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Afentra's Podcast Tuesday July 18, 2018

Wednesday, July 18th

Open, Buzz Briefs, All Star, Baseball, Minus the Bear, Snakes, Massage, Tickets and more!

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That is the boy aids on the diet is opening for back. Which she just hurt both of them back to back opening for Barack opening for Mac the Lloyd's is Julian Qassam link up from the strokes. Other me and they just release him now among the few months ago it's fantastic. And they are opening for Mac September 17 at the star. Good morning to mark Ames attention Danny's earmark is. Here yeah that's why does there it it is moving Lionel on here. They're in line along the light and a moving right along (%expletive) Very funny. Are right Marriott it is in news are now dominant zillion news I'm really funny mark. Barca brought a story might that I saw float around out there are pointless mourning for it. But I didn't know how funny it was until. Mark so muted video. The accompanying video to the story. About this Spitzer for those arguments and the also aims. Yeah where have I man no it doesn't matter it's like I have no clue as to what's gonna die and I react you know and like the ones I'm here live longer visible anymore. I don't even know they dear I don't hear anything amounted down the home run derby in the. All Salim are actually imagine watching him as usual and watch them I guess they don't understand is so let's yeah I think here I guess it and understand the home run derby. Because it's like not in a game. They changed the rules and I it's on time and caller tie they can get as many home runs off in five minutes. So they had shot back he's trying into the outfield than five minutes for five minutes. So are they being pitch to an Arab emirates Harper's dad and him there's a controversy. This have to wait until either the ball hits the ground or the ball goes over the fence. To throw the next pitch and I guess Harper's dad was thrown out before the boat hit the ground there's the also our game Hauser controversy doesn't matter it's. People giving you over. Silly things like usual. Idea I mean you're absolutely right in my heart I'm really angry about the stupid as that's some good solid steer tennis at sentiments. Are all that's good idea Inca I mean prevent the boards. With the exception is. Appreciate again was indeed. So harper was the hometown how. The czar during that day I guys this size is shut eye disease and I wasn't sure that was a millionaire is being paid by billionaire earth. I don't demonized or the attitude explorer working. I guess those are millionaires organic active as millionaires and billionaires on the team and an old team hostage if you don't give him money. Yeah yeah what a weird thing that people ounces of any and just came your favorite sports team will eventually stab you in the back when they're there. It's not your sports team in the owners. And the way that things will be back in the sports team that as they it is they were right incidentally the royals at the party petitioner or between sixteen like we promised we will bring. Is gone bodies haven't you know like no seriously we really won't be as bad this year fleetingly no really. Anyway and it's far and 42 games and everything's fine everything's cool I like it is the incident also and it gives us things like this you know it's a win. Climate even I chosen to tell me I know I went away in their own real excited about just chuckling but I can relaxing those. It's really fast and super weird when I lock in in the morning and you cheer no one's any hair yeah. And you share of watching together vs the dollar you know in our while calling aren't. About that word as anyway. And weird it is weird morning during a time in the trial and I had to read what I said back via transcript. And ask give an estimate questions about it. You heard me telling you about that and doing nothing is funny when you read the transcripts wreck ever period and a story. So what was funny about that is that I don't know. I felt sit in the moment do this guy is slightly when they're confronting them over things he says. And he's is the ways that things he said recently it is I mean buyers it's that 24 hour news and team. You give people Wear a two mostly were between seventeen for him. Seventeen inch point five is a weird it's it is a weird I have just yeah it's weird it's weird pages to be an injury you don't. They did you needed improvement thinker. I don't know what he's had a blatant racism should have been worked out do you buy that allies. And your homophobia may be or maybe you're aging good until it's delete something regular fill up their Antonia. Thing when he was seventeen. RT here at seventy I reserve judgment. Until I hear the story. In the suburb America. Sound I reserve judgment yeah all right all right reserve reserve it. Reservations party of offense coming. All right yeah it out to 7 o'clock. Beach balls against app until we got are now that is not this Friday that next Friday or any tickets available. It beach Bob Casey dot com or 96 by the buzz Erica I'm gay yeah what's going on in the world. A man last night was the all star game of baseball sports. It was the American League. Verses. The naughty Lee. And they were playing. And you know about them not you live and ideally it's