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Tuesday, July 17th

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And more pain. Target and good morning Smart yeah. Morning morning morning morning morning morning morning. Good morning. It's a good morning mutter mutter mutter loomed. Mutter mutter mutter mutter mutter Lola. All right yeah. They love late. I'm learning good morning all right take ten K Ted what's gonna. Say anyway and no world. Bad. Yes there is it is today. We have for many reasons many reasons indeed. Did you know the MGM. Entertainment group the one that runs Mandalay bay in Las Vegas. Did you hear that they are going to the ceiling. Victims. Of the Mandalay bay shooting in Las Vegas. Mandalay bay is suing victims MGM resorts sees victims. Of the Las Vegas mass shooting. MGM resorts international's reportedly filed federal lawsuits against hundreds of victims last year's mass shooting. In Las Vegas in an apparent bid. To pre empt any compensation claims. And GM which owns the Mandalay bay hotel casino and the venue the route anyway covers music visible. Has argued that any lawsuits holding the company liable for death or injury is doing red October 1 mass occur quote. Must be dismissed. Because the company took reasonable precautions to prevent such mass violence. Did you ever thought in here that. Well I don't understand how they can do that. Now I don't understand how people would soothe them anyway. But the victims yeah bogey into where anybody anytime I understand you guys in their hotel for a month. Going up and down the stairs bringing guns and I mean. Aren't any and in that. I mean it's a month. Feel like some people probably stay in May is a lot I'll somewhere around people I don't know so but listen like before you go jumping all over the people who woods is due. I've not done you know over the people that are suing that I just think there's a lot of people that would be suing them together is is over thousands brain. In his day. They sued more than 1000 victims. And then this is what they're doing your reading and I've never seen a more Ari just thing where they see the victims in an effort to find a judge they light. Says the attorney representing some of the victims. Judge shopping in federal court rather than state court where he believes any lawsuit should be filed. It's really said they'd Steve to this level and so they're filing ahead of time. In federal court to try to find a judge. Probably one that was placed. You know. By somebody ideologically. And O line. We at at all summoning knowledge Sheldon Adelson probably donated. Brett nobody sealing the Boston Marathon policies saying you know what I mean I think there probably were lawsuits is always sounded there's always does it I feel like that's not the Boston marathons responsibility what part of me all right Mandalay Bay's like. We didn't do anything wrong. They didn't say we you know I must vein putted shooter out. We didn't do anything wrong. But we are not the only occupants of this building. That's just my take on it and that's true they're. That they aren't that the man you know I mean wow I would I Lorraine who am I playing and I day is doing Brett well I mean I don't think. Anybody should do you understand that this is accompanied it's getting a high powered lawyers to go see victims of of mass shooting in federal court. I don't think there is a while I don't I think that that is the outrage bright and early as there zoo with anybody else I don't care who are liable or not. Like they got IRS I was trying to figure out their liability yet in there Korea tourism tram it's your show. Your bigger stage your building I don't know your guy and their for a month and everybody's in Washington opened on the elevators grant. I'm ready case if some building harbored somebody and ended up shooting my feeling. For a month. I would probably want to hold the liable for that. Right they do they know what he's doing and no idea what he's doing OK I mean like I just at a time trying to write Alba did this company is billion dollar company. Billions and billions of dollars is suing victims of a shooting. Ahead of time in federal court. To take away their right to get recovered since for what happens but we're. And I NIC rigueur thing. I've never heard of such as well. I am never heard anything quite like that maybe the Mandalay bay knows something that we dealt. And that's why they don't want that liability and a but seems to me share let us break. Better share us pray because I didn't know that you know the top couple floors of the Mandalay bay are owned and operated. As of four seasons. Which is column by Bill Gates. And Saudi prince you know so if you guys does suck that we've dealt. About delegate there's a way Britain's. Now. But the Boston maritime wasn't designed to make millions of dollars that changed to shed. Also. I guess I was just wondering now when he says. That held events. That and fortunately. You know in today's Danny Ainge yet. I was gonna go ahead and just default defend that Leo destroyed default not a ads as victims or victims. And then the bars companies out of cars and a pair. I Caribbean Jim and I'll look I'll never go to Vegas again I like biggest either before. Just this. Just and many think about Sheldon Adelson. And how much money he gives the war the world in the twisted way you gotta go why would you ever go to Vegas and of those companies but that is me brain. That's just me crazy. Now. Also we talk about the Vegas shooting how combat fell off. The