Afentra's Podcast Thursday November 9, 2017

Thursday, November 9th

Greek, Mariah, Buzz Briefs, iPod Shuffle, Steps of Faith, Thundergong, Billy Brimblecom, Jason Sudeikis, and more! 


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And if that morning good morning names of Patrick Thursday and I were can't bring my dongle you mother rappers. IPod jump on dying a new line. I'll take that I'll do that coming up and then you can trying to win tickets to Staten. Are sorry I'm like I'm off my idols are praying to god. On my iPod yeah I do ads in Phoenix I have some new Phoenix and I got some older teen news. Off. What is that Wolfgang Amadeus. I don't speak French. It's one of their albums okay. Now offenses it was never had chances. To end soon in the democratic. How does ago. It does golf men. Ha and you wanna go dancing and a nine add ons yeah. I live DMZ it's but I don't really dance in public now unless. Let you you're Danson. You this way do the Shimmy a senior Shimmy Fisher. Just five senior Shimmy for sure like guy glass animals your full Shimmy. I you are Shimmy and a shake. Shimmy shake per share. Should shake Batman is and like I know you could join a demand forever he said equity stake through the shake. Think. It was weird. And I said yes be yes anyway yeah I don't handsome public although idea and it's a patents it's been awhile you know what I really love to do blood and here's where my foreign companies that OK I lab Greek dance thing jerk. I love it I love it. I would you like the guys up on the bottles. You guys or is upon bottles spin on line models now we're not spinning on line and we'll what is that there's somebody it is and there's always one Greek dancer guy that's like the good Greek dancing guy Ali and he's like pretty handsome. But usually does not hit. And I'm -- it's like do we get a you're the group as street dancer break a plate Spinner around the line battle yell Obama let's get on with the show or pass out the food for Christ's sake nobody came here for you yep people do do that and then they get really drunk yeah out. And then they write to you if your house doesn't know I'm not have been. You never gonna top guys go about the news. We got a and it's not says because entertainment I think goes. Now your Atlanta don't want an add on you retain its like my dad out to Jerry got you restaurants costs on please I got to the tie up. Does eagle eyes are we went to this we tomorrow. Rock restaurant I was out right. I was. There as they have a Valium serve I was to. Last time I went she goes out early and Ernie we've got to me late to have some Greek feared. And anyway the owner rocks around. And he talks to everybody is and then he also against I'm money which is all areas that. You've gotta gotta you gotta I can't leaves doubt. Oh please Al take you NJ need to tell us how about I just what's it like YouTube video and that you have to experience Hauser is Annika you'll love it year and I have a couple miles a line I'll go if you collar mile lady. Not on the air. None none none NN. Though. Now I get it is by copy and there. We number ran four to minimize cost is. Danny old lady for. Our image that morning is raised tensions and Caremark concerned yeah out so we can get a chance to do that yesterday and now. I walked in Newark yesterday at the first thing you say to me and it's one of those things that challenges you bias. However I think I've found a way to come to terms with the OK I watch and Danny we all now as it is I'm not troubled it today you mean you have repeatedly aired bright care endings I've bright and listens to mop. Mop Mumbai. Any unwanted sexual advance is an inappropriate. Myriad end of story. Yeah it's a matter. Male or boot now Merrill is now let me hasn't been is it's perhaps a live. That being said I don't think I could be sexually harassed by Mariah Carrey. Because it would be wanted obviously correct rights for a year ago well I mean yet mile later as it is very right I. Minister of issues blogs right carries the clearest picture so what happened and who's accusing rank curious are sure as. Her former harassment is and many years yeah yet Harvey Weinstein. Right I mean that party lines seem like. Everybody. I think they're Eveready insects Herat they can't tax Japan. An inappropriately. In and I mean everybody I Corey Feldman is even when it's alive. Yeah he also filed her report to you in LA in abouts. Something. Like he says there's a bunch of patter ass says and he was tack Ike everybody it is in the news every. God damn day sexual harassment so. Mariah Carey accused of sexual harassment great Tellme. OK Danny Madonna also agrees clear as a merger and then now I do because of you didn't line it is not okay right right but I mean I can't imagine. I just feel like. From what I heard briefly that it wasn't necessarily sexual harassment yeah work from our experience. He called her she calls him like a skinhead. A Nazi and a white supremacist. On one occasion during a trip to Collison Luc is its claim carrier requested to the guys help would movie some luggage in a room. When he arrived. Mariah Carey was wearing a share in English day. He tried to excuse himself but Kerry insisted he moved the luggage at this point you left the room. I can. I and that's a sexual harassment yes she wants to he wants 220000 dollars for work undertaken unpaid bills he hasn't actually filed the suit. He's threatening to. I don't think that sexual harassment I'd seen. You're working for right here in our series you know learn from right Gerri I've seen. Her and TV media as. And she's always either in atop her weary and acts and I think she is in the tub savage is always hurts like a talk show he has it hurt. She got eighties saying it now. And I mean that's what she dad's like she's in her room dressed in something a little revealing. Right guy comes in their remover luggage and yet he's not saying it's not like she's like. Hey come on ramming his hands putting an honor brass is not how you hands showed in his face down rates. What. She's not ice is not doing Matt should not play like you really do we currently aggressive with her boobs yeah I beamer once you know I think and motor about my little or some motor about a man or woman she's like your job is him in my baggage in my life and she. That does not entail sexual harassment Harvey Weinstein. Saying. Yet in the shower with me watch me master hey. Yeah out forcefully having size of the bomb that. Wreck. You coming in to move a lot edged despite what she may or may not be wearing seat at climbing I think it is that he thing in which she wouldn't. It ends at an ignorant point rent scenic advances other than move might luggage like. You think sexual or I mean that's part of your job and now. She's calling you or not that's harassment. Or not if you're not at. If you are that