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Tuesday, February 20th

Buzz Briefs, Trippin' Thursday qualifications, New Music, and more!


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And so we're Harry. Good morning yeah up Manning's attention Danny's here Americas here. They're just talking off air and you wanna save this yardages now go do this with Susan and a it's like an abandoned in a bit now and and I had. Excuse me if not I'm mad then about three in the military is now. We'll do that debate because it's kind of a lucky day as do some news and I'm stupid later. While it's funny. I think some I think I'll have your hair thing my hands and just tying it again ties within their own greed and I hear. Is everywhere. This more and out brush that I can't and a deep conditioning. It's an VO five oilman. Man I don't heck I don't need that and DQ there's a need conditioner and that's when Everest where. Through conditioning and arouse then you're talking breakage and I understand that both understand the bring kids. I do a lot or you know grow my hair out little and I read a ball called a tips. I had to it's flown just don't want your hair every day you can't legendary right we need to get those oils and in. And you know I can't condition more than you launch. Don't tell dry hard do more of a squeeze maneuver. We're here there's not that line I don't try to get this that's their line and let's be real effect it is it's getting there. There aren't there. Are great and hunt and yeah I can't put a fresher this. It's not going out and announces today nonsense I mean they're well later on this evening. When I camp have conditioner and pressure them prior to that than they have. Anyway you out exciting stuff coming up on the land in new. I can't ways and that's why I mean I feel like now I'm nervous but I feel like a guy I mean mincing mentally looks like but there are got to earn. I. Don't see a lot of problem right now and the growing numbers fear some says priest. But everybody glasses or do I doubt you can't my mom as a hairdresser. She constantly yell at me in new. Do those three times a week tops. Song to album compares very much there insomnia and other. Probably washed my tales of after the tips on Simon. And now. In between did in your between your butt cheek but your hand you know daddy NN I he had to teach kids that the united easily get over. I sober up your hand get it in there I area and start. Ideas since they were kids yeah probably because TO and there what you got touched not. Circumcised singing so we do I know pulled back at with that. Can pull back you're right congress seriously kids some people who are well yeah. Well I'm you know we don't have that guy has got an aggravating and you know it's norm everybody's evident how. Well welcome to new. Why Protestant America. Great of anyways you know little ass holes a year of the idea come from meet the European folk who down pat that you don't have the full day you have to hello Mac so that wash that. Getting your ass I tell map by these are things they need and now they're young man down abilities are kids like it's like. I did and I I'm I nobody knows all yeah I do because when I was a kid and I went to college for one non contiguous semester. I went down and I went to Arizona says hundred billion degrees and I figure you know you back in the day. You wanna touch your. Bottom. Rate nobody really told me that was so you know amused to get in the old. Drip down from the so that I use everywhere else to do the clean and but in Arizona knowing it's a hundred degrees. That's an oven and bake yeah yeah are taking my pants off really what the hell is Matt a and then it was like a walk of shame to go into that I can't rush hour. He made it takes you tell learning. There is there now now really to wash my interact well it's I was getting any him ranked I mean you're married or none other than on Doug Myers on the first time allowing your can Wear as a kid that 1990. Right. Go down there and. Flew government the first time when you when you stinky in there and you watch real good and the light snow lake saint Satan is burnt. But cold kind of washed up in the shower. You know talk Yuma. I mean I Jana add to the eye again and every orifice day yachts and I get in the I'd rather have an infection because I based human rights I mean at a better reason gas. That's the kind of infection I'm looking towards a tiller is all Greek lady to your like dom good. What's the name of that comment up there and strut around the blow Barack. Got redshirt. I do anything of mine has. That's ground about every year is specifically for one orifice. The Minty one. Is it leaves it tingling got to get Goodman jingle of their army air among senior ready for anything. The day for sure well that day had dates Sperry an a cup of coffee where Dana I'll be like wolf things you. In out going Mexican the show off. Agreed to my legs is what I love Lisa mellow why I'm glad you asked. I have is it was such a it's is integrate. Body wash products and Diane I didn't mpeg. These images and my friends you also enjoy. That's up for rookies is government reviews it's not Iraqis you're gonna get here I am a soldier was and I sat agents Ryan recorders of the bottle yeah. Good times aren't paying someone said see I need one of those they installed the removable sprayer hadn't talked I noticed I don't have wind you gotta go unnoticed where now I'm pretty flexible. Sounds so as the host. I know my idols and I mean it I don't have net and on habits I didn't make it I'd do it again. Is not a better then. Hair washed. Day shave days. Yeah super clean day in now's a down day care cubicles are cut yes yes angry angry. The last time the that was diabetes Adam. I mean I'm clean during his era and I did I don't I'm not like a hawk like I'm not like what I need to get those emails again between war maneuvers Angolan war GAAP GAAP. Yep I got I'm not correct amount war ready yet. What's the name Ellis grabbed my body. To TJ Maxx twenty bucks at TJ Maxx. Earned ten months and its climax for the scribe. Body bubbles body by Jake is provided by day now. And you are embodied by I'm never has scrambling those before it believes you maintain. It does and it's like yeah exfoliate and it's yet describe it's an X Foley hired him a mild expo later. With a Minty. And these were the main team behind yeah. Out that's nice light Saber bottom. It's like you've lost steering and a scenario. That's NN white guard quite a way to put it for fear anyway hey he shouldn't let