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Tuesday, May 22nd

Open, Buzz Briefs, Drug Dogs, Words matter, Prom, Court Barn, and more!

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Flirt cash. Nonetheless playing for rotten this Saturday. Evening very. And it's zero knot winds and hair this idea. Whatsoever doors. You know I don't you mean when they certainly be ruin inside of Paris that's silly because you go to Arizona and Arizona ever done. Your rate go to Arizona never eating you can go to air even know where you are Friday. That's I like hair as you have. Email whenever you go to Rio never close it's like TI said. You can go whenever promise Saturday may 26 free showed 21 and out meaning. You just heard floor cash in there playing bare hands is headlining. Symbol be there in DJ set. And Danny boy that's right. As seven via. 7 PM says then PM idea details of ailment nicest I've advised. That cop yeah. Stop by the teller awards doesn't register for your shot to win fifty grand is well sorry I've given it away and just promised graduate and Miller Brewing Co. and it the alternative. Nice excited about this. I hope they give me a big check. The giveaway. I need a novelty check novelty checks are the best way to exchange money. Thank you pull up your Dunkin' Donuts drive on my own decision novelty chip through there. Greg how much smaller in my permanent marker. Should be legal and a should be legal I would. So Friday and does visualizing you doing man are you doing. Does locking her out a novelty taxes is like a big ceremony later beginning to slow it down so our planes on the other Bluetooth bigger. That is so you know going to be like a go thank you for them it doubles and I damn that is so yeah put up numbers are extra large checks expects. Create element added DNA that I did you just call me next I do think pose next. That I don't and I just that's the weirdest thing I do you know about extra. Mean now I know I extra idea about extra I think extras old and minor in its path I have I just learned extra. Yes you are away adjust learn next. I didn't know that. Next is pretty near no extras not there at all now how long have you been saying extra. While. How long is a lot and and avoided them my senate extra people not here. Now now lives and our guys out acts our sister parents. And Eads is because you learned it. That eight registered with the bra everything registers with me it's you know process that you do not you are relentless you have nothing a lot of that's nothing you extract your tried to act begging their backs are forever I really had no extra on you and I yet you than. It like. I have been and and you like Elena I'm gonna drop next now they're thinking well I also learned extra. I didn't learn a straight yesterday. I did it where it says because you do you know what is being fed going CD single incident in just noticed it yeah he's just learned that I do. Well I suppose needs learned how do you can't you've never set extra floor yes yes I have I've I'd. Text it all the hot you've never texted me extra. I tax other people that there everybody is I anybody's acts I should've gotten an extra X by now. Are now I know a lot of extra view in the Baja. Not at all that guys around my. Everybody mother have spent extra. Now I know lights we are attacks that extra. So the only people the only acts prologue today towed through people get there's two people in extra as they. I just serves our conversations. How much fun for the or an extra the only extra I have for you is. I don't know about a your I'd sneezing at zero. They like cities Q you said how much do you know it's only five grants over the time what I am home corner. Al's all don't like that. And guys that I don't know and I got a free extra life forget because of our guest today external that's. That's the only it's actually some minor agrees that's fine it's I agree the DNA I never heard of fantasy picture ever think that's a backpack. I now I'm out of pocket that stern had to split they survived. I did and try to due to any of that. That. Did I yes I use extra. I got. Funny she okay all right olive via a lot India. That Tex signs and I am I swear I never say it. Yeah I'll be an extra extra Ramirez and I agree would dating boy crap they asked orbit our love extra. It's your word you're we all just learn. Yesterday now we didn't all of his. Learn that it's summarize and related job next going to be like bitten. I don't know if fitness and then fit a BX I don't know I don't know fatten it up. I know well. Seriously guys were conversation please move on extra pass can't do it. He would. You gotta get you got and not gonna do it now I gotta get extra taxes in. And he faces new. And there's those are not there. Doesn't actually come. Has got an extra songs. Work. Anymore I'm Beck takes got something that would fit with the extra month. Let's go to charity client at a very. Always takes the cake as a song for every evening and except for extra which would be hilarious. I've heard her say it at least once a couple weeks ago that sucked