not sitting well with his family so it almost doubling. What you know would you go political people like the police have not releases suspect's name but Telus charges are forthcoming. I think we got that series I don't understand yeah so he's against city firefighter now. He's playing them targets today made very clear when them guys we got to know how are affirmed at her lawyer by over a part in our first responder yeah OK yeah he is firefighter. A 42 year old Kansas Kansas City Star reported GO kid city firefighter has been charged in an incident where he allegedly used a racial slur and spat on a child. Why would he stay on a little boring. Why are G that are just sped down and in column names in Libya alpha and hooters. I mean battery did you I agree. Terrence. Case has been referred to the FBI for additional investigation according to Overland Park police. Spokesman for the city of Kansas City since skeen who goes up by Jerry's were for the fire department for since 2002. Except for a year he took off for personal reasons and when he tan while in Iraq. So I don't know what they can't the city kids that he cannot comment on individual personnel display issues. Which puts them out of a tight spot because they look like a bunch of jerks right now. Aria. Oh I know that happen and I know I thought we got rid of racism only elected Barack Obama but truthfully I think it fueled psalm I guess not. It fueled it's a veteran of this president that is true reality. Is alive and well. Now looters I mean now hooters now I live around me completely facetious obviously. Our and is trying to make Sharon is obvious. The voters released this statement which. Kudos to hitters kept a period as jitters traders is not tolerate any harassment or discriminatory language the safety and well being of our guests and employees are most priorities of course it goes down as saying that our policy is the fully cooperate with any law enforcement investigation and a good. Good. It is all about that diversity. You are that door everybody word it's very diverse place there's a real cross section of America. How did not know that that has that happened oh yeah that happens he thought it would be a good idea. To do that like give you do that in public. And a hooters I can't imagine why not three year old water the demons in your head out of town. More ice that is bat. That's a really really. Bail out. That's an excellent didn't get the Obama. Now and it's okay. That's apparent break. Its market news and now drivers are it and eyes that happens attack. That happened. It's an interesting story has other witnesses said that didn't happen and that's not any reporting that I have seen Gloria that as a matter and the witness that was on the found on the I'm a mine down. Yeah caller I'm alive and thank you for respecting the pause 911 caller. Always respect applause. He said blank that's right rank right. Terry I mean they charged him. So that's not what witnesses seemed to be saying. There's always one personal attacks and house to be mean but like evil and racist. Well. I yes I love or go ahead and playback. The news story where there's the caller calling it now again. Fair Erica apparent hand and a new account why is it three year old that hitters who cares desire he's an outsider business guy I'm not a big and Ernie then Natalie you're looking for reasonably well why is three year old editors drought doesn't matter it's polluters do why is an adult male editor Gaza Strip club it's quiet anyway and act on her wings against. Levers hitters if you wanna go under his cutter his leg is not your business to choose how they raise a child and if you think it is. That's the problem that you need to deal with yourself not them each deal and I feel attire McDonald's restaurant and that's for the crime happened the grandfather did not want to reveal his identity because a suspect. Is a first responder any fears retaliation. My whole body just limo one martyrdom. Truth. I customized do let's go to. This grandfather of a three year old is speaking out after police say his grandson was spin on and called the and word inside this hooters restaurant is a baby. He's helped loose and in the police say the crime happened Monday night around 830. A witness who did not reveal his identity but did told the police says he heard the suspect used a racial slur. Should get battle at all. She wore the suspect has been named in a bind as the Kansas City fireman it's not sitting well with his family so it almost doubling. It was you know would you go pray for people like the police have not released a suspect's name but Telus charges are forthcoming. Meantime this family is still in shock. The society many become a government of wasn't so well liked. There is no right now. We reach out to polluters we have not heard Baghdad did speak to the firefighters friend who says he was quick they're here Monday night. And he denies these shocking allegations mean I don't brenly says they are considering hiring. An attorney. The friend a friend who led them. That's not to. That's that's totally an unbiased. We have Brad yeah yeah Brad and to have this hanging out of him and then as act as his with dad's side hanging out and anybody. Else has made in this up not a ranked. Okay good my three year olds go to splitting ball and now gimme more revealing she should be let them yeah. It out pay so have you heard about Alexa. I've heard about Alexa you know a you know of Alexa I mean now lot of lax Alexa it's made her yeah yeah outlaw a Lexus scaring the crap out of people across the country. I got. Because more so than your own. Alexa users have reported hearing it I'm prompted