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Tuesday, December 5th

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Morning mining. Made that morning. I'm as it is today it is it is. It's Tuesday Kmart Campillo leg it's his cow like me. And. And I. Owe. It is turning Erik Cole but not fake at this summer and then is this like the serve as is the beginning of some polar unleashing. Yeah right I'm Mike for Christ's sake administering Aaliyah. And I never got. It is like really nice weather yesterday. And then I guess there's post is cold front computers but definitely it's who you are so funny tiger that are going to be like 25 degrees on why it. Don't use. Tried to be meteorologists. Tiles he can skip that and discuss straight to weatherman like you know you you need a degree either I don't. I'm Dana Gloria and I agree marks the personality. He's the one that has that passion for Wagner. There's a former buzz list and I follow on Twitter and then see them and she disguised. Meteorologist job or. She was in Springfield I think for a little bit and she'd just posted about don't know Koreans. And I like that you also try to do weekends. Obama care locally. I mean like southwest or weekends you know like I don't know how to get it to peak hour here's why I you see because straight ten mid market games and what you're saying is true however. The way that it works here is as busy in the midwest. What they want is somebody because they all wanna be able to say all our staff is meteorologists. At this station at this station at this station. Because what they want is that is this is I got you know the weather is like I think here adds every day. Pray that the year how have our minutes while one channel that would be like well we don't have you know the fake guy. It's not face. What's different if they're looking at that whether they also have a team meteorologist that is after the doesn't line. That's due. Men and they have somehow is doing the graphics. Who cares who is telling you what the weather's going to be like whether or not they have a degree and that doesn't seem like a requirement to me. I understand same way that people reading the museum and they iron journalist degrees dump things out. It. Now I don't believe they sued everybody here acting does I really do I think that is I see your name. I know man helping crack I'm not smoking crack and waste your smoke and every single line here they're always in front of the computer draw every one it doesn't matter they're weekend they're creating a bad that we and is castor says. Here you are yes and now. Out and out and are wrong men you're wrong on that I. I can go and read the news like any other. I think you can do you that I'm not thinking hmmm I think you're right there yeah. You're telling me they're all the journal or Alter its report and there yeah I don't believe and I are you if you haven't got what you talked about heat a lot of them. They've all the good ones really kind of leave really quick and a lot of it is a pain but they eat. Right here on news in on him writers know they don't have writers and every year but they have to I don't. I don't know viewers no doubt right now it does they have do you feel produce. Edit. This is this as a reporter I tell you these I am talking about the people. Either Dan it's in the death overall definitely journalists I hugged a crowd and they are and yet they are I don't think so I think they are you'd think they're all you have to Henry anchor yeah I. And are liable nearly 100%. I don't believe that for Atlanta classically trained now down 0200. Together now that I have follow on Twitter you start hot. He's there are only had eyes and now I am now speaking in Arabic. I think you're wrong. Kids know me they play a journalist you. Yeah I am baiting me or I'm saying they are and it's that you just like you shouldn't need a college degree to go get a job it's some place but you do. I might add your climbing zero hey it's stupid and that this. Yeah and it it I I don't agree that I. I feel very passionately that. Is long as he can deliver that news. You don't have to be a news and what makes you not a news person either result like you say Andrew rather they have funny. Second of all their rather's exit disgraced journalist. DNY the journalists at one point gap. Really yeah before he went by Maynard yes absolutely dinner otherwise contact every realize not everybody. Runs that I saw on Twitter they have been in their profiles like OK I'm. Find out payment yeah whatever school they TV station. Well what do you mean like you might form in I'm gonna go and read the bios of the anchorman and let me let me hang on what you want it. TT TV by a KFC we don't give a shout box where we used fox four and a lot and I didn't present war definitely uses solid generally Jesus solids or Rosie all of them have been bang into the lane and Abby Eden sweet. I have yeah. Season the other matches in the morning their moorings but even more aged out well I yeah. I mean what battle you can get all the battle. Hold on and and can I will shot out there out on air. The men who is on the air or this is for. Now I need anchors. I can't believe you wanna die on this you know I'm dying. At that that's Alia as the morning shareware I got I Ayatollah OK let's say it again. Mornings three premium bio for Christ say other than pictures of the anchors and even out of it is the right here. I'm again what I read the bio Kevorkian's work AC dot com slash contacts as people. I need to go out and contact. The fact that if it's contact and they can't use it appeared you Megan's Edmonds I hate. Fox News team got out and yeah Paris. Okay and me and you like and he went into me. Occurs the fox morning news morning Staten. And he's originally from a non disease and then he's since she was a little girl and always watching the local and national news adding new reporters in. Acres and calendars and you can reporter. At the university of misery Colombian Ayers whose involvement Bob Bob Bob. University Alcoa journalism university Columbia Missouri you do it did they. Good about journalism I'm still reading okay. Abby followed her desire to be a reporter to the University of Missouri in Columbia. And there she was involved in multiple student leader organizations. Including the homecoming steering committee and that really sounds journalists X-Men you are aiding what do you care how honor society. On the go on delta kappa. And as this summer welcome leader and a yeah it doesn't zany Ambien journalist man