Afentra's Podcast Tuesday August 22, 2017

Tuesday, August 22nd

Eclipse, Buzz Briefs, Flood, and more!


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Good morning name's Andrew dean humor is here. So. Did you hear and watch solar eclipse no I mean. Now I. Yemen picture at least with UN glasses. Now. While and I have a picture of me glasses because everybody was kind of doing line now when I'm very aren't very anti aids like they collapse. I'm anti eclipse is taking happy I hardly at all and on the class you know why you're not into eclipse live. Because one of your favorite songs. The lady got to perform yesterday I saw that I was so annoyed. I was sorrow or annoyed by like who hires Barney Tyler. To go on a cruise ship and who buys those tickets to see total eclipse of the heart which by the way. The music video was set at night. Maybe it was just during the eclipse are my I mean I mean music and total eclipse of the arts. Let me let's see if there's a moon our son because I think. It was eclipse silenced our needs and that would make fat and there is now the evidence I mean it could sit there like two minutes. Well maybe this blog 532 I don't know what year this eclipse took place but Jesus. It's the little. You mean the common. I mean yes handled way it is a dove. See it's kind of not a 100% dark. It had to be at home Monday. The thing on the news. No luck yet there's nothing there's clips that's going to ask that no that was that was just the moon there is no electoral player on the outside event. It was an accurate there was I mean it was a late eighties it was that's those that Douglas. As a battle spaces. That's no moon. Did you think there's so the end of the eclipse. Today I mean I don't know now I know this is video in the end I don't think anybody has. Its a terrible. Parent. I'm just glad that kids can get work. Another the football game going on the summary. And now I'm never watches video you're right the sun has finally have limits that is three and a half minutes July. He just turned around. Now there is off. There's like a bunch of choir boys as glowing eyes flying around. What kind of a Clemson then. Now. Was this horror movie you. No regular boys school it's daylight now. Well let's see youth day. No it Buckeyes dancing with the choir boys asks. Now or not yes not. Just Bob guy. There's some Angel boy that just came in groped her. Doesn't mean she is a metaphor I don't really understand this deal at all that kind of stuff how heart. Well lawyer and a hole on this thing was she still seeing you back. And now she's graduating from university. What the hell just happened. I don't out flow on a minute I delegates of the bottom of that as I understand. That Wikipedia. And talk and let none and I've really gonna miss some things. Eclipse. I just want to talk about people all in their class says yeah I enjoy that. I think when people take pictures every damning hails fielding a picture of their hand holding a piece of hail no I never seen it thoughtful are. It's the side that I. Now I like all of south is with eclipse glasses I guess Isner is getting booed even watch the eclipse. All we told that is the heart I was trying to come up with a love song and I remembered actually wrote that to be a vampire love song its original title was very empires in love home. Boy I'm glad to have a different title. Yeah I agree vampire baby loses delirious delight vampire lines it's all about darkness are darkness in las place and dark I hate this song now. Bayer for my iPod. Of the empire zone. I mean you like but there was stand there and put the music videos. It took place and can I don't ask people listen there. Clips I'll is that what you want I mean that's not tendons are really a different route back. Advancement for and it against them later here's the story behind to look at that's fine I that's the idea it's about the bullies. I don't care. Are you sure I'm not hundred just you don't care about what our residents aren't about to hijack this conversation you brought up total eclipse and I just was trying to get you involved in my conversation and I yeah. I doubt it that you took it down into okay. Well. Anyway. They were accused me of deciding about her voice. That's according Wikipedia. What does it say right here. And widely they don't tell me it doesn't matter to me. She was fantasizing about her students in their boys boarding school home. It it earned. Tires let's Penn State. You know why. Lot of Joseph Paterno and it's going to be you know it's you know and I Joseph Paterno fans. Nobody tell Tom Ali. Sure. Shower shower. Morning and Mars then it's gone around the world. Mean. I was reading deeply unsettling facts on Raddatz and now. Just like what's it deeply un sellable and it's unsettling fact. Yeah I think what in particular. We'll OK you ready I yeah. And aren't. And then I passed it and so. Thing about a fish. Are okay we're kindness I get interest doesn't matter that he will be a whale. Doesn't matter Phish show whale I am thinking and especially