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Thursday, May 10th

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Bright eyes and abuzz before that floor cash. Playing prom this year. If you have not heard. Prom is happening. Announced just the other day. We are doing that adds. Little lounge Buddha Perez. Yeah Casey. May 26 is a Saturday. Dress to impress Tony or and gotten. Free shadow headlining his bare hands. Danny's playing me. About playing I mean DJ and he's in. Now DJ in. Dual DJ am. Ali there. Why you I don't know I've listened to say the that JJ. Yeah it's offender is not at Danny we'll be discharged her action I promise. That I and so for nuclear fuel to anonymous out. You loud and on shadow loan. South. Details available and I six the buzz that come absolutely free PR and I think here is given only fifty grand in trying to win that too. You know I sense he's having. Not to routers are these fatigue and who couldn't I don't know I'm Lindsey Graham for free show yeah I show up when you register there and then you come looser on unity and so it. Analogy here god since soaring thirteen grand. Can we register no I don't believe so. That would looking fair. I probably would like Jackie unethical. Even if there was those Majid great. I wouldn't be unethical I'm not getting paid Bankshares is the appearance. Is. Not heroes does not naming I know now when I go as a customer contract. And now other. I I had really an amazing night they're when. Blake Reid Jay Jonas. Ridiculous I had an amazing night I dead one when Nash had just kept getting 1099. Man that I had tag got to take that and I know they've made here everywhere everywhere you go and nine in the weight. Just bring me it's it's I see up fast seek out the money power than says those flat or bring those slots there's lots of slots. I sense spoke I was hearing here okay I'm Perez is. Our rights. In recent Mars note. Why is a win thus adding thirty seconds tomorrow we'll move. I mean I don't know what is going. At this stage of what are they smoking and it's that it. This is they hand that lake we would like mock. This is like an out this active there are a lot of incidents it was like pretty much. Unbelievable. They eat yet he can't recover from the Jerry Leno incidence. Apparently Jack and a solid he's done anything there cover from the islands. And maybe not as perhaps. Or perhaps. Summonses are getting married that day and project. Them. Yet. Perhaps just can't do any calling you a stripper offend trying to turn that lays. Pretty well. You know my 109 you know it's Bermuda the that I live in central areas. And I understand the strip at bay and beyond this news I understand that one. It could be me it's probably do. We think could be me I think they mean porn star. We're now talking about porn stars and you know. Noon mass today thirty series most garbage I have in my opinion I'll ask Elena is somebody right here it's true there are still trying to play an instrument a threat but at that now I am I mean any I have a man on fire. Wow I as I lay there and I want then. Am I they opened for me is last summer and when Sodom. Any difference between now and then years I mean who has. We might as well be other. Planets away. That's the difference between. Thirty seconds to Mars. Engineers. Now that being sad. No merged line was. Stupid Beaulieu the lion that people were waiting and to die a thirty seconds to Mars. T shirt. And man I don't know whatever air freshener. Adobe bedazzled jeans yes absolutely. Is absolutely. Drag our we gotta get this year because he's in this movie or whatever I think that's more than the ban. Well he also knows that and so what did you make up for. He's like. Brings people on stage engine hasn't seen a line that you now. If have you fireworks. Fighting. I did I it's so late. In ski. Remember that guy who complain about you know player millionaire do your movie star you're the Joker in a really bad for business everybody's gone does it for his brother the brother is in the mail and he does have dared. Well let's zero beat as a bridge there it's now I number other than for a man though there is as far as affirmative complain instrument. Yes somebody does have to play an instrument I guess since the brother murdering me. Yeah. Anyway it is a and knowing they had no filed Kim playing answer it because they didn't accused except for his years ago thinking that the incidence you mean. It's at forgotten you know it's summertime Kansas City. God damn hot. They wouldn't let people enjoy the ride are mentally were dine. Tuning myriad stars but this day it's. It's it's our. And she knew their guitars. There Terrell man. They cannot play any makes up for that live. And green have the audience on the idea of states. It was. Just you know others that. Now even if you like them even if he do like them you would say to me. They can't fly. Okay you'll say that even if you like that and people like them and I get it yeah the guy now I don't get it I'll be really honest does that I can't they can't I don't understand the guy who made and thought lawyers and it takes time lows thirty