she's journalists. She is a journalist out way it does Davis takes you back and my apologies. Yeah Aggies won multiple awards for her work in journalism yes. And gradually help. You may. All are and and I am in no mark Alford is also on the sidelines telling people's houses. It does it matter be without any doubt at one point mark Alford pounded the pavement and was as solid. Journalists now he's done what I. Now he's doing mornings and you know I'm not agree with personal bleeds but he's doing okay. I don't think John Holt thought all. Of the K you'd yes on that yet. The only very yeah its okay here's what it says about John you guys. You know these people. Let man all I'm saying and I think it is I just be a weather fan I take it back and rotten yeah they I'll lock up our politics on what I like about Abby has she likes that we're confessional and she listens. Heidi and how she left and that was about it is it's that people do. Like a lifetime and some residents are mourning to monotony mark is now she's on TV isn't as easy exciting mornings and man I know I. I I probably can be a meteorologist or whether he had but I could be the guy that goes out in the storm and you know no I don't even Mac guy gets to go out there I think they have to be meteorologist. I want skirt like I can't deny me everybody. I'm shocked I can hear Atlanta and I'm like just shocked yeah. I am I'm shocked I. I was shocked. Meaning because aren't here meteorologists here on an easy thing Barry Allen Michel logo it. Mean here in I think she went to Missouri to. If that it I don't know I don't know much about the energy but dissolved meant that. Wait a minute that fit. Joseph Lauria as a nice weather blog that he put us sort out. OK Kim burns dozens aiming about there all alone manual really like being earned anchors and reports the news nine and in that as a means is that input alana. She began her career as a general assignment reporter before getting promoted to the anchor and see like I guess that's how she did general assignment promoters who was general assignment desk break. Yeah. The drama that as a journalist. ASE general. You lesbian journalist that's going and doing stories. That's doing it that being a journalist. When you are broke my guest is Michael it has points I was just saying. You didn't need journalism degree yeah. God am I cry about it and you're not exactly. Dissected and I didn't like they're gonna like it looked like they image Fox 4 News you guys are. Annoying. In journalist Sydney here on. Then I'm a moron period now I had my apologies. Morning Newton. Yeah. Get off your. I'm sorry it's annoying and I got like kids if you looking everywhere I know what do you think it's ironic story teller madam I just try to tell everybody I'll be there. By Al work. I got uncovered the fine. Rigid pew Garrett at the day argue that on Saturday I Fuchs and in my it was a bronco. The okay. Well I actually why I bought her top it's going around alcohol holes it's going around I actually now. I mean amber. And how is that make I think and once the cars hurt me and I think I answered here he was ready Gloria in gaming as bad hack me. I happen annoyed me deeper sorry it in his bag and I as thoroughly embarrassed them. And eat lunch and I am consumed quite a bit of alcohol yeah yeah. Yeah. They're gonna patent it. There was a lot of jobs having hanging out he mixes in town. And then. Went to the green. Yeah. That's the that's the thing like I always my rule of thumb is you you go one place. That's just my rule of thumb and for the most part it's served me pretty well. Every now and then I'll get a little bit loose in the margins every once in a gray while I voted to places and it only reaffirms my belief the next morning. That you should go to one place. It. OK good I'm glad you have no regrets highway governors feel like garbage after I go. Out GAAP. Yeah I you still drill bunkers that it does now from Sunday I guess. Yeah. Right now. Hello usually did that's right. Cute or. There like. Our. When you throw up. It's. Out that that's got to come out it's telling you that you need to vomit right. And I dead in me over and apologized profusely I should tip patent. Many did say it was OK because. He and his wife. Both drive the car and and it's the parity anger in men who believe that America. So listen if you damages is now a I throughout. In a cab ones and I feel like I was going to do this anyway I was in Aruba. K I'm a rumba. Driving around I don't know where I am. I'm on Ecstasy and alcohol I realize I'm an hero all blame it on act and act. Agca half a go over to Allen's song called alcohol resume play it we should America so I've begin DR Mike I'm gonna be sickening as a dog broke in my cap that's Liz Allen around. And sign up. Our annie's cat Munich have a reason you give me 200 dollars I will make sure you're Natalee Holloway. Easy June give me Joyner and hours and I will make no shot or I will make sure you're Natalee Holloway when you there I gave him 200 dollars you can turn hours. I just I mean it's. Yeah Arctic. I jail and I had terrible act I'm vulgar that you always have money you labor. Where is. Your Thai government has a blogger more I don't know I don't know I admire her and dollars and give it I don't think you're you're now it is. So there. We eight units are optimistic that that that. I like June 30 it did through the tape and I'm sorry. And then I walked home yeah hotel I didn't even knoller was somebody point me in the right directions as they're walking away but because our sonics Z wasn't a matter watermark on the end. Our at all. Oh. Told. Right. Or. Really quick handshake man yet. I've any part give a shout outs. And the Ian don't you do what China. I've Tyson had played at a Glavine was pregnant. Suzanne me that meteorologist it is obvious that in the anger the morning shied turn on the TV after we talked about them. And since we met back at her like this morning television and people do I start until I Dallas I don't I almost ended up there. Imus ended up on an afternoon Charlotte Casey TV fired. You know race I did OK but then you know they wealthier yeah they were down they were really done they made a really stupid choice. And he decided not to get your nine. We are not I'll just throw me and there's certain wow I think we do well on television in Iowa on it and that's not performing on their looking for a you're not a formula they're looking for but that whole thing was is that it would be actually very controlled. It would have been kind of yeah they don't