laughter from their spark Smart speaker devices in the last day the last fished three short cost sounds in a female voice. It doesn't sound like Alexis normal voice it happens randomly when knowing music is using the device. Or in response to request to turn on or off the lights. Amazon doesn't know what's causing events. New dad they're working to fix it. I elect says some users are claiming Alexis stopped responding to requests. When Twitter users have their Amazon echoes suddenly began listing names of local funeral homes and cemeteries also an impromptu at. Do Alexis waking up. Now thinks they're out here now is that Alexa be the start of the horror film here it is I think it. Part of me in looked like. Might we are part of my brain fully agrees this view that there. They'll like even in bugle and all eight guys that the talking about like it crossed over somehow into a person. There I mean like it's and the end we just don't know yet it's working day by day. It. Yeah no I museum uses like kind of a little bit that one made me that Jay Jones on then. That's elect a black well imagine that I don't know yet today. Yeah I got. Up so latter's allies aren't. Yeah yeah Roger if you cannot pass the SE refusing requires lifting up funeral parlor names. Now. They know exactly I don't understand why people. Want to have always on listening speaker in their house. I don't know how did you like turning on the lights is not dads of ovals I agree. I agree that's I think LX is annoying as I think the operators sometimes mean Alexa can be annoying. Oh looks through. Yeah yeah yeah drives in iPods I had doesn't like to switch alcohol. Elijah. Biologists use it like Siri probably. I just ask stupid questions. Silences its assurances the suppression fellow at the concert or quarter and year round I agree (%expletive) just like when I the Xbox. Out of the connects they can act that made me and I'm very Dalton. You know usually where they connect was that master may now. Thank who's watching Doug why is there this little thing though is this little thing moving. Is it. Is that and I had her is this little thing movie I feel like people did put tape on there what's wrong votes I covered that they're up. They cover that camera I must I wanted the lows a lot of photos show a current employer mayors air antenna. I would just ask you call Myers author really can you check out Mike in the early this malfunctioning there's something wrong and make an act of god ma'am. All right in by his morning been dying to do this almost that I saved it's we just do Java Thursday and it's a via royals anti porn seminar leader. I yeah. I think the rural Maine new anti porn seminar is I know why Eric Hosmer left. I OK it just real quakes of we will get out. That's what is it animals are rather a little bit and get everybody Crawford for an interview there's. From dad's been the royals spent part of this weekend hosting an anti porn workshop for players and coaches doing their part to sponsor quote our fight for love. And quote. All right what is square asked team. You have professional athletes. Low eighties they did a year. IE I am liking embattled. What it comes down to. Use your hand. Or use and somebody else I say Hansbrough right if you're married an arm around tiger show our cars. Sounds of nails other than hard right. Like winning like wow besides that. If your. Opens the professional sports actually eaten. I mean. Kobe Bryant and pardon me I am happily guys is right. I don't know it was about rules born and Dayton Moore. And both the no fly in clubhouse. You think your phones are doing the same thing all they are I've frequently fire us up and then I'll get an ad for it I absolutely agree it's freaking weird I. I hit down easier if you mean she off Korea Syria off. I don't I don't is that should never work watched she does have acquired. And turns area if they theory a turnaround she never works it's annoying and not only get. Not an oddity and very able. Not I don't you talked attacks. Drives me bats. People walking around just talking clearly you know I don't hold their phone in front of their face yet exciting detects drives me bats. Just now that that not for me. Just type. I type. I can Google my down South Miami series this is what it's like to be or are I have said turn on my nights like this is let there will not go ye you know helpless we're going to be switch and I lights on by hand and a revealing linger longer am talk. Using their hands and turn on the lights. Yet our merit to get to warn that the formula we did she qualified for. The new interview Thursday when my add is the preview button. Yeah. Why don't have played somebody not daring I don't know. Jesus Christ is like production mile line from. Yeah. Three. We don't. A rare honor for sprint the I'm 00 within ten minutes I'm. Considering applying my feet. He won an older than. I only can I. Here who. This week we're giving away passes taking it easy accessible and Gulf Shores, Alabama. Where you can. Portion of the man who are. Just look. Morning for more details tenement in 99 the buzz dot com. Rhymes you're my only alternative I mean things Mac and and us. Gay qualified to have to do their ringer an era of designated senior. Brenda Richardson and six I hear here any minute exodus of the right on the other about Stratton is strip away texture add. To 96500. Yeah unless it's adventure I thought that an airline that field. Update there on union. I did like five market there Lola bite it. Why the pennant the rare portrait. Trenton and excited here is your within ten minutes he pulls. You got that honor on us 30 my can't tell is one blitzer also and that it's long