public's gulps of France. You remember there are conflicting reports the police said the government said MGM says that nobody was getting it right and then all of a sudden just silence. I would be nice to look more into that brain at least give more information about it as best I know they have a guy. Taking suitcases and suitcases of guns looking completely come up on video brand and one day he kills a lot of people. Ranked law and why have there been no congressional hearings. Didn't they shoot him through the door something like that. Yeah I like each other security goes through the door yeah yeah yeah. Anyway that's that is a really interesting. That whole thing here that it would always event that congress just letting go the wrong way I heard cots. Of course congress let gun violence go I only am why it might beings so don't. Are you found out yesterday why eight ideas Ruth did you put out. That summit. The Justice Department announced the arrest of a Russian woman on charges that she conspired to act. As an agent of Moscow to influence American politics she is a self described gun rights activists with ties to the NRA. Our Chief Justice correspondent Pierre Thomas has more on all this good morning here. Robin good morning authorities say this new case is another example of Russians. Allegedly tried to burrow their way into the fabric of American politics to influence and undermine the US democracy. Federal prosecutors claim Maria bu team is seen here smiling with a handgun in tow. Was secretly sent by the Russian Federation to infiltrate American politics for alleged targets according to newly filed charges and intelligence sources. US politicians and political candidates and the NRA the FBI says routine that cozy up to NRA officials and politicians. Trying to gain influence fishing isn't a conference dubbed freedom best. Not sound mind on the knowledge that more memorable and. And this is Bluetooth voice at that same 2015. Conference. Asking then candidate don't and toss it a question about foreign policy do you want to continue the politics of sanctions potent has no respect for President Obama. The problem the FBI alleges that between it came to the US under the direction of an unnamed Russian official. But do afar by sources as Alexander torsion a former member of Russian parliament. And one of Putin's closest allies under US law foreign nationals and others who are actively working to influence US policy. On behalf of another country must register with the Justice Department. What's new about it. Is the speed and Brett since then and debts of of penetration that they can get through digital media social media and in this case for the woman sent here it's much. Higher cost the FBI allegation blunt critique this scene here graduating from American University. Used her time as a grad student as cover for more nefarious activity. Now the question is what this Reza was indicted yesterday. On American soil are rested. It was these terrorists in June and so. You've heard about the NRA getting Russian money. Can't visited this is no kooky conspiracy theory the FBI is looking into being very receiving millions of dollars of Russian financing okay. They said despite. The spy got AM. Despite guiding him when everybody. There's pictures of her was Scott Walker. There's pictures of her were all the leadership okay she was not a stranger. To the Republican Party. This is weird weird the American stuff and it's happening right now in front of us. I just think the home I just I don't know. All Russian museums movie like to me it seems like hit and it is spring and it's happening take a listen. Largest sponsor of elections to the US congress. As well as a sponsor of the EC pac conference and other events. That's her project proposal for this influence operation which they FBI says she was running here illegally in the United States. To influence the Republican Party on behalf of the Russian government to infiltrate an influence. Now that's your project propulsion Redding in March 2015 why somebody working about a Russian government believe in March a 2015 that the Republican Party was likely to obtain control over the US government. In the elections the following year 2060. What you think that. Why does she think got enough to be so sure that she was going to predicate this whole influence operation over a period of years on not expected outcome. Also why in the spring a 2015 does she think she had the quote. Her. It's. Been the right to negotiate. Why would the Russian government believe. In 2050 and they have the right to negotiate with the positions of the Republican Party would be. At a Detroit sixteen elections. Again don't know. But we're likely to find out. The weird time man. Mean who is she. She's a spy she asks she started this club in Russia is like guns first whatever. She has single I mean she infiltrated the urgency and absent an entry got a lot that you are really into my dad and I didn't IRI man I'm really annoyed that speed and depth penetration myths that yeah. Yeah a night. Yeah I AEA. I mean Maria Bettina. Yeah who is Murray ever seen as soon as Louisiana country as Larry and I and it curry who is CNN's Dana what do you mean. I mean don't do that. Don't do that yet that you you've got to read the indict you have to understand what he's been occurring for years you can't say I don't understand as you'd influence anybody. Money and power go a long way sir I'm not saying that man. In that sentence like I was just looking matter. Pollutants under. Yeah I usually