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Thursday, May 24th

Open, Sunglasses, Buzz Briefs, Pranks, Graduation, Seniors, Basement, Treasure, Trippin' Thursday, and more!

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Kgo then on the does now think that morning that morning and it was kind of Danny's air America's yeah off. Beautiful day trip and Thursday today. Maybe a weak housing numbers early. Dinner. I've tried channel what are you laughing I'm so sorry. Right when he laughed. It was so bad vampire I was scrolling down this website for sunglasses. And one of their models I got its lead this is just terrifying. He lets pass. But I like everybody else is just going ambler them whatever on the model but this guy looks like he is on his way to do something evil. He does in these the don't think he'd be a mono moon and a that's interesting I thought that sunglasses page of course because you are due in your may have economy and I think that is making fine. You do learn people will get so confused when I compare something to something that is how my brain look I'm not upset does that set me is saying that he's a big opponent UI's cash items tiny and now. Now that time I'm even if you word ha. I am OK with that happening I mean that's cool but like I wasn't RA SA and that's about it. They look like Robert managing his sunglasses and iron me. OK I know Iron Man in infinity war. Aaron and if you seen in any viewer. Spoiler alert on this unless yeah RD PGA sunglasses. And it's so fences like where I haven't chosen me and she says. You know. Well Brandon I didn't even Santa has had their Rocco. I LaBranche. They're my Iraq or you're Rocco learn which I think is super funny your echo mr. Gary echo I'm sorry I just somebody got the Iraq or tko ray did. EC. It is no easy and I echo. SE ST here and now I just have these are Arco where. And by the rock. Rock where no Rocco where's Jay-Z yet they're a Little Rock. Where father I had an even that. But you got there only one that led to really kind of down on me men really in the I don't normally do these kind and and I liar not wires that they would act they normally you'd that other bigger plastic and I mean you know Iraq whereas. Well aren't you glad and happy and do. An idea. I demon that I've shark in Baghdad I did not know that sport and well we went bowling with corny Burnett Aaron Kramer and cornea Vernon can play a I can't court and Myrna bringing I don't know why I'm prerecorded Burnitz in right elbow area Qaeda Iran now came flying. And she resigned cool sunglasses. Might they have their Rocco where it symbolizes a lot of now overseas on and told me it's is that do you know who owns arc where. Now I mean I haven't been around and says he's only aid Jay-Z I totally forgot Iraq or is Jay-Z I'll be honest. And then somebody said the same thing to me around my sunglasses are like really thank her sunglasses at night. Thanks Iraq our fire you'd have to easy and she's like I just told you that. The uber detonating his suit over there presenting. Maya whatever shot I'm game but they're excited by Saturday play you know rog where 999 TJ Max great TO. Out AZ. And I told Z and you're saying that these now these must be you know from ten seasons ago. I mean they look like I mean I'm just saying they'll they'll be my guest RD EJ UN through video or. Those RO like 700 new debug X nine and the united. 999. Dollars. Now nine dollars and nineteen and think that's a loner from Honda engines to keep those probably about sir I've seen them where I've been watching a bunch of the behind the scenes scenes that I needed a video that always wearing sunglasses and jam he's always got a different color yeah he's wearing Graham eyeglasses. Because he's seeing the road is how he hasn't rose colored tent he's got like these baby blue leg trains on the outside it's like in alleys. It's already to an incentive to do that Yale is Rocco where equivalent to do in six. A judge Breyer or is cooler. These days Poland. I mean I didn't think rocker is cool at all meaning. Is the rock I add a diamonds and it's easier access how can they look very nice and again like complements them. They accumulate when ago when I go to Rocco where. Except in Morocco where Iraq no land like Shawn moans rock abide. Well let me just keeping these beautiful glasses CIA officer will do that its pros and on the bus staff thing. Well I had I get into the power to the Rocca Wear shop. There. This loose. I don't know I don't Arnie food idealism Morocco where. If you have some rock or the sport of Morocco error he passed now what about your low. But in this seat now I know your making fun of me woods or are bad because he are as a manager and with a zero Iraq cat act out their boat is and now. Now people love zero listen. Bode. Who blew his speech so yeah yeah this due and Eric it's but it purchase or rent at. Our favorites was your vote officially shop. I got a 115. Dollar console lunch for 230 she does she's erratic. Max and as a for life bench under present. But any turns out it is seven Arizona says I think I've made