do that now they're mayor and you really don't interest. I don't disagree with that well yet know we're gonna do fine with out. You've person who consistently gets really good readings eighteen to 49. Don't did put out. Now again upping your ass if you did well I haven't I'm not differ. You Deb we dipped. That's for Glenn Baghdad it's for you dip. We'd get its legs literally when I dare we EU debt. As we all did. I'm onboard but that's for you are actually at the after it's not say hey you little concert in April she said. Pilot in the nine months pregnant and in ashes buried. And Nationalists. Asking pregnant women out and daisies or is she and you shout out is now back out. Back up. Pursuing your dream. I don't believe that the future. And as yours that I. Let. Eight. Yeah I can't yeah hey mom mom I hate that Tom. Mama my children are now so much that now it's become that motto is do it mom you my mom early on mountain mama. My my mom I'm mom sat on my dad buys first name when you're in this. All right which it has verse named Charles Bruce. I tried. Charles embers same vein a chair and are you as our legs. Your love eggs and nowadays to other hey nine was Matt Lauer controlled setting. I'm the air you Latin. He that you need to provide in this very sat down nobody wants bright they want it's they want this they want this person and I guess and but we have. Ed you allow the met allow already beat them free he was on the television. And he was a freak on TV I am sure you've seen the Matt Lauer like real highlight reels. These days. Or is known as a very anyway. That's really what it's just like the way we want politicians to lie does all the time leg that's why rep Kevin Yoder becomes a representative because we. Mark people who lied to us about who they are. Is a dog her column are look I I understand in the majority throughout the pervert per student goes by fear William Glover are blah blah blah is like all alive. And they're just not right they are morning people that's what they want. Daily noon in alignment eagle Billick I'm hanging. I had to anyone on television god forbid they be real Yemen they don't. Chat not that I read it yet no other skill set at bats on time here and I'm comfortable in May do. Anchor dancer and doubt we can play sports anchor banned terror weatherman. Our excuse me meteorologists. And anchor banter is uncomfortable. In what am I favorite things. Probably actually my favorite thing about local news news and I'm not saying our local market and you take any market. That. Any local news anchors. Crew. Always uncomfortable chatter you know I'll say this. Not not well not. Anymore is you should you trust with again they made a mistake. They move got rid of vote they moved Alexis they'll sit off completely like the morning's morning's news it took her out from behind the newsdesk which to me. Really stupid she's a friend of mine played. But the new person yes definitely falls into the guilt category where are in a Lexus sales since he's still doing this you know after news that really got out of it because she is a conversational us. And secretly. She's kind. I don't know I never matter diesel you know a lot. She's not afraid of rate. To say I don't think she's far and no I don't know I mean I don't know cause he's real he's a human being at all. I'm like you know the new group. Our judge showed us to have this on the back okay. Last that's joked no he took mornings and in the brothers' new person in. And I don't I'm not crazy about her she's kinda it's my opinion you know watching not a lot of personality. There share per personality based morning news program. Right now. It's your. I was or manipulation is taking over for a couple of weeks that give us a week. We would like they would be like oh my god now they wouldn't yes they are good that that they would have a Nader is somebody they give us a week and they let us well. They the emirates and the viewers would be shot offers I don't know Diana as we lose them now I believe we lose you know we if we were like out a wedding data and we're gonna be alive on a news station for a week we would carry a significant part of our audience over there to watch as burn the thing Downey and people hated us. A guy I want wants them fail. It would be a huge bear and the other end the game bill includes being a boon. Have been Boehner and you know it Bruton. As I got its way to bring did you come. Now we're kind of duke or I don't know if it with the Jews you it is they really get Jim it's it's it's agree Hillary now you're getting in June and did you doubt. I eggs. And eggs there they'll probably be the clocks as we can never go to Brigham and honest now. Breaker our. There's a problem eggs. I'm not quite sure how I feel about Davis. I happen at being eggs. Should come from chickens that aren't shoving cages and can't move de because I feel like that leads to a host of other problems. Not absurd to the actual even three years of that exhibit chicken to society the crack addicts you have to do I mean don't. They think about the job and yeah people don't think about the chicken rec I'd say an Amazon angry at continue to be an eyelash out don't think about the chickened out. Forget the JF that chicken after chicken that and that's gonna get Diaw who met on caged chickened out. Is not going to be as good as another bag or not just I would suspect. In that chain of nature. There may be something wrong with that and I'll. Don't even think about like that thing about it like we're gonna die of horrible bacteria that we use to be able to kill because all we do is inject their livestock. And feed them into Iraq to antibiotics is out as a leader a guy act now so apparently there is rules in California. You know I don't understand. How it is cheaper. To die in that and Britain that has van filled to add hormones. And and around eggs in an affirm a caged shake and that it would be. You can get more eggs you get more crazy give you more regular spoilage if and they get more eggs because they forced the qinghai freak out on top of our like. Attorneys for as much ground were united. As a gallon me subpoena some vehicle is then will these exit too expensive because of rule from California are ridiculous they spends and anything without. Our offense I was on the same night I guess that was my point. How could that possibly be less expensive. It is like we don't produce enough bags to survive we've produced a lot of eight liberty so many eggs that companies can become you know this large make an X. Does ornate