Afentra's Podcast Tuesday February 14, 2017

Tuesday, February 14th

Buzz Briefs, Trump stuff, Valentine's Day, and more!


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A little bit after 8 o'clock here on the alternative 96 by the nuns. Happy Valentine's Day happy valley or not this it's not real. Yeah I thought we can do ninth loves on opposite loves and not most time OK I mean like today if we were gonna do some things in my eyes just plain sweet news you where is amazing things I don't understand why radio insists on the way that they do things. I don't get me wrong it's fine I like the music that we play. Belied we have to stick to that just lame formula we've played that blood in the cut every hour. We have that's music like the revival as same motel and GMT broken bells they apparently construction to go to cinema club we could certainly that was as saying fact many America. I just back to back to back you know I mean it's. A I went to game beats you this is they think is now I don't know why didn't you beat your bare anyway this is the spartans it's not a science and anyway it's a fuming what is going on today. Stuff mossy. There must have been a saint Valentine. There's a balancing valentines in massacre. Ready to implement. That's our simulations and let music me and I each year music. All that is reliably known of the saint commemorated on 14 February is his name and that he was martyred and buried in this cemetery. That's nice blue. Reservations on celebrating some guy being martyred. Here's your candy yards yeah hate signs and assigns its publisher. Love song. Times so. Speaking a lot of young. High level shake up after less than a month in office the president's national security advisor general Michael Flynn suddenly resigned late last night. This files questions about his conversations with Russian officials. During the presidential transition general plan admitted he didn't tell vice president Mike Pence and other officials everything about those discussions. He is the shortest serving national security advisor now in modern history. Because he's five with three listen. Here's the thing though like about Mike Flynn oh obligate Terri blond hair yeah well. He. Does Mike Flynn did. He was like a known people had questions about his ties to Russia both for. When he was just part of the transition team when he was before he was in a national security advisor Rick. And they've picked him anyway. And man like look at that you know they defended him publicly and then up look at that he was lying and he still can't say he's lying he resigned he wasn't fired right. And they're hoping this all goes away except he. Talked about lifting sanctions subverting foreign policy of the United States when he was not a part of that foreign policy isn't it that would what are you might say and aiding and abetting a foreign government might be me. Young. Trees. So now how long was he national security among the other but I'm Owen might. The shortest and earned a mystery to me he is. I mean work right now I mean a lot of firsts. All Hewitt and no administration. Yeah. A lot of for us there that's justice that I can't arias but then you know the talking about replacing him with an idea is on the short list okay. David Petraeus. And how can. Do you ABC infantry if you did it know that traders. Confessed in open court. To giving its classified information. To his girlfriend mistress at the time ran for personal benefit by the way. I'm not worried well. You cannot sit there like give you are still you hate me for what I'm saying are now fine but you have to at least not in bill okay. That bull crap about security is bull crap we were lying the whole time we actually didn't believe it. Because that you did you could never supported this wing character strength and India I mean this is ridiculous. Bedford. Techno I heard you sing your ridiculous. Line. Iran did jealous I feel when you say ridiculous like map red Deco Xena ridiculous Attila essentially Digg is 000 speaking of security you know it's like we meaning national security. It is time. Truck ran out securities and we're gonna give up I will make a wall once those email do you see what she does he can't tell the difference. When as a seal on it although he met. Pot you'd think he knew that meant you know not class I'm potential patent on it anyway. And it doesn't really Clinton Bob Bob national security national security national security got to bring it back. Let's go commercial can you please get down on the field there. Are right. Go president dining with the Japanese prime minister in Palm Beach, Florida this weekend. When North Korea test fired a ballistic missiles should suit organization now sins sins are content should sing god forbid pubs since our. It shoots. I knew it started with finished yeah and yeah maybe I wasn't sure they have as the best of its member out about how critical our Brothers that I got enough what does it. Which one and. And so she's out not should see your I mean I call on prime minister since international Trump's golf resort thought they witnessed the national security team deliberating in a public dining room. The White House says not so. Here's Jeff figures. Shortly after