Afentra's Podcast Thursday October 12, 2017

Thursday, October 12th

Alt J, Buzz Briefs, No Costume Party, iPod Shuffle, and more!


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Remember negatives are all a guy. You gonna do and why it is OK you know that I when I blew that I'll let me. I'll I heard after the. First time and I feel like so many times. I've been times. I'm very tall bar. Irish I've gotten sucked. Into the alt. There's like yeah this is awesome Andy and I have I heard the words right before right room because I was 'cause I say it now island's fault desire. Right they've ruined dawn and you gay. Alec Beastie Boys but they now I've heard the day before our. Right been ruined and I can't let it go because it's stupid. I don't think it's too bad I think kids. I care a certificate. So and why are they get stupid because is about and driving me not because it's about it's we're not a I'll a free beat it out ballroom is acres an argument no. It's not about the true look at a time out of our passion fruit apples and hang out. Is a Mano a city's main Huggins you know because it's not about the war and this talk about mangoes and what he's OK I don't they're delicious if they're not right to put salt autumn may feel lying. The live now. About the fruit again what's the lie in Lyon says like all good fruit. Why are you laughing because against Syria and the balance. Is in the right. In new rue and gaga play against that so now let's not say is in the right camera. Now of late yes these things silence of live like all good fruit the balance of the life is in there right pin. But if it's good fer it vivid bad then it's ready and it's. That's what he's and that's the part you wanna get there but it's if it's good birds ready so it's not there's no that's why I'm up for Nassau but for peace time ally. Danny's a he's equating yet. It's in between the rank in the Rouen Larry Darryl good fruit things must come into it and now the balance of last visit in their eyes and I I am how bad lie. But why isn't current that's not a party shot and I. Life is improved. That's it's an important to me you got your core our target is them not about them for I don't know what it's like old fruit they go sit around eating apples and England. Okay. Light on everything securities and light so we now it's not about Africa sad in gap on Ike. All been through right when is for you really got. We'll debate Tibetans know it doesn't have now like if it does and it may go make a great result lime tree right. Somebody says flavors we can land Doug listen to it like like it's trying to be all dramatic and stuff tear that foot but black. Auto bird flu or get back and so every dad is there all right. And there are. Don't know and Dowell and earth song I got like a bit. Ice there's nothing to get him when he ran. The. Iowa student who can cast is tiny amounts through but he does it yeah yeah literally talking about. Our view he's talking about I mean is this these days I'm saying he's more I watched trial it's not about the fur and you're out of life is like group fruit is like fours up. I just play a bit. I'm glad I don't know that's he's. You can ask for art that's toward the end. Saying it seems accepts Islam could be sentenced some to send my dad intensity and that. So. Again into an area here who balances. Joseph you remember that means you're wrong. I'll read. No case now I personal growth and you're with me I'm with you so far as era can't think Jason up high is now broken bounds stakes. Yeah yeah yeah. I don't let me draw who two the I don't know case now finds no broken bones. Now that he's don't let me draw owns no shots. Play and yet he had a you know arguing about for. And don't let me drought we're not dissecting you gotta gotta lie is no broken bones I don't know if that's exactly and Cuba I hope so our team. That would make you better. Always. The it's own mistakes not tanks and Armstrong I'm there no sticks no shanks at school and play shanks. Change. Some great great great great. As. You know the wounds and I feel that I bonk bonk bonk. It's who non. Cuomo and from. Oh. Let OK I give it that like the British and try to be all like that melodramatic LA you know enable me and I had to hold an asphalt I don't games he's saying it's about balance lies well I did a great part of life is when you get it right there but why does it make any sense when you get it. Some balance in their right in the room and a half as you can ruin things between both know we about the general Sher. Power when we get it right this just right. See even if I was going with that's okay had a need to go be my interpretation I would say he's saying like if fruit is a good put it in the brown bag at the grocery store. To ripen it. The sirens and make him there's nothing Doug Brown bag and that's about ranking true that's not only saying he put it in the refrigerator door and a great thing humidity I'll be daft. (%expletive) asks are you an. Good job OK guys sailor. Out. All day. Well and Saturday do you think about it I think adds that they tried