okay thing here yeah sure. You always find it offensive fans the light bulb you know there's why middle bail you out you know I'm just saying any rapids I sat it I say it's in in my vocabulary written. Right gimme some cake I mean I feel like Kate never there because your use of extra was never there and I like that on. Kate oh phone because you never texted me extra on the and I Texas and other people. We. Kate long time because of editor's note next prolonged time. It's been loaned us as as a does that I'm getting I'm validating you know what you feel they're reality deceased as the old dogs that you know a prolonged time giving credit for knowing extra. Even a broken clock is right tries an act and says that's how. EUN brokered on your your. Perhaps perhaps perhaps. So if you know there on their. Think of you. I am okay. Well I'd rather hear a blank. So it groove you I'd just remember it can't hurt kkk. He always has sunk to the right occasion. I had Jones and quality other fish. Gays. Are after seven when her husband is a contrast. Good morning give me is shall be off the mark is yeah. Tuesday. Hey. You know is coming to town Friday. Yeah at the ride around. Company is themes. Yeah yes I'm very excited to see those series yet. Zaire while there's more than and a brilliant enemy and soreness out company of thieves. Friday night pariah room I'll see you there I mean I needed DD. Friday and Saturday here pretty much all weekend. Anyway promised Saturday. Being yeah it's going around Oro managed. Its tour of Iowa. Let's tough stuff let's do some stupid stuff. Excuse Steve bed income untimely news tab GAAP and depends on our made the let's talk about. Renton drug dogs. This is an exceptionally good day says the tag sign of picking up all the way and PepsiCo. Where you are normally Fuzzy thinking hanging around our tactical as orphaned saying that properly let's take a nice clear day. Beautiful. There right hey. If yes here in his argument drug dogs which you rented our god and apple. To raid your kid's bedroom who happens like kinda looks like Hillary you as a parent. Correct right. And this is the weirdest. I don't know in my opinion a weird business. To offer to rent house. While. We're how far away is that that's like a new word I really like up acts as a lesson to peak by. Lesson without any. Let out topped out between you and that are between Topeka and Manhattan apps that Davis. But Phoenix is on the hunt vigorously sniping and searching looking for drugs in lockers and under beds but Phoenix is in a police canine. They try to associate does the law enforcement and were gone and what I tell it was obvious the guy underdog my doctors have to know some very expensive trips yet here. Beat the man behind metro canine services gray McCarty. One of the only businesses in Missouri where he can actually read a drug dog by the hour no I've never heard about it it's that bad either party came up guys have to hear like nimble legs. Larry ans yes. Well. They interviewed them outside Ross is dressed her lack of severe that didn't create rock jazz reliance you lock out the guy resolutely camera that's like let's talk about drug dogs right guys. Actually rent a drug dog by the hour no I have never heard about it it's that bad either party came up with the idea after hearing about in frequency of suites at his child's school. And children being hauled off to juvenile detention. That's getting kids in trouble that and that's not what what were about were about being a deterrent here hitting. One alternative school he works with its shelter where it academy and independents when the kids know that there is a drug dog on campus it lets them know that we're on top of things and that we're patient care. To know what's going on. Schoolhouse many students with substance abuse problems and parents who run out of ways to try to get through to their children as a parent if your kid is. Going down that really difficult path. How do you step and really changed the momentum. Phoenix and the parties other partner cocoa spent a lot of time training for sweeps of teenagers bedrooms. He's licensed and uses the sense of real drugs including cocaine meth marijuana and heroin. With the dogs are really after though has the street of their favorite toy. Run it through shall alert went through a couple more times lurks in the same dress it's the same. You know back taxing corner of the closet you know we're the corporate loose I could say they're for kids like aren't there. But how do parents really some of everybody apparently broke away well I feel like the Don and an academy yeah that sir. Where they're sending their kids because they monitor rather totally different totally different. A graduate because I know is that they were going to he's also idea is that by here's my maybe you do need G not a cop bright light. Why when are we cannot allow private searches now is this what we're doing. Right we're gonna allows them I mean I'd I'd I think it's a great business idea I just don't like the idea of some private business being able to