the missile launch. Photographs posted on social media show mr. Trump's national security advisor Michael Flynn. And chief strategist Steve Bannon gathered around the president in a public dining where it's not known what they were discussing. But the president and the Japanese prime minister read information by camera lights and made phone calls all the First Lady and others looked dark. More Lego club member Richard Diego Lazio posted some of the photos on FaceBook writing holy Moly and while setter of the action. Adam ship the top Democrat on the house Intelligence Committees. Throw his report is fox. I'm not sure why he said he I was quagmire pink hair so they exiting and then they gather all around and they take the cell phones out Madonna by candlelight and I guess I was reading this but basically. No camera. Is considered. Secure brown okay like you point Cameron's. Somehow I just trying to point out that the president is meeting with the prime minister of Japan in his cabinet members and his team right. In a public place right and one in the members. Right we're taking photos of really lying posting it on his face yeah yeah just want ads rather that happen IDC to what it's not a spy. It's not a spy and is not another country it is. A person that goes to. Tomorrow Argo tomorrow liar out as a member and is posting it on. Right away he back he goes tomorrow Margo so that he can then charge the American taxpayers. To find his little weekend trips let's just not forget that little things ironies you picture of the dude who carries the nuclear football codes around. No he was totally perfect date well. I think it's hilarious that someone else not our. Someone out is posting pictures of some guy. As well Larry I think it was discussing sensitive information is posed a security risk. They should have gone to a secure space than it over talk freely about it and able to do. Strategize about what the US response would be none of that happened here. Presidents normally received national security briefings in private. Often in the White House situation room or if they are traveling in a mobile secure communications facility. President Obama for example was photographed taking secure phone calls and intent in Brazil in 2011. And just last year. Inside a trailer in Havana. I named by the way none of those posting on things are there. Business OK I just not it goes posted by your mom or dad died. Mark Murray a data thousand of our way to please hurry face he's giving them a show because they give him money. That's what it is you're paying two or grand to get into this plays with a gold LeMay toilets. Which by the way do you think that the core and like Mara Largo is an icu are trashy. Okay there's nothing beautiful about inside Mara Largo I I mean I didn't Lara. Why didn't go eat. I just think it's so they're having a national security meeting that. It's had taken a camera phones out. Brando like a lot of electronics like ties they dined by candle light this is my mind blowing to me they dined by candle light because there is. Any electronics could be pose a national security risks and highs that things. In a whipping out their phones and appointing amended documents you have that somebody's grandpa if I was him face right is beautiful. Crazy crazy crude prices that's an update of what's happening there is smoke happening at the White House I mean my goodness gracious. It's only a matter timer all of those photos from the FaceBook guy. Ever all of the pictures that we downtrend on his national security advisor Eric. Aslan is an no longer. You know I have a question really angers me about an ounce prime minister. Should you genuine winds whipped winning how leg at what point do you go OK I was wrong we were stupid. I guess at what point. When the willingly does confirmed. I don't know. And then you just get to go my bad Steve trash media and everybody else he's been trying to warn you from yourself. Could you hate liberalism so much years blinds. They're guys that security. And after you've seen. Posted. Pictures on he's. Heard it's gone uses in his own head just a member of this country club there. Two pictures of the president. And his security team and prime minister in Japan it's all an asthma like MR Largo tragic and our stuff. Politics aside with a one nonpolitical stars play is also going to be controversial though I'm an attack areas right now. I love controversy and I saw it this. Dot I thought this picture and I thought this is horrible. Because I read the headline. And it's his man says teens on plaza mobbed him. Throwing punches and knocked him down during the attack. And in the photo. I thought he was in like some kind of like racing wheelchair. And I was like oh my god this is horrible brain. But then I clicked on this story. And it turns out it is that. The wheelchair and I don't think violence against you know this guy's OK it's not okay to do it frame I'm just saying. You're riding around in a recombinant bicycle. You've put yourself at risk. I'm just gonna say you put yourself ever says and can that. Does little ones that are loaded the ground at three wheeled ones you yeah yeah pays a legal need to use them the ones that are powered by their own