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Tuesday, February 13th

Open, Buzz Briefs, Cocaine, Bad Dad, Bad Hair, Alcohol, Hunger and more!


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My name anyway. Few hours. You. You know are urged. Enlarged copy. Now cream eat well. Anonymous audience has put in London. Today yeah DR Dino mite is like so far. Well what's your daily so far. A lot of the other active. Area has been neck hole. I got to be all there. Tight hole. That was once too tight the whole C China it is tonight's in gene Sherman and I've been Sherman and an iron. Oh and they'll line yeah. And we're gonna move her many plain and urge acts as you know I think you are. As it was out there playing on our viewers after our shift that there was bands there is that there is shelters event. People that god messy. Are you trying to fix it. I'll immersed in regular at the hands. It's hand me. We do have two strong guard yeah. Some truth yes stand up to him a great marks just sue us. It's here in my ACL over here Larry. So what's your morning like you can just get the other Jack. Gap we just do that our neighbor. I mean we just get the other jackets in the other room let's say. I thank you mark NCA. And is now at our panel on this mr. Maher. Think you are an engineer. Engineered into a safe plunder and no. Not on nine. A author of that. Busted now of this season Jack that was a bad dad at the beds are so bad exactly. No less than embeds Eric. I can name a few things now or less than a bad Jack I'm gonna do it Jack and it's about one in flight so frustrating thing why today inject in the first and gotta bend Zack. And it won't work. Wow the problem man is eating get prompt firm. Attention to the Jack. Mullen on UI your road today. You're paying you resist using instant thoughts and there. I can't even hearing I now is frustrated he can't hear it but I'm a professional I don't end here. Since they says the daily of the police I have an appointment at 932. Yeah were a writers are here there's no joke here in Niger Eric takes two pictures you know and there's an invasion I don't believe if I mean that's really stupid because if I could really show you here that there is why haven't we work and I'm thirty I work saw yesterday and lets you work for another radio decision that's not my problem though there. Did you get out years it is your solution out when you go work for another used Asian and answer here or treatment from. I'm not taking my phone to your friends are there. Like I really early trading revenue stream fake news. Attachment. 930 February 13 pharmacy location and seven he had to make them. Reason for visit the flu influenza carrier. Enter confirmation them help. Earn it. Don't get grumpy I mean there's number I don't you're probably right or I am easy you come I'll have been here grumpy now I am grumpy in the news or. Which is what I do actually Eric you like very minimally I know it sucks. Did you leave our air earlier the I have a question did you leave their. Now what there and it really came easier way to go to unemployment now whether figure ever really would be fun but. They didn't have anything after that thing until like noon and I like to me to noon. Moon. Who made an ongoing game of Fallujah. Around here leverage Britney around here. Around here as race. Now Counting Crows. Now. Come on crumbs turn. Senate and amp. Thank roadster. I didn't say it was an antenna I know I can say it was a guy dear I don't get me grumpy you know Miami grumpy about it now that I made small line I could range at any moment all right all I had. Full on Napster dumpster so. I was like man I Chad's lightly. Really yeah. Now unlike you some room sir I'm not concerned grocer. You Doran who is the grooms are not a monster who. All right. Tony was offended Danny's here. Mark's getting coffee yeah. Once going on oral. I. Even do a lot of clues stories you know and I saw this one. And I'm like him. Maybe you're like me may Rihanna I don't know I'm tired or very very big like an apple solved everything. Guys just moves put on app. And apple. At apple fix everything. I haven't had any that fixed demeaning yeah. They certainly. Pre acts of timing. And up to forget what's gone out and we'll find out sure it out that in their apps like people like I don't know how much this app costs. I know that if it's going into schools. It probably costs a lot because that's what people like to do what Fiat in the exit rip off schools. Twenty. Harold plays the story you tell me it time area just being in a sour pus it could be as policy play. It is possible seat I mean it's happened before get a Condo Lara. A lot of parents these days well a few schools here in metro using hi tech thermometer and high tech apt to keep a better track of it. He's done a better life. And I and I hit into the guts yeah that's looking better and Ali how volley villain. Anyway you look at this flu season it's back it's really about this week schools are looking at it by the numbers. Allard and all called and I. And regular conversations with the Health Department overall our attendance is down about nine point five did illness. Apps sometimes it goes up to fifteen I don't think that could get whatever nation us is third grade triplets. Had the flu last week I'm afraid that it's is that first domino falls the rest of us are gonna start getting sick Terry on the thermometer. She used a Smart thermometer provided by the school that connects to kids as fluent C app on her phone. You can upload those symptoms into that happened and it informs his cool if you should be on the look out for. Fever runny nose or strep throats going around school nurse. Again you to have to tell you that. I don't think that's the points again I think you're seeing as how are probably SII just like these you realize is a kid's sick and he's playing the school now AK. Here's why. Symptoms my kid has. So we're glad I 'cause summing in the school now that's the mom that's the mom OK okay they've they've committed in the kids' mouth. And in the big Kansas like. Today naymick has got to fear. Yes we got us how rather that happen you don't have tea. You don't have to. This cool if you should be on the look out for. Fever runny nose or strep throat going around school nurse that academy Lafayette was one of forty schools in Missouri who earned a grant to give the thermometers to each student. Allows parents and the nurse to see what's happening with students sickness in real tough and our relay night out on Wednesday as is due to wasn't in real time. We it would just be chaos. People are just won an iron to. He handed Danny's vision yesterday the answers and have unemployment today but he apparently hasn't employment he's going to make today no it's already made he made it I made an appointment. The news 930. Mean Randy Ayers a time and as a time they have recommends that out now are we have to remain Tuesday. Now please but I aid if I got the flu I would hate it I TU indicated you know are we using to get this Smart ideas models they have you're going to get a yesterday we get this month though there was anything by the time I got nine new otherwise any appointments on time. Yeah after the concert meaning as a free to rom or what do you care because I mean it cost somebody something somewhere houses schools you got to you know a grant well yeah grain costs money. A grant comes from somewhere. There is a grants. I grades I didn't realize it was aground Friday off and dried resin writing job it is spine is nobody anywhere and now it is right on aren't. Flu when it plays one at a cemetery as