the AL in the NLR can I can't even say where AL stands for on their radio. Anal lube okay line I was just signed the likelihood of the saudis or nasal. It is thought out. I mean now that there I mean is there is specifically. Now eyes a salute her heinous. I mean yeah okay depends. I don't know that there has had his finger leave his live movies live and in new got a oil base your water based sure you know when he used oil base of condoms obviously break. I don't know how that works. I don't know if there's specific you know I mean I know that they're named that way some of them but what's Astro glide all about time. It's only seconds in nature. That's their motto. Finger do they call it Astro glide in what ever be able to speak differently. What about you I think look I got to take. Hey I got Jeff and I got them internal hemorrhoids called piles. Got to put a height record is something up my head. You know and I forgot employment story. Geez Lou I'll you now are Kathy is so weird. It's so weird. It's Murphy we talk about the claw machine yesterday yeah you know how and plummeting just kind of grab something you like it goes through and it just sucks it right up as ago. You've done. It's weird because when you get like. When you give him from putting in my medicine. At some point the clock just grabs it takes it away I think as gently displays are acting as the minutes ago that. Are right anyway but. If you come out of my Bryant's. Maybe I housing market the one who I saw his story I read it I was like -- I do this and mark played the clip. And it's a test our guy. That is as did Josh hater it's policy your play in the all star game your family's there are supposed to be. A great. Moment right. Right what seemed as he played for Milwaukee brew OK he's over that correct mark that's correct I am I he's a fairly new player I think he is. A rookie tell him. His he did ask him about that spent 2000 dollars last year to buy tickets to vessels target rate is merit. If Philly that was the story apparently is deadly at 2000 dollars in any news some animals whose. So I think it's real and her son get them all star game tickets but that is an understanding by. I mean I feel like if you're in the all star game. You would get a number of tickets to the game I think his family is from not too far from Washington DC Dan Taylor is from. And incorporated counting from Maryland. I punched trees are so. He didn't have a great game that the tea from a gay man who silicon lube. I don't know that I tried that. May be inadvertently. But I graphite. I use one loop for everything and since that I have. Good or sorry I want to actually you've got to be giving out some features though right late edition do you need a loop for every occasion if you're looking to maximize. Yes already as you suffer a little performance but it you know take 80% you can have one thing across the board utility infielder Lou if you. Some current or thought about telling them their identity game the guy is. Agree he's in the game he's in the game he's pitching and starting. Town in the all star. Throwing spit out after all he wasn't starting he pension like this since then how can I wasn't starting and still play. So you know he gave up four hits and a run while getting just one out okay. So not great not great but an op that BL. Things were. Getting even worse okay. People went back here on TV. They're gonna search for a little since these men and AM people who don't know about you don't know and I heard of them. They go out there is where history. And they find some racism. And some bigotry for example. Here is one of his tweets from twelve learn T eleven. But he says I don't give a damn. I am. Tripoli. F my lungs. After my liver. I don't means. What that I meant Tripoli. Well I've been any says slur after outward what Sessler. These solar. That and Maru they say it again. I don't give a damn Ahmet Tripoli. Applause F my lungs after my liver. This I don't know I mean that is designed to throw us bing and there. And many said. At two. Is for us to time some brand name to erode Boller some them beats waited kkk. That's a US of kkk hate okay. 888. That a lot stuff so people are sharing that. It gets around. During the game boot they take his parents generic jerseys to switch into. During the day during that hit this is they wouldn't be on the back so his name and beyond their Mac via Merrill back. To an appearance war yet they were I got aspects is getting ugly out here yet they thought there any stuff thrown Adam's stuff. So I would not. Put on a generic Jersey. Users BI I'm going down with a that's nice guy and and that's what each week and he's in the Major League all star game. I mean that's appalling to me that his parents were made men Wear generic jerseys. What are people saying that I think it was more about they are there other kid with a two right. I mean a difference of friends and yes I mean I just can't believe how fast I don't understand what he's saying now but he's saying slurs and they're all over his Twitter account you know I Damien. Is he referring to himself as such no he's talking about I mean to you kkk didn't need also sweetly I hate you single in the more. Love acting like she couldn't treated kkk. For a joke. No I don't think is is is you know I mean I don't know holiday as cities' and as the as the dollar is that Gagnon it's