mostly I tortured by Alexander is like what have Putin's bros. Over there that's how they do they I'll do it as part of who broke yet to be in his circle pronounced. Girls who get shot at Medina I tell you. Your routine. She hung dosage. Does that make you feel we can turn dying I think so the plan tell. No hole. I know I mean I doubt not feeling the vast. And it's not killing America. GAAP medical logo are around thank god damn cool. Yet I'm serious it's some more. Say basically the American Israel. And we know about Maria. Drew Tina yeah. But if you have yourself a question as to why certain things don't get done in congress. Maybe you might have an answer now. The department uses them like some fate conspiracy crap this did the Department of Justice. Arrested in charters are large for national. Which sparring right crazy. How many hurricanes and imprisons. To take a bow and our aim money now that's a good thing. Well. Three remotest that is when democratic senator from Kansas and Missouri finally have one thing in common Monday off for release statements criticizing a meeting held Bundy between president Donald Trump president by your boot nothing Bettina. Moran. Said. Crap Pat Robertson crap once a crap McCaskill did. They just like that we don't like Randall is in Russia but I was there Russia Q is he O. And you don't got arrested this week. And why they keep it at the summit yesterday. Couldn't control trump said he believed pollutants and he said I believe him. That he did not meddle in our elections but today he said that odd camera couple hours later they drop this indictment about destruction. While our timeouts. Oddly all right time months now know is not tied telling. I was supposed to tell it like October 25 team when I was losing my mind and saying oh my god who would that rank and everybody said yard TD it. Well. Nobody still care is what are you saying. Any have all the evidence of the world appropriate nobody's getting excited about it and I just feel like I'm screaming into the void. And this should be the end of it it should be the end of it all this be the end of the children of the immigration ship can't children. This should be the end of of of keeping people out of our borders were seeking protection. It should be the anabolic and it's not because people it is like wrecked so I guess my. Welcome the new world order except it you watched his start yesterday as crazy. It's happening. Okay that's a big target. Think you know. But. Panic at this count it out the news. And senator let. And is Saturday then Tuesday morning. Yeah that's on Saturday at them. Sell. Yes and it's something that I'm done on time. Out any Renault came over and yeah I mean thinking about it a lot yeah yeah. And I'm been grappling that I happen to think that human body is a very interesting thing. And it knows what you need. And wants you to have an even if your brain doesn't that. You think so. I had not valid that a long time. I I had definitely that won't until now some game or had a long desire. So I text DNA and meet grew. I doubt margins like that I had meets the road I am and had meat and I must seven years she says yes I couldn't help that I didn't I could now I was longing for. I am a fall off a lag and I think girl I am a fob the lagging kind of girl and then I say let me see it. You say see you liked it's gotten eight day. And now I got into his dinner last thing I I wasn't a hunger. Which is stupid as you just orders sending an app that later. Everything right as an idea Hungary announced expanded attrition ordered something apply anyway I didn't. Size I was getting hungry as I go on Johnson and this is how it. Or is right it's like this is delicious rule and then I noticed that my son and half the year assailants using the the youngest and I think at times so that it ain't. And liquidity to credit he never put several holes but I was up there ask Israelis stuff out the doggy says ceiling where did they put it where does he put food Celek can't pioneer Simmons anywhere. So. I opened. The moon. Underneath blankets and whom sink which is Larry keep my garbage removed you keep your. Garbage. I garbage cans and boot. And there was because euros sand wedge on top of everything. In the container. Close. And she says there's an intact for me like she's giving us step by realize I'm giving a replay by attacks. She I says she says neither did need half a his and retrieved it from the garbage. And I say uh oh because stands. And she says it was unharmed and was there was you are an up close Kerry container. Area container yet. And other against this is same double within Claire. Avenues I mean this time publicly stated CE citi's delicious it was so bad I was the rat like I had not eaten anything like that. Again animal do you LA out of it tranche DUI did not eat out of the tree it's a lion coming across a cargo is under a rock you like you. He's okay. Dumpster Dudley and travel scavenger reduce. I'm tap something dame army your body what I iron where is the euros represent. Whereas modern age or whether moved normally does leave it somewhere and now led us to a very interesting discussion in the great I like Danny I just told. And I'm like now Liu a targets. In the he's insisting that I eight Garmin was so it village was close. Yes it was closed below the lid little below the lawyer I let's Garvey have you ever had a gives Kerio container yes very any clothes and back out yes. Protecting it from anything. What's it goes in the can it's refuse. You you had never done now that you