the problem with a cost days is fuel wanna make money on eggs and you make less money on eggs. I can't believe how many times those things when you pump him full or we don't pump also has a ruling California about how to dispose we treated it affects the cost of eggs in Missouri. So Missouri's attorney general who also happens to be running for senate. Who I don't know if he lives in Jeff city or not. But you are totally he's he was supposed to be didn't spray and it is a big deal anyway he's suing because you know always turning electorate. And diet it's zero RO gotta slash those regulations are not sure how I feel about this but let's. And sign ordinance and it's really think about the living conditions of their hands who laid the ID. I really damn mad and it's something you should think about Doug Kelly I don't think about the chickens when they come from Matt Stewart when you go to the grocery store. As you're looking over the price as a bags yeah that is something you think about it did I go do a lot of pain in my lower right part cage free day you have to think about that and the answer is. Yes and an outline I have five kids rice writes kids. Eat up a warm islands. And then like Dan Geiger abreast and employ our I and I'm like it's great shape rags. An entire. Decade ago they begin to passing laws being that only stores in California could still aches for. The government and the government of the camera. You know I. Yeah the I guess it is down fellas got some. Though. I may do her. Own idea. Do are all well your computer to read her the news later I guess that's finds it breakdown there isn't Arianna I guess if the eggs are OK I mean I'm a book Pixar will be it creates the. Some of those guys or Ford and I intend to current and all the yes these are the hormone filled Latin this is now even NLV they do you have organic oh well hope that. It's not that organic is the same. As caged tree because it's not it's not. There's all confusing the labels Steve Matt steered it can the government do some government zine bullies seriously do you think I made my birth process Hampshire all natural to me should be. Not injected with hormones cage free walking around. And Iran are great in how we got our crack break just get one to blame on or again you know when you say organic. That doesn't mean. It's not that means it could still be organic and cage and just buy out IRAs Dallas deal does go. An egg in case. Pray in an error saying remember melancholy and is confusing and in your. Scramble. Daryn there there. There and god forbid you want him and the adds three more runs out and bought. Two from a chicken walk around. Make it a little evidence may easily beats a good signal log around brought the move around a little while it'd synagogue or out tickets by the log. And. That isn't and I don't know more crap right I I. So is the day out. It's. California lawmakers passed the law a decade ago city California stars could only sell eggs from hens raised some bars they have enough room to stand up. Again outstanding and have yet. Lie down and walk around lie down walk go round. And most lay an egg laying facilities the hands of places close together in cages. There's not a Vermont a room for them to stretch the legs many Missouri egg farmers raising chickens his leg because we're terrible and they send more than 52 million mesa California each year. But the California law banning a imports from hand sticking gauges means farmers have to build bigger chicken coops which cost money. And sued for that cause Greg Wright is the prize eggs why don't they guy and a but I had to hurry the attorney general of Missouri. Yanked it is very does that mean range range three re down big and you is forgetting why yeah because you know why is god damn confusing to buy any deer you know I don't even know if we consider eggs dairy products. Or not that was that's honest discussion and we try that I'm now I wanna get in that. I can't believe I'm about to take a spiraling lock down egg laying here but the way did this story like shows exactly what's wrong with America. Really is highlighted I can't believe it's eggs so the guy who's running for senator Missouri. Is suing for the farmers of course does he wants their vote is suing California. To force them. Take our acts. He's suing Californians. Yes. So and there are regulations and their state. Regulations which is none of his business which did not have his visit disease is amazingly gas yeah yes exactly alert and I. Yeah. Yeah. I had I always have these are at WORR. That. Is is ensuring MI doormat and Amanda map. Explicitly that and so they let them farmer. He include an economic analysis from a Mizuho professor where it's like I need to know about his ms. it is nice to break down on news always by the way. I need to know what the Missoula professor's name is because it's not a study from the University of Missouri it's a very specific professor now you can go by economic analysis from professors all you wanna do. There's you don't really go out you can and target for I needed to say that some real sell it to here. And then it says the he says the prices of aides have risen to 25% over the last three years with consumer spending an extra 350 million our eggs. Why do you is that money to go to Missouri and he also claims that this is the most sub par he claims that state state clay he also claims cost states thousands of dollars just isn't claims costs added just looks moment claims. Costs thousands of dollars more to buy eggs needed to feed. Prisoners. OK so here's the thing instead of having less prisoners. We don't have to feed them so much to make less than they have illegals because you know apparently colluding with a four government isn't illegal anymore. That's not of the go to jail for marijuana is Silvio yet so as of putting less people in jail for marijuana does having to feed them less aegs he wants to be able to feed all the prisoners at a wrist Oprah. There. And I took the exam may or may not be. Range free cage free range very and very game mathematics for me. Holly claims this is messed up the United States who lost its mind Polly claims it's illegal. For California. The state of California to impose its own standards. On eggs produced in other states and he hopes the Supreme Court agrees. This dude is going to law demands or really knocked out like ten class and eggs on California. Wada about stay right. I don't exist within one ports eat they're nasty. Cage I and eggs. Well at least kudos accounts or the average trying. To