it is now. There's no mitigating factor is having there is now. He can't help phrases like kid from. A corporate accounting and Merrill and right ring as seven years ago. A game people definitely can grow. Per hour core time. But you'd think if 08 what are you doing that deleting your Twitter account from before. And that's nothing I never thought before you know like a pro athlete area held that like sort of perfection. Re not that that's professional usually your raises bet right you have to like think about what from my past and come back on me if I mean it's a national stage right. Now I guess I wouldn't think like that at some moment captain Tony an agent he'd write some what I tell me that they should look for you living an Janus. So march is this flip and think man that that's really I mean like. That's got to be awful for his family right let me see the clip so. If you're enemy here have you had changed I think maybe. I know you have a good answer with somebody asks you what's different between. Then and a break ranks OK yeah what his cheese and. Okay. You can't. Bonus and yeah. I'm deeply sorry for what I obsession and you know once you know it's. Like model install. What has changed completely and now. Remember now. Nothing but they yeah. And it. So tell me. What's changed between. You being races than the present none that name. I am I was gonna say he was up. Teams change. They're going to need you. Perfect teammate. Play. In his own foundation involved and you know. So he makes its citizens' lives. Do you think happens next Josh are you worried about pat you know penalties suspensions do you have any sense of what comes next. And I just flew up and what happened and. It's scary gamespot. The other thing is speak out being got the high. Can I now yeah I'm busy tweeting whenever it is you're tweeting stand up speak up big opponent. Do you. Jon Heyman he is. MLB rank near one of the big ones marked drop any MLB right now I tell me about leading MLB hearing rumors we yesterday afternoon and Josh Nader is my new favorite Holstein and in the nicest and most unassuming he gave me a lefty thing spla. I don't nearby Maryland. This is a real treat for him and his family right before a bad things like that or else. Got games to injury and Dave or anybody. Hash tag crew a man that is too bad hey. Hey I came in the middle as tires and the president now as a pitcher from the brewers and in the Al Surrey adapters are members who else they switched. I still don't understand. The only one that's crystal clear to meet them is JJK. I don't give a damn it Imad trip on me and word on I asked for my lungs. I have my lever is probably song lyrics. Jack what's in Tripoli. And her car. Which one. Are RY. How high high Nath who am I getting. I was a little and their patent. On August 11. I heard that he greeted like a mocking voice childhood. August 23 2000 and I hate gay people. Do now it's pretty apparent. I don't know I don't know how you don't see Edward and where it is pretty apparent. Well the other thing it I'm not saying that it doesn't and a the Tripoli line at my lines. Whenever lake is that a song lyric yet that we are with our our our. And I don't know. And the player what's his name that was argument can Josh in your job Josh editor. On February so you hear yeah yeah Canada's foul play therapy Evers is so lazy it's weird and they usually. His name's Josh cater to his. That jazz John W all right now what. It meant lit his Twitter name says hater hid. Well that's catering and our cap on February 17 2012. White power 00 with a fist. Well now aren't finding a line. No motive now he was seventeen. As he's still feel that way. While he says he's still feels that way and imminent change he also doesn't seem like the brightness of people and does enter the race is still care about being racist until they're caught. And put it in front of people then all of a sudden it's time to be humble he didn't address it before he got caught he damn well who knows. How he felt when he was seventeen. Right for these older. Certainly not any wiser. He's not the bright SA title and he understood the question in June when he was asking him. Like them. What has changed between you being seventeen to Simon gives you leeway in being seventeen yeah that's just how it I'm gonna do that we all made dumb mistakes we may come home or 47 vs seven doesn't matter. It down so you've got a better answer than nothing but imagine that they end up I don't think he's that's the Barry taking on a gin. You guys and take yeah I that bad and it was really stupid and it's not like AM right now I'm very very sorry. I need to step away obviously. From social media for awhile are I mean your answer any questions you might have. It's a huge regret I am embarrassed for my family and ferries are the Lun Lun as a song by juicy. And I don't know who juicy. Yeah I mean the other ones so here's the inner me I don't think he's the brightness. Evolved in the bunch. Then I don't think he understood the question. How do you find out who this moves up. This came. That just came in. You can't. The student. I'm deeply sorry for what I was and you know what's been going on this. He says that it's changed at least you now. Knock them out. He does know you understand he has acquired talker. It's loud you can't be a quiet talker is done. He's like I allowed to Wiener