under Italian nation what kind of fish not a matter prank. Now tank. That whale mammal fish crustacean is underwater boom. It's not wet. Until it's exposed to air. See because. Right now we're drop. Right yeah. Guy if you put some water on me. We'd be wet I'm wet right right thing but. If you're in the water. You know really wet because you're not. In air no remained. Now you out I mean you're envelops the I wetness but you're not last you can't nudges up on blacks. I'm surrounded by water may agree. Joseph don't wet. Wet. No not until you come out of the water into the air are US okay. I mean if I felt my suits. I underwater. It would feel wet now. If he'll drive you can't feel I mean what it what is that feeling underwater. It's not wed it's always it's your you know what it feels like you get in the lottery come out take a shootout like that's what. Rick I'm just I don't think I've ever felt my suit underwater tour you have. At all. I mean yeah maybe it feels just slick right it's not wet right right I guess I don't now fixes this let it around and they're not wet. Okay right. Does all of fish in this city now what the there's really not have any let's see this excerpt. Flown out Eric. I was I just now really I mean half against me dear dad's kind of weird is not yet oh here's some people talking about it. The more you know it. But yeah his company news. I'm not dry yeah yeah yeah oh yeah. And he wore patent math homework if you are now considered west correct so you're all right here your drive. Yeah human being has no water on and it's run by air and looks a bit of water touches. I am now left the office and water surrounded by what he's not way. What do you think is out of the water and both. These are the these are the rabbit holes ago doubt and I don't know time. This is saying now. It's not wet. It's a surrounded by water. Okay. What's another well this guy really didn't take take it very well spreading spree that. Steve tell me balance somewhere he is underwater. You'll know why. And I opposite. I'll defend my. Lot. This sort of thing efficient drive. And he'll take it though. Does as the weather really stuck with it. Hello this is the humor you. If you're underwater you aren't wet it's right if your underwater you're not why. Goes wet is a function of being dry yes I didn't think that you're not dry either. No but you're not dry but what I hear if you don't let what are you figure in the water. You're not way 'cause you got out there I think we're realizing is actually. It got wet that's where you're not drive yourself. I'd say there is no opposite. There's no opposite of dry it soon will it I mean hey isn't legislation and what this script there you're not like all that this was swimming he's whacked. He's well on our way. Right so Steve Irwin thought stingray here is I. That's not a wet stingray you think this is the stinger but wait it. Underwater kill them under water isn't what. Well I didn't say that I guess as long as we're OK with under okay is that is our daughter. It takes lying it's being way and feeling when it are two different things. Are today. Okay but how do you know your wet yeah you have to deal you have to feel wet so are accurate because we're each year ends we do our lack of a difference yet. Mean how are rapidly the finished I don't know you're underwater with that is trigger for being under Wada. It's yahweh your ballot in water. You're so embarrassed. So immersed. As the let us submarine. Surround by water. It's is it dry. Not wet. What is it submerged. It merged that's not but that's pop out. It's not account that's not the answer and looking for writing this script there for wet underwater moist and food. You know I let. You know I grew moist Martha is fun and there. Does doesn't seem you know. I feeling this is similar to there's no such thing as cold cold just to find the absence of heat. No. I mean I get climbing both in hot water army called liar right. But dry wet bullets that are rare. So the thing about today great getting. There's something about that man can you believe the rain. All that flash flooding. That any legal events uber early on sale now at Dunbar about yeah. All that but I'm not sure light man it was crazy I think this is like we've had there was over six inches across the metro or something like that in the last couple days. No we're just yesterday afternoon the last yes that's an okay corporal woods and over ten inches. Corporal woods ten enhances your way in the water. You know went in the water you wet if you're out of the I don't know I certainly am and I I did tags are high right now. And now it's too early this year absolutely right exactly and handle this right now they're out measure pickles. Reality is just try to tackle that I can pickle that I and the collapse completely like right now you don't know with opposite of Frye is identical that. I will tell you. Underwater pickle they're topical yet tons of tons and tons of floods yesterday I couldn't believe it tonight 35 was like underwater one point yeah