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Tuesday, April 24th

Open, Jack White, Buzz Briefs, Sticks, Wood, Music, and more!


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That and is. Lured here I'm on the last. Seven for interred. That's iron down. Their album came out Friday. And that is my favorite track on animal sounds in it so that. Part two coming goes right back in. Daryn and Terry yeah it does but as I was dead. This is not ancient. Names. Per one. Rates. Occurring aren't they're playing tomorrow and and it's amendment. And this is what I've been doing some decision. In doing in the car engine tuner and home. Some student decision to don't scan them plan yet and because that's how I feel Stein has any hearing or you think assigning blame over. My freezing and somebody's in the car driving image. They just hear that and the other guy I wonder what that was or she can her the first part of the young. Maybe. I designing here again is that Simon Darren is because creepy creepy. Maybe Aaron both AM and then sometimes are gone and our charge which is fine. On the album that. I go back and to repeat anyway lured Sharon is that the Millen tomorrow their new albums can and it's pretty got it and get it here is. Changing names per wind again. That isn't chat lines and a is. Yes and it's. Yeah I think happy. Jack pointed senior. Laden and integrated view you know it's good. Salaries or Clinton I know my house all of my vehicle here I'm uncomfortable. I thought it was a sloppy and and happy Jack Quaid didn't show you where participate. Into a fight today despite it violating my religious beliefs. That's their way it. Tegra tegra of terrorism variety exactly that also. Did infinity or. Day after the entity were from there. You know you don't move it and do with the bingo night the new a new and Paris are expected this thing. They begin as is the one you're watching earlier they go to Oki went of them dying is yeah I mean I don't know who died. I'm saying man those guys we are just watching the trailer just again based on the trailer is famous is there. Finalists right payments. And although they say about us that Spain has some movies on those in Dan. And Casey care I mean that's another old timing language says some. A friend I'm tax and hike is Jack quite popular show. Last night I'm freaking. I don't you father's a lawyer votes. I mean I want tonight I would've known. The FLA people got condition for pop up shows after what human cause. In the Seattle and other odds is looking for pop out I think that's what they're like wishful thinking doesn't mean pat arrays. You know it's like Iowa cap. To make it to the end of infinity URO with him on runs activists. If I don't show my house. Down Jack was hanging out a monster Storm Chasers in answer yeah. You incurring big now now used to be they human free Jersey hazel occuring due baseball game that's abuse then yeah. Have a says he's got all baseball games and just look like he's having a miserable time that's funny and that means funny. We get out you know I don't think Gaffney and I didn't realise and as he well he Cowell owns a backed. Company. He's and his days I would sure cause. I'm mavens. May then yeah maybe it funny mean you know he's is a business maven. I'm Guinness. And might be a friend of as being you know you gotta database of taps endeavors and I know my college or do key business flaky or not made any money you have so much money. Day you can like start to make and stuff like your friends again a lot of bat I wonder why this error there is because like in Oregon I will say. The bad staff are also look galaxy Jack went bats he probably their calls the thing about their work. They are planning now battled our now they're totally alive the you can only is wood and professional yeah how many millions of wow I think some professional athletes is the company and that's it for their would means. All their batting wouldn't I but Jack why and Detroit of course second baseman. Ian Kinsler you know it's funny because woozy is Chandler have uses a lot of our. He EO the unity we need is like one place for one vein he is no place for another staying out of if you're going to die nowadays you think when he when he's made a bet he's from Detroit and now he's not. In Kim's legs I think. Got traded to the angels did he was on a tie it's yeah I don't think he's not tigers maybe they got any friends with them and because the music he's kind of from Nashville most but I think that our national ever. This move does operation and there I. Well. I don't see there are you open a third man records and to try it Diebler became business maven here's what happened Syria I think I don't know we're not friends I have no idea yeah. I will say this though I was the largest tray. Worse thick as the name of the batting company and ours stick. Tell me those war stakes aren't beautiful assailant they are gorgeous. They're beautiful afternoon anyways Bowman's. I no but they live like third man records of his own that bank. Seeing as they're claiming black and yellow line and motivate you metal that's cool bonnet Judea. Let's go to army guys are very nicely means he would bet. Why I don't know that jacket and style makes them it's a good market to bet how about that yeah based somewhat on CN it's a good look at bat. I told the daily combat to go look at that you are. A currency Angel and I crowded. It's funny. And it's funny is funny. Would that sounds vinyl records and what else what else is he diversified into I don't know I have an idea cakes pies. I don't think so Jack likes cherry pie. I don't know yeah I you'd have to ask him I didn't know about were paying until yesterday and cover reply I had no idea. I can consider ourselves somewhat diesel labors on them meet any. You would hope they would do peppering candy and yet you old bat that's a rat out yes. It's pretty obvious. I'd like to see the pretty out like iMac and a where nearly graduates trying to save these news or bad it's like what else is in Tizzy like the Mary Kate and Ashley Olsen like a very nice baseball. And he really really legs based on he's always had a based on and nationalize the triple A team I think. And any help supply their bands. Buddha socket I don't know it and you'd think he can get his back in Nashville too late. Show equates slinging would Heidi like. Kansas today. Yeah I'm Heidi actually now I thank god canvas and and we'll play another one. There are so high they are not doing that follows a weekend that CD somewhere like I think justice don't say that until they haven't we have an Angel. But now we were. You've