sense of satisfaction. I love that I really like where Jeff. Ghali says he was mobbed he describes dozens of kids surrounding him. Taking his things clippers well that is sounds a lot. Dozens of kids decided to mob you dozens Amir the story can aren't all right it's not blanket and urging him and knocking him to the ground. I right Avery come and tricycle at night after the plaza in downtown. West or and in the picture and another showing on the screen he has they should sue on his lap. Yeah not a jump out the prime minister Louisiana and then we'll overcome in bicycle tricycle. And he's got a should sue with the pony tail in his lap and that is quite a scene because is got a bunch of LEV license. Flash and lots of music playing. Maybe you've seen just goalie around town on his tricycle. I go all around the plaza and wave it all the people in the restaurants and bars. Saturday night around 1015 goalie says his usual ride turned ugly he says dozens of kids surrounded him by the Nichols found ten. They knew I was in trouble because when I had. Gotten halfway around the fountain syndicated sitting on and one of the benches at the fountain kicked linebackers something they did something I can see behind. He's guessing the teens were between ages thirteen and sixteen. I got very angry when they ripped my trunk back off the back of the bike and they were generally with the course of that thing has my bone in my wallet. Everything else in there. Ghali says he got off his tricycle which exposed his medical condition that causes him to have tremors and makes it did not okay rock the young neither an artist and dog of the cripple his bike back. Tiger has stepped back he says a couple of girls took pity on him and he got most of his stuff back. But then it got physical. When I got off the bike and realize that had just walked away from what I tried it by don't get back on it they might take it. I walked back to it is and a couple of them came up behind me punch me. And sausages are. Billy says they got away with his Bluetooth speakers a portable phone charger and they broke some parts off the back of his strike I was. There I mean don't break my bike please there's got to be found the right is you can't beat of somebody. Yeah I know that's like what he has census saying he waves of people I know it's like this way. Com onside. I know you don't DL but you are you among Al Gore like hey don't BM up for you don't take anybody stop I said that in the beginning it out beta matches are that Dallas deserves that nobody deserves to feel that way right. I'll stop new fountain. Know how many people. Dozens there's got to be put it people had to take pictures. I don't think he's lie in. No I say hey I don't think she was scared right. Does saying he's writing and try to keep calls it is trite it is it's right in history will keep us on intercepting tentatively at I know but I've never senate say a body can never seen him you are and I'm never seemed not to be fair I don't usually and the Bosnian Iraq Brit that's the plan is a weird place if we're hairs cultures. Combined yeah. It's usually the plaza is always Lincoln settlements here in town. Yeah yeah thank my dad loves applause right everybody. All of my Florida lobbied a lot of tomorrow argot of applause that brings. A year how. Bad shape restaurants amazed being while some of them are yeah yeah I don't disagree yeah. Man. Yeah it's yes. That's not nice LED lights that. Usually doesn't mean you deserve you know what is our real arms as say man is is staying. This is why he dance club did OK this is this habit you lobbed. Don't feel about the over or don't beat anybody assets exaggerated. There or not it's a lot she is not bad as this thing. Okay anti as a condition that's why he rides to try to I suspect it's easier for him to do that sir. To do that dopey amass home nobody should be an Arizona beat anybody yeah clearly. We found among from Ryan and try your we all 1 name here I am some I'm gonna write it. I mean I'm not eat but I don't you're not you know you know now I've probably won't know you're not rat bites are. I have my own things. I do things. Everybody has a stake in you know. He placed a writer on the plaza was for nonpayment hurdle in his LED lights on the strike just can't original outbreak. Can't enjoy dumping him off for no he did say he beat him now. Who argued. But come into this is not a war. Yeah that's it he die alone thank you dive that's concerning is this can't. Take people stuff you can't beat him up yeah but how does being a daddy well. A lot. Bennett lots. Simmons as agent man found the night and Friday about a hundred kids anti and then act and it doesn't kids right I got to participate loud there this guy's side sign a hundred and. Mean anything. How to get there that's a plateau progress break of the kids why did because of the broken up there curfews though. I don't doubt there's curfew and ran it right now and I'm not saying I'll just beat out. That's sick I don't like I don't have a problem with kids hanging out on the plaza round. I don't know you know big inning out of closet right. Ands. Outside the problem. It is OK yes exactly as well as I get I was assault says yes you make happy those