to sneak something stupid and there it's great all the way through and they didn't know what to do and then there elect will about trick as like as fire was doing noted intense is the interlude emirates gives that anyway. Then you're over here playing it for years. Finally I hear it. Off ma'am I got to listen all bolted lyrics now if suspect. C'mon you can cut and noticing it. Now you don't. You understand it's assembly area. Like. All good for like in all good trip. So it's either going out and file of the life is in the writing and ruin a business and they says fruit is like like I think. Here's my hearing and limited lifespan and good for you it. As in that mid L perfect sand answer there's a suite spot to hand for life. And I eat fruit like fruits the balance of life it's in the ranking in the ruin it again. I think my issue comes with the argument that life is like fruit that fruit. Is like life because fruit is never a lot of a feeling that's where it does work as a limited life's been okay. Yes but it also against some fruit is better before it's right. It's some fruit is better a little after nine right now we are wrong. Kelly wrote about the real fruit is not what fruit is could be Ford's right I go. Now I don't I don't agree at all well I disagree that it had mangle a line of thought now but I don't want to sound he mango. How do you think I want it right T so you are perfection it. Well good luck re invisible yeah interlude your entire life wow that's violently and her live and yeah. Because like all good for and I damn it must come to an end the balance of life love happens. The in you and the Bruins signed in Anaheim and disaster tomorrow and grab it it's like it's. That's all. Disagree with that core argument. Sometimes Kansas Marin city load times he's the Alamo it's true I'll accept that. Now now let's Milan. I mean because that's fruits connect. Rotten and Mac. Newton. And like god my god it's bad time like our good round and it's like all good laundry. Fruit. Can be throughout you don't watch yourself. I'll accept that as right in ruin that's why that's fruit that's rotten fruit. Part of why is that true how's that scene you're doing are you doing similarly. I was saving like are you making it compares dinky junk is like fruit. The balance is between them right in the royal army. Yeah. Like an entire section of the inner Lew grade that happens yeah I did because I finally heard it I thought these guys like awesome in my aunt and a mandate you guys. You I think it's you guys did I mean c'mon. In cold blood leads credence to my ears right. Can we play somebody else fair. How about blood flowing and the plan route. Now it's half that about trip and OM. Yeah. Led her about that. She's this currents and fruit what they meant for. It was the blood blood blood blood flag. It's still hunger and blood line I and it's not mom didn't pass it just play what's on what is it MON Monday. Yeah and I ON. That was the club. See full doubtful and Paul and Ali and I laughed when he NN have. That was. The ruined part yeah yeah out. He'd. Pool. Pool he. Sorry Danny yeah what's gone and won't do I project vote coming up let's start with Arby's pivots Twitter and end with a Amazon media. Not only had tickets to see advanced joy tomorrow night there is a meet and greets. We'll do that coming up meaning all right. Donnie so we're starting with was armies suspended two letter and pivot to Amazon the clubs and all right so what's RB's Katz phrase. You know whether this. Dawned on and on and on there and dog that's me is a great part do it again don't don't don't own the grass or lose. We've got meets Jeremy stretch we're at a rare earth a mirror is. Yeah drop out of three minutes and left. Independents we've got our masks. Arby's is living up to it's where our remaining. Slogan with their nationwide. Debut. What kind of sandwich. Vegetarian. Starts with a big clubs. The it. We're meets ran well that's maybe why these are pleasantly vegetarian element here you have treated me so I got back. First it is deal. Alan Bennett's at the same thing I don't know I've never now with a Viet I believe in veal is DB cow. In the name Dennis and as decent year. My god why are you about tearing down this I had a look of deer steer it and ma am crying out loud I go into the pumpkin patch okay. Driving the pumped and cancers dear attacked. Got last night yeah. On a friend's idea deer everywhere usually are now like. Never seen him there before. A virgin money. Dear sea level in order you see deer. I'm Cloris Danny uncle are we coyotes. Out for Christ and tell you my dear story gimme dear. Forget it you're on the road however I have I wanna hear about the bigger. I was is seen as we are they are now menacing as I looked up yesterday. Jeers spirit animal what does it mean why am I seeing so many deer and say why are they crossing my path because there's a lot to do that here. I don't normally see your tee times today Dini and down GO is that something that occurs in your world I doubt I said nearly a day. Yeah how many how many times a