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Tuesday, August 8th

Buzz Briefs, Libby Phelps, Not My Father's Child documentary and more!


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Think that morning buzz good morning ladies and JD an easier emerges here south. Yeah he's like I want to talk about this thing and I am a bit on my computer data on your web sites and other really don't have any and then I was like. Now. I'm like we have to talk about this in you immediately Yasser our routers dragon and the lord. Chris there Pratt an anti fairest have separated yeah eyeing. I know me he actually I'll leave it either did you know that that's why. I was talking about. Because they you know I seen in a couple times today and the only being their life. Would make you gasp like that in kind of the semi excited but not quite disgusted by is it was like OK that's got to because Pratt. As I think the big news of a dead right has their glasses Ares I they can make it nobody can is that true or anybody can fond of the trappings that lead to miss a bad relationship. And reinforce those and an echo chamber for years and pressure cooker of just ardor resentment until burst forth until very public display of double. Double wow. I mean I agree a 100%. But that was my reaction is it that it's you know by Brian I don't cry for them Argentina they're probably doing what's best they know what's best for the kids and their family insurance and you know hopefully everything stays amicable between them on the level to get out to get a lead lives of great. I've not divorced yet Steve I mean you know semi divorced yeah I mean that divorce purgatory I am and divorce territories Tony's baby hang in there let's go. That's very alum Mike never getting a divorce. Well I can't get a drag on for however and I just wanted to and I wells and now he's go in and Leo you cast your ballot and let it and I Energizer bunny. New issues like Duracell right now right. Yeah and I hear hybrid I do like their sentiments to they actually. Sever Sander announcer illegally separating we try hard for a long time and really disappointing and arsonists to appearance in the under imagined or his anger and making the situation as bright as possible moving forward completely agree that percent Lisa love each other. Animal always cherish your time together and affairs interest. My kids like leave happier I'm way happier things the boards you know I've had a lot in my life I feel like that's right I mean it's like. You have to leave your first life and then you must die. Around thirty something years or you know ten whichever comes first rank and then now you are reborn. As somebody who's got half. Time zone live right there and yeah Jersey. So people who don't they're gonna be fine I think it's Chris happy Pratt in an apparent. Right I think the debate who who comes not just for that but for the and you kind. You cheer them. Does that make sense you know not just Chris Pratt and an affair that's. 92 the last into the Aztec warrior top crime you cast of the into the right sure I didn't do the grueling for a long long long time okay John do go right and that solid process right and at the long and it's arduous. And it's continually. Getting better. Can I tell you what set me free from Abu doing and this is serious but you're gonna laugh OK okay. Marcum and Massoud and came from a spiritual guidance. From an Aztec warrior. When I was on LSD. Yes he had tax it may I was looking texted me that tapestry there was a tap assert our Weaver and it was evident as tack. And he was holding a woman as she looked wounded and he looks sad bright and as I'm staring up. At this at this is the corners of the tapestry they were diamonds is a staring up IC dots. And I realize that's the night sky deck for this time when the tapestry was represented. And I was looking through this smeared to the pass in the present and I realized. It's it's I have no connection. To the past I can view it pretty objective truth that it was is seven the subject of memories that I recall. Right. And what that showed me is do not let the past cloud your judgment. Of the presents I have three you sure and it did. Right but I think it sent to a long time to get there to be opened right in half it to hit ass it. I mean you do it strategy threats seriously so I think about a belly like we remember your memories and you look into that like sad lands like and it's Stephen movie inside outwardly. I. That showed up anyway. You know literally. I yes I do you know that they have look at for what they are look at them for what you know in the president and this isn't like a bad thing this isn't like all the other person involved is look at yourself. Right I think we all play a role and your relationship yeah and look at it objectively don't look at its and look at it as it was as always has been again. Three herself and that adds it will follow. Out that the dates that aztecs. And the apps and somebody needs a drop us a massive progress for a manner that I although they have access yeah I although it seems like maybe it's been going on while you never now know you know people's relationships and where there. I know I do you hang out of them majoring in and one wow that's different that's surely there aren't Ari you know coming to work every day which you know. I just unleashed. Oh yeah and by neighbors out on the years was you know. I think before and I just think to the tapestry Meehan yeah look at this our need to get a job mr. needed to happen yeah and a half my age I was in more exacerbation had a debt to. Mr. talent that is tapestries now. I didn't attempt to district who needed to Tuesday. Earnings. Well rip add affairs and Chris Brown issued last yes. A hundred is here Mok is Kia. Let's see apple Green Day ticket scout ranch that is Friday upgraded tickets catfish and Coldplay is next Tuesday. Look at the stars. The kind of shine for him now you're gonna do a story earlier about it I just saw that interferes increase. Rapper a cup and then you made me laugh anyway yeah we're you gonna do exact kind of interrupt our eyes so I saw last night and it. Night ended just go away were needed to go right that's just how we do it may dinner Jeter got a while it's fine. You there's this story and like I guess it's kind of impressive. I mean like. When you hear dudes are stranded in the desert. Like you I'll what a harrowing rescue story right how many days stranded in the desert. Until you consider it like wow. That's a rescue story. Five days I was behind a seven day I aimed at a lot of days at the right days. Is