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Thursday, September 7th

Buzz Briefs, iPod Shuffle and more!


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I'll. 96 by the value to cap Ramos is. Maine's offense can gain easier mark is he. Dogs are here. And it is shuffled I mean for beach ball mean until we are coming out a lot of them. I warrant. But that. Are you just don't worry about the day analysts everybody's worried about the details. Now that is funny of course that's funny that's all areas. Understand. They're live. It's. 'cause burden high and so finally I guess that is as I have that additional areas like yeah. So we're gonna do indeed does we added we are correct to give away. For breach ball right we have and extract is okay is. Tomorrow. Yeah starts tomorrow. Saturday two days and Korea wireless now there's other continents medical practice piano. That rock solid time and we're gonna train music lounge this train music lounge with doom. Winners must have their tickets. They're Owens again that's the neat thing. So why. RNC had to have you regional against again and yeah I guess we we don't have any giveaway. I I don't know leadership does. And now that I don't know so we have Marion how now how bar higher value I guess. Mark's call. I've got get into the details right now he started an error IE to notice these and it. Why you're yelling at him resign his decision I feel like you as the closes next promotion he doesn't. And out and even now man because I got my laundry list of people who want crap. Yeah yeah bills. Isn't going to crash and I hate beach ball time around and stronger. Anyway I got a lot out we have some tickets to giveaway that that that might be why we can't. And the is that maybe why we doubt it'll be bad for people and the current. Why weren't entitled spent. Apparently we are. I guess it. Are also we have the there and it can help. Angle shot up for a romantic vigilantes say. UMass need Europe apparently need your own data every moment of silence for the ash does why. Ready to let me just do I shop all they have to pay one moment as sounds ready. Think you and I. We eat and if you win with us. The train music lounge you'll see Miriam now a mingle there mingle with spoon. And mingle. Foss the people on frantic I had Friday then Saturday. We have bishop Brady's main go go go board acoustic and Mingo. And mingle and Weezer mingle catch are so we just have one of his success. What happened she was the if you win one year and although that's. Thing days that if you do you remember at bat great I'd ask him are saying yeah we asked and then they change NAFTA has cracked right OK anyway that's did you get with us. If you don't have to use a beach ball we have Lewis that very sentiment that's a new thing is I love that was very sire not at that time here at the idea entries and irony. Or you can't get out of its. So we don't have any. He's melting it's YouTube the yeah. That's cool hearing oh you're doing your voice and scenes looks like called I don't do that I need to have a again after a good doing that tickets are gonna let's just we just stay here oh god go into heavier on tickets are you ready. I patch of hallmark is that and he got himself in a little bit. Pinnacle. Catch yourself in a little bit of technical murky ethical. I don't know that means can I wanted to let people know that while we appreciate it must emir on against UND meet and greets. Main goals whatever we're calling it from the train music lounge advised each other's parents are right. Mark is up the floor. I patch up the price from 679 this time it's really simple I you have that Sarah. Is guess what is next commercial about it for instance. I'm going to get us Brandon. Now they have backed Manchester orchestra. Opening it. Yeah both could possibly be on his iPad but those are both grade gases for mark. In the spirited loose berg says the mill take the apple CSI and is your apple began well died Danny you guys are. Now Schiavo Marc. Troubles from. This is it occurs Koroma are really good imitator now it's cruised around on the list is that sport can pay cash around. Have a headphones today aside and Nolan Carroll is that I apply in the dark mark violent act. I can tell because the picking at the end of this this intra. That's of their employees. Until they're pretty. Just seems no one. It's. Yeah. Can't. Cain. Pain you know. Can you screamed must. Then he. And in doing Jesus. Maybe at its its brand new new brand him how. Devlin got arrange things so it could be about those two albums ago as a long time ago I was. DNA is together if are there Braylon you had released two albums there's still raging. Yeah I gave me really honest. I'm not I'm not being so I hope did and I thought hey they're really after well I think you like this new one I think seventy after his uncle Derek bell released on things you lines mr. Burton. Right arm aren't I mean yeah me and blowing how little and handling MM MM and medium on life. That's below the fastest Kanye how Rihanna going down. I don't. I'd. And that's about as. In my own mourning Horry. Our. Ball. He had again here's what the. Crist in Perry could see if you guessed correctly what is gone marks I'm tied. He'll be invited to the train that music lounge of a speech about a he has got here around as he's about tickets however didn't. Do her affect our great legacy what is next and marsh iPod. Worms in my yet. Tripped her album. You wanna August around that's again guess yeah and also little cheating but that's okay here's your just actually probably you offer brokers grow. She is it like so tinkered Chris problem loud that's the deal has an hour glass prison drama and he'll have any of Crist crowd has bands within three. Is that three or four is everything in sports and our guest worker and dashboard I don't. I was very very very literal and bacon and needs a cat says the right at the same way for me and Jack why I don't happen is Jack's very first hands on mine is very good in these men yes. It's out. That's why when people do I thought you don't have artists like that. Chris Graham has been featured with a few new Emo bands lately like Jack does with them yes so how will they go out to. Barry got pairing because that's always gives you extra chances absolved by the band's label hi who's this. Additional snow yeah. A committee mountain. Yeah. Now not. But if I wish. Dirty emails live 1999. K okay yeah. Any danger right here rose got any I Gerri well under it exists and you're a result tells what is that emerged iPod. I actually wanted to do you love Britney you know I can't. You can you bring your homeland. Brand new is kind of Chris travel bans are Don. I guess the ones that are deployed. Hello the bat is. Hello hi Maria Alda and Mario god on. And I. And I didn't. Do. Liquid or your. I think you are aren't. They. Went to each each. I agree that no kidding that's. What can I love