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Thursday, November 16th

Open, Deer Dumper, Buzz Briefs, Classic Movies, iPod Shuffle and more!


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Morning made that morning Baz names tension Danny it's out. Mark is Hannah it is Thursday that means iPod Shuffle like man dongle. Excited about that sang it plays stuff off my found men set out at two dongle Scientology did yesterday. What it's a blogger on I did every day now I know I miss doing that every. That's what are is trying to say IC EC is it is our today's Thursday that means iPod Shuffle charities say that yeah or where are either repeats aren't sorry about that X. They're really took and a rising third Thursday tonight yes. Danny will be at the museum six to nine. And the block lobby absolutely free events that get into this cubism thing man all the cool kids are new cuteness in our pain. I wanted to Cuba known known a Cuba. Cubist cube is like Pablo Picasso. Okay I've walked through the exhibit so I have not sound and the area now familiar and somewhat now I've been cultured a little bit. You know what I do lobbed out about their Thursday is you can't help you accidentally. Get exposed art. Drugs here open to it. Well I mean you don't have to be I just icy go into. The DIA. An idea that. I'm. A lot of actors like anyway. I'm actors a campus college campus flickering across the street permits from I was meeting some weird in them than there. I would just. At the DA for a couple of dozen I know I'm a weird out now it's great you can hit at the Nelson anytime you want that's what I'm saying it's beautiful on it's it's like a great way to tell a few hour a lot of shuttle cock I love. Our lawn and dagger line that's a whole other our. Our area. It's beautiful. It really is a beautiful museum anyway third Thursday tonight DNA you'll be all right three events that sums up today than that yeah. I'm want to sound now memo come back into some other stuff. We will do I catch up and coming up your short Lleyton. Let's do more to do all threes and got. We gotta give away that I took us a Christmas tickets just how we do it there. Let's do that okay but first we have a couple of things yeah I got a question for what sounds more adjusting to you immediately out the bad. Man fighting to keep emotional support squirrel it Condo. Okay that one comes to us from Clearwater Florida. This one this next story a little bit to close at home. Casey hopes to identify a man seen dumping dear an eighteenth in line all. Let's go to air I like the dear to you I'd be out there I do I I because I was so hoping Nazis did Ike and air. I saw his life outline social media two days ago I think and there is just a picture of a guy with a dear mark this year yes all the dear he's in deer picture facility you're trying to figure out who's dump in is dead deer. Maybe he ran it over. You have I don't think it's a little take illegal dumping. Area. An extremely popular dump site just south of the eighteenth and vine district is a street well known to illegal numbers. Well known to illegal dumping investigator Alan pressures to. There is an illegal I am being investigated. No idea. I know there's a dumping area that's no jail illegal jumpers re under the dump where I'm merely a flower harder. Who found that your ten minutes after it was unloaded here he knows because of trail cameras 22 cameras up in about fifteen different locations occur in the city. And that's from Platte county and north Rockingham to wanted to hide. And in between. A couple of years ago at this little dog was abandoned at another downside he got a new home but animal dumping dead or alive is wrong here. But most people dumped its track it's you know this is all stuff that we would come to your house and pick up for free. If you just do it correctly last fiscal year. Allen issued 100 popular that the lie. About yourself and like humans garbage he does not get rid of it yet you can't catch back up. Wow I had to go into there's like a dumping site. In mission and are excited dumb you don't go there and dump stuff if you paint. Or various hazardous materials now they may or may not take that that day I say and you have to make an appointment it is a process. I mean yeah town jazz. Dom can look path of least resistance he would take this stubborn taken it down a storm drain of TO right. My dear. I come back to my old apartment it's a half mile from my house before and you don't lose their dumpster yeah. See if friend and I was an apartment and I have things I need to take don't get caught up in the end they have well. I don't that it happened that Erik. I'm gonna have him. Watch me down stuff in the dumpster. And we don't stop your work how ridiculous is that it costs money into that they come and clean up once a week anyway what would you care we dumped. At work. I don't understand that yet really take you don't absolutely that should be part of your perks at York loves is guys that dump investigator. Here if you can add cameras here and they'll be doing. And I were on about I think they have cameras but it might be illegal they put him in certain places. Like where if you trended down. You know I think he wants is trash Smart thing. 65 citations were illegal dumping like this happen this year he has an assistant and so far and their families to win double that number. No played the big picture he tricked. Allen keeps a file of photos handy in case he spots a damper on his travel I heard a focus tonight is this man. I am looking for somebody to lead me in the direction of this man so lacking give him in court in front of the judge for dumping this deer on the side. We want this guy cut into. Okay Blake that guy he's take a step back from the importance of his job. But he's like we're gonna get this guy in front of judges and dead deer. I think you could find out on the side of the road anyway thank I can be a serial number because in trouble. All over dear Dover he could be. You never know he's athletic guy got to take his job seriously what do you column when he got a dead deer. That guy and. I had the duck not did not did not the double investigator Yemen will booty call I don't now like as you collect I am I right they don't know Peter to that body. Don't recall what did you hear. I don't know that you Carly anybody when you had a deer. If heads daddy you know you'll leave it right areas but the peg got up and move that what he's visited countless and they did the rounds Aaron. I want to show and they call animal control in my notes but that where what what he's supposed to deal with a dead deer bodies. Leave I think you leave it. So why would this guy be dumping it. That's that question I have I don't understand it he hit it. Why can't just leave today yeah. He is taking it he's got to pick up track he's got a key user and I and I think your hay out of his Howell area usually element and it is the year. I'm the deer. And it illegal dumping spot so that it's so well known