already kind of on the man Specter and I just think you could handle I think everybody. Could be able to handle three days in the desert right. And I know it's saying the day I think after three days and a lot of die that's true but what. What is Dan Walker they did a lot more and he. They did not. Drugs now. As. Food as they have water and over there you know it just have to ration their water and acts they might have some snack snack center. Okay all right if I got voted 63 days is not that. Well I three days how no power on the hot as three days a couple weeks ago I can I survived. I need I was inconvenience. With no power right no problem and that no problem right foods that I'll explain to me how they got to what he's problem or an iron right now but I that's before you. I can gas I need to know the circumstance of it and how to get lost in the desert and where they do according to him I think he covers it but I before I want you to get another right it becomes a but he says. It was a series of small little mistakes that added up to the perfect storm got I understand that yeah not actually be your answer right there are what else was in the car. Perfect storm a series on saying mistakes now Bowden now know charger. What can they account besides water snacks and wires angst. Some Tim Bush and white suntan. Beer how he had the hair there dare the food sex and beer or three days of the vacations. I yeah and he was gone three days three days we're only that's the headline valley Mansur edited out there with for three days with only water beer. How much water and beer. On an adventure but he ended up getting lost and still in the desert. About seventy deep. He safely back home in the valley Courtney quite a story Alan and that nobody wants to experience something like that she lives in the valley but says he went to go check out and you town mourned nor. And that's what he did it simply got up and lack wouldn't. Here. Half or tell anyone where he was going. If a series of small. Little mistakes that did headed up to the perfect storm that got you meet him and in my condition. My situation. Make a woman was stuck in the desert for three days he captured parts of his journey on his cell phone last night departure really decent. Only got that twice this but this morning. They're out in force he went to pay final round keen in your press kit while on his way home he says he took the disk around and and ash in the middle of nowhere so yeah car and it's a broad gotten narrower and narrower steeper and steeper. Rougher and rougher and the sheer drop off on one side. So I couldn't I didn't have room to maneuver and will back up. As our road that the clip former too late he says eventually he stopped driving his truck and he had no cellphone signals so we tried walking up the hill to get service. But came down with nothing. My car Phil Gramm's site and I had three quarters of a tank of gas so I could use Myers didn't come I like duke shot off the hill not. Our trash can and I was very very thirsty. So win it now. Adequate zoom back that mother after her pop he has. Car out there are a big dance is doing had snagged again beard or water. Sorry this happened that is happening obviously do cat our car anymore at the whole thing how often how check out my attitudes and they'll pay. Tears in my favor of that. At a story that my prayer part. Does he act car. With air and as. More and you had. During your power that's. That's got to and then got the news. Yeah. That. Nobody got bad news yeah yeah. Yeah. This is the best part though on homeless but think Italy I have some carbonated won't live long. Broomstick and prepare for any kind of mishap or tell anyone where he was going on yeah. If a series of small. Little mistakes that did headed up to the perfect storm that got you meet him and in my eyes condition. My situation. Nick Gillman was stuck in the desert for three days he captured parts of his journey on his cellphone seized last night or two really decent. Only got that twice this but this morning they're out in force he went to have lunch for fun in crown keen in your address climate. Home he says he took the disk around in and dash in the middle of nowhere but the promises them in the broad gotten narrower and narrower steeper and steeper. Problem Robert and your trust all of it. Until rams site and I had three quarters of a tank of gas. Off the hill. But thankfully he has some carbonated water and hearing back. But technically we ran out. The next morning he says he got lucky after walking for about a mile. I think deaths have been here. I often get tired I managed to get samarra one moment that Coleman says man up the mother water and survived on that while trying to figure out how to become noticed he's very very rough gunners shoot pool there's. Ourselves where pershing. He tried this kind of fire but that didn't work I don't know what to do here. I'm hoping for the best reporter. Philip H. Amateur then during the afternoon on his thirty days stranded in the desert he saw someone he would camp before Helmut. That the gloves. You know the boats and everything the mothers. And he's so humvee was kind of funny you saw me and he stopped since I've fallen he startle me. Ullman was taken to a lake pleasant regional parking lot and finals tack. He says he locked fourteen pounds. Three days and that is doing some thing else not saying yeah. Came play holy. Water only out are only fire. Which whichever one I think. Fits which went isn't about an opt holy water is Henry holy fire is the album. That polls. Cash down and then fast ball the way. Now okay. All right. The penny out. Police helps me. She is a buckeye you know. Yo Taylor. Now it's out today as I was saying wow I guess it's about tour it's it to her here. The end some filmmakers will be able explains. Donnie some film makers. Yes singing your house. Those filmmakers. Same thing they did before that I think I don't I believe in helping filmmakers. Yes I believe in helping the arts as well and it doesn't matter what kind of filled out. I'd our furnace or longer owns dramatic turn down people comedic tone. And progress for them this is not. For pornographic but not at all that any way of all that coming up and Danny and India going on in the world. Seeing. Lice. Sea ice was out of that but I think it sounds like march. When they hear about the sea lice. I don't know I like. This global warming thing. Wants Gorham I mean I can't actually. Say this is related to that is just seems like I've never heard of the see lies before our C gonna blame lowering I blame everything on