make it a regular paying for at any error every right to have a nag Nancy. As an answer that is that's as say state rights they want the supreme courts of his duties mr. stage right does matter records a great point. Let's tweak that these right now Josh holly I think his Twitter is at does holly I'm a huge huge. That's probably not right and throw them that they may weigh that guy Josh holiday let's ask him how come he wants to force the federal government. Let cal boy take Missouri's it sounds very socialist. And democratic sir. From the beginning to see you sound like it Democrats are. Announcer bureau where you're an egg mandate at the same time he argues against that individual mandate for health care op I don't think so. Yeah. You can have wide without Deanna as so are the I'm glad we talked about it and give me fired up. You know it's just ball asks I see I'm not bring in my red snapper pass and right now we're walking. I read a story about a town I reds at her. That cannot or will. I believe me out it's good I believe marijuana that yeah. The canary in the coal mine in the red snapper. I think in the area the globe and we'll get to that hey imagine I'll be really regular blogging about this and I heard that the all the is blowing up because it's a discount grocery chain -- has every raised more Rihanna go to all you know what the CEO of Dollar General said yesterday and now he said that this they're having incredible growth Dollar General if you have money I got that out there all the time. He said specifically because people are getting or business is booming gas that's core radio I'm sick. I mean it's true and these are we're handing these guys think he's anywhere and department are well I. Everybody I know does Ali. Because you know. What I can't get all of its it is affordable. It is affordable. And she is they have done a really great job tea. So not only is it a 40 it's kind of more affordable to borrow IE the cage free eggs. Why isn't premiere ranged courier whatever that asks Davis why can't we just agree on one thing that means it's as an answer all acted. When you're wind parted dot com yes they have everything an AT and just be it's got to be all of it's gotta be no harm in this direct brain now whenever I. Thanks again range range again just let it right or how. My mama make me aegs in my colleague zags yeah split their taste for ash. I think there was that youth and regular drop what I dragon that is that's Floyd. Yeah. It everything tasted. Things that I thought I knew where lie source president chains dude I'm so watermelon angry Zemin is I think you have never had. Imagine the best liar volume ever and I'm trash. Knowing what bonds and how many Diallo while they had Gypsies Ali in my hot shots. As this as being acts and said did at where does that. I'm eager my alarm. From the center of America. Throw the Euro club in the bag contracts. In its allies didn't. OK so the weirdest thing of course in all of this is once again a Republican is trying to force somebody. To do something that they don't wanna do wreck. You know non consensual aid. Transfers and give us the egg must confess I must be enthusiastic. Consents exactly yeah. I'm through our market is probably not live through world is a band. There as well. Yes and of course it comes from comedy and a Brett Hull always comes from comedy and the British. It always comes from the insert the absurd because the absurd is not. I don't know they don't do which are supposed to do. He doesn't he's one of my favorite people on television. And comics and we've. That it may that we chart on and I have we've charged a multiple times always. An amazing interview. An amazing interview her. And this is where it comes down to because Greg he's does what people in the media won't do because you're not supposed to. Are talking about John Oliver confronting Dustin Hoffman. Ray and it was at a press event for wag the dog. Okay there's some wag the dog anniversaries a movie that doesn't often made it really was not great on back you watch it. It was during peak in Nero Hoffman time. Right it was right there and meet the clockers since our panel in TriBeCa death and TriBeCa is already an interest in plays at TriBeCa institute is and I. Janeiro is playing that's the play out they've pushed it he backs it up to turn back is already kind of a weird at the plate lunch right back as a place in New York number one but. The TriBeCa institute team and saw John Oliver is moderating a panel. And there have been allegations against Dustin Hoffman share. Oh let's see it was on the sets. Death of a salesman. Okay my teenage intern on a TV movie does a salesman and a twenty something player right respectively. Bob about not much came that he was accused by two. Several women a sexual harassment allegations. So John Oliver. Is moderating it and it comes up and Dustin Hoffman's talking about how he apologized but he included this. Prays that his publicist said don't say she didn't say it don't say it in do you get in a back and forth apologized to use the word yet break. So he says that right here in front of everybody and most. If not. 99.9. Percent of all interviewers about point Lehman loudly below the hoosiers boast to dip wrecked. And John Oliver's like. But now he presses yeah now we need more people like John Oliver actually in the news wound down. Not only in the news I agree with that but I think. As a man. More men. Need to be having this discussion with your friends with your truck went. With your buddies I told you need to press your bodies. Because. I really. Think. Because of the culture that Moran may be men really out realized. Like do you really not realize or somebody doesn't want your advance says and yet you persist. I I can't understand it I pretty much get a good idea and a sense of people want they want and what they don't want. But I think even on a bigger level yes he did it in the media he made it. Uncontrolled because it is income from Al. To be sexually her house. And then yet we're supposed to get there are asked her resume the Yankees the Yankees harasser is in the sport. Leeway. It's really and comparable to be not cursed actor and or listen to their own. When sexual advances are coming your way. And it's hard to light as the as the dude when you hear dudes saying things that are wrong and our definition of wrong. Is not deeply. Ingrained into us if you're my age I'm 35 right because it's a culture that has existed my entire life and you have to be actively. Aware and when people say things