exact here. Is it that he is the is skinhead. I mean that's the other guys. Like that he just work with her that I am and what will his job what does that entail this is what he says too he says. He claims prior quote wanted to be surrounded with black guy is not white people like that that terrible thing to like. Oh lancer aircraft rather reverend Aybar being displayed it makes it seem later kind of racist like why is Matt Harris NN I'm like I don't quiet tonight. It's yes you're trying to smear by saying throughout the year surrounded by black guys so what's. Right she walked she clearly likes black man she married one right. She adds black babies she's down. Or maybe in 2000 and with a white man. I got to further her career and her it was a record bears are back. Yeah I mean at I don't think that's Angela that is BS but I had so how dare you do that in this time to use the use act. You don't use that lightly. Right what happens to people day in and day out and you're just saying. She was wearing clothes she made her like yours like it or not it's either like moving a luggage right and manage she's calling it was scan had not seen. You are you're not immune. I mean you see now dictate you know is she lying about it you know she did that upset you yes if it upset you but if it's accurate. Well it kind of sounds like that might be 9 am sound like as a racial bias as. I mean that he pulls that out is sound like such as slam like he's trying to make it a slam she wants to be surround a black guys now white people which makes you sound. Race at. I mean do the white guys is around I understand why. You know I didn't like it is the give his guys selling ads called gore a Ravitz right by anybody but you tracks and if you're refusing to even move my luggage and that's what is entitled Weaver asked security or something. Personal security. So basically errand boy. I would suspect I mean I don't have security at an or accident. South. Vibe you're paying somebody hundreds of thousand dollars he wanted to move your luggage move my luggage right. I mean after like that part of the job correct. Traveler right Terry Collins they'll look at how bad is your life. I can't magic and she's as you say you're ahead of me and she did not come tan now even sat. She asked me to move my luggage earned him over a lot of kids say that's an. Notre about my eyes that's a move my luggage into a sexually suggestive positions or right or let's app on my luggage now. That would be not comfortable she says move my life and move my luggage she is and move my eyes and in my vagina and did see. Like she did rise people have no information on the sexual harassment claim but they say they were in touch with a nail was lawyer Monday rumor agreeable to pace certainly in noises. But we're told he's not satisfied with the amount you see Mariah Carey and an organization to move some luggage not satisfied and other willing to settle with you. The reason I'm sounds like some people are he's originally ousting ever Mariah Carey the reasonable like you did something that nobody is done like one years made Mariah Carey looked like she's reason of exactly. You must induce. Dot roots Dow rue. Those cell phone I yeah. When you leave home that the mother. Iron. At the root her on fire I would add that I hit me in the manner so you know. Anyway good morning. Vinson Morgan. Madani and out emerges getting coffee and what's going around the world. Mean we need. Stuff what congress does. I had to. Well. I hope he's OK. I think it's like this would be one of those. Embarrassing news stories. Where your famous and you hurt yourself. I wouldn't know Bangkok. I got there and lay out exactly. But I like medio steer an idea snarl. I wish him the less we'll throw and I love that he goes to. The hunting. Yeah I think his. Hunting in Atlanta or some. I like app that's Sanchez's dad entries Stan you know because like. Deer hunters do Larry yeah like they like to climb up into tiny sports. Bright if they don't posturing call it a tiny tree house figure barrier of its its deer stand very serious business as the street ounces it's manmade tree house he puts your little. Ladder up there any gulping ears stick and we fell out of his three house. And he broke his pelvis. That's our hall here is no that's the hip when old people break their hip they dial it in here. Yeah yeah I don't know but the pelvis. Elvis is a hard thing to break a when you break your pelvis you can't it's like you Campbell. Your pelvis is everything. As and everything it's the corps where it kinda tied it expected to remember the GI Joseph action figure you twist the way I mean wouldn't that the pelvis area. So he's going to be out of commission probably be back for baseball. They say so as long as you know. He hasn't succumbed. What do you mean he's going to be fine. Arnold is not at all he's climbing up to freeze mean. And it treehouse vacant seats and here he's going to be fine and no word on if Rand Paul is and we expect that. Yeah I probably three sandy says make for coverage I hope so argument but it Milan and Italy somebody pushed amount entries you know I think. He gets. Oh is it T tiller at T Tobler my last day we don't drink alcoholic. He drinks and I've never seen him. I used to see what's his name everywhere what does all over the plaza monitor George gray it now. Tony Peña. If your boss Dick Vermeil. Dick Vermeil would be late. And in everywhere I don't notice of his drinking and I'm yeah I was he was just kind of everywhere east seem like everybody's during grandpa. He always had a right now as a government we got a lot of red nose coaches our read we love red nosed coach Mac guy is chance to ran solid top grant GC or at could see your grad Rhodes ran out Andy Reid's days fear and yeah but I mean breaking her pelvis to be very dangerous. There's a lot of you know blood flow of the doses that are. Have and that it's when he gets her shooting innocent animals. Okay I mean that's. That's excellent and have people argue that there's too many deer or your jury issue maintained. The city's industry scandal set up for hunting season yeah. He was faces trees stand for deer hunting season I mean I'm older in. Is weird to think about deer hunting isn't that cheating now of Europe and Australia I don't know I mean I don't now I'm not I don't how since I don't eat meat. So I have a question for you hunters. I mean is that fair. If you're gonna Heinz. You gotta trigger deer by going up and again being in that net unfair I feel -- he's a firestorm a fire which who have recently but you know. A knife. Hamburg and a splitting ball. I had a splitting moments from Amazon. He's really does slob men and is then I'm not up in the trees stands are no fire years of I've fractured rib palace in six plays is they're Gergen is going to learn how to lock up the