and I knew first thing this morning when another third grader had the same symptoms of four other ones that stayed home. To tell mom this is something you need to come get your child for. Keeping sick students home. And getting well once and class through technology the school hopes is made available to more students are on the metro areas that bill I didn't as a parents is supposed to do. Like it's dollar deal with the Ebola. Allow B nine adds it fever ray. Amen I want and his allies. Yeah that's the thing you never know whether Italian. While Iowa column. Everything a lot of dirty Tilden. Yeah I haven't encountered yet REI and we had their allies thing or is last summer. Haven't they realize he yeah I'll open to avoid the outline for some reason we paid some way to come and like. Run oil through their hair out of literally can reasonably do this is like oh you're gonna have to I'm just. You paid me to show you how to do it repeatedly. Every day for very twice today. You have to put stuff in there added olive oil and home thing I don't why didn't do them. Chemical death yet claimed that good and and I didn't I don't know it was an error. Stick there heads and chemical breath. Grant all now the end Texans got a point yeah. For you know and employers all labor as they did that register your attempt to Leah bingo that it's. Ball only bingo beret and just because it on its fever doesn't mean that you don't that you feel good. You can feel bad without fever stay exactly. That's right. Raises seems kind of this is silly it's silly we're getting everything doesn't need to be connected to the Internet and our fronts and I. I mean I'm out there isn't your parents went out without map I think they are an Idaho. I think I don't think they're not. I area and I don't think Ambien is an hour plus I did I got a smile on my faith. Kids do not have to go home school banner headlines anymore they don't Blige. Well don't they just spread the eggs. And more kids get lice. Until they're dead. I mean I don't know if that is the American Tony Taylor just gonna start living our life now I've seen that movie is caught alien three. The penal colony. And their ad buys EMI's. I've never had a about it if it happens it happens ranking I can do. I I never lost a lottery as far as an outbreak. Database anyway as you are I had an today this is just a flew my employment at 930 none and in and out knows it's up to 4000 people we're gonna die that's a big news or nobody was talking about but. When it comes to it's that app I have the problem with like people are done and these apps make people seem so dumb. For real I think your miss understanding we have got hot dry and I think you are I know I felt like you Barley not idea. I feel like you're thinking that the app is telling people that their kid is sick I don't realize that. And I think people realize that I want and know how this. Became. Article. In the news too on an out did like Saudi academy Lafayette figure Bafana go ahead amusing this crazy have you guys to come do a story on it. Or. Something like hey we got this great app is taken out here in the schools that are doing that Brett. I always question news is there's really comes of products chair. I was and it was they have. Apparently Allah wills the way to go out many lives. As. Chemicals. Don't tell NC. That's false angry DJ varying data sending jet home. Good thank god. Let's see Z Andy and mean Hillary eras understanding you know your kid has the flu that's not a point of the app appoint any app is that the school now. That your kid as that why game and then a Bafana go hey right you could you could do that. It but I am I did say that I'm doing that though the Cubans is their mom and her in the mouth and it registers. God forbid you have to talk is of it alls I know how technology works into the weren't they great. Then you're the first time when you buy your first temporal lobes scanner. You know I'm talking about. Every day every damn time you run the temporal loves getting his ninetieth point six and I simplified. At a near their runner it's Adeline and you know the only accurate the moment and I'll I it's in their rectum. It is Iraq town they don't mean that that's an app that'll damn near Pelham. Offense is Greek thermometer. I've put in their daughter up their act of I have to do our in the hospital and everytime I mean I am I don't like it GAAP. Any kid on days like five almost if they couldn't handle an arm out there under arms sucks it doesn't deny that that's why they mean that your when the airlines air inside as others that Iraq under five. Rectal. Correct though Nat ring answers certain amount of time. There are OK with an ear does am want then I would say when they're younger it's more important and an accurate temperature that's the only way to get I. I think that's pretty accurate I think adding poignant now it's in the air seized those C a in this ad ad running need to add on in the air. You deduct wind MI CM and anal thermometer in name. If you put it in the rectum by did you know that no actually I do you now believe that is true I believe that's a major well I noble we believed to be true and I think dancer and I. You have the anal thermometer. As there's one specifically for their act dumb ball the mama there's should be for the bottom amino risen well they're not not all Lamar. And there is one specifically. Nor probably many men their rectum barometers. And then. From my understanding of your doing a regular tape around her let's say take the ear thermometer. She found them rectum exam that I have does its act one is jail don't add. Just report to the doctor where the temperature that's out I easily India and I say OK I get to air their barometer. Here is the temperature that's what I've gotten yes I agree with that. You say do it through direct them. Pencils around. Why the doctor idea and while leading the forehead boy and I never did the forehand when I value the nor are we don't wanna be bothered enough to talk to our kids the make him take your temperature in their mouth. Wreck as do the year now. This year. Maybe originally our tech president is trying to limit the problems he'd take their kids have Richardson is going to with a fever and that's why I know I love my mountains of these might sound deteriorated so that's kind of weird isn't it though like the that is the if that's our motivation to be like we know parents are lying as we're gonna keep these kids out of school. Why AV I mean ally here. Thermometers. In the heinous view our I'm not trying to clarify. I think it just helps the school now like you think schools clean crap every day. Because Geithner is opposed to look I don't think they do occur but is there a way. Like if there is nice I think it helps in that manner like marry somebody bust out. Some cleaning materials you we got the flu. But I think this type of season and they should queens from every day very well yeah well but they doubt yeah. I mean I'm sure there's not enough person now available to do so bright I get. But. I don't think that's what it's ports tonight to tell you your kids sick. Here's the other thing what is that. It's strong odds mistrial they have thermometer. My bottom. Who may erupt here's the other thing you guys think where you think this data stars. What company host this data. Do you trust this company to keep your data private. What background checks have done in this company in their history data management how much says it cost to maintain this data. How long is the gram for does that cover the entire program it is just cover the purchase of the demise grade classes