day. But there are back for bogey I three dear driving attack in the morning and then in the evening I'm talking and like 20/20 five DR death. Yes it was a sight to see. It was a usual anymore and needed met the Arby's common now a debate in Nene aired talking about ads a year yeah venison saying that sounds. Awful oh I don't know where you get so much dear me if you're like accompany. A cruiser deer meat supplier has got everything going out and shoot it here. There in rotten season EA lesser riding season I think it's bang it. Well I'll tell you why you on route one out. As out of means those those are right now hey you're rotten year ago Renton and deer hunting season. And they are in the hunt deer wearing Kansas City, Missouri area. And there are so many of that rut ma'am alien reproductions. What is mammalian reproduction men men mailing in momma momma momma momma made a million M oh it. Her path that so. Like LA there only bringing it to the restates. What the restates do you think this is an essential on sauces are gonna be hundreds of thousands of people lined up. Outside error in Iraq right now and racket I don't know that I have I ever heard that deer in Iraq the deer in era d.s in the trap. It's mating season that's why you're seeing them at a morning mating season party here. I decide did Deere and 47 in Ray Lewis is getting their antlers and applying it. Getting so larger animals deer seasons it was beats the aliens in the blazing extra deer in the corner. This simulated a deer in Iraq. And happy I have never heard that fifty years and a deer in. And go home be lacked deer in a rut. Bettis is there was three states three I don't somebody wants to know what it means three states. Okay and demanded three states went three states wants. Dear Arby's is like. I to tell you out you know. I'm deer hunting season emission it was a big deal and it's big. I'm the same Michigan's line no come on 'cause south or west. Wyoming being go out tank and the Dakotas the hood of a good guess I can't. I would say I had a semi Colorado's in this list to the we'd like you'd hire enough field try and New York. People like get a man into Chile and even its Everett. Iger and I don't I went to a but commuters killing for sport out. His Jones junior and I meaning it like a deer farms. But they harvest is your meats now they doubt dear there's an a bind a game here's why here's the Juno about here's an idea okay is there now I don't know that deer in Iraq. Yeah I just learned deer in Iraq today and pray pray which I think is funny but there is. There are overpopulated supposedly and I'm trying to allow people's lives. Don't count on deer says they say it's humane. Killed a dear to kill a deer because there's so many end -- Atlanta I guess some animals starlet over the letters went and sat down a couple months of if we cut down a whole bunch of trees made look at the animal went to dear. As that happens or injured deer birth on and theater veterans and so this is what Arby's chief marketing officer said and just call me crazy but I feel like this guy's really bad at his job okay. If people are interested in trying to sandwich the only way to guarantee they can get one. Is to get there when we open or a little before and make sure they are in line. I mean who's gonna armies before opens like take this serious checking your life I'm if your pulled up an RV thirty minutes before opened. I love Barbie RI RB last week. I've curly Fries I'd be content or are we gonna do on a regular bond dear symbolism. Here spirit animal. As things stand. The meat cut doesn't look good in the promo picture either I can't imagine near Madison looking good coming read to you to think arms down and venison. Now Manning and that's compared to like that is the McDonald's says one tree race. I don't know them but I do you know I got 233 that's it. There's how many people are excited about your business. Intelligent or reason they're roast beef. Served me some roast beef I love us beat. Why his country saying Missouri Lincoln National through the dining out Huntington. And eventually is I'd say Missouri. That you live your life has nothing you can build your like misery around Sarfate Kindle get bizarre rats are a joke you sensing creek. As I was heading Craig Missouri cricket and retirement cheers Harry yeah Deere symbol as a animal to Adams ended year. It's crossed your patent. Which by the way it did. And there are a lot of them last night here in the country it wasn't a country as sad I was in Casey malware. That's me by no water. What water wherever Richard. Missouri September it was this stuff now it is off. And assign not to be too hard on yourself still the voice of some credit and treat yourself well gentleness and understanding. Beat yourself and continue on your pass seek out here in her treasures in use in generously to help those around him. Trust that kindness and graciousness will be well received. We're also reminded that we cannot push towards change in other. Rather we gently nudge them in the right direction it would have an understanding