ten hours mean. The rock aware. Whenever that we needed canyon all eyes now they can't not very bad in Iraq now where did you believe it. CE what does that mean. I don't know see runaway addition. It says there's a number on this it's TJ Max says some on the ear movements has some money you know at the rock of our dear our home. Tell us it is for perjure Bos these days now Linehan after being hey. It's time manager knows you're reported you Euro. Brought. Anthem for paramedics first ingenious person you're about ninety MX yeah. He gave it to him as a sort of founded by immigrants is there really is a really. If you're and TJ Maxx and harbors. Can't any now I don't care so I even have those same to him that I may you know Billy yellow license you to make some of our stuff. All the guys turned to resume wanted to Rocco her. Who's in his dad found them as part of it is is is some on the nine needs and now. I do feel like maybe it might be a little to do it Rocco and no no no demon Johnson started troop. Who then yeah and then in 1995 Samsung invested in Hulu which is kind of an area. You know when I mean these. What you close to lessons you've seen. Noses you know being goofy looking. You are finished I'm sorry. But those glasses okayed it Coke habit to go to those glasses. I wish I had a cup have any having to go to those glasses. Sorry no members of the call for your good Thursday yet. So that Arctic Monkeys trip to Nationale. Still could possibly Mears who do number afternoons. Track there ain't got me out going and the world. Schooled teams Craig's list break a threat student now facing punishment. Go to Independence, Missouri. No I love when you get a good local crates the story yeah I just read the headline I've no idea what is contained. Wit in this story. So fingers crossed over that X. There's Daley says he has a three point nine GPA he's never been the detention order trouble. And that this was just meant to be a harmless to your program. As frustrating Demetric Clark can't believe she won't get to see your son Kiley. Gradually from Truman high school on Saturday he went he apologized he tried to make things right Kyra was recently given a three day suspension. Told he would not be walking across stage to accept his diploma I think they're overreacting. On Friday the eighteen year old jokingly posted this ad on Craigslist claiming his high school was for sale. The other people were gonna do like releasing life my days or you know building and beach in the fry it like to lobby area like now. This isn't a more laid back. The end listed several amenities including plenty of bargain. At a bigger than normal dining room. But the school district took issue with the reason for the sale which Carlin wrote was due to the loss of students coming up plus students. Is the senior classes graduating. Detectives with independence police department investigated and found no probable cause or reason to pursue criminal charges. They didn't see a credible threat that kind of little chuckle about it but they wanted him to understand that you could see how other people would see that as a threat no one from the don't know how does that. They're at work on keep. It's in pretty cut and right remain. And anyway I'm a big cars drive toss in my eyes are in the wrong business with the way you worded how there'd be less students yeah. I mean everything in my age and dad are there and they did the hell out of context. It's like schools for sale. As seed needed now I don't even think about it that Baghdad now and. Camera interview but a spokeswoman released the following statement saying in part. A student who makes a real or implied threat whether it is deemed credible or not will face discipline. And they try to relate it back like all the reasons who shootings everything they tried type back that. The way I don't see house soprano on Kyle and and his mom are still open the district will reverse his decision. Spokeswoman says that won't happen he's very good effort and he's gonna get his diploma no matter what but maybe impart a sense. Fifth that. That's maybe why the Dario as a starred senator loud as my as the eye and answer mom down you know he Billy. They're gonna ask your question was there a great day. Yeah I mean you know they do the senior prank break yeah. Yeah. So I guess I don't understand. Like they said look threat credible or not but hear me is that a net loss of students like. They're graduating. Pray. I did not think school shooting no my mind did not go there now I think. I don't I guess that's were all trying to be extra careful. And somebody takes the wrong way of your really mine in that one for trouble aria. Is there's a considering the source. Of the kids never been in trouble. You know and I mean. It because not a troublemaker apparently. Is get into those shenanigans. And please review the police review that says ray. You've he apologized. Man. Tech sign although I will say this this person is quite the contrary in but I do know. As I I'm. It's a log message for graduating high schools or societal expectation rather than anything else sort of pointless do bring you get your diploma in the same end result is everybody else at the end of the day. Yes dudes get his diploma not withholding it. Walking across the stage is just something we all enjoy doing it done get official. Maybe I guess I can't I know it's stupid it's stupid to rob him a bit if Graham on dampen their problem he didn't put sand in your school. Right my senior school right away mice is it a good break. I agree. Tell me what the ads and they have never date him in here did did you do do do how it was kind of funny the way it. He put up. It's the community seem like it was house for sale German high school. 