did he need to say something and Finland and since that problem. Did your beliefs changed. Yeah yeah. Didn't know them. There how many dominant player in their lives. You to be emanating yes. Out of business. This game. The moon is an opinion. Yeah. It's like say in Dave Matthews lyrics just. But quiet he uses to make up whatever knowing that you want it alerts. Highest. And album -- him with him on the island who will amen amen amen amen amen. Could put it angers. I client joggers with. Morning so we're drinking micro greens. That is minus the bear. Announced a new jury yesterday and it is there a farewell tour and in time. MTV classy I thought Natalie with a farewell tour about any. New ET I really like yeah by got a together and help me. You could hear our own an outline an out they'd just rallies to god damn album last year that the guerrillas at events that you below minus the bear I apologize I. I don't matter minus the bear semites are coming to town October 13 at the German it is. The final time you'll get to see them. I mean for awhile. Why you think they'll get that channel whenever video is is that together like man I don't think so a net cash. We can get some real fast tenth anniversary reunion tour. Garrity did an elegant ten album anniversary tumors but stop alone grinder as they just keep trying to. Anyway new stuff reminders of where I haven't heard what track is this. Mark. It's called fair enough. Fair enough so song released yesterday brand new minus the bear all right. An EP coming out farewell tour on I'm not sure when tickets go on sales of trying to. For all over the country but they are coming to Casey finally. They will be terribly missed and I'm excited to see them October 13 at the Truman here is new minus the bear on the minus the bear with boy aids it is there. Farewell. Farewell tour just announced yesterday act. And they are coming to Kansas City October 13 I believe tickets go on sale this Friday. At 10 am and here's what is that this is why I love this day and semi which I really do. Says friends after almost two decades of writing entering the world together we've decided to close this chapter on our lives as much as America. What started as a silly inside joke inside the dinghies confines of Seattle's original child talent back in 2001. Quickly snowballed into years of the debenture is. Creativity and friendship we can never predict in the wild journey about to begin and we've accomplished so much over the past seventeen years. And we are grateful for the experience and undoubtedly. We L all of these adventures TUR fans without all of you. The memories are traveling the world exploring different cultures. And witnessing the delight of your beautiful cases singing along wouldn't have been possible. Here's some more weather has teased and storms that. Easily could have been scuttled. They could scuttle the band throughout the years it's you've kept us going did you think you enough. This autumn we had out on her final tour in support of our upcoming stop it. Four assigned EP fair enough courtesy of suicide squeeze record it's these final shows our celebration. The community of fans gave us so much through the years of our. I'm during the years of the dedication will be digging deep in the MTV catalog. And we are honored for the opportunity to play our hearts out for you one last time. Well Alix Korey dame injected. Why EG that it by you making fun of them I love them so much and I think they're handling it so well I'll boot and classy why is in the hands I love break out. But I mean to deliver clear is they're exactly set the world on fire. You know I mean. I don't now Damon out there is that viral on fire right now I know I know they've there's a lot of fiance has a tracks there anything missing there and it has a sense layers. As the anyway but it tends a single strand in me as saying like domains and so financially viable for them and only. Do you really liked him he should follow the lead singer on Twitter and you have like Jay. Who know knowing you led. UN the UN council would like gimmick I. Know you like Jake's you don't have a popular competitiveness. Let me give me I'm winds right now are now on Saturday and I love does break out out and I don't know why and I magistrate asked. This actually doesn't make me sad for them the way they're handling it. Dak I sounds like he sings that is they're that is there like sadness and they like sad now they seem like well sometimes they talk about. I to me it really. It's neither music and yeah yeah I think it's due to its. While with the boy I invite all allies on the line. As I did Danielle you move yet. When asked eager countries are beautiful love song. When you play that if you I can't get them iPhone for some reason secret and feature country we don't have in the war minus the bear yeah one woman or her minus the bear or from my listeners today. There's a little team on. There is a little but there's far more. Skis and gentlemen. I guess it's experience and whenever it was called secret country and top five on the news. The sun times is saying I want some of the things to me and rank this app I think that's it. You that you connect you connect the music like. Away bit I don't know whether I lost that ability of these I don't really do you know I mean. I don't like I had a line by line vitamin shop is about some else you