global warming somebody cuts me off. Well more rain. Josh is updated global warming break. Put on me Lama burger. Global warming. I raise alarms right. I tell you want to see things some times when ways says she is the whole I don't know if not a better thing here activists does that do it. There is the sixth named vice sound an odd anyway the there is this sixteen year old zoo is. Old cause sterility. And bites. And died UN here as I Dominic go into the ocean and I go hang out at the Dendy street breach. When did dangle my legs. Which are sore from sports. LM Dendy street beach hasn't endeared Dendy Dendy kind. Dendy Dendy and it's done decently Dundee. And Dendy. DOE NDE. Dunn dean. Den. Steve Foley's area c'mon. He's at sea lice as a seat please currency like same that's not the same thing okay. They're different and visits a beat senator horror movie for Melbourne Australia attain the exact causes a bit of a mystery. But tiny Seacrest stations may be to blame. Okay. Horseshoe crabs. Not really but you shouldn't touch them anyway. After play soccer or his friends Sam can needs today it did lower legs and feet into the familiar water brightens. Dendy street beach to see is his aching muscles. Dendy. In it's a good thing to do to suit your aching muscles to go to this day and these street bitch and saw Kerry aching muscles. So instead they cot seal Iceland's when they're trying to. Always Wear underwear in the ocean. I Lyman says as ceilings the worst feeling in the world there is no escaping it says is a thing I walking up and global warming are locked out of the wire clever ads I think I'd be like okay don't or if I can't understand that however. It's been something or re occurring and an happening in the world for awhile you can. And then you can blame global warming my battery is low on my phone global warming are OK I guess again. I walked out of the water is sol eat what I thought was sand covering but my ankles below my calf. She's our pitcher quite mildly Alia I ask. He signed lifted his feet from the water his dad Saab lines lots of blood Simmons and they condolence 120 I had to shoot my Dong. I've Zion because they gained Chapman junior really gain anything. Is at a large bush you gotta kind of back. I mean you can't see the ground for the trees I understand that eating gaining it was always there are. I doesn't look like it's there. But it is. Is there you didn't. Did I mean I happen and I are fighting for every so I mean you guys are like every Time Warner. Does right now I don't understand that tie us and them are corner right again yet it is there remote for dudes at the base. So you can do that it will be pain involved have been that it would agree but it wasn't not you know out. Pretty. Near my vagina labs impact Brian I know Maine I understand I am just saying it was a procedure that was diet. It was and I like so hot car and light. My whole being when Parker and especially around. An area. This is the eighth suddenly see Parker each day maybe I in the water out there but it was worth that. Islands where I have no pain no gain and that's that they saying it's an island Al are I think Grace Jones. I don't know if it's very I blame girl but OK a lot of money around America and all are arming. Other discovered thousands tiny bites on his legs as this if he'd been picked with the pre and pit bricks with a pin repeatedly that's typical program we thought better to clean up his blood then they realize there's no stopping the bleeding. Couldn't the bleeding. Or how what happened to lies so many. Delays. And seem nice crowds whenever yeah. Nature's terrifying we got that amiga in Missouri. Then hangs out in lakes. And if you stir up the silt. And you'd put your face in the water climbs up your nasal nerve. Your brain. Pray and you think you have a cold in three days later to add things to me. We got oak mites. We do them a grades islands Fiji they crawl they don't despite UN might jump off the dollar cop knows is saying hang out delight here there AIG. When. I was grown up in the ninety's yeah tears into gone away and now it's oh points. I Sosa lord. Trying get through one story two hours I would want us has an excellent hands that we do look at her time yeah it's such a shock. I'm in. Did things a lot. Us and listened to Lou a lot. Yeah I mean really. China gets you would stir each ha yeah did you guys can manage that no I don't because he was gonna make you bar if why this sea lice misled or my Daley's hair removal occurring stronger. Candidate mastery it's yours. Can be about and to be vote there in half. I'm smooth everywhere. Yeah yeah yeah. Yeah. Yeah I mean really I don't want to get apparently are admirable to some people. US AK you get through one story today user wants to know a guy we can't sell something you can manage. Now we can't trying get through history today includes. I don't understand. We're not that creates sometimes we can't even get through like half the story. And now. He does get through and threw to him OK all right. I gotta start aria. I gotta start now noted that data through this story now doing now thru line but we're gonna get it out on the we're gonna get through this when he writing. Are you writing about ticket until eleven. Coming to you from Phoenix I get. I. University of Phoenix Stadium. Arrests authorities of the Jersey facing arrested a man after your reportedly urinated on a family seated in front of him. And a rock concerts. Like rock concert. That's how many are gases here. Nice day. Is now the cardinals blog yes you receive any stadium. Let gets a hair bands. Narrates. We mean hair defined while you sat down here and now they again it is like a classic rock I'm. It's a rock band poison. Now. My. Lee career won't pay agencies US stand up on here on someone. Like think about and. Are telling you know that's. Her leg what songs you would like why you began you are some sugar on I just want to ask levered. Definitely no man and I have left lol okay. Now and if they do they like wanna like glam. The Metallica. That is. Like I think. They were and there is Napster. And Lars is play. I'm here on this. Man they were on the wrong side of history yeah game. Tried it yeah largely looks it's Spotify every day is like me to really remember to write and administer. The urine the work. Gone after Alex high in Glendale on Friday night club for one family their experience was ruined. Had a guy sitting behind a police say Daniel Dottie OP on a man. Daniel Diageo idea he got a man yeah yeah yeah yeah and that is life and and there are ten year old daughter. The father turned around