121725. Dollars. Usually room facility newly built football field baseball fields in the southeast. Do we added four day for modern day rooms has centralized air heating plumbing next a Wal-Mart for convenience huge parking lot graver party goers looking for somewhere to park. Bigger than normal all the dining room. Multi so oven fridge and other places in the kitchen reason for sale as do lots of students coming up named after hometown resident president Harry S two Truman and his family. It. Nothing about that should make you think. Disclose it and now I'm not even remotely and now and now it's a Micky you know though the one thing you didn't do is put enough caps lock. Or his real estate description. I is that how you know. The centralizing airmen Lafayette centralize their heating plumbing next the warmer for convenience use bargain like river partygoers will be replaced the park. Some of the leeward said the stare at some point you have a great kid Drake hit one in my favor breeze silly pass. Yet it seemed very harmless and in. Meaning. But yeah I don't even current nine and I gardener there may be other people's it is I don't know. And use are to be on a mark across the stage as a walk on remarkable calm on. Along what does he didn't mean that you Nellie didn't mean that I know I love all people fall back to policy. Policy means you don't want anything. But you don't wanna take bonuses to sub that draws close C. Cool. Until Syria. Don't they material of WTO Susie. Yeah. You tea. I had to our progress seems to me graduation and they didn't get an implements a month later when I finish my community service hours they did that in my high school for a couple of kids for fair. You can't walk you Benji community service. You lets you put this diploma in Georgia school four for four years. And you did all the required work to earn it. Because you did something we're now gonna withhold a premier. I'm legal marriage is fab app so they. Kid in high school did it in 2011 put on Craig's list and put the force out for sale sign in the front line. It was bell and so they got I'll block her and took his right to walk away as well. Is this renters I happen it's excellent. Military council and it is I hit then why do I mean out of I don't get it. They did did aim for the for sales and and if it would be dead if the wording would have been different light. Students. Moving on to new adventuresome life that I that had been different Michael they had chosen. I mean look how many times does depend on how you gonna make something whether it be between bush and is a very imposes them then and it's like a really funny idea. A get three quarters of the way through an elect are adamant on a benefit is is up for a while go ahead break. Like Iran is going to be Robert Frost's. Is Chrysler said it anyway they'll be fine. Really stupid though this may follow up. Follow up yesterday we met so Michael ruled dongle. Again we did the thirty year old. That sick now does this say they can't even that's Aaron another caddie that was hobby yet Vieira he's on his way up. He got a full right scholarship for doing good caddie programs. Senate's obvious today that at any hobby added. And now did you they got a big givers spares us. Rallying yeah. Guerra guy Eddie leave so. He ended up on CNN. Yesterday no and yes OK here's damned. If you don't this story it's hilarious I thirty year old unemployed man. Who was evicted by his parents. I corps in a court a lot acquire law. They had to senators and multiple. Letters through their attorney. He kept him to leave her. New mutant who he when he refused. Refused. And even after drag each rule in the favor of his parents saying that he had to get out he went home he went. To his parents house okay so this dude shows up on CNN. Brooke Baldwin as an on and that as I just with. Hi I. Hi so let me let me let me start with your thirty. May write the simplest question. Do you not want to find your own place. No. Why don't wanna live there anymore I you don't want to let go and leaving. No. It's knives and it's very tense it's very awkward it's. We have to. It was a shares base which you know maybe the case was with the where I would find myself afterwards but. I'd I'd prefer to get out. Okay so on the preferred to get out let's rewind for a second because it's my understanding he lives you know act your parents' house rent free for eight years and I know. You do your own laundry