know now he's like all right I. Higher early July I don't how dare feel I got here's a lot of things you're saying and I feel old but probably better rides. Two broke up it was our mind is there and they're doing a farewell tour and doing it very wonderfully fair well yeah. Just fantastic. Hitting a ball sections of the United States not all bands do that soon. Did you guys seriously bend over backwards ago I don't know I am and some bands and they break of the day like it too weak to break anytime they're doing my ignore everybody. This is the most sway anybody has talked about mine is the bears along and that's not true the end they don't exist thanks for sale of when we are the airlines that stop supporting mine is the mirror when Romney came out. He doesn't yeah. When they that's our. I mean I didn't stop supporting them personally but I did think that as a radio station we stop supporting the patent army with few exceptions is there are some exceptions. Radio stations team you know make a band. You know I mean nobody it doesn't mean that you shouldn't support them necessary. I got you know to me I don't on our rights secret garden and secret country and Christ's time. I feel like also this is days ago. Probably and I feel like we have done seeker country's water run beating our sacred did. They're gonna benefit. Our guys read anyway I thought it in his voice is amazing. Ericsson grave yet not ever stupid chair there really nice objectively they're not I mean even got on and go ahead and try. Don't wander has politicized smarter type of parents. Ocean that's all bad news. There are smarter type event are active minds to bear on the you know secret country. Not card. And I don't want to forget. Horizon. It does help yes. She she's watching the trapeze artists bail out America's Got Talent and that couple. America's day Thomas kitchen machine okay. Betsy Aaron I don't. And day out matches now sorry sorry now. I am I think I like watching trap heat this. People who are people you know. And then you're always like. And any drop to this time out CI really I mean look. Couple my favorite says sub credits are instantly regrets. No no no no yes. Kids are acting stupid. I mean this is so I feel like videos of people doing that's dividing things. Failing hold my feeding tube is equivalent. Those are some great ones a lot block I appreciate it again I spend all day I'm actually very good tonight kids are up and stupid is one of my fair it's because like. Kids constantly try to kill themselves all day every day right I mean I just what it feels like when your parents. Now I'm not happy journalist and say your jobs keep though though like Oz is one or rather keep everything 59 doesn't want her on out who cares. Ray you know exercise prices going. Just feels therapeutic to watch. Anyway she's fine in our top sap that sad. I shall we say they didn't hurt enough for me to enjoy it spewed out we are you are what you always make me watch videos now way and you wouldn't watch my wife and I never makes you watch the don't worry we advance it sees you pop right out Brad. And yet Sugarman at noon to diminish his or her element she's fine everybody's died your dvds and a size. I can he's massage I mean you've heard about goat yoga. Yes right. As a matter of fact I we have talked about it. And they that's what kind of put it on my radar room and then I saw a lot of people actually Julia who seems to grand scheme well brigade goes yoga. That's old news that two weeks ago. Welcome to the new hot. Us snake massage. And can make sure that most people fierce snakes that's because it is a world snaked some cultures that Revere the surf fans while others simply keep them as pets now I can even get a safe spot who new Smart executed and Vanessa Barack introduce in just a woman known as certain tests are we're. Serpent. As a silicon structures some longer than six feet slither all over Pam Kelly's body. We witnessed her first snake massaged with circuit test that. And training goddess and Poughkeepsie. I appealing here this pets are contestant shows her for snakes intertwined all possible participants. Psyches the chosen one. For now. Enjoy them and feel them on him also released their intensely guides three snakes on Japan she can't force them to do anything. Each serpent chooses its own path. Atlanta over her and raping her and beat her head even resting on her neck. And things Collins simulator. And take listener. Is there anything. Endorphins not to tell us. I was feeling good karma us. This sneak priestess specializes as an intra species facilitator cats for 25 years we how safe. Is this but okay thanks so. You know there are no guarantees little wild animal you or one that's going to choose whether it's safe for you are not telling is every bit hurt any of my boat constrict. Doesn't she tells us people typically reach out to her for one of three reasons healing. Empowerment or to get over their fear of snakes. Any mention that the session helped. There was a lot calmer the peaceful than I thought it was it was a point where I felt like they are just talking spontaneous moment just became very compact contentious problems. Panties on the table gave my colleague Alan Lesnar the courage to try it hang on I'm from. Barely flinched at the snake when he infer kiss. Then she just she links and as for me can I bring her kidneys get