to diapers. A wizards an illegal dumping problem in this city. That he dumped investigators got to dump investigator at an assistance yes. That was hots Bowery stumpel and really point five trio cams in that area. I didn't know they had trailed. Toward Dana probably copying seeing a million. That does not have. Yeah now that I mean what am I supposed to do I mean nature nature calls right. His trop and trop camera everywhere everybody laugh that you could be on the news and there's an attorney gets his serial peer to don't dump. I don't ever again updating that number. I'm not gonna. That's number why well it's first of I don't know you only did offer now is trying to make the world a better place. I don't know what he was joined my easily the deer where it was where was are you moving this year to dealing dump sites this is now. I'm questions and I visited the haven't they do your due due to the deer IE dumping the deer. Did something to the dear O dear you've entered he pastor. Shot out of Canada are. Who's gonna do. Shop offers today. You had your dog away I know that we can. You're Dario and yet we get you in tiger out the first now Hardenne you go to a series you're in the Vijay out that's I make sure it's important bureau there bang your dog or areas. It was a day he died and gone lower. I don't knock off. I love that I have my dongle yet to dog goals great one's done now. Time loses are no Muslims are to lose its big dongle yeah out. That's the key again Donald's. Big dongle paying down bills they don't lose them. For me it seems toward the bigger and better yeah there are eighty Manny good what's gone or on goods. On a dishonest Sherman click Smith's. I'm I'm I'm I'm not bras Obama is a drop Alaska. Lady Gaga Ali can ask. Here's my question that dog gone. That you listen to any god now don't cut that down yup that applause down had Laver add that I knew that scientists and other. You land and Lara and. And then I know the applause par. And then there is one another sign me behind him focusing. You didn't you silly you miss poker face value as there are seated poker fans server event. But. I don't know I don't I don't know biographer is named. Obviously I've played with him. I DEA numerous times the hair on the career. Please miss queen seven Aaland CA I knowledge knowledge clouds rain is yet. I'm a taser view our she's on the site is there you off a series. And any odd all the time I always volatile. Especially Jiri sneak in other rapper is it's like Air Canada I don't believe you add them poker as in life. She never backs down content. No means I'm betting you'll urge you were now owns nobody was into and out now you try to visual era and I carry dongle. Our. The wrong yeah. I saw this. And I don't understand it and maybe you know I don't care it's not upsetting to me it just seems like a weird thing I don't know why. Oh by the way they found the guy who dumped the beer. How they can be out update. There's a dear damper yesterday we are talking about I'm now they've they've de identified the man who dumped the beer. Did he say why doesn't end here are let's do deer jumping rope with a deer jumping firstly do follow up with us today to follow jeered dumping of dale on. There's what's the hell's going on ugly. There it. What is playing I hate ads shot IRA. And where an action news reporter Charlie Keegan. Tell us what happened this morning Charlie. We'll hasten the onions want to. Tell you a little bit about this block here 22 near buying and you can see so many people dumb things here this trash there's carpet along the streets. But the city actually installed game cameras along the block of reed pan up you can feel when attached to that tree limb there and it's a camera like this one that actually cut the picture. Although that men dumping the deer season canceling his little police in the city at that he would come today to pick up the deer. And our cameras were here waiting Foreman he pulled his car around the corner so all the media and then pulled away to. Don't know where you want action. And the city in Missouri department conservation sale of that man who's from independents will not face any additional charges for leaving without. Taking the deer instead the Missouri Department of Conservation took the deer. And conservation agency that hunters who don't wanna do year after they kill it. They should donate it not dump it. If 400. What's harvested deer and maybe he doesn't wanna maybe doesn't need it we assure the harvest processors throughout the state that they can donate that deer and and it goes to local food banks in the media along those lines. Arby's. So both the city and Missouri department conservation know who this man was who dumped the beer and I've spoken with them and both agencies say they plan to write the man several tickets. Tickets can be up to 1000 dollars so he will they some you know fines for doing this reporting landing Kansas City, Missouri and. So surely he had he darn bags you'll see him he's he's speeds try to keep it speaks kind of like. Like I dad do you hot kind of tally here guy he's like and then we Google and we'll find dear little political act. So he killed a dear. Right they called him numeral they just killed ever plot doesn't wanna eat it. Whatever. We now I have a problem obviously. I mean I think hunters did zero especially with the illegal dumping but I think it's yeah I have some problem on your kettle it for five and maybe I mean you heard me first part yeah I like they say harvests the deer it's not core and right. Well maybe it's the process of taking to me now I don't that's with an eye on now tech then tech blog awards got Khat came back to the same spot he uses it and now they call them and then call them and they said hey. Come get your dear we know it's you know. Anyway it was going Jim there's a bunch of news cameras focus of the story sorry. The news people are waiting is cheap and so are gone out and Jay-Z gonna wait for the they gave that dear guy like another third two and a half minutes the dear guys hey come get your dear man. And he's a fine they've caught me we're gonna write you several tickets anyway all's well that ends well except for the deer. He golf he's not and for no raise any gone. You know. There's a lot of there's a lot of media controlled that's a lot they're not I haven't seen them many deer in your I polonium I want them to wow that was you know a while ago 20/20 four I'd venture a lot of directors president of the United States. Dear overrun. The light over residents might have. But here's one that's nice and money and do creep who are now among an group that is not the scheme but nice and not creepy and now how's that. That'll work. A movies coming back to theaters. And I don't address is being mean to condemn apparently immigration or gone to theaters. Not mean that bad yeah apparently that's of people sick now that the little things NN tear Jerker. A low. What movie is that is he doing the voice for something that's. Either. Knowing