I just had a guest don't they have a marked up. While they might vote against him and because of previous because of the way that is the computers. The way it works through software to the descendants card numbers and we're idiots probably aren't. They don't Santa's heart hammers them. Can they sank her numbers can make an immediate request. Think. And can we make the prom I was available and they need to be available I like the idea require. San doesn't seem like immediate request does that that is is going on and watt as a way to prop while what's the god damn car and her. And once they determined Thursday cute o'clock aren't covered misses any request it's probably us it is brain is a loud as I and I never go full radio guy. Tonight we thought hey you know. That's sure and that's where the ones operator error really is organized it is always obviously for sure lose it. Out. Here to not be able event and this. This is weird at this time. Mark so I had I we are saying it's sorry. I gotta tell you guys have the right guys take any amounts. I had to take them now numbers as it sounds now there's no out our site darting before I went full rights as I check my email I was so you probably emails last week seemed Irina emails I'd just. I know my job my job is here. Get the German Thursday numbers Davies. Is to play as the play that happens so I figured I on the social media right area assuming I had our little jobs that we didn't. I'm very confused is now none of my music is coming up. Where I mean I mean nothing is is covered airplane ain't no I mean like all music is gone. That's right that's O Barack well I employed amount found again. Let's do that. Yeah Imus and all my spots Marc. Simply because there are all missing. I'm open. Are right Kerry I'm gonna play you some fans joy oh look this is this is life in. It's all agreed that's great I got a tiny music we comply I've known I got I found. OK I was prancing around the new grand jury record again you resilient qualified for turbine Thursday rather and a text trip tonight 6500. I am their whole lives first on his album came out last week Erica nation into. And this sign is called we're going down. And it's my heart. I want a love van strike I think we know lion. Is. Immune. To the charms. That is and short a time in this song truth not even made. Not even mean we're going to columns and stories on the rise. Or chance to win a thousand dollars. Law Walton. Wal law W hey Al Al. That's the cashing in order and the alternate radio Bryan. Thousand dollars your chance text or wall. Descent into 88 lines I we got to do the royals Boren now. That's coming out now and then or shuffling I'm shuffling okay. That a play NN Saturday got the darn lawyers or doesn't. Matter what tickets to the enterprise that mark. Because I don't know I know dad CA. Hey the most yeah that's coming out. March 24 at the record bar. Bully was there the other ninety. On Africa. The UK's names in the last in now they did not it's now. I could do it now they did their chauffeurs of paranoid. Look at gap on me that. And then Dorsey was there Monday it sold out. Matt and Kim. They're coming out Paris or MO he's banged him on Allison darkness. That Tara is at the true man when is that child April late. That's coming out Dashboard Confessional also April 8 at the Granada. Yet choices to make that night. GA TC mount. Dig their way let's do that Jack why pitch it gets light pit let's do it I get me out all of them. And as. You get that when Jim what is now downtown area. Dick have been around wherever they can do although I know my legs why are they playing. We're at there a player like spring so nursed RIA are a desert hot isn't that hot it is they're proud in his medical center amphitheater prop I think yeah I feel like that is a big venue for roads as I thought you know they orbit they're pretty they yes. I know they were either in their Providence and dance. World. Okay seeking that's gonna do well yeah. Yeah really. Maybe I should spend some time with a dozen odd figure either get it read down. I don't know who they are now currently the single. Agent than anything else I know he played this thing on the bottom line now lord here also come. Are free at red hill are able do from Jack laid back. The tickets you mentioned so it's going to me basically margin. Yet so it's going to be. Jack White hit. Also Providence medical center amphitheater. Matt and Jan and vote is so for a pair of tickets up for grabs right. Pray 5767965. My shuffle is fact is I. And we're he had a winner for chip and others that yes in case you're listening for your phone number it was the first number that was called Ashley called in a right away and so that trip in Thursday's Donnelly avenue driven Thursday and sent hang out fast. And the Alabama showers so be listening to get qualified for that aren't Schiavo. I only get some far owns library re songs. Schiavo. Popped this. RY. I I was plugged and I. Or maybe it's like here loan. Not a day is a expert. Are given out on. I will give you that I do you have no there's that. On the telephone so why is your guests. Will not say it's their choice. Here is an example realized that I will not why is the name of that band you've played some two Merrill on our Janeiro I'm an aero on in the airline. The mayor when I love to see them live. I'm going to say what is Google were below go alone I think OK yes. Who gaze. I sat each affluent then you play. Why isn't playing and very polite here oh. Now it's your gonna dessert tonight. Yeah. I'm definitely. I don't even know my name is. I grab. Metaphysical. ETA and Sophia. As Flacco reback wrote limo. And I now. And yelling when