ministers again into me compliments to rock on my own that sounds awful mortality. Of pelvis. Fracture. Yeah I feel like if you are Upton made sure re house shooting deer. And it's funny it's pretty funny pretty ridiculous it's kind of funny guys clearly are on terror. I like you'd totally arledge my take away from hunting at all I'm taking away if I I JR I'm not taking out yeah absolutely 100% away from hunting and I think we're talking it's for hunting and airmen and finally happy they. Happy I hope you need to adhere emea Ned you know we kind of daggers are hunting for sport and they get some venison any. Kind of and a longer regardless well it's rude you really need your kill the dear me is that I don't now I don't know authors that. And in flights of deer Newton in Atlanta but that's always what I heard growing up because. I just thought. How crazy that people it's deer hunting season written in a link or whatever the bat if Europe and it's three man. Maybe you should rethink the hunting that. We're seeing it is indeed mono a mono in the deer. Yeah I Kylie Samad a rock out and discover that the forget even your gotten Joni or get restarted on the Dinah Shore animal has now I hope I would say ads now how. You out of yourself up and idea to reissue it. I'll I'm not. I like the idea of dropping down upon an animal they've got a tree stand cica like ninja dropped and slit the throat. Okay math amid and pretty to watch. So you can see more than ten feet too bad that the rules. That's you your mind that's what you gotta dealer manager handicap those are your rules you know I mean yeah. Eight you got you got to feel less than a heightened terror and Europe and a tree house. Killen may have BI now. I don't get it. Outlines. Tears in his not a tree house you should do it. Amid sluggish and calling originally. Is Google tree house understand. And Ari Jeanne we have got in the deer dozens of course that's my house trying to stay in Iowa and under and I agree with you it is cheating. So now. Someone's got a gun deer has an Allah god damn guy and we'll know detonate to blow themselves up and god damn sure eaten with a guy wears sometimes something Leggett shelter. Apple and that was a good treehouse it's treehouse bro it's completely whatever that Andrea it's ago on a tree house yes button. So. Man if I'm sixty here's the thing I do know that when you break your hip. When you die right your seven year old are your stupid yeah it's fine so that's a sign enjoy it. So is I'm I'm 6070 years old I'm a millionaire baseball guy. An amazing sense of smell like it smells people all that's why they cover themselves and dear Chris loved my you do that and they stuck in years it's still unfair. Like that's the only thing it's got is now. Against your dot. So I'm stupid you're on a big mystery how acknowledge not that I assume that a lot object I I'll say that I take out that. I don't know why you are and it'd take on like hunting and as opposed to the public it's weird I just because we're talking about venturing out. Or is some dealer boy to call it a dear stay out Clinton which is really a tree house for adults they yelled year. So. I just don't understand. I'd like I sold tree stands and trees stand accessories. Maybe by the boat waving hunt who borrow we are now. We don't know maybe he's about liner. So that we should lead the dear sir oh. 'cause that more urbane yet try to catch it. And you and then he's off let congress stop it back gonna do that somehow why because you all live thank you need to not gotten any did she know stuff. And I said drop down on top of the deer from a priest in the slit his throat is an entirely a hilarious job image that's Jesus Christ. Are moving I'm sorry I try to have fun I'm gel ever just a deer he always falls asleep in the tree house that's the kind of hunters island yeah. News mouton old that was going up there to help RVs is a marvelous view here in the African tree house he's sound crazy and they have a bunker. Mean Newton pay century has damaged let's go to grand view. I haven't listened to at all. Realize why now why does an about hunting and the other guy out I take and I think this year Steven let him for doing Zach Powell. And yeah well evidentiary odds with your gut and Elaine. Stop. Hi how. And I as stupid why. This theory I don't know why you're getting dragged in the past I don't think I don't I don't understand. Curtis. Diaz the good news argue about silly things you do about. Lady Gaga representative. Are you a threat and a senators let's I don't know it's a journal news or. And to fight stupid and mean that to go that way it was and talk about elvis' I know you guys have as I have the mentality rate associated republic fragile futures up. I. Analysts looms. You know Waller realized wideout Louis and every day to shut up these clouds that help finance and camouflage and shot out about India. The ponson can ammo I am now they should he get those well plain and whereas the dear tell what that airs again. Dear terrorists. Hey here's a nice story maybe let's see if is see if you were the techs like to ruin this one. As palaces aren't funny anymore palace is not funny elvis' money. Guns and tree houses. Now to see as there is Toledo dress in funny pelvis. Which at the brunt of the trees. Hey here's a good story re this is nice. You you know how you have those DD boxes around. You know those heart defibrillators. Yeah I'm Dan as a man to neverland and having native of the boxes elegant business places I only have one player GAAP. Guys like was Al who's gonna use boats like wow we have to have some wind hers and has to be trained. I know how to use his defibrillator. And here's why. Isn't element may Hillis a bright eyed freshman he would never guess from looking at her that Isabella has a heart condition. And nearly died in this classroom at green and you high school. And I got to class and you know Kate my friend. She told me you know Isabella you don't look okay you need to sit down. Yeah because she says my lips were blue my face was really pale she stepped out in the hallway. And then challenge her for help and you know she looked back Danny saw me on the floor and I was I had a seizure. And I did just like retreated doom she can chat or you're okay your response school nurse married roads and school resource officer Brett Myers rain and to help. Isabella had flat lined from. Other time that I got to appear. She had kind of taken a little bit of of a breath and I was the last that. They came out of bird who faced or turn blue real quick. So imagine. This is video from officer Meyer's body can you can see Myers and rose using an eight EDT jumpstart is the palace heart on. Al my god like in this I was at my friend I was helping does that that was the teacher those doing it and the body cam footage on this is. Incredible thing