to see what was flashing on the die so apparently just shrunk to. He's now facing charges of disorderly conduct and indecent exposure if I hope some women lockout with metallic high into. Oh plus US Iraq outlet here is your head out that he went to their run sir. To go to an. You ever seen anybody pee on somebody like that but that seems more like out I'm might be I mean that's me IP RPM lane. I'd be really sharp and they don't get drunk like maybe yes and I once had heeded his guys I was crashing in his house. He was home from the air force academy's game is very nice famous Chris. And I stayed in his sister's room we drink a bunch of cheap here. And cynicism you know me Chris. And then I got up and I didn't wanna go the bathroom is as afraid as mama catching drunk. So I thought I'd just. Move in the browser release a little off the top behind the door you know just relieve the pressure. I don't think but when you do that right like did your best I got my hands. Go to waste. And does that fell back asleep and I woke up at noon and the Mamas yelling at the dog scrum on the floor. There was here today it was me man I just little feels a good decision and allowed. Our cries I'm sure as senior as you know I mean. And I never went back there again you have I'm sure she knew it was you as she made it clear to yellen the dog. I mean dog was right there I knew I thought we brits. I've known stealth. Move those men hell of a in first grade there is kidney mesa. And he got in trouble sometimes. Yeah can you peaked in something I mean you have the ability to do sound mean or the guys in Metallica concert. Of the view unfortunate case. Out there was an unfamiliar layout it was dark. Like find something to be here. I did it behind the door it's not some eighteen GB and the carpet padding. It's all ball I know I feel marvelous I oratory I would I don't know disgusting you couldn't find like a cop. Oh Laura may some saying they had any some sort of container. Weird bathroom to it was like one of the ones for you walk through you can walk into the parents' room. And they had a like a jacuzzi tub alliance. From the side and you. Mind you feel that I I wanna awakening that sort of sane. I mean you're there can go to them after me kind of impede out the window. Was there when I'm Levitt. Really kind of crazy here this do we know I how we get over for a widow and Dario it's a bad Jerry I'm usually I don't doubt there are blocks it's dark you're wasted on nitty light. The only thing you can find is behind that door. That's not really finding any. Parent think I found the door. Mean they didn't have another bathroom catalog downstairs. I didn't they had a slide to the downstairs at felt a little risky a night. In the middle of the night you can slide down a slide nexus their case out and I'm not kidding. I believe you I'm just thinking of you growing up this is going to think about it really glad that's how might wind our PL though endowed. That's the way I've forgotten day like a thing about. I just PO window. I'm Melissa surfaces such. Instances are never got to Metallica show and not expect to get beat out. Jocular guy kind of goes that the eggs that beige and I but that's on the back of the ticket. Acts of god or your end. Yeah they have cut not responsible for the articles hours. OK. And that future OK Drew Bledsoe ace up. First grade. Says excuse me. And the whole class turns around I guess him and his kid David it had like a dispute or something that recess isn't he down many heat honestly remember the zags had really gotten Charlie got her down deep down into in the UP GE I can client's death. It's awesome. How do you recover from like about it no doubt you guys that never dare psychologically. You're an empty can and UP you know just that these are people here are Kelly have you job OK okay I'm elementary school you job so that happens right grade but if you get a gets penalized if you if failing to get speed on your traumatize. How are you ever gonna go somewhere. And not just worry about. He's dominated by urine. I'd be more concerned if I was on peeing on people not the one being peed on and in the first grade would you rather be to appear that he. Amid a particular time I have GA is it out and or the BP MP OK okay how Lara to go on the offense. It later on in life there's something wrong with your friend days that. People are gonna tell that story. They're going to be I what rock what was wrong with that child now I actually aren't nannies did I don't know we're good friends I'm sure you guys were great friends that does not help his situation okay this is big kid wrecked. Is to go hang out. Every PME and that's why I don't think you can tell us. If she did pay union and the thing that's been our business so you never you never see appear. In a victim of being. Now I have not done. That I haven't gotten mark. I mean. I would PM somebody that's fine on that helped in some way what you answer as PO is owed is things. And Ariel assignment. Is supposed to. Okay is that the jelly fish thing to those that real I it is though I John Madden today than spokesperson. His favorite he's the room they like I can only imagine that he guy. John Mann and yet. Larry diamond's I'm man yeah as the connecting were not tough sanctions and and there you go hey make sense out. Aren't got RA are. For his audience finds probably. Until we got. Well then let's wrap it up. Will be valves is coming out mean. Our filmmaker like around. For every angle and a great Libby first. Ingredient for. Morning guys good war remains the center gaining easier Merck is here. And joining us if she would sit down and relax which ever wherever you want. Is. Well I know you're married did you use your Mary naming your book. Now okay former. Member of the west Borough Baptist Church. Libby about this. An ice it's hard to Libby all the time. Not nicely that although we were not nice. We were threatened. Wow did you have a long time. Frontier O'Leary and Livni was the first one to Khalil and I got to Kansas City. And talk nasty to me call me a bag enabler. Do you remember that yes but it yes and I you're gonna go to hell. I was gonna go to how that is still actually factual I mean dad and I am back enable our. I'm proud agony of art and I probably longer and how they exist now I'm here hell anyway I don't think you can. But I was always terribly entertain the idea. I don't know why. You and I act I don't know anyway. Over the years. People change. Yes and that's exactly why I wrote my memoir that cannot today. Is it really shows that people's hearts minds and change your