DNA and I got nudge you. Lead by doing and showing the Wear and. Deere is a messenger of serenity concealed. You can see between shadows in here what is being said. Dear TV ads to maintain their innocence in gentleman's so we can share open Harden missed with. Others how can you did teaching to be innocent if they can air eating it at army and their banging their banging right now denying innocent about dear bang your what's dear have sex. Wanna see it. Here here having. Set. There are watch says documentaries. What's nature documentary well as the thirds say so many months I don't know why they want and I think Hawaiian thing. That's something our craw right now got a lot I got tired fake ads at a Colorado Montana and Wyoming area. Adam and Montana lamb here's the weirdest thing the Venice assailants features stick cut venison steak crispy onions the Perry sauce yet he got and the onions and those saucy utilities Herman Simmons I is that the so here's the years have sex. Always have a sense of a statute. I wanna here's some deer noises and and I need some better video we don't need to once dear calculated and why. I mean I was innocent. I don't think it's it is an IV it's like I and senators from home are you know an innocent. Yeah I mean me. August is fighting these. A user of a with the iPad or even dear astrology it's not a strong and GM that's probably not seeing as. It's dear Adam on yeah dear we're journey actually live. Now. Now. It's fine yeah that's saw a guy. I. As watching deer have sex and armies as a weird not for a us. And we exist. You watch anything. Though Simon Says I sensed here we crises and thinking about the moment time. You say hour hour always show I've during important times in my life. You need serene then I believe that my dear animals out of. OK you know Atlanta and it's fun to read about deer no. Other tigers. Are okay. I side generate an armadillo does that mean you have to look at app Google it man I'm not your animal totem messenger means you were driving. Back. Mean I solid at every time you see an animal league satellite Google what it mean now it's if it's an unusual circumstance of an animal it crosses your path and take notice and it's normally not that. And I say maybe Google blank animal spirit bullet delegate cow. We kind of calculate how because they're kind of patents up. Like if you are. I'm here and Jack in Prairie Village and how come mr. your yard pass I would look at yeah but it here and an end here on M I tree at a -- give pads and it tears told why I played that I look at where I wise where Rory what's there to pumped it acts. First it was upon it wasn't. And informed him that I was on the way that you can't switch I was like OK where but they weren't in the patent and patsy were just off the rapid. OK and again it's like country thanks act I'd just dismiss that and I was like how do your cool and then last night. Could not dismiss the deer. It was like. So many here. That's why did your three over here to over here so I'll just couldn't solve many here couldn't dismiss the idea thanks guys as I see dear people. So any of those that dear to my studio to rise yesterday right it was an in usual spot to see deer there so many of them. So it just made me Google. And tears Harry Hamlin and it says and here comes across your temple of Obama I mean it's fine. You. Sometimes it was music and the way it works sometimes isn't it danced and did ODM. Yeah Dan it Tyler good power and dad understand Dan and you're talking a hundred years at Stanford gaining dear dear man. And he he bunker. You're received zero settings. You're likely to grow mandated that he has won dear facts texts facts tonight it's fraught with deer back tonight's MI. Not wanting to do down the road tonight and audio big is this game you want to take a buck can't take him for. Who blackened. Evening and and you know Ellis has ended with a deer. Job. That's what I was trying to say the end out come to mean playing dear. Dear Abby now. There's a dear band is probably. Had a man here bin sought. It appears. Ecstasy dear god. Now a man that. You know thank you thank you vacate by a dear life buyback. Now. Never destroy us by that it who's this being the we did we live at Deere is not ally who the deer. Damage in me you know playing in the IDS which when you the deer is never destroy is the gears money baby since. Hurley. And heart by the dearest. Into we have take flight. In. Just played deer and bat for him don't hear life OK we'll play dear life I'm down a deer deer hunter. That degree actually I don't like them people. Dear okay whenever just dear life you know I mean a cigarette and I village of Kanka. Who dat. Lower depressing lords here and I love that sound and here are where like an opposite. I just wanna rock music man I just more row I just monologue. I know your life you you don't know a lot of black Mr. President I've thrown side Q yeah. And choose when Iraq. Is. A really like that or hear on drag and might be one of my favorites are playing right now. That's an excellent iron and. All right