things is sought sure aren't sure exactly it's over. I feel like don't be dank. Even if you think it's ludicrous is and that doesn't. May give beat somebody up no big applause Julio says this is me because a great again all the teenagers are rapists and drug dealers though the law. I think don't you ask each and it's been. That's a healthy and it is you know it's the yeah and just because I think it's weird does not mean you assaults him. Mean is via. IBM a busy day at noon hour assaulting every Nassau as I was weird while the it would be a busy day and does just you know busy busy mother of the day it's out of time how many easy to book my actually my 930 back playing 45 running a little -- I saw some weird eccentric mother however I aggravate as I gotta go beyond that I have an innocent you don't hear this may not mean. Just. Letting go letting go say he's 65 of its. Russia. Cynicism as the rest kid myself and I hate to say advocates human something embers group members about. I mean. I don't know that I kind of I I would not even as he can and we stood up for people I couldn't stand up firms now you think that's your thing. Wow I think it's because. My family. Right like my cousin like after standout ray. My cousin my ass stands out seven to where we were in junior high then we would we have our first year I have my first your junior high he'd be in his last. The kids enormous. And and you know his name is Lazarus. And connect. And he's huge. He's like this gentle giant he's the sweetest. Funny artists. You know. It is day one of the season funniest people I remember my lighten and kids and make final Maine it was like they're making fun unite now you don't make fun labs. His last chance in our firm's south. Really you know and anyway I could he cut by like if he's not a whole we're just wake up inside right it doesn't it's not in his nature he's like hey how appealing to some people is just not in their nature aren't you know they're better than the rest of us. True so I would just flat egg. Arrogance I would even not so I'm you know protecting a lot of us are his company to protect people I couldn't help themselves. Which is why am here. Sometimes yes I have to protect you yeah yeah yeah at times yet it but I know you could protect yourself. What and when push comes to show how the hawks coming up. Although I am. I've never seen it. Yours I'm never seniors I've never seen you that anger again now I don't know if your area of ascent I do you feel like you're another gentle giant you do it another way it's her game did you let you do hands and either they get it dictator is somehow yes did you adapt by yeah. Anyway we are a number of things we all have stories. First our Hawkins is spies. Yeah yeah. Can't vision about a man dies. Good morning names pension Danny's here margin here. What are your plans for today you have any. I was thinking about. Playing rainbow six. Xbox Live are tagged in point 96 fine partner join me weakens clog up. We can play the new update to build either shells and cheese. And you know not be blips and if you play the game at all and you know what I'm talking about it if you go there with a bunch of gibberish. Say you know anatomy. I know playing wherever sixes like me. I'm talking because of the day. A Valentine's. AA I'm playing rainbow six and Xbox Live mark caller your plan. Well I'm analysts are surprised and I'm sending out my she's preschool or announces she's not hearing it's okay I'm sending him my daughter for unrealistic expectations for dates literal mind if you were yours is OJ today Allergan and go to main event going. Now all we're at our our I don't think there's any Herat are I don't ask I think may be there who you know got. I mean had a good time on dates yes that's what I meant I am I mares or not it I. I'm not you know IRA is that this was funny to go into bowling Alley. I don't expect Mike where is he taking. Is it a failure like her rope oh yeah I don't really fancy dress that I play that type of stimulus fingers for you and your doctor here. So that's funny so we're doing that and then oh mullet dole takes shape I like Shea can say okay there's your legs. I'm coaches. I know we've been to Steak N Shake widowed states takes a bomb and a gap. I do like they are Hawaiian. You don't know I love their Fries and I have the Hawaiian and they have a yummy veggie burger weddings and it's with the Fries. Now just the dollar praised DR green cheese or legal below to see yes you have to I assume identities. And until that but I I mean I'll take my city and right starve yourself tied to the clearly I don't serve my job that is they get sick but he just won't do the molten cheese. It's a real cheese or is I think not Chesley it matter yes I know John I like. Eight cheese. And only thinks he's taken to a bowling Alley for Christ's sake I know I think Boeing's I had the main event is item in the personally that the new place main event and he's taking her new place. I tell my kids and I can't be I play area to a regular slate it's fun for kids ages seventeen to one otter. Yeah because in our melodies keep that aesthetic we're doing here now turn my understand. OK I love Mario loves his kids. Yes it's I've been doing things