hat and years ahead yes yeah you are no longer. I don't hurt you I know are part of the church and out for a mini you know bears yeah you have your own family yes I'm married to did. And it. Among them might now you really are you look cash and influence is so great I'm so proud of ya think yeah you're welcome so it's not only eat and we personal you know they grandkids. The first of the grandkids to try and them personally yeah I. Yeah it's. Wow look at some other admire it and did a magnet yeah right yes yes. Oh weekend magazine last as well yet if it hadn't. She left with your sister now on the edge each other yet I think you'll have to look out. Yes I did and as terrifying if you guys we have in your ex communicated from his family yet and you know that kind of governance that. It's it's terrifying scene still Tuesday on charge even after leaving the church eight years later to not touch your family. Now you're oh yeah I want to really and you know up front has people Billy V format my sister not his morning. At least one and it has left requiring a pack her cup a few cousins left before me but. You know from back stairs that you can't talk to your family anymore once you made gas so once you're you're like you're making that decision flank. It just losing everybody you've ever built relationship led everybody right back you saw all of GM. Aurora I can't imagine yet you're allowed so your non our families never let your children. No he make you cry I don't I'm just saying I think that's their loss and I yeah craziness and under you've met my till then I met your children and that's that probably everybody on her husband Brent just. It was probably as Earl little thing about connect connect actually I just a lot of I understand you know I event right dead and see my kids. And so fat guys that it's like it's not it's it's not just anybody's yeah the same way he's joining me yeah yeah yeah yeah every day life. Yeah and it sucks but you just gotta do not vote. Mary long is that deal with that's fine we're dad let it sit mu law by member with the Aztec warrior time. What no Aztec warrior teaches young adult let your subject to view of the past affect your object in view of the presence I think that. Is Bethea -- first urge our finale what's the name of your about your Matt Moore and the girl I know why there. Think. It's really remains what age. I talk about brewing just I yeah it did bring a book okay. Sign me embark I'm so proud we are proud of our eyes and I I imagine leaving everything that you've known. And starting new and French and the punishment as you can't hurt your family and that's actually makes you. I know it's a real book. When the hard back I don't know you know highlight download my e-book at. C I'm really and you block I hope it's just fantastic. Well I know I talked writing Eisner and I thought they had this in the right spot I didn't. Ben and 96 point nine but didn't. You if you what does she say call them all the time you're signs. And also had some America right now. You know. They are glad to hear for me and put me down the DJ name as I'd like to talented frequently I love as usual blasts and me. You do well you know I'm battle with a few obsessive main. Yeah it can we. I had been gone. A little bit of a yeah. But I I gladly. The only live Juli isn't enough to hit. You don't you don't they let me in I was Romeo and Juliette they got out and look did you dirty Chapman. And I have not even haven't used and a new book yeah you already are well I want. I don't know it. Time for me to toggle the earlier that afternoon there and I let imagine and I tell him I'd left the church of felt strange not to be lecturing him about God's wrath. He said he was proud of me for a living he didn't expect an apology for all the mean things I've sent over the years he seemed genuinely happy for me that I cut now. He asked why Diana and I told him about the DTV and. I had yeah. Wearied audio version and. I'm you don't Daunte yeah it's. I know that sounds stupid and trivial as sad but it wasn't about the bikini really cares what they treated me. He said he was really proud of me again and asked me if I needed any help for any Manning. I have laughed. At me. As we talked to Ghana. I'm not how I di I yeah sorry I'm very why you all agree every. Oh my god can I do all themselves. And all the people that call themselves feel let them lose the WB's hey did call defenses projections. I'll call. I guess Larry see Hillary she just called me that in our moral thing you know that I Romeo and Juliette ignore it keep pushing ultimately mentions that many O'Leary has been. Look we don't you wanna talk to my prayers let. Yeah good good light when you leave you don't have anybody. And talked to use them I happen to charge a mega market yet at the beginning but now I thought you were right now we try to. Right now don't talk about myself number. I actually charged Magid more I thought I did yeah getting any doubt president. You talk to me norm yes exactly did you guys fight about it so yeah. Okay now that really helps us joining us. She has a new book out it's out today anchor on a wire walking the line between faith and freedom and the west Borough Baptist Church. Libby has left the church long ago and is leading. A really regular love filled life. Hands I'm. Came to glass animals and CEO while yes and David asks me to come earlier because the WBZ was there to protest them and they are kind of night. Well what covering war to watch. And I come early you know we wanna see it. You know I think there are going to be there I didn't really either. And I'll be honest with you I think over the years I think there's so many that have laughed. My biggest lesson lesson parents while its own. And you don't hear about them on the news now I have more about them yes exactly and I then people leaving what's the answer isn't that great message. I EA NH slightly an you feel bad like blip when you leave they'd tell everyone every year the worst person on the face of the year right and I know Billiton the station and I missed I consultant personality but you really are I don't know where Ali is here will you guys are always personable and it seemed to me dying to get out. Dying to talk to other people tickle yeah talking yet. And I could tell and that's why all the nick is a fight I really don't know who to documents and I called and all the time. And the questions aren't some timing as you're going to help. I have not logical person equality and I had exit nine here lately I'm generally easily changed pop also you know I ever got talent he's bar