snow pack I forced myself to. We relieve pseudo section on Keller brings Hannity and news. Yes the men. Please let me tell my man is ads did that Vegas where. But that pond is at the base of NATO reaction I don't now where you where you would like you know you bear down basically if you hold your breath in. And you bear Danny can make your blood pres dummies of Philly got passed out this I think that's a vague learned are okay I'm not sure I have no idea I think. They could these are not really a massage that's like saying nasal bagel I know he didn't says nasal area they have. I mean if it benefits you I guess I don't see the benefits. Police sick with a snake the only animal I've ever really feared what does that association of greater star installation message here that there. Within a few minutes I can finally relax breathe normally. Even smiled for a picture with certain tests and one impersonate. Feeling imperative Poughkeepsie Vanessa Murdoch's CBS two news. Feeling empowered in the currency. Barack I'd rather have a different kind of dies you know you go suns when you see snake massage ice and sending out I think that's pretty much implied in the snake massage chair. The crawl over here it's of some of them are you decided it's safe enough it's all consensual you write snakes right. You and the snakes and serve contessa. Right you know what I'm I trying to Ara I'm pretty intrigued right now he had been you'll be either one part says site local radio DJ getting this leg massage. So crisis condition crashing NASCAR's version I had not a big snake person yeah. In these are all python's. Yeah as I have to constrict as a some kind Laura bug constrictor no means is non venomous there constrictor so okay Saturday tighten tighten. Is serving tests. Strong enough let's say something does terribly and I am not very many people would be. Terribly awry she's got three snakes on her you know she's not gonna kill a snake. Now she lives her say she didn't she doing this makes for a long time your your toughest who evening train those snakes to crawl all over her body. Serve and censor something tells me that was clothing optional. What's your contessa be strong enough saved. They all three decide and opry balloting searchers decided. We're gonna start. Just getting real tired on the station and yeah. Can she take a mosque that close we have the physical strength to take a mosque well let's see what happens here this is from the BBC I just I Google's. Can you pull boa constrictor up connect my initial instinct is as saying now mine is yes she practiced her. Saw a lot of cynicism BBC video says python and that strangled by a deadly but can sector. This guy apparently put a boa constrictor is neck because he wanted to be strangled by OK and so it goes a little something. Who liked. It is what the the public does best. See if I can show you. A bit more about how the snake comes. Sin now you can see. One of the snakes smoke. Is going streets around my neck. Round he had. Is when my windpipe this way that comes in and out of my lungs. No say would be awfully job. That carry blood in my brain. Now. Is like breathe out. The snake. It's very suffering. Increasing the pressure. Around my. Writes. I auto erotic it's succeeding right here. Under the guise he's like is that breed out. Okay there does not pipe on any six foot adult can easily over power I breed. Exotic pets is a tech science that's who are so this guy is being he's got about around his neck to be taken off himself. Students hear the you can say. By the way I mean I'd you are a snake person and you totally know where you more about snakes that I do. Right or made that clear but it feels like snake people will always kind of be. Bias on trusting snakes more than a non snake experts pondered for is that DC are saying there absolutely like you're you're snake lobbyists. Your your team's sake and that's cool. I'm Latina anti say I'm just team. That I'm with you I'm the same team death now let me see of those. I can I make you more more difficult for me to breathe. And Gonzalez read outs. Just tightens a little bit more. It's and eventually. I can't get any then it'll ask in my lungs and already. At this stage. Oh wasn't. Just to ease the pressure. I would be finding breathing very difficult indeed. This. Is what constricting me was conceived starting to get a blue carpet place and then I might need some help. Constricting. Basically means to strangle this suffocate though my basket price. And that's how this magnificent. Animal. Manages. To kill. Command of the skating on who is to have parent of the one that now we just avoiding. Places and ways of getting hurt kids. She used it rarely throw muscles and. It's taking me. They're. Legal question short time I can say it is the forum and not birdies myself that's the amazing thing that happens next. The boat constrict there will actually start to swallow its prey whole and to do that. It could open this now. Incredibly wide. And having a really hard. Went about constrictor. Maybe they I don't think he can give them out. Our head and that. Hello. Yeah. Yeah it's amazing throw its. It is our crazy and that's there. People help their about a lot. Mammoth city. All right Steve just listen to but I'll go to release myself now. It's some British seriously injured area and a lack is with me and my crocodiles. And snakes