Wilson's back here two other wells the Brothers are here. Now live clue it's still not back likely I think it's hot. Wonder wonder wonder now the movie is one that came out along time ago. And I don't understand why it's back but it's going back and hit theaters for one week across the country dollars Titanic oh. The original Titanic. No the sequel. It's about the length and a they did any enhancement out there are tired version and Danny and dish it off I'd deleted scenes is what I meant so. Yes so I just six it's insisting that the re releasing this in the theaters. Do you think it'll do well. If so who were the people that rush to see Titanic in the theater I've never seen it all the way through I made them items don't I don't love it now. I don't love it -- out and out on the Titanic ever loved Titanic it's done. Oh and dom and it's. I just didn't and Billy Zane it's just awful in anything Billy Zane is that Billy Zane is awful lot and I never error. I examined the same as on do you put this together and is screaming. This ice they did not think is necessary it's as I will keep my guess I'm just gonna. I Kate Winslet and Leonardo DiCaprio. I didn't see that rhetoric there's no chemistry there now 90 dad iceberg. Was warmer then their chemistry. I'd just didn't think that was. I agree love I love that were teeing off on a 1987 movie wasn't that. Really his first big. Movie. Did the does he had TVs show before that we'll hear the beats remember the beach. And we do this every time and we never remember the name of the song did you remember that in turn to the beach. Now you are talking about though the suck. Yeah. In president Alan. Now do it again. Do. You know I was nine on around our kids that that now that's returned in this house that's different. I'm thirty cheer O'Meara and island Titanic really yet. That's okay it's buying. And realizes Leo and Kate is damaged. Think it does nothing there will it doesn't look like Chile it's so much older than hasn't. Yet and it I just didn't Dayne Dayne. To go ahead and and mice is although Ron Miller earlier French girls Lerner. Charming like when your friend Cameron's what was your British hero. And I I have friends draw. Aaron honorary member analyst I haven't seen the movie that many times through a lot in Daly once it's a lot as a mentally do you pay airing her armpits. It's not because you've monster and they were badly a lot. You are crazy though what's eating Gilbert Grape is great that gal and he was pretty good mama was great once eating Gilbert very. Let's see. Here and then the whole. Dying in the water thing so yeah stupid I will Isaiah. I Amazon edit page can get them some room in that door for early on Syrian town to die exactly. He did not have to die of sides that this is it that's chaps my ass they only did to manipulate our emotions. I mean it wasn't and now he wasn't that he was no honor I mean is skewed is that there and you guys if you would have been sitting around. Play maker isn't there a theory on why he doesn't exist or she doesn't they died together. Then yeah it's a good idea or she blends the Sheikh had died in the door. Whether. And they started out with that like yeah you know the lady. Well Amy. Rose. Is like I'm out although I mauled and big change and she's an anecdote is story about it and I and met some boy oh brown. Right as I I'll grandma I've heard to serve for an indigo the twentieth anniversary some witnesses yet so that makes. What other point anniversaries smashed my. You can see it on TV from great yeah I guess all of them deserve movie that would make you go to the theaters slate has there been a movie in the last couple of years that you like I have to go see this on opening night and I'll just wait and if he's. I'm sorry it's not that has a Ben Affleck and it's it's normal it is for it is exactly because it Jason member and he became our commander is the late miss superhero ovals that's fine diseased cow mother happened to our guys are hit duet have you Arnold he's laws. Now Hugh Ollie is the cow dry yeah yeah yeah yeah. I wanna be his moon and stars. On you know penny right now that that's really the only reason. I think anybody wants to go see the Justice League each day really just screw that immigrated Wonder Woman great apparently are my hero I don't like DC comic movies I haven't I love that doesn't let does is ideally I love that cartoons. Waking up this morning a marching into Sicily this pretty forward thinking. It really was an Israeli last seventies or very forward thinking you are out there are very it was really talking about environment are a and it. It out anyway and I do and as it addresses I mean I do you have. You know Wonder Woman. Together or Batman and together with Superman together without Graham. Superman and that's a boring super hero president. Oh look at me aren't nice and wonderful and good and wholesome and you're not gonna remember. Yeah like come on and I'm now jail once and awhile you know I mean. Henrik allows way more than Jason on police of Sierra he's a terrible actor and he's a terrible Superman yeah he's in L Lee. Endearing Superman we've ever half I like why did you get the guy who played Jesus to place Superman. Yes that was him yet. Still slip into the same guy that you're getting. On he was Jesus and get measles isn't wasn't the Yankees Geron and there was an increment. What was he then. No idea super and it was something else I think he's a Superman god mother and confused than that. Again I don't know any guys that Titanic is out after the twentieth anniversary in twentieth anniversary of who weren't Agassi. Ilie because decorum. I would go to theater for any reason it's time. That. That's. Some of the disease seen in the justice these 3COM. And I now on wonder on and I thought there was agreement in sciences. Really don't allow you should. See thing. It's great and they had a great time with the honorable and I I now that's what I heard but I also heard that like. The Justice League movie all of a sudden all of Amazon's who were covered up in the Wonder Woman movie or no training in skimpy bikinis. May little. Backwards progress in my Zack Snyder's still directing stuff. It was there petition on around you everybody hates Dick Snyder and his accent or is the director eager to those scrappy super in the east through. Give off an. Evil and is that just to see out tomorrow yet so Bagram. It give good good good good to us hormone did this weekend right so does that count opening weekend. Yet does so there's the answer to a net negative to say we want her. Did you. Darn costs. Yet what now but there was some empathy there Kazuo enthusiasm. Overdoing it. I'm really do jags are nags lamb having a money. Oh. Alma Allen there are dozens Alamo draft house and in a quote like. Thing you could take pictures and and they had cuffs and constant. The veto we have been through it at that they had LO Wonder Woman had. Lasso and I don't have excuse me ask usery and Indiana alas I was