in your asking. Being out there on her by that I just don't understand when the news doesn't ask questions like out when they're there they're just like hey here's a glowing story on something. The data things to freak you out I mean they got vibrator is that are leaking your personal data now. Everybody's Lincoln data and nobody take your time. Pressing they sell it to school they know they ought to secure that Dana hard. It's our legacy health care bugged. You can choose to opt out of the thermometer. And where you put it is your visit all know how much seize the moment is cost like him find an answer. It's doesn't cause him he's now a day cost something they re not yeah yeah I would and I don't have to cut his right and gaga is Doug caught. Everything's free in the cloud you guys. Is download the app giving your personal information. Well I'll children's teachers are clinging earned their janitors. I don't idol I don't know. The teachers don't clean you have family there and here's stuff. Like we had an awesome first grade teacher who. She's like I mean there's something even the party I'll bring it. Like you don't have to do that we are you don't pay you enough and we don't probably artists compliment stuff all the time now she's got a clean and I don't think so. I don't mesa. Offensive don't play that don't brings a bit ago played it. Like homemade Cleland general play please prayers. And then I don't I don't play earlier governor Lamar story page July fabulous. Do you guys remember I'm interment more confidence. This revelation for owner. Do you guys remember Esteban low Liza. I don't remember us about low light as the president sound like a good name out of bounds a great name what would you think he I had another child he's as the villain manga. Now he's out the lemonade lemonade and moaning and ammonia is he easy so that he loves. How he left drugs into the Tivo RD RI eggs. Sometimes don't work it back up divac governor and amazes me many bizarre and rather dangerous as a hostile and I before the teen and has zone reading. Peja Diego wade think Esteban a day is he's a former Major League Baseball picked pitcher and he was arrested. Drunk driving no that's just far too common. Cocaine. And others but now all of as believes it was cocaine ago regularly. He's about it now no no I mean he would hold it. Now it army he gave intent intent. There's no way you can argue. There's this much cocaine and heroin was for personally how much for mastodons like I I believe I'm buying in bulk to save money is like the Costco or drug program sir. Well I know I think this is is too much. Is sitting in jail this morning on drug charges after deputies say they found 44 pounds of cocaine. In Albany was renting an Imperial Beach and you take Iran McKenzie has the details on his Iraq what she's in there and they. Yeah I didn't know that was me and it when we love with a rock and well now all he's all their YR age. Talking about lady I got CEA would you talk about navy. Four pounds of cocaine and a home and he was renting an Imperial Beach in news anchor Randy Kenzie has that's on his arrest. You know I'd I mean are mounting potter are selling that and a daily Durbin it's still I'm not examine it and it is hard to me you earlier arrests. The hole where sheriffs say they've found as a bond that alliance says cocaine stashed was just steps. From a local preschool they're not releasing the address but they say about 44 pounds of cocaine was found at a home that he pennies what. They think they're gonna do that preschoolers are gonna break out of preschool and Ryan asked about thousands and gas Norbert 45 pounds ago. I hate and who chaired the drug's a drug thing you do know that its legs like that kids are gonna bust out of preschool they can smell like out there like antiviral like dogs that run and as the bomber detonated so grade. Tugboat ever did this their bodies we're going to ask the mound house it's the others when he timeout in the little ropes and am online and I'll come over NASDAQ and they're not giving away the address but they say it was just stepped from a local school means it could have been like a block and a half away and 101000 sad. Wanting thousands guys that have asked that Zach is you guys are known as its. It's not about school not about it and it's about it or not trying to sell you cocaine and now the now about 45 pound. Pounds of Coke yap and as to bounce house at throwback to let anybody near an ankle for three and let the we'll follow any lives steps away from school promise law yes. We get that is the most ridiculous law in America and up. Recent raw material beach we're here at mar Vista high school where lies that graduated from. And here's what we know right now on Friday as part of an ongoing narcotics investigation. Well Liza was arrested and booked in jail on three felony charges of transporting and possessing. More than twenty kilos of cocaine for sale. What lined up according to sheriff he was stopped for a minor traffic infraction while searching his vehicle they say they found some sort of sophisticated aftermarket compartment used to conceal drums and based on back. They got a warrant to search the home where they found the drugs in Hawaii there. We'll wait a minute timeout brace brace brace brace brace this sounds like one of those stories where the DEA let local law enforcement bill everything backwards to the wire they surgeon is dudes car. And why wouldn't you over for its traffic Haley and wide that end up with a search of a car well. Iowa I intend this nice little compartment which by the way congratulations on having a compartment I I I want our man compartment and so smell proof. For personal use. Of course. I also gave up NASA bonds saw what I mean how you gonna pulls up but remember navy was the preschool kid is they elect he's really increasing his prices yes. They. If a cover rest decision Carissa now doesn't and a very innocent. You say now you always say now they are not your friends the minute they begin talking with you. They are working people could be buying drugs from his house could give mountaineers school I'm gonna guess if he has 45 pounds ago he's not himself. It's always think drug dealers murdering kids by schools perhaps an epidemic in America except it's not. You know as murdering kids in schools guns. Perhaps freaking out about those no we don't hear about a five hour movies as schools know that's what we've freaked out about. I don't does that grade I agree with you can symbolize a snort lines and selling dope. And may in nobody's problem but as they've months. It's about the people that comes about and so as the timer announcing how and why did people I am I drugs are like your neighbors OK everybody buys drugs. Site 90% of people in some way or another whether efficient person xanax or some mobile Lloyds and do what the legal way for everybody do listen drugs. So let's say it's the type of people owe you a drug people. Does look dirty in the wanna murder people in. Take your reefer madness and smoke it. Like 200000 dollars bail he is expected in court on Wednesday. A right hander last pitched in the majors in 2008. Playing fourteen seasons for a number of teams including the Dodgers. And the Yankees now he may just over 43 and a half million dollars during his baseball career. Now this begs another question what did you remember any Manhattan club forty plummeting Nancy's or did any support that Lorena has depths. Cool that is personally years so how might not salad and easy use of it that's because it's a New Year's pound amount is 44 pounds. 