your cubicles that's terrible fear Els. I have to H agony. I'm not a cubicle is going to into and out clean up in cubicles. And and that diamond. An idea that tea and sound like I don't for a long time anomaly or millionaire. I anyway so Pozen has gone. Yeah I mean wake up today in this weather can you really blame and go to. San deal 444 man I sure wasn't the weather that was driving somebody called you for the first five years. Its first five years he gets twenty million a year for the first five years duo yeah yeah my engineer. Not that. While supposedly the royals offered him a five year deal that would have given them the Taiwanese. Million per year for five years Bernie but there are naming him an extra three years. With the job and do it and it's and the Internet. So he has the option to stand any for three more years for life. 35 more million dollars some points. Remember that Denis or Mac can keep them determine that there as where is named Dennis Quaid you rather Dennis Quaid baseball movie what was Alan called a does anyone he laid played. It was a coach jeez I you you guys win. All trial for the Florida Marlins yen is Kim who's really annoying the it will movie was that I can't think him and it was did not Angel zooming out is that guy. IPad it's not a size guy I know why are insane. I know like I handle based on as I was and say lord injury and that's that's an our camera in there as an advocate. I like the regular composer looked a lot like the water boys so the the rookie. The rookie is basically. Going to be what caused his job is going to be in San Diego he's gonna be the old guy. Who comes in who's supposed to mentor the young guys right. Are you wanna go Major League reference deals injuries to appease the of late his job isn't to win now in San Diego is likely gaga gets paid one million dollars a year to be a professor what like break I don't disagree with. He's basically on and what the royals were in my points while you know maybe borer what they are now. Well other trash now are going to be sub seventy win team apparently not dating keep up the farm system remember all those years they told us we got the greatest farm system ever Diana and her quiet and overstating keep those guys worlds right so they could trader quiz over there they keep the guys its rating the trial was over straight. Is let him go to win one in Chicago out. And now they're gonna get out of everybody else probably because now once you've lost Hosmer what's the point of pay and stock and started the aids Al I will say is over said that one the year with the cubs they won the World Series and in this last year. He is like. I'm dying he was gone and who cares he's doing fine he's doing fine I had a baby name were all well and me aren't on the middle and I still don't manipulated by them when we union. There was no we did we did we ever again we did we definitely do all we did that mean not now no but having money that's being a mirroring grades by February when Villanova baseball. And who else is leaving moose who's left moos is the only one it still freeagent. He's gone he's going to be guy he's gonna go we're not bring him. Out all its annoying you know who we have well and out. Hunter Dozier. Look out for under those edges here. Curry can't weigh gallons I'm can be really and there's clearly tens do that make me stop watching the team. Well you can't just go from being like a winning team to a crappy team not even try and between. Or Elvis darlings in the coming up this YouTube is like forty and now he's only 24 point five that's really old team. He OK or being a prospect even bad down there for how many years he's cocky they get them to Omaha last year's how long is Bubba starling in the system. Cain was also this thing is when he came out so it's starring comes and now we can really slow gains Connor ain't looking and went back to the brewers are. I mean there's just like everybody that you allowed passengers signed with the Diamondbacks yesterday blogs and he teaming Steve dice and well does it was a mile or higher fares but anyway he got I know about why wouldn't you be goalie keep Dyson right. Prior to that he was adorable he ended he has the best gift we have Carnes who then I got advertisement in and you can name me a better oil and gas. In this. When those code which now that that is I'll okay it wasn't and I tell Yemeni got rid of army can't read that. You figure if players they steamy dance dude like me telegraph what was gonna happen now we got Salvi who's like we always like to keep the catcher for way to long because like the one fan favorite better video goes seat right it goes goes he's Salvi but he he just. Go see soundly he needs. Yeah now now according to our owner. I was I still a piece of Wal-Mart garbage. I don't know or see there being some which raises here like a rare diseases as last year the pro trade him. As some point I probably David team bullet drew breed terrorists we did sign as ski back for one year. Agree. Hey did you guys hear Fergie. For militias have varying and you hear singing the National Anthem of the all star game. What allows Terry and the basketball or email India now is that as we end here. Yeah I did it was like I normally would not taxes or ten verbal. Was on assuming a really interest him are however. It was so bad I listened to the whole thing okay has it was July it was the perfect. It's so like Roseanne was trying to be bad that they forget I don't want in on our season singer. If you say yeah but he is singer. It's as she tried to do something you know people try to do something the National Anthem. Some X yeah for the sick and Noonan. We have a cat named Lorenzo Cain that catches in the sense it is very disappointing game you didn't. I don't know I am Amy laugh. Anyway I'm sorry for early every day every residues among National Anthem right everybody wants to make the National Anthem their own sleaze all did you see that performance share admitted they did that they were there bullies who could have -- did she try to relay that scales saying I know I don't know why did jazz artist they said that I don't even know what it's because the base and everything and that grounds it does take a listen to where was the and I'll start and I'll think I'll get as I'm thinking of him as. She's trying to do jazz maybe she is in out New Orleans this idea I am. And soon Monsanto's own or in my power in Salt Lake City. And that's where the Utah Jazz you break again for some reason I mean watcher irony camera that I hear seeding figure out