not a wit yeah yeah. It did did she of the invisible jet did they do the invisible. We now that I don't think sounds to weird. Town thinks now. Heading out and dots as static ditches and funny a lot of funny lines and into funnier than you would think. Better than floor balance outdoor ring or mark floor. Was kind of I mean is fine for around does it mean you don't have to like peel or to Elin and under will validate now. Wonder Woman was funnier than door Polonia Chris Hemsworth isn't exactly known he's funny I mean eight email Jack. Did I got again a drug like he made me laugh. He's a good torque there that's all he has it he's all right door the problem with the marvel guys is like their entire careers have been consumed by the characters that they apply. A Chris Evans. Is never not going to be cap America Robert Downey junior never not going to be Iron Man right right. I know I disagree Robert argued for what you think here who do you think he is what movie do you remember Robert Downey do what is Robert Downey junior's. All I mean he and is. Iron Man right there at the name is Tony we're just call soccer yeah the one when he is with Zach Galifianakis in the daughter that your. Years ago was that enough is marvel movies now this is there ever doubt I'd like I ire ran three kind of went on a road trip but I don't think that's. Yeah players what is talking about yeah I notes are right the exact governor as was an idiot yeah man who could see that casting a an inch driver dungeons and they did. Live and practice. Did due date I. Never saw Iowa. I sent out one in the theaters for Sher. A candidate running the due date movie trailer and LaMarr likes we had free passes Saito anyway this is marks our choice. Just remember swisher death. No again. It was less than resolve 1977 and get his bags packed preference horrific but couldn't back this car. Investor way. Plus my response. After a pep pep pep. You see Zach Galifianakis. Laughs at an appropriate. I am I laughing when I that you. Marshall did sub tropic thunder over here in Logan and blows up forget. Our Teddy junior is. To pick up Artest OK Ochoa at home's hot. We. Do you like about it Shelley. You know there are yeah. Tropic thunder tele a year after. I didn't and that's why Jesus says. Less than zero he would. Them black cow okay. Due date mark Margaret whether Zach Galifianakis buddy comedies can you list off the top here. There's. When Zach tells Americans. Jack is he's always into car hang our average that out next movie he did a car on a road trip somewhere not all a permanent Tommy Boy movie. Yeah it's kind of funny story by 2000 get one it's kind of a buddies are all on. All on its kind of posters. And it prayers and hopes it. Now what was the one with Paul Rudd in the car. My any of rather learn is that it early I don't know I guess I'm mad now guys aren't. He's innocent knows what's on the there's some smoke. Why you and me are. It's 5 o'clock on Sunday morning blog going on my name my mind they think. So for us there is a very funny just anything. Yeah got you into this summer school after king why would you want to be in school in the summer. He should including Allen bird dogged checks. You're doctor. Sometimes they wish and easy answer for why I'm depressed welcome neutrino read articles like gadgets of proteins. Hello okay. As about a teenager or depression yeah all are out tonight is pretends to be a doctor is actually a patient spoiler alert. And yeah. I'm man. Have been on the exact Gallinari yeah but I dvd. That. I don't have a dvd herds have daily. Anything that plagues verified on Amazon. May probably Cuba via a lot it's funny to them on YouTube way he was in his accountant is Susan into the wild. Wedge and what's his name added edited on the music and Annie mattered to do on the news and mark has the weirdest random trivia knowledge for film. I knew that I think that is a big. Point. Into the wild that's a dumb movie and Sean Penn directed even worse the well shot and Neal Hersh was Emile Hirsch was the guy rides and Sean Penn directed I did not know is right out and practices that I had NASDAQ alpha magazine if you agree as most of them everything guys -- now. That's all I have entertaining movie that must be not so it's a 127. Hours. Of when John Franco in cuts is karma. I don't know how many hours as the actual movie I guess an insulin when something but it might be a 110 I don't know. Our bill I don't bug guy that's in Egypt protests death FSA again. There is is mark's quality to get flooded Zach Soledad asked blame mark. Tomography. Bruce. Pop another I don't care is fine. No Adam watches. I love you man with Paul Rudd Justice League. If you really hell yeah I think it can think who is he just easily happen units and you know why don't watch I'll go smoothly into the line. Hello I like him in the wild I thought it was good yeah I watched it. Have you seen it now I'm OK and do a story. Lunatic goes up through with a knife. And exactly right now the story. It's no taxes no don't focus I love this new program. And I think that that at that it is. To me. Young nation on the back as 7:6 and I am and you tracked nearly soft their forthcoming album. He. 32 tracks and then I now. The third there's another track that should be released something Manny any man. Which is a die from a company I now I keep getting man name as armory because. I think this is like the first time. That area and really. Carlo writes with some announce when you play the end of that informing kinda beginning part of a variant what is the deer in the it's just like giving us fifteen seconds behind. That's fifteen wells and they really relate to sign him. Man this track I kept losing to are now over an hour and over again and so good. Better mining. Anyway I loved it thought I'd share. Thought it was a really a great track for his passion and the first time I was injured I was like relax. And passenger began then maybe nine times and I was like are rag at man love it. But this one. That just first let's send and loud loud loud and I know anyway there's another third track. That is co written by mark from company of the some. And that is the first time I thought that was supposed to be announced the next tracker is named Annie and it's something about a nanny and that was fantastic those 76 I'm not an about a handyman. On any man any man it's hot out. I'm not allowed near there and have some friends over. Saturday I think they came over Sunday and remember and brown and champagne at. Oranges it was supposed to be just Abbott the neighbor a Mormon anyway listen champagne and limousine memo says and men. There is some sort of smear Oscar errors and that definitely playing not got. But we surge hardy amount mad because only. Our island we are really zips they're or nod. And how hot candy. Guys are putting out hot. Manny to meet statins thinks it eggs relieving I take care mused running mate he had an excerpt. Yeah I Wanamaker and a big serves. And you Norman I never liked steel. I