I yeah. Samsung because drains and dying on the. You all learn. Just heard it and that station and. That's priority yes you are. Let alone and you under the IE people who I'm glad this is single. We'll hear and I assure you you're on the night we met meciar. You now selling a little lord here. Two evils if I loved. I 76 and seven and six time idea eventually go right to make in funds funds are remembering this aren't so bad down ideology sizes 60 depressed. He's such a beautiful voice turns up. There Rasual ladies stands. And Lindsay who's my again. I let me and I had game you know Romans no it's gonna be we'll win. So guys you can. Believe Q hi I'm sorry this thing all about him. And two Eagles. You hate that I actually you know long time ago. Hewitt yeah I love it it's about him. And you've been here as British. And I think that's what I like about it. Anyway thighs and six and a ninth time. In honor and grabbed it and bring a can. That is. They can't let that Europe or. IPod Shuffle but all I sent Jesus. And it will will when Diego and our moderator where. I'm out or really I mean if you can citizens were. We need you now stands. A little tired in the article I made and start. Carter got an estimate and the move your. You guess a lot well birdie actually you pretty accurate estimates. The generation that they. Should attitude and very well let's Max out my iPod for your tickets up for grabs. Those Norton go or no you want it there you got a little crew out. You know that is. Let's. No and around Jack Kansas. Earned it leading branded work and doing what. Directing. That's why even bring an end debt amounted up well with the art dealer and this guy what do you hunt woods on yourself up because mark is now. I am that. The brand is Jonathan yeah. That's funny hey I got to come and visit the site and stay in the dry cleaner wheel here an effort so you don't have that India. Body of work I want part time an ideal gonna hurt it. The one entry of course the wanna scrutinize has the little wheeled thing is from the good shopping and yes and again. Does he my friend Graham and I Brennan was or semi outside. Armitage it wall Elan to get gas lately because I love here on the grounds. Our native integrate album vain and then I thought Aaron was amazing. Sunday night. You know he had a clean house McCain were granted her sound check it's like 4 o'clock 5 o'clock in the afternoon and agree on during. I got to have some drinks is like now man. Is that you'll see. Got a savings got to save his energy and oh did he save his energy and just. All over Kansas City a day and our brand and I imagine tiger alone against the right adding it frankly that's what he did do us follow our us. Yes it is all over us and an ally to every man and have it close and has. Kind of play act a couple is this if eight CD would either and I am aware what do you do. I mean graduate student. What the U graduate student team. I do you enter your arm get what you see how it's a year or do importance unlike those Jerry. He laziness and I am I'm. I didn't go over the last person hadn't. Go bordello is gone as is you on the issue and I'm glad you got in most. You can't and it looks like line two is not working to marry so just threw you out right guys you get five spends. On animate mean Oakmont coding and if you get correctly if you guessed correctly. UN Jack White chick gets hit. You get Mobley as you get Matt and Kim and tickets either of the darkness. Or. And Dashboard Confessional about the same night on a Lawrence ones here so ready. It's. I. I'm meeting new friends. We'll lead singer in his hands. MTV is right. Minus the bear. The size so I DM yeah. We. Did yes it says. I Julianna Mike the most announcement jammed his interest on my favorites did sign my Kellyanne as. You Rhode. Please say they should come into play. Rob Leone are we doing a prompt also. Minus the bears that out. I had a date format citizen militia. When in. Again. He's not right it's march nobody's even mentioned from. Go why let that and I. I'll keep trying undermines the very eyes. And asset backed down behind birds fans. As we need to go lol you or glass animals fairway and. But to love them to come true. And it. Mind you hear how allowances. My dad. This is. Nick water house featuring only on bridges. I've seen. Do you remember all of that oh timing was back the last ones that lasted two years ago. As we have really out of as do a Christmas show for. Remember. I'll have this track. AL RG. I gave Kate yes. Today about. What that may sixth will be those who plant them. If they can come after seeing us that it's imminent it's not a bad we likely Friday and Saturday. Oh what does it mean Apache. Like like I should urban dictionary. What it bits of what it is posse. Goji meaning urban dictionary island that's the one I want. I okay it is a nice caressing the massage. And I probably an old blue easy and that Indian term for loving touch again I I like it costs you better. Keep hearing that posse. NAFTA she isn't currency to steers around my fiber intake gas that's not what this means. There's all of us again I think got. I don't know that's not catchy. She unique team aren't you know millions needed water out real well and you know. Yeah. Everybody's trying to learn who it. Yeah. Now maybe. This afternoon. It. Maybe the. Every thing your job so I. You know women and. In four. Stewart doing at. We gave away. What you and I really am getting confusing out fast is the near term and there is right. Shaky need shaky knees shaking he is married as yet one more spin we go word Allah in our nation are less than Oscar winner. And you don't get it. The human Wiener today. Maria