I've patch of all yeah. By 767965. Mark is up and we had tickets to see Vance joy tomorrow night. These camel and meet and greets. Before his performance tomorrow night. And Casey piano and is the no costume party possibly tomorrow mr. arrives at small pools and Amy shark kicked things on details available. In any six by the buzz back on this is it when he went up showed tickets are available online now at the gelatin are. Our. Career a Blair bunch of all are and as such mark is that. You know I was in the program why he does this emotion on Sunday nets think is a wheel house. So. If you're ad do any amount Iain do in Iraq. I'm getting gas apples he cast sure. If this were literature. I love that shirt that torture. I like the old school dashboard. Logo with little Winston. Sailor rings. Somebody at one of our Christmas those and one of the this year and actually. I guess it. We in the navy I think now many just Alec DeVon and walked away. What goes disrespecting. I wasn't now you're not I was playing dashboard charities does that work special on it it doesn't say daily each. Are that happens. You know I don't. Eugene joining us now like they get a cat grass has radar State's plane land Saturday night. Yeah and I and the record are. Some. Mini bar to many American anywhere. I was champion or that that you know until now I'm on the Arab enemy and our women and even if they really expensive. The maneuver. On him. Analysis. Alia you and and how many of our him you know we both as not a woman tough uptown theatre 3810 Broadway heads. That is the woman's right yeah because I think we have town is basically thirty in the Broadway now it's not. It's further their ends in me. Still got a story slam commitment. Greatest aliens than in Saturday. Record releases its illiterate or record or Angel gone that. If somebody gets Manning gives us a little anyone from radar stay I was back to DM to gavel is idea every my Diaz plays. Yeah that's my alma union is about to ask myself I don't think that. I'm sure rappers like patriotism bench thing happening your radars they've made an off brand in the woman does they're socially. I think I don't now I'm pretty sure I would just GM man. I mean now he is. I don't think you. Want wrong. I took them for ever found me troops. I'm surprised Manning coming and they're asked a guard who is they need him. It's right next door to the money cashing express across small greens it's right act as its mark as closer and Serena and across from mongering or what what was there there is an what was that bar's name I was there. I don't I mean we saw. Used to be called them and Juliette Lewis and Alex. There. And com. Nick Texan than his brother and I think you're thinking of well maybe now I think it was that I was that the grand emporium. Are you sure about an emporium nick thanks them for sure Juliette relaxed probably. Can't think it was a grand emporium new windows. And are 85767969. Homily airlines and I dragged him to do attract Jewish and I guess I guests. Rain or get a chance. Teeny gas Daschle and. This is yes any plans. Yeah dashboards and in 1975. MM colony here. N'sync dish. So on and in the back of my. You replay that sound. In the system I've voted yeah in the face here at. It's okay Dave birdie allow my experience. The moment. You're bad you. Justin do you recover itself she's. Yeah and minds. It's better in the original. 1 morning. The booed. And and the voters saying yeah there. The moment isn't being launches for I had a me on this either. Do. Game. And. Yeah yeah I don't know and so it's to do the new brand name my mom thank the. It's okay name. I'd answer me. Mount. It goes back and yet the big influence of the Mike the Smiths and on this album I feel like yeah so if you listened to enough these are like more ahead. I mean if you through a lot like the Sox are right I 76 and I and I think I have the weird interludes that sometimes it makes like a song six minutes long and it should be like four minutes ahead and likes and we are talking and stuff. He just skip that and kind of guy district court event. Our actual music. If you I would guess Branyan he had won tickets to see answered tomorrow night at TC PA announcer when he went out foreign O'Costa party Danny showed go to the phone lines please bear. When they come around and do you think that I'm glad the bashes. Good morning morning what's that Bob May not work here at home powering. Do our guys are you hearing Casey. I barely there may cause your gorgeous wife. You also see Garces. Thank you your blog I'm she's funny tire about your poster on my long. Yeah containing usually Wear your hat is stupid act. All of because to do it represents you more than anyone this right. Out yeah. He ends after nine yard dogs yes. I. Got together and my new alien about it are already would you all right Bobby Danny again this right is dangerous assignment. It is yeah I suspect a real god damn good time mentally just like to make the music and body what is snags have emerged her. Well my own goal at the little Mariah Peters. Mariah Peters C. Once