what the book of knocking noises. Without part of the performance of purpose as fearless. Singer songwriter among claim playing well vulnerable monitor loans. California burden Turkey's. Yeah. Can't use school. Yeah. Zach laying. We won so yeah. The only there. It's you. And let us know. OK okay. Who it's. Meringue it's. Yeah and it lasts. Moon. And I was playing wow. It's. The song. Okay. Yeah. Yeah. Yeah. Yeah I love. Really Kansas sexiest Stephen Frazier and I've ever heard birdies as she was bad. I don't know I've. Some decent she going to give it to that flag I see is play our opponent give it to the end and everybody cut everybody in the audience and are all kind of Smart game. I don't know I think she's doing very sound like Maryland in a row as she. They've always the National Anthem needs well I don't know it would in our head through they would merit soon. Whom did you see either way she racked up to them how I did see blogger again alien from Mars attacks is now I was six. Yeah no no no no hope argued in like did. I like and news Twitter. Allow such a contrarian. Really feel she's saying in the key of half an hour and ask. Act and is I'm on my sons has played against words I'm not a big warbler Pena army. The not an or a lawyer Mazen. I understand that may include an episode. Injury. And I'm. You lose and I. Yeah and so on yeah. The band and now this. Spin. Does he do anything along. Yeah. Rudy. You movie. Yeah. Yeah. I am so tired of the nationally and make it's right it's suppose is that as oppose this are supposed to be about who's singing it re. Me. I mean it's is this a song about it was a racist. Anyway ancient problem. I don't wanna get an effect changes Charlie I I I agree. I think it worked did everybody on hers save a few people on the excellent will disagree with the yeah I mean I think Jesus try to be hot. I think it was. Man net now are proud. And then can you name. Part of that good today yeah. Parts of org Ed that most menacing as she can. Actually sit and that's why I don't know I should try to link in the when she she doesn't exactly look like I didn't say that we don't know. Well now I think he LH again I I feel like she can she's singing Felix is probably a studio Q is there utopia so much. I think it worked also I said this yesterday at can grab marry him and that's our. Sadness yesterday and yeah. You can't dance of the AF it's a hard song to seeing period. It's got the weird is notes. You re not count our war dead take your breaths just right like I don't candidate gets like. That lack. She jazz it up. Yeah sexton true art boom boom boom boom. Yeah out of the way she walked out to them I you knew you were getting sexist and drama so I think per year right now closer Huston I don't mind up for you can you talk I just got her agent let me argue we all that Fergie she had this entire nation got very it and that's true. Oh. She's a fantastic singer of that performance has got its. And that tense moment. And that was thanks and I'm verge. You. Bad. Men men men men men. And in turn learn and learn. RA or that was fun I think she's not and that's it she tried to dip. That's that's it that's it and that's it I mean it wasn't the best there was nor is the certainly it was. I don't know what the uproar was. Now we look at this on the duke rape you alert and nothing to do. So they kind of gain on Twitter be a bunch of household like Manhattan it's fine. Right. That rendition. A National Anthem is so bad even Colin can't predict when standup we're gonna pass sellers had a but Zynga. Well my computer are you don't give it to the whole US and actually. Laughed she did you see imaging and. Asked Landis seeing post park when shooting by the way. Like you probably should come a little more conservative. You ought to nail it. Don't worry worry if they're shooting dates the first nationally of the performers I'm saying I don't really channels that rides feud during the Olympics yeah I didn't I don't do that don't. I I mean united in that one has did you the other now you're being ridiculous I don't regularly ridiculous I don't know I think you're being ridiculous that's that I even. Think about adds William brown and as ridiculous I feel like your ridiculous that's crazy why aren't going out there and nail it and be like something amazing because she's like I Fergie we'll heal America. We if these words. There I don't do it seemed like talking it was an excellent thug and just demolish any more details Mary not I think I think a lot of wars feature. That's why she did that you couldn't handles his eyes watch this Johnston mom then. Monarchy and a terror earlier in the US today Fergie got a it's much computers lately very own game it's I guess that's news coming effigy just on a voluntary now I don't. Mean I've do you think she's attractive. To her credit she took her looks really well she went as a lawyer yeah because they couldn't. Gotta admire that. We believe Fox News and link to unrelated topics I heard. That's why then do their very Fox News right there who me how are 'cause of tax map down because that you want army and these are not much offense is motivated very hollow meant I think that really kind of like. A disingenuous thing to say this David if this is like a pretty decently side staged its I I didn't think grades the NBA all star game it's really. The first big sporting thing where you will see the National Anthem. They just got divorced and explains every day and she's gonna log out there this is got divorced and everything. It was hey what's up NBA players all stop for your image C area and he's an all right let's play some basketball. Yeah I. That this is that after the this is the real whenever I had or I can hear people I went into my frozen him out crowd is there's no reason to ask him god as they are about double. The Boston earlier this morning because I was kits and upon those Lleyton. I mean I couldn't stop listening I did anything right you had I walked into I don't want an entire thing because of that they Wi gear. Whatever the bench did the whole countries are gonna matter. And nobody's tarmac Josh you ma. Yeah but I get tight you would you would you Fergie will you find out that she did a song called Favre malicious. And its use in the black I'd he's for a period of time. You find that things are humans it's offense or may drag you through this morning worship and be careful be safe now. He did just get divorced any cheap manner in its seat temporary man I don't get it. I'll Hollywood doubles there goes the numbers together I