last two weeks for the white. I guess kind man she's giving she's letting me have the date with the daughter have been trend is my instincts can I tell my kids and taking them on the day I do feel bad I don't think my wife found that it. On pound bag act kids yet there are. It's Valentine's days and made up thing anyway right I'll be on Xbox Live thing goes sex. I don't mind him taking mentally than being in the noses they is. Are awesome and they denied that lets you know standing by and I'm doing the same thing play I agree though now I mean and it. None of that out now Oedipus complex now than. Music and upon us and at this. Soundly and I didn't say at a house which is discussed and maybe it's a I didn't see any of that gap and says it sounds like you say it like that now that's not oriented Danica it's not it's not. That is the plan. The end of my therapist it elevenths. I think my service elevenths elaborate. I can't wait she's you know who can do it. Somebody said they were demand event you can hook me up I don't know if that's true or not. Markel take out about to hook ups you have. Mark we'll take your heart out and they were to stay in shape he'll take your at Talladega and health say that well yeah well take your I doubt it's right here at about 5006796. Like literally it says mentioned this on Aaron on sweets you write that the that the bully and I was at the same person that the bowling person. Simmons is my husband is high and OxyContin from surgery I'm going to leg of an amendment kids. On Madden yeah I would take when it was struck an entire area and kickback and relax and I hear Lego Batman is awesome. Kmart my aunt or it main event she can hook you up with some freeze stuff. Do it. Money out and it. That's I guess that's our candy hearts here has to hook mark I I look forward does anybody I guess us some credit but does anybody look forward to the day after Valentine's Day getting all candy for Halloween night than we totally did I. I had to go via. Yesterday just chaps my us. Which by the way they're as long nothing left of the airway is absolutely nothing left there won't be much until tomorrow. Activists when Dickens yesterday down on nine ahead house look out. Look out as nothing there in Perry Ellis I went cheer a multiple places and yeah just like a woman mogul was talking yeah. It's not quite he's taken Chacin Casey. How does one write down is not the only real one is Laurie your. Someone does it is not from here there's like we're sticking shaking Casey. Is there aren't as an art what I mean there's one owner and then late yeah. I don't know why and others is taken shaken and madness about a minute Dahlia items are now that mom's story from yesterday. To your eyes wouldn't go ahead and go and at all. Yes it's really great now I like Johnson counties they can say can call when I do hope that when I got your it is the one dentistry in terms of though analysts say case Hayes hamburgers because I haven't been days our round the last three created Hayes practice. That are a couple of guys I play with. I'm Xbox Live they were just going to Hayes the other day what a Bobby Eli. Yeah the body and Dell's. I had and they'll Syria they share of hazing Emerson. Feel like I've been there is any Casey came. Now is credited. Where north. Portland Mort like me real far north I think it is Kasey Kahne are now mania getting that there's another hamburger place. That's kind of by the movie theater and I thought maybe that was hazing and murderers and answered their Vivian wrote a I'm so happy Valentine's Day TJ ordered from the wall grades. The entirety yesterday at a Bank of America has he advanced auto parts Taco Bell. And Firestone complete auto care may wheels of his. Big eroding and it agro Hayes errors in Chile have been eventuality of there're amount that's on now. Let's share work at the prison I can execute and what am I take your kid I was scared straight tour this guy can hook you up. Luckily we're the way I had a date in which presidents and then made please get inmate letters no more than me. You're too sexual for them they'd cut you off I know one our mind the screws are like no more. One amused be my friend. I want to high school with and he said he's still listen. Two I think before trying. Was working area he said he would listen he has all the time. I was in Fuller. I usually drives and it it's usually try judge its laser anesthesia yet these two yellow letters from prison no more no more. They up what pretty easy hamburgers for lying down I think I'm glad to show. Today. After clearing most six so no and that town topic. Top topics goes yep. Feel like Hayes this. Let's say you're exam it's. Now candidates and watched like a you don't. I mean I'm not really hunger and knowing you want he's now urge on topic and I'm not like he's now. Like steak and eggs tenderloin and eggs. Are you looking at her Manny and I am I mean. I mean she's sealant. Tim pancakes. There have been cases on home home. Honey so eat breakfast. But same rank it actually savory prince host yes worrying Avery incident together and and same breakfast balances they've agencies sir. 255 he can't get more reasonable and talent I every cheap date yeah I don't Jimmy Eaton