talking about how thoughtful areas news. And so she called them and told them she was leaving the church because for some reason you talk about the genie which is our dossier. OK so this I don't know I have to narrow this down I'm yeah symbolize this please I went to Puerto Rico failing vacation more regaining. Came back my grams one of the picture. And so did get it done the best when we were and bikini and it was just the entire run bread is pretty much up. And then my feeling not mad and I just said hey you guys I've seen either be easy for rentals like the precise I got myself. And men in just blew up way out of worsen and led the way I reacted to. That was the bikini. Yeah when it was down to think yeah no doubt know now I. Not better yeah and that you that. Brought us. I'm looking I don't believe it's because you look now I don't really couldn't immediately give a lot of top. And I really don't proportionate. Okay so I'm just your own like the way I reacted to it and because I think my projections and I love I'll never. You questioned him about a yeah I was like you have done that so what I'm about you but I can't do it and he and gay people don't go away you carcinoma the beauty. Know that yeah and up and math and may just like it and I just like every other. And wade are or act like 9/11 when that happened and I was like I got that was shocking in the eyes bad. And I walked into the church and my aunt and uncle are literally. Dancing a jig is a bit like today brain because an island in the nicer if they get back like how hard and I really react to things and how did they conditioning acts correct and so that's and it goes just like they started. How why it's. So like a lot of hands behind the carrier to reality and in looking in the past objectively much like our ads. Grants Thomas a protective gear earlier in that. Phelps into. Throughout pink Jersey saying hey yeah. The big one play and then and then when you see them react a certain way then year. Have to immediately change the way they. You're acting yes or else you'll get in trouble. On how about your you don't want to Caribbean island zero they're in OK you need to get some therapy seemed to be doing fine. Well why don't you better do it and I mean I don't you struggle if things at all you must I. That's very happy and thanks as beautiful happy children they're starting this idea that our door socially. They really are beautiful and you're gonna migrate and I just feel lake. I don't know I don't know if you're right you when you talk about conditioning you were conditioned to me it's abuse. Alex psychological. Absolutely get in a situation where break yet there's hot there's no compassion for you outside of this it's. Ladies actually my entire life and I think I'm fairy world and once he taste just a little bit and you realize that it there there may be something outside of what you already now. And it was. That's out I Michigan region. Saying you guys did go to public school parents and I was asking I'm curious I think I got a public school how does that work and was that tough. Not well I guess funded open gum in my hair and they trade Maine but I think there might get mentally about as what was going to happen people are gonna hate me. And he needs and you thought I had expected heads and I just thought that. That's the way it was in these they frame and expectations of Fareed and ask how much is funny but he doubted it back then I don't you didn't react well. I just have that personality very definitely can come and ransom is mainly a place that's your problem on all seemed to have this theory tells exterior. Yes and we always. I was talking to Sarah do it helps me with that found last night she said that. I am always been unhappy base brand that's true like we're always taught that and then in there like when I was touched by the errant child survived a dagger like don't even. Our house Suzanne and her book is out today girl on a wire walking the line between faith and freedom in the west Borough Baptist Church living Phelps was Sarah store. And then that cover this is zero. Pulling your guy hates America got its your idols. How the signs. That the homemade signs that you made I never did get to think idea bikini. I never got it well here's testify leaving. Kids don't you dare start to rise and I does not affect other camp adjusters across the street they have cameras are not conceive right. No girl you sure don't dislike. Are there and dare we dare start to Ryan. Now that was the lawyer picketing their camper depositors whose mouth and beginning of and the ghosts of the story. Al-Qaeda by an intervention and I had the brightest sit down in the room and there's like thirty people there's countered lining inside the room and then there's Canada and on the size and chairs lined out. And they just. This tell you what they think about you know. Your family. Via. Selling an intervention like you see an intervention about drugs yet that hasn't tried managing it like India and an animation about how you're being a mean and. In your behavior doesn't fall in line with what they want to bring. So questioning them. Don't India Anna whom. Yeah OR I am proud Indian bank in Iran come and I think you're doing grace. I think therapies particularly. I can't imagine I cannot imagine I guess and I thought I should and I'm. No I was depressed and beginning that I went and met and they tell you got to the leg here like any kind of mental problem best is God's wrath on now and it's not as it is a physical link if you're if you broke your knees and that was the yeah yeah. And that's how you would think about your brain. Yeah like I have postpartum depression really ballot that's three can't dabble turn in your real depression and exactly. How loud and how your after tax and then grants died like two weeks later at all about so awful. As any as you see him out of the funeral. Yeah I'm we couldn't go. Did you injure any of them that I need to aren't you know you don't now. Yes I another computer lab we have a little gathering at some church and speak and we had. Somebody when it hasn't been a little poster board made finds her gun like that picture where anger and any and then we just. I went in and talked about instilling your grandpa. Yeah and. Good so I still love my grandmother's is like two people are nice I thought. They're kind Levine facility grandpa like getting your iPod and then the hellfire and brimstone preacher that we will get on behalf but you'd seen immediately unity you don't Pope and a sometimes I would get a thousand Hewitt. Catchers like. Hours of practice