I left for the time I left the show early last night luckily did you notice any color again. However that the first six songs are great and I heard it was about starring say you're out you're like I've been through is easy war. I'm like gosh one. That was the worst weather shy away there'll tags and I think we've Cornet Paris on my. When action news reporter aerial rob Joseph street checking on flooding area what can you tell us. Green right now we're in Westport near Westport road in mill street and get intranet Kaymer around he can see what we are looking out there is at Val. Three feet of water without a hat we're gonna honked car horns of this card does it in the water we've been having to. Politics. And under. Had to adapt the merger car. You'll have an existential crazy is when you get well. And these are between my minutes we've actually seen. About three cars trying to ride through that standing water hiding to turn around Kansas city police. Just came to the scene across the street to block that out then we're doing our best to block this area off but before we got here. We were I ask southwest's traffic away at Westport road where it got massive fire was take a look at this video. It appears that it was at downed power line and possibly a transformer on. Other latest legal around the assailant in this area and it was raining but there was fire and electricity in other words well. Who knew water can do that. A downed power lines. Yeah and then click and then it was on fire raged. And they have everybody okay so yeah I think so her dad just turnaround under out. I think is between light rain imbalance that was traveling southbound I 35. There are ways and then their girlfriend's car that trapped in a flash on the nation to be pulled out of a window did it just didn't rescue live on TV earlier today here throughout the morning ask. Thirty minutes after I drove by there I would have been submerged in three feet of water if anybody. Every hour are right let our hunger like I would be gone early I really would have been stuck in the middle like they're right because. When you're driving through that rain on I 35 you really can't see. Let's you don't like twenty miles and so what is saying is it your way you can't see mark yet is slow we are. This organic and hair and screw and it's as excellent. Yeah I mean Indian creek. I'm sure that's yeah yeah 101 immortal. I say there's a picture of a mattress floating on the water under and and first immortal. And all I could think was called a mattress firm. As mattress I'm surprised imagine how is that flow and I'll. I would have thought that would have been. What. They said they had to rescue someone from coaches again I think coaches. They shut down a couple weeks the are they dead end I mean by that same area got ahead of him China China restaurant. Is it just encourages and so it's actors and it finally flooded yeah watt what is it a little strip mall there. Why the creeks on the other side gray arms up and their parking lot of okay I'll be gotcha yeah we got over 24 feet last time or another record man. On that water Macon city wet. Only once it recedes though. Well tell that point we don't know what it is. Parton I was glad for this in develops. Summons and there's a family's second top allows a race after defense yeah I got to go get out now it's fine no we don't yes they did a chasm in Vietnam that's really silly because that's like they had canceled train watt hour on your car. Kansas doesn't matter it's not us that's dangerous to even think about it we gotta go get out no we can't. The fire department of people who were trained in these things are the ones who are doing it right now. How many people are on the house car radio or an rescuing them all Malia and they got their pets out yeah. How many now like it looked like probably five people and pats. It's the 155. What I was out there are a family is surrounded there they got the cac panel looks like. Our bodies hang out on the river the hundred but he fit right now. That is crazy out. Yeah. Yeah let me see that picture again there. Under that it that they can. Only you know that is I don't know where that is either. Cinema got to do you know like I would never wanna be near a river stream. 'cause this very thing right here I don't wanna point out difference between wet or how they get up on there. I mean I'm impressed that escape plan to the root for real I don't I don't know how to get out around that I have so many questions. How they get up on there I see the latter actually it is out there at a latter I guess it makes sense that tallies all the water coming someone's gotta gotta go let's do that. No idea that's it's like one of but my friends is what the Yankees he fire. And their car is not where it is us. I did I am not until I get the water I'm telling you go out there and then it is jazz set out. Sounds. Doesn't hurt your brain. A little bit RNC glad we had this discussion. Is that why he did that line in the Atlantic into the plotting now I just happen to