beaten the last time was that the last thing he came through mean. He allowed us to. Playback urges. Broadcast is concert scene at the men and and I dare say it was all day and as long as we didn't. Parity debt and you mean. You have a which whatever that's fine. You don't think so I think it's kind of goal anyway and while we have. You know Mumford is let us do Arcade Fire we only re aired one once again. Some of the likelihood that we re aired again as you know he has artists are very weird about. I mean I guess I get well great as far as greatest Stewart. Yeah I may have like I don't does I completely agree with that statement any and while some murders humor particularly. I do them a favor apps some of them out of that and kegs a nagging. I don't care they kegs and eggs versioning men's terrible pain and I will now it's maybe it's because it's early in the morning and in no could be an update could be an off day. Maybe they do need a ton of production and I don't now. But I on air. They may be some people's real marketing anyway. We'll Hillary's argument we're just I'm Randle who has knowledge that I can't wait and worry about daylight bank Kansas you and me and do we have at least I have a hard. Mean I feel like I did at least of them apparently though. A bad timing your looking for. You guys I don't honey Xeon Kansas and us. Lilies and. Anyone into the hotel ya I swear it was I do like. Her idea. I mean how do you feel now again patty field now idea. You sounds as another sign that. And then and Jack White and yeah I have I have days. Mark look at it. We don't have in the computer are now dis Dan you gotta you've got an object wiper. Perfect. How long is too long ago looked at. It once was blowing this. Market look for. It's only. Don't make him do it's really however on it's time it's via any fans via C and have fun and I've been. I'm GM I did sound now the occasions. Nugent and a jet fly into headlines how you learn how do you feel now. You have kids to see how do you feel here we threaten to. Is no doubt it. And grow our less Tyler says but dad yeah. Still a. Morning. It's. I. See any fear out was going on. Write its top story today and we can all city metro area. Any jet plane tickets and I have must go today things. So be listening. Puppies. Stolen from blues brings breeder who fears. They may be in danger of becoming bait. I don't know that means. And that means either becoming beats. Beats Kirby geeks. Bates BE I eighteen not okay what kind of rates. Are now. But looking back on Thursday Carroll's staff that says she believed someone was chasing her house she advertises her newborn puppies online and she says whoever took them. Did so it not to find them loving homes. My parts on. I mean. I just died. That this is like what where are they you know. That is a moment Carroll's staff has learned to seven of her newborn Pomeranian puppies and two adult dogs were stolen from her home ice that had to come out here are my hero. To get these properties staff has kept two litters of three week old puppies in her bedroom. When murderers in here and one motorist in here one happy they have named baby. Was left behind hiding underneath the blanket in the dark bedroom they barely ball. We're just now starting to walk baby's mother Angel a black and white Pomeranian was one of the adult dogs stolen she's look at stats is his other female breeder Angel has been looking for her pups since they were stolen Thursday. This and they earn. Tries to find her staff is has put out an alert on social media and the blue springs police are working to find these puppies before something happens to them. Which is what staff has believes will be their fate if they are not found soon. They used little dogs. Yes. Squeaky toys for their fighting dogs and what if any. As squeaky toy is that they basically use them for Peyton and train the dogs to kill. So. Now I don't know my dogs are in it. Well Imus say this I need to be fair here against alum they're adding that it that it they're they're good to be fair to you know I feel like they probably have monetary value if there their purebred Pomeranian. I don't now right I don't I adopted I'd have to do a mild night you know I like the poppies that have no homes spray. Personally. I got a great puppy for decades he pet project he's in the studio right now if you listen close you can you chewing on his ball. But yeah maybe in Stalin itself. Right now apparently we don't know a lot of my dogs area. And find this Tex signs saying we need is for dog fighting. Dog fighting days satin. People yet it they'd be that we don't know that the dog fighting me. Now we don't know that now we just didn't know evade dollars worth bidding was just knowing it's a big dollars that's at C failures as is he thinks race. I'm adding it's did you find somebody on Logan's Pomeranian puppies you know and ask your question to break as the where they came from. Bobby gets stolen frequently I don't think I do I think I would doom poppies getting stolen stories like some say this I made new I didn't talk about the break it. I'm feeling that someone she knew him dating talk about the break in you know. And they know where the puppies or how did they know was he says he posts about a mile line guests. I think to sell them that's pretty balls the facility come in. And take your cup is dating tyra broken windows and entitlement not feel like they would be. Like puppies like squealing like they're being stoned to rank yeah but I mean if nobody's dominating talk about how they got into the house. I hope somebody finds those puppets. And the one that was a fine or baby. And hit hiding under a blanket around. That's so because superhero origin story that is right area who's taken that little puppy who's got baby. Amateur primary Indians I don't know. A lot via. I've LA than to the doctor rescue with a lot. Of and she's not I. A thoroughbred the prices could be as low as 500 as high as 4000. Really. While they won't and you and I wouldn't use that for dog may. That's an expensive doctor dog bay Brett and sand you can get up poppy on his side of the road for not that. You could find a box of puppies and nobody's gonna mess. Still right I mean it's a horrible truth statement but. I Yemen says it's very common it is for puppies puppies gets on on time you know public did brutal hills poppy. Is it people taking a poppy out of boxes something. Yeah there's little sign that says Furrey they're fuel breaking into your houses to steal your poppies and blue springs all time. There is a hobby Steve bringing. You guys stand for that there you must do things different. TV they're making a cart so at at at at at that that's excellent add to its instant that the a guy called by an obvious that he is org that's with a broken. Down usually minions like to show you the break in part. All the designer Anna and Toews. Doubly you know a broken window. Break our tape over a window and all that remains as a reminder of the break early. 