say you I doubt that everybody is that it at least once in a lab and Eli and everybody has done an ordinary mine out of the trash. First I didn't eat out of the trash like that fascinating matches. Cops say that is threat and someone like you decade if there's not a fly down and I don't think it's like if it's a business. I like coffee grounds on it as no other. Do you dying minutes if nothing's been thrown on top of that I rat done that before. Of course you've got to before. Everybody's going to be pouring Sasser has any apparently I address that issue is such a public bathroom floor that goes in the trash. This is a very. A very anti trash what are some of the hi I'm anti trashy TNT the implication that he that I. Hi I'm become trash and the implication that I like trash and really interest you never. At one point. How about at a restaurant have you ever gone to the table that left food and taken a frown. Know that I never and how high you can sit in judgment on that and I. I didn't needs perhaps another half aren't I did needs. You find yourself in the kitchen when you see and declare. It receptacle. And you think she herself. What the hell I'll just keep some track. Now now now now now it was not trash it was a trench yes that it was trash. Watching Hillary and it was sort of we'll pump because it was in the cylinder two of the rim. This is refuse it was a little. And it still did a really young I was even one little boring. Danny wanted to be Jerry Knight has seriously we see any unsigned al-Qaeda now always do this man it's so we are we have become. That's what we are. Argue about whether or not so bigoted garbage. There's stress. It wasn't turned CNET and this I guess is that's trash but it's not garbage. It can be wasn't Travis is guard it was leftovers that were missing link that says that. Some people fall off the wagon affected dives off base first. Ideally gonna die on its pilots my dad Jamie the timing and do more as a kid. You do the heat on the toilet I have to think there's got to vent some thing at some point in your life. I don't think you understand how neurotic I am the vice president when it comes of well you know I think okay is he six cents. When you got sick we nearly torn up by cigarette ever yeah like you're really really really that you got so bad. Virus of some time ray. How it's their houses check out some stuff. Am I used a Kleenex that opened the door and so trash it is not ever coming dressed doesn't get recycled under threat. I've become pretentious because I won't eat trash. Of your parents take with his data has become pretend. I've always been contentious first I have to say second of all I want trash and that's okay it's obviously a term since card. It was a remark is right now cause harm mr. a year. He says here as we get ER Vietnam wasn't our mean there was an unnerving comical and that's when I. Look I didn't Baghdad does mr. year iron about sire bound hands are found mitigating mitigating except tyra found container whites. Just like a regular carry out container not that it. And you know the white lines whom the squeaky one and them in that was on top. And everything house. Which seemed to varying. Clean clean. Some further garbage she Jeremy saying. Yeah I hear a lot of rationalizing going on here. That's an idea of I didn't alleges that really gets my dress and only then that it was clean. It was clean trash and it's and got top is it tres still in netcam and ain't there are gasoline and take that can out coming examine the contents. You can't lenses same line do and as humans and there really at a like digging through the trash eyes there and you Ali. We OK you know what I take him back. It's okay. I'm proud deeper eating meat. You didn't even bring up to me that's the other part that was nice gesture after my ass. Is this story here you get chances to me is like me garbage. Listen. Mott the big employee of the matter the reason my text did you was because hate us all ads and meets them. I got to meet your transit area and according to the text like OK fine amateurs interior. How was that the as sol or Juli she is slow that DTL over them I don't think I'll do it a lot and I think if I wanna. I clearly they should count them and order vs. My sons now just less is Cummins since you broke. Him since he broke police continue to eat meat. When I want you sound I'm not gonna identify and any group G. That's ahead yet not a vegetarian I'm not a carnivore. You really call my some Nigerian around and I. Here's somebody who is who would be like a really. Bad friend if you need it if you didn't need an enabler in your life right listen to this day section. By this person. Well technically it was in the trash. The container protected it. It was a compromise by the trend yes thereby it was not trap that so my thinking who lends some of them. So when somebody puts something in that trash can. Why was this somebody that isn't my son Jack is why we here's why did it. Because he's child. I am thoroughly tracked students don't. Now he never throws anything away is the in black I thought he was gonna do was put dynamic runner. Because. There wasn't any room in the trash bag Dyson DC and I edit your trash was so cool. They had to sit on top like elk votes. OK I don't know why assured that I hear it's great I you know sometimes you shouldn't say things to people that is the perfect stuff to talk about though just like needing out of toilet. Right it's flawed but harmless. In a garbage means there was two assists. Yeah. Ask and I'll do it again may