discernment on in on the table. Even if you're just going to be used is going to be grandpa. So yeah our kind of work this one for a minute but he acquitted by doing the front of you like -- area again let me let me run this. I know he hit that's huge line you just start doing that I didn't just sitting on the count her cursing at the counter advocates and and huge head start and so once I knew I could tell you starting to be kind like changes as well meter time not. I severe that there is how. And just listen gas pump. What is like frank from shameless when he starts ranting about things you know in our LA and you Rhode Island ere they have a yeah main. Anyway Libby about her book is out today girl on a wire walking a line between faith and freedom in the west Borough Baptist Church. And we all know the west Borough Baptist Church near you and Jerry. Proud of all of the members of the left yes a granddaughter Fred Phelps. Last many years ago. And rights loving minutes ago. I don't know the chapter of the employer and there's pictures you know. And I love you know hates I don't know any campaign. Sent you an idea and. I do think it's really easy to. Again in when you know you're locked in on side vs side and you're screaming at people but I think America. Compassion. Really can unlock everybody's life. Yes that is a screaming at each you talk people like you can yes exactly and when you loop and everyone has different perspectives to me just. It's not judging people's thought be means I'm meeting people on. He's yeah. I have been and I cannot yeah I got it looks awesome and I'm the eastern others did you mean. I'd just be dying. I have tried the off my mind around about midnight. I've always been solid you know yeah I no wait yes I out I think your all terribly very Smart. And I if you go off all that for some of that for a big part of your that you are. But I don't like you're wonderful adults are very Smart Xperia. And it's very brave reviewed to do some link and I don't think you understand that I'm not sure you do. IDC I don't think it's understandable now I don't I yeah I'd be easier does it pretty brave I think John Kerry Graham buys it I'll do. They're built land she belted out she's always had swagger all I find that balance out the swagger was to protect him. Tyson is guarded years I was really yeah. Sarah throughout garner I now I'm now blue. Our. I and Gary mansion enjoy later interview that he sounds if you missed it will be online and our podcast. Joining us this morning now kind of like our second version net that the Phelps family story. As Brad Johnson and Jason imagine Jerry Johnson and you are making a film and you need our help. Yes we can we enjoy on before. We were on here about three years ago I race it's been a lot about how our era doing great you're great thank you you'll run companies loving care. I'm so we have a live time it was not first generation bouts. The second generation they're very pricey the second generation Daryl little icy area yeah but what you today and was. Interview the first generation the only members who have left Doris Borough Baptist Church. Right our focus has been with Nate mark and north who are the only 31 generation who left. And we've been following all three had been. Learning you know kind of what really happened in kind of retracing the origins of the church Mario does it did starts when they were children. Yes great church started when they were still very young Brian made you so injures said. What made miso interest and I grew up in a very like that actors and I was raised in a somewhat similar less extreme. Passion why then what's going on at last for a ring. And so when they're fascinating. They are fascinating it's it's one of the most extreme examples of indoctrination and and a fine spring we can all agree that that's not the best environment to raise your children I can think right. And so if you look at that example I think we can draw a lot of wisdom and inspiration from leaving that kind of induction counselor that is. All you've ever known being able to recognize that is wrong and hateful and to get yourself out I think is an incredible transformation. Story and debacle I couldn't imagine you know you are your environment. Does and I'll learn to adapt to a MMR. Just exchange right. So you charge you the for when you're seeing first generation has I'm dates assigned. Nate is the sixth son mark is the second signed and stored is that ten. I'll now Libby have you did you ever see them. These your answer. You colored dots. Yeah. Did you hear now. She is lovely is an ailing Kansas. She's in Kansas Erica. Still to be done and she got it's okay it's okay I'm officer Peter she can't get out on my end of march in Nader not here. Market name mark lives in Phoenix Arizona and Nate is out and and Brooke Canada okay. So quite a few miles between all three so how far somebody who lives in Phoenix for awhile I can't imagine escape being and then voluntarily going to Phoenix. And places in hell hole I know a hot hell play keep lying and V. Now now I'm Anita gets Ohio is a critic has to ground planes are hey not my father's child is your town not my father's child. How do you mean Jason how you meet Terry how does this time. Like where we are going to make a film we need money. It's ours and our kick starter. Is so everybody can go to not my father's child com right okay how did we meet I met him. Almost thirty years ago in the delivery room. That's how we meant you are on his mom. Okay that's right huge now that's up. Are they. Sell a minimum of raves from being mostly. Strict I raised him in me pretty conservative. Independent Christian church I'm background was southern Baptist very conservative southern Baptist. And then my ex husband's background was measuring his father was a measuring minister Farrakhan didn't so. We. We divorced when Brad was. 88. And it is switched over to an independent Christian church but it was equally as conservative so yes my children were they were never. I never beat my children they work it wasn't as extreme as west Borough Baptist Church although my kids did suffer abuse at the hands of the Internet ray. But. They definitely am in faith was a huge part of our of our family we were church every Sunday and that sort brain. And then to do this together. To do this together. It originally started with Brad. I came out five years ago almost five years again and Brad solved struggles that I went through I had been very involved in church and Christian speaker traveled around and I went through a lot of condemnation. Lot of hatred