you have to say that's not cool. You have to like if it's just doing them back. People down I think he had just if we arts is our is our art I had not saying map John Howard did. Was hard it was very hard also. In front of Dustin Hoffman. Agassi you know doesn't comment on a pair I'll I'll let any sit there with you know with TriBeCa. Mr. Mann de Niro he's sitting there and in this this happens and receive the audio is good enough and if you have a question echoes. Yeah. Did anybody months. Couldn't look and it's wait until we know what we'll. Just. We'll. Speed. We'll. Hall on call. Nomo and it's just you know or fast car. If he doesn't like doesn't confidence responds he says it doesn't inbox pisses me up grab the moral or return anything and what pisses them off why is V it's not represented have who I am and then Dustin Hoffman such as which I think is very telling. Today it today so that the aim here is it represented them of who I am too Jay and that. Has an excellent thing about being born in this culture the existed and is changing and you can't just say today you have to go back and you have to look at. Capacity after refuted it becomes if it's something you're dead hurt somebody break. You have to say I'm sorry brand it was wrong and it wasn't funny and it is an OK yeah. I agree and then more so I if you could planet's Dave and maybe we can Claire. Well. Yeah we you know everything. Forty war. It's. It's. You know look. Clash and and dollars as I'm a lot of it was I'm glad I was there yeah he does that answer is a cop he's right. It's dismiss them it can too easy route. In our own. I I love that he's. Having this conversation and I'm glad John Oliver just drop does not drugs today he didn't like I'm glad. Does oddly UN there you know I have and I'm glad that I had been I don't know. Sosa. Over a long day. For a man who broke up and send it to reach you bring this thing. Is bring it up you break it up did you have sex on Friday they got way they set that whole thing down. That's right tightly in her room retaliate and now you all forgot about putting I'd you remember tiger and then members know or am I gonna be crazy but apparently it's not. You know. We. There stupid things voter and. Okay. I Don't Ask Don't Tell us we'll see what this. You know of that response either. Call me. You know I. And why are. There was no. I didn't know what. Few no. Warlords but yeah. She didn't know what he had it all back true road stuff but hey we're all well. We've got a global peace we see us. I don't believe all she wrote yes. We all know. That's the part. That I have. That was the apartment that I love that John Oliver's. Why is the point of her life and but is that what's the point. Let's see game. Because today as a Big Ten. If you come forward your. Certainly worse the eighth the accuser imagine Roy Moore is back to us. People defending on a daily if we hear from Dayton yet we hit me yet but. Those victims have to hear every day you waiting for you says and there are why errors are the camp. All day every day I the president thank you and may yet. Yes why is the point of them line what what would be their game. Because they're coming off as the criminal they're the ones that are being questioned. It down I agree with that sentiment and for him to brought it up and that man or he's really yeah I love I love that I love they want is the point of their line yes I believe them. What is the point I'm all of these people coming forward because they're going to be treated as the criminals not the victims. And we see that day in and day out. What is the point M what do they have to gain absolutely nothing. Now I love the downward and he's got huge nets. I love is not. Is that enough probably not not huge browser test on design what ever. I had a a lot job our time and again our dollar really cool to see you again and it's a massive jazz writer diary as I love now. As well he's going into target as an apartment and certainly he is in the position where he's gonna get lamb based and if he agrees to do this and you let's Dustin Hoffman. Walk walk walk away at with some you know half cock statement and I did to do that is really admirable yes I agree and it is possible and I do think. Now I gotta be John Oliver to take on Dustin Hoffman but wow that's our house. And even I thought. And does not who has been a little dismissive of his liking now actor type season. I almost just tell it like I would have liked to be an actor you don't know what it's like aura to show entertainment exactly make. How John Oliver's probably he's a great actor. And I feel like I even better human being I believe the best video we have from this event is some shaky cell cell cam fell found out. I anger in India and then like to go to Dustin Hoffman like OK so it's Dustin Hoffman in light right now if you're. Fourteen years old you're like man what does that although it hasn't been hearing. And like if you even missed his Renaissance if you would call that out of that move those movies grab a meet the parents right prayer meet the Packers against the is now out an air around his alma. In the eyes of the about them either under his dad is pocket there out he's soccer's amateur that's in the air. Any kind of plays we're fervor and actually in the movie premiere. Pie but that's not all really true and I think what she wrote to take and free man today the egg that I like bright because that's true. Yes yes yes yes. We like pigs all the time yeah. Yeah that I really. Warrant what's the point of them why I didn't. Is now they're they're on trial. Even now when you regard him I mean this is this kind of what if but it. If before anybody is sending thing if doesn't Hoffman says in my past I had you know done some bad thing dozen. You know nobody said anything but you know there's people out that they could have felt or would that be better if he had like said that. Mikey get up ahead of it or maybe you didn't know because there was that time maybe you didn't know when you hear it maybe yeah so dismissive. I mean it sounded like John Oliver was willing. Yes I'm very well IA said that doesn't sound self reflect pray so I don't believe yeah why not us. I mean does not know what was. And asking questions you have days like wo lap hot in now what you wanted to do on an actor I need to be told I want to do you really I believe genuinely wanted to know what to blunt why do you want to do what I said I did. Then I think he does. Because now and I think it was a day of discussion at the really there really was