mean little mr. Euro container. Full time to ask you this track and year out. I don't know what came over me again. That's how much Iran and that era of whom I went out of the strengths. Of ventures so fled setting new trends and not be identified 200 groups could take. Curry's I feel bad but not dampen an upper hand on DeVore. Anything. A leader in Poland. Via the singer for me tell you man I play sometimes on unconscionable he does that he's a vegetarian. But if somebody's wasting meet. He'll go and get out until he's attractive caddies and he's he's it doesn't he's got nothing year for me without you. I mean I'm not I don't you say they got that would feel right to be will receive it and he might that you can be a trash it and like now I only Kimi when people are gonna waste it that's that's the thing now I don't hear that. I don't do that at all. Bring your leftover meat sandwiches. And other costs. Look if something's gonna carry out container placed on top of the trash out. I'm compromise. It's not straps. I stick to that. It's not our guy was digging out and get out of cigarette butts and anti west exemplary rating. Stop out of this and when his San Jose and a container. So. There is protected were at the border of the United States and Canada that guy and I wrap myself in a styrofoam container. I crossed the border to Canada. And and I crossed the border back. Does that mean I never crossed the border to. No. Intel as are so if Canada were trash. Which they are not. Which there are really not I really enjoy Canadians and I I'm just I'm glad you mean move. Who pass you feel good today I feel fine I was a little more energy may be event. I didn't say that will get a bingo now on. Both gasoline and say hey you need the full thing that stands and GT was worth there is powered by thrash. And term powered ride not really sure that's now somewhat well something that was immature and it was on top of the tricks one man's transacted another man's death thing. God that's that was confusing. Our immediate outpouring good morning name's Andrew. We've talked before the drink before the break here and for something else and it's nice to see and I know Agassi US. South. Today is watch the last day the last data registered to vote for kansans to vote in the prime of cat. Jazzed about the primary for the primaries okay now why is it important that we need voting in the prime air. All right so. Last governor's primary only about 12%. Of Kansas voted and it and then there's so many candidates and a lot of these primaries that they want wind I like sometimes 2530%. Of the vote of less than 12% that's boating. So. They will win by fractions of a percent and minutes who gets to go on to the general. So for a lot elections like the real election is in the primary cracked so whenever people get to the general and the like are hey you know these candidates Byron did every candidates like there where you right didn't vote in the election that there were tons of candidates. Okay so today is the last day to vote. For the prime registered voter reg registered it out of my parents are clearly going do that because I'm never vetted in a primary. And I'm now person yet that sad that it out I have these candidates as candidates hot. Yet and there're a bevy of these candidates. So what's awesome is I worked with several different nonprofits and we go to tool called KS boats dot org senator KS votes are org right now on your phone. Is optimize for your phone and you can just register really create it takes less than two minutes ago and you can send an ending you can do that till midnight tonight but he should do it right now are okay can also check if your registered so even if you think you're registered about. Even go on there check make sure you're registered a lighthouse the texture friends right now give him a call get a bunch of people registered. And that's K as votes. Dot or because there is another one I'm not gonna say you are out that'll confuse anybody on brat kids you know it is run by the secretary of state neither is another way as a very similar name to this. And if you go to that one and it's got a big picture Crisco lock on and you click for the voter registration to hit it a message from the secretary of state of Kansas that says. This item is unavailable right so through the centers areas and states. You can't. He does and how you. There isn't any any information as to how to vote in the primaries not only that easy it doesn't give you any help at all feels like he does a lawsuit to register to vote for the primary Ramirez. K as votes dot large. Is a place where you go well it's very clean very clear very simple you click the register I'm looking at it right now are back. So because I'm in a register I've never done that have you voted in a primarily from our idea yet as an exciting now explain it to me. Which side the Missouri side or the Kansas side has. Their different the way they handle the primary race yet. So. Simon name focus on Kansas against about that but like so we have a winner take all and a primary as I was mentioning so. For example right here in wind Don Johnson count mean. You have on the Democrat side have six people in Iraq and running to be date US represented. For the Democrats for the Democrat and so that means it's possible for them to win with 16% of so they can get just 16% of the vote in the primary and win the nomination and that he had to choose a yes and so it's like a really I mean that's why it's so powerful so vote knees now one thing that's an