I would via. Very very cheap statements it has on selling or cheap dates and it should stick. That's. It does give you know I am I an clearly what you need to do easy to read Adam and get for free before you go out. The best. Never have to pay for it and it's an aunt Mimi young adults that are out there that that yeah. Just for him now. That's a matter. Leo is there on making it like and certain amount of time and explain that you almost over just that server programmers. We're gonna do like Hillary Clinton is emails Gloria. Let's set up a service I'm gonna need an out of terminating serve. Get a day out of yeah the only America. Because I am not I love this version of Greek tragedy I think people should get that mean now I get into the main hand. Op puppet Obama son of a couple hours if you want. Right I only need to aren't germ through insert and the an and I don't want to be weird and say can I have your email address so. We. Now don't do that you need did you fix McAleese fills twists and. You want to come here I know he wants to command but I want you to added that he doesn't have a radio ad that is that he was raining. Is. Likely. Are packed. Easy texted me that he wants to command in my that's fine. But I wanna play before he comes. Some of the time he figures out how to do radio and it just flip it in reverse and our client. I don't have yet now. Would you please do some work for me yeah. And and it's magically pulls twisted. Just reverse all the swear or. Cap and. Right so that was the one that's had asked the question share this gun bother me. Are ominous gradual stretcher around trying to Internet calls out I can't out joins scratch scratch and ask him questions I 7690 I got. K I need to stay off the Internet but it's fun yes you share on so I go on Twitter and on his click and throw him with everything that's happened in the last week for hours with regard to. Dance security advisor. Brian Flynn. I'm so I see is story that's like the Russian embassy tweets this weird message. Of bouts. Flynn and in talking to Americans and and things of that nature okay. So I click on it and it says there have been no talks between our senior I'd say this is from the Russian embassy in the United States I can't there have been no talks between Russia and United States about the lifting of sanctions. But the picture that they tweet. Clearly contains a message. Now and in the more I look at it the less I like your first or like hi you paranoid as obeyed right but like it's probably a joke that I don't get any easy jokes first mine. Yeah clearly yes I got talent disagree with what I need your help solving this riddle OK okay because that there's there's wonder regular looking hamburger in the middle it's surrounded by three. Black sesame seed buns with a different kind of media there but I don't know what kind of Russian sandwich status does it sailing where. That it looks at a restaurant you know. But but if you look at the again if you look at the table there's weird stuff going on as well. Again has won by an out of place those ones there's one American sandwich. There's three blacks errors is I don't know economy that is in the Russians images that we don't even after rush here says that. That was my dad is an I'll tell you why. Look right over here there's some symbolism tucked behind the burger there is that an eye popping up copper cop what gives served in copper cops usually meal drink Moscow meals yeah right yeah okay so there isn't symbolism happening here on purpose what is the bottles made a guy happens whether what what drinks are these wires some drinks read some brown. The one by the American burger matches the color of the bunch. DC I'm saying the color of the draped. Over here we have more of a fruity drink perhaps. What is this symbolism going in here. I don't know because none of those bottles. They looks again campus I'm right have a lot of fun on the lid is on those think about that we are battling on those that the latest on those correct OK now you're making me do it looks like a restaurant do you understand what I'm saying it's probably in DC somewhere. How is my guests. Only to the table comrade don't know. I don't know what sandwiches those are. Probably somewhere they've all had lunch and talked about things they'd. Claim they happened but where is that burger from where can you don't black sesame seed burger which byways I guess the black sesame seed I'm a Russian thing I would ask. People in DC and they ignore that and also the pop the month the Moscow mule what kind of drink is this. How well there's a piece is there and napkin under the murderer. Or is there writing on the under the Byrd knows overriding reason. We can enhance omens. I know you love and hand thing Ellis was like OK now it's like in the paper and now that's. Buck now there's some misdemeanor under there Maryland think there's writing where. On the underneath the American bird in the writing and maybe it's just a sign. Sure it looks like there's something on the napkin and all I know is an apt. Whatever that is it looks like there was. Any chance at some more and see if you can work I did the maximum I wonder if it's not the restaurant's name. That they're raping a