be that way a guy that that was just happened every. Yeah. I don't dot com. Yeah I had thought he don't want her. The whole political plan what you believe it. It's no big it's great battle just ahead. Kenneth is priced airline and Mac O. Kansas asking you think as you got to climb near roofs right for flooding Greenwood who have do you even have a latter long an there to save your family. If you can fly. Is that the news you didn't know you needed I don't think I GOP however. I think I can get us on the roof and me through that attic were. Did you get to that is there a hole in the roof now we got a got the wind out that you're gonna did you like that being where you kind of America I'm happier. Bill on Taylor well here's how I would water if you need your good luck. I would have to go like partially out the window and a half and half of the kids climb. I'm meanwhile I that's not like myself and yet that's not commit I could do that no no and grab you and that's the main. I just saved my kids from a wave pool. Okay okay I got to look I 170 pound Davis and out of the deep end nobody knows. About getting awkward weights that has something in more than anything by the way that sand. That was an app pool that I got out. Right now that to withstand it wasn't wet it was it wet bro until we took out of the water ray. Ask me. That's the blue river and there's low land sod farms in that area those sod farms. Wow that's crazy that's a crazy fatter is he firm that southern Oakland park right. Yeah like this must be Mississippi some KLA could be Louisiana. You know I think it is doesn't let clay Overland Park, Kansas they've got to end it there hurricane season I'm sure it's winehouse. One family well I mean like and I swear I caused. Insignificant ridiculous amount of damage and but if you were in a we can I compare that's our game. And we now now we can't slowly inching its way it is wet. Until it's night. Noon until it's dry. A fish is wet would be redundant when your under what you are wet snow you're missing the point. You don't know what will wet doesn't exist until earlier in the year then you go alive I'm wept like a submarine isn't wet. So. What other areas. Ever. To end up on your from the Raymond and planets to it's still and is this time. Yeah it's we need the rain it's cool but it's still trying to Xavier payment and somebody said they saw the fire department had no way yeah. At what point did they get up on the roof like this morning. Yeah I mean I got to assume it seriously banged you like an out now what's going. I think water is getting higher I don't want to find out this wet dry controversy personally. Get the ladder fit for the letter. Head up. Get the cat. To bring that channel. Yeah broad channel. And in. They don't have time for its digital era who monkey who put an image at all Clinton kennel. It and I analyzed I hope this safe. Yeah there. Safe. Simmons is saying I think the issue here is we don't have a word for something that has surrounded by water right now it's emerged. We have customers around Dan describe it we lack awaits describe it accurately. And probably. All right I hope to have families okay. Hope ever think your bad ass says. Bunny got the cac tree to have her belly fat intake chat channel water is rising favorite kids and you don't let don't forget the cat. Aren't channel for the kennel. I've pretty good money back channel thought he did a good river is gonna make it submerged. Our time is everywhere it goes slow rebuttal witness non clients about traffic goes roads are wet. A lesser or no water and customers. They got. These ball. Is callais on the buzz. So now I turn around a little bit earlier in and it was yesterday every one social media he was inundated win and eclipse. Shops. Glass as people wearing glasses. Your photos. Of the eclipse and I really wanted to partake in shares well and I could not why the well of for an amendment like what do you guys do when you as running goes somewhere. To march eclipse. And nobody wanted to go anywhere right. Euro Thursday you are one of those yeah she's like no she's a GG or they are saying about staff and only now black. And she's like some of these smaller towns. They were telling you that traffic has me so bad that you should not only fill up on your gas saying that brings some with the right and I thought I go there relate rest stops along the way are already full. For Bebo but I don't have you have now. So she was like me and to see a firm. My house she's like come on over and don't have an eclipse party eaten and I'm like OK fine we'll have an extra security. Because she took her kids out of school. My kids out of school writing makes sounds grace is like animal catch up on the game and throw on them so they see in a might cost growth. Well that's that I went on. So it's time for the eclipse. And were watching it. Count down their counting down and when you start watching probably. Have gotten near a tea. 11:45 as I am were yesterday it looked around with those glasses. It started a pick as his