4000 dollars for upon ski those Pomeranian Huskies those are hot. If the door that's not what it was well that now about just the pom pom skis are adorable if heard I agree with that. Husky you know Vanya Gregory I could drop four random one hunters I mean and then happened to be at a shelter. Call me leaning. Daniel. Rose develop here from the crude oil for about. If she laughter from drama there wouldn't meaning it bureau for them that certain. If you just walk on it. Hopefully they were taken to an insult to be so yeah correct yeah yeah I imagine if you come across some Pomeranian. Nods is gonna dump old. You find some ways element that's what I think is 500 bucks at least right. Time hundreds of 4000 is or is that birth at times how many. 6077. Yeah while I was on the 91 was seven number three weeks worked into -- dollars for taken. How that happens seven orders of the adult Cyrus forget right. It's Indian though luck probably because they know they can brave little. Could totally beautiful cover it and tags on those loans account non. You're charging thousands are probably the navy is ending his own house as he charged I don't know than say people do that for the job though it looks like it might beer jobs. People and I don't think she wore it well I think I subsidy I'll think about it that I think come subsidize your income to doing that no one did. That kind of via. Am just saying like she probably give ease the money at all I mean yeah that's why you're doing it nobody is nobody does break work. Now seems a glamour or yeah. She does signal over dogs adams' there's zillow. Policy was or can it Danica is ours is that it's a seven times 500 million minimum 3500 bucks you're gonna early development of bucks for bait now. Now that puppies are allied. Stuff I'll have a. Somebody knows where they are. This has followed story written all over it. Those of these are. This is not going to be a hard case to crack. Right. Who'd be talked to recently about buying a puppy. Nobody do you have any enemies these are questions we get figure all you should ask her the modus operandi. Operandi. MO RF. The communal. Good depth. And I do believe it's known as an upper end of a grand love I am a Mo MO MM I'll. It's like how via SM I go I'm obviously a hard just hard to if you try to try and spell assassinate. Right now until they had. They asked as they asked as RI and AT and and while. Why he uses to me all his time and I don't understand right I know Larry. Is champions have asked fascinate app. I just say yeah any constantly asking just how things I know. I as you realize I was the back have snagged a matter amber come counties spanning the young man who's gonna. I do is here so I was the second bats migrate in my county into an array I was checking that I don't have Erica butter is that fair amount. As I Albert asks me dispose Larry fat boy buzz. Kerry compiler you have pitch. Anyway so this season puppies Pomeranian pup detective Danny I think you should be. Calling ads via that are cell laying Pomeranian and it's a good hour now palm Iranians. First it needs to sit and puppies yet away in a lock. The poppies meant like poppies every day they go by the get less valuable. I don't know how you hear you have to wait a certain amount of time Pomeranian Kabul that's pro when he took the parents to actually if you think about it. To take care of of these southern. You know as he Pomeranian puppies were stereo instance. Blues greens. What it's like got underground Mike Pence up the freeing. Where they go around in LA you know we got it we're we're low in me get a dog. Ending on a steal from print readers not the big guns I now and it didn't seem issues and a breeder now. Classified its. Yeah and I think it turned out back page very easy to do it anymore now I can you will prayer. Or Craigslist. While on note is that our arranged. Basis are just as Dionte has on Connors anymore. Well I tell you what I will keep an eye out for puppies online Keisel copies unfazed but America probably. A mango there and saw everything and pays them. Survey loves his February they've put Mariana. On a trampoline. Tom Iranian. I'd I doubt they posted. Companies are probably looking at people looking form on courses I think not and another and oh so you know all about the inside info there about how people do things a market. You know litany you know there may be out there looking for people policy in need to reach out ha. And when mark any entity Canadians opposed. They're some of copyright now being got to wait for me or maybe do it different markets. Lawrence who that's that's pretty small Oman Colombia after app. I mean thank you all unless I dived. That's cute jargon navy possibly more per property graduate Omaha John I had. ABF and become the joke stayed for the lack. Then after that that's. Very true hey. I am this morning Missouri the Missouri outs. Gave a voice vote approval. To legalize medical marijuana for many patients the bill approved Monday in a voice vote. Would allow anyone over eighteen dying of the terminal disease. Access smokeless medical marijuana has crazed evil of cancer alzheimer's posttraumatic van order in a variety of other conditions would also qualify. It's a voice vote which means it has to go through other about our and a vote in the house as it is say medical. Why do we have to qualify as anything now because this is how we do it C got John Boehner. Right former speaker of the house kind of showing up and be like hey. Totally into weeds now right like let's makes a labor breath and then Chuck Schumer is like what I have totally well legalize pot now and so Missouri's kind of very very very very very. Behind Missouri and kids as well. So they're kind of like little OO will delay the medical being and then will probably do is Google. It is really stupid laws is get to the end result well they're not even doing medical rendering medical qualifiers. Right link just. Jude medical let a doctor decide whether it meringue it's kind of hard don't qualify it got to be an adapt bad then mullah is smokes the more aid mayor ray and for the medical early if it is kind of hard because it's not really that studied. In different conditions because you can't because it's federally illegal as schedule