need is in Kansas. We do have closed primaries so me Jeff to be a Republican and Republican primary to be Democrats vote in the democratic primary. But even on Election Day if year registered as independent which we call unaffiliated. You can walk into the polling Booth and decide which election you wanna vote. You can just declares a Republican or Democrat on that day to vote in either. A day out you would vote for just one not back yet you can only about one rage and does pop our exit republic and primary and be like okay. I think the least worst that in my particular case yes it's out yet I have a question I'm going through this I'm filling out I'm registering to vote right now. It's is where you previously risen to vote at a different address today I mean ever a lot of history this stuff I don't get all. Secretary of state come and get me anywhere you ever registered about a we registered about Kansas for. It would be meaning Kansas a guy and that's actually not like a required fill out that it's helpful for their own book keeping a cap on there is it's not illegal to be registered in two places it's illegal to vote and who. They make you very much like every basic is seems like you know it feels like voting you've got to have your I'm not somebody who can. Get my ducks in a row and have them do and I wanted to do and it feels like voting now you really do have to do. I know there was like some ruling handed down reason lane. For Kansas but and I remember that it seemed to be a lot. More complex that to get registered and now it's easier because of that ruling. Yes so Kansas actually enacted some of the strictest voting laws in the nation actually that the worst since the Jim Crow era. And recently just about a month ago a federal court ruled that Kansas has unconstitutionally. Suppressed voters. And that means actually the last governor election in 2014. Was unconstitutional. So right now this year were gonna have to ACLU is has election monitors there's an election hotline if you have any problem getting registered. Or voting. You can call our hotline for an ACL uniqueness of that of ACLU Kansas but also there's a federal judge. Monitoring the Kansas elections because voters depressions and so bad. So I think to consider is this year you'll be voting in what could be called the first legitimate election in five years in the state of. While that's weird to think about I'm just watching you Davis had just as as I am running. Out. Can I like to do this work in this is actually. Like the importantly you value out of it make sure you get the right candidate for whichever party want it represented and that's way to do it is right here in the primaries. Yes and in so many young people don't vote and because of that even if you have a great candidate they get in there and they can't work for the issues we care about because young people don't vote in the camera elections. Like right now all the candidates they know if you vote in primaries and although if you vote regularly. They look at your record and if you don't vote. He don't give a damn what you think there's no reason for them well to an end so for example the last governor election and when he fourteen. Less than 14%. Of 825 girls voted and so whenever it comes down to a budget crisis that I could really screw over all we are no more college kids are we raise their tuition relief because services like is not a bad thing because they're not voting an antagonist or someone over you screw over the people. Guess they are speaking out they're not lob the squeaky wheel can't see how that's why I L I. And it's always senior citizens is out blazes about Medicare air it and if you look at the average age of cabling congress is ridiculously high and it is refreshing to see somebody a little under fifty. In mirror trying to push. For people to your registered to votes that they you very much for being I don't young naive as there are only aware eight passing it in passing variant forms mean that's why my wire erratic. Euros around now he's back he's not a question their car balls he's the guy he's the Barents he's he's he leaves the whisperer Davis Hammett is joining us it is. Cheney as the boats dot org yes as the web sites are registered to vote in the primaries. As that is the most important. Which none of us including myself other than you'd Davis have you voted in a primary meaning they never have. I've voted in a primary have voted a primary or a long time. That's the truth right and it's like I gotta stop. I got a step on up yeah you know it's like I don't know her at. I know we all felt like memorizing hidden element she's really felt like the moral arc of the universe bends towards you know. Progress and it seems like I think we stopped fighting fork as we have it so go we got disengaged maybe. Eight and very welcome any other primary issue is the most important thing ever. And you can't just roll over and get about this does feel later Gordon Johnston and attract. Now if I voted in the general election before says the tax thing does that mean I'm registered for their primary as well now. So. You can check go to KS votes I was always a Jana are all action and year information. If you. You might. Be registered if you think you're registered or not you should check. Which you can direct yes votes on organ just click check my registration is a guy when you typing your naming your birthday if your if nothing pops up. And that means you're not registered you should go to Henry. And and that is today's the deadline. On the