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Tuesday, May 15th

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And it tumble until news. Cable TV a couple of Beers have quality if fairly of these studies. For these couple of twenties for these days. It. You ask. You're funny I'm fun in growth were ridiculous I'm ridiculous. B Danny emea Tony till payday he had and guess that I hadn't spent yesterday so that Tony says that in any. Is that Torre their manager grant area is trying to. And what is going in the slow polar opposite and telling you lots of polar it was polar north Garay is gonna slob. Played it I remember when I had money to give you oh magnetic poles are gonna flop any day rank and now I hope they doubt I mean I hope you stay where your Apple's. That may sound gap how do you stay rare rat Arab get matter earned them the CI gotta give that. And there. And there. Let's see Ari it. Scientists have sparked panic was row over whether magnetic poles will flip. Sciences are currently embroiled in a huge argument over whether the Earth's magnetic field is set to reverse momentum in this atlas. Science science. Is science scientists stayed every 200000 to 300000 years Earth's poles flip. We're north becomes south in vice Versa. Polls intended to swap 40000 music years ago but it was unsuccessful. Candidate just bought Apple's lock. Great magnetic feelings get hurt. As a result the last and the polls which place was 780000 years ago meetings were long overdue for polar burst. You know about them bowl rehearsals. Well were I mean it's definitely reverse tang. Our situations. Gap in Jurassic era in this say got to keep her eye on their magnetic north okay aren't doing any as the bass cut its strip them. That's under for censure so does a Q let me at least give from the twenty years it's. It's like okay I'm okay. Don't I don't deduct government during her hand is they'll ever does is tarmac now I hear them don't hear one day if it and there are one Daly had a and they want it and yeah I'm gonna get better who. Nothing on me. With suits. So as a sorry about this and as soon. Which prior paying people back and Wednesday. Home on select months. Ultimately duping people act. Has visited in my library and a okay. And Donte' and they have. Follow any idea in my opinion. You just there's not much you can do 90% of down in prayer and down and hide it's donor answers aren't I pretty much Roy easy dear leader at this point surround things counting down to that's the size something's coming and it pulls off the most common reason people lose. And making demands of war it has been a fan I ha. Good check every game yes is this is room. OK. Okay. This is something he does batteries I remember that ultimately as soon as it should move this when I. I can make a cannonball went out of the sky crane and a bike ride its overall. God you. Let's say sorry you. So finally ended just those guns down a blue there's no weird back under watch you mailman now back anyway yeah. I. And you girl that was an experience or her song. Says. Something's coming from the Eiffel Tower and if I can. Okay. Something's got to me and I don't know what it is but it is going to be grade. Right. Yeah I mean I've never met in ninth on our. Blog announcing westside story and it's the events of the ball and as I am never. Our gas so really this would be your Eiffel Tower theme song about. I mean M client can go one day had the opportunity. Butch and make me feel weird that one day after the complete strangers I never see again. Yeah banged up I thought. I don't it. The Ouattara compound now that Lally a different monikers there who's your daddy. Hey Danny it's not ideal then bump up. You can call me Bobby I. That low. Enough yes it's neat okay united. Says he can't imagine being played at UDC. Did you see. You. Seal. Almighty. No I will not the only these Eiffel Tower thing. Photo. In my I'm using my. I don't like musicals either tax time yeah I can't ideal of musicals and just have Bob. In a decent movie for no reason it's an ugly. I can now he needs. Okay. Did you play this in high school I was. Bernardo paragraph in high school is the NYU homicides are oh yeah that and it's like. The greatest story ever and they need to remake it for any team. But he needs to be like. White people against everybody else is pretty much it was and as but it was you know white prison Puerto Ricans. Matt is really Puerto Ricans there's is why can't they should be Puerto Ricans vs way I don't understand. Not quite plain aggressors. Totally. That's lions vs the swearing in vs. You want to whiteman the home team home team and secondly. My two visitors in America tag. Well as a inches seeing I don't deny that anger that I wholeheartedly. And I. Fabulous. As ascending and ends are Graham and it's thank you learn. Your math is I don't know Syria and you're democracy is creaking. Paralyzed