then just yeah medium. We completely and I. As I don't blame for joining us. Does that ever bring shell design and only use my ass content and I'm just get I'll only use it. I I have big. You know upcoming tour ended I Clemson and we think. How is it because I have been emailing every mother ask her about absent facto for I don't even now how often point out is the only reason I asked him. And you leave my you'll yelled. Ultimately. And some senior U I don't match. This year. Olds nap too. Minus the bear. Don't. They're unit toxicology report to see if they were in the as in his contract you know he'd be. In violation of some there are no competitive pay out his entire 22 million act government whatever was so that's very are kind that is the beginning this is ever released. In their own here's Dayton Moore's response back in August congress clean. We do a lot of leadership is. With employers. There are trees here. About things that happened there game. Not rule with drugs and alcohol we talk about pornography. He affects what that does. To the minds of the players in the distractions and how that leads to abuse. Of domestic abuse didn't abuse of women. How it impacts relationships. And we talk about what things much here with me. So Dave Marr anti porn he believes it leads to domestic abuse. I think domestic abuse. Stems from something completely else. It's a control. I didn't get something else that I don't think it has mainly due at pornography also it is very fair to say how it impacts relations since the Internet and it's only in negative correct. Right to a person. Mean not only in the life barge foreign can bring in someone do it into my arms for a lot march corn yesterday are you once but. I myself anymore I didn't run manner that as far as that's great or survivors' Iowa watch Obama's first day more there is there is a little agreements when he calls. Although I think it's cool sounds like their friends almost having various discussions. IG is seeing some pornography. Leads to certain. Expectations. And Amy or. They can definitely if you don't in the slowest guy in all hug your kids you can definitely said an unrealistic expectation of sexuality. I green filter some people said lead them into Andy's great but I think any parent she might be a bad addiction and write anything that you do that affects your life. Regardless of his work if it takes an artery drawbacks alcohol whatever it is. It's a negative they can be but let's flash for fast forward to now break okay this story broke I think that's a lot. For an organization and to be involved in what their player yes. That's an I think yes I think. They play ball trio thing. There are supposed to uphold a particular image because contractually by the way the word snow text snow to seven to 81 for your canceling a thousand dollars or so I do you feel like. If gay you know players will do that they want. We aired day in and day out of professional sports players are all kinds and you know why is it. Pornography. That made Ray Rice and his wife and her fiance. Now I don't think so now know I don't think that's why it's like to that but by Ford to today slash the setup okay. I remember the royals didn't do so you know great last year. Right and is ranked and a so then. This is what happened the royals spent part of this weekend according to that's been posting an anti porn workshop for players and coaches doing their part to sponsor quote a fight for love. Or can fight the new drug focus is not just some porn addiction which can be serious and debilitating but I'm porn itself specifically on the quote rejecting the idea that porn is healthy. Normal or cool and quote the group is now praising the team is the first MLB club to Christina gets porn at the end of the year were the royals have gone 6894. At least to be able to hold onto this slightly to sixty because it's it's good I know what more are doing great and I know mark trying to. So the royals are in spring training and their four year my players dealing to sit in an anti porn seminar but again listen to it's not a real anti porn seminars like get. I'm sure it's a blanket quotes rejecting the idea that porn is healthy normal or cool and club. Like these guys are your players that are not your kids. They're millionaires. They can do is so great last here they're probably disagree this year you had one of your top stars leave maybe you should stop breathing down the next let him enjoy a little pornography. I wound keep going back to Major League to offense tears hugging your drawn back to major leagues here I that I had Claudette bringing I mean I would go the whole may easily franchise but the problem with Major League team the reason the Cleveland. Offensive names stopped. Winning was because they stopped having fun we've already discussed the implications of Rick wild thing Vaughn you know growing his hair out and in selling out. But the rest the team forgot how to win because they weren't having any fun. Okay. I think. It is eighty employees. If you well not employ its CYA. That's an I think you need. I cover you or ask what I'm glad we had a workshop and we covered as we were responsible. And T yeah I'm irresponsible general manager for the Royale as. It's as CYA. Well I wonder if something isn't going to be coming upstairs and let me put this back and I got a flake I wonder if it's a precursor. Does something that may or may have been coming out that's just funny how things just pop up like crap. And ask you this question out. Boy it'd affect your opinion on this story. If are to review this article from the Kansas City Star in 26 team dated April 4 when he sixteen whose headline