seconds to Mars well that explains a lot I mean outlawed. Thought boy either. But I believe they can blaze men's strengths. To my knowledge they have been very clear debris. Ranked. He wasn't directly read to me he was directly reader or listener. Which I wasn't having that. You might as well be read to me. It's its Chinese tour manager didn't like them has his tour managers really blew themselves are he's you know he's date. They seem you know that tour managers out. He got fired that day. And it's so yeah let's manager that I record a duet at. Don't play it her I was out LA di I heard you your fingers when I was an advantage or let their anger generated some of their after that I drop the net. Presidency not play in and out this year. Let us by spotty but I am and what's going on around here what year was yens and now. While. No idea 2005. Over what movie you've been in that my pre Fontaine earlier. I'm on the only movie then to have my club probably fight club yeah probably by the size of golf life yeah. Errors is that and then he got nominated for a Grammy all right for lack. And of course Gerald let looks like Jesus he actually wore a Jesus crown to the Mets. I don't even know the met is I is always a risk people dress up and go there and Jerry Levin just of diseases. Well that was that it was a religious famed Catholic. And who are you die you're out there aren't there any tomorrow as you're about where close that was the mag gallon theme. I'm ready to figure out the man is right. I doubt now either the mag gal you're right you're all right now Ian is is it in New York. Yes it's. The rich people and they dress. And they've looked stupid. I don't disagree that. Blake Nelson neck is a third Thursday baby. So I'll have a good time the met you got to dress up and be a celebrity you know they'll examine. Yet the Mac is out that opera out worm. It's the largest museum and then on Wednesday. OK yeah but what is the event. The Mac gallons of content. You gala. GAO I saw Steven Cole where I think great US. Dig out. I'm sure our idea makes sense as solid as. I'm sure. It is a delicate thing. Sure those hot. Thirty zionism are Sachs doesn't matter AO fundraising gala for the benefit of the metropolitan museum of art's Costume Institute. This is strictly for the past is it costs and make money I don't mark. Scotland my dad's. And it's not a mega money it's their main mine is from the people they just to make mother's. Heavenly about body costumes fashioned in the Catholic imagination gas that's so late great time. Sign me up forget avengers for. I don't know I've never been the manga a mat down there I suspect I never well yeah. How come OK question. Sure how to this government or let out here legend I'm his size is Jesus that the men AA it's for charity says it's kind soul odds. That's for charity. It makes sense I see a couple of in the make sense when camp like you know okay. Christie and deal or two are the wire Christian Dior yeah OK okay that makes sense for costumes. Right. Is designer. Yeah that is he there. Of the salmon wearing Christian Dior. Jackie Kennedy. So many dressed up as Jackie I mean that was that they memory I mean the game wasn't Jacqui I. They are not giving you think that they said. Happily talked to me makes those. In the needs go environment. Idea however and I'm just you can dress up like Jesus but I am a profit. X I thought they're gonna say Protestants that at profits. People were pissed at celebrities that or dressing. As the gala suggests that mean. And that we're being. I don't remember uh oh like celebrities are just yet they now that they weren't dressed well that they weren't following the rules of the mag gal by wearing. Would you know rule now what did you just said what they're supposed to be wearing got a Catholic thing that what does it say it again. Heavenly bodies fashion and the Catholic imagination. When I think fashion I being Catholics. I mean you know this priest out it's those Roy is updated yearly michalak tickets are 30000 dollars apiece. Well I'm now. Jess is not paying for that he has any celebrity yeah. There are free. It's people who wanna be near mountain that have thirty grand. Or maybe don't have thirty or and if you can deploy 30000 dollar ticket to a show we should come take your money. Did you got too much as for charity did enough mountain you know of its efforts are now. Other theme was heavenly bodies using as a as since then Matt had. Artifacts from the Vatican on display at. You see the Pope shiny head and somebody is where the Pope had. Paula who was a leg to me. I don't care. You know why do you care because it's dumb. Like auto Lou a very dark Israeli air it's a very large scale of dumb. Brett it's been this really I don't know whether I get every out of or the Pope met. An area that was opened it. Play you know a fashionable as he's whenever I go fast and aren't setting I know it's fashionable. Did they not about fashion again other couples seek out hope that is I'm not about fashion it's not it's about dress now. But they did the things at the open where Polk Matt. What's McCullough. What