don't care anything anyone that's got their hand I see that in San yeah hot. You think. You can maintain it in all you can Whittle. You would I mean I'm I'm only too willing movers today I made your sharp piece of board. It's now they have to make me anything either it's just as well you know general I'm. Are you like the rock now preparing. At pebble penguin in the developing them around I mean you know Pavel of England. Bring at some point during the January. Knowing and a premium and I got news I'm Matt and Erica. I'm meaning they bring me anything I mean you do the problem penguins. Are whenever. They done to bring a pebble ray why has her target amount. Al the handyman Hillary Manson or tiny amount of India's hot it is hot and he's not if you take a pebble penguin at pebble you can. Also artsy high. A lot of already are anyway idea again or whether beer find me. Music is any tank now anything like that painter who take pain gap absolutely a 100% that was my first announcement originally to have an area an uneasy lies too though. My allotted share Intel is over you have now that I as it is they were her. Who wants to shuffle on who wanna Schiavo. A man hours on a shuffled. I'm very happy hour I'll play a go ninety time Marquez and shuffled and allow me there yeah. Marquee guy coming in south I'm very glad to NFA Ede and thanks yeah. Our 576796. By what we have tickets CEO we have tickets on the night the bus so Christmas is like 199 there. May wind Phoenix is headlining night to. Exit masters is headlining at three born is headlining. With more artists on the bill and you can buy your tickets that's nice Xstrata does that how. Come on let me go to songs what is next semi iPod Danny if you would like to try to guess if you guessed correctly. You win tickets we have so facto. A lot of apps that fact there are you just saw somebody texting and rural area out ahead. He's really adorable tea. Are angry outside out Myrna you owe it to me it's aren't you besides the ninth and has stole Christmas. What's Oman I am against no more no. Google Bernard. That's a good to see somebody one on that last week and has plugin and that didn't work them. So that's an issue them. Why is nine dongle temper temperamental instantly he dongle. It's like there is it's. Did pace and each item is your case indicates. It is working. All right you ready and Phoenix thing works certain you guessed as a bank down. You guessed gogel are now is that hilarious. Fun and I'm gonna back again. Now why he had now where there. It's got to be a dad died of a bitch. It was just working why does it stop working on iPod Schiavo. I'm pages a gag just replied. I am inserting the male intimacy ma'am. Yeah. I. That's made products that have chipping contest so yeah. Server glad. Six flags in at Virginia. I like the sign turn out. Canoneers. So I viewing guest server blind you know and it's. Later another run or not news. Darren Darren being here winning everything he ready for their problem I do every inning inning arena in Europe and. You're this close to rock and the black roses you drive down the road you know now I'm. Tell us. Funnyman areas. PT today. How humorous how we are as far as I'm coming up. He round number out this year and I like all right I 76790s. A time when shell gas. What Thelma hop followed. You guessed correctly you an appearance against whatever you wanna levers enterprise backed by the Matt is. Are you clearing mines are dead. And it doesn't matter it's always the same people and they're not so worth it. It's not because I think it's funny only there and so soon. Came about as. They enter our era I'm wound area. I'm doing well can replace the myTouch double yeah as it is this. This is Chris Chris what are you doing crafts. I am all my way to work do you mind telling us they do you do that's totally cool I got a knob a must state farm agent okay. I mean insurance I was yeah I can't screw that insurance grads all they care via rom that's on everybody's asking is not a half. Highlight the idea that somewhere there's like some. Insurance agent in light of physical building that you lock in joke and you're like I'm in real dumb girls and he's like. I say my day I got zero and like you go to the one guy who knows and he can get Jewish cheaper rate as opposed to you know it being sent across the board right. I actually can you go when you might get their energy out. Of the block his visit that sets he got to pay transit icon and I get a better be out. Not the same deal other partner on the order you comment but a senior filing date. They do have a booklet like up like Utley got a folder you hand out to prospective clients when your picture and. No no my picture by a lot of stuff like it yet I've got me up also are the cool state farm slash. Now that's what I yellow flag stick our flag. A and I translate his legs and my dad I love. Well thorough shall obtain that we'll solution are worried that we can trade show and I'll ride the steep berms drag you don't mess Wragge yeah. If he gets us khaki pants off. Live and I am wearing khaki. Yeah there. Mammal so. I went and pulled out of my iPod. Did anybody you go to. No but that's all you view on it. I'd do an hour ago bordello of Chris Dowd would you like to birds is additional non gogel bordello insurance so they decide what happened. The credits is small monthly surcharge. On line. That's how you and you need me choke as a monopoly again aren't. Because the buzz. Eisenhower he. An area that is that is that it error. I. Sounds good can happen in the fourth inning. Looking for. Brandon Brandon mentioned Ares I had just skating like we didn't think. It is here I'm just shots and jet engines and got Berlin that's funny and what's next in my body embodiment of our. I want you detect it and not absolute fact I'm not pick. I had an accent. Or clobber into your very badly and you have great is to music. Just kidding just. Of and I business it and now OK can I wish is to air and the only. Call Joseph no offense it was a joke before or maybe you didn't hear. I'll probably yes it's not you Michelle I promise it's may not have absolutely was so do you do it. I am on the 168 dramatic Earl. For expired at could. Move fire semantics. You soundly given an important job as sound. I aren't. Now I don't allow it to appear on the job is designing is demanding yeah I profits. Those ads and the islands idea tell me what buildings are designing so I can buy insurance from the first guy. All I designing it like. A building and designing like the wiring dramatic of like how that I didn't empowered. And I am adding that the south police found together. That's an idea not a via the other hand are here wow now we don't need any idea and I. Come out like you what you do is important. The wire in four days earlier. It's a wiring into the wiring or didn't you tell whole building to watch the wire and give our committee I came from fires. That it sounds like an important job clearly are Michelle tell me what is next on my ad