it is incredible their age she is. On the floor and you hear that the AD talking to you because it sounds like the national was a weather service thing. I think is going through my mind as you know when you know under dire the school it's a law that DNA tests I'll say it felt like I'm thankful. And I'm not gonna take anything for granted anymore. Just a few weeks after Isabel in nearly died she was back at school. The bright eyed girl grateful for. Our heroes this year walking to school this past Monday and I'm not a very emotional person but. As a definite starter Ted and onions and there because I was beaten. I asked a third Karen have been and it's just incredible just to see your welcome back in here. We did what we were supposed to do and it turned out when it turned out well. Our play what there with the route with that the nurse said again and you can hear the training in the importance of like. Knowing what you're doing to listen like what she said she sounds like a brochure she sounds like you know trading American heart is as easily as I don't. Look okay you need to sit down. Yeah because she accept my lips were blue my face was really pale she stepped out in the hallway. And then challenging her for help and you know should look back and saw me on the four and I was I had a seizure. And I did just like we're trying to do shaken chat are you okay. The response school necessities. Chaos out here the out 68 I doubt they now are you OK brown spots what next go go go go. So that's great. That is awesome. Let's see this he what's. She has a defibrillator inside a body. And as she needs a heart transplant from others as you can be added to the trans this in six to eight weeks like it was Abdullah. Yes for share. Oh this year he has a defibrillator may I would not go back to school and extended defibrillator basically acts as though is panels and a lot of battles around the outside. So the defibrillator sales turn no I I think she. He has seen a seizure sent it say though she had but see she had. (%expletive) cardiac event. I (%expletive) across heart condition had a cardiac event she was. And responsive when it when he says he got up tours he took one breath and that's that. And it's been so long so I'm gonna get this wrong probably and I'm sorry but like they're when you do those adult breasts with a light. But don't really count that's arithmetic site in. You need some intervention at that point you know when you do compression that somebody's heart is actually stop we're doing impressions. You're. Just circulating oxygenated blood through the body you don't do the you know you re not going. Anymore if you don't do that anymore and is this even AD but we've just doing compression Jeanette. You know back in a really good hearted. I mean you'll get a deer really hard and this is sort of construct. And now you Jeanne how yeah abstract that I have because I feel the only presents trained in this Asian. It's either gone and noon or blank so I'm Deb bass lakes now account all right I enjoy your dad did. That thing is how we are clearer idea I was that they would make those voices. Lead the. I was there and it was duo a scary they have those for Deere is after you shoot their lives miserable death he should've. Low paddle that you bring them back. It's like old Sega cinema that is it again bastards. Let's see here. Via the voice of that thing is very stress flow. Like somebody is already down and it's like. Would you like to play a game you know the late today did that saves the game obviously yeah that's really stressful. The voices can use like a normal voice for these things. I don't know I've never seen and I've never he is at the they are ready and. I don't want to run. And our I don't know Enron. RA. You can. Brees are rockets it is and pensions just into aerial arsenal and us remove square foil package from live over eighty. Terrell open foil packets across Estrada's lay it sounds. Apparently an antenna an unknown. Bigger resort as. Mr. Good job school. Resource officer nerds and good luck Isabella Isabella yeah you've got this is about to gut the unit that opt out you get that pops. Some camera. Creature sorry let me give me and I know like I have to prove you're seeing. Kim your minutes are right. Organic chickens do we have that prized by Garza Monica. Story of the year coming up the sun and are you kidding way not some. That's so funny I don't when they still exist yeah they they're back then had to postpone much or does that and soft take is the first half hour. Upon their career they didn't sell up columns will be here on Saturday the eighteenth. You members Wear out there are members terrier puppets and Harris. Out their hair out there already in the Harris states there on an accelerated their casinos pay. A lot yeah more for me and DN. So they were I had some mostly is the one my show and I just kept for you need him way back assets and it'll forgot about story you don't worry about it much else that it was all organized most of Christmas. Like this was the blue wave commercialized scream well okay. So we have. What's in the background. Sorry sorry a year over added. And certain. Who Alice Murton. Earn it and all that I that was so Christmas is under way of art I 767965. Adulation they I've tried shovel often. I brought my dongle and then at the double dongle. I can actually play music from my phone and I can charge it simultaneously. And in. I'm saying. That's the only thing I am army found. Apple you're still just taking on the headphone Jack fittingly it's big news here ridiculous it's been years wireless headphones. Now I don't you ever erased comment to him. I don't have the new new new found. DR Williams seven to seven. The violence I think of finance via our I say get wireless. But bugs and now that wireless bugs and please. He's mentally are you building why have you you were they did make iron doesn't walk around. I do normally I open it like regular ads on our blog or you over walk out you were regular headphones. Where you have image I'm writing anti had Hydro had bounds I gotta be buds. I mean I don't want to buy bugs I'm constantly jacking with the Bible that did you don't fit the budget got to fit the words. After the bye all he had taken a little knob and obviously a different size one on seeing try enemy Sherrod doesn't so a convenience. I lose them now then. As you know our stand. Is that now that you don't immediately adjust the knob and now know. Usually the one that I don't have now that this is whatever is on there may be an extra sat. So some of us don't I'm getting now bands. Some saying they don't they found in my number and why don't you tell me was like summer at a. Show everybody out of play. Check in off and Lena Dunham whose Christmas album. That's a good one yeah that's not on there and I want and try again not