there was an all or nothing discussions. It was a I don't like you statement I think it's this restive would you like to try again I I don't like that statement it's not so great liked it I always end let's try and how he kept I kinda Dustin Hoffman to his credit kept trying VW lamented that right he's like he did and an eye. Don't know. You know an eye doctor and number Jon Miller was correct and that adds probably an uncomfortable. Line of questioning didn't imagine how uncommon drone and have been for someone else I think it's a great way to bring it up maybe it'll Donna and some and eaten. Or other people. I don't know I it's a discussion that easily and clearly in them. So I didn't read Dustin Hoffman's accusers Irina no sun as well prepared as John I'll I am not either side of the John Oliver we just even John Hurt I condensed Thursday as he got there won't and then Barack and eventually everything you read music of this I believe dirt yeah. And everything's a lie. And then they went on he didn't go on about. You know why would you bring up forty years later world. I mean can we stop asking that question. Does that question annoys as sodomy that you are and understand or fathom why someone wouldn't say anything week oh. Another leg and then now what was that Orrin hatch yesterday talking about Roy Moore he said what what what happened was forty years ago you know while hair about like what Hitler did. Was like over forty years ago and it's still bad time doesn't heal. Wounds the way you think it does when it comes to. Beings that hurt other people. And it's a discussion and very mentioning discussion and has BM and I'm glad that says John Oliver. It's here account and a Eddie's in enjoyed his coming here. I everytime I think he tops off everytime I think he reits like Max John Oliver and binds to a completely chaos some B arsenic now Melanie Martinez. Out Melanie Martinez Diego. Now emerging is. And that side and I don't remember it won't play what's on was that. And Cheryl little crowds you. Yeah he had a week later. Against my. And she's been your first shows she says she is part of the voice now. Unless she was from that but that's punches discovered. Of this of this pulsing and in studio with that afternoon Chenault and and did you can stay dog house with against doll houses the big one okay yeah so. Former friend of first. Wrote a huge. Timothy Heller unfair. Wrote a very long post about. What she described to be being molested by race by Melanie Martinez. To me the owners the amount yes it. A gum and basically says that I was in a car dependent relationship with her I was her friend it was all about focusing on term and then one night she decided to suck at this is our right is my sex lighten and I was uncomfortable with what the conversation because I was sexually abused them uncover homosexuality. And kept her up all night asking her if she did touch or groups. You know brought trying to Pryor would marijuana after two days. She finally consented because she is like. Okay cheap cheap she didn't say yes it right. And this is the statement you should read the whole thing it's got like 75000. Each. Our friends over its it's a big if I haven't read her story either and Melanie Martinez. Responded by saying this and I think this goes back to. Well John Oliver was saying to Dustin Hoffman and in and prone rounds aside this is that seems to be the problem is the lack of self reflection and rank because Melanie Martinez said after. You know her friend Timothy wrote all this thing about how she took two days to Wear her down of saying no don't no no no and finally. Basically. And Mel Martinez says this. She never said no to what we chose to do together and she doesn't realize even after reading everything that was written. That the other woman felt like she didn't have a choice Ara. And how can you say that she never did she apologize now she didn't have any self reflection at all she said I'm horrified and saddened by the statements and stories told by Timothy Heller which she and I shared was a close friendship for a period of time. If you read to me Heller statement it states that really was a co dependent the focus on. All about Mel Martinez's success. It's not a fact she has something that I thought was really with Tim Hiller said broke. He says something that really area. There at all I loved her co dependency works and a lot of strange ways in my relationship with his friend I was dependent on helping her with her life. As soon as I needed a small bit of focus and support from my best friend there was nothing for us to relate to each other. Act that's not their relationship work has been given hiring revolver and then. Maybe I don't know about everybody is that in one of those that. When it's which is stimulate worry about right hey what about me what can I get my golf that's not others relationship work during this guy. I intimidated. I hear the events I did a. And then and from knowing much chance to say quote we both had pain in dealing with our individual demons in the new pass we are forging but I truly felt we are trying to lift each other up. She never said no to what we're trying to do together. Thank. Did you not read what she wrote are you just responding to that allegation you're not responding to. Moret she may actually wrote I. Don't know I think that's that's terrible and this is you know. Without the ball up. So anyway that's what's happening pain you read yeah its own generator articles are read to him how others. I think it's yeah 8:19 am. I can. Last summer and is being go to and that now the person your read does not respect him. That's and that they NFL or your wishes they never Wheldon whether he sexual or any other doubt they will never look at you as an equal to our senior complaints as valid now and is if you're in a cloud of families have been some of these things are. You know striking a nerve inside of you like women that might be mean if it is you. Just don't spend your time or any more energy map person trying to figure out why or trying to validate yourself to them to try to get them to see was a person because they can't network here and then and I never will back your way better off. Not trying to do that that person and I know that there is going to be that empty part of view double always be there. Because they won't ever see was a person but you need to learn to deal with your loss. And walk away. And find yourself again because you will and you can find happiness and you don't need somebody who dismisses you. Being