44 he think it would have been 45 or fifty don't and have. Here's the other thing that they like to do for cops 'cause and I don't know what if let's see what the daily to round up. They like to bring free drugs or to round up to charge you with more. To. Just an FYI. Always nick and I feel like EU's oppose it probably fifty pounds. Powered by dodge is twenty kilograms of cocaine. Work. Hostage to church to church. Now Caro a hundred million dollars in cooking spoon. May be boarded up houses. How much. Street polish flash cards. Vegas it was a Kyoko cussing club we have no idea. You get pretty cheap at preachy in them I would suspect cheaper around on our team. Hi Aquila 2.2 pounds. To enable all these does that mean I don't know I don't know I have as a gun club I need to do about now heavyweight that he. Following Gilad count a grand. 15100 Arab as forget that you like Turkey. And the pretense is that you can tell I'm not there with during its legacy. That's why do you point to use to do whatever pounds ten kilos in point fourteen was roughly worse the about 350000. So you like about 700000 dollars out there was toy he does this forty car much. Probably about 700000 dollars or. That's that's not a lot if you made 43 million that's a lot of risk. It proved that here for the the room now. I don't think so no we're ending at 220. So there was Ernie there and as you not. Tony cunard and I was talking by the cops do dare they liked of let's see whether there they saw a minimum sentencing guidelines I don't know. So I suspect they via pin according to hear the tax line is you get busted with drugs. Closer to a squawk that's what penalties are higher yeah that's something they definitely like to use you know yeah because there's really nowhere to marry you can go. They you're gonna be far away from a school or church. Mandatory minimum penalties for drug offenses in the federal system to. I'm sure it is easy that's a lot of Annie Gerard who took PDF. Even on the middle of nowhere in the country you'll have a church around the corner. That's right typical liberal idiots here out as the cops and beg for government handouts. Praises aboard the drug dealers and complain about the schools. That's so weird though like you're able to take. What expressed Asian territories in that light you have it seriously weird problem in your brain that's pretty it's just. Probably go talk to somebody if that's what she talked take away from the us. You have to have the cameras he's only had like I I hope you know all of this is for entertainment purposes. Break and we're about to Jack gases. It's weird that that's your black box in your head that that's what comes out when you take the tempo we did you that's doing drugs Amanda mir's current media independent. Says are real dealer. It's always Fuzzy math Fuzzy math with the drug dealer holidays. There's a whole different sort of math this is dealing drug dealer math. That's a big class for kids that and get ripped off the drug dealer and they're on the tape masking. In Finland the glass that in college. That thing now that. Club. Crack cocaine cocaine. Powder cocaine. No drug ten years sentence without parole is five kilos or he's gonna be gone for awhile. I would deal only four kilos alas. Is that. Five kilos or does that date in Lou what's the powder 500 grams. Church church which. And so this is 94. When we should be doing this right now. Aziz mile an hour here weird math yeah back to drug reference commands and mad too weird dry. Bad actor in a very at a new weirdo you gotta do math would drugs you gotta do a couple of these drugs why you gotta make sure your cars clean. You gotta make sure is register your mission is no lights out. Got to make sure you're sober. Right. You don't wanna be as they run. And attached let's see hey mark I gave you 49 dollars or 21. You need to twenties and nine singles this is like listen we endured Q. Because here refunding. Yet each usually say is are they gave him between the line yet you just want one that's right. Elliott and I value that doesn't mean I ever mired I don't know if tripod and I grabbed. Straw. And in the office dealt a French 125 curve ball in K state. Dayne Crist isn't going down. I thinks now I think allow. In 2003 was a hundred navy. On. Maybe that's cut. Part yeah and I never know anymore I am remained cancer stamp cancellation. Here and I didn't hear her get hit and he even though it cutting is yes I did because I need you and I actually don't underneath. You know I wanna know private life I mean is is like writing and all. Yes that is the real locker are gone that's got. We're not concerned we're here. You let me means jobs those square with code in the LI. Gay the other should I never gotten kinda you have that is why I figure Reagan violently I think it's what do you think that your hope that you're putting down here and is it try it yeah hi if you are at play here Corey easy. That asks is being cut over and over and over and over and tell you blow it up here out of the or your reign as whatever way you wanted to Vienna you know how to you know. If somebody says focus Sony says hey. This Stubbs give how do you know I mean I don't I don't know that it's going you have just yet there's a trust there's a trust thing going how they're going to be trust it's like a you do these hidden grad I mean the the lower you get on the drug dealer Paul the more power more okay our next OK and it's still early in the top. As. Mean the amount could use. Yes that. Twenty kilos. Little less of my aunt is pretty if you are ahead for good that I sort of pre I'm not even know that back and the league pennants. Probably les why do you think Paul and Cervantes and high winds and as arrived by now once it goes through masterminds there I don't know. The county drugs that. That like 50% an idea that's being capped more than we got to get down to this city level that's I hear that his it's been very exist it's in the sense that he threw that matters is. That's like has brought an ongoing guided me that is stable on damning than cut I mean at on. I would even think as they've this isn't. I don't believe that's cheers hook IE now and I'll call. Is it coincidence that pitchers and catchers report to. Live Aniston bonds I don't I don't I don't know I imagine there's. Nobody is that it was a professional athlete ever does drugs. That's when the professional athletes they don't do I think there are different drugs and they love god and they're down they're zone over the country joke that is true. That is true it is yet it is spring training Gaudin Arizona spring training. You're ready to go. All right so there as though about a cocaine went out washing cocaine you watched cocaine. You know I am on our watch and I'm cutting and I have allies nick and I don't like certain. I'm good to others that Google other solutions is a big hitters market. I think MMI exhibit any lines judges went through the whole system. Is right you only do they get this note burning down nags I'm here. And the thing I know that if I offend Chara got as Dave I'm right I know that you would not if you ever became a drug cartel kingpin. I know in my heart that you would not over cut your guts because you would just be unable you give that you give great Coke at a great price. With a lot of love. And like acid from our doctors say I know that if this were the reality that we live dead eye to eye toward a cut it wouldn't be with any of these dangerous side so that is not out and -- like you could elect capitalist I tell you Shannon you're paying for cocaine usage get the best coach and you can get you be running the