is the genes that the people put on the bottom of the genes. Is saying things. I guess I am now what do people love your car would genes which I sequence. Who surround a sequent energy and people know that yes they do. Bedazzled jeans or thing man. Simmons is mag has made favorite event are a year besides the ask here is it's so glamorous. Yeah it's like going I don't know I don't viruses. I don't know that. It's weird it's weird HI your dating candidates for charity if I don't care. I any news if if people who didn't have 30000 dollars is spent on a ticket if people have that money. We're taxed higher we would need less charity. They had to work. I. Parity did you say is that thing on I. The you don't numbered them that you don't have a tablet that happened. Two teams have been in front of me and sausage for right now a quick answer no exile group. Saddam it to nap in the case. Yeah I just think. It's not anything any missile guards here now and they normalize. I just Selig societies separating. To me and is there aid that's normal to you that you're not happy. Well no one's it's not normal day anyway knowledge normal and they love it below it is snarls at them and it's not normal to you and me love. Maybe Harry let's do this maybe it is. In the sense OK maybe we can be equated to give her now we can't because is there a fair and I think we asked people dress up from Tom yeah. But it's hurry it's free and we're giving away fifty grand all terrorism is and nobody ever heard piggy backing them now. We have a big play and I'm like jar where Pope patty candidate. Now we're not saying that rising prayers say you're out you've got dressed like the Catholic Church UK it is I just think it's so. Third they're unrealistic. Yeah. On important unimportant. To. Every day day and day out struggle as the only reason and namely that is a lot is appealing to some people. Like you know why it. Ammon and just think some people these some really some people drained me some Bebo without those natives. Pope had. Love the heavenly bodies that have been anybody's name and maybe saying that famous as the mag Dallas seeing celebrities seeing gusts up I guess I don't know. And we just say that this would recap. Not Hillary passes. If they say there's wouldn't be objective news wasn't based adding New York. We would not know what the McNally. Right. Well I mean. I don't know it's there's that's right. I think there's nothing going down I just think they know it's easy bait. He's a Big Easy bake at bay you're gonna see what everybody war. When you care about the my gallery not you care about some of the people that went there. I don't I don't I. I'd like to say I've actually made and I did it again they got me it could well I didn't see what Rihanna was weren nude I got David. I got made and yeah. Yeah. Yeah yeah somehow I do address I don't some unpaid for me here invited and I agree with Texas and all of those rich and offers break. They're not paying them Nancy I'd hear India the rich people are the team is even aware. They're not paying thirty eager and today it may have been addressed so this suit they don't the enemy every day don't they don't. That evil of the most money pavers now that anymore money everybody you know that is. I think probably you just pulled back the veil to the wizard of laws of my heart. Because I think you're absolutely right and it's true that ever happened is an effort Zahn let's celebrate in lavish these people for things they didn't pay for correct. An event that most of us can go to. You're right it's the illusion they. Dalai alms the some people eat out you know we ovary that we've overeat company announced a thing. Mean to these pins and a bunch today and say I think we got we it's a pretty good there be here. It's okay. I don't aren't. France and I'm OK with deficit. I'll I'll. Actually name that's ground I mean. Doubt. It's totally okay and it's actually really got all is right in the world again. I Jack quiet on the is it. It's driven Thursday note numbers hitting call yet. A reunion news first and then you know emerge sir aren't you Randy I am ready you're ready or she needed a former sonics I don't know if you got it. It are Daria. All tired and visited and is story. That. It makes is a nice. Thanks in not an easy in the eyes of the than it makes you like. I. Yes I understand. Why this is a news story. But. I don't know you tell me it's you think there are. 69%. Nice. Dina aimed at Colorado dispense the areas. Recommended. Marriage of one for expectant moms with the morning sickness. And yes. Who recommended this the people who work at the dispense shooters. I mean they have their qualifications to just always it buys yes no I think it's weird that so what happened was I'll play this story around. Oh Havel was. The university of Colorado school of medicine. Was like. What. How many do mystery collar approach. So they pick up the phone and called of this been hearing and they go. Hello. I am pregnant woman. I am not feeling so good. I'm throwing up. And then those people who are there were like today. He smokes pot which. Up. Just try to sell