one drug. Well about narcolepsy is analyst probably not. Anxiety that should be on the list agreed. Intention to play condition mark might happen and opinions and and he doesn't we have attention deficit a DD perfect day out. I BS do you see. ADV. Ammo. So we'll say it happens of that but it's you know as some people are. Yeah tests being medical arts and not via now need to qualifying. Is that's really eerie their medical stay. Are your legal. I'm sitting there and most companies use states are now medical. Unlike I mean I'd say ray high in the ad strengthen China every rumor except for in Missouri in Kansas resurrect Israeli can't really irritates me Wyoming we have a state line. Yeah I did go already get at the other place right neither one have that now. It really has been priced in at least pick wind I would assume it would have been Missouri and a Missouri and there's a feeling Missouri's worm. I had him. I ending and this ice diving maybe Mitt kids like Mary like supreme improper. Right Missouri can get a little backwoods C. Downs and smokeless ask here and I'm I think kids came Q why is there and it is a Muslim world. Oh it's smuggler as though is that they use that I did IRS I don't remember. Learn used. Life is determined Ariza Andrew is really I know Sarah. I mean as busy at that Opie were a problem over there. While over everywhere. I went to go get my reserves men are my amphetamines solved yeah. And CDS allow the night we only have forties you know gloves in my garage. Canada's come get their translators is like now that's apparently not power it's not my my wife has. If you have a high percent yet. And does this mean she's tired all the tight Norman how much or she gets which is funny too she married an epileptic. And we try to get her script though yesterday and they didn't have. That quantity atlas said and the doctors. Call and give them a quantity yeah the driving get a written down by the doc I'll yet everything has to be written SATA go back. As the they don't tell me that night we'll text you move when your order's ready. We needed you a special delivery air and I'm like OK merry for no one's tax. So I call of our students. Chizik we only have 42 of those. And we don't get a shipment until Tuesday and but you're really running out of amphetamines. Is that how much the better being prescribed yes everybody gets amphetamines. Apparently they're out at a pharmacy. They have always boggled me I power you out I am anatomy it's. Your pharmacy your pharmacy. How are you ever out but he is different in their. Problem I had on did you not. A viewer in there. Anchor and we never work at a pharmacy wrecked he got a nice and he's got GM GM he's sore right Greg oriented dispensary. Well not a good idea that for me is shortest job I ever kept mindset of yeah minds yeah. I don't know I feel like both states we desperately need it as closely for money. They desperately needed I don't know I write and is being where they've now Anglia there's so elegantly wasted. I'll drink and is an act make illegal tax and I think that an Auburn yeah that's me personally well that you want and sort of mount a Coke having us. Tax that taxes right now yeah. That would be my only utopia. And I wouldn't tax that a lot and how I would I would I was glad that I made it's still under dealer prices. Under dealer and they're dealer prices I would have a floating brightly like ten bucks ten bucks lower than a dealer and a dealer prices. Does that Cai and ahead us today it's still calling cuts do we buds. It's finally can probably around because of the students. They can give your personal mount -- they can fill the remainder in thirty yards this disease and it's really see is an affidavit for easier though this saga and right now. I got another pharmacy closed. And other firms. We don't have your insurance. Test test hope he. So was it happens accelerated a love story by the poppies. Reliability. That's about a hundred spurs are Hawkins is. Find yeah it's fine everything's fine. Big eat them by as your big fat morning buzz good morning news and indeed these earmarks out. Yeah out. Man. I tell you lot cannot. Got a good story in my house and well I needed genie is. Carton much. I Nugent I'm over a 'cause sedan in hand and I feel a year grandpa I'm not that now I'm feeling hey man. Remember your turn now hi this is schools are wrestle me to my friend of course I now I feel that. I think maybe it's to match and back after it worse he details now and I manners instantly. Knew it irritated at shoot your ass out. So. If you listen to show and I you know I take gone trails like the trail I love trails trails are your thing. That is my damn I listen to music and her. Idea a loss literally fear lane. Although I've been doing better about getting lost I mean it's a pretty good escape it's a very sad days not self destructive to scare. Right and actually beneficial sure. I really like doing drugs and going on and dramatize that anymore can't do anymore now now so I'm just so where and on material on the trip home and so we're now that your own a two piece so I did my dog with me in like sixty years the bill like some nights he can hear a lift and true wonder in opinion Dan victory. And the new place as a shim an amateur hours early and I have letters that Simoneau and a half. Super fine daddy went on ballots are meant there was three years and I have fire pit last year you did have a fire fire pit and I got this cement and we both you moved in closer now we both got him NAS ranked. So two minute as. There's also honorable man are just so wonderful. But it's like you've got to keep feed that thing would. Right addictive damage him and they're going to see you need way Sidney would for Jim minute break so I was really scavenger. You'll illegals can't under on the Arden. They have always I would on the roof last night with a rake. Again and I had to get gas and kindling down I mean I I I tap my yard out I was gonna chop the tree down break. For what. What's article what's expensive. It's stupid to pay for light you up by if you want like a bundle was like what 56 by climax of the gas station and you know I could find it net as does this say if there is anyway to be found and like if you want opinion limits smells great doesn't twenty dollars and ban is that the when you get the -- opinions special occasions only. Hanging in that opinion like your patties found that PI and hole and. Yes can you who's been your own I don't know any nice I have this idea we mean when I'm on the trailer is about to brush. Oasis system. Trees saw everywhere on every our own time breaking