Jack and now openly and abdominal area are. Mark. I just heard this band is coming back to the Truman. The romance. I heard that share they're going to be air Friday January 98 that I will be there. There's new want that's we shall plant there's a single are any out our yep they got debuted at not with me. I have. I'm a sex. Yes the want ads are coming back. I hope. And there at the trailer and that'll be a great show get your tickets. They're fantastic line and I'm damn hilarious Ari are you ready. A huge shop fall continued until tomorrow. Starting to America's you want answered the trailer and new music on the way to from. I'm mad at. You may never come on. Now as I'm Jacqueline I don't think could be. And I do. Yeah. Okay. Take the blood son. You did there Iron Mountain passes this season where that it. I they deny avenue were back then. Getting kids today can they hop on an over whenever they want. Daryn. They take ID. Helping me there. You've lions came humor. Dot I heard this and then there is launching. That stranger things. It's melody and. Mostly gas speak to have people people forgot about now that's funny because last night. He's talking about it at. Music school they said to be more like Moby. Be more like Mel yeah LA and I cannot tell about way too literally they last about that is he more like Mel B and what's he saves his head he's the new movie now. Five then 796 times dealers say I've had several. At Moneyline is next semi I've tidy desk frankly EU we indeed it's clear that line through it. You Debra listen a little bit. I this track. And manly man that's on the line it's either that that's like oh well I don't. Is this didn't care the engines they're licensed I've lived here tally what does that have my iPod. Eat so Atlantic are exactly. You can do college I go by any white man. Jack it's is Kara has merit. The matches. I don't. And that is good more morning and courier tied to an area and how well are you work or any. Norm of workers let's redo already its every in every in every I apologize if your iPods I apologize and I tell me what is next tonight I thought ten. Go global Bordeaux on these you know men. He sounds better today selling crap the other man who that is. Is this that and Brandon Brandon when he and a Morton a bit later whereas Obama yeah that's. I'm against the cleaners. I know this rainbow flag. Think rainbow flat pride. Brian dry cleaners yes this does Bernie Huber and up. Novell and you're the one it doesn't have the turn around thing right yet that is correct unfortunately yes you don't have the calls her a meeting of the dragon NATO given was that button below that now. Brandy and tell me what's next man I'm glad for tickets. Raila Kelly wrote a guy they are against us rides. Hello the is. Who Larry do it began carrying on it and uses. Yeah Alex Alex IRS. Yep let's politics is not married I didn't really you know it's time it was a semi god. I'm not all kind go to. Scenic I guess. Phoenix I guess RX did you love the tax returns. And giant Antonov. Now I can it get hot here Jack am not kick. Okay and the metal design is and then Jason Bourne movies I mean that's what I was watching it all comes back to Matt Damon does do is I was. It was I. I'm Anna's leg. And the not resign and and Sanjay is important thank you excellent I got up. You guys get fives and we're looking for any Jack White of the Cornell alum I. 1965. Spins. Well that was quick it's. Allowed that was very fast. Yeah not Jared. While they get byes beds. Always just rampant that night the winner. Sounds fine. Our congratulations. Tennis is though the more now on the mound throwing them at 96 times the amount. I double bordello on the buzz that was not a crime names of tension deities here and installing tires of the and that's not what I tolerance Stalin tires. You know that's what they do it DNA that I know I thank it. Wearing a dramatic drill. And can but we need some sound man we're gonna do. Knowing him. They. OK if these tires on his. Actually. FF FF. Anyway I'm the tech sign is a sat out. I mean out and out do we. Now make no different do we let the regular is coming a one time don't they can call in their own cause I'm sorry that's for whatever reason it is and I don't know what you want you to do as a human being we clear lines exit Natalee was sitting there right. Mean I don't now it could be that just sounds like regular. Has got and got the same people every time media iPods have by trying to every time they never get through a you would be no way you as Lamy did not have ready as they got to play every freaking time Lamy shovel ever you get all of irregular guys you do wind sped. I read ever be able. It's as though that and it's different people forced from evil attacks that have to rebel lines and up. I thought it warranted discussion. IPO like sometimes I begged those are the only for a listeners we app that I'm an artist Karen tanner Alex Smith. Brandon Brandon the cleaners are the hash tag on our brand and is Nam. Kirk that we've had and it. MRI on Imus this thing yet it is. Yes Santa and get through sometimes. That trucker John. Has been. Back out now oval I feel like I did I can punish people who listen. That's my thing I can't I don't feel right about it and may be the same you line. Defeated third candidate can't help pot while he think he he's actually getting to is too fresh and bright while that's an out. He charity wind today and Ray Kelly is that how one on us the one person and then is that fair enough I cannot punish people for listening. I it seems like there they only are you gonna punish am I hit the X button and let it sit for a minute we omitted their. And then when they still get there are always those who knew you do through rank can get through because you go through. I Summers as I listen every day each can't control who gets and or that they won't. Aussies and or that they wanna the first spend idea of that shaft called I pod I used to calling to the radio stations like. A million times a day and as a teenager known. Cult and X 96 is only city and a lot of times they just have a winds want that in know that decides it there for hours Arlington busy signal McMahon radio stations of popularity. Now and but then you finally get through an gotta go man thanks. Ago iris. I'm not a sad that slave get over it analysts and I just don't even try calling. If not. I have more I just never call Lan as everyday and just don't on off some of you think you appreciated. I listen I just don't play. Someone says they enjoy their regulars 11 person. There are a little upset that wouldn't mention your name at the council he says mean tanner colluding. Excellently Lou Russia and stuff. How are your car laying gang question are you listen every day are all sore losers. I don't get in every times as chair. Umpire by apps are sometimes I