it doesn't schools start. Oh I'm in our thoughts. Against a great artwork elite 830. And I think because my kids to be around our anyway I don't know I and that way not in my business I don't care if you are. Season's dancers and Ed purge easier leg might say that girls your lay up anyway what is your name. My our amber Ari Yemen tell me what is next commerce iPod for your invitation to train music lounge abuzz PG a I suspect. I don't know exactly. Actually. It's Amber's team that's why Michel's emails I had. They're here. Geneen. Jimmy you're our last. You are all okay right you've got in national longer gap that you never know mark we ala Jimmy Eat World. That's really as you are Michelle who are members on hold we have one more day out of that as. Bigger and will be done. Were. Visas. So. My yeah I hear about as these votes against. Okay well and we got here and made some RNC to have Gloria the jury music speech both things than you think sad. What is your alzheimer's I die. And shot. Via money right. The rise to move. On it was a race all right and on line it's a tank. Sometimes those long shots that you guys get fives bands. We are looking for any Christopher Allen and brand new Jimmy world or thrice for a winner is obviously mark I pot that is often. You know our career. You have kids. Yet Afghan on the wire. Yeah turns out I. He I was there I saw. All right. How about you didn't get generic anyway that's hi Mary that's your first and we need prison drama brand Tampa. Jimmy around you are I was Italy got a wire exactly and again. Like this Sox. Wow. Her I comparatively something to write home about unwired did not do as much. I like the song. Then they called naked deep. Next there's near Yuma yeah yeah. I mean debuted at number two behind brand new field goals yeah yeah it's. What are a billboard to billboard. It's an alternative I think and maybe of this that full well. One I don't things. I don't us. I don't look at that causes that are going back in 1990. Whom that is they drive Emo band and balls. The that you now nagged it's as good. Don't bag apparently. Here in oh man everybody they you know gave. He ain't talking about grade again. You know it may mega. Men mates yeah yeah yeah yeah yeah yeah yeah yeah I yeah I found media mega mega mega mega happen. Hey man he got me investigate why enraged at at. I don't know what could happen next man in guy now and again that. No snow it's a very advanced earth grains. This is very tasty. News now uses Comair thin edge over. Yeah on Halloween night still. Board Burma cracked and how old is Bert McCracken at this point. My age I don't know now he's oh he's going to feel god yeah he's Aurelio. He's probably only 34. Man. 35 maybe I'm I'm him. That's fears of let's see oh may have cracked guys my age is really old dude he's 35 hour. He's at third that's that's the other thing about. I'm born and maybe share out. He was born two months before me. I got in Provo Utah. Weird bad. You know what he's one of my favorite people in area. Always a really nice guy isn't as easy as super nice guy and I'm a big fan of birds I'm man nobody is saying about Burma cracked I can hear that. He went to temple and logos has school that's funny eat issues. You Lee out KLA as iron out and Amber's dad and embers and the way I'm serious he dated Kelly job offer a man and it doesn't anyone and I because he was yeah that Sima. That is pretty you know dating Kelley on wow. Even though. If he would have to date Kelly Osborne. And I rumors that two more. I think we need Chris grab a brand new Jimmy world thrice Verlander. Into the train music on. So venture lands and the prestige so I mean and just are destroying you choose go over bill. You going to see in the history yet you're taking and how I don't know us. I maybe had feels. Early data speeds on the name. Teen mothers did sports. I joked I don't know. He's really has. You Zach. The. Yeah. Radar screen or staying very. I love ringers say some of the prior around. The hunger riots has seen well we are now after. He gets better way anger that does this. Borough weighing her daughter away Josh fairway care who else. So ends just where Winger. Matt prior. News that Adam James update and add them. Phillips from the antics aside you know answer rendition of ICG a knowledge. He's a nice did the ideas Jim. So tiny. I'm dating Jim. I'm eating Ber Winger. I also am dating amber waves I knew that Kagan is okay are being open and I'm wearing a wearing an editor relationship. Kind of Borough mayor in her playing her. Hang in Burr Langer well. I love that man who played on items between already when he delivers done I can play one more. I am borrowing attract everybody seems to what's amber voice chat that was my favorite. It's an Arab. Okay no winners. I settles teachers spinning wheels. Or radars there Ari can labor lawyers you know I don't know the track that Ber Winger saying Syria and opportunities to. I don't care. I know I camera trap and again staying in Vernal anger about playing as saying Soledad cam Matt he's breaking up with you because you're so I don't even winning just from the Birmingham man. Are now from raiders say I think it only released these songs. I'll have spinning reality is anywhere on as. You need to release them earlier turned. Release the Borough I really is about. As old marketing related to amber and her. Talk okay right okay okay okay yeah yeah sounds coming up file but no labor later. Didn't. Never never. Never again I applause list. Green diamond the engineers Sam. Aren't I am really do I kinds of all we are we anyway it was beach balls yes guard her heart and all those things are happening. Let's stop and ask all today no. Rock fire. I have read I have to like I'm booked British army excellent thing. I don't know I'm right on the edge a deck in that's right need to be. Are we all yeah. Aren't we all day so we'll all right now thoroughfare. I know one thing in the doorway here. I hate to do remember and I don't even know how they tally came up yeah we were talking about. Since I Norway came up but eventually. I brought up that there was. Tyson. Chicken lobbyist at the baseball game. We're all those drug where the congressman was shot yes sir that gas that and we charge about why does. The chicken industry. We need how lobbyists know what's amazing in this is what I like to call universe theory and allow me to put it on full display Korea. Turn on the news yesterday my jaw hits the floor. He is you wanna know why they need to Tyson chicken lobbyists. As Danny's job hint of La doubted dog for Tyson chicken is actually building a plant. Into Hong get knocked C king an hour. And I'm people aren't happy and probably for good reason. But take take a listen to this. Quiet community. Well following news of a new poultry plant coming to town many are worried this new neighbor could impact their property values in their house. It is. The