is. Do you royals general manager Dayton Moore is driven by an unyielding faith. And it talks about how to deeply religious he has which is fly absolutely. Not Duncan on him for that for. It's when you take your beliefs and trying to your wife and two and two there are an entire organization. Ray. Rates that is where I go what he's doing day in more rights can understand why Hosmer my wanna leave it doesn't sound like it's very fun to be in the royals club how. Right now. I don't know but I agree with that. I have particular belief thing. I do you not force them upon others and I also. While. You know he religion I was baptized there and certainly I don't like at what do they do there are any good trips Clinton and try to get people to become Christians. What other relationships. I'm sorry I just a mission trips I can't do their mission trips like what other religion does that other thing christianity. And imagine if they dead. If you're Jewish people or to go on missions trips. To terrorizing these settlements it turns people's faith. And it's are mostly bait like oh are you hungry. Workers in we have dared to were bringing affairs. You like your well let me documents on the galleries I gave our -- like that is so the opposite to me about christianity should be it. Well I mean. I'm I'm saying that this I don't know I don't know you've been on missions ally your I understood we get the I don't happening there are doing to that through it. She is it on the world peace that's why they didn't write the library noted Gary your nine Jesus now but nobody did tell everybody to go out I mean they're yes but I feel like they go out doing different I there's no. No and they do it words poverty ran and lake out. Katie got. Let's not there's an opportunity. For us at gallons for an error word yet now's not yet LSI got off on that yet ads focus on the board. It was you brought up people forcing their religious beliefs on others out. And that may mean kingdom app anyway well yeah I disagree with him forcing as a religious believes are on entirety or or any and. A new hot wedge issue in America because Florida after the school shooting. Down there. They do it at first they didn't wanna take up the the gut and anti gun boat basically but they did declare porn an epidemic or something in Florida and Rhode Island now they want a charge adults twenty dollars for access. To pornographic website so porn is a new hot wedge issue not Nuba an old new hot wedge issue jerk that's coming back out in the limelight the guys like date more who are in charge who by the way very very wealthy. Managing a club that has to do a baseball. It you know. You're supposed to bring these guys wanted to win and play hard for you and putting through an answer ports and there's a picture. On NC Graham from the porn seminar and everybody's just sitting there like okay phrases are we done yet with this stupid thing half of armor and uniform they're they're here for a a lot of people have their arms crossed like this both be playing baseball not sitting to your seminars rights and. And misses of the Kansas City were Els grass practice field you mean what's that yes risers. By the new drug is the name of their in Seagram account I just. There's there's Arabs or sing at nine players yes. Yes they're forcing. Or. This on players are. But I don't wanna. Out and out I feel like that's not your business mojo I just let him and remember don't forget that slugger the mascot. Got in trouble a couple of years ago. I'm being an innocent slugger outfit with a stripper on bows like in the ninety's I think. I don't think it was a nine is ideally 2000 yeah I doubt gas slider was your mask. Get a lap dancer whatever who stood I don't know insular so again I go back to major league for the answer what the royals need to do is put a picture of dates and more with clothes on. In their locker room and every time they win they take off a piece of clothing. Right. It worked in Major League hates. It don't work here. IBM for a he's my hasn't bothered me three times and and I think it's a personal issue to me. For Mac and I don't mean issue I mean it's your personal prep for these. Period royal three I think this is no need to address or royals are once he got it done one at all three years ago duke go jiggle the chiefs balls Brock. Hey look we love to Sean Smith the chiefs but they're not the one do Imus right now. And just because we're talking about the world's management that doesn't necessarily mean. We're saying anything bad about the players. It's excellent text here and clout let's not go off on that let's focus on the pork and my new favorite clothes remain we remember it now. And I thank you we appreciate it thank you for listening. Yeah I lobbed forward. I'm not going to have. And I do I lock bar and I like it I like the foreign and ally I can differentiate. Between pornography and real life. Insects I feel like it may be an enhancement for me. I don't have a problem with I have many addictions Breyer is not one of them. And I don't think it is negatively. Impact in my relationships college and any game. It's. Am let me down a little bad cycle that I don't know like I wish it it's opened my eyes here like I should the should be happening out for me what I should be getting please. As a woman as a woman I wanna talk about baton because a lot of times. You know. I encountered anyway. A lot. Amendment because that's who I choose to sleep rent although god I would really want to be attracted to arming to that feel like that would just be easier. That it's about that. As CEO although I think it's generational. Like I think Mullen eels and Jan. Only meals are