just a more case. Betty yeah. Are you think that morning buzz good morning my name's Andrew. In studio Billy Burma can't really nice to see here and we'll see you again yeah. I do know thank you for coming and yeah yeah and joining us on the phone is Jason today against which is crazy yeah yeah billions Jason. Morning Jason. Hello how are you. We get buried it I'm fantastic thing here here in town this weekend. Are correct yes well yeah undergone. What's under it you. Look at what is under on. Well I mean they virtually. For all the the side after we do it while we do. I did at that Billy exactly where were the main came. Gabelli that you are urging that out of the name as me and my friend my dismissed he did all of the the logo in the branding frowning and we were. So Jason had skins for limbs. Because that's what that was a drop in state because it yes yes talked about this I got an attack is Jenna about that yeah yes so originally this was gonna be paid Jason let's do this thing and it's going to be a drama that and so we were going to be who's the lead yet it's influence except I Arab frank thank you lay out Jason Allen time. Not not as much as we would like we live in different places but right but yeah we're here I KJ said. Yeah now that's that's how this is have been aware of world bold type bros from way back out there and realize that. And there is good or McCluster just. The up. Seawright yeah. We're gonna do stands for land it yet that which have been a period. In theory so then it evolved kind of beyond just a German event and we are kind of coming up with a bunch of different names and yet it's it's nonsensical and percussive all the same time per bag just plow it is a benefit concert percent since a foundation that's right joining. All of the Fred Armisen millionaire. New window now. Come on yet come out now after I loved it I love the judge yes. We just not writer I mean you know like they're both you know. It's a giant without irony called you would be all right yeah aren't not a fair and nobody's seen it. He has a knack for wrecking it like dale and I think. Sure he gets. How did she wrecks the bands she's very popular. With advanced and she's awesome and stranger things. Yeah exactly yeah but you won't be snow announced he's agony that I Jack Johnson thanks John went down there's no when you say Winona. It's one that's right it's just yeah GAAP to get kids will be there yes Krista Allen was going to be there yeah yeah Madison where in the and is not going to be nervous or an hour American and also be there and more and Sunday November 12 where can we get tickets. Tickets it's undergone dot org okay and so will everybody be performing or is it going to be. I suspect Siena. And little white 100. Okay yeah. Yeah yeah yeah. Yeah enjoy it yeah. There it didn't Jason and I are Phil Collins and Tony Thompson both playing drums the same time with Led Zeppelin and yet they're not continuing alive it reference. Under god I lose the listeners I am now. Now OK we blossom a long time ago. Hey good out there day Iran is that we appreciate I mean I would have followed more I think a comic relief reference would have been easier for me. Or more a little more but and yet. And yet live bait I think we're that the crowd are going forward through the you know. You democratic ally made him. Yeah we thought we we expect a billion people to watch and expect a you know each little billion people to get at least one dollar and we know we can change the monitor. Yes so tell me that's set to face. Yes those sets of phases nonprofit that. I ran and we you know these guys know I've lost my leg to cancer in young 1005 I got the robot leg. Jason and other friends helped pay for. Well not this one but a few robot legs ago mayor years ago. And what steps of fate does is a lot of folks are lucky enough to have health insurance or they have health insurance at the Eric doesn't cover prosthetics. Steps of faith gets prosthetics for folks that are in that predicament and you have no other way to get them to get back to work get back to their mobility and their possibilities executive man and a cost. That their insurance away that it is anyway yet they're expensive all the time and if you're lucky enough to have an insurance hopefully they'll pay for well I mean not hot I I end these days spray wasn't then sell. Yeah we cannot they're dealing mat chair and everyone join in. Yeah I mean it it wouldn't win this opportunity came up it changed my life for the better and and also kind of like answer it was more like. Oh. It'll make sense my. It's our lives yeah our error occurred now I am very I think sometimes yeah. Hindsight so he's funny but a lot of people. You know I probably is laid out and died and yeah yeah. Yeah I do think it's an inspiration version her I've. I think there's there's the Moses is that thing about this since what you just said about you know you're now it seems so clear. And it's like. Comes to fruition when it comes to fruition if you just paying attention and out right. It's if you didn't know adjacent DeVon about everything worked its way and then you're coming back here to do it in Kansas City united is really cool. As those because you seem like you're pretty well kept clean cut individual. As compared to the hobos are talking to here on out. Now for right I didn't forget you're coming and I just like we make up early in your altogether. I know you look amazing on the businessmen URNA Europe which as you know Jason and I know we've said this for years we're show businessmen. It. And businessmen founder guy is on November 12 adjacent to Vegas and friends presented it to benefit concert for steps to save. Billion brim of Tom is in with us now and you can get tickets ads. Undergone dot org into the mainland. It is at the uptown theater college have you found this Sunday November 12 7 PM okay and get your tickets Fred Armisen is gonna be energies and think this is going to be there when nada. I'm jays kind of funny I decide really funny it's more just like an anecdote about one time it to big slick here in Kansas City I ended up talking to a gentleman. Like 45 minutes just about you know. Life in general it turn out to be your day out at alpha and then. He's the nicest guy I've ever met. The other night I did did you really excited to hear mostly looked where you actually were talking there. Yeah how do I know I'm listening but yeah I mean yes there is really equally if I had no idea committees like REI that's not my Sundays is sitting its other. Oh. Do you have siblings Jesus. You have a younger sister could liquidate its war. They live in New York. Beat Serbia won a little one of the dribble deeply intensity it didn't and my old stone look better so. They are kept in Korea and in. It can't. No they can't chanting loudly again there are things that