some drugs like yes I don't know why you just because somebody calls of places how many people actually. It was a story I just these kind of funny today and people are a little concerned and up in arms and things it's like I'll. Mixed messages about candidates you during the pregnancy is a new study shows an alarming number of dispensaries now are encouraging moms to be to use marijuana products. Tell the morning sickness. However doctors say just the opposite and discourage using pot during pregnancy because of risks of damaging the fetus. Denver seven plants Hernandez has been looking into this lets you found out nearly 70% of Colorado dispensaries recommended marijuana for expectant moms. That's what it showed and Shannon researchers randomly contacted 400 dispensaries. They're not saying which once they found out that less than a third of the dispensary employees encouraged the researcher to talk to her doctor first. The study used a mystery color approach with the caller saying something like this. I mean weeks pregnant feeling really nauseated are there any products that are recommended for morning sickness 69%. Of the dispensaries contacted recommended Canada's to treat nausea. In the first trimester it was surprising and concerning to ask because there are data that would suggest that. Canvas can be harmful to the developing fetus. When researchers asked what product was recommended one dispensary employee replied technically with you being pregnant I do not think you're supposed to be consuming that but. If I were to suggest something I suggest something high in the heat seek. And Reese it sounds like what is dispense area employee would say. Well they're not the medical profession and how you call them you call you call on the that you called the dispense Eric I mean he's great chance for I guess education. I don't know if it's anything worth freaking out about. It was freaking out and people. We're kind of viewed as being shared on line like you'll believe would dispense your reserve to answer is up to I don't think they need. For is not I'm pretty sure they don't need any business. Like that. Right. I've stressed my gas side and down. I could be around. And old fashioned. It's and it has occurred. And please and coffee for everybody. Aaron. You mean. Tony cards and something in it at that time time time trouble. And aren't assiduously and current in this searcher asked another employee if she should check with the health care provider first the employee responded. I think that would be a Smart choice try for someone that is liberal. Or pro candidates. We have a lot of roll I mean if you're trying to get a doctor's recommendation to smoke weed that's probably go to. Recommends they've got stuff. That used. If air bases. Brand eye balls I don't have the answers that is not have as Cynthia doctor Kristy Kelly of the marijuana industry group says the study points to the need. For more training it is. Very important that the dispensary employees. Clarify that they are not medical professionals and that they redirect that. That. Either that patient or that customer to also have a conversation with their health care professional. We checked with several dispensaries today an employee at one of them pointed out that labels are required on all Canada's products sold in Colorado. Personally I wouldn't recommend that they consume marijuana because by law and our labels we do have to say that there are are. You know health risks associated with the consumption of marijuana and pregnancy. And just like doctors don't recommend smoking or drinking during pregnancy they don't recommend that you consume marijuana and by the way that study is being published in obstetrics and gynecology. A peer reviewed publication and. And head and yeah. And iron out idling process Purdue and as for the first time the right at your age as it is a learning process I think. When you call dispensary. They're job is dishonor on yeah it's dispense. Break they dispense marijuana and dispenses. Right. My telling her it's arrogant of them they went high gee it's yeah. Better aren't they hide the agency. About according to its anxiety out. My OVU and tell me out the birds that I should use marijuana my morning sickness so infidels they gave me gave me my hearing those pills on time or what they were called my first son. With and. I didn't have that his mom so those sick Putin all the time and go to the ER to get like IV fluids can keep anything down. Our insurance at the time and was and a great in the hill in in China government result frame and a hadn't gone generic yet. Our guy and he was like a 150 bucks a pale right so if you like come on they may not enough if you get out you get a class a week ago and we BI crack heads of the ER like. Yeah. Three of them are operated. I'm not a big at night you could afford they are well. If I do one Monday when when they were Friday at probably won't end up here again on Monday ranked so in a situation like that. I don't know what else he's posted if it works his temperament doesn't do ass. I don't know I mean I now let me put some temperament