first world's first cocaine nonprofit organization. So ensures that you need to make even I am the organization for uncut have a yeah. You know it's everything yeah and cut its. We need to make his services as the bombings mine and hey I gotta is. Good or bad because sometimes I remember you get like a big goal like rock the biggest fine is gonna bring it up in my rocks at puzzles me. On Barbara. Why you have this mode you're odds. You know it's there it acts. You're snorting Iraq's well. You have a nose problem and that's a problem that's a problem yet maybe usually do and other drugs in your store in Iraq and here is hard rock acts. Smith and I don't know rather unsavory you think about. Where is all right welcome seeing how Zetterberg. Liberal idea yeah. Peter Iraq's. I. And all right you should probably play a feel good hit of the summer and at worst name. Instead there's London's financial need to have that this is the night that we I think. But one of those songs for an NC pillows that feel good at this summer that I didn't have gathered today and I got to America. Well here's your body you rocks and orders and are you people who'd cut it up you cutters see you dirty dirty patter and IUI shares. I don't know why she refutes I mean other than Washington go to Washington. Ani Washington. I mean I think you go to the you know of the rainforest the tropical birds. And then you take the Coca leaves. And then you got a leg you know you grind him up. And any of course like there's a lot. Out of town people earlier gasoline mixer and kerosene I've watched a lot of narco saint I need Chan and anything what do you thing. I also may or may not know a few people Latin means to cut this out out. Seriously the world's first non profit cocaine that I'm dying laughing and dragged support your foundation Baghdad the some answers as as Iraq is gun that's not happen. I. If it's still Iraq the lessons being cut. Our go to however this is a good conversation about technology in schools in cocaine yet. Here is queens is changed. House spurs are on cans and it's tax fast it's fast. It's and confers Rodriguez. Her eyes kind cut computer called row. The little ceremonies and the buzz. This is called time damper on just sign up as China India gymnasts. Is to. My name's adventure game easier Americas here. Yeah. As a historian bothered me and your your parent ever punish you like. My parents are due out. It's. And I would never do as apparent to me and to be its rank and people are questioning that it's not you can say. Chorus of many votes is on the humvees McCain always FaceBook wow yeah so I idea that parents are split. And they have a daughter at least not only have more kittens Duncan and the mom she's thirteen years old. Don Eric daughter should her daughter to get her hair island and Erica fervor of Scott has stirred adds she comes back. With her hair gone. Dan was tennis that she got highlights. So he'd chopped off her whole head you know there's a long beautiful hair which led to amazing night away with highlights. And because she got highlights. Her punishment was to caught all of her era. That's abuse them abusive yes and I Iran now how do you not see that as anything but. It's I didn't do it I say. Now they're really well it wasn't even that he didn't say the mom took her daughter to get her hair done. Which is great good for the mom. And it wasn't I mean. She looked beautiful. To resist her hairy don't know if it's natural hair color not the hairs. Yet when you think they've posting something on FaceBook like to show a strong parent you are. Is that now it was the mob she is like I drop my daughter off. Like that's. And it shows a picture of her really long hair done. And then I got her back. Like this. And it was. Now the girls wearing away like it is chopped off he left her with like no hair okay my issue is outlook ratios. Rarer now I see fit or anything but she has. It looks horrendous. Eight inches he took her whole the way she looked away. Without her permission and without obviously her wants and she's young adult that thirteen of the night. You can make decisions regarding your hair how I let my five year old made you know my three year old four year old make decisions about his hair its air. There meanwhile on. I and you wanna cut fine whatever you got I got my hair. Down like Margaret grabbed the sugar land and it was like 1999. Right thing I mean I would be upset I was sure I was my dad went. You look like a lesbian. I'll tell you it's. I check in general. And a Ed seventy to heavier fight yeah I've felt good I may be better off now favorite word is lesbian every story they use of you're down lesbian and exited. You islands. In Latvia in these lives in the battery can live that is a Lasme. All I got that is so Miami back in you feel pretty sly a domino like take down my route and any advice you're sighing let's. They're gonna make me crack. An image of god I did let out leg on a team and then only listened to some day in my room. While different I mean your senate and so immediately you re doing it. I mean I. Well so bad for her so there's is beautiful picture. Of her with her beautiful hair. And Marjorie is Dan and then the next found out she won't even look at the camera but it's just gone and all of it. Does she liked the eyes she didn't like it actually hate and count me out here now I feel like this man you have a daughter. And the world is already tough to deal woman and anyway the way you look you know how you should back this is why you should look like. You know says she's going he's getting her hair she's a beautiful young woman. You now your dad should be like okay. Your beautiful. Died at period end of story and there's no other question and there's not getting pissed that the mom when got a highlights the value pronk you're what's going land. So I can tell you why your situation is a lot of bad dad and how he interacts with a mom now haven't you there's a lot of email Hillary tries to dictate things even though bright he's gonna cars slick that they dictators who are skelley she obviously the girl looks very happy in the photo with her hair gotten is really apparent. She felt good about herself she's beautiful girl. And she went to go visit her dad and her step mom. Added that there is gone and every. Bit of it can and some people are defending the downward. We ordered really would you Jews are the views of my you know that is pretty god damn abusive to take someone's persona that way also and humiliating. The girl didn't wanna nominee and then now I can tell she clearly did a lot of does she's wearing it got VMware now and that is she's thirteen and she's wearing a wig. And that is like the thing about the dead two is it's like. You say it's not abuse it but it's like if that's what he's willing to do what else do we know I know about that he's already. Our highlights right over over highlight. Over highlights. You know you're right you're absolutely well there is. Now a at. Wichita. An investigation no way area the police got involved yeah. And they both I believe the father and the stepmother are volunteer firefighters. And there are also permanently not permanently but. While the investigation is going on and off duty and it's called autonomy ante just my two and a half year old right. Right I mean this isn't even my good talker this is a anybody who says dinners job any people today. You know like I trend this was actually one of the comments. I trim my son's nails because it'll hurt. When she's equating carrier pins and nails. You heard and I am the only shopping op for air and making her look. Not