a house Brian Peters. Where contemporary got. A I don't know if that was our Allegheny got blown out any gospel for Bobby. Our. Including Maria. Mariah either is any human being. And any ads even now. Any you've had a party and Eric and that's where you are that's too much about home. He gave a whiny Gigot easily understand and and yeah college tries to make it out it was given a platform any finishes with Mariah Peters tea that's what he brings he brings Mariah Diener insult Leon Mariah Peters he's open emea GAAP. He did salad Yang did eBay took them a man he's abandoned cars are gonna and they started this out I mean are. Tell us about. Alex area. I'm are good morning pre. Two I'm Chris are out. I know would you like that. I want. Harry he's Taiwan all of these agree I wanted to you greedy bass line and money has rings are any cruise travel bans to agent. Hello the bad LO. Now. Overall. Mood outlook mark mark is untouchable mark as a business. On China and Turkey done. On the net job that as are you sorry Christians already taken Taliban says Tony what is next summer time I'd. Let's an elderly man maybe. OK that's yes Andrew McMahon. A re giving any injury demand means yeah. Eric. Area that's so let's. Not been paid on cat is as Brandon Brandon and you know. I've worked in it where. Our editor Eric Maynor. Wichita and right here where I frankly hands do you have both look like fine. Well or to make that the last. Now I plus it's going around yeah Atlantic you're house is causing clothes like garlic that's a fun but in the torso right when the club Adam. What are we don't have that we just at the rail I'm done half the hung by the name you're stone mountain resort have hello I'm not near store gonna have now. Not on my old Hillary did. You ask a little time to be honest difference for the fight back yeah yeah I wanted to sort sort I don't like doing that people should. That's again I understand Brandon Brandon and I tell me what is next summer's I've got. They want to read it Manchester orchestra. Now but that is a good guess that's our ears Brandon Manchester orchestra Bono I'm a friend he doesn't have the fund by and let it be known cantenna did not make it through that it be done I cleared the lives like Ahmad they're ever. I mean I kept clearly that means they're using yet through. While he didn't not this time are. Very busy one Morrison's volleying. About arena yet but I mean you never know you can win Arianna Mariah Peters girls around my Internet man or Manchester orchestra. Are we ready yet fives fans. Zero. That sounds. You worlds of state dating anybody Jimmy Eat World and why. And nine irons and it's. Virginia. He's into. All right then. The next. Taking back Sunday's where you wanna be. This grant second album. Larry. We're June iPod Shuffle Marx's I. Looking for Mariah Peters and Chris dropped by any band and a big man minivan or Manchester orchestra score you win. It's. Hey white boy and fourth it is here. Not that on vehemently. January of that disaster are making some around mid day you listen that will now they have. How sweet I want to go drive to see him in Iowa last weekend. And that's around Ireland think. They were doing this and small venues you're. Playing Natwest now that we do because they have a news story added I would like I. I have got to have thrown up a bit like me like they're playing a great idea as small and you sir are related there and he always setting expectations. That is why my naked bike. I Granada like venues like that but they're doing more like. They sell out the Granada. They fill it up pretty good day out they still without power. A stranding in the smaller venue this. We're compared with their planes and pilots. I don't know my band played tonight and using those super small OK and things like oh my I have model of factories now are. One more ads the third. We're on form. Some of the ghetto kids are playing in a man called radar state Saturday night at any bar. FY I it's actually jammed. And Matt. And then Adam. Is driving from New York attacks. And Ber Winger would change her hair bow and arrow wire banging firewire. Around the. I'm more hurt me Manchester orchestra and everything. Chris Brown over Lannan. When mark gets on his night. When you don't know whether you look at me I'm talking. And knowing it's a time. Clean getaway lawyer flooding. And split. Are you looking out. Good listening to much music pop goes basically feel that the starting line is young starting island. I'm going back to dashboard doing the 96. The computer can't do that. Up it sounded great. Sport hungry in the 1970. Line I'm in EP they did it matter than nineteen some me time. It Eleanor. That the ad dashboards that yet. By I had dashboards. As does its thing now there is all the songs are about sadness. The that make your having sex in years. Now it thing and it's sad that he has has oddities dad volume songs are Bahrain Iraq and its cars sacks of bad our thanks dashboard tack on both sides about me and you can't let go women and blame them for the break up. Think about it all the