execute a search they could lead. Without a search warrant that could lead to you being arrested so you're right kinda get bike paths in the private sector. Would be easier on sales by China. Does he have to call the cops yeah I mean probably that's slow things now then very NN I when I'm calling comes in my head right and that is like kind of funny because you Lego they weren't doing of sweets and my kids' schools allies created a drug dog program I'll man that's really gonna. As tiger does so they he did things and has some of the kids being arrested and bring our I don't didn't. And it I'm not sure how that wax and I feel like. Just because you found day do you just reported to the police. I know I mean how does that work I don't feel like if there's no rule breaking there was no oversight. Whereas though you know I mean. We're just gonna allow people have private drug dog running around sniffing and harking on people. I know what half way out when they spot seeds to me if you're using it as it too long. To be and I came out on to give him again and you know. They have a problem. And I'm just praying I guess I mean I don't know how that against isn't maintenance current yeah. Like what it thinks it knows the drugs and our guards comment it's outside somewhere Charlemagne do and don't. I nobody gives Dallas an outside some army I have a friend's house Coco was adorable brick that underdog. They're both cute dogs. OK so how that happens is this guy examples of real drugs. But is not a law enforcement out there I was thinking the same things exciting because he did have a little packets in out okay Matt and Kara and hanging. Nobody's getting arrested he stated he's just a deterrence that doesn't get to that point. So he finds drugs and I didn't know what he's getting arrested and I don't know how does that work he says he's just a deterrent. So he's. I did he gets to be as self appointed to turn Robin Hood right my god I'm sorry that doesn't work for me works for me it's fine as far as dummies in arrests and yet you can't say kids you can't you can't. So actually he said it and we don't listen and our bad listeners. Actually he's sad he did this and you don't get that cops and OK CO OK you know it isn't the idea detention before they get arrested that. How is that possible you're gonna find drugs or license to get drugs to train your dog dog. I'm just confused. I biggest guy I don't know I can see this being used in a very bad way just like right now other companies. Better selling your cell phone location service. Two law enforcement officers without award because the longer it goes through the private sector. It's cool I think this guy is Smart he's getting the drugs for himself. Trillion odds has an exact science that's you know in his gets a lot of they devious now that's why I would dare an idea come on me he might die in this never used to do or die you still just lights are out and sought out emerged. Mean if I can get aired as. Like the smell a lead to nine lead out. Like a map percent to shame. So they don't sniffing through let me ask you president just living through school. Okay and they find drugs. You mean to tell me to that school. And then not called police. 'cause that seems like that would be. Something the school could be sued for right. As far I don't know what it was like I'm at school was chill I by the way now they can't be a thing by our anybody elaborate on how you. I'm am mandated reporters at all. It would ruin his business to have a Mahler hasn't calmed down the anything. I think he's used now the center drugs that actual drags he's using I think it's as its legacy and the difference I mean like you know it put it in. A bit I mean I'd I actually don't. Man is to terrorism is bleak but this guy is a story. I mean. I don't now we don't say door enough anymore we clearly do not days or guarded or. I. I think he's using that sends him drugs and children again Alan I was doing so that packets that they have there in like ten. And I've seen it's I've seen in this news story I thought in the CIA whenever talk about the drug dogs they were trading in the CIA. And it looks like. It's just that it looks like it tennis snuff. Is this correct yeah. The tax line says this is the tax I have no idea masking it does is correct. You can rent drugs from the police to train yard dogs I feel like. And that is slivers. I belligerence and drugs of threads off this hour nap ventures a venture Nikkei. It's judged it and say you can't Greenberg from the police you can rent drugs truthfully is to train dogs do it way off. I mean I got a guy ask a manager and trainer down. Let's see how we east school have to college counseling kinder eggs yes. And he isn't something plain he's hired by parents he also says he's licensed. What's the license I am no I wasn't like a loose and I announced well licence is back it. I don't I have no idea I would like to know I just wanted to know because it's like the drug dog license we also. On the middle school. I'm not and then you need. I mean mean mean mean mean mean. I