you buy your own food. But they asked you. Five times. Please move out why could you guys resolve this without the court. I would consider. Much of what they were doing to try to get me out as attacks. And what I was trying to do as his you know was. And it's trying to preserve. We'll try to do what's best for me which is just you know look let's try to do a reasonable and I'll I'll leave I don't like living here. But I need you know I need weasel time and is an example of this the first. Notice there is in the February 2 out of us. Was basically. You have fourteen days before you're outside in the winter weather so the first thing I did when I got that was I. You Basil who is guy now I ebitda is she's letting them Rambo he's shot and that. Have could you pass the solid yet I would I view that is kind of a tax on being in I got the notice. Or team or later. I tried it and any true that was allowing to happen I don't I didn't police department says there's some minutes you know this can happen and no I know you can you just call us. That they can't do that as an arms and all right and. Matt I'm listening meal I really am but. Let me just understand. In his I hear you on your parents giving you notices that you are on national television talking about moving out of your parents' house you tell me you want about your parents' house. Why aren't just about your parents' house light. Tomorrow. I don't have the means to do that tomorrow. Okay well you have a job. No. Are you trying to get a job because I can't read that when editing your parents asked of you they're jobs avail. Police say yes it was in via. I thought geno this goes on for eight minutes. Now let my. I would say that it to the attack and then it generated if you put this up both sort of a three months and they're eight fours or a proposed order for three months and I won't fight anymore burned the case the skins as you are and it's. It really. I was done that I O'Donnell and after that I was done live it down. After that point. My heart goes out to you on the on the custody issue I show it yet there are a lot the last piece of this that Michael this is gonna last question there are a lot of people who have. Read about your story. And that the thought bubble is why it is up with this millennial generation that you guys seems. That's unfair. That's sort of unfair you kid put me. In mark. In the same category. Now is Michael. He's not reflective of I'm an into moderation now. Now the people liked it to themselves yeah I guess it's true it is this kind of this point it's like man. Oh entitled. What would you say to to those critics. I would say that I'm really not. A member of that. Of that demographic that they're speaking to of that group and a very conservative person the millennial that there are speaking to a very liberal and merit. Ideology. Bank on him and I'm only good group everybody together now I'm czar when I just have his or on us remember about it again. Matt I am only does millennial liberals are the trouble apparently huh. Houses guys tell her nanny and sadly written things didn't do it it's just like. For your thirties are technically I think you are presently a generational thing there's a villainy right between. Your your right. It. But. When people speak to the millennial. And there and they're general nature as a millennial they speak to more liberal. Leanings. The nice that you did don't disagree. Of. Do you dissing me and I think you're adding. Top our guys I should be alas the Michael. Right now Clemens again this guy. TV show I resent TV genre get what I thought you know Netflix is going to be worth more Disney's alone does you know now dinner yet you're out of my by my test. Mike on Netflix now with Michael moves out a month. They can be like house hunters. Mike all this out and like no house is good enough if you have a neighbor hosing space where his is famous sealed behind 3000 square feet and I wanted to be 20 on the month yeah exactly campers are rugged this five minutes of those groups. She's kind. I'm Cologne as they love these things will be there at the end I think. RA at 830 H no one is called me back to claim this Arctic Monkeys Nashville trip and so here's yet another and phone number. If you signed up to play. It's 838 you'll have until 848 to forget the phone and call me and claim this trip if your phone number and and 0364. 