picture perfect American town. Tongue oxy resident we'll weigh it and slam made it I mean I have not been inside and outside town I am gonna throw up a dispute flag on man I got ya. I would call it carpet okay. We'll tell you there's plan you don't love about living and small town Kansas it's quiet loving families playing with their children. But many in this town of just over 5000 were shocked to learn Tyson Foods consumed break ground on a new multimillion dollar poultry complex just south of tap. With in about a mile in my house. Crash. The story co stars restless and here's the deal. What exact poultry farms steak is here vaccine like I seventy okay somewhere between here and there are I don't I just. I've passed I'm gonna are. Probably it out now we're talking NI exe is this. 870 I think because he is annoyed that. Isn't somewhere I mean maybe it's by that. Turner diagonal. It sounds I'm gonna I don't know I. It's not an advantage you know everybody knows about that or diagonal nobody knows about their snout Arnold I am what they are not hesitate any an ally in cart diagonally elect. I'm Wyeth the well. Yeah canyon where his time in Ike's. I don't know that I didn't there but they are fighting that Tyson plant and then. I've if you've been an also not been a year and taken place inaugural programs so Oklahoma is you like those who. Who would still have those stink they do some aloe man yes he's from smelled alcohol as you know though about ties and secure plants I can't quite add up quite a few of them I've made I think there's oh on the Missouri sign. Eyeliner have been in the air where. I think I think anyway why are we reaching complaints. With. These elements chick. 'cause yeah I'll eat so much chick I do not IE exclusively red meat and pork. And the other way Leighton. Hog farms are way nicer. Policy steady at target area and outside. Line. Your indicated. I. Outside pass Levin or excuse me I believe that last potter springs you have hers. West of legends on parallel. Parkway and turner no doubt well if you hit 2063. Your right inside here that beginning of time and actually. And once you're on the other side of 228 bit throughout the other night. Ty and I see a guys I've been cast an ax he has between the speedway and Lawrence. I love eternal there had noses at the retired diagonal is my everything are now ten minutes from downtown markets while wouldn't warrants deepest and two. I mean there are too high you know it's gone. Girl though it. Usually and then I. All of it happens and Lawrence clearly. Turner. Canadian businesses there's a Tyson in civilian thinking of tong and taxi. An. Hour. Amid Ted Turner diagonal. He. Wow is it in time and X. What you proper I guess is a mile away. And to organize she's not that large. Bright sodas a mile away from targeted. And why don't they weren't there because it thinks it's I mean besides his thinking what else happened and go play more early go to difference in the withers crash fifteen minutes from where because they get. I'm now I know that passed IMAX because I've taken seven need a war based on where the wish I hate has and I got to dance. That tall yeah so stupidly why had a beautiful. Compare those tolls they get out style I have passed. I NI exe and some insight into multiple people saying Lawrence is super pass island in Lawrence and I'm just about it and cut out why they attacked an oxy and Larry. I mean I just would think we're talking about Lawrence it's a bigger city how did in college around its tight and sneaky and it's you can play IE obviously been out there are now paying attention. You now. Wire we may never know. I never informants deal of time and I seek out at 841 action news reporter Stephen south spoke to the city and county leaders to get answers. This is where the new Tyson plant will go when people living here are fed up they say that the city and the county. Did the deal in the dark by signing a non disclosure form and now they want. Oh well I Godard and again I'm wrong or can't do it in undisclosed to put its right cheek implant. Drew somebody get something somebody's got to begins that's why they have Jenkins. And lobby and it all okay well yeah all right be Canon's why you gonna. Why is that the deal on Madonna are doing dirty Baghdad. By using a majority in the dark isn't a job which you can't deal amid dire yeah ha he had seen on the lie. True if you look at the details of what we're gonna do here. Is we're currently purchase 300 acres out on the moxie after hearing an announcement I wanna try to pronounce it properly you coming to Thompson Oxley act that'd be something that people tons and Nazis and pretty. Okay finally celebrate. And to not he did was it Travis McGraw the third generation farmer who is critical part of the property where that facility will be bill. They've kept this quiet from everybody. And kill it was pretty much a done deal. They did it intentionally to make sure. That the voices didn't get after quick enough to stop it. Tuesday city and county leaders announced Tyson Foods is building a facility on it Qatar and the Nazi. After that announcement some leaders got here. Yeah my friend yeah until 5 o'clock in the morning. I think that's what may need. Maybe halftime. Shares in check as upset is because leaders signed a nondisclosure form. Preventing anyone from on the purple and Tyson. It's on the table he deserves it came up in this August 20 commission meeting but because that did this Tyson does not mention. What was mentioned was this city building and sewer system for the proposed project Curtis or rogue is the time and oxy councilman. I wished you know we can maybe said something. Two iron grip and not Cheney thing for I wish we could've said something I think they may gain more. More positive feedback to community into the big surprise we can beat Tyson I'm why did he say something tells me they want to hear people's concern you know the same a done deal I mean there's a lot of hoops and have to jump through. You know we still got a very own sewers and that hasn't happened they just asked if we could maybe possibly do. You know states got to be little. The county commission about the meeting at 9 AM Thursday morning and offensively councilman Bob I don't think I'll Iranian made and I don't think he should be. I don't think he's trained in I don't know taking on giant corporate chains with. Many many lawyers who know how to can lob Kansas sideways. And you're sitting there I've written a great waited another week. And hey. Right now. They were voting on they're gonna put in the sewers system for this plan of the taxpayers paying for better or is legit complaint get a paper that. Both sides of nondisclosure agreement. We like no Tyson get out. Get out you cannot talk to me as an elected official. Without my constituents knowing you would think you would want. Right and the other side just play doubles and again sure. I