mean. Dork means well penis thing also is that true I don't I've heard that allows the kids. Mr. Door can sell extra and don't forget that a lot of times. Police dogs. Alert and hit on this on the actions of the trainer. Not necessarily the scent of drugs. That is also a huge debate right now is. My sedimentary ever on Powell what about that they don't smell from Conan. As it's illegal substance containing. The door of the blue whale as the largest of all mammals. Scenario. I am a cop in my department is not around drugs etc. tags the executive nominate you out of their players via helicopter in my apartment does not render out jarred some. Some studies have found that and on average dogs give false positive alerts 80% of the time this means that a police dog is more likely to be wrong bin right. Oh let's see yeah out. Yeah more than 80%. Of the time so you got I'd take that into consideration to like just because he's just like fingerprints. Okay. It's not I really believe it is I gap but if the dog reads these drugs there's drugs. Seems silly I mean yes but I mean if you think they. They have to be dragged things natus Malin Annan that. Stuff shouldn't counting a lot of times handlers did non verbal cues to the dog when they suspect drugs or somewhere that the dot draw that the dog hits off. Yeah but if there aren't any drugs and hair hanging. Right what I'm saying is for example in a police officer during a stop at the border a lot of times they want by. The person's non verbal cues that they're not even a great they're doing because they think there's drugs in that car for and just has their right that doesn't mean it's aid bill that makes sure it's not a science. Drug dog very. It's not it's not know it is not now most of those forensic things we rely on are not science and it's it's but we are. Anyway move and I didn't realize this would be so serious. I thought the I I. I'm renting a drug dog out to bust teens in the room is kind of fun well. I didn't know I didn't turn out that way that yeah that was actually the story well I mean he's said he's who's going through teenager's bedroom and you trained I don't know but it does not wisest or you land that's that was as you've probably the story no I did go watch this story because as I was at schools like alternative schools were I need it I mean. Eric I know quite different because. Yeah yeah yeah but also let's finish the story here let's play the parents' reactions are renting underdogs. He'll about bringing a drug dog ended their home. If I feel like my son's doing drugs on again and do I have to get to find out what but just that you can adapt and ahead of me would you Q choices do. Carty says Michael parents ordered their sweep when their children are not help some parents merely pushed the drugs and never say a thing. And he'd never writes. Did Jack and I say they I think poured out your dad's tequila and then hoping other than those the bottles gone Gwinnett drag drag grows out of my mom my mother my father. Mom doc no privacy no privacy no privacy button. And always finding. All kinds is that says that my brother constantly. My mom is the best drug died. There ever arise a lot of hiding spots and house there's really not except for one and they found at a later years later they found my way into under the carpet. In the closet mine was an event and snap it didn't work anymore. Very Smart that these are as they get what is this various wire. If not a bunch of old drugs and born and. I blamed it on labor. No good and mom and Canada reminded. Me here a girl's home on time mom invited type person that we get popped up on deep balls and watch Warren. It's Johnny isn't. Or should not internal member of my rather than reason Charlie Sheen are rather than it. Not. Knocking her I'm new. The only unity and my brother I got my Rotella Shura mullah Mohammed and have no idea. They be mortified. I feel like they believe and that. Bruce. I mean the company of these on the back is planned Friday night. And the riot or am. Get two tickets priced accountant and I think you're coming in not on us but that is a liar what you hear. Well there may now you be at the station orient their mind I know your house and some guessing it's on Jeremy. The plan the Dreyer and and one of the greatest live shows you'll see. Is. Company of thieves and she can sing god can she sing and he can play. They're fantastic together sounding Friday night I will be there Saturday night's prom. I'll be their chief of our act details and tightly to its probably available nice it's not about Zach count now yeah. I don't know I haven't Kendrick Lamar are yet. Within the big story yeah it is good now as I'm kind of dissecting it I'm I'm I'm kind of recognizing a little bit more what's happening. With this story I think it'll I think it's an onion. More layers to pull not real Mort stinks. Is it not a real story not the real story but okay let's play it out as when you say the onion I think I've man I don't even know like the onion so exist and and of course it does it's hilarious and I met a