mean I think it's all beard relationship anyway. I like 7580%. Of the releases it in Hollywood some of these guys are writing things on faux paw at the end. That's all I got I hope I wish she says without really marries your sabathia does that make any no matter. It is parliament Malia. It is the last it's gonna sound bad be in the last no way it is Luka. It. NG blizzard that easy daisies to be a cheerleader yeah. Elizabeth Azkaban. Cereal when you intelligence which is learned. Somebody said she used to be a mathematics aren't whoa whoa in the army of Philip was thin because of the PP videos did Matt was shows the value. Currency Peter bands on stage in visitors jump onstage is like how ironic. Is that I. I didn't know that it's just like when asked I told this thing. I remember the anchors yeah I feel like I. I heard and I abuse Edinburgh zoo behind even entrees all I need and I know a lot of name you know but no the Peking wearers it's definitely our gathers from what yours is different. The other is from she tackled her and he's doing your head on a trampoline would be a terrible idea. Look out the last Muehlegg demean heat would like sores the ambulance. The PP answer the contain unitary emblem I didn't see out on the deadly which are either out and now I'm about it. Every governor. Pro active and I'm not I'm not I'm. That was a while Asian. What. Does is weird it was playing and it's and it was playing any more like I had hero or -- from my cans dinosaurs that. It was more trusting. It could then got a man pristine and beautiful it was and is Meehan and makes India content and harmonizing. I really do like that time and I wanna pay any man. Can be mainly Mae and anyway town donation coming to town march 3 now fourth. Fourth that the memo and get your tickets. While they are still available. My sixth time the buzz dot com are we still do driven Thursday. It's game for entitlements are okay and he dismissed. Our health Seattle lament you get registered for trip on Thursday by texting trip to ninety spies euros or you have a few minutes to get and then listen Thursday Phil last four digits of yourself and of eerie at nine minutes and 65 seconds to claim your prize that prize being. The dirty heads. Grisly past. In California also on the Dell's new diagnostic force Foster the people anagram. Two count a bat and Newton. And wells is on your night Bryant's. So and I think of that man's. Palin hands him. Boom boom that's for their release those personal. So I think about you know I had to. Take that then yeah. Ever played nine arrives on my show. Penalty and a new problem I don't think if you I don't know January. It's the most random. Like 90% of the vans and and appear these days just have one song and weird and funny they don't even I can't remember a single death rates and there and sounds. I'm yeah RA. Perry tech center of the 9500. Emission realism on there's a lot of people didn't that was announced Thursday and and took us a while the way the trip to see any long. Please don't make that happen and this Thursday that's right and it's a short week here. A couple days in and Terry Tuesday and now or write to him for chip and there they allow you can suits. That's the guerrillas on the buzz. I couldn't play at old guerrillas who. I mean we did an immigrant I know I go wire he's still playing well I mean yes every now and again you like his idea there. Out our all new album out last year we can pick up anything Oreo is really lazy and it let me out I think is a great track computing means staples. My biggest complaint about radio today. Would be that back in the day before everything was super all consolidated and before computers were. In charge of scheduling things not even centrally for a lot of places. Like you had records that worked some places didn't work others you had a big variety. Across the radio to choose from to remember right right. We're not doing that we're at Seton for the future anymore we're not quite in those records this the whole goddamn girls Allen cannot. They land it's it's not even our regular Allan let's say nobody seemed tepid as that touted tracks pit button nobody wants to think that time. Tell you take away ownership position in radio across the country to take a risk on a record. And it's like it sucks. As that is not the people where now like that's like. I Yzerman Jersey over there telling analysts. I don't know where icy geyser in Jersey as I have a good idea now. That. I'm down in my telling customers Eliezer is a deal on it's lead thunders leading data delegate I actually eighth. I have I've had enough of colonies I'm only four in the field you know yielding crops and all we're doing a radio wasn't that tracked down and out. You wanna go zero us day and date and we have a Desai hours that we can do this anymore I can't I point out that girl was like our time Severino and or we have heard of them what do you do when you play the looming near as I don't want spread that seat anymore. I would you like to make basically an heiress. Indiana concerned women there whose ideas through the first Hamlet two and your shows only these people wearing waders. On purpose people love a limb and here is man AA. All them people love and I don't uniform. Out of town like I that we remember we needed about another stern and I doubt many will sell. I was shocked over straw hats and waiters and rubber boots everywhere we did that. Wasn't a joke now I would never died and Osgood Jersey player as those the death. Have an error like that Chris Osgood. Who's this is going. Played for the wings an embolism and a lot of us NAFTA and I don't think. He was so unreliable but they weren't a Dino I poster tags Jersey could betray renderings Kryptonite wise goalies. We have some of the best goalies. Everett amigo is. But they were Ali is are Kryptonite hockey that's the sport hockey and target Iraqis support and I just as it's icing early thunder storming what is it doing that as sleet. What is that. It's where it's thuggery and sleep I also heard that Willie Kennedy problem in Johnson County man yeah I heard that Jim let's talk about honestly yeah. They get the salt trucks out. I do see that just wherever you're going take your time I don't know if that super slick out yet or not. So it coupled sweets I think it was Kansas City, Missouri Arabia was mode got there in their usual. Don't yell at us. The roads conditioned phase very nice city to be more allied. It's not our fault than Kansas City, Missouri by just take your lumps. What is the matter is not a Leon