can theorize. That the banana out and there's the devils at a it's bringing jobs it's gonna. Now I Deborah that a person says they put a lot of money in schools. Because they have to me I would suspect. I'd triangles are my favorite shapes as somebody else does. Legitimate question if it's eludes if it's a good positive business still them why do they have to do it in the dark why do they hide from people we re trying to bring get in until it's almost a done deal. Why. You can listen those I think our schools our jobs I'd I don't think I've I've I've I've seen. Anything that says oh these chicken plants are actually good for an economy in as a matter of fact most of the things that I've seen say quite the opposite. Now an I don't know who owns this particular chicken plants back on the Missouri side in I don't know who does own it. Friend of mine are anyway would say that they would have to constantly. Immigration and coming and and I'm sitting on the undocumented workers. Like that was link on a regular thing once a week ago and am bus speed ball. And that is nobody else wants to we're gonna take a plan. I mean there was that movies that are ready saw as a really annoying documentaries trying to make everybody visitors. He marks is he rooting I was there while there are some my child Bonser and and anyway it's more so or not. I soggy I hope fearless then. And all of you are your allies on the turner diagonal. Ready to run in and help. IA I just don't understand. Whitlock win a big multinational conglomerates shows up at your doorstep. And says. Hey good townspeople we are totally not evil let's do this under the cover of night. It down this guy do you think it's funny hey we really wanna hear your concerns. We're were really adores you wanna do it in the death MI why you don't know what we're doing it led to Argentina and see how this. We need this can't do it that way. It's to feel how I can turn our riots and well wit. Could he have been written over it that way it's like they'd like that to this entrance of putts. You can fill it out in the dark mining. The rule of my diet laden alive is. Larry David and I'm steroid. An arrogant and I can guarantee hilarity yeah obviously classic have had. Classic. Classic look yeah. And you may stop doing it in the tar. You know than Lleyton. I guess that is don't understand why they couldn't build it a little bit further away from a Nazi through. Thank you it's so unpopular populated well I just feel like there's show. Mitt and me William and nobody would work there if you continue go less populated area I must say I mean one mile. I don't know I don't. I think is by about I don't easy and so how does a radio program in America that would take on the local all types should not lives. I'm not and so. I guess we're ninth in here in the lobby is game. I passed sacks in your dues in general you heard. Your lobbying effort chase again the there's something that's actually as I asked why you wanna do it and as tired. There's a cycle episode about this. George. Tyson. And even. Anyway that's what tomorrow. I think gives me KC I airport. Because there's a date they selected somebody who they are meant to vote on or some crap and of course they pick the one that also was not publicly disclosed but I'd. We are chicken or. Gotta keep this show and. Ensure. I don't think a multimillion dollar company really ties indeed to see the clutter is yes they can't know they don't they get to miss the mark. Over there and Tonga. Tonga app target an oxy Sao that is not necessarily don't use that literally. Or literally metaphorically. Everybody needs some time that got Jeb clutter that's what I mean if they miss their mark. Again like I I just coming to ensure coming from my perspective from your perspective please ensure I I feel like you really have had a bad experience with regard to that overall in your lifetime. Fake I know but that doesn't mean that that is how it is all over the world listen. And today it was a good metaphor I hope that I feel like yeah. Yeah. Yeah this. Married until there is some on the buzz. Right now shuffle. Do you mean I tied at four invites the train music lounge. Forbes has beach bar Friday. M Saturday march you must have your own to get them out here and take its about days you can go to Google music Lanka's. Both days and essential things you appreciated our 5767965. Pollyanna view. Biz guess what is on Danny's I thought there. Seems simple enough. There's not that Danny's not I did a Smart playlist today yeah this is going to be off my top 25. Of all time worried. A game that I think I'm generally okay okay I'm Joni is and your top Tony I spine no way no doubts. Erica no doubt went out what the hell's tearing into my friends I had done economic areas that say criminalize this conduct hearings and you don't you guys Harriet and I think it's a longtime CI now how do you miss you I'm really had an idea of doing great are you coming and each policy. I will be there Friday. Are you feeling like I asked why. I'm. Snoop Dogg and I mean I did I miss the glass animals I don't know how I can miss some clues. To her group. I. He's hilarious and I thought I was. And against snoop dog isn't okay we're doing shall follow. Yeah I got what do you think he's in the next what he played just down to nothing yeah yeah Cyrus showing now works out I guess. Outkast is a pretty that's a good guys are I might as Bon Jovi you said same time hey. Lawrence forums. Students cute shuffle and AM meeting today I'm trying c.s that's right it's top 25 all time. I'm hearing. And and yeah. And enhance O'Brien. And discipline that. I don't think the point and have no sun and yeah. This isn't going to be the edited version. I remember I had the middle attack by an outcast okay thanks and I. Eyes wearing. There and I aren't as we have seen did you at a gas that even the ones against the train music lounge and do all the main goals and exercise that these are our. I mean canteen go early since the end tickets yes 57679. Things like you don't think that's a good one apprised as than for my correct it and I have pride and get an aren't suited to sort of prided you do. 610 sports in the afternoon there. I longer shy of other interests other than just sports I would've looked it was our rocket sports hey I'm coaching. My kids play until about both hold goodness gracious Ascap site. Colin coastal Fincher I now I just encourage competitive that I had a guys and discards what did you teach it by feel like there's no real structure it's like hey you fast you run with the ball now I'm Sharon while the parents are pressuring me yesterday Jim plays Mike Matt. They gave me kindergarten Kearns. I don't why you why permitted. I did they get snapped the idea involved that's or add on that handoff and snap is key as I kept talent as a drop does that that plays Jackie and they are harsh about that it is like the weirdest things