nearly. Like in the top. Of that kind of back in August that there is Iraq. So can look who's Kendrick Lamar review of the doubt that Andy is famous the famous musician musician error that are not on only play. He's probably. One of the most famous of the hottest right now. There Carrington and he did attain that bans do musicians do where they bring somebody up on stage to perform with them. Okay by Green Day will be like hey coming up you random guitarists who happens and all the songs come and appear in parade of us. Oh my god you're an amazing guitars driver that's a daily diet. I like how agreement as answer I really enjoy out as a way about doing and that other people doubt anyway. I'm a fan and okay itself. And that crown well why Jen you're only in the whatever. So Kendrick Lamar does the same thing he does babies as say being there it hangout festival on Gulf Shores, Alabama yeah it would lead to send somebody it's absolutely a couple of times probably for trip from Thursday. Oh this week's German there's an Arctic Monkeys cash on hand so he invites somebody up on stage to sing a song man city alongside him now. As you might gas. Kendrick Le Mars songs. Hang out certain words in them that does certain people can't say. I angle. White people that I hadn't had one more are okay and Harrison and yeah S Hitler for sure way to go our offer for white people to say is on nature by highlighting in my house what Andy I mean what else can it possibly be you've got to respect the applause. Like straight up if you are white you always respect applies. It does not now it doesn't matter if you are alone it does not matter if you're in the car with friends and allies and respect I Italians they assign icing and changes in chickens and yet no I don't do either I just respect applause I mean I feel like I don't know part of design. Again I'm sitting in a sign that's cool I mean you can totally be you know. I'm not being raised the white person that's fine Inca instead but if it's part of the song. As I'm not gonna say aren't idea nobody's around that's my own personal thing that my eyes on everybody I don't have heard and in versions of the chicken yeah. And I did he edit I just don't say the war now married not a fits in if it's in the car GAAP and I'm seeing and I'm saying no no no no that's as being. I encourage ever I do especially alone. Yeah I think that's something you should practice alone. I think that's the perfect place to practice that. To not hear it no consequence you saying it and there's absolutely no consequence I'm just singing the song along okay but again you know I think you should IP that's a big we should all try to do. I think I that's me and nominee get a lot of flak for I don't care okay so where is company of these client the right are doing this for Friday this port girl. Kendrick pulled up on stage I feel she was senate says the text so other over getting into so he calls her a onstage she says wrap mad city she gets up there and see drops. And she Rashtchy dry ancillary. Yes she drops the slow just like he asked who didn't know. No he didn't ask Curtis to heat is bad words rhapsody. Do the word in the song and you have been dude come on are going to limit your country will now Osama gonna played up partly what happens when he and erupts there Brent are right. He in or answer yes so he's like he drops the music. And. So he says to her if you believe you should've believed one word and. And hand in hand I even though it's written the song and you don't think that's a realistic expectation of a black person when they say hey wrap my song to a white person. In public that they should respect applause. I I knew how she had told her that beforehand. I think that's and I think why did the now why should an obvious now default now I disagree. I think OK if it's in this on and you ask somebody to come up on stage to sing the song and and then think about her right and then she's like (%expletive) there's probably. Should icing it should I not seeing it and no I'm in front of a crowding. In her head she's got to be thinking math and pledged he told our. Terror to sing along when well let me tell you a little bit more about this story as it evolves out the people who are pushing the news stories that are coming out for the where they'd say Kendrick Lamar is getting heat for setting this girl you know it's coming from Daily Mail UK this and I daily sun so it's coming from sites that traditionally. Tend to lean a little more towards. Offend her would you say it are my god. If I got pulled up on stage. I you know me I would make some sort of joke mean you know I mean I will lead. I would try my bass and to be as gracious as possible I think it's OK I just got a serious. I can't believe that this lady did not note to not say the word I'm sorry we'd like you know he I don't you're an idiot like if you don't call up someone that and say no way and that's what he's saying man. So MP well enjoy your music timeout at a. Rare time I agree with a DV I am and never and were never. Never see if it's in the lyrics