really she wants elect you chop off your air that's your decision and my doubted that that's absolutely their decision and I believe you should encourage that. Absolutely and you know like I was a pain in the ass my Quetta the longest journey goes through phases but it is a pain in the ass as he is to brush it. Some have. Apple's got to brush in and it's amaze as they deeds angler of the gas conditioner of the ads on my daughter on shorter hair is like I don't wanna Combs he got tired and a Yasser he's like chop around my carrot but it'll go back to it again like he had to carry our Mary now. Well here's one where it's like OK there's two ties of people there's authoritarian and there's not authoritarian and authoritarian as our authoritarian does it feel like they need to be in control of the world's gonna spin out. Ally if you're an authoritarian this kind of guy here you're a half hour show on the air hassle as an entertaining attacking nearly he shouldn't you're not fit what do I hope I had to tell anybody you how to live their life if that's how you live viewers. What styles are cut and eloped I don't know she was she was ms. I'm telling you and the one photo. She's looking hat and smile lane hair flow. And now and then the next starter is are they haircut. And jest you don't see your face. And then. Lady Jane apparently lane help Mike actor have with a wig and their local lady Jane because at Maine MA in the near does that tire at houses local. Now it's an Ohio mountain. That's an Ohio and it just. But what (%expletive) me off her shirt. Or people trying to defend adapt and I. I don't see how you do it because you're an authoritarian and you deep any threat to this person's control would be a threat to your person and your control over somebody. In the public guy and you're gonna argue against it in your so warped. In your brain. They you cannot see how this is abuse and if you cannot if you're listening has come here are hurting your child more than anyone could as if your again if you had a conversation in your life they can do whatever he wants he's the father rob rob rob rob but you need to seek serious counseling. And you should not be around children. If he can defend. And in now. Maynor not like herself as my guest is me NRC a beautiful hair right here scene got I mean she's a beautiful girl beautiful there. And then the moms like here's how I send my daughter Huard. Here is how I got her back I would be enraged. And that and that's how old ice center that's why. And you brought her to me this way and it wasn't consensual she did not want her hair cut the data was Pez. That she got highlight how big blue gets pissed about that how dare you look that way some what does highlighted to me like what does that what does that mean. He doesn't have control some suggest a good solution would be for Kelsey to get hair extensions but Kristin says she can be answered tablet simply cut them out. That's sick yep. That guy Sox news Houston and around them. I know but it's her dance you probably still does Lama and that's a that's the F job part like this is our dads tree where. If your dad stimulate this. She's got egg zero chance birthday highlight was a man and let's hope she's a lesbian being is that she went and got highlights for her birthday. Back to. She enjoyed getting Maine here I mean she's thirteen she got hot I'd heard she got a higher rates. She wasn't she didn't run away she's not so Norton as the bombs go. She got her hair and a near punishing air. And she got it. Done with her mop. And down I don't know cores. Now she's never gonna forget about this. What are you talking about our eyes it's hard and I saw this story and it broke my arm. There is grown impatient and adds. I don't know I haven't actually seen their dad and I'd like to see a photo of the doubt he's got terms stickers on the back it if you're just an AM. Because I'd my parents never did that old. I like the people there's people listen to me this is the second. Comment I heard a welter of Maine as well I don't even now how we don't. How everybody. Here's the story and here's a story real quick viewers tuning in thirteen year old daughter. Her mom takes her to get. Birthday highlights per air islet of Herbert. And obviously the mom of the doubters you know divorced. She drops off her daughter with her new violated haired girl feels awesome she's beautiful. And then dad takes errors pissed. That she got highlights and chopped dollar air. Leg and maybe it's an Angel on. Yeah maybe I mean it's not bugs 'cause she didn't buzz it up you might as well. I just said probably I mean check our you don't really took a razor you weigh in just did that sure it was better than when it. I don't feel good at all and I think it looks like she's start never rat chow. When you're gonna get her rat tails a cut off all our air because she ever her child and so the mom has to those on case by. And the mom I thought was really I didn't every dollar phase but I just read the initial blast. Or she's like I drop my daughter off like that's my daughter back like that's that's that that's all she had sad about it I to me ever a blue and a little more to say. Anyway at this point now the police aren't all of investigating to see if it's abuse and I was reading comments and Bebo. Or to disagree about your view is. Guy is even know it highlights what Warren said your reaction and by anybody with any kind of sanity. This is really this is the comment way to exploit your daughter for a go find me normal people would've handled this in court kept the Don is in his is protected shut up. Pray I mean wanna handle the way imam wants analyzed by your business why. I let it get how got a way to handle it because otherwise would the police get involved in now not at all else they would not have gotten involved. What is it I mean really this was prior month same mom didn't say no war you know okay. Let's say mom didn't post anything on face back and she calls the police. And says my. It's my ex husband cut my daughters are better permission and you think they're gonna come out. Easing that's gonna happen it handily in court does that this is that I gonna happen and record it was the outrage. From everybody DC investigation absolutely earned because it would make you think that if he did this because of your highlights and. What would media with something that matter also. If this if the mom post this like I want to think right have to post this. Against a child's parent. It is is a big it's a big step in it eight. Deferred you'd go out if you're if you're legitimately like I have no other recourse but to show the world what he does. Gray and that is your read our your recourse we mean handle it in court. Right is he's gonna show up with this tie on air bad. Some of that into the pictures were. Announced locally now and I am back extreme managed why I am back what do you care she's thirteen. And her ears and I better no mom waited until or thirteenth birthday to get her hair highlighted. Probably Mike Massey because it was a casual thing it's your birthday. And in senate telling his daughter and giving her simple are in love and being the parent and he's supposed to 'cause chops off. There's evil America. And moved to Oregon your kids anymore and am trying to be an ass although I'm I know a lot of people you can hit your kids anymore. You can't you can't and emotionally abusing kids there as I got into being a parent. Yeah hit again as I cut my own hair and I was devastated and it was my now an idea I didn't. I can't imagine there's so many did that to me with out my consent for me now