different. I think maybe because important that you know or if it's a person to person thing it doesn't matter can't generalize like that but it's helped me. You know I do act this is equal all I need to be pleased you there's nothing that should be shameful about. You know out quite the opposite of that. I imagine if intercom or you're gonna Cheesecake Factory or are you work ahead to I don't know black in beach. If they put you through intake ports seminar now I came out how come they can do that a professional baseball. I mean it I mean that's the that's a cry he's out now organizational choice to force upon your employees period end of store for that to be a cause that you wore celebrating. And do these guys make money on our anti porn seminars they must somehow I had an out. And charging more for part you know. It's like it's it's so expensive donated it of these guys. Yeah who taught a class this as a great question does and loses that's up my mental health professional. More sound preacher it was grew by the negro find out what is. What's the group that is speaking up you know on this. Not everybody wants is pornography has a problem whether. Not everybody watches pornography and this wasn't even say hey be careful what pork as it can take you down it was fit it. This quote is it fights the assertion that porn is. Normal. And cool. Cool being there word. Now mind right Jay-Z unselfish. No taco dive. I agree that's the kind of man I don't live my life evening. I don't wanna sell his lover somebody who's telling more acceptable by the way Jack that's to need dominance already is trying to dominate mean. And personally not for me and. Yep yep yep yep yep. Bad choice. Yemen they can sit around eight games. Hit towels on their ass is it me whenever I get doesn't and and act that's a tax I was saying Matt's arm did not run an anti drinking seminar. Yet just because I'm a woman doesn't mean that I don't enjoy. Sex being sexual being policed. Or are being felt. To me that's more. Objective to women like me let me make that choice. Texans is they get paid a ridiculous amount of money they are owned food that is a weird thing to say. Nobody now owned by anybody just because they cut your check now they're making them tons of money. I warrant as practice for a hurry well now and it's. There and Jane Moore is torrents are. Obviously ingested. Not really not really selfish lover's side absolutely. Honored present. So and then don't. Then he's insinuating that it's shameful. The gilts. Plate man people deal about a knob. And. And that you're treating me like a different object out. While some porn does do that that's not the porn I'm down. Now I'll make. It all to be consensual open or fake role play you design this role playing nothing mean. Iranian whatever you're into whatever year and you that's very mean and mean and while their being their homes. You know I don't know. I don't Italy it's disrespectful in the same industry act you know you see a lot of documentaries I have anyway. I'll orbit behind the scenes with some women they seem to enjoy it and now I don't think it was like that may be many many years ago. That I would like to my employer to not only did not watch pornography no Kane County Els is an ass and not normal. Took the times. That is what they're doing. Over there let's see if I can do it's. It takes more time for women orgasm and guys even now don't open and it's on yeah yup and dot those on the subject. I don't understand why I don't hunters and I am I you don't want to put in the time that I diners see out. It's been observing not the destination. Right. That's announcements that. So I'm a can I deny that's riding on this seminar because the other people on them. I just don't. I think it's at now it's just not their place. There's one part of this iced tea quit and I'd like to send to date more OK you don't have to make it your job to be the hand of god pray. Deacon more. The deep and the royals are not going to be good this year you're so funny about that they're not if you're not have a funny go organizations make in your life now find him and I have to tell you I don't work very hard that organization I think we all out later that are particularly Los. And then our access to an all new. We miss. We had two people confused and we didn't get you people can view is well that we get actually we had QB will confuse accidentally. But ever since then our work has been inundating us where it. Quite a seminars and online seminars. And it it's not really. To benefit us. It is recovered very well I did okay and it's I've played OK we did it we did their seminar out they were supposed to take get mayors for a cell Lehrer and I did learn now. I did sue. I did too but I learned. Through trial and error she made a mistake learns. The you know and I mean I think that happens within an hour we got into Louisiana about arguing about whether or not born as relevant I just wanted to talk about. Dayton Moore forcing a bunch of grown men this sit in a room and was now porn is not quote cool. Who has never granny Sarah had. Dave if you wanna go to that there's several are you can be there like you the punch card man absolutely got to see it go teach a seminar to go to the demons you need to fight it out did it. We're onboard we support you. But don't force that on everybody else. Now. Because that's forcing yourself as of abuse. So they other royals say it is no good Denny it's fine to serve a billion dollar. Are multi hundred million dollar franchise run by billionaire. Will be fine they don't care. What I say man has nothing to them out I mean how they get there regulated I can fair and I hotels