words every muscle on. All right well this is an. This is sex it's. But that's pretty amount Yankee game. He just gave out there that it's Crist crowd carrying. Matty. Hull's name is from nineteen to leave. Mean Ari enjoy these power. It's. O imagine dragons and the knives. I sorry lightning analyst Don now after the lightning comes the fun that. Under the is. On the thumb and they just save look at the sovereign or incidental Tesla. There works out enough. Und dot. On the and a this is brand and the dry cleaners alone. And a lot an internal emails seem eager BM about is. Well in Iraq seems like you had an ass little listeners and Bryan how how high somebody give him a magic button. Was like god that I Australia and America has heard magic button now. Cap is magic's buttons he's via. And I hand them. Friends their parents owned a you know. A halt and and one of the daughters would always works the coat room. And it had the magic button and I would go in there. I just pressed them. Aaron go in and help get coats I had a ball I'll probably diseases nonevent. Sever is like a boring Greek dancer wedding or whatever. And it was at this particular all because it was great peoples allow people go there like Greek. Functions happen and then back home. The rails a house in Michigan here are wondering. I would go on the back with Athena. And become current. Press the button. Good times. An important time. I'm kind. Magic button. It's got to happen to. Mainly they ended her what is sort of man is that you get absorbed and Nash yeah. I'm making it happen. Here in China. Like there's. That's a pretty crappy magic's buttons if like the first by the makes it saves. Third by may yet turn a robot there but turns into a rock star. NFL Baghdad has got an entire. Whatever that might have been I don't mind that won't resign Zelaya and are on his bottom that's your life you the lab all right tomorrow. Let's see danced joy. For the no costume party does come and meet and greets. That's happening tomorrow night engage your tickets more details nailed a nice it's kind of NASDAQ com whatever cleans this donating its Amazon goes well it shows also tomorrow night's sold out right. He that there about the same night. That really bugs me. Year is appealing can can make them so I can do. I believe in myself. And his team. Let nick continued narrow line out. Cigarette. CEO matter Rahal within the system you wanna play idea. It was a nemesis among that I feel who did why didn't we now that I deployed after the dolphins. Coach. Feel that in the several have that as well. Of politically. I don't know if they played last time every year. Earned the star I was last Imus on them if you are mentioned and want to bug and I went above and his terrorist. And it would is. Her alma just come out. It was a good chow. The one of the sterling was far superior and Josh yelled at people for my. Room yeah that was a great child. Really really great job. Our. Will leave you with some greens this Tony's let me answer our enjoy is to is that there's a clear out its opponents 10. Split the versatility ended. Can't go pick up my girlfriend from the airport she you know she's very annoying me. She's not an area where she's at Rihanna I'm maintenance. Is supposed to. While nobody masri plot thinks I work for a weather channel. She keeps. Texting me and tell me a collar which I hate app. Can't we just tax. Why didn't she call you if you are white you Google I. Several apps you can use. I like dark so what their life. I'm like I don't know Martina I'm not a meteorologist. Why even though that. And then she's lying Spirit Airlines which is never flown before she's actually she's never flown before her. What can I rang out and is different it's really not yet it's really really everybody makes a big deal about it and I told her just. Handle everything online before if you plan on bringing a bad. Paid for being boring and what's the big deal. I was seeing how people don't get these things. This I think we're used to certain things. And recently they've changed so alas like decade really. Oh my god Fran durst is going to be or meowing and Fran. She all the shows and she's coming with me eminent keeper ask that is because I'm trying to dealer. And she leaves Sunday. That's a good visit that's a solid as the worst is it in the world is anything more than three days. United three days maximum as anything on that matter Thursday for ice area and the worst super busy. Friday night tomorrow and we got to know constant party eaten and then Imus can Gallo than it queens and and then Saturdays through the Ziering. Also radars saying Simon did you vote them out so many go early birdies is there a skids out I'll have ever radar set it. And can Tina that is acting Tina so I told ergo you know. We're gonna be busy not to mention and well Bob practice on it and it's ditch we're busy and it ought to outlaw she's coming from half a cystic cuts to Dana. I think an update them on the ballot and I think CNET. Stood our prayer is quote South Korea have a great day to see you tomorrow and.