like can you just give they can there is a little leeway in that snapped out they don't snaps I got my mechanic and snapping Chad nobody wants to be quarterback everybody wants a score yeah. Like can you imagine like being a 47 year old unlike a percentage of your life you're worried about what play usual five year old Gunner on and flag football has let it like I just can't imagine going up to somebody like hey. I know Mike you can't throw my kids see it catching you barely has awareness of what's going on here but hey what four nations are we gonna be run as true is that. Are asking if I'm like are you activity and are you asking me you're asking me right so here's what I did well. Hey you right quick to send at a black and I'm Mike there kindergartners and they you know there are. I had first graders which is hard enough some. Needing ADHD medication and meg the only thing that hairdo that everything they're doing any but well. Like currently L is like mother ever does is plant a bomb. It out lately please. And then that everybody is asking me can I ran it ironic Kara a night. You asked me anymore. Net present asks me I I don't know if I should punish them I don't know if there I have a I will do this later on them and get into this later can you help me later OK I hope via a half. Yeah I think I don't dare they ask you they can run you say yes and and you let him run these ago run it was in a minute. Gee that Jack wanted to be back coach it's harder me like I guarantee we'll Sheila I'm trying to be like us. I come it ought to be on the I thought yeah well is now like that and probably on your back out learned Jackson game not paying attention and I'm telling Jack it happened to me I learned I was asked. I equip upon listed Trenton cross country play as if they don't like the coach sometimes they have farm with each other that's why codes can be Dixon. There's been like that bonds. They're not going to be your friends and they are stewards. They're my friends while that's a brat Packers. I'm the coach the stack. With and I tower ladders I want celebratory dances practice that was just says imagine you're practicing your snaps. In your draft policy at be the first team thrown out of the league. In particular I think they're allowed and they actually change the ruling and if you can answer yes. I want sat I want celebration dance is jazz is not just that morning for us yes see I feel everybody's Ab there's no. Everybody is no doubt that my kids celebrations is in college football least no there's no celebration in college I do feel like kids are only as competitive as much as you teach and so if you make flag football about fallen everybody gets an opportunity in every shot I am quarterback and everybody can be no I wasn't at our back. Nobody wants to be quarterback. How might that's tough gig you can drought at a grade are you and your game manager why does no one wanna be the quarterback nobody wants before because they wanna score pleased that quarterback and a score in fact up off the camera that Obama regularly and yet they can't score. But now they are. At Dover England thanks you must important there's at least you have got to tell you is it there you got irritation well hi everybody I'm take aaron's yesterday I'm citing reasons. I've taken this to add you know what it's gonna its annual old playbook. Like all I have my camera beautifully coordinated outfit it's go deeper and get out play together and how much are around our way for a triple option and their eight get out isn't it is said to the object and I asked her how. You now. That was mad Johnson County I took the opportunity to email this to you didn't email me your credit I'm never. Assassinate our president play in front eliminated. Now let it and then he brought his own house and apparently might hurt and I got a guy took the liberty of having this binder did king do are art so what I have I have a little is my body what you want plays mother of urges. My friends to head coaches the University of Texas. Thank an offense and have achieved that is Jihad means I was like hey junior sang gimme some place. Seven I'm sad and very very simple you up plays and other rappers coming did you play right now. I'm gonna give you plan to and it can access the get off and not some mystique. I think he's the offensive guards. Out bass double Ari back to shop called the ever gonna get active act upon reading stop here. I'm and you know what tells me these are about ADHD medications in children organized some kids need it or they die isn't nearly as I'd die. Who have or we have kindergartners who are just being. Right I got one of those kids he's adorable and he does anything make such a ball. And more sit down all right anyway and chapel what is next Sunday's iPod for a buzz beach bum music it's kinda loud and you must have your own tickets collateralized. I that. In a global open to figure. Out what's your name. Only skin deep into his next Andy's the kind. A highlight. Outlet I think. Go back to our cast at a gas outcasts. Maybe he'll come up again the and you would penalize him. I felt. Hello I am I will be doing. That's. Arabs here horse insecure I won't work or can do not then your idea of your politics are. Your idea to take its way DO excellent. If you guessed correctly that is Sunday's iPad I'll get you in she's the train music from. That's vacancies at the vans. But the air conditioning nothing beats the train. Warrant Acura what is next Andy's iPods. Yeah. I. Salt and pepper salt and they're solid yes. I can do a lot of softened up. And about as you can push the complicit bonjour Oded in my soup and yeah. Yeah he wound up in arms and Hillary you can use this or are you can't learn. I know you have tickets beach all right. Aid if you gazillion different input from lunch and can yeah. Around that's what the next ten days I. We'll continue to protect camp counselor at different. Britain's prince. Guess again and he's not does give you a gallery like yeah guess again this is I can't print that was Laura talking and some offer this new Gergen and shot if you tractors we shall make a baby he has these he has Sally is executing it maybe easy B Jeremiah talk to ms. Ramirez yours and they're antenna off line LaMarcus about as. How are part quote excellent business. Is he what is next Andy's at it are right Larry. There are so we're just getting your parents abusers here. Look so we'll throw in our. You guys get fives bands on their own Bon Jovi does this is around what happens of knowingly and she can have my guess minus disaster on some music and certain yet they just wasting their day I. I Cassel never badge of your friends are right Kerry or top 25 played all time all right all right yes all right this is. And so on now my outcast there. Area. Chris my gym every. We think. He predicted a typical day. And let's get more. Now remember when the song was out like refers them