news on my eyes held Dini. I'm gonna start collecting way our mind's eye exam. For the gym and ran out of the stereo. Now the trail can be a couple miles an you know five whatever I got and get this back to the vehicle databank. Take my backpack and you've got a look at the work that's. Handpicked. Correct keep us from New York parks. Direct TU current. So Greek fire. And spree gas. And I'm not chopping anything down and I saw this script what this is gonna sit there did she just get a sense that yeah. And collect the leaves and more herb France's. Now there's only so much they can take with me. My idea was I baguette nice salad out of detecting Danny out like look at all this way huh. And I would ever cares. What. That. Stock. Is and believe all this free one and I guess all over the ground even as they get up and put it in your backpack and I'm pretty centric and so I'm like this either. Don't you do that you're really that's ridiculous I'm selling my my opinion way and I do like him rail like I don't know how he would rather. Three woods the bats yeah I'm not paying and five bucks for bundle here's the thing I'd pay you five bucks for monolith like fresh word from our natural part here in Kansas. I'm down. While I loaded up my backpack you be against her I agree for would. But it wasn't enough of yeah Lleyton again the last tonight correct it's not amenable as early as a way to like that. Either terminate your agency Eads city exit steel you know I would. It's a ridiculous. So. Market now so I got a backpack fall offense is starting raw looks completely raw water Smart as I Teflon aria. And then I found some other good luck and stick out that I can. Bring these up like we are looking away and now you're like the terminator analyzing every piece that every item rights and down my and I got an app now your lack your parents are golden. You're gonna diminish announce how many did you. He's a good idea now you're like a wood Somalia a U there really would. I love that Larry who doesn't want go to I didn't. And so I take the other got a bad back all hoping that the dot alleys finally had to put my wood down and yeah. As it because I can't if I lean over with a backpack and a full rated. You're out. I'm ridiculously excited that happened before all of a little diagram figure that out again and using the backpack off. Let the woods sent on the ground. And then. The trail I went to China eastern part yesterday and then did the doctor out. Down to the latent or whatever. And I always collect the weigh in on the way back and then. Sometimes now I'll say somewhere inside and ended up under way. Think through this is really good out there even overhear a big piece of mates are again on the way out is sometimes. And few years Samoan you know. I'll hit branches out and make them smaller yeah. A right guarantees you out of very get up I wow very get Everett there and that I'm I'm taking literally branch in any up against another appears certain to make smaller branches of that in my backpack. So market out at the died I'm back backed rate earnings to be and then the extra six that couldn't fit into you. The backpack new market I car at some ladies are shocked and ample mistakes back typos I am holding a bunch of branches. And my backpack as full Wyden and my dog is on early issuing an arm on the car and some ladies says Samir. Nice sticks. Yeah but let's look at it. Current legal anyways the bad and that her hand and Billy and I really gave to the dog bark Google thinks they have well. So I'll say it adds remains human. It. Torments him nab and they're judging me. Exactly acting the way for my chairman I don't know now what kind of bursting comments like obvious on my sixth they think you're either gonna be insecure buyers states insecure about his sixth well secured Agassi I knew I would have won in Iraq I'm kind of insecure does six editors ignorant are you now. I'm Mike. I don't wanna drop any Martin's took place off of it or not. Which is funny I was gonna suggesting she get a couple of blankets that handles and then you can lay him flat and you put a whole bunch is still have to figure out. How I'm telling you here but I figured out I gotta gotta solve part again. There's nobody there and ever in my as a business is slow march well the brown muzzle target is if you don't mind your business is well parks you know great MI business out. Now there are gonna comment on mystics. Haven't you get a dogs that have you do hoping to help you out imagine. And I try to do it in conspicuously didn't. Trying to emulate on the optimize and you're like an arrow quiver I need a bigger there are big aero quiver I need something to Cherry Hill did have laid the bag packed I have gone back. Golf that's so heavy you know. You just at and T golf bag is having bad depends of the minutes of the lower job by the time I'm collected all the way didn't. My bat I like the idea of the flat blade it handles and if so you folded up right he carry it like it figured out you can carry one any Cheney to do farmers walk. Upper exercise. I don't know I did but the leads and call me out on this. Ends and it's exciting. All right just racers in early in the Iraq Donna Wyatt I can't handle land TV man your children out of me and in the states. They're huge and all easy to care in. Just rail wagons. What about zip ties. Zip ties like that I am the bundles yeah you like lay a mile and when you got like a big bundle your bag and the news does exist. I'm just waiting for parts security to pull me over these premium that's propped park proposed park would mean. Saying. Look I don't I take the one out. You an idea bag. Of gangs like he would nod. Conspicuous at all it you're making noise all the way up I don't actually wearing corduroy is meant a core is on the trail to. We're glad you're back in the Israeli else takes takes a moon. I don't think I don't know how are the campaigns are like new and innovative here I think we got a startups profiling. Delivered I fix this. Act as a damn like man when you think that topped their communities suffer a moral we need not heard a lot of that stuff up at a lot of out of there people want in queen Mary aren't come get the sticks out in my lawn. I need I don't want. Three yards there see what I am babies sick eating ice and good solid buy anyway and by how much would you pay for a bundle of sticks. Handpicked. By a mantra. I'm part of your choice it's like yeah. I'll go to whatever partly on aren't you wanna go in a careful about transporting across the state line in NATO I would ballistics across state line I'm not I don't know I don't. A rolling duffel