can't decide to vote in the perimeter is you have to be registered. And you're not registered you're not letting in the primaries you don't get a say as to who that will be in the election. Well I got my car registered in Kansas when I moved here I went over today DMB after and and try to get a driver's resolute Limas and saying. If I have an out of state license I need to go get that corrected today before I can register to vote. So. Check if your address is up today you can also update your address but actually Kansas we do have. Voter ideal but you can use an out of state ID can use a student ID also come to every UK does now I. Joining us. Zain is Hamad pilot and and if you're a college students say you live in Missouri and I are going to college at KU or something like that. You can actually be registered because you're a resident while your college student in Kansas so if you wanna vote is really important this really important gubernatorial election. Which by the way this is the first democratic. Governor primary we've had over twenty years and kind of a funny note is that the last time. That there was a democratic primary. Fred Phelps from the west Borough Baptist her literally Democrats signed Democrats I guess we're do you plan on building candidates they just threw someone in their so that Fred Phelps was in their candidate right. But it's really the first competitive primary on the Democrat side since 1992. Which was an election that the democratic candidate John Fannie went on to win. She won by less than 2000 votes are back and last year and it's when he sixteen election a state wrapped one by one. In a prime one but are about the exhibit your vote matter in. Are your deductible you really really not griner I mean yeah in the primaries. So if you would like to get registered. She vote in the primary is today's your last day on the Kansas. I know you're Wednesday XKS about that or what what about missourians they have a little more time. This is where I'm not candidacy yeah. And I now I was just how much I know Dave is like John asked me out bizarre. Moved. I know if you Google Missouri voter registration you do have on the Missouri side there's a website also where you can interject this summer. Something equivalent yes OK and that's not their heads and then I borrow heavily concentrated and I find cancers yet this just love you Missouri vastly easier not a lot of love over the last couple I have to stay here right Kansas does need money although Missouri can use some of tea. But definitely on the Kansas side OK labs they register now the primary I can't get over Kenya's most dot org. I hit it arrived I cannot get over the fact that since that judge founded that technically this flavored team governor elect humans. I'm constantly hot unconstitutional. For a state that prides itself on being very constitutional it's kind of funny and weird. That hasn't been talked about a lot actually. And tied and not aware yet that should be something I think we talk about I don't think it's odd that the secretary of state it's ironic identical or alive thinks that run for governor but whatever it's fun school it's cooler talk about. Has emerged about that is correct. Register is not should I registers independent. So if you are register yes so if you are registered as independent which exceeds unaffiliated brown just means you're not affiliated with any party let. On you can't vote in the primary but if right now if you look at your voter registration if you see unaffiliated. Again as I mentioned earlier like you can just go into the poll and say I wanted to declares a Republican or Democrat to vote in the primary. And then he just like totally hate the fact that your affiliate with a party then in September you can against receiving independent. And once sure even if you're registered a party. You can in in the general election in November you can vote for. Right of course obviously yes you can vote remember Eli GAAP. Some of that I was Missouri's thirty and then apparently I. Too late for Missouri Zelaya application submitted everybody are hanging did you McKay as most adopt our Davis. Nice to see here and yet you're really equal you come nine with the Phillies. Asking is exactly how sad day yeah times while we need to be jail time out. Yes hey and remember that your vote alone you can amplify that right now. I keep you text or call tending your friends you could get them to vote and also. No one even knows the candidates in primaries usually just I don't if you just tell your friends like hey I really like this candidate they're probably gonna vote presidency can amplify your vote on a whole lot by gaining the video site. I. Yeah traders here reserves hit it and tell me at all. Feel better at that that the like I doubt that's why I lob that he makes my motto he wouldn't know anything about that I can't tell him. I yet you know you look like dude does it look like the lead singer glass kills you can't I can't CF yeah. I don't know that I idea questionnaire like why Darren blond hair cut me why am I. Leo yeah yeah yeah blonde blue. Two and felons voting Kansas. So felons can vote once they are off the papers so every paper yet or is so once you get a felony charge you're actually deleted off of the voter rolls. And then if you like get out of prison when you serve parole or probation when you're done with all of that. You can re registered about our hair arm. Would I Disney and asking the questions here huge load of crap that they hear it appears maybe Wendy we elect enough