and airline right here knows. I quit smoking cigarettes there you know that that's whenever I was nauseous. Amid a British are you pregnant doctors like eight under and things done like when you're you know brain. Not a pregnant and I chose not to smoke even not as a daily smoker yeah. I mean that's and I would do it out. OK am I have to tell me does no harm maybe he was healthy and very Smart this thing I didn't I was pregnant I was six mountain. Should I ease marijuana means we're listening ABS send in your panel is a bands. If your friend and a regular if you've consulted an actual position we medical profession right we cannot we always recommend something high indeed sweet but we do recommend you find you know somebody down. Somebody dad mom buddy yeah. Does ninety love is saying DA has changed a lot of them are hey what's the most text whoever governs them. I don't know. Thousands. Probably have no idea yeah. I don't know I mean like I mean I've never count and I Barack aren't. You all day and night split I mean what's. Your average text her dates. Per. That sank one guy take. Finally met every year. Right yeah but not like 65000. And I know he charged going to ban on the top 500 a day now yeah now yeah now now sometimes he tart sometimes you wouldn't. Things and Arizona went a little askew tell me Italian that is skiers. Says at times he'd get around 500 text messages a day on Friday Scottsdale police say Jacqueline at a showed about the guys where claiming to be his wife. But he wasn't there. Police finally arrested her yesterday and she told officers she knew her statements were crazy. Today she based the judge for the first time not only for the text messages but she's also accused of trying to break into the guy's house a month ago. You're on a new case under warranty yeah sign him arrested. And he's anyways here. Can tell you really need to shut down out at as had a warrant out for her arrest because she'd skipped a court date for that alleged break in. When police arrested her she told officers she sent the messages because she loved the man he didn't want him to leave. NASA expenses like ms. what is she's a fan base. Editor and the industry which is for is not where they mean. Men I think I feel odd Phoenix I. I went out today. After the day. She began takes him to make constantly say any more than 65000 messages Vick until police sometimes she would send up to 500 today. According please work messes included quote don't try to leave me I'll kill you I don't want to be a murder seizes currents I hope you die a you've. I don't wanna read that one. I'm the new Hitler man was a genius. That's when she sat on the new Hitler man was genius quote and quote. I'd Wear your fashion. And the top of your school in your hands in feet. Sees her youth. Oh what I 500 tags in a row oh what I would do with your blood I wanna bathed in it. Drag me so why. What's she doing to see. Put away it's the needs how's she was booked in the fourth avenue jail on threatening suck Perez they're failures to you appeared charges. Man that is so scary meaning people Alley eat out now in you'll never now. Speaking you know somatic as you've been talking amber Oprah mania like over here in hand. Yeah I mean not not to psych out and they can got a good grasp of who this person ends. But do you. And let's see on May fourth. Showed up at his work looking for in stating she was his wife Scottsdale police responded and remove the trust of the federal property victim stated he is out of the country. But he is legitimately concerned for his safety when he returns Molly I would be 20 man that country. I mean you hear exciting. Here. That's crazy yes. To us worry that does go to walk around in your skin or out walk around in your fashion what's fashion I believe that is your means you. Your media scanners in US put on the skin from the skull to defeat our current. And then did she's issue went as organs so she's his life. Era. As you do that calling her out of the country you are married or not she's here. She doesn't your arm. In charge recommend that was probably time Steve CT teasing as in gee that yeah. Obviously you're not an airline sinner and it's 65000. Texts. That's the last 00. M a phones vibrating. Latin name. Siena my husband online women together for five years my friends and I joke that he's still going to kill me immensely if ha ha. Our top. She's a loyal to them and Twitter thing she's just romance yeah. Hope. That's crazy I tried so hard tonight are you meet somebody from online. I guess that is inflate summertime. And Stan. Enemy you don't know yeah now now that and a jinx. She looks like opposed I mean most people are totally normal person. Oh. I don't know how you extract yourself there. I EX chip I don't now that's something usually had never been good at. But how can you know yet down I mean there had to be some warning signs. There she must of given some warning signs prior to them going out. And let's just say her getting out because I'm data as I'm guessing Dan's sacks. That would be my guess so they have sex he's diagnosed fund that would DC nine and by the word