he let it FaceBook pump is the well not there. Buried in a hurry and here's my yeah yeah yeah you right here I asked of us. You're marijuana mess earlier Molly yeah yeah it's a problem here all of BO. Jesus Christ but anyway yeah it was a phase for president's idea. I disagree on the skylight that thought you know and that's why is. You know. Anyway I I didn't realize the home team went thank I mean I think eyes as me and I didn't know that I know as thorough. And to me that is really. Visitor. Whether something goes yeah and as I loses like tigers vs royals. Could be in its. Rates and less of getting it completely backwards and entire possibility now I think hearing I think it's again courtesy to the visiting team. Not all and your musicals are wearing green and you're being told Larry didn't. You're demo I need. Is create its. I mean me. Bush has long Vienna and yeah. Tonight and any news on night. One million dollars in today's guys the five. You have got to keep paying. Okay okay. Well I I was I can keep that edit every time I can cause he's going. That's of those landing in an odd thing. I get a read of your accent. Yeah indeed. Again I didn't. If you don't like okay god. The man in the chains. Are all these years. I was the. Only I think in my singing class. That's why I got Bernard L closes thing they had were Puerto Rican it's holy city grant. May and you don't like Capcom I don't know I've been a lot of time trying to get to and it didn't work. You can't get to antenna non our ailing now I don't know that I have ever seen him and I've just been if not I Murray brown valuable arm around now I'm not I'm why did I mean but I turned real brown real glad drill press yeah just a little sad and yet most sun sees me British Columbia were down yeah. You don't even get ground. No I don't. You know I do yeah hi. They were says there is coming in town and Therese that was Nassau edition. IA I area. Listen no longer compact back to Africa. No it's good Tomas. Our eyes are big in America. Are we not done yet. We have CNN news I know we didn't adds I think you may resume embrace oh yeah exit of Greivis vibe that we don't need a Graham's those are the theater. Is too much for everybody today while some people enjoy it. Birds are ought to I just need and yeah I am brands which brake after I do that yeah and then link iMac engineers yet. I'm it's going to be bad today and be busy button starring Emile TM nine behave at a happens weekly monthly. By the way it depends on a sports soccer is the opposite team won host team too but soccer. You've got to you got it due to advocates of sports I get it you're here before Dan but this is a medically. We do things her way around here you know measures thing and inches. We needed that and pounds. And on team comes. Acceptance arc. All right yeah out. We have to do the rest of the Jimmy Eat World meet and greets hanging. Soundtrack. Tickets for tonight. Be listening for that. Whenever we have must go as the show was excited to Truman. Thursday the stripes are at the Truman. Wolf Parade. To pandering it's a Monday and that right now we're concentrating and Jimmy world Danny yeah. It's going on the war. Old Kansas. Okay. Kansas legalizing self serve beer taps and Lisa and alcohol laws. When they do. Kansas is listing up the laws on bruise and lose. My author raising self serve beer taps along in allow allowing longer hours for bars and taverns. And legalizing candy laced with alcohol. Governor Jeff Cole Europe. Signed a bill Monday that makes the changes he said during a ceremony on a downtown to be decide block the legislation shows kansas' forward thinking. And willing to help bonds for new hours. Really am. There's really that you're just drug is alcohol drugs on your forehead big your pat yourself on the back for that. Now I heard that four than you would be marijuana laws I like I like legalizing candy at least that alcohol. So that's OK candy alcohol candy fine. Now we can't either inadequate here and there something. I'm and that is chock lead slip Laker NN yeah I did Google. Kind of may think you know how my knees so carrier is vodka being beaten. It's like days. Days and three to five days and man that's a long time that's that I thought there too long pants that I thought now. Hey so we've got like that going on in Kansas and I don't know if you heard about the supreme Koreas today than they voted. Seven to two and then. Milling plants and into. To. Make it legal for states to decide if they wanna allow gambling. There charm just I thought that was the case of president. Well Supreme Court overturned professional amateur sports protection act protection act on Monday making sports betting legal. I that I'll pay that tax day basis states now have the power to improve gambling on amateur and professional sports Kansas is one of the eighteen states that are you building consideration