bag here yeah because that's not gonna give me notice I'm trying really to keep it quiet. Here's the thing goes I don't want. On every other mother have turned they don't stay in Iowa and prepared salmon and everybody is going to the park today everybody is going to be taken my wood from the targeting new I'm bringing up in the air. But that made yesterday telling me that I had nice sticks. I just think is funny and she's like nice sticks. Well it offend really mind your business is just mind your business look I know what I'm doing okay I'm aware of what this looks like I don't need you to drive to right clearly I'm holding a lot of what. They're the guys would she didn't she's a nice sticks and I says it's reminds him and ask. Do you have to tell you just did you like banks. Wanna I suppose is that it does I just came out I come out here to like it's. I thought I could say like I I Whittle it. I'm aware of luck there. I'm an artist I'm a winner ruler who really GU. It. It is kids evening for what I mean seems stupid there's a bond gently on the ground upward our editorials. There's there's there's your boss did I organ Shawnee mission. There had been PG get meal take a little carts. And there's some things I can give you permission to look official have a shyness impart card. Yes orange vests or just go with Sierra collector. What I really need to change is hard. I'm. Chris Chris I don't feel that carries the value something but no there's trees all over. It's like you know blocking the trails in the pat just fallen out over here I think carried two days just clean up a little bit. A man I like that more people are texting in to help you steal more sticks. Then be like. Talk about the lady or the stealing a six like I guess dealing. I pay for it I mean I pay taxes is a failure from the trees are Nazi I'm not taking any brains is on the trees anything I take anything I scavenged. Sir pat Evans and scavenge is that right and here's Gammons Imus scavenger of wide yes I do like ray in star war. Yeah you're going around collecting pieces of things that you really shouldn't do that why not. Somebody who said I gotta fill these and he's like all you gotta worry about transferring tree fungus. McMahon it's island in Johnson County automobile one reverberate brings it all adds revises there is here around eventually Accra today live in and a ten minutes fifteen minutes away from the park free rent I don't. Not worried about the apartheid states why she's 86 is that mainly this is his should take sticks. You shouldn't do that. Went do they have surveillance cameras and trails. On the younger I got a chainsaw I got here. Sure I'm missing out here it's not. The legal hamas' armed prior primary now I wasn't on anyone's private property thank you officer thank you often is there. Maybe I didn't get a believes Ford Escort meg stuck. Yeah back that they include straight up higher. And I'll let alone the top car I ya got a TVs drag ya gotta learn to enjoy its. Whatever you ever get made fun but I gave you agree with the asthma yeah. I'm a good idea I'm impressed I enjoyed delay and I I think. Huge I need custom picked delivery bundles. Or venture. A sneaky. We can do it to get she's got. Call me Keyes speak to ease my dog just stops it looks at me I doubt she's got a great facilities. I care. Our class she stops and Julius anyway. What's your break met at arms or foot ground about a sometimes it is and it. And then sometimes I just take it and whacking it sure is his trip. To speak with that. It's area but I got a razor no one's als is a routed San Diego reads do you go for you and I passwords. Thank you challenges are going to do as well yes I challenge and I realize I need an absurd statements you're gonna be like sodas and rips. Yeah it's going to be and is an hour. Angela do I got one finger pull up I commend her on there my my shoulders that are my arms are a banker and you wonder why. I'm definitely MIA hiking trail. I'm break you know would she was wanting you to say every IC ticket domestic sheet. So many sticks and I. Informative and hand and then she says that that's a lawyer as. Well that's OK and that's just sad disease that she's. That's adds that he did that. I think she kind of like your idea fetal. Like. Some of these says you know obviously anything out of parts for supper mushrooms don't you take mushrooms into the parks bats a good hike in seventh and only ask that's resourceful. Yeah I got to the end of my ass sounds like he. I. Final thought Eric did don't pick. I'm not paying her way you know by get a 41 I would Goosen and you don't imagine now. It gives you an anti aging player that plays Manning of the marketplace via fifty bucks game is down over the two minutes elements I got a terra cotta timid man. Take a little cancer within that class is lying when I start taking gadgets axes are awesome axes maybe god. And then I look like that person I feel like I can be arrested because that's a weapon and think why am I taking. A hatchet into what's so one place you probably can't dig ahead tonight on now. Year and what about people dig a little earlier. You little weird when I'm walking down. Part would would let if you can if you get helping carry a handgun in Kansas liking you open carry a hatchet. You can hear I get it. I feel comfortable taking anything to break that went out and I like I feeling that it's too far the I'll tell my altering my splitter I'll bring my regular axe you're gonna come with me like relax and fit is he now you're full of hot topic straight down obviously George brought out we don't. Chop any trees down. We pick up the brash. There's plenty of trees on a grown now he's thinking to smaller scale we're now to keep up we won't ask any forests left him for patent down a tree the cost of doing business the Laura into hollow capitalism. We ruin something and we make money out that's how it works just because he has lap a whole bunch to. Doesn't mean that I think paranoid does. Doesn't mean we're laughing and just sounds like a whole bunch of knowing crap playing music it's a 417. We're very proud is that they're praise on him as area I think that's why you are angry I understand it's fine. Yeah you know I haven't chairman AM here in Branson Karl giant ball operates and that's a heavy police security Carl Jones in Carthage Joplin and Lebanon neo showed Nixon ozark Springfield west plains. I get a hearing back to what a fine line and it's close out the morning Monday there yeah I think that's for its part in this fight I'm sure it's a fine says sorry you don't like talking about human they as in pillaging nature's