wanting it. I have thought people are (%expletive) funny about my hair. Is one Blake. But my mom's a hairdresser. See maybe I'm weird about here I don't now. My mom was always yours calls mere hours customer her my brother we've got great hair. She well she always sends us since we champ there who to go are my dinner taste it's fair I do I when I go home to Detroit my mom's on it cuts my hair did take a breath and yes. I just I'm chill now but I used to be years she's like hey cutting her hair. Age dad didn't bug me but she did it how I want and every time. They were you know and my dad would never look at me and say. Do anything to change my appearance he'd always trying to lift me they do they'll pass away and yell at me until like caved. He never yell my galleries are yelling is not Hillary used. Really support of that until I got mayor in that seems to exit and called me a lesbian had a minor blank during. College. I mean as college. We know pretty dark kind of long and team via. I don't know I don't even on anybody disagrees with as that as a parent as someone who's had parents. Trying to think they the worst thing my parents have time to the right I got hot lights strikes it as a pretty good kid as far as I'm convinced there are things she's done that offends you the most this guy. Highlights chaired. Limo that oh she could be a lot last year outside of Toledo Ohio stat girl's gonna get in. But now because of the data though she's gonna get into so much ads because she never had. What she need it I hope everybody who has apparently this. If you can take anything away. Please please please know that like you you you the further distance you put the less pain you feel. Yemen says there's usually you know CNN now error out yet yeah fastest spinning it off like her mom is enough of a rock for her audio is an incident against her away from that gap that is definitely gonna Massey on projection it has been your beautiful island near a support Obama lovable. Instead of Utah highlights. Chopper or. Like she's a jerk like disease equate that to being a whore issue. This is what I don't understand highlights means so that we haven't as you put on the make up right. What do you equate the highlights to what sect which she an idea how that damaging ear. Control that it really crazed people who crave control cannot handle any loss oh that's so crazy and then there's any line. Debating I don't know. Yeah that's. On and parenting DA. I'm honest I wasn't the crazy 1 here I am weird when my hair now think it can't fathom doing that anyone know recruit well on your child I know my kid out at. To anyone like I mean am I enemy Liggett and I'm Diana and really let's say at. And I did I have any enemy now that I mean I probably jail has developed managed let's say someone I don't I don't even do that some high all right let alone someone I proclaimed a lot of you must listen trust gap. That's crazy anyway. All right isn't as that story arc that the world and you haven't seen the pictures it's pretty sad yeah that. I'm glad that the police term loan now Dinara is accurate one else's astle you got a drum up outrage before you go the police and I'm fortunate. Hey there we live now as I swear that mom called the cops in there that weren't exactly and let them anyway and not Americans don't do that your kids still live in Ohio anybody. Say anything's worth the name section were out from. It was. A day as. And there minute town. Kind of town. Or there's half number number as many as attention Danny's here mark is hear. Do you hear about this Kareem on business. A that she's Freddie Mac you know the guys it's. Was really awesome and stuff. There is some stuff go anomaly him. And I'm trying to figure out exactly were asked such as well are you the story. You give me your opinion. As we are. So likely to do at this job. She's very red cream hi this is from Sports Illustrated was accused of having shoving and pushing an Ohio woman in a hotel hallway over the weekend. Abigail. Ninety year old Kent State student claims that after spending a night on a party bus going to bars in Cleveland with a group hunts friends Sheehan a friend were picked kicked out. Of hunts apartment in the metropolitan and that the nine shoved and pushed her around 3:45 AM. When the two women did not leave the hallway the police report says she suffered abrasions or Neeon handed a scratch on his chest according Cleveland dot com. Another woman who is part of Hud's group claims that outage or hitter in the face when she went out of the room to get her the girl and her friend to leave. After that you were yelling and knocking on the apartment door for thirty minutes. No charges have been filed. It's a basically they were drinking and then things went south he told him to leave please report says hunts that he went to bed after asking the women to leave. And then woody can still hear them in the hallway he has somebody to call security. Women called him and hunt racial slurs after they were asked to leave according to Cleveland dot com. Now. So. What do you think. Now I do about that then. I don't know I don't know or a situation that probably. I think job bad when you find us some of these underage. You want him gone. That really hurting Harley and racial epithets at you. I don't know what happened soundly everybody was on something alcohol definitely yeah I'm. Ands. I don't now. I don't know I think you put your hands on anybody now I mean I didn't really drunk. I also don't try to people's. Homes. Hotel room surrender or whenever hotel rooms. I'm also not a party bus. With mr. on. Mean. So what do the guys that I really liked her read but is Robert let's draw or lit troll or whatever race from is it but since like sports online. And he says this athletes are bringing people you just met back to your place of residence I. Because in the end it's your name is gonna be in the headlines. Yeah yeah that's some sage advise ray. Amenable to heights woman told police that kids she's she's ready Beck cream hunt shoved him pusher and a weekend dispute. And I believe that you're out. There rams are people parents friends told police they keep government out of the apartment when they learned both for nineteen years old but the girls that they were kicked out because she didn't want one of the men in the group. One of home runs former college teammates hopefully I believe that you and I don't not for one man. Not believe that did you know us girls were nineteen then. I don't believe that then. Not first section in your opinion in my opinion yeah I don't believe. I believe that out they asked him to leave when something that it none they wanna do something the women stayed on the hallway for about thirty minutes on agree with that. I don't agree without you there. Man leave had a little classical dignity. What are you doing hang out in the hallway for a very whizzer something left behind. What I hunts former cause serious for the please the accuser and crazy if they were told leave and began calling him and hunt the and word inside gray. She stated F few and you Ane yes. Pull ahead in weren't getting thrown around him. Don't agree that diary of a lot of those things. And everything and I think I think Robert the trawl liberal whatever his name is now that yeah. Stop bringing people lead just eventually plays are residents username is going to be in the headline. Let his veto lessened for you Ventura. Okay T stop bringing girls you just met back your play Iowa I'll sob bring LA goes bath city DJ death RS says. She said these yeah after as she told the woman believed the woman stayed outside