self. To recap. Things were ready to move forward on in Kansas. Loosening alcohol law less glowing Laker candy. Allowing sports betting right. I mean gambling and and Laker team things that have been destroyed anybody's life after. Bought but there's one thing that we are not considering Stell Brett and I think we all know what that is all right moving on. Do you wanna do you fluid tainted cupcakes bodily fluids eating cupcakes. Or. Simple lay it wrongful termination suit. I say they imminent of the delegates are right in the bayou body that bodily fluid tainted cupcakes. Which has pretty much the story now I'm dead yet lets you overlay object OK okay. It's a polling manager. All right this is kind of messed up you reading yeah aren't. Well I mean pretty awesome for the person. It. Is that local notes are all the data about. What some call it. Florida California California California don't doubt partners only mean there was fire. Dollars to pull. Well it's still playing inside story and inside everybody's at one at times like dad and asked her math now his during. -- was fired after she was accused of stealing over 600 dollars from two polish and was awarded nearly eight million in compensation Jeanette Ortiz is the restaurant for wrongful termination and was awarded seven point 97 million dollars in damages any according to the Fresno bee in 2015. Was accused of stealing 626. Dollars from a safe at the Fresno change when she asked to see the surveillance footage of her alleged theft she was told had been accidentally destroyed a jury then found their tease his bosses were attempting to defame and fire her after she filed for workers' compensation for a wrist injury the parties will meet on Monday to figure out how much to pull label need to pay in punitive damages for teases firing. Says she had carpal tunnel. And the eighth of virus like payback they fired is at a 626 dollars shorten register. She is like. This is bull crap she sued and almost a million bucks. Wow. Over 626. As for her a lot of guacamole the youth and a lot of free block a mulling. I mention never judges I've audits of public be out. To pull in existence that's horrible things some in. The I mean it's like they do you can get the bear today which is too spicy for me like it's not too spicy for my mouth. I can't editing these buys it from them out is these spicy for my inside I think. While things are here yeah. But there's no money there and now now. Six surgeries these delegates yea man as not a bad. I'd love to be accused this accident point six dollars. Are haunted eager to get it. It says you just got it pointed team. Yeah I mean that's three years or eight million I get it I get happy she you know she's gonna get eight million. Still lawsuits take her and her half volley that dealing I'm learns or are now. Yeah. Well thank god is still way of I didn't their laws I'm trying to get and that try to get some hope here man it's I did I say a year and a half way I got you. In and out. Yeah intricate I do alliance of Niagara lenses get a rocket Wenzhou is gonna die and when is gonna and the iron out just got served last week yeah. Keep on track and I'm me and I don't even arms so walking around just got to keep on trucking. But not that Tesla and auto pilot. Rate. And birds are August by its burgers. Punished under zinger around Horvath. You get zinger and you leave one of the hour Harry why iron. Don't mind. Why do that because that means I'm only being two of the three zinger that means I'm only now you are not anti they want others there as and a possible calories. Where does that leave us housing area and that dammit wing ice was cake girl but a little Ben is devil's food tape. With a good icing is very moist it's more east gate like add twinkie chocolate twinkie went from staying very good on there area. I'm ready to three you give me a legible. There's going to be. To Jesus do hamster crackers and a give me peace that. Need to all think two thirds. Through her sort of if there's repeats everything easier nerds at. I two thirds of not eating a 100%. We're. That's at 13 reduction in calories automatically include all I gotta do is cut and op now I don't know how to math carries over. If I eat a good sense in which is say 7 o'clock if I'd six inches it's Alan Branch. And then I made six inches at nine. I don't know but I feel like you wanna keep the dump trucks like you wanna make should dump first you pull into the dump and dropped their load. Like a like in order instead of like one giant load dropping in. You know I mean term. Anyway things or is there yeah the problem I appreciate it here you're at this sump is in your house is tough I have a question at a supermarket incident yesterday. Program in my life. Aren't we go to a grocery store which shall remain nameless. I'm Hillary's shop you evident mine obvious. I'm not saying that right I think an