and the songs. And I'm singing a line. Now I get pulled up on stage in front have I don't know how many people. King how fast nonetheless and if you know a huge music fastened on all you have to do is skip the words. It's not difficult I would look towards handing I would like to some sort it's. How old I just got shindig foreign and maybe the whole Mike out there mettler. I just stupid it's not hard it's really not hard to your knowledge network. I feel like everybody should know at this point. But that's me. Seventh and I would say ninja and but then. Let's say you do say ninja what does he gives you Kraft for seeing ninja team in lake it's a no win situation. The guy before her didn't say and respect in the pause should have known. You got to know. And just because it's on and just like I did yeah. I word is somebody sits and than here where like fifty cents TM attacks while I know and I'm telling you I would I would never say an amber I agree is Danny I agree that venture managers are AA is like straight up their defense G is I felt like the people who are saying bay it's like no they shouldn't quoted in the music. I think you've checked pre and they said there was another guy that went on stage before and and pots laws then I'm probably would have done this you should know better or I worried it looked to Kendrick Lamar. For some sort of how are we sure she was an hour with them like to make appointment it to me it actually does sound like oops didn't like the lately since Korea and after is that there is drops yet it can't just say you better believe one single word that lake. After she does that. Saying beforehand and just letter now we've orient. If it's you are now on I'm Saunders a zone sorry I feel like that is like slow. I don't know it's not why is respect the pause give me an example like instead of say in at the end or Hewitt pot you just don't say leading you don't got no planet's you know we just south add it. You just skip it. Not for you. Not for you. When I seem to block a 100%. I don't skip any words me there from. I don't agree on TV it's a song like travelers that we can't see them. I would ask are you wider black when you text that in. Tears that. Because it seemed like that seems real white person's argument there if there and that's all we can see them man it's just some words you shouldn't say you should practice not saying. But race me. I mean I don't it's not part of my lexicon and hang. I'll go using that you've practiced the pause he got a practicing it every day life I don't know. You gotta it's I mean guy named. Yeah I would never uses derogatory against and the where some singing a law and then my harmed by myself right. My two kids hear it here that title there's some you know if there in the car with Myanmar listening. You know sometimes visited Juba on his that is actually says it's too much to ask for white people to not say the one word that verbalize the racist sentiments that enslave people for centuries REE put in that perspective. It's one word it is one word has also happens to be but. Earlier it or we say we're that we shouldn't say it period it's. If they may be it shouldn't be in the lyrics. That's ridiculous it's ridiculous to not be able to just sing along lyrics. All men okay. OK I don't know I I again am I that silly IP and I think it's silly to stop harassed during below lake. I. Burris backed up talk as I mean you should know others like applause. I'm telling you know respect the blog now it'll save you can rank Amare well hell yeah she noted thing later. Yeah. Even in the car when I tried it out just makes me income to wrong I don't like saying I don't disagree without. I don't disagree that link even if I am by myself. In a car. And jazz singing and to the lyrics. It makes me like. May they had done all this I don't give it you know but. Don't think it's a complicated just don't stat and then the tax right exactly just so sick it's just don't say I don't think it don't practice that you listen to music it's not that hard nobody's asking you to listen to an edited version of the song I'm asking you to take control of your mind. When it comes across players you like country should be on Fox News series or not. Player he has I got that let her thing I ever that's where it sounds like that's the that's the argument they're making by way. Lara and I like peoples they audited in the leaders we can see it you know why. I guess you can't I there's no law preventing you from doing it. Qaeda seems like you're Jewish back. Look if you're practicing now word. In your route caddie there on a daily basis in your using it in that manner day in and day out. And that's not what I'm dealing she's and hang out fast she's thrilled and she knows all the words to Kendrick Lamar is music. She's obviously a fan. There is summaries back there are and regard and if they have and yeah. Some of these has grow a pair Danny oh yeah grow a pair to say a racial slur that's not actually growing a pair. Whereas the other will exceed it does the I hope inventor designer can fit you