candidates. Ranked. Anyway joining us and is Kansas boats dot org. So are you there Harris. The vote for the primary dealers and headed. I don't know if there's like some write in against yarder that we get my primary and it's fine by me on my sleep the other way. Right can't there is a primary against Yoder there's two candidates running and that election there's. Then again there's a primary offense so if you can't Kansas congressional district are anywhere Kevin Yoder is federal represented. And in the Republican Party yes two people running against them. And then there are six Democrats running ads to challenge him on who are running in that primary a crap and not say that's a big race actually there's going to be. I mean millions and millions and millions of dollars pumped into that race from both sides as we. They have our own let what is he really think I just Democrats any better than you know he's seen it on the catch it. You seem weird things are Annika brand lie to leave and never talked about primaries before either to be quite honest I. District so I mean we in though we don't really know because. So few people are voting or anywhere else so for example I love this snare right so Bernie Sanders who are really popular cancer over the last couple years. Whenever he ran for mayor Burlington Vermont. Every once that is totally impossible for him to win. And he shouldn't happen where he had so many people registered to vote for the first time. That he won by a margin that no we could calculate because it was all first time voters so that's the kind of like magic back and have been. Whenever. He first turn utters is first time voters and engage means the same. And that all around as you can break break the projection models of more people show up basically like they have no idea what's possible if people showed up to about exactly. I hear all the time and I in and I'm talking like presidential election who I'm not even talking you know. By eight yearly alien nanny again like Eric. Our guys can you know represented ads are Jack what have you but like my brother hasn't voted in I don't know how long. I mean there's so many people led just doubt yet in just a regular general election. Not even necessarily that or are you now primaries and his or 78. Yeah. Yes I mean it's like. Whenever you look at it and you think how our politics like this why Arab politics so different and the people around us it's because most of our country doesn't vote for nearly half of our country never vote. Brain and that explains why we have who we have. Really yeah it really does is it doesn't mean we welcome that's representative of the people of this country and just as a representative of the people that actually go out and dropped. Which is not Vietnam I think I'm very well right exactly and anyway Davis thank you I appreciate the man yeah I. After I was under about it primary Ahmadinejad added there right now how hard are distinctly. Hillary won it. On the Kansas side and down the yen so there's a good chance unity kid loose or whoever the person may be act yeah. All right all right TJ has announced that our emir targets let's check your rhetoric and expressed right now. I don't have any adverse. Do you do it. Positive people whose. Where do. Knox Knox are okay. Yeah I'm the bat it's out here big fat morning buzz good morning names and to do an easier mark you somewhere. They JD this hammock for coming and now. Smart boy variant. Merger so young shark yes it's very nice to see and impressive I've got people are remind me my age never really. Got involved in that way writes I don't ever call things somebody like that and neither. And so it's really refreshing. And counsel somebody is competent and alive in the world today right exactly it anyway and scratching your scripture. Kansas tracks in bucks. And you're right he's very impressive M I Kansas lottery charts and box called out by 767965. I am scratching as we speak. I birdie one watts. So we have a winner on our hands who I want twice. Don't stop and stop giving DNA don't stop you own the top gaining again there. One. Another winner I think no way that's seeing reveal a money symbol. Win that prize automatically. Another went. Three times on this one so far and I'm not even done 576796. Times. If you live like need to continue to scratch has for a which I'm just gonna finish that he'd like to win it calm down I 77965. And did you tell that about as. Now. Good morning and renteria I'm doing well our you know. Knew. Ari whose business. Lauren Lauren won I think at least forty experience and then scratching now hold on and I love you keep on an island there. So close. Affiliate we will and now we that you rather five. Two and eighteen. Speaking there's another twenty in there it's their truck. Now they're not trying to pass at it anyway you won at least 125 dollars plus you have an additional thirty dollars in Kansas lottery charts and box scratched against. How exciting is that. Ultimately yeah I hope you have just as much foreign scratching his I did scratching your whole line of Merkel gatlin. We dad yeah we out we will see you guys tomorrow yeah. Hey really quick if I could just say so then because we do you like to talk about Nicaragua pay very close tends to Nicaragua today Google at find out what's going on it's very important should check it out it has to do with human rights violations second Nicaragua. Google please get out and Nicaragua. Nicaragua have a great day wants it's her own Diane marks for the win yes. This morning.