hour as a guy so. There is you know you get mailers. You know mailers the coupons and stuff. Non talk Tamara. So there we get a male parent and it's like some sweet deals. On twelve packs of soda. And chips. I played really good deals for twelve packs of soda how rides for chips sodas or did you yeah. Yeah my IA. Expect models to be like dollar idea. When does that ever happen. Yet to commit a couple weeks yet. Then you get a coupon my day is only yes yeah I don't want that yeah I mean it and they never have the top I want grant. Other co zeroes up is gone for X we got Coke zero never ever count zero why is that there is never have Coke zero or Pepsi zero. Well. Their growth delicious. I mean. Who people's. I do have it's Seaver a guy that's there all the time it's fair not paying and then I went to got Coke zero. Cherry Coke zero in regular Coke. Fernando. That's a good idea that's a good deal yet Heidi nods uploaded shareware that's why did you town name I don't know why is good at it and they were. Any kind of full size twelve inch are okay well tell amounts. Holes like twelve ounce gloves scans chug on Poland announced. And so we go we grabbed you know. T it's no limit break so we go we grabbed. Six I hit six and we got we got seven kids. When opportunity. My kids that we opportunity when he shows up you got to stock up I don't does agree and then there was some chips available you know lazy kids go through pop and chips like. It doesn't last it does now I'll still do it being really crack one open and take a sip and leave it's idiotic downer. I hate that trial that could have negative phrase of regulator when it's flat I don't care. As I Norway's dammit. So we go and it's like hey what are we don't or we got this idea over it and chips starting Coke kids come back and get stocked up right. Go in there give its is ago no big deal locket out checking out cashier and this problems are cat and the is there's no idea of though he's zero and they remain amazed that people would buy chips and soda. Well that's a lot of chips and soda. Connie chip with. Or back. Seems like your your buying six. Paxson Bob Wright like you David are we doing a picnic eagle once in my brain structure is I saw do you normally by this much soda. Into the judging judging judgment from the cashier and I look at however might not mean it's this is a good deal we're here for the Zedillo. Either one about its ships that's a lot of chips. But he says my whole audience depth. I think it's also part of the deal as well you guys must like great deals because this is a lot of chips and soda. I can go back there. Suri go back or judge me on my chips in my soda fashion stopped the fortunes it was uncomfortable. Rectal with the older younger he was like little. He was though you're as well. I've ever been shamed maegashira four. I'm feeling. Some people at their word or inappropriate. Yeah. And name. Now but I am thinking is here he's like I'll be here tomorrow. I'm like our aid call I wound spoon good. Yeah cashiers the UC you know and now lives DM do you avoid them on now I well I ask you now he's saying. It personally he's funny MI what are easy entertainment news makes that I always an out Z you're ranks you know grocery store is right. I mean the dollar merger if your act now that your have a variety. Characters serving you well I was depressed ever yesterday and my I'm not paying that. So my answer choppers Robert Byrd I did and let me cram the figure mailer. And they went men and hey I mean so now as I cannot pay him an act like every Latin. Because they have pop. I am I'm not pop my kids go through elegance in out of pocket near you the weather doesn't help either and so my and they always drink in my. Thank mother have birds. Folks there is a good three and I establish your had a bad day and it it is our trade debt during get it down or spray there's anti does during Vietnam and my Coke zero is gone Mike are clearly there on closer. They got to begin there's got to be it comes here idea of the no doubt be a code zero there's not a cub zeroed it out now because they're as hot three. Gazes at Coke 0413. Dollars is not a DL prince Albert. It's not thrown out there that's it's twelve yet and it's a lot is like a not aimed at this from now on I'm takes demonizing them Seattle Leo let me know I'll let you know anybody let me know what they're saying how it is here I say now I went to buy united deal locker cashier and yanks are leg. Avnet so I get half the things they need from Price Chopper. He's down they don't have vetted she's dissolved and the dollar jury. Because then they did the I'd buy it I I'm telling our that I I would by the dollar trying to put a dollar Bob and the joy I go there and the guy is just. It's a long time at the cash register yeah. I he has a second. You know way too much I know and I know wedding day and I mothers today do we cut more