fans and it's it was fire there. I don't know what it's like drive an hour there either I have it's rough. It's always rough over there well I mean roads are today this I'd say over there today. Huge day meanwhile I got a guy down there in the mayor's job is going well we're gonna get airport mean Waller as the city that mean we need an airport there right elbow we need a lot of other things to. Right it's it's can we do need an error or and me. That thoughts. Working out this crap somewhat flag are you running in the us are you working. Our votes so I think it's that or eating crowds out. What's working lives an accident on highway Alia. It doesn't Miller anybody's driving on McCaffery now. I mean that's the dead as I've seen it or time a sound very large cans rain on 61 street emission rap I mean. A canine listen to be careful for your pets morsel yourself is there going to be scared view but. They might try to thank you don't. Why why caddies other can't let up mark don't inject what you wanna talk about or not talking about carries a place that they spotted one. As senate canine and a large. Oh I think they're tucked away in Jackson the coyote conversation about east that's a talent I nominee get mad I I blew it off why. How many times already Danny if you were talking about the winds are about coyotes and I'd invite. How many times you embryo up that you mean this they've sites apple and I didn't buy it that. Like you did could hit a guy like that when. I know what it was at the biodiesel is that I would object violent knock. Priority and yeah I wanna talk about how I is a mother aboriginal art I. We need an analyst on this conversations. Are at that's ridiculous. It's a veteran that is Henry on the does. Where is headed now aren't some margin TV I don't know. Few weeks ago on Monday now need. It and they knew what is it something where the ninth time in her eyes something I. And how long hum pond home on I am okay the home Todd Wright is now and it is an umpire umpire some listening and like there and have sounds like hammer and sound like. Holy fire me and sure enough I taxed. Isaak who happens really singer and I'm ram thank Tom Kane and real I. Apple commercial. And he's yeah my congratulations. That's huge that is a really big deal at the second time for them. Nationally anyway I I heard them during the football ash earned during the football as enemy during. The Super Bowl. Or soup or bowl a big game and how they call you but they are behind me apple commercial. Now remember when that ECB. You made it. Yes it would make the countenance. Rabbi and I eyes is like announces like anyone else I have a big DL I did it's a big deal it's you're in good company and it is obviously I'm used to be argued that only now eight years Giuliani commercial you know used to be like that idea. That's how the vines although I feel like we played the lines well before. They got any love but once they got to the app you know like just notorious for doing very well most bands and stuff. And I think last year glass animals were featured on something I apple I was a big deal to you congratulations. Amber and they're playing the Granada in April. April 28 I does this show with a wide got a line injuring her own yeah. They're playing immigrant on all of them yeah that's really. Big venue for everybody and yeah I go out and seeing tambourine light on why hand your anger. Our local bands I love that they're playing the Granada. And that's after they get back from Sampras out the last and a man on these bands make him lose. I think the local music scene is just steam there right now it's pretty stacked up. Is stacked I don't know name another band that's on apple music commercial loan. You know for aren't known then. Henry's doing really well. Really really really paid for that these days well they're they're not like from my understanding nine irregularly moment. They have like that's publishing and that's money in I know I have no idea I don't our exe I think it's a percentage. A percentage I don't know they charge so much. A year on its lumps them. Now I think every time it plays you get like a residual. And Wednesday they got to deal and eight they got I feel like if your apple. A bag like that would be given only bans those money for their commercials always just say hey. That's how ex ambassador yet that Jeep sign. That was terrible that. And got a mama I did get out I say you better now where you're gonna have crazy of all I think they were big before the Jeep. I don't know I think it was a G commercial authors and go away some crappy G commercial for it laughter yes it was renegade yeah. And Jeep renegade time let's do a little timeline Matheny you're all along that happened before we did BK's name isn't on there yeah. Let's allele was definitely the G commercial. I disagree I don't these few words by. I was reading about actually I can actually Aaron I am dominant I was Donna do their. College I can challenge domino records as corny I isn't an Arctic Monkeys. And thinks I was reading about I had no idea you remember that says gang of style song yet. Impairments on Aaron that's our day how large are about music and you bring up another thing I found high it's because I I. Heard something over the weekend and did some research and like I had no idea. And I was very disillusioned. Actually when I learned this. And not just as I mean getting a czar was awesome on its own but the reason it became a force in America as one simple reason somebody bought the rights to it and went over around and paid people to play it all and that's why gang that's. When records get made in America it's not you know. I'm rarely an accident. Well it's always a lot of money maybe maybe not no not like Tony on violence and danger that they broke out by the sounds like it or not mean. They had a huge fan may as well before they got like any airplay button. Certain bands don't mean that. Sounds like I like running and there's power players in the industry to get records played and it still is it's always been that way and now you're not gonna invest any money in a beer and or a person or songwriter. Unless you're guaranteed to get your RE is it they really try to stack that. Act and I was like that's why I'm like I'm always like gonna wanna really got their permit from Hyannis Ng and I have no idea I don't have any match and know Lou you know no team this I've no idea I had no doubt no way of knowing media annihilated him. But from what they want. From may whomever they are. Whether it be man. There is or