move. The air grill there. How to escape from. A boa constrictor stated. Do we really let's say what we do over the black and brown bears thinking in the stab them and you know. In elective. The city itself. He's got ninety any doubt they have found constrictor Merck is to have an ad that we have it here in the massages. Any accelerating down parents. If you don't care about the well being of this snake you can crash an adult book conservatives have with your hands. Okay I guess that I assume you just go punch in the top like Santos. You just go out. Harry with a infinity gauntlet now it's dead. What it says if you have a a python. You're in trouble. Particularly to pipe analyses that looks like. Two Q. OK so that's like not anything you have here. Thank god for an insurer and the Serb contessa snakes are fine for the massage. You're just getting it mayors are amount ladies she gives snakes in sync was I was who's now in New York yes somewhere. She has more boa constrictor is as she puts on people they come to our table and should they get a say massage. So I was just wondering. If these serpent has. Which is called here's a story from July 31 when he seventeen. Paramedics youth and Diego. They Ellis this natives are past that yes. It. Won't hurt that I. I'll. Open our. It happened Thursday. Lake avenue in Sheffield lake. When firefighters got to the woman's house he found her Lleyton in the driveway with a boa constrictor. Wrapped around her body. EMS crews say the snake wouldn't release and was biting her face. One of the paramedics pulled out of pocket knife and shot the snake head. Sheffield lake mayor did his brain says they saved the woman's life of this really pleased with the paramedics response and noble thought. You know to think that quick to take apart my problem do they did you know I was a bit to destroy the snake putting up north but towards the woman was tipped. I have a question I have instinct so paramedic who's pocket knife. Like he had to dig that been for awhile they did it cannot. Karzai power hanging heart yeah I don't know I grabbed him in a hole and down. Are five more minutes all thought it space Stephen Carson now constitute about concerns are there things. Hopefully. These there had things gone and out. Yeah into the hospital and was treated and released for nonlife threatening injuries. There was an anti snake caged in her front yard Friday morning. Knocked on her door but she did not want to go on camera. Mayor tells me she's known around town for her collection of pet snake she has eleven in her home. The mayor believes the woman is traumatized after this incident. I would imagine maybe the boy. It was very painful so she's gonna have to go for political office but I doubt that I have to throw him into the system whether she wants to tell you why. Keep this thing totally that are sent it and say how. The area. I had they found her life and in the driveway however house. With about construction and while I have a boa constrictor stuck to my face and outside with that I just rescued yesterday. Please. Dispenses doesn't never heard of this before please hurry he's fighting my nose. Issues trying to aim is that a rescue it's date you found. Where he had just fine amount concerns her. Some of the questions sports people lawyers say people. Yes you are correct has honors only coming in the right channel that was I couldn't get it to switch over a mile better iron down now. But let's or maybe it was just. The video was taken knowingly and movies there can switch it overnight out of my butt wasn't even like nets couldn't switch it down a damn button. Clicking that button so many questions GAAP. I'm sorry let me do a CU the occupied remorse next are you guys as sir I'm pretty bad yeah I kind snaked out. I have not enough is enough now again objective although I never am enough that I never. Feel like. You're like. Clogged main drain. You know and that's exactly what I can make out I need to get saying it snaked out serpent has hearing come. Make me out Albers organs is fine as you heard yet. Death Cab for Cutie and the buzz. Coming in October. And the Midland and that current Merck now. Overs and bearing down. I knew mark would know that the loudest and our our distraction strategies are now you have I have 76796. I think here on its feet Kansas lottery tracks and box scratch tickets. All man called them out yeah you. I actually just scriptures Scrooge around. In. You needed. Who yet. Said. Mother that is. I don't know how. I used things that carried you get Rebecca how are you doing and not at all right well. Mr. wreck I scratch your Kansas trucks and knocks lottery ticket I did not win how ever. UG US thirty dollars and gives lottery tickets. Tracks in boxes that's on your own time okay give that iron hair created welcomed the black hole on talk to mark for me he'll get Yeltsin out. And we will see you guys too broad strip and Thursday yeah now they're registered GAAP where's the trip tomorrow marks. Two. Lose believe there asks that is true Jergen Thursday allowed to lose it tomorrow be listening for the last four digits of yourself and if you are polished and. 652 it's. That's the case we send you a lot of political all of loser and a lot of lot of apple is a lot of balloon is that a lot apple is a god damn that's a lot of blues and I have a great day we'll talk tomorrow. Yeah.