aware he works full time. It was the law lying. And I'm being courteous jabs in now. You are you are you should be courteous I am Alan I horrors of course of course the worst round of cool words. And then the other thing about the grocery stores these days is like you have to wave off the geriatric come in a bag groceries. And you feel bad about waving him off but I don't want some guy that fought in World War II backing up my Coca-Cola serve America. Like you think now go away though I got Steve to do this for forty years you like oh my god I wanted to die. Yeah and that's our signs right try buying plan mean for me Elmo and no longer enough that they judgement is so we're out yeah I that softball. It's not a you know you should never comment on that like I feel like who wherever whatever pharmacy you're working out. Newman should retaliate you know to shout bath when it comes at any of that yeah it now but I felt very judged when it was. I didn't even viva glam he had hundreds he variety. Are the dollars her I. I raised. Bob my. About my wife when spotted time the path terra that's my. App terrorist day after pill and the lady was just like OC when her body so they catch your judgment Israel. It is really were on his leg man. Act. Just teachers. I know move a lady yes it does buying for pregnant woman one time. End. What is she says she asked me about what I was buying was for pregnant woman. I have like ice cream and pickles and the other things this year is that Iowa is Brandon. Little did she now. We just flat found out the we're gonna have another baby well and told anybody yet seen they are wise NIC thing I didn't know what to say. Yeah I knew but nobody else decides that maybe maybe not that I just walked away I have a field. You look accuser I've not feeling that they can tell a lot of value byways of birds is absolutely. And I think that's why and I scanned my down whenever he can you do I am a 100%. Do my own scanning when I can I well you bald people using technology. I don't care perfect motto I I can't get through without that light going off and I got. I'm pretty had to do I let everything in the bagging area I'm everything in the bagging area an idea man and I put it away the land wanhatten. You know because I don't think anybody has had a bag anyway we've discussed this but I get a judgment. I can hear from the mast well that's too much pop. It's tuna but he many jazz edged human engine yeah I know there's too many jabs and Amitabh mantown needed down. Now ray out and shot the app. That's all that's what I want is that in a equally just now if you're in that position. That's a the other person's thinking. What it's not your job to put people on point out word hit it out. That's a lot of chips that's a lot of jobs a lot of pop I gotta say. Does their judgment matter Aaron give us what they think I don't either I know but what does this peer interaction does it depends on my mail and yeah most days. I will give you 95% of the time I will be courteous. Now that 5%. As the letting god I don't know how it's gonna go out. And that's what I'm afraid avid scientist article at CNET that's a big Mac. That's yes that's just I don't know what I'll come out of I'm meeting at that point is you're courteous securities are trading securities are courteous and then. One day in outfield to courteous. And god doesn't have an executive on the Internet Brett. That I'm on the Internet it was some video out some polls are any out. Brian chips. Yet anyway. I like buying I don't like when I viewers you won't dream medical worker that that Magnum is your kind Bangkok. My own series you're you want those residents. 'cause you're LA and their problems. Jimmy. You can make its earlier this afternoon. If he can't make it then this is not free enough period. Bet if you are free today at noon Ryan Carr mark price and 6796. And then we'll get it little spot on that list yeah. He can go and watch you me or own soon into its contract paying. Tonight at the chairman mantle I. Did tickets are still available I don't know how many that mountain. Yeah. You know you are about lists. Of analysts I mean is say you know it's analyst yeah I'm time ago. What you know and the and. What list returning and a feel like you're always turning on something it's been awhile since I've tried to leverage my position to get a sound the things at play here now AM. Well god to you need to clear cut in here earlier we asked that a mini is my by the kind I museum about the count. We're talking about West Side Story because it's my favorite musical rent and you know how we got there. I job now is turn around classifieds we always do that on occasion like every now and again westside story comes out. It allows the had a hustled on yeah it kind of feels good outs and a leg earlier this morning you were performing for web sites or is so. I grew publicized story ideas