about. I'm not gonna take all the gas quake and. You can take all the Jack weigh anchor unlucky the other caused listening good mood back on the Jack for you any Jan play. Any banned any appearance when he saw as well about as. How is this it. Trevor Trevor Trevor Alito or driver. All of Poland and the work right now. Certainly do good during the Indy. I'll. Yeah and DY. Aren't. It's a handful of us have a 365. Actually is significantly less than there because it's a DMV. Yeah clothes on holiday eleven to twelve and then again to thirty to 345. Every other end. And Trevor please tell me what is next in my iPod. In that animal no you want it I do. Arie you got to hold on you guys advise bands are playing I'm kind Schiavo might as bags over here. I'm senate and a low marks there's tags amendment not. Those trees down roads as does the great state of Kansas Johnson counting. I got aboard absent factor out any Jack White band or appearance and any glass animals gets a winner earlier and he does advisement. This is still black Joseph Louis and doesn't count. Then it's. Been very. Hey everybody it's time for finishes theater society smooth. Tonight we'll be serving much and we also as a vegetarian absent. Tonight police are doing very Lego. And sweet brown thumb should we have a little you know greet you owe her personal life. And for dessert make sure you ordered fifteen minutes early tee we've got Angelo and law like cake. I'm GM island De'Angelo this album now. Army times and tell you that. When making the. I like reopened today and apart ran up the good times tally at bedtime mean some De'Angelo. I need lentils sue play and I've also included this strip of gas X. Our first then that was to handle the earliest in those second's been. This is the districts. And I don't like any other sign. Up for this one out there like a lot this before our way. Tax and played it before. Turned downtown downtown is done. So it. Your memory is. In the news the excellent piece on the terrorist list. This is a line. Socialism. And Doris doesn't just it. Ten minutes. When your seconds and. Our says. A leash and so. Danny's spent some groups groups through this I don't know when they're gonna at a thank god damn good. Video. My first and last time. Video ice is back. Did I did and I was catching a rock. First fans. How can come. But it isn't a player Aaliyah are on video of this was the leader of our own video yeah it is yeah we did you IRA I have Milo outlet and everything and Mac lethal so you may have heard around Maria you're as a whole area here first days. When we didn't really the LA and I am never hear a hazy don't do that resistance that mean I'm just that there's all kinds of women different shapes and sizes tomorrow beautiful all us. Different colors. Rain is any different backgrounds. I was anything we ask well on one team they're two different teams now we have the bleeds even the pink team I was on the painting and I was on the leases team. And then as the Bluetooth and and the referee was or the town was Luis. Which is hilarious. Our coach she's like that Tom pay Nixon I'm really other around and I don't north how the and it says that. Like can we please see this video because it should be really funny is really O'Donnell's dates while he's a bit what that is Louise playing baseball and company now which they kept trying to get him to saint. Labonte or something I knew is I had an MR. Limbaugh and let's. In did you definitely model uses over lake quite a few times we did that. Anyway and I'll let you know in the videos out its new car and then they urge us to end. Anyway residents greeted me the movement. Andrea. Wolf I like Rosie O'Donnell did. How is an addictive I like Rosie O'Donnell I'm she's in the zoo. Shell called smells. It's Millie knows. Now it's not about her she's the smells mom she's dispelling those sheet and actually I saw the first episode and Greg announced a great. Mom and says they female that's playing the smell it. Mean this is Pollack I'm. Weird thing I'm not jump on looking for Salmonella that's. And Johnny jet plane. Ams and skepticism you know winner. I'm just gonna just headline news. This is that. It's not fortunate. That we help myself more and better and they lack. Yeah. Sloppy dress yeah in signs awesome stuff. More Malaga they lose its. Dish on the grid on yet you guys Liz. Is electric gas them. Don't lean mass. She got. And the lion and the buzz. My name's Ken turn. Detainees here. Mark is here in mark is playing an iPod Shuffle of the 576796. Spot him two. Did not have a winner in mine earlier we have tickets to all denied the bustle Christmas is 91929. Theory. So and I want it is Phoenix. Knight two is X ambassadors olive guests and make three is born it's. Detailed on ice it's how does that come or you turn away and we also have joy away tickets and Alice. Murton Murton house Murton tickets. You pick you issues. Are and what does it. Dashboard Confessional. I'm marks. I know there's a new Dashboard Confessional song I don't have on my phone yet but I put it in the system already dirty put it in his SM I had maybe we can go out on the new dashboard Vietnam era again maybe US program I don't know. I mean if a thirty hour. Yeah I came out yesterday and I'm sure somebody played it someone I probably had maybe we'll be the first and it may be I get that deep ball presidents. Maybe mark Perry. That's my guess Danny. An X Pia acts welcome to Bremerton. She didn't even shuffle and marking them. It's. Okay. Okay. It's. Man I. Yeah. Are you cool. And both soccer and is married stock value volatile. Emo has is serious anger issue toward to a man. Angering many write songs about her legs aren't very loud. Do you lament about the last thing I can walk over water and you're right it's on the down drown me think wow I am. Our energy bonds and no it's. Our real friends a night that's a that was a German do we have been in the man. And there really such a thing is it really an announcement happy now. Now there's an ease of tragedy and it's not even a little tragic moment. His best. This is may name you love men would just like bill. He were eyeing yet made a cap so you would guess name or real friends you know one tickets networks. 