can't can't it has an again these are chair. Yeah because any normally has a knack for upsetting people have to slip. It's bad bird we return react. So I helped him a wonderful time brings a ton of money and keep this Sunday at the uptown a undergone think you Jason for calling we appreciate it is Sunday it really it's always a pleasure thank you guys think continued success about the youth undergone this Sunday at the uptown theater. The buzz. Means and to do any easier Marcus yeah. There is nothing more than a show than we get like we finally get an interview like Jason Sudeikis. Ella again idea. 20 layouts are. It just makes you laugh. As most out of its element you laugh. Because it's that so us. What's hard when they're not here we do like you know I'd like ninth when he Sunday over again Bill Clinton's command in the minutes and in an area that the way this is what we do can't we don't quit. And I'm just saying. Only a few things like promoted and we'll talk to Tyler the creator. And you saw how that went. Yes. That's why you. Anyway yeah Jason's Vegas will be in town feminist friends present undergone a benefit concert for steps of faith foundation which. House amputees. Deadlines. Mean basically re easy to figure that's just not part of and are you raining right. So Jason stake as Will Forte Fred Armisen and Winona Judd Matt words Chris Gallagher again have kids and has more mama bear and more. And I just silly idea in Prague's history I didn't know that about him either it to be uptown the Sunday afternoon and we have posted places to get your tickets and everything. All the money goes to descend the steps of faith foundation Harrington. Dini yeah iPod Shuffle Europe I am 5767965. We have tickets to enjoy doing it. And we have tickets all the night the buzz stole Christmas it's. Call the man now yeah how you play is very easy. You pick what is next Sunday's iPod app. Teachers and Orion. Good them ranch well because he talked about it earlier Newton. And these sexual harassment must do you answer yes so I choose Mariah Carey this time it's over let's say. You calling you she is Mariah Carey in a planes UN to dig that easy it is nice and 679 days' time mark. What's up I'm nannies I about next to. Simon and go away. Let's do. Check im not so yeah. Independent candidate. Mark and bring him economy. Are you Danny shallow. Yeah. Shovel up the good Mason Dunn room. Us. And oh man I have a Lal. That is the hidden. You don't know. Okay okay. Time. I'm ally and again I love that you have Alabama. And Atlanta never about how about out I'll turn it way better than Mississippi. Well black hole I laugh along our north. Yet when thanks. Poland now that we. Exiled managers don't have. All dizzy jazz I don't know this wind. Chill and you analyze other. Live. Suites also love. Through. We're tired all the. Had you guessed me out and I you know and tickets and your choice doesn't mean chowing yeah Holland thing it. You on an air war. Together. And I did. Am I doing here this thing now. Alabama I'm sitting bonfire a mile away and listen as some Alabama. SQ. Sounds romantic. It is odd jobs some fire word of my new. Exxon split next. Chairman of some. Ten there were some. Among Busch ninth. Sorry enough fair girls and throws inspired someone sent bingo room to turn it. Nine. And announced the winners here are down and your dad and graduate let me do it Delta Airlines and thank you cleared out. It was all the regulars peoples are Beijing. Might. I do a lot of peoples and I'm hearing the regulars I mean it's part of the show right. They are an integral part of the show it's like tax fine you guys texting and you're calling man is an integral part of the show you learn other carriage or on the sheriff you it's like you know bring Dave Letterman would have liked. Rupert from hello deli on X and you know it's tanner from chicken and cash right that's normally I'm check and cash exactly. Yeah I like to say they're the twelve man Madden. You ma'am you're not on their part of the team. Because you make the show better and he even if you rate crappy things in Newton. I don't care. I'm easily areas 950 zero's are terrifying night. I asked. All ladies are. I don't copies of ants nonsense all ass actually. You didn't mark the do you think did the video card pot and Dan green. Dan you've I'm I saw a zero RN I like coffee tomorrow that's too much and that's too much I didn't know. And god. Danny. Six year old Bangzao. North Korea abides by years say since you are a good guy tomorrow I copy no matter what Hillary Clinton and get a raise all of those that hovers between us and have some I thought yeah. He gets a new and the only job or I I call. That Iraq resent that the matches. Around me without. I would like on oh excellent use this. Area and. Area and yeah I am yes I was Lake Erie and Aryan Nation and pass gray area and warm ballot. All are and he and Annie. Kashmiri and so like nation Beckett ranked. Different yes and the only style of pirated down ER IAM that day RAY. Air it. Are your area and what ED nine. I'm out where what do you do. Property management. Law that property management at that time yeah. And important ran. I hit it in your cool. Guy. I played bingo and I love Zynga. You're gonna do well in year old daisy and a great medicated food bride did yeah yeah heavy fantastic you guys have. Down hers Dahmer's. Now now just little things that you but I can bingo cards. Yeah are any Gregory or Billie Jean and penny and then I'll. Who reads out the numbers. Mean. OK can I be aghast and bingo reader one day Dudley broke you back that's a good idea. That's. Half got the great ideas she's gonna get up slightly happier how resident ally labs now. They're going to be enemy their pain mad at me like no way out she is for drugs and lives. He had big again as I need to hold bullets some big blood pressure midst oh my gosh are I lobbed calling out being a number evening I've linking it with my agenda that we are. And now I had 27 to seven and it's funny it's the carrier 00. Yeah that would. I don't like it makes them kinda overcome an actor might be order. You know I think something. Very hard Arab. And everytime I don't think I'm great group. Yeah every time from his ML may use that as a lot of pressure on you when you're calling out the bingo number prince of code in enemy like given every couple in number is. The other and that's how I dubious that DP let them that breath and let me in. Our area what is next in the anytime well. I went under saying it we can still do like they eat kind of let us. I think we're learning style yeah yeah he's been playing Alabama so I feel like I am not completely. Yes. Yeah you'll allow because your your bingo you're being you have in your New York so we haven't heard from SL yes Easter last. Eight. And and we will. All the time debug as I must say