I think record labels but really you really need a record label these days. No you need to finance here who's gonna go around who knows people like again against our guys Justin Bieber is a manager. And once they hit like five million views on YouTube before he sighed to America. I was like hey we're gonna put your record and always rate decisions condemned by the rights for any employee jet airplane Afghans now because this guy scooter Ron came over was like hey I got billions of dollars in broke fever. You want my next shot Bieber you almond extract a lot of people are signing off with a lot of YouTube following easy to add size to your radio station and that's that game that political we're talking about earlier. And in the day and I'm glad the lazy nobody takes a chance because somebody daring and talent with the money that's that's who really breaks these. But never now why he got that area on the ground. Why wasn't she did she was our same as as she's only now it's under the same guy beaver scooter dropped OK gotcha. Anyway so basically if you. Memory is not Jack and name and market their asses I got away and help ten million U2 things you gotta get some guy with some cash succumbing to financially back Q yeah you had a couple who'll play your record that's how it works now. But Jackie played in the garage you'll eventually get there. But because support of tea was a battle had no idea sport global sellout to Granada for those bands that's a big deal for them you have to make quite Iraq or for anybody to actually pay attention and push you it's not like you're gonna play erected in Kansas City in some guy's going to be flying through my golly I'm glad that in my radio station and when you talk up. Rain I don't now in amber now. You and if you don't know what's gonna happen is when the Tonka the real I don't know where when Anton says has no idea Danny win green I talk about the figure skater in her brows. You know I thought about the figure skater and her breasts and you don't like you don't wanna do that you're gonna. We are gonna do this I was excited about it I know and then I thought about it and when it's on isn't real there's actually win a town in north Kansas. School district when it's on guys and I heard them say go. Some would be less than we are talking off there about this figure skater who had a nip slip in me. And game like I don't wanna see that. I don't wanna see any brass that's not meant for me I whether he breastfeeding. And nip slip easily Nana that excites me and now I do what I love to hear that that. Are stolen nudes don't need to see him performing at my every chance for a that's so then. Nearly popularity now Barbara Barbara publicize her breasts look like. I haven't seen it I won't go look for it I haven't Google that was every area it's not for me her IRS came out there in the middle of the Olympics how embarrassing is probably which you shouldn't be emerging as a blue with. But it wow yeah in this world you don't want to be known for your nip slip Janet Jackson right right rare we see we saw what it did to one person and right sedans like I can draw our breasts. I don't what I NG they're gone and then I was like NN has and then mark I did and they were nice bright. Right and then I was interested to see Danny could drop them and then Mike told me that tries that would have like looked at something like missing gone and found it sounded like that so off. The chimed in because every once a while we cave man still escapes while I'm maniac is like I could definitely driver I think a lot of I get dropped again deadly Barbara like without seeing her without knowing what she looks like yes I would I don't morning for a beat Elena do you have an exam Cumberland don't do it really doesn't make you piggy is that weird you really mean I lion or does it. Thank you Peggy and I are making draining image here of you know young come to wrong isn't it weird thing is. Or to make sure on come from all like you're paying or deuce. Waged I appreciate Newsday made scissors plenty of big hinders their pain and there is pagan news everywhere. Engineers think as an air is talking with him in my and they kept about strippers and strip reviews. My Q why is and it's my problem areas 2008. Well that's what I set ago this is repulse us. An endearing hole rolls up into a because of the other sub happens that makes us sir but it did Europe well put talking about strippers and in it now. It as a repulse them and also Al because your body and in theory is so dumb dad just like him like huh. Just so you know I primus completely repulse them and endearing all rolled up and a lot and I hate myself for the endearing part does see anybody really. Whoa look at the radio guys talk about booze like ray got the for me it was just like I know there you don't talk and I have lived like that something that's not. Try explaining that the mob these days that's not. I didn't think twice about it neither did I until after it came out I'm honest with you because I more than anybody pay out when BIK quit being. Did she writes horribly and now and I didn't think your being DC it Eid is thought especially when you said yeah like. In the bad. These breasts aren't made for mayor are sent for me that I don't look at like when people breast feed expressed in how we're gonna be that's a whole knows I can't believe people get weird about a boob feeding a baby. I am your problems do you have a sexuality he's usually in Iraq gap which is made for. Dating dating back when the blue guns out in the baby is Tryon bats for the trial it's I got really get weird about. Not these sneak a peek are not free to be embarrassed to not seek a peace or whatever weird received are going I'm. Thank our bodies were meant to feed those baby is still do well even angrier if that figure skater walked in here and was like. Blah blah blah blah. Asia is easier on you didn't nail that job I just think it's kind of creep media trying to get pictures and I man doesn't know me I'm and I'm fine I would you drug boot. I don't know latter I feel like I don't know what her bracelets you know I guess Amanda's something flat and they don't need support. That's later than it is imperative any support and the mark says it needs support NASA may mean Arlington and then you're like I can drive Lleyton. I don't. I only I miss the net slip when was that last night. I misjudged a solid human people tweeting about it couple days after a half and outcasts I was just going on. People were still talking about it where she's from France. And