know. Powell and it's not something like I don't know what you guys are thinking tied why you're here are press can't sing one more I vary match ends and telling you way and I will do that yet. If I am listening to music in my car and I am alone. Do you listen you hear me it was a musical all the time in you ever hear me say that out does I'm by myself in the car scene on new lyrics. That it cannot even then sometimes I feel like yes I know because limelight and because I don't use it it's not anything I take a light. Leak thing. Tech site and they shouldn't Saidi and in this is ridiculous. You know it's really funny when people talk about the slur and what language people can again use with with regard to where there the histories come from. Like it's really easy to say that probably if you're not black. Right that's a lot of money I'd say it's really easy to say because even though you grew up in America your experience is going to be very different. Based on the color of your skin. That is not new or surprising information to anybody. So to try and carve out this and word exceptional for white people while you're rapping. Is ridiculous I think. Police say it ever. Well. I mean let that heal us and Japan. And if you recall opponents staged by Kendrick Lamar. You're as a better respect the pot the thing. With C tests why do white people think they deserve access to every word and everything. The question is called white privilege and you know that that you were. Asking rhetorically but I feel a lot of people on the tax like they don't understand indeed refuse to even entertain the idea of understanding and that's the problem is net. Is that. I'll I absolutely understand right word and it's kind of changed eyes saying like a popular woman they can't say eighty there's late date. Now got your call. Cheek trying to. And even resign and a museum or near black not okay so us waited pretty telling me but is that supposed to convince me of I can't believe Eminem's the OK now be arguing on if isms right as it up care for an entire route women under our best somewhere to learn about wrecked. We're talking about this particular story I'd love to get into this whole thing we don't have Baltic. Re discuss all of your things yeah talking about this one specific word. If you're just tuning and apparently paying out fast and Kendrick Lamar. Where is asking different people in the audience to come up onstage and sing I mean and maybe I'll be honest Allison a lot of Kendrick Lamar. And I tried one I albums a couple of years ago they come out carousing. So for me you know. Maybe I could go back maybe I don't but EST bump on stage to sing along and he uses the N ordered his lyrics. So one of the people like FEMA now comes up on stage sings on and she says he and hard and he stops the music. And asks her to respect the pot is. To pots just like the gentleman before heard men who also I suspect was wiped. Is that correct and in my assumption that I can. Perez techs like he saw that came he'll singing it in their cars they pay money to get his music you can pay money to get his music. And not say it in the car like I do I keep hearing and this is artistic. They're not using it in their art and I agree with the tax plan is sentenced. And they're using it in our weather be upon. Or earlier excite us. I doubt I now but it like your magazine her cry you hear me if he is meant to I go at it said okay. It's meant to be hurt it's meant to be rat. In that particular artist and I'm sorry I so I look like if this does to me sounds like people are trying to carve out an exception to say it. No I'm not I'm saying Mazar I am saying I think. Harmonic and yeah just do it in that context of their arts but. I can't separate the art part it birdied figure came for a well yes OK right right right. Now I just feel like if it is written. It is. Said you know whether. Leery X. It is written for an audience. Yeah but it doesn't have to be performed by the audience. I mean I. I I feel for I don't I feel like she got on oil yeah but does that matter are now in jokers he should know better period and to sort out. What have crazy weird predicament and no one expects to be and I really. I can hear your dragged on stage. And here YE and so artists that uses the N word and their lyrics are repeatedly is in now. It's a nonstarter for me right I'm safe 'cause I respect that and what she thought it would be disrespectful. In not saying his art the way it was written that that she was thinking I would think about that. I would take some time able not to say a racial about it I'm now in its context of art don't take out of that art don't take it out of that it is our. Don't take it that you can't take out that when you start taking out of it that. I don't like it. In that context is that's what we're talking at a particular. Contacts. It's got edits you wouldn't be national news correct. Now here's my thing OK like I. We've talked art and sometimes are adamant. But can now it's totally not to undergo martz totally not the and gorgeous and as stupid smaller level