now good morning how are you can't learn aaron's all learning another regular of the army has that make you are there did you. Senator. Today you show. The regular regular. Our listeners or he would they do not god damn Dan aren't Alabama. It is that you're gonna go without Allen yeah. There's do you more. Now he like Brad Paisley now not only to me that. Call on to write ill go to school Johnny Cash. Shannon. Didn't they just come up didn't and other guys they did accidental races Brad Paisley but didn't another country guy just come out with like. Kind of guy isn't as they hung up on a big fan of Brad Paisley against its okay they did some song about you know. Trying to make it okay to be from the south is something. On America and our analysts think country him into the exit program. I mean I Arctic countries isn't it less than having and on morning shows are around the country music so that's good and how we did not play in the country that's any. No while we're playing like pop country they did play out on. And then I got to be friends at Travis trend that's weird theater where Gordon Black Travis. He's a very funny man yeah that talent country music anyway hello the bat as. Hello I use this guy. Josh what are you doing by hand written here. Yeah print does seizures Johnson's at that let you out where do you print T shirts and Gartner and what's the name of the business given apply that. That 00. Dot. Yeah ago echo. Echo echo sports. Collier printing easing Gardner act on it now there you go. Now that Kodak Tokyo our Josh what is next and he's iPod partly planned Alabama Mundo and you're sure it. Your words you lose. I'd say less earning a girl from Oklahoma next thing you know. It was Jesus Christ George treaties and a music as well. I'll straighten us. It was called some of her number of veterans George street music as well that's. Our. Hi is. When the gas there and their regular it's. Sarah why is next Sunday's iPod. I think and a Moran. Not my my right across that line are you guys get fives bans. We're looking for any is 'cause rapper is. Alabama George Strait or Mariah Carey and Jenny is our time and he never Marion iPod Shuffle this says fives fans and they are now. See that didn't deter to that implode the group. Some on. I was saying com mail call may now is that first sighting Mac commercial yeah I horror you know more. Aaron rit yeah I'm ready and I'm. And between January and. As is the Belvedere. He needs you know. Saying. No. We're. Home. Oh my god we're super late missing spots and I don't know we're gonna click around Deborah. And excellent and we got to do dispatchers grandchildren and loses. Have done then don't play any game let me. What is the place where you go when you die. If you wanted to escape the afterlife. And the Greek mythology and which river has in the eighties and captain. The river. Tuesday at the rim hurts you gain that hour. Let's stick it was in the sticks 66. 66. Okay. Oh my madness. It's time. Please stop. Newsom. Good. Lipsticks and I can towel. Would never guess. I don't think I've ever heard anyone. Yeah time. Highland. I see my school dead zone. Back back back fast thing and sticks. You might need this. I have a lot of guide me give us another sign a lot of the know playing their match. It's. He goes to show you. And did you read some. Think we'll be new. OK great I'm glad to live and then indictment and Angel and and the hours earlier this year yeah. You do not me usually we take the next song I'm gonna come over an extra company. Yeah we did. OK okay. Floor. Serena. Here. Why. Our results. Way. Out I got around them they show you. It is fracture I know it's about time no we don't have time he got his part to sleep listen now Judy I have time isn't the change. I don't stick is no longer into the beginning. This takes this morning Danny you're welcome iPod Shuffle. That's your second spend used sticks and around. And this just stinks again. We're now. We've been dumped on them can. Shot among the answer. Chizik is our minds and tell Bachmann came out about the same thing at times on balance. You remember how Bachmann now remember it's melons. It is richness now announces son knowledge on the las and a is other descendants I think there is he part of the tribe of Judah yes. I can now I have learned that Manning is that we are looking for any East Coast rappers Alabama George Strait or Mariah Carey throwing this morning and game. Boys. Man. He. How he yea yeah I hear him out. It's been an empty ills and I love it. And that's you know I now have facts though. Is known facts on from Bremerton. Is represented B yeah actually. Well I'm never ever and are forced me give you a mark on his songs and around. Some girls legs sees knobs. Susan I have. Labs sees her name is let's say that's great Alley especially since we've had Billy. Remote Amman today talking about his benefit accounts or reserves fame foundation which. How is give people limbs. They can't afford it yes and the signs called knobs snubs. You remove content yeah I think that are. That her union. How she is at its arms she's got legs then. Did they day. I also was no big snow in new year why mower track lays. Latest news ranchers I never thought. Sure we have no winners on day I'm not this morning. Or pay a pioneer and never had a stretcher stretchers and I've. I don't want America and no facts are remember frank on American and he now. All right let me strategists rancher from the Kansas lottery I have the holiday treasures ticket. By 76796. Times and headed out the buzz. More and more and who's this rip rip back monetary policy. What did very mag out hey Rebecca. I scratched your holiday treasures lottery ticket and I won a free ticket for. The last thirty dollars in Kansas lottery scratch tickets and your calls by far our grand prize which is a hundred additional dollars. Worth of Kansas lottery Italian scratch tickets and lynched. A trip for two to see one of the ninth the buzz so Christmas artist on the tour. Podium tech. And announced in a store app are hello my records aren't American. Great day. Rightward and they'd think you'd Billy Graham a prom and you Lloyd's on December remote car needs you you always a Burma born a chance. It's hard and I Abramoff did. Arnold sombrero I'm verbal comes not from the coroner McCord and I are mariners harbor McCormack in Jason's Vegas for calling in this morning. We I'm done Friday. The new one. Yet let's finish with anyone that's Allen's column. Lemons and a knife by lemons and I thank god damn island am damned. Idea gaining just. OK I do they have their oh honey and lemon tonight five now it's being eleven and a nice guy and I got eleven to an ice by Iran and and I tried lemon to let into an ice by. The one that covenants have Jerry nineteen tickets on sale to borrow in the sun has let his death. Yes a 100%.