that she's not even close to being done. See you see that see. Fashion is the white stuff that covers your muscles and ligaments and tendons is that the stuff that pops out when he get a deep cut. Like on your hand I don't knock him out there got a bad cut you looked down as like why. Also Kennedy John not to get married at the college a couple of years ago I mean that's where Mac and Don did Jones do it yeah. John do it. Dare not do that that's where my head is don't do it. However many that that's not a shower activity is it's comment that doubt that do them did. Doug do I doubt there and time I would dating amp Obama seen here. It's not just all online evil I know course of course Gore's upping tonight of course except for I feel like if I'm and you're absolutely right. You know you might know someone you think you mechanism may twenty years later you Dow. Or maybe you're right you're absolutely right you think you know somebody may in doubt. Don't forget about a mark raw Wahlberg movie fear or that. That was Mark Wahlberg right. Where there on the roller coaster and puts his hand and I try to hurt you are and everything's good there on the rollercoaster its hand Mandalay and he's sliding it up a clinic or nervous you plot my way now I don't remember yeah play Meredith. Now Lesnar is I didn't neither am I alive TI yeah yeah you know it is but kids talked about nervous. You know nervous now I don't know nervous with your hand gun some it is away a pass and you just leave it there are no you slowly moved it. I think how nervous is your eyes bullying advertised downer the if you're going down glad you're in their Z. You have your running up the when the bodies. There you forgot but it you're stating it's down. Demands of does that ally your land is our years it is if I'm. I think they go up a leg doesn't sound guys got down the flag and left out of Canada on wall. Like give me I've had some runs and in my lap yeah and it's usually around may Neiman have to go aha. Okay so like if they have here and I tied somebody you're not enemy. You're you know leave here and right around their hot tell you started the top and no need that's a San Diego and LI a gave it my you're my touch on your shoulder. Do I go up tearer. You're gonna go down in my brass as is patents and we are doing that. I depends where your hand as I ECD. Even do the games aren't even going to sock it unauthorized tell you the game. An air of hair from being rude about my out down the I say turn. I say hit polite sir turn on the L turn on lights turned out DC turned on the heat buddies they'd turned down the air conditioning racy turn out to their condition. Turned down turn of their in his that you want to be called. I really job isn't I might come freezing in turned down again I got damaged an easy breezy here turned down I turned it down turn down the temperature right from the start. Even though you're turning up the air conditioning. Fans now I'm not turning it up I'm turning into sound. It's the lag Danny. It's up the flag pin nobody CY I think it will be down a leg you're not going down the lag if you're going down a lag. You're unless you got some sort of foot vanished in new and now a lag. But you're trying to locate a vagina and go up. But this hear me out Alex's skirted out the leg Danny I look the look at me look at me relating in Israel where I'm lucky I'm not trying to be impassioned here. I'm nervous turn when did he touches. Backwards man I got an airman out. I utilized their bag and weird what direction I am a hand over lyrics what direction is this out is playing in the sky. Yet cracked or your toy he figured the of one finger. In your hands avenue going to this guy that's up to the sky pointed out. While praising geez I'm a number one now plans for you. Thank you for the super oval. Viewpoint and downplaying down grant town to the ground and which way am I pulling them all year pointing side of it is a once your points. They're finally here and I'm seated next to someone or myself which is what I would do because I'm by myself. You put your hand I'm not really. Well. Man it's you're going up you've gone up the bag builds a little due at. Now I know lighting it only you room you manual as a rigidity when your money now right now yeah. Because I would've guessed far earlier than Barack. By the time I got tired you're actually challenge it's. Can nobody understand why I think you live it down lying nobody now man not one person. Can see perhaps maybe why I said it that way. How about a minute. How do you know there were no kids being seriously Netflix thing. And then. See it it's only down the leg of their feeder prop up propped up our guys I mean and their land man. No one says the man trying to go down my skirt yeah. Now dug up my skirt while I'm playing nervous I'm disease in the nomenclature. Sorry. Oh this is excellent. But see. Somebody said they saw what I was saying I was an idiot but they understood. I don't understand it and I get them I had the pleasure of the visual as well. May doubt. It was a mile is listening I actually get to see human remain in your hands. And and