0360. Or 036. War. Zap us for digits of your cellphone descent to play turban Thursday. As so Connie Mack got top 8485767965036. Or gate yeah out and. And on the world a man. If I were to say Columbia. And seventeen billion. What would you think cocaine and half. An hour. But now 'cause I cocaine yeah I'm fours and I do make shipwrecks. Are you interested in shipwrecks. Kind of I mean. I guess I'd I mean I guess that Phil like you know people like I'm surprised you haven't started aid ship wreck finder foundation. Gotten find treasure I would like to find her treasure I mean it's desert. I think that's appealing to everybody gas wherever there's treasure like I heard there was. A ship that saying in northern Michigan one time. And they never found it. In out is that true like in this day and age can you still never find things they just found its ship that went down in 1708. What was on it. A lot of snow I guess it will silver and M worlds during a battle with British ships in the war of Spanish succession. Seventeen billion dollars this who found it group for Massachusetts. How long did it take gotten this the same the same group that found the wreckage of Air France 447. I wanna how long how did they know about it treasure and then again who knows about this gap how did they find out as this after a dual shipwrecks let's stop violence in a. Giving our community. To get engaged had a project to. Search and discovery of the San Jose Spanish guy it's like seventy no way. Also our Dana Colombia essentially you know the notion of a needle in the haystack this. Some kind of pulls back category. I think the fact San Jose has been being looked for her. Decades in terms of its being an important. Spanish guy it's about time time. Okay test of the fact it is not easy we use the US and other USA Colombian navy vessel that was assigned to this project. And we brought one of our autonomous underwater vehicles called arena 6000 which is a underwater robot. Did you send down and it can do a mission. Missions that we take about a day. And during the course of the mission they do what's program to do this case we were using sonar system. To search the sea floor in the area that these archaeological consultant had. Determine what the best highest probability of where the San Jose might do it's a significant fine. The exact amount and exact values is to be determined in the course of the the studies that will be done from here on forward but there have been numbers that are range from one million to seventeen billion. Depending on which source of that information. Look at so it's a big number regardless of whether it's the low end of the high and we're sorry. It's very exciting to be able to talk about it I understand that there are some other. Issues surrounding the finding of the shipwreck and you wanna respect that we're we're really here at DOC graphics and discover new things in the ocean. And they're really push the technology that enables us discoveries. Like I feel we get some money that's the sensitive part about what they can't talk about per share. Is that what he was trying to hail like that's the sense is seventy billion dollars the midst of a 300 years it is going to. Whoever finds it is that Ellis finders keepers that they but I want to thank the offensive maritime law court. That's I mean no one else is looking forward. Apparently other people were bat. I don't have a sound and our robot that's the problem he needed to sonar robot they also use a Colombian navy ship that they did a docile man it's got to got to Columbia delegates Columbia waters analog cloud now you got I mean Aaron and happened just let my people need to break a cat let us. Is maybe being a part. The people. Found dead they talked to the archaeologists. At ten years or I think this treasure lies. I mean I would be really interested to go on one of those patents and memorably so you think people's looking at and the G spot. They found got to send a son are you got to San camera and send a robotics apparatus then the arena 6000. Which by the way it would be a great game for his sex life. Well and also Andre in age. Doesn't that sound like a Harry Potter broom but the re miss the remains of the 6000. Some words out of like Harry Potter or you got every midsection courier is 6000 looked at now. How do you know that this new and I wonder if there's any like there's got to be treasure in the Ozarks or aides say I. Man lake Lotto line I think his ailing auto wanna. I feel has there been any shipwreck simulate a lot of wind well treasure now if I had a couple of coolers filled a bush lie. Ray burner. I think the Ozarks is where you need to see our company. And he has our death I bet you could find some drugs. There's got to be something not a diary does art yeah yeah due early on and on now now now now knowing that the agreements. Every arena 6000. And I loved Hillary is 6000. I'm all right that's good. Hey was it international waters are rising Colombian latter's Columbia miners Cologne beyond. Right often these head near prior to Pena they're correcting me not it doesn't matter like part of middle go to jail. Columbia it's the racket to send those. But part of me that's a good people have found it me. Columbia with a plug in for. They weren't going anywhere now they weren't married they were elegant four. The treasury has been the subject of legal battles between several nations as well as private companies. Several weeks ago you'd ESCO the United States nation's cultural agency called on Colombia to not commercially exploit the Iraq. Whose exact location remains. A state secret as for the treasure that remains on the sea bed. If I knew where was and I work like with the auriemma is true what's to keep me from like. Selling that information to somebody. I'm at Columbia