yet I and easy and and we went over the red metal. Which you won gold at now for the jets that they think because they had a little bid troubled and some of their move now my breath and come out I'll leave it. He's just glad drain all that time my breast is hanging out I'm doing a triple sciele cal axle movie in the boy did she do. Watch the performance I'd see you look how not injures and browse either you are. Which totally takes away the Jewish Alan I just want you to know that memo large breasts I might booby well I'm moving all right Jose yap neither one Evian CNET. I yes I haven't seen anywhere I don't really care that's the only reason and as I would. I try to attack it and it was ice dance apparently when people try to attack in my live if I lose my live amateur at second and I thank table legs on my god movies is like dude like they're putting consensual movies are Meehan and if you need to see him right. They're probably iced the answer porn hub videos you could probably find it. I'm not sure there or rule whatever that rule is on the Internet that no matter what it is there's always some kind of I'm going to be that there's not. Ice dancer pornography and Allen's exit I mean I have a hard enough time finding the pouring. Well I mean yeah that's doesn't like yet a lot of guys who make a porno. Tiger guys are like movies movies movies. About the lady. While there is. Lady pornography and I made for ladies but that bugs me me. What makes you think I need this kind of important. In Iranian. What is fair ladies I am just special you don't like in it to be respectful portal and reason and well Cindy Milan get off and respectful and I and I understand that as well I'm not saying my form for a did you see Adam Rifkin's quote now I'm using your retirement the Olympics I did see something else about Adam Adam Ira Fenton who is a male figure skater from the us that prisoner upon. I think it's ripping and look I don't know what it is it's not a power user yeah I'm pretty sure is that what event upon. We're bound to prevent the whenever he anyway they are when they're doing their tricks on the ice no. I Giuliani has found a bag and are now that's dish it out wide enough for the triple Axel. Why is that is that unfair advantages no idea let you know they help you think they'll boost to the space station turn and it's the off on that I CNET when the mad just an ample poking out but it stayed out. When your autumn ice is in the poke out all of it. I meanders its this I imagine you guys have great numbers seasons I was there is those are the two man lose you know the gamma have a little. Extra bulge after he stands up when he's there because as to why does it you are on the form Hamlet does don't want to lose out via it's the box of flowers same thing bounce them lose. This is kind of like ours isn't going to be realized I don't wanna see and I was on its high. I didn't see it I don't care but speedy of Adam Rubin and the Olympics. He's on very loud sudden. Figure skater terribly handsome an immaculate. Impeccable. Everything is like his teeth he even talks about getting his team to white and for the Olympics when he is on his game so apparently. Actress Sally Field. Has again signed. Okay and named in between Damon texting each other about Adam repentant. And she says tourists on which I love she's like he is pretty she's like you gotta get him. Is what she says her son and he takes any pros today on Twitter. Yeah accept Sally fields as loans it's our biggest Susan Sarandon skis yeah now Sally Field just encouraging your game board really you need to get some of that anti lover. NN I think everybody else dead it was Susan Sarandon is team Jill Stein and I don't know I think it was kinda Suez and I don't know. And they hate speech. And on their lot and it slid sit Shoney's unknown or prevent him today I'm here at bat but back. A are we sure showed eases. Zach Nolan era cliff yeah it was not you know I did it turnaround or just an error in our industry of film is as unknown around an uses. I OK and then Shoney's. Apparently camera there's no such thing as a war wardrobe malfunction and only a wardrobe opportunity easy I think he's adorable I can imagine David deeds Dong flocked out in the middle of the I've ever happen to have never seen that now numbers on it not at a fabric has been stretched it out there where failed. I didn't think it's so it is well why are there not wearing anything for a slip opportunity there is in the Summer Olympics the mail Jonas. It's not earliest live by you can see them. Oh you're looking at solid this summer EC. People's penis in all weather be winter or Summer Olympics. GAAP net he can my favorite down jobs up in the cold days discount I I have to play about the whole ride errors. Yeah I just goes back door back and whore and I foul ball or puck again Ed's article on well why don't they have Jackson absence our blessings you have -- zero metres part of like the event like they're trying to hit each because I'm like or fascinated by how is that not get out. Yeah and that's as hot as that stays the same as on these it slips every where it's kind of Hispanic. They must Wear something underneath short it's a short shorts usually only me he those types of runners -- like the decathlon guys you know shorts they have. I've worn shorts like that they usually have underwear lining. I'll cash as some others summary it's not a half hour is that whatever is going on air is a lot that's a bunch of dudes like the run around a dongle thing and now that's like I do a billion everyday DC do that wears. We are slapping and yeah his Winger particularly. Even not only be just like regular duties that are running out in the streets. They love to show you their skin runners love to have you look at them don't matter with a look like there's not sure yes Judy as do runners. There's that old deal that runs by here every morning he has those short shorts right but I don't see that action for her. Every idiot that runs on Shawnee mission are not time is partly agreed that runs a ward parkway in the group the running group. All the right number it was always you're okay sort sort Sarah was. Idexx let. When cheese defense. Line men had his penis slip out of Hispanic shorts at the and a founding come line break day seventy years it did happen a few years ago Ryan's. I don't remember seeing anything or anybody making a huge deal out of LA debut a god damned insulin they made me do about it for a few days for I know when I was died it was done like he shouldn't be that