like they're lawless baseball goodbyes and stuff for you up at three songs in the billboard hot day I had no idea that well yeah I was waiting to England like I was gonna because I feel like eventually it'll tell us and I'm not usually rappers tell you they are theirs on us. Think every turn and let me just Melissa long right now I don't mind they always tell you it and it is actually in our unit you hit it. Yeah fatty laugh disease say fatty while. Yeah. Have they got down right. I was away rappers tell me they love to introduce the use that I think is it's like your name on our yeah and you're about to whoever's in that group and whoever they got her yeah all the time under present art and have a good single name Bo yeah wouldn't. Matty Bob Kelly has had to traverse and as Betty. Playing iPod Shuffle detainees zap outcast sometimes I'm on your career grand. Cherie yeah. And I classes. Guys on tour. Darryl I was kind of funky economic this song is. She knew. An automatic. Yes we can right now but I guess I am Mac adds a second span I feel like this game it's a very difficult game to win a every musician in the world you have to singer early guess what he's randomly and a place. I'm Dina is. If you listen to our program held out hope I'm going to guess a lot he moments from our email for me and me. Always Jack white's passion go where now they usually went our guidance and yet because that's our personal hot. Andrew WK. In that the record farm land. September 20 I think Nokia little band at the record by that did any time at school is guitarist borrowers me. And I found him dig you know slide into the hands as it's crazy he hit it here okay yeah they are pretty matches were his. And Sharon really entered 93. Spend over the end and it every game. Yeah. Visa business. What is required benefits. I love the on the glass what's really. Everybody really hands went there again. Chairman and warm up first. There I think I'm mark but like I did this would like to me. It sounds like he's actually just a really responsible drug dealer. Like he'd like immediately Zeum actually being really aggressive like knock back a put up there you know it's real but like he's like knock knock open the door I'm a drug dealer that delivers and I'm here whatever you need. I've got a good drug dealer and deliver. I think keeper was. He's always barks an obvious question every. Smoking I miss most is sounding idea and I. I love you Max I won more Stanley and outcasts on that provides earlier trans rank your info I went out. Do you think did I did get skulls and he's seeking any little thing as the he's digging you've I actually don't yeah. 800. I often fantasize about getting neon glow lives cut and say in my 2008 Toyota Highlander. Can't wait for wintertime picking up the kids. Over the the elementary. Now manic opening for any use when is that show mark. Com. It's where is that channeling that uptown Colleen at the uptown. While it's not Panama complains class job. I'm just to clarify with the years but so here's as other band and I don't know why he never be another paramedic a record right. It's stupid I like cinematic assemblage very Glasser new I have viewing of IBM's out of me but there is that it I still idea Matt Lawrence Powell has flaws. Idea makes him. I hope we get healthy he'll give it to me. You don't a lion and advise your day traveling not as good morning thank you. 610 sports. I in the afternoon. I am now for two to six yet at least she knows you're on in the afternoon I know we moved up I remember one next we got to get the name of the show. I'm hoping by like floating nineteen and you'll actually come on the show. I'll come on and we had our flag problem because a vote every one if you could almost write a little time and I just take a day I'll be there OK don't. Wolf I'm free Wednesdays and Thursdays I don't we're gonna do with this Wednesday. I'll be there when they come and double what time 3 o'clock you know there are 3:3 o'clock I'll be there are donating them I count how could I mean not only to gonna show up but. Hot we'll have you it okay here's to do and I used to do stand up earth I would always make sure to put as picture of offense from the chair. Yeah way. When she didn't show up she was still there instituted scenario it's a fun games to I didn't like my dad and child icy out of I'll be there I haven't had doctor's appointment and there and OK gotcha I have Amish drive their minds and thirteenth right I don't need a reminder I'm putting it in my calendar. You put things in your calendar yes I recently started it I mean it's. Go on tearing tenants should happen. 3 PM Dunn called on Imus that reminder code. Don't rule out look out my and I am like for real I'll be there amid continued to alerts two hours before and that it's. And it gimme another alert one hour before that second alert went out our. That Bill Clinton. Your rant and look at this year and nearer my calendar and coming on your shirt Cha yeah. It's gonna be our highest rated segment and Alex. I'm in through the roof everyone's gonna do you listen. Tonight we'll show up it's more our rob Lesnar is well hate name. Because guys either really like me are really mean. There's like no in between there's no matter tinker relievers that are the best way to be I think I think now others. Many people with opinions that it's very easy to be stuck in the middle that it's I rather be beloved or hated like I had the worst thing I've things like its intent is okay right. Yeah I'd much rather you have a strong opinion on either side while. I and women I guess I can't I do well balanced without the without the the rock there is no stone cold you know I mean perhaps in have they got to have the bad guy everybody loves to hate no you're right without me I don't know I'm not saying you are I'm just saying that if you sell the stunner people will love you even if you are the bad guy. I don't think I'll be a bad guy nobody said you worked. I thought I could do sports. I think having fun did you sports I think every. Despair with your listeners what's the most entertaining thing happening an interesting thing happening in sports right now you're I have no idea I go ahead and colleagues for I was just I am glad auntie I didn't know if you you guys aren't you us open and stuff. Very. I did you were followed US open and no money. I I really with I think I did what was as long as Venus since the reader that I still keep up with the right so Ali who was it that the guy from rather just had a baby whether I know I like that dude life's lottery back to back I know that maybe yes they got a billion dollars the re again. Yeah he was doing it and here is my life's lottery and but happy Beecher Amanda baby is like late sorry didn't need Alex of Iranian like one bit you know I'm a ballot so Haynie and he he needed every now. Yeah I met status. But they she's set the art it's uneven fun watching