576796. By now you gas and try to get your ticket Danny and I wouldn't have won just tell us about this. Peru. Tying Allen Gloria. I mean are you are you wearing business casual. Iron. Jackie's there there are maybe more formal bird. When he's actually more on the form a cy young athletes. Our air war and our own tool moved you to participate in red Friday tomorrow. Are you not to. Lou. Is Reno lol are they lined. Up they don't know about the pain adapt. Courier will pay her line talent and sure. That's what they have to be Urals it'd be if it was really well it beat it she you know I mean we're here are a weirder or okay. Yeah not served airline joins if he can while. You don't want it under a bigger picture yeah it's a may have an easier you're one of these fairways display holidays I am sorry allied Tommy was next summer Ciba. You probably deleted or premier perimeter. Dasburg I didn't delay of them might pop up you never know Erica yeah and have a hard to Angelina. Now they're Dan got accused have done. Through sexual harassment allegations. We're trying to matter off there. OAA nothing that thieves and they denied it released a statement as well I think there is it was via Twitter. That people are saying stuff. So. Yeah anyway I'm glad that. My. I GE aircraft that was that NCR phone lines are kind of weird any weird today or is it does mean that the Obama right who's best. The pre. Okay Embree howry is that. Can't carry out at sea Cadbury printing when you do and. I only got far I'm getting donuts and coffee. OK for work. Was that for workers just for yourself. Like they are at. Seeing how that inning hasn't evidence that. Our. You pretty much everything I like those days very analog until the end of the dozens and it stands on its. Tell you doesn't act summer iPod. Armor but it Mac and the net would you like that. Sending debris. We're playing iPod Shuffle mark is up afford to get some of the bans. Or I reasons it elegant and hang it sounds nice to hear me again when you think is right I tell me what's next summer iPod. I'm that it Paula at travel yes and I love you take all of you greedy beds. Oppressed around foreigners any Chris Kerr have a band RA I know a separate dashboard Allen called ash yeah. You can have a guy's Q&A changing a lot of sight of airline or. But it's a line three. For that you can do for instance forever. What do we decided I'm Michelle Michelle so just so you know dashboards taken. But you can still have all Chris problem minus dashboard. UN changer gas or not. Anyone from the Vietnam argument that I'm. Sorry about actually forgot some of the call against me in Manchester. To do. Hi business. But it. Lies. I do it. Bill. Elijah what's next time I enter. It yeah that's again as we Allen Mandarin are on the line you guys get five spans a plane I mentioned the mark is. Sport fashion taking Jackson name Manchester orchestra or injure McMahon for a winner in this. Dal are open person meant. Yeah. Writing and music. And it. Okay I'll I got there. And yes their personnel albums since 2005. It's been a long time. Where they've bed they retired after that and then. They stopped doing in 2010 I believe. There come back next here at the new album. You're fan and a current there again do small tour this year and there's so much like an even laughed but there's so much interest. In that one little like one week to order they decide to cancel that fewer and write a new album. And then they're gonna do actual real soon relay GAAP. Where did you hear that there is so much interest that's the bands of that that they've gotten and I don't think they'd stop that right in their alma there actually wasn't. That's a lot of work. Yeah on the aisle seven and one in ten years and they probably handling real Johnson against this man yeah that is again yeah. You know and I don't blame them I say new Juliana theory and this year I can't tell how excited I can't lay her to. That was the first dragged her its first day. Need Dashboard Confessional taking less any Manchester orchestra or interdict them throwing. Nobody gets long and show. No we don't do that don't include exact damage. Didn't shoot out. Ideally get starry night you know yeah. The change in demand. I'm. That's gonna last money. Or Michelle for borders around. Sylvan is up again. Don't see that you know don't slogans here as taxing and as well he has. The Arabs are regular listeners to the program she's I would like to just say I don't always get in. I call fifty times find care. I just tell everybody that it's okay no attention words the words thank. He had two more than. It's gone straight Sumner. The other seriously they're doing that they they drama across the whole of the guitar with their hand in light. I love that that that it's you'll enjoy it marks iPods he is a specialty shadow on Sunday night C for a program pastors and seminary. Sent it starts at seven to go Saleh and is one hour of power packed to the anatomy is actually despite this song last Sunday. I've got this. This is Kevin DeVine yeah. I just haven't in my mind number summary then. You're supposed to be opening for brand New England this week's bad and he dropped off that he dropped out the door they cancel that job there he did he dropped out in the other opening band Martha dropped off then they cancel the tour after that catch up the opening beyond her knowing that these dropped off chair of that's when it gets serious but that's what I was lions are losing money could have been making money opening up its soul out brand new issue right. I don't know about nothing but thieves but I don't antimatter is there any act that was forced men's one more. It. I feel occasion I'm more than just one hour ago I think that's at Nasional. You feel that's the thing that alleged that the pop and so we're very Rebecca they have and like it feels like you are more than an hour some weeks and then other recently GE's is trying to write and I are really closely together right. Yellow card. You wanna play that are new dance floor. Now we can't talk about martek how we got to get the new dashboard. But the club it's called we fights. Pride although I don't mind this entry is ours and obviously his sickening feeling is that share lets you they had. Yeah. All right Michelle your fining it and find themselves ratings that was new Dashboard Confessional brought to you about mark does pretty good actually it was very gotten called we fight. I like them when needed a new Emo song. And announcement of the new album after that Jesse Lee secret. Yeah we needed somebody come on Chris chorus around it is a god damn daddy did and less of them that comes out right now I went behind us library aides early cracker and he was a school teacher he's very sweet sound I had interviewed him in New York like when they were in their prime. Like just any way is not only stunning. Terribly sweet and kinda have not shot but kinda. At that time and I I mean I would be shocked. Just shocked at some paying. I got the you would have heard of out of by now you it's beginning Jesse Lacey just real quick quick update just lazy is the Adam Brett brand new brand new is. Lead singer live he is then accused. Sexual assault I mean he. And it's fantastically. On a FaceBook posts that's right or he admitted it and it was with underage girls. Repeatedly is so speaking now blowing in his name Danny. Yeah I just gonna save it says with the justice crap just you know make your day a little bit worse never look up to your heroes kids always lets it down. I've visited this is a bigot is a big lead the next one to fall pose Harvey Weinstein scandal looks like it's going to be Al Franken. I am. Really shocks. Because I figured. You know Al frank and while a senator. For Minnesota and see me prior to that was a comic and