starter it takes a little bit of time. To govern like a full on collapse was does happen though I'd won something then. And they're out in saint Jack Newton and it is. Brady and he's easy time making his way around right and then they're like we think it might clear vague and it's not clear at bugs. In our dogs horrendous out there and it's sunny over here and Casey. Anyway and so we all have our glasses and she's like you know she's really. I was seedy side Phillies grabbed the glasses. If you scratch your glasses can't use the guys are guarding megawatts is she worried about a scratch and glasses she's worried as far as I ironic I'm on our season or hot item on board that sergeant have you discretion glass says you look at this kind of line and a band ranked as the kids wanted to glasses. Before sitting now. You guys will get him we go out because if you scratch him in and she's like and she just kept repeating. Joseph looked directly a messiah and you're gonna get blocked. Okay I'm just like Oliver I'm like okay. So it comes time to go outside to kind of see. That the eclipse is starting a little bad. And my youngest is like. Doesn't my neighbors because he's worried he's gonna go slower getting all blindly serve has fallen on a loss to fasten crying somewhere and a coroner and I went astray analysts and tonight news. You know there's a ways to tell. People Dayton's. Well do you know the like I'm not much you think about this though OK I kept may be this is a valuable lesson here me out I care compact has basically we go our whole lives without ever looking at the sun it's pretty much. I'd like my kids don't even understand light. Not to cross the street. You know I mean by they're terrible heart as my right right you're right I mean like I always dynamite and now I'm amazed believe that they would know not to look at the sun and all of a sudden like hey guys who look at some of like ten minutes. With these glass and I so you know what rank worst things in your kid being scared looking at the sunlight that is phobia. Protecting his right now for DM it's. From this side yes but. Now I feel like it'll become. A reasonable. Is that because I'm like you just put the glass is on me I'll be there I got here in the united mean I'll hold your glasses and place. And we can do that he's in now I don't wanted to comment wow OK that's fine you don't have to deal. Yeah I'm ago you can watch it on TV and I like I don't wanna watch and yeah it's it's it's act as. Not being. As he's getting up why it's hell I was even looking at people's pictures on the Internet of the eclipse I was like man I feel like that's damaging my eyes well I went out for a minute we'll literally because I could not even my youngest as he does I mean ass was locked so you know as blood loss there was lots and that's why aren't there was asked and I was a lot will be lost. Some like OK I left him with another one of its brands are Garmin to be right out there. I'm just gonna go take a peek as I would like to see you got DM clips you know it's idiotic but he's got Jim glass says. They don't fit a meat and the like and he's lose and that's not I'm literally out there a minute. I do catch something. Big DL blob I don't get it it's maybe it was because of our weather clouds. I mean I did catch some of that writing tantrums some other people. Either here locally around the country are being eggs and have the time came I come back and he's hiding somewhere just bawling and crying right. After the literally mean being out sixty seconds to catch you think you're gonna go blind. I don't each here's a barman a double and and the other one started send my eyes hurt. And you know why it sounded mind. So I don't doubt it they get about it Gloria and I wasn't my my eyes hurt yeah. And we have these approved glass design and that Allentown mine. Apparently one of the big things evil or good way you were my eyes hurt me a lot of my eyes are right why am I prior my eyes turning on the eggs and she and it just. This whole eclipse hurry that cluster have a fill in my eyes set improve actually. Did terrible ice in a concealed better and I'll be goto work. Ask I don't think so I may be special cases. Did anybody else feel closed her eyes hurt detect ideologue with anybody tell you need to look at all I didn't mean to you whenever strain to look at something your idol her for a OK they find today yeah. Back right after and it's not one. Okay thanks mark the American made me feel really good about that and look at a man I don't know that as restraining tech site says though god don't let him find out about melanoma. Oh my god she's gonna have. Did it he's gonna have those sons created he's going to run an obsolete kids my friend thank you won't let my kids and I mean yeah no wonder region has these. It it it. It's here that half bottom. Try to steer the F I think maybe all require in society tells you about my eyes wound up hurting afterward that Merck that makes sense my desperately. Came obsessed with looking at the sun after. She's