that there's so dominant they just dominate their Gallagher researching your little a couple of years ago Venus it like a big downturn you like him might be over for Venus and she. Came back down. Serena is juvenile amaze I meant to acute public ridicule among people he enough. I would really got to what was it like with a golf yet to hold onto that she had a Tiger Woods for so long has any presidential style rally on. They for me main tennis female tennis anyway women's tennis in choosing again. Because before like after like a hole after they are easy to after the eighties night game after the march he's right Robert solo RT it was. It was it was Martina and Chris ironic back and forth back and forth or. McEnroe was always an house call to LA is yes he has amnesia I see Andre Agassi Hewitt Andre Agassi Pete Sam yeah I was here. He had wanted to hear guys got everybody wanted to do it and let and then Steffi Graff marry him alone yeah and they have babies and are happy and it would. What you're saying I think is what makes a Venus and Serena story sort of credible like. It is really a movie to black kids are grouping Compton California glasses the greatest tennis players in the last year of apple has zero business coaching them cars that turn them into child prodigy is yes he dad. That it's like I should do all these. It is why don't we have a movie about. That's a movie that's inspiring women are dominant there's no hard and an American Idol like they'll do the Hollywood thing in the light water expected at an angle well it's still what's gonna happen is everybody W black movie this one lightly and it's like hey I think you guys should play tennis right right I know it always is. By Hollywood loves making those movies like good image overlap in the remake of a live one and they were like there's a big thing is please don't cancel our guys Aladdin and they didn't let them elect. We were adding a white character that wasn't in the cartoon. Just Kiki put white people and everything got to you have to outsells. Stock and being obviously these are cut and Alex stop it shouldn't stop every hour increments. So I don't. Like cinemas had a little bit over resurgence there was a time there they were only given us Tyler Perry movie enslave movies like six years we did have a really strong for a lot of and then black people started saying yo what's up your Oscar so why there aren't we're gonna fix this like last year I think we've actually seen a little bit of a push right out of using girls trip not let's move you loved. Now I have a socialist hilarious thing you do like girls should be our guy wants it's like black bridesmaids are. Really like it's the same piece called girls should be yeah it's the exact same movie it is black bridesmaid I didn't allow a bridesmaid one of the bridesmaids this whole layer reacts. They Danny don't watch it and I don't like what's her name that is insane Melissa McCarthy's amazing I love is what's the other ticket don't like her from us this way McDonnell lab Chris Wedge so is pitches second time with the first know what's knocked up I didn't think it was a funny right the second time it's just it's something clicked for me and I love not without a lifetime Katharine hagel worked. I'm knocked out in play nice and high iron just some minor substance and Benoit has been on temporary they'd like me that up yeah yeah I don't left Clinton went out that John happened towels like a huge able anywhere. It's still. I don't know. I do like Seth Meyers are not an ideal so Marlboro has a very Matt Myers I don't like Seth Meyers and Ali is TV show with our guys Siegel Peter Segal complacency Jason is the clock isn't singled him on from that one TV they're all yes he can all know each other at him like the market thinking there was I don't like the month and he okay how we. Speaking of TV shows I do when I ask you guys this that I always like to ask you guys my like very standard like stereotypes of white people. Every no I was nervous about empire has and I am not a little sanity I NASA I don't know about the long time ago now I want to insecure empower our cash flow must Irma. It's actually been essential Capone stars come up. Everywhere plus I don't loves the office. I ever watched I hate I don't know anyway personally does all of the office light you don't know you're right there about the office I don't know what it is I don't get the job easier yeah I mean I I was like a season of it and then out as they ran. Yeah I was I mean a lot of guys. Scruggs is great harvest our cried like every week during scrubs scrubs was good. I didn't move on out Arabs either it's just as much Reno 911 I was kind of much alike and so is kind of funny I arsenic comedies are the Goldberg's that's a good show though in their sinful that's a good soap. That is a good show yeah. And so on TV they you do what do I watch him thrown that's done. That's our every year and a half. That's he's you don't want to live TV don't want to let TV shows they like you watch a lot of things on television not really. Although I will say I had every and I documentary is now. I was like when you wrote you broke on the program includes fever Arab dot now idea. I have to send them all this stuff went half and I don't know what happens and of remote didn't work ahead insure another roku it's not that expensive and we yeah it was a rather cheesy old actual TV ads and it was pretty inexpensive it was like three or fifty bucks for a 49 street has been ANC now underground you get what you I don't know if they're right at me and I it was a huge he needs you guess union it was great. But yeah I need to just get a and I actually you can laugh much or get every twenty. I know has the fires to just got to Jill Brooke seeking to watch whatever that's what I've car has got everybody in have you guys heard about YouTube TV in Kansas City if you have a chrome gas. Which you can get one for free exercise every two TV it's the craziest thing they have like a whole bunch streaming channels and stop on limited DVR. It's not so to TVs busted leg won't work global. There are now dying turn out okay and your dad hey there there's like it looks like it's crack somewhere on the inside okay thank what how have fans kids. But it there's no crack visible crack on the outside and I miss Molly the color park. So don't ask for new technology in my now I have to television's a tower. One in the garage one cementing and we got a call the Geek Squad. Two days don't sixties. Any DNA to come over cut. Man on you at this I I'm not married in my view this time it is going good on a best buy or go to target is now I'm not a minute return America to. I had it for three months. To sell me on game but there are loans because I can't out of somebody's house and it was just all in television and I was like our our what in the hell am I watching it was fairies and dragons and all I. Start from the