some wire. Are let their training camp with a game. They I have Wi-Fi somewhere button and be no porn sites. I mean. Now it's just not their business it's snow that is weighing. Into somebody's personal life. And what you're trying to you you are actually actively shaving somebody who. Isn't that room and does enjoy pornography. Porn isn't relevant to your worked its. As Manilow I asked you are an outside. Well a lesser importance are the Mac is your workplace and let's say your you know your network and you share. You know you're or watch important. Okay that's a conversation that's a conversation. That's a whole different ballgame not aren't talking and then when you are. On your own time. Not a work in media day alleged break maybe in an illegal that's not my business either your math around here what you're doing is flying is you're doing it. By yourself or was only consent. It's not my business it's not your works business. I would absolutely not attack and. Porn not anti pornography. Seminar at my door. I would believes it and how none of the players. Said anything in his mind boggling to me let me go I happen to anyone and not show up. Don't look like if he were heard that. EE you have to like bow wow people in as the players about this and now like it's it's been a big story of the last 24 hours. People are gonna start asking players so what do you think about. Born. Like they're gonna get a quite well the interesting thing is a lot of guys probably want answer or duck I I know for you know we've. The the royals and the chiefs and all the pro sports teams tend to take away credentials if they don't like questions. There have been asked and that happens and we may not get there isn't MA says maybe air lodging at work. That's anywhere on the field send a memo. Send a memo adds an inner office memo the memo yet in our office. They all gives city royals players and I think people get this whole period in now watch paying they aren't on the mound. Yeah. Talk about it. Hate gay is that on the ball that's cheating Ray Allen is always comments Ingraham about I fear about like this isn't it converts these are words Lego Arroyo who we are trying to tell royals look to do visit congress injury here that. And I feel as stewards. Of the public airwaves. Somebody's gotta say that's messed up. While a case of the royals yet. Who's to say not common it's not coming for in your workplace in my work place. It's just not your workplaces business like we have contracts here open and there's a character claws stick if you know within that contract. I'm saying I imagined the royals low we have and we worry less. I than anywhere else Blair pickle line. I'm these so. I I wouldn't Italians and I way would be very vocal about not attending the and yeah this is this newborn thing there is doing for imported raw and somebody on the take Clinton Missouri thinking about do and it's. It's got to stop quick shaming people. For liking sex sex is natural that's how we all got here that's where there's seven billion people on this planet it's sex sex sex sex. Life is sex. The only reason any big exist is sex like we did the whole multi cellular diversity it'll sell division being. And we like that was fun but wouldn't it be better if we could bring his multi cellular organisms and that's what life is look outside those birds sat here haven't sex. Rabbits sex squirrel sex sex. And literally having. And there's no reason why we pay you wouldn't enjoy it. Really I believe our bodies are meant to enjoy the tall grass rubbing Neely knicks play had are the way air buys a raid at my got a Audi you got any gray but there's a real way at any and yet is a reason and our bodies remain that way. We're supposed appropriate and a must field guide out. Whether or not we decide ever greater now because we're adults we know better gotten enthusiastic consent always guys even and seminars like your sexuality is yours to define and not date Morris or anybody else as you work certainly not your employer Ng who. RA it's time. When discourages furniture. Kansas lottery is extremely of games. I have the ten dollar. Fifty times. We X family games call may now. If you wanted to scratch for scratch her ties and 67965. And there's different denominations. The dollar to dollar fine out its announced plan that and then thirty Dow received particular. I like that on. It's like him he's a scratch offs circulates franchise and I am 34 rapper thirty backs burning ammonia project. You mean. Or not. Really literally during known about and may be met like to get. Let me go to the phone lines are they continued to scratch those one time. Line and time. Need. To clear and you know it's in my horizon well. Pago. Am as. Our common it constraints and it right now do you feel it. Yeah who is nice. And bright brat when he doing. Com I'll work crew turned up at night. Okay and insurance. Arm that we're out. I miss that ladies and weird stuff weird step out and that's fine I Eisenstein and among insurance expert air travelers aren't. Well I did not win how. Amber are you did win. You have thirty dollars in Kansas lottery extremely games against us we're going to qualify you for the addition 400 hours in just under a Stanley of games. Instant scratch against online remarks gonna get review. We're dine. Have a great day and we'll see tomorrow and maybe you guys can jump all sounds good to me nature than Thursday we had a winner. First person called back immediately and verse numbers sound good like the new turbine Thursday is at hang out fast. And get conference that was a next Thursday and tomorrow getaway hopefully it's more tickets. OK. Okay have a great day Mumbai.