in your life. Go more down on the buzz before that Flogging Molly. Before and rats the night watchman. Rates in hand before Matt's. Audio slain on how machines. Before and that was agreeing game out. Rage rage that green and now they'll bring him for that authorities zero before that the living in the living and catch a lie yes wow. What I was standing in all of us. Knight he's like I'm really earn my commitment I'm enjoying just keep doing whatever it is that you're hearing either love that sometimes it does need that guitar. I don't does agree that's need Beckett are sometimes very good times like counties. This is so how CDs. I did love you obviously signs Inco cheeses on was auto coach. He's very under appreciated saw lying and all of alternative libraries for her death they they lasted for a minute. And then we do the things that we do where we're like that was great for five years we'll see you later yes look at it you coach needs. Breaks right. Yeah banana clubs go voila wanderlust skiing and spend more time of the new album didn't hit me like the other ones that it always takes in Europe. But it does that he would. Oh we got like five minutes that we're actually supposed to break are your anti Carolina now welcome home some more guitar RA that afternoon hey I don't wanna put I don't care. I mean I'm listening. I'm Melissa this morning. On orders downside of that since I've felt the music I don't. I'm just listening in dude if you give her that I enjoyed it they opt in Iowa got back here electronic pop alternatives there. Now if I live on intuitive. I like it if of the sometimes had a spice it up yeah I despise that I got to keep it free jazz got Steven Frazier crane for each of them creme fresh got to have your Cranium fresh and go on with Carly then got some. Didn't. That is Habibie. With Tom away. Sorry I forgot to. Do you nine. Techs happen yeah. I got a tax laws plan options manhole area like the company provides this looks like Spotify account access to an unlimited music library. I don't let it we would have to placed above the Plano as we have to apply in our phones and I went out and that playoff the play it was because. It is it's down to a time but I'm not against the sun I had science and I have gone down it's a really Iran and it's so you any is. CA museum so many levels outside the first of all I see more women sir am. And two of them are from New York to reverend deterrent men and it's got that I. Detroit garage rock which I must soccer for her at Detroit garage arc has a lot in common with the LA search scene ask. All that yet well. The two mark anyway and in the lyrics. She's occurs to her what it's worse there could glove it. Super villain and hero. Now she's a town board. I love it it's a great track anyway that's a BB heavy today a baby your mind can be mean you know I have TV have diva. Robbie Bach friend. Really ain't that time ice time with a passer and I love. I mean if I didn't hated I don't think you can't and because I like to go to everything it's three minutes a yemenis in just a great track anyway. I like about you have your own opinions here out I am a lot of signs we've played Dylan at PS3 minutes to. I'm not even getting as six minutes on video and I we have three minute track. That's pretty tension and and I think you should be death weapon if you're not to look at Eden. And it's trying to be kill bill and I meant seemingly mean holes. And fails I don't. It's OK I like it you don't have to like and if you do like it you should check out more I Bibi or not. Firm yet I don't really care. Eileen. I'm done. Weird morning. Yeah yeah I mean it's ending with me filling out a form on trump is not above the law dot org okay. There's chatter of the united gonna fire Mueller coming up to Christmas present is looking to is as business dealings as those on site like they've organized across the country. Protests where a gutsy science of gets fired he nowhere to go when it's under protest and dammit you fired Mueller my ass. What can go out again this I've got to get married it's well let's hope not. Funny times you know lot part of the courthouse that I've done with the courthouse for merits yeah I'll go there exhibit fiery or how well law I want to march I've dived for a march. Well I. Let a real march. I have a couple of real margin enough wee bit not that we've been like when I I wouldn't Spain. During the march 11 train bombing in Madrid. Ed information came out that they were being like basically lied to about who perpetrated it on the Spanish government times as a Qaeda it turns out his Basque separatists. OK okay with maybe is no way around June march so I hear all this noise and inspect our hero this noise does not open it or 100000 people walking in the street. Or Twitter or FaceBook or it back. Just I would like people went out of them and legislature there are marks and I wanna be marching David's right. The storm is still. Well I'm glad he had the opportunity trump is not above the law dot org is a Kansas City event already I signed up and. When Z events. Whenever he would if he gets fired bets that the IRA let's hope in Japanese and comments are going to be a candle is dealers look slick right when is is has legitimate needs follow that ideas I don't think it's gonna get impeached he's got again they might get arrested he might get indicted he's got. I AM age I mean pot yeah what's going god why in these things he is a lot. So I HR but I went yeah I've not above the log out or highly suggest. Marquis venue for martz I know mark so mark turf. I tell gangs emerge are partly a large sometimes he's a jogger yeah. I was in France one time and there is a mark and we were there with my choir in college and BM educators. We're trying to year raises and they weren't given it to them so they marched around where the whatever the museum is remodeling says they're marched around the margin all the time and a very heartsick over bad flags still live there yeah. I got out pretty got him thinking that the magic have a lot of the other. I believe the time is trying to and as I. Dag jet's readiness and wrote the music doesn't believe that Michael event modern rap it was I I didn't get to go into the cost money. Rottweiler they don't have to leave apple called it let famous dog play. Thousands famers are easy there's racial how Bannister make everything I got up. There's some sort of famous power down those crude tour. Hundreds now are you Aaron I don't remember what the tower so everybody martyrdom they argue we got up RA or play.