beginning I can't banana understood with kids and and I don't even care but to me people don't watch shows like that are always liked what he once that is not really so stupid you want to show about incest and dragons how can you call it hot seat vacant lot of eyes drop anchor and am proud that it's sort of a call this song of incest and drag act have you ever talk to someone about game with throws like they sell like starch different. Mean it was the nineteen in the light walker that help you to singled out like okay how does the how a good start date. If you're talking about the original starter that's fine but the next generation focused on human rights issues and importance of open communications and on and appearing you know fiscal First Lady just shoot me and caring tender and six cents or two during the thankfully it has had a good conversation yeah I. If you watch it from the beginning with me you'll have a good time. If we start and how do that would keep you on come on over. I guide hides it might wind TV works and the HBO on demand marks so we gotta start the season line. And more have a balked at promising grad did so much so I was gonna waits like a stopping point and then start watching game and girls because. Enough Smart people I know watch this show and tell me that it's good like are a guy like Jimmy Johnson's but I just I maybe it was just me in the UY I am rooting for people now. I got like breeding Kerviel I'd underdogs there's a lot of that game game of runs and then what happens and give assurance that really make any. Not like any other TV show. You're like they're actually do this there are gonna kill off some insurance. Insurance that in the battle over all the time I figured out what GAAP. Part of it was kind of turns me off about it too is like our generation in the next best thing is always a breeze thing of all time like this the fourth time in my lifetime the popular show has been the best show of all time for everybody said that about breaking bad everybody says the bus RN are right about that and a liar and that was Santa asks. And I break. I love and riddle yeah. It is now there was great breaking bad sacks you patent. A dead it took me a minute it's like man I mean I won't do it initially but it took me a minute and then once I did it was on. I will get breaking bad a lot of credit one of the few shows that I've watched it every season got better but the bit ahead but the first couple seeking a break and manages very average you have to get through got to push I doubt yes you have pre acquire them pushed or showed though. Wow because you hear it like it's a great it's so great so I watched the first episode of breaking bad I can't tell you how many times like I had a push through the first episode by. What is this why is everybody I guess there's a question that you are in the right people like I think this on the Stockholm syndrome where you're around something that treats you so bad you eventually connect to startle I don't mean it. It definitely changes though I don't exposure to much like the ones seen with Walt win new Intel's own Jesse to ruin. That's what the point to me with a show like sports to be good from that point dole and I got. So cable ourselves against him. Even game insurance gotten sued by I'll admit it. You know I I I definitely I'm bad about law lost get stupid and then it lost this me. Add John ascending. So. Asking Steve deadly fire everybody JJ. Abrams how he continues to work because desire and a need to watch the finale while I'm argumentative and yeah education all right that could. Because you don't expect it to make you feel like that many dazzling data know what to do it like this audio Bob's burgers and enjoy some knock on her consequential laughs. I gotta wanna get advance that it is so by like baba god I'd like to. Getting past Alex looking forward to something no let me since the printer what I think happens is when you see a movie you know movies two hours two hours right it's got to be dad liked it and there but they're trying to stretch essentially a movie into eight hours crowd is trying to stretch then next eight hours into another eight hours' gap that is just like art at some point is going to see this idea got like a song like songs are good and threw three verses you don't wanna Saudi fibers are the songs so I say this oriented diminishing Matt Elliott grating Arnaz junior. Q&A six menace on now everybody can make plays for a minute. Good like for its incredibly at that level that's a big error if you're now like a local candy you're making a six minutes on each yeah and it. He needs an attic and a lot of you cut out most of that out and know what it likes a six minute song and very few people can do it anyway alive. I'm gonna see you Wednesday that again at 3 o'clock I'll be at 610 sports I don't know why are you Islam and I like to hear today abuzz all your come in a beach probably either because they've done. Typical black girls and good food and apricot yeah. There's. Odds and not have liked this out all the citing carrying ten on at Busby to Bob I met your whole area at all due to our air a typical white people's jobs require people I may yet here obviously that is part of our guys here now Paula dialogue that I will see you tomorrow night I mean I think is significant I think you know significant difference between a black mimic for white people what to make I was glad I. I'm an acting out they got that and do it normally don't do it. I don't know what that's not find the holy thing. Spitzer said it's ever offended me was when she said the girl from Alabama shakes and a lighter read the break and I think I got alana. I was like I don't. Yeah. Pretty hour. Combat in one song she did and you know what in don't charge him Larry to drink and lumber I love every. Oh boy why I do I may well. Black guy exam and a free up do you stop the emergency eatery the Brinkley and Natalie BC airlines. I try to tell you Roosevelt road. Hours after I doubt it you don't pull the and acknowledge our arrogant sob sob that she's gonna start talking about Maxine Waters. Bob has seen a lot does that. I. And a mother lady that cuts my hair it's a great clips she said that's next suit it's like it's like. Barack Obama marrying a growing growing care how do you do not finish the show it as we're late or six minutes in the someone else's show right you're trying to sneak Saudi what is. Nobody said by kitchens on his leaping out there are taught not to go out and went on to handle it and that it's well it's almost over again I'm into their hands out he has forgotten like Zemin nauert I'm almost all of the financing waters I don't see you Wednesday should I prepare what should I do for Asia don't worry we will mobile worker -- leaves me a word out. It's hard I'm originally hardly anybody knew you man and a couple figured out double play I don't think. If she needed to grind.