bra. Okay here's where it is. People founded those people found along with Colombian naval center that to a prolonged sick and you can't let everybody do the work Torre NB a way out his cell lines of various nations. Cuba you remembered it and find it dean Angola for it I don't even know how many man hours or monies that costs have signed do you remember Jurassic Park. Now resume. Der Wayne Knight. Henry Newman remember now again so address it hard when they went through all the trouble of creating. The dinosaur embryos and doing other research are OK there's another competing company that wasn't having the success. Of John Hammond address the park race that I competing company paid is do you Dennison entry. To steal some of the dinosaur Amber's house so they could see us and I'd say an. On the ups up and up it shouldn't be forever obviously it's of you who works for them to take financial advantage knowing the information. I guess I mean doesn't everybody get a piece fell figure that in Indiana divvy up the seventy whoever's on the ship. Was like government whoever paid for the number is three bows then the Nimitz with the name of that it's the agreements whenever and davis' from future Rama. The senate and it's not a vampire. I was crazy. Yeah it was feeble gal who also wants appease and that's what the other nations when they banned hand. Other nations have their rank yourself other nations and private businesses feeling may need a part of I mean. What are they there while they may have been a part of trying to find its 300 years old. A lot of people might have been look at port. Well it fits inside a Bane and then I find it is an open mind you'll that's ridiculous and then. As you can probably go back and figure out who's who was beaten. But it was Spain's right. So Spain get sick there being Dixon coming over to view like now Spain doesn't get us bay was coming over to daylight where Britain's got any present time limit on everything yeah. So goes back to your original interpret days so law finders keepers. Which that's my endeavors Asian ally that about disagreeing of this boy made some very valid points. Regarding maritime. Possession loss that's holier than I have no idea how I'm anti possession and I don't know what I'm saying it right. I mean there is a statute of limitations and vows yeah. Yeah yeah. Yeah. Pace speaking about finding gold and money. And then things that are worth a lot about that as of five found some my bad I put a lot of effort into that it is okay I want did you develop an endless debt and Irina every amid the arena 6000. I want a peace and. Think more like national treasure and I get a finder's he would probably won't get the bulk of the treasury they should get the bulk of the treasure. I mean unless there's artifacts and need to go into a museum in me that doesn't sound like get. There's Amaral and still wearing dog that that treasure. Outlets like life. Each find a way. That's gonna start going missing pieces that spigot out heartland ruled Kabul emerald all right just. Your families sat yeah everybody's that you swim on out. A couple emerald I would try and have backpack I got for Clinton were as. Good as savers. It's so historic bill. Time has come. You know I forget I was there's a break news tech like that a best to bring music of the best news is good news I was gonna do you like tax abatements and stuff locally but forget Eds. Too hard to tie as a part time I ask tag finders keepers hash tag in there are tired I'm a lot. She only other radio program in the mirror lasted discusses maritime law. We're not we were so far averted her students who not have a real late anywhere in it and now lake lake lot of wind has now where we're now right area can get out of LA cameos are actually into the ocean and I don't know probably right I mean you would think eventually that you could get into the lately as ours is tributary carry goods and somehow there are yes tributaries that would believe you Danny. The notes that Obama. Tributaries somewhere to any bit added I would go golfer east. Could not imagine because of west's. So we have to go south Ares. So we would have to go outside our but I am I admire. Maritime Lott's call 1800 law Fed's trying to contact but I do think you today finally going to be those that Syria area here isn't a war grave mean. Who cares why did the family get a how do you know it was in the seventeen hundreds when I went out and those people are dads. Mean. I mean seven it's gone hot statute of limitations. I'm going to axis tents beds in the limitation. I don't know I have no idea. Mean no idea that you Barton. Yeah I guess if I've found that I want the money payment. Putting you don't if you found a certain. Well and anybody who found it that's why there's so many claims this cache rough yeah that only come. On my end it's your metal detector is he started on the beach how to say mr. park. You can't. Do that either Vinny shipwrecks in the Missouri he relent. Take out stuff I had the Missouri River goes to the ocean. Mean. Port of Ted to soda in Tulsa most inland