of her house for thirty minutes yelling Macedonia is not Greece. Macedonia is grades. Lay out. So this just seems like a bunch of bad decisions going the wrong way gas fueled by alcohol fueled by alcohol. And alcohol. How call to lose her you know drew drew allegedly to choice let's hear you on it I have. And now I ask. Mountain View ice invited kids crave death and. Now I actually don't have anything and home right now I was gonna wind kicks for awhile now because he gave me like a warm Fuzzy. Does are you off your mold line in your team I'm all in line I don't have any Laker home. Another brown who aren't in any day and I would you tee and brandy. Is that hard to cutting. It would be some kind of odds Ali I think I don't know. But I really Jason and I I am had a lot to drink a lot as hot list. I'll do that. It's not the kind of drunk I am. That you might not and I am might be a non Christian rock and I'm pretty sure I've never been in that situation and yeah. From alcohol from alcohol or anything else. Yeah try a acting like Ed teasing human being everybody. As is Ty Murray with attacks on and it's not that hard. Try them everybody in. But people cantina. So I don't know. You're asking our neighbors I think they're all hassles and I think anybody I you should I think you keep your hands off Tebow. IIB zero out party buses that's my personal opinion. Nothing good comes from a party bus out. I think you don't hang out outside someone's home the out and they you don't put your hands are mounting huge yell out racial epitaph. Epithets at Atlantis. At the benefit as a fence evidence and it attempts that habitats evidence anyway. Think you. For correcting me I am trying to find their rates on hair down guy guys you know Mort out of area as gazette and even no way here. Let's call our ROK. Okay taken care of it's only the BBC's session version. Is out at all in the system because I do you have an acoustic version now that I can gifts is Oliver is that the guys. I mean it's not normally I got to earn him our AM play out at all a. True true drool drool drool. Remember it's going to be our name in the headlines. What's ailing banks for me and to say and stop. It's that we need be accused favors an easier god why did this is the this is BK is in a gag and it it it's an idea Tuesday night as he is a good laugh on all areas. Cocaine. Niece. All Symantec are crap the BBC sessions. There's one album that they don't. Chill out beyond us now yet it's like their first I'm super tried to access I have super show ranting here once this tribal connections. In Gaza. I thought it was off superstar nonsense here complains releases are CO. Gimme MA can ideas gogel out loans. Aren't it is checked ten soup I Danica. Here is go overboard. Itself five minutes until. Oh yeah. I was very well. Was commercial bird flu shot from all over and I think there was bombings and yeah I had to choose based lies. And make plays our charter. That's our trailers just means so our cream and I'm so hungry had a hand and I never gets masks. You gotta get snacks alone. So actually learned targets Macs I never get a meal in me and I'm gonna mourn him. I saw Hong angry today sometimes you ought to be hungry to down under any name. Danny. Made a huge as deal about flu shots yesterday and he is gonna go that when yesterday and yeah. Apparently and everybody. Everybody all the pharmacies you visited take you as an. Busy is is that a lot of longer is a left here they didn't have anything available. And I did you know wanted to make sure I got it done. Rank and the 930. Is a waiting for him in employment go get a flu shot that leads to use Yahoo!'s. Unprotected. And out. It's flu shot eyes. And that's that's my worry. I'm not saying that at the LA area as I mean ally in an I now I can do is hit that is the you know it's got around I get the flu and I tell you what's gonna happen if I get the flu shot and die ideologue by death. To be used as an anti flu campaign to how it ends going to really can't go against my words. These are my words. There are written in the ether. You're gonna get the flu. I mean it's fine I don't understand arming of the shot what if I don't die and you do. From the flu Soviet. Oh Soviet that's what's so we end as they it was a rain on your respirator before they'd like our man at issue her so yet sure. It's of these things Soviet. So be it it's. I know you're here Russian weapon. No future for yourself who thrilled to your I've Lucia Ammon to be happy and healthy. And not sick at all dies. Are you crossings remember I said you could make means I'm going standard that you died from the flu shot me and that's fine that's not anti flu shut them. I mean get as glove at did that Wednesday damning things to me on to their upbeat data can't. Exactly I do I want Yemen with. Allies were alive or not. Then I got me Dan and Dan out. It's eight. I don't sadly you want to avail. For a moon. Our lasers just Pringles is that plan disagree. Now Pringles are different than big plays way different on our big play Pringles are batter her kindness dale Lee. I don't mind I'm like if I don't mind I wanna get again I look at is in my drives this is what I want and yet that. A cinnamon honey I'm. And Bennett said in game numbers five earned sixty gallery it's. Right now I don't like a cinnamon honey buns I think you should mix cinnamon and honey bun. Aren't usually I've now I prefer just history I know I don't think I've ever had a hot cinnamon funnyman if you got a real honeymoon amazed at the cinema beaten them. But it looks delicious and I think he would have just blow that do it or think ours is the iron c.s generally know. It's not like I won't shovel and ends somewhere later tonight that I Jess and yet. I probably should do it this morning and early. Now at midnight he had because that's really what happened and I don't even know why I'm in my god how are is it's yellen made. By collateral you loading up my car its last night let's see eleven we have before bed that there in the midnight snacking hour. Are we at a high there's really cold there's some clothes and some cereal. Knowing closed cereal out of closes stare at the end of the night I thought about who really wants and cereal right now news. Are gonna serial I want out I'm on a cracked you know praying kickback I really go for some life and aiming at them like that sounds elation. Any kind of mindset coming gets its way. My theory did senator blogger and now all gallon amount is so there are no longer in czar arranges his cereal prices there. What are they thinking and will allow long periods. Well the whole hot. Them. Now life cereal sounds good did you the sentiment. Dodges Tuesday life and and put some sort of extra sugar you got to show your life but that's what makes life life if you don't put any extra book artists browse online time and I can be awake or lipstick on its breakaway REI LP injure your please and I hope you don't get sick. Yeah or die. Clearly you're not going to die and not because of that anyway I gotta tell it for criticism that's been paralyzed from. Sign that I hope that. That would be good STD nine sounds good news and since he's continents. News now I don't want nuts or am I loving us. Island. There. I'll rang he really got cinnamon rollers on that are in. And might see her I'm so hungry why that have. What inferior dance taking Poland's. It's usually was behind and it's sticky it's like a center enrollment sticky. He's again out aaron's I denies that I haven't impounding here right in my fingertips advisors for. Ari I will see tomorrow. Finally have some cereal and sticky buns.