that was asked to leave my church. Almost okay is that there has to be about McCain's right right so I see how your drawn into the story and your concern ally and snow and bred originally set out he wanted. Asked to meet Nate because he can't make it helped me in my okay that's really sweet didn't account. Absolutely have made heads may marking north I have changed forever since meeting him I mean they've they've taught me so I left myself and except what I Brad being his mommy seems pretty low I think. Bill read is awesome yeah treatment children have some Brad. He's just incredibly supportive and it's such an honor to me as a mom. That my son actually wants me involved in this project you know and Brad Jason I've been working on this for several years I know him. I don't really think we've ever had an argument whom you know we just. It's it's one of those things it. We all three know. That this project has the potential to change millions of lives for the better I don't disagree with him and we put our heart and soul and then somehow sickly and everything everything into this man into this film. Many years it was Jimmy is such as a movie I'm right I'm how far along are you how much money do you need I can't imagine. And the kick starter not my father's child like common law have the website up. On our website chair and Scott nice excited about is our com for all the information and any help that you might want against. Especially I think if you are. You know it's an important message. It is morning there. I'm fellow friends and whoever they choose so I'm. I mean am I see a couple like recurring theme soon as well that is you know if you enable if you get your message was get this film out there you percent messes out there and it's like almost a red flag as you see these warning signs of when people threatened. You with loneliness that you will be the outcast that you will not be. Cap they think that's not a messes that necessarily has to be. It that can affect anybody in a bad relationship that's been together for three months you know and it can exhilarated extreme examples like the fouls. And I think that's a very performance get out there because you know Sony was abused I was younger it's like you look at it and they've wanted that's how they control you as they make you feel like you're. You should be ashamed to he'll be alone. As fighting that's a really important message as the that your guys are here talking about it let's give you money most web site. Well first of all joining us is Brad Johnson injuries man in Terry Johnson and they are working behind a documentary now my father's child. And how they kind of came about. During the story on. The Phelps family and basically about Phelps family members who have LAPD. And a sign another. In our own facing you coming out. And your own struggles within your own sound does that. Kind of weaving in and out of the documentary as well. We've chosen to lead our personal stories kind of out of the documentary itself and hand that. Just following Nate markings aren't and seeing how the church farms and seeing how they west and the stories you know when mark left the first time they'd read kidnapped and back at gunpoint and then this happened with multiple oven and there's. The stories so folders is not room for us to be. And that I was so this is different I guess is strictly the documentary about. Helping idea that will be documentary number is OK gotcha and was we got a minute documentary number line not my father's child dot com. I don't sort of target that would amount money Jason. They mortgage you know I don't know I don't hear that I'm tired I go round glasses and I can go out and finish our Jason and the money. Know you also are a director. Thing it's OK got you and you have a Lawrence do you agree and how did you meet and you have a beer. I dude beard and Italy. Lot of it is safe to eat out of the assigning dates yet and stunning this I that you mention it. And Bradley's always. And so we are working on projects together and did a few documentaries and commercials things and then. Kinda independently of each other both had ideas to do a film focused on the so spamming or. And so like I listen I have an angle that I thought was worth doing because he sees so much. Media attention on the Stanley and it's all just kind of putting out there hateful message correct. So I didn't want any part of that it and when Brad came with cue up a neat story that was like a different. As you're well yes person back to his back and yeah and seeing how his message is. It's getting so many people hope that are in. Either similar situations or situations that you wouldn't include their deal to relate to him I guess they yet. Yeah well it is nice smear I hope that's. Not your kick starter does well it kicks off today you know want to put us on the air here last year. Al you're making me charged by new literally map yet intention the body again and I just out of it got me drunk girl and I hope. It works well are you sure you are that you press a button I can abide you work so hard and that's the thing I did was interview yeah that's ridiculous I'm not doing that. I hope it does very well in its prices are ten things break absolutely I. I breaks bones terrible let's acknowledge elite out of her car I charge I almost and should marry him playing the buttons at times. Hey I'm sorry do you ended attend the service. Telling your bread and second as you had the button is yours its search imprimatur I think we're alive now they have now my father's child are com or you can do that. Think via text turner met I think all of the information will be on your website. And therefore ours yes please. Fincher we also Nate is coming to Lawrence on September 7 he'll I would love to meet today he will be speaking at that actually Nate. Many marking north all three will be there and Nate will be speaking and then there'll be acute NA afterwards OK and it's September 7 at 730 ish at the Lawrence art center and you can go home. Jason you can tell you the details how do you get. Tickets and an hour of Alabama sort of lowered it and it is perfect in Jimmie tie that information and how many college towns had come as well yeah it's perfect. All right plays there's a lot of information. I guess a lot of information and you put our package on what website yes that's very we're back at a today yeah. I thought I could and we did guide. Good luck Brad Jason Terry nice Zia Fannie semis thanks media. All right. To be a love song. Or relay we got to go to commercial I got to that means you have silence. Yes. Each.