Janet Jackson a ridiculous but he's not. Who is a joke about not announce well that's why did he wasn't very like if you it is like Alex Smith's dog he joked about this past weekend the had a big union three sex night only to the big game he's like he's like maybe we can stop talking about my Dong now and keep talking about I was proud of laying out a letter was later a view that is kind of running. Apparently capital LeBron James to see any no less appealing to doesn't get announced. I really funny Kravitz on. Didn't need to split his hand down put his page and I mean that was wrong with yields by about for whatever reason we don't care about male dawn in this country it is not a big deal outlook doesn't have to be like remember this time. Like every easy Janet Jackson immediately nets. How many now whatever this French ice dams along and and enter and so when you're you're you're never gonna forget Janet Jackson's Netflix is constantly innovating everybody with their Dong so it's analogous special event is a good song coming -- to be like hey remember Lenny Kravitz is the one that I remember from Lenny Kravitz I think about his song. Whenever I'm on your numbers are you go my way or dragon flyers. Can't thank him and that's probably cover. All in all I think America that was America America out of that top army has got really really glad they are ran out of power down. Somebody's as is Dick flippers funny I'd our number. Our members is kind of like it's like it was just kind of apparently unimpressed and review wasn't what you Lenny Kravitz will be able I doubt that as the rocket. There's no distinction though between the breasts popping out here me out when abreast pops out he will now look but you guessed and did cops Ireland like what are they alive just figured out. When a breast pops out. We only see the breast is as one form it's they they kind of changed a little bit when you're excited or cold. But really the breasted the breast right you're seeing just the breast. But when you see the winner. And you see the bit. Flop edged the plottage everything gaga that it's not like it's like this it's like this then you got news story. Maybe because Damien says I guarantee you want to do that right it was like the rock flop who's thinking that can run. Really fast Carl Lewis now to our whole new the new regularly every dollar each day all I've turned these same. Mango and hot hundred meter dash with that were you can't Barack Carmelo MR Karzai. That detonated I feel like they do now I feel like runners are excited. Yet no swearing where. Out of delay it's our. None of us weren't out knowing I was as it's known as a tool that brought so why are they not offensive. I some in Texas and I think they're right women's bodies are overly over sensationalize an overly offensive at the same time we are and that's why I didn't wanna -- notable because they're they're blue democratic pre draws a little shaken to a Mercury and the week's example mindlessly and on the chicken humorous chicken to whom I was last week you know all I know but so funny it was actually few weeks ago the chicken two months January. I would figures he topless. With in the middle fingers up. Just that's your retained on a fee amount middle finger is. I wouldn't I'd be fawn all over I'm. And and pot might stay here it's two and a triple axle. Where does things unseat. Now now now I gotta have any support we think your ranges that he's been late. They got to catch up like they are catching up at a catch up if you spot and I held this in my hand and you were wearing a bright you can knock it off. I can't close now that's my question what's arranged not to feed that's read your rage. I don't know what year is to let Lou are you hearing on solid over it was a joke has all oil. Out there was a job yet you can't make jokes about my hopes being that you just make it legible that I know what I mean. The job you can make a joke. MI do how far. Few engines. Ten and has. Twelve with a what OK okay RBC Kansas City. Harriet that is sir sly and the buzz. And they refine. These room. All right coming up the Kansas lottery is back yeah I scratch it was a real search west is a very little between east regarding denomination we will do that. Next a number that's. Are you think that morning buzz name's Benton Danny's earmark is deer in the Kansas lottery is back. It's out calm there now and knives and 67965. Here's video we're doing something a little extra. So not only in my scratching his grand jury went to determine which one OK take one game in one Shuster. 33. Is. We have different denominations in. Are right now today analyst Reggie ten dollar ticket for a decade ago do you get to keep whenever and as I. I wind is good lines. It's the other ten dollar ticket yeah. The ultimately fun that's enough and I got a I'm and do fifty times a cat person that ten dollars. And I can see you talk to somebody I scratched as companion to concentrate and focus to the buzz. I now area finally won them do pretty it is it's not a bad. And he aria. I need and I'm doing and I'm scratching your stretcher and now. I need to focus though hold on and edited ten dollar one of the current. Yeah and every day we're gonna do this Santelli right now I am currently him deciding says you know one no mile. You can thank you much money and that's a long line I really like a long scratch yours it's fun. The longer the better that's him doing an ally and money were guys that are violent and credit card stock to the longer the matter if there's more down years it is Mort I don't care Diana and now they -- or down there. Can I am and it's ranching that fifty times the cash element on this reveal the monies and on humans is again. We have a pound a go. However you have an additional thirty dollars in Kansas lottery act Stanley of games. Because these are all the X games this was the fifty times. And you can scratch on your own time okay. Think you're very welcome to a black hopefully you reveal winner Kirk. I. Tomorrow's Wednesdays on a bit change and our. We do and tomorrow we don't ever. Figured out as we designed for this news cycle a break and no marks from. No more dirty old men. Well more about whether. Now. It's as. We get back to the absurdity that is no I don't mind during a woman wins. Enthusiastic consent of course everything's got to be consensual when he teen girls in no boy now number all right have a great day back trying to. Navigate through this slush well no actually uses a wet right now. I'm Aaron and it's not any minute little flashy.