yeah I got me the okay. I'm glad it's. Bloomberg out of love say liquor from my point here my finger on time. I'm now at why straight across is freeze gone I understand okay I'm just second grade. Yeah I this is not the semantics. Me. I don't know what we're gonna use the substitute there. This is about a game called nervous and we got hung up on the rules and we haven't progressed so I'm sorry. Yeah who wanted to present a delay not and mean. Up with the labor down space shall I got you Danny thank you yeah that is let me. That's what any. So yeah you do really didn't know what I was doing. Now and you're gonna go and down. Here and go down. We're going to. We're gonna go to counseling and other slowly here are your needs do you go up. When I'm my my knee is yeah it's the issue and how do you go up up you go. If I'm on my knees are you adapt RAM I need right but you're going to you're not go up. I mean not. Well I am confused now I don't know why did I hear manhunt. Why am I enemy of my knees I'm just giving you an example. Brett what am I dealing am I need durable and I'm always down asked no what am I doing what I mean like there is various things. Okay our way and I'm just I'm like he's not how essential and it's Asian when you're you're eating rank. You're going Alan even though it off. It might not me and now I hear it out. Here by war. And a half it's usually right. I got here I am finding Iraq and as for time's sake. Yeah did you interview Thursday that early this show's going to be done in time they were neck and amateur content that you whether I'm just gonna be like okay fine. I was it has got to have. You can't raise your hand that both the memory the map. You know that you don't Soledad but when you you know so okay I'll still. Yes you do that's up a lag. It's different. It's different aren't blind person I could see feuds. I'm wrong is that whatever it wants here now now retailers are it's 805. And I gave up yet. You have until 815 to call me and claim your trip if your phone number and an 8179. And 8170. And 8179. Did you sign him to play turbine Thursday. In the drew if you do. Then you to call me back name because we are sending you an affront to the life is beautiful fast tomorrow. I 7679658179. You haven't 815 feet of the phone and call them black. Will go down in tax slam final quite go inside where it is tech planet the question on the base. And get down past I don't care idea if you lie down to put on your pants do you still pull them up. Yes you always put your hands even if your flat and last. You're taking them off the parents Laszlo panera liar. That is the boy names on the bags in hand. And if it sounds by a daylight to get up. The lawyer and leave it in my dreams is an air and attract new name sounds like the strokes. It's because it's doing cancer link aside and none of the other stroke members are air and the words of Nome. Once she asked Julianne just one stroke and so the main stroke it's not the strokes it's the stroke. It's the real stroke I didn't think good stroking. I've heard the other bands. Side make ends by the disturbs the strokes came and they were just learn and across the sky so bright. And I have to tell you just avoid the album. Is really and it's hard to sustain it. Let's get started doing other things they're chair of but I love love love. Love this boy's record it's called virtue assumed anyway. The Persian Matt. Then number that we call they never called notes I need share of go find a new number. Will be back turbine Thursday's still available. Life is beautiful festival that he signed up to look at it like his view Iowa. Saying you're bathroom all life is beautiful all after the movie. That exists that is already call like this beautiful. The bright. Is that right MI saying the name my tee after it can't bright can't be now like his beautiful noticeable unturned that you go and pretend like you're at a concert. Man. It's a great line up I know you're being urinating on it because it'll well. I'm not gonna do this idea I mean I'd even go downstairs okay and then I mean if I'm and number. This mass of all life is beautiful puzzles still available on not giving you this I'm not engaging this is we just engaging look at it. Are easy Kansas City. I. Suffered a disclose bit. Little kids on the buzz. So. There's new best deal out yeah player in Maine. New Arctic Monkeys Allen tomorrow. Is the best deal slow I am an area but there I know is that they were on. I don't know this ditches any Mac. She's on BBC radio. As he has some of my favorite actually advance CEO Dan from SC EO was I'm filling in for Annie Mac. And they debuted their new single on any match. Every British band debuts are signing on any match out is getting a minor they bring a lot Matt's my understanding from. Love actually is the radio these days in Britain is very like. Structure. I don't know I listened to got a Christmas. They got. Any neck. Yeah I mean no thank you got to your premier name and they do that any Mac I was like BS. Income I keep my eye on him at any Mac is Mac I want it on that and they got in. And danced on and for any