forests used a stroller thing with the shaking and I think he in his leg. It's. On the trail that's paying plus WS this year baby you have to tellem name is grouped. I love her to. How do I get it chilly man you have byline or of the plays he rented house one. Trying to beat them like Lowe's and mean. Non deep I mean I went through fire pit near a burned through fire. I love fire in the backyard rank I love two minutes veteran of fire bit faster to start break. Tech sign my parents get permits to remove dead fallen and tag trees all the way you can get. Ask the corps of engineers that's only something you might wonder. Talking to about as general amusing and laughing and only the things here and machine that somehow says it's it's pretty ridiculous you don't have a sense of humor that's in place that has did would. If you got a west LA than them they have hardly wait a minute trailer I mean that's the point is I exercise. Guardian and John. Am I collect wood for the German and a as my reward legally and a couple of drinks that's that's that's leg like an orange went back to Baghdad and our enjoy a couple of Orange lamps. And Mike Shanahan and of all that beings. That like you can do for your own personal enjoyment ladylike. I don't exercise. And Margaret ward is collecting work might fire panic or twit at the end of the day. I don't ask me why I think there. I want it now earns nine your business end nobody at times it he had illegally. He. Everybody talks assignments from park. And it's you really nice guys let's get back. I. Okay. You know and. All right. Yeah I tickets are gone Merck. Each yeah are crap I'm out I'll and Jack writes again and seen and I'm surprised we made it this song. With all of them. Although everybody's people get to meet Lee meaning people violate that don't wanna be. And in position and he thinks and things. The Daily Show up late the flag man I wish you had imposed. As I told them I am like man I don't have any. I'm out now on the last that Jack White tickets tickets are available and as sounds crazy to purchase. Third man records the third man records sharply at mills record company yeah. And Westport. Noon to three if you care about that I mean it's cool that they brought the track and and and they have loved seeing history prize appearances anything. I don't think sound so many did tax me yesterday there I make up of a cookbook but but. It is and I'm not saying email it doesn't matter knowing consuming China last ridiculous just Catholic and calm down over there are tease then down. They're right is. Jack Horry doing a pop up shallow knee late last night. I'm like freaking out and even checked into words and Oman last night and now he's on two and a pop up tour. And I called I tax in the one promoter where they tell me the venue is that. As a gives you are going to and a top of surely you know you're right now that I heard of these play in whatever venue and Omaha and and I was like I should it just checked the tour and dumb ass. I don't scare me like that. Person know why would he do a popular show. But I am I wish you do its case and he's with us that I am sure they are kegs and angst and it would have been. Nobody asked the can you imagine the man that would have been happening at voodoo lounge. Do admitting you want for him. Sarah quite Iraq tell your parents he did do something called Ike. And to try it. He played a show. I think it might have been him like an impromptu show at third man records and went the first 200 people were fur or. The first and turn to get her from all members would you like I know people do not like Lady Gaga does with the monsters. Right vol members got in for free. First 200. With small numbers it's just like Lady Gaga as monster that site up and Garrick and now now now time. Yeah well it's not a fan club I mean if it's on a club for fans you've gets things. From third man records you get vaults. Items that Banco. You can per like records and a cut. Maybe the fans I don't know it's a fancy tank of a they call it a ball. Are you excited for Jack why yes he's always great life is he it's almost like the ball that's excellent opening maybe Jacqueline excellent. I think he's funny here. Then we see maybe I know I never got to have a sense of fruit tray there's no way I trust me. Need a sense of humor to let their people are really funny their people misunderstand like you Tommy from betray a narrow five term. But when I go home. People are whole areas they're characters like they have to be in you have to be at him tears still live there. I there's no right. With people that are artists that you that you like in you've invested as a significant part of your life and you know when you are there's ambassador of the night I got just as much out of this. I mean he's gotten for me I monetary and your your best as you've you've I am bass at your best and counselor and a lot of guys around k.s come insurer. And it's is always scary because you never really do because you meet them for such a short period of time you can never actually. Get to know the real bad you know I mean it's like a scary thought. That the person in the present for example on the along with donated their brain are invested weirdly a large part of my emotional teens and early twenties in this band fall into the as a total Dick and you never going to be able to sit down and talk to get to know. I'm always fascinated when we talk about who they are as people. I don't now the wind I I only to meet people I love I've come to that conclusion how and learn from me. Depression Matt you know Allentown depression are right they are far exceed end. They went above and beyond their find me there everything I hoped they would would have been in more. Bike not only did they. Deliver any. Expectation may well exceeded my page you chose well but I didn't she's I really great you know their music shows me it ain't got me three. Saint Louis Jack certain like that certain albums I was an. In here at the time and and then I was like I wasn't ready. You're ready I was it like console is and will only in Iraq and Jordan I go back to that out of my math. And then it was like a staple. Within the last eight like I was listened to and yes. Yes yes. I again. I mean it's our feel about the new album like I'm not Heredia and it's not that time in my life sometimes you and a go back then and yes again and now I can get at them you know my heart wasn't you know it's like I NA AA again I'll. Is like the as stages of the cross. In you know lasagna as casino and they catholicism. When you read about stations of the cross when your kid. If you retire