that I knew was coming Kansas it wreck. Turns out dad deadline for auditions. With or it to submit your packet to get an addition. Was last Friday. The auditions are this for a how can I feel like they could. Let that adds what I've so I'm I wrote team that you denies sending any email. Let you room. The person on the flyer Sara and Casey copper. And what it says that keeping I got a chance. I omniscient let me just auditioned. For of the talking about it sure. In fact I said that not the case the opera needs to press the being able to talk about perhaps playback my audition for westside story would be a great way to spread the word. I just don't chance. Sure. That I. I'm not gonna be a dream pressure we'd be injury in a letter yes Alan namely injury or not I'm not crashing it. Not why not. I agree with you why not. I mean it's been awhile since I've. An interest in anything to send an email yes. Mean Danny ends any. Davis and Reid here now now I don't read or thinly Manuel not cracking open that email anime is pretty bizarre ground that gap and asked earlier oh he's got fails to capitalize act as. A McCain managed this team owning and using the now you I found my email password that. At the usually there is not the running of the funniest line in my around. It is rebuild everything I can't look at a guy if we're pandering in my eyes was a calendar and again you know. Again. Are there any plan to use air I hate the opera house hi Sarah I don't know if you heard or even listened. But we talked to a side story and I like how you bring immediately yes and if you've heard or Liz Liz I'm not gonna simulation. Exactly and a crowded market. DJ regional. Person right. We talked to west it's Arianna venture as big fan morning buzz and make sure give credit where credit is due. We really needed teams and as I sign these by about. I had heard was sites are it was coming Kansas City and I don't know why didn't Google auditions earlier in honesty in the deadly until plywood was last Friday. However if you could find it in your heart and some time on the calendar Olympus DJ audition I would be very appreciative. Not they Casey opera needs oppressed you heard island. I think I can saying I know I can dance and have been in a production of westside storybook before. And yes that preceding sentence is hilarious. Please that I did it right here I had not thought about walking away. Well. If he sees a lot happier now than it in that third Thursday by the way this third Thursday Thursday me myself and Irene. I mean night two days the days. Object of I mean I feel like Indians. I'm ready I did isn't high school why not bring it around again. Well I just don't want them like I'm sure there is professionals. I'm not saying you're not I know please they're people I mean forever right I don't want that to be re not at all I just wanna stop right. I that's what I want or I wanna shot shot. On a shot that I feel like that's off everybody ever suggest is aside I think he'd do great. I would I think if they'd if I ended up in the chorus I would decline. You can antique. You have to secretly gimme why now been like as maybe next time I could Bieber are done it could be. Yeah yeah I mean is that later how absurd that Argentine downpour yeah I feel like Varnado is my god I love doing in America that the best song on our. Right you know every word yeah. I so remember cute and sweet. The triplets that. I think I. Well do I send an ominous and right now everybody let's cross our fingers sorry. If you know fair I think he's the opera house in Arlington word throwing good work. Let's you know like me in the case should. Don't say anything don't be a deck when he thing. I think you're gonna get an audition at a very at the very least. And have by a word casting which are not yeah. I don't want to to a bear all of us that no one would be. An actor as love dogs yeah I can get through a few hours sleep though it went in India. First episode. Yeah yeah I think he should. At the very least in addition it thing you know. Room. Good luck at. Let keep his presidency we're dying and now I'm sure you are me I'm Imus I want to do that as you always maybe he'll do it less on the show. Oh well. Damn that. West side stories are we on any opportunity. Again it's so weird. Night maybe if he actually he's an effort action and we won't have to hear. That I that I am Matty I. And now to see the performance. I'll I see Garrett or good practice every day on the air for you people know where guys let as a way. Look at you let's wait and see what happens latency yeah I helped me namely like daily come on it and yeah. As maybe you'll get your fell westside story that way maybe the rejection will finally put in our reality into. You can certainly damned. And Newton. We can sing I'm on anti terror and Imad intensive but it pregnant it's. Our data accuracy in regular master class. A yeah.