man. Anyway and that's where they deviated the new song it's called quarter past midnight. As is you Bastille on TV and apparently any match out not lie and it's on the bus however her. It's Cohen and well I I'm delighted that way more than ideal product growth I don't maybe and maybe. And would love and our cause and good or bad luck. Actually did you have cool still good kids fed did today. That's. Brand new Bastille on the is we're at quarter past the neck. Yeah I a monitor really like that more than mania really wonderful deep well funny mother efforts. Tia. Well I got to allow on the and that frame Amy. I you know I'm just Alan this angle it is great were you are a record maybe. Just like first time I had mustard I didn't like it. Sometimes yeah he got to keep trying it. Gotta keep trying it in Asia and shop seeing an about running red light thing cars and her secrets coming out past midnight thin. Bowman is slowly exuberance. Now. Any L allows you can't have a look at. There's DRG mind he's had found tomorrow. In or they're gonna sing about. Anyone's guess and it and guess well I think it Verity got some stuff out on thing released a single urged him. That's. I think they do. I think we played it. Arctic Monkeys. I'm seeing now meaning they didn't. I don't think anything been the it's been sense. Duo line now. And whatever that album was a director leg and a right after a couple of years to prefer mean it was again line Erin Allen not. Outline and little Arctic it was American banking and which you won't play. Probably terminal island and why not they're not eyes and probably a that's right it was called him. Are you mine is on now. On the road in Houston as this plays mark my niece sonics. Yet Paramount. Give me 12 yeah man. Are. It is. Quicktime nor am I have eight. 39. Which means you have until 849 pick up the phone and call me to claim this trip and Thursday. This trip is she is the life is beautiful music has to. But see his point. LA has views life as beautiful and revert to mean why not unheard of me. You. Than his name yeah yeah it's ever heard of any of my god that's so weird and I say that you on 75 street and drive into work and and I see a bunch of like balloons and a sign. Out front like may take an individual letters and it's his happy birthday Roberto. We'll have Ebert they were burnt out reverse we had to burn us. Aaron if your phone number and in 512125112. 5112. And you signed up to play each of them Thursday. Call me you have until 849. To claim your trip by 767965. It is. A bunch of people asking me that are playing. Chance there wrapper and news cage the elephant and GMT high name gorilla as lord blink. The X acts. Wins goalie dead last flow on slightly stupid to your cinnamon club capital cities and analyst goes on and on and on. And the festival I think is September in September. Cell 5112. You call me by 849 to claim your trip by 76795. Good luck. What's been Manning and I guess that's new providers and yeah. On the back as a gag totally screwed up the lineup and for life is beautiful music Huntsville. I didn't click on the link and said I decide to go Google amend and that's wrong and out. Let's go to the pound person an outcry at Carolina. As Alan and I can just get out of the way and tell the person there went our other guys. Yeah. Yeah and what's happened. Well mind being a model they're okay what are the last forty years now. I want one in your area code. Want dip. And you birds. Yeah. The last months. June is black. Congratulations. You are going to the life is beautiful music that's on and I totally butchered the lineup before it went on the air and announce your name. It's actually going to be. That's deal Arcade Fire Florence and the machine saint Vincent Foster the people's and it all the wolves mother Arab. T pain and oh does Death Cab for Cutie I mean the list is nuts it's a great lineup so hall nonaligned congratulations. Marks gonna get a little more details. And to that makes sense marks the medial margin to RCA even a little more detail. Earned a page or details give you a more detail it's dark art and it sounded weird after it came out. Like most things are Danny Lee avenue German Thursday aria and we just played the artists. I now we have new drew buyers are playing because we're sending here deceit of Foo Fighters. At a pretty cruel place. I had my. My final. The only good yeah. And you're pulled. Speak for giving away tickets to see the rhymes you're my only alternative I mean things die in the line. You mean you sign up to play you listen on Thursday and you call back within a mile high time this vision number's called just think Aaron and me sound. New chairman Thursday tech's trip right now means 96500. Get registered and then listen next Thursday. Chicago. Wrigley Field Steve fighters and you just heard their latest. Now aaron's gonna go see this man. May I suggest what he is at the length is beautiful personal anyway to go see this banner here Saturday night. I did not get a chance CIO but I saw a lot of video on it and it looked amazing sound here is soapy talk there. This is Greinke from the Bahamas and.