and I Catholics I know Williams anchor our cards are leery to vital break you relate to it we Urich did you relate to certain part of the story. Where you are I have always wanted to marry magna planet we are middle way here in the middle way we LH do you read the story to really relate to different characters right and when your older. You relate to different characters again such is the same of these upper or else you'll are not ready for this particular Jack White stations yeah. There or any artist in Paris right well and in some of them just never come around. Again you know. Depeche are always comes around Jack Collins comes around okay well it's only that obviously there's certain man digest NN death. Our man a man amend and I would say UT's a book I never really you know I mean I'm not and that Bucky or not I mean I've seen them I think they're great iron. I make some of their songs. I don't I rarely does and chair of a huge album and yummy it was something is popular I can like him anymore lemons I addition. Well who cares that seemed to mean I don't care I want people one of the happy and make money if aircraft. I like to think that there's a certain point when you get so big. In any sport this sport be it music entertainment be it whatever at a certain point when you get that large. You can't get there naturally I feel like personally name. Out announcements apparently you're so I have fundamental issues I am not denying it. My perception of the world has little law. Anyway apparently believe taxing and then some in different places and I loved it. Yet there he was an all my fans are summoned her since that era mine was amazing. Another person's sign him they Texas earlier this arm and train ending Grand Rapids there to see him tonight and JC. I love when you travel. Wishing it travels a man let me Andy he's going to be any fish in can't count Dave Matthews is Dave Matthews is kind of hard. Here is Dave Matthews he announces summer jury oh it's in my anybody. Email Dave Matthews the guy I definitely don't want to me I'd be so disappointed. If the guy who brought me so much choice singing satellite was a day off are we break. We met him he's not the day I I haven't I outlined in the US softball with Dave Matthews. It's cool enough. He was really and I east he was. It down Dave. I mean he was nice. There is nothing you know I'm not a huge Steve and a friend of mine is and she flew there and to do that she as Jack sly it still does today. Dave Matthews fans hilarious. Anyway and she was on all summer. And I was like that's fine we Ali do we like that are why it is your Dave Matthews and her. Find out now. Now and we interviewed. And I madam along time ago memorial hall The White Stripes it back and that. We got on their bus. And they weren't ready. Mike they were expecting. People on their people on the parents yeah that's. And they were very gracious given bag and then we even interview then we interviewed. Jack and I found. And he was on the most talkative and gracious from Iraq in two hours it's hard to interview multiple people. At one time and I hate doing it 9%. It is Lakeland there's a whole band on the other end of the phone line. You can't see you then you don't Allen's going nine and everybody's reading because of the absolutely. And I don't blame them and I give me on the night. I will be there. Analysts he has tonight. I knock on an ornament. Yet I'm only just come in and play I'm not gonna go and while Gonzaga. U. Murky and I come hammer throw and I aren't around they can they're gonna escalate and take some time. Right but think kids you've listened to this man. It's time period. See the man the myth the legend they listened to records on his record player. I don't want them touch I went straight circular. And a third man vault item. Well they did. Get in denying any teen children have guns also has a broken. Now they broke me kick me like I'm not touching yet I'm not enjoying it I don't know why ain't gonna happen. It stresses me out like I am not using it to play records I don't wanna break it I don't know how to replace god damn needle I only on deal with outside. And then I am Ali came with all these little like. They but they broke both of the boxes they public record boxes. Like exterior thing might erupt. I've by the negative ads they break anything and that's why you have an imam his retirement. I would never solemn. I'll sell a lot of things not that never. Act that goes a migraine with me and mine. Maazel William La has ceded the field may now Kansas City how do you feel now here's the Sonko hotel yorba like to hear it. Yeah those who. Our entire in the eyes and I we nine. Jack waits and waits Tamara and I me. He is lure here on it the mainland. Oh does at Providence. I will be a lower year on. You can dory like they wanted to do at that Shania. Simmons or union to its deterrent Twitter noted. It's unprofessional to say that I don't like certain burden. I think that's funny it's not my job to tell you until. It's not our jobs and I'll be honest with you realize just like every other talking voice or may not as the speakers. And honestly about how we feel about life. And music I mean would I greet you gotta tell it was your here is sale of this is great this is great this is great this is great this is great that's not ever Ron grant. Art that's your job to figure out why you like we you know like parity now what I. And that's. Really I think condescending. To make you think otherwise and I think I think it's a reader letters are needed reminds me names. And they met or not necessarily even hear that. All right what they play as gospel yeah and that's the case. Everyone has their own mikes and just weeks. And to me it's condescending and record I I think you're Smart enough to know it like knives that's not my job and likely like. Maybe like what I like sometimes media yeah bring is something new maybe we don't always cool you crapping Anthony prolonged period of time and then they change your mind you I was summing down like down Mueller here on track as for again a cancer in the about it kind of guy and anything about it it is so that I act and I was honestly about half a dollar here on and yet you de large here as a good track and I was like their new album due out Friday at and let's change Barack per share in your leg already that crap all over higher -- But it did and I did you like to ice that I like to play and then Molina and Aaron had is that the ancients. Names are one. And the albums are really good data rename. Larger and tomorrow night Jack played tonight. The line that bows. So yeah. Dean can.