kept wanna go outside and look at it and we didn't put him on because it wouldn't fit over my glasses and when that are hand right we just hold them up in the she thought that was pretty cool so was it during the clips yen like the whole. Our like between noon and 115 we kept on out there every cup and you just put him on her eyes your real weird about it now yes she is how much I can see now that's years. Right I did see I just feel like that's a little lax like Hewitt had complete opposite way of what we dead. Yeah I mean I've proof and then right at 105. That's on the clouds actually. Went over so we kind of miss the actual full the actual falling glass in 98%. The sun 98. So and so is our eyes are tea. There are hazards here yeah. And my parents you are an adjective the last Al La. I think a lot of people's eyes her yesterday as it was one they'll make top Google exists. Mel I'm I had my concern there and why my eyes after looking into this. I. I thought funny at Google they're byword alien and I thought a spike in Google slurs I do like these guys are not ready for context now we're not ready. We were not ready for the club's second. My daughter and defiant. Regard to a eclipse party eight there's a million high and then the other now. I thought some people they are players gum. Did anybody go to that show we get it. I thought he people tweeting from the outlook complacency that from the brick house but there on the earth that. How how Merck made you feel better in the same guy who is an eclipse improve how pain vague there's Harry Reid to do that and swear I got him with mark I was saying free laser treatments of the clip that's designed to really see my eyes hurt I was when those people. And higher fees acutely particularly people sold fake eclipse glasses 20. Now like you right now make a quick buck on the eighth I mean that is off all. I Ontario like a good effort right people's that you can Wear welding elements that allow them. One ever so we're at this party and one of their friends wore a welding thing. And his eyes hurt yeah I don't know that the well being was the way to go necessarily. And it's of the balls it's after the eclipse your ball you can eat shower at the eclipse. Summons like I was paranoid about my eyes hurting you. My Georgia. Just a cluster of for those of you that enjoy the eclipse could preempt. The rest of us were. Bawling her console and are trying to figure out why that RI Amin Husseini just. The Google and why in my eyes where I. Hate it. Over the border cry if I doubt right I got GMC dogs Gladwell little can not deal yesterday yeah cicadas come out of them yeah like pretty incredible you know I did not hear any of that because I was installing a job held. So tomorrow the McAleese the husband Thursday. Not to much Rosalind theory and let's just beach golf tickets if we haven't done and I haven't heard of for doing anything extra. Because actually while I love supporting him having beach father this year we've moved it to. Went to college. Verizon now you know Providence RI and then there and aided and analyze and sands or whatever else gonna caught. Anyway we used to do beach ball there a while ago. And we used to have different tents in different stages between the tents like. A centrist think that morning Baz and it's happens and then we would have hardest command and perform there I'm for doing. I was an. And from and who's not here anymore. Who's sent. I saw a few minutes and is there a he added ten the very back and I didn't get to see Weezer or Taking Back Sunday and also said why. Because I was stuck in the head telephone wiring in the ads that you got a left to its daily god damn I was the part time from all you got. I work again got you got you got you as my first or second hear her answer well I'm up I'm hoping we well usually we do you do something at least maybe late 110 for acoustic sensor and what I mean anyway. Like these odds against tomorrow Oreo. And I end. Something else. America. Well if mark. Yeah them and sometimes tells them how things go again I was surprised sound came game. Song is that a particularly good in the neighborhood now something dead it's that RJ. What does outlets like notepad that something yeah. And as this column I'm pretty sure it's Applebee's commercial urging him to go to commercials nominee and good that. People smiled big heat could have been telling stories this week yeah it's good. And Barack. Now a good and a neighbor yes something and onto and I went into that and what is it all. They. It's not called sending but it is still cada. Apparent political or is saying it might be called something I've. It earmarks it is something that. That was that the I don't thinks it is aren't as still got a parent they're called something good. I'm sure it's on the system it is the mark says that is RA mark. He's share EST. Oh yeah. And share and and is something guy. Oh parent radical Sara that's allowed here and panic. How it. And even now as apparent that a golden key win. I haven't. Yeah it happens.