burger and let into this it looks like a symbol seed now it's not here yes that looks different than otherwise and distortions from the screen I think it's definitely glad it's. Definitely are you say there's something there's a right it's who worked at the place. If you can Hansen I think you can tell you don't ask. Try to market. Are people like in between amateur and now. I'm just here I'm sure it's a place. In DC some more. What the places I'm Gerry has now. Ebbers different you know who works in Washington as one of her friend Colin. Why is he moves there he's in politics and he works at an appearance for the democratic national brain works for somebody day in DC in Moscow. Mule. Has Simmons is Jenny you need to return your copy of the didn't she come to the library now and I DN dry runs editor in chief Herod. Why is American wire drinks. There's so many things of god. Your right to Moscow bureau on them I don't know copies those subtle you guys eating so subtle is on purpose or 100%. Allow. Yeah why were these. Russian embassy to meet. Why would David a lot of questions about black and the rationale was between that and Paul Dana interestingly enough if I may let's just get good on the grab hold just a bit loud and that is while we're on. Comment on time did you just really quick. So at the beginning of this tweak it says hash tag passed off which as I assume the Russian ambassador to the United States of America while Genesee and look at that case. Who is the Russian ambassador to you that this. Dmitry Pascal Dmitry would slow me such easy nice and Press Secretary for the president of Russia Lou. Why did they use our best actor Jerry did he sends messages. Anyway check this out so I go to their account their official Russian account Bruschi is. And did again. When it comes to an interesting thing it says hash tag passed off. Are right. Why are they understanding meaning defense's statement president at a time and so and it's when saying yes isn't it yeah. Meeting so no I am saying it this is a statement this is just a statement right this is from his press or whenever. But any didn't the other times as has time has got Moscow is not gonna put up when someone from outside is trying to interfere in our own affairs but then it's. More picture of owed. Why. I thought. They send pictures of food that I hate or Rory O. I down and now it looks like cam. Creeks. What does that mean eight and that also looks like salmon eaten. Right. And beads I know that's very Russian. And maybe some Russians salads. And rested salas GAAP and also saw a lot I only know that because when I'm angry girlfriends and why now I know we're gonna show amber heard is the par. You are Moscow mule. Yeah I know there is like our Russian salad it's scary nannies days I don't know exactly where it's at that did rush is best though it was through this week there's a picture of a woman doll on fire are you FaceBook lighting that's. IChat as a page or elect a woman dollar empire that doesn't mean anything but rush is a weird place. Setting also penis scarecrow on fire means the winters and blitz pancake week starts putting 17 February alliance blend Suze what do they call those is now Russian army getting that confused and that's how you play. Nancy. Done. Anyway here's our feelings are Russian fellow has got a message in the efforts and tell me it is not a message I don't know if any. I I have no idea. I I think there's messages and every. But clearly the Moscow real tucked behind assay or burger is three of the same one is different. And the American injuries are different there is one this is the red drink. I don't drink and a brown Adrian only the American when he gets the brown during the the American streaking for the Moscow meal and Yasser I don't now. And with the during SARS that's a particular kind of lying. Our I have no idea. Anyway nice transom and scratches or dean between then I'll see you can look at and how Danny. With these two Vinci code to do any kind of to. How about as. Gotten I'd get itchy to scratch and yes sir in his idea to NASCAR and how much. Or. Law firm Bryan. Do you Bryant happy Valentine's Day after dark red area at what he churns and mark Aaron. Dubbed gets to clobber should lighten dropped my putter works surprise there it's. Publish to Darlington England. That's okay I think it's we either have died right now. I scratch your scratchy you did not win the Kansas lottery to any glass tower ever Ryan. You have thirty dollars in Kansas lottery Lackey provide tickets in your qualified for tickets every buzz about and. In 2017. Every show excuse me anti Arab leader I would limit our Erik yeah. America. Is that what he says heck GAAP however I was in America. Marriage cop. Maybe that's why you're all those Russian docking makes me like him account merit. All right. Word and I'm gonna leave you need to pass mattered it's fantastic. New album comes out in March. Something about the revolution. Tim got Tomlinson about the revolution I think its concern that after Essen. It is. As you're talking about. Bruce he's into Vinci code sand. Where is the uprising. I revolts resist. Power to the people. DOC to cash wrote on the buzz noon to freshmen and enjoy. Vice indict goat.