port. Said I'll take out from Oklahoma City is says Miller goes the ocean yes but can you get it from the lake of the Ozarks. I don't know not a Smart. I don't know I play the organ trail I went. West adding goes south site I think you're gaining insight. He's a leader and doesn't think here of the Gulf of Mexico that Luongo Google makes him. It is the most of the open next temperature. Are either living cancers. How he had a low because of the map go maritime know how they give the Atlantic and as a right exactly right. That's already go west seniors via the Panama Canal you know watching that to get synagogues now don't get to the Pacific have you guys ever you know by the Panama Canal RA. The marvel of engineering in the locking system. I'm Brian and I were there riots in Seattle at a time when my favorite my love you guys hear all about the maritime law I'm telling you the locks. Who blew my mind everytime hiring going on how late. I'm going from village leaders and unleaded gas in an elevator in water Yale Oz. Now ups and technology here in areas seafaring purses you may you didn't vote. I doubt it gives you singing. There alone and anymore kayak numbers that should. Kayaking down the mighty sites that are related. I mean I've seen people do that. Get to it or else in my supposedly make kayaking the Missouri and it's just gonna take me away the steamboat Arabia. Are our neighbors are items is fine that's your number back in this AAA and carry a 53. You haven't 9032 big of the founding call me and claim your trip to see Arctic Monkeys in Nashville on your phone number and in 2105. 2105. Q why net 05. Colony let see if this the rest of the information matches that 5767965. Looking for phone number and seeing that sign up to play your been Thursday. 2105. Offense is big fat maritime buzz still fits so art staff. I'm the captain now particularly me. Look at me. Buddy wanna look at. Look at me I'm the captain and has there are even a trip winner now. This is of Ventura onboard the agreement's success. Look at short of the continent. Look at me where. It looked fine is seventy billion. Years ago. That was all true blood on the eyes and may be we have Alina mob I don't know on their name any day of the found the the buzz. Hi is this. Jennifer and I ain't in my at a called my number I hope I have said Jennifer you'd be. Making you not see it workplace I want to strictly so badly Jennifer tell me the last shortages of years now. Nine year area. Eight on your birthday. Eight totaled seventy salmon are you're gonna cash cow disease the Arctic remind me is how to grant highly diluted. Yeah go away you know who you had an amazing little. I'm taking my partner and you are gonna take your husband I daily your husband Matt and to me. That's well I have a daughter that might wanna go but. You take whoever you want and you have an amazing time. I'm I'm what you want to hold your gonna talk with a market they'll explain what's gonna happen okay. Our our air caesarean bulging give her cancer and say why replied yeah. Sorry that means in any given Thursday Arctic Monkeys Nashville is doll. Where are we sending people lags and they can sign up. Right now yeah now where are we sending people that I read. It's I guess location. It's eighty is. Denver red rocks red products red Roger on a red rocks to see a bunch. Bands are probably sound amazing was a matter evolves. Our area he and I got a right here and it is yeah you're ready yet. City. Are ranked. They're top lately with your visitors it's good they're giving away the trips that make the show are you yeah hard to yours is it maybe some people like get me let's talk more music. Anyway. Were down for the day tomorrow. Company of these in town at the were hiring of gay yelled tickets. I'll either yeah and then prom is on Saturday and yeah I might get away. From my side for problem Danny spinning a problem yeah now prom is going to be 21 and it's a free show beer hands of flora cash to am very excited to see to get to see bare hands again and then symbols on the building Danny's spinning. In between he's DJ DJ and he's you know preparing he's been preparing ever since we announced today and he was on the bell. So instead voodoo lounge. And harrah's North Kansas City there are also giving away fifty grand. That day and you could possibly when that team right if you go out by easily a large novelty check. Yes Danny is all about the novelty check out so that is Saturday night at 7 o'clock details available in 96 by the buzz I com I have no idea what I'm wearing. Legal largest now heck I've given what it was like 5000 I've never given away. No I never touched analogy it's it's fun. The I have no license presentation. And didn't get over tedious thing in Detroit. And I'll sit acts. Are so company of these is not Friday night prime is nice Saturday night if you're not believe. Contemplating maybe I wanna do some paying. Couple options for adhere high. Company of these like I said playing tomorrow the dryer and I think they're coming imaging Ernie tomorrow all right it's Oscar Wilde and it's on the buzz.