was on SN com. I'm. That's why this doesn't shine there's a pick certainly exactly right I was in you where I was expecting it far. Earlier if it were to happen and mean because. While they can't they are aiming everywhere. But this was while he was that senator 2006. I signed into. And senator Al breaking kissing grope me without my consent is nothing funny about it by the end to lead and and their way as he said anything known idea there is a photo op art. With her article. Where she is talking about how she passed out. On the airplane flying back from the USO show after he forced himself upon her and put his tongue in her mouth. Witt she's passed out on on now one of those Hercules Serb. You know brought giant blob lanes of fire ready around oh lead in the US those are she's passed out Al frank is she wearing a flak jacket Al Franken has two hands he's governor. Prayer brats on the outside and he's looking at the camera he's a semi cut out and I'm curiously SSA. And who won also come out about arm. Because over the weekend I was telling you out and I can't believe that it. He allowed it there is a year arms and Anthony Weiner documentary are as logic and first of all I can't believe he allowed and this was at that time when he would. This second time around about the taxing it and they had the female. In the documentary as well. And they were following him around his campaign he insisted on running for mayor of New York. And chaos there I mean that let you email was not well. Felix now he is sorry and speeders something Anthony Weiner is like certifiable crazy roster yet. And he allowed cameras to document that. And it's really. Crazy to think. Turned violent towards decay interview where he. As signatories OJ tries to him how he hits on you know and remember zero and had a monarchy if you tie. I was. And he did that I he beer an adult now. I know I'd I'd ear and out mail your you can can thank you can cannot I had seen I mean I saw that Howard Stern had to release the taste of its decay interview where he's. He's talking about groping unconscious people. And then that's what he was accused of in 1981. Was George again it yet so. Well everybody Al Franken is during I'm curious I'm really can't wait Hayden to. That's crazy. Does that lead in Sweden. There are now she is a fitness. And is mum forever I went happened says that's who was those ago I was the fitness model that he was groping via a guy. Yeah it aren't yet allow I think now that we hands broke out I wonder if anyone also speak out. There's no we've noticed is as they don't do it just one and it's. Repetitive and and as a defense. Now. You don't have a primarily as a leader talking about like I cannot believe the people that are still defending Roy Moore yes they're defending write more when it is nothing to do about politics when he leaned right. Where you leave the last it takes quite changes in the politics out of it like we took it out for Anthony Weiner. So you know he was a promising Democrat he did he do that and south yes absolutely but even the people of New York. He's still. Ran for mayor he adds he was in dead last maybe two to 4% of them out people's sad note to that. They were defending. That I mean that's that's that are defending it they were Itula Mili about it is that you outlined how you're still running for senator. Well I think that's a big to be that's why I think that's why there's kind of an imbalance in in like wend its us up like this happens you see Roy Moore it's like half the people. Doubled down and do everything they can't defend him frank they have it they're they're saying that that. The yearbook. Entry among girls your book was Ford's blah blah block Al Franken I see this picture I read his article I might FL for it and done. There's no defense. You know once in his day and you'll hear moral excellence and other. There's like another Roy Moore into him and another and another and how they keep coming out you gotta put also the standards of these people offering goods is senator. You've got to hold him to a higher standard that's the whole point. And the standard of decency you shouldn't necessarily be Ironkey and their decision of say right. And anyway so I'll barely got us there ago had dammit now take abided Stuart Smalley. 'cause that's jokes no longer funny. Now people don't like yeah. Tomorrow we give awaited trip. Courtesy have everybody here in the buzz in the Kansas lottery and sound. That said that you have two chances for me to scratch your scratch your engage you in that it's running for the trip. So call me now 5767969. If you would like to describe to scratch or have the holiday treasures. Kansas lottery scratch or five dollar take and beaten. You win no matter what I mean so that's gotten. But if you've given today you'll be qualified for the trip tomorrow they'll have one more person tomorrow. Once we get that person and we were on. Pick a name. And one of you will go see one of the nights the buzz stole Christmas artists' content to mean you pick. Whomever it is that you like. A Taylor your tea. Who I wouldn't take on the trip with Europe Al Franken. Right. Idiots. Just in any yet. So mad. I had my mind at that Anthony Weiner are being the last saving grace. Yeah. Yeah audience either ask all know that I'm like sorry Al Franken. Can't wait to hear what snacks come and if you just seemed interminable is Al Franken. Sexual harassment. And hopes that she came out that she led. Encourage others to do the same. Because what we found lately is it's usually just not one incidents you know. It's multiple people pay so when are we gonna finally deal with the trash that is Bill Clinton. As I've seen us is finally starting to pick up around their but that's it dude that's like hot trash I can't believe. The fact that he didn't resign. Well that was going on his brain. Our guys trash. Annie was a trash liberal to all the build it attracts trashed restaurant survey thinks is a great. What hope how close forty said the Bill Clinton voters ended up being six year old Donald Trump voters. I.'s great white hope his first by president and yeah I think is he's drafted first trashed president are. 576796. Agony caller Al Franken. God damn it that well they don't tell us about as. I'm all. I use this. Rip. Your bag are as as a second time you've gotten in four. You have got better odds that right. And Jerry theory that okay well congratulations I scratch your Kansas lottery holly treasures tickets you did not when mine how ever. You have another thirty dollars in Kansas lot of scratch tickets and you qualify. That grand prize like I said missed a trip for two to see anyone of the night the bustle Christmas artist contour plus. If you and that you'll get another additional 100 hours into insider howdy scratching its on line to back a deadlock on Friday that's tomorrow guy like tomorrow on the trip okay. It is okay your daughter know there it's hard to market your tickets where our have a great day we'll see you tomorrow she's.