right. They don't like their music to be added or for instance when. What's their names did kegs and eggs. Crap. British. Little lion man. Conference on your all out so they do. On race Tuesday afternoon something. And they were super pissed that we had to bleed it. I'm like it's the law you know SEC regulation when this let out because I rarely Eric's are written with the at Ford in. And they were super pissed. That we eat. Had to believe that there like what are you doing linked to that army it was ruining their sought. I guess I was saying like I would think about something like that maybe because I've been in that predicament. Or they don't like radio and it's like you're ruining my Ari my song I mean this way for a particular reason. I don't know man. Yeah a big guy or an idea that they can I will Barley rye totally different labor and it than our record. However like I would think about that does he wanted to say does not on Wednesday peace and while I asked our our cats turn out right yeah. Pain and the bright light there is debate now I agree I agree execution better. People eat I would as a white person stop. Before ice that it do you sum like I wouldn't say it I would looked to have. I would say I don't wanna be disrespectful. Thing to him. In any manner meaning whether it be obviously. And you know a comic Kendrick Lamar concert. You should know better because you know what Kendrick Lamar and brags about if you go all the words the chemical mark songs. Big you know what Kendrick Lamar is about. And if you do you should already know he's not gonna be okay with a white person saying that Brent but number why that's a privilege sure. I'm just trying just like these are things I personally would think about. Would he be angry if I said it believed he be angry if I didn't say it and is it which way you know like I don't know. You know like if I get yelled at for not saying that and more than fight. Now radio and it is much ever and they don't like browsing and as they've agreed and then I agree and I'm apparently enslave my PC culture and unintelligent or strong enough to climb his way out of it because I'm encouraging people not to say a racial so I'm very confused. Of course I feel like that losing give me I feel like it but maybe it's not in this day and age. Because. This position here I feel like no matter what my face and that's a and I think that's what white people need to do. Is when it comes to this would be excellent wide area target and I promises not to think that there are some just really glad dale they have been listening though tanner com are brought people on stage to sing along hanging out fast. And one of the people used the N word any stopped. Any shoulder to not tune. And it's become like a thing. Nationally as emergence is why am I serious she was in nominates its start this conversation. Maybe not an office. I mean and a does he talk about it as early giving interview after Oden. Hey here's the other thing I'm getting a lot attacks about self censorship and in heap more and I guarantee you all of these are coming from white people. I'm right I mean like that's the thing is like your saying this is a white person to me. And all I'm doing is saying don't say a racial slur and I'm very confused why that's controversial. Slayer is still Lyon and well apparently I don't disagree with that. I don't get I do not disagree with that sentiment out. At a mean absolutely and so anyway that's that story and I feel like a lot of I love this person this person's white to. Oh my god it's a stupid debate by people don't like people a city where they need to be the first to quit using it it's a double standard. I can't popular privileged bubble tea can't help you always err on the side of kindness and don't disagree with. I do not disagree with texting about white chicks. But he Miller and I mean Jesus Christ that's not the CR Lendl justification for whatever you want it to be. Does to the Wayne's brother said it. Our. Yeah you should have a lot of white guilt Angela Brown in America today and see exactly what's going on clear heads that he arrests. People who are over here BM light black people's sons are themselves on a daily basis that chicken cause for that board period up. Idealists and from hell beaten and we have I mean. And the majority I would say yes and we have a good amount of minorities listening to our any decision. Proud to say. Tax item a Mexican American or never be OK with anyway and even my friends and gambling using that S or W word in any context even a foreigner song and were singing along slowly and he's. I just think it's of no volume black prisoners yes he has read him. Can I abide by mail or ceasing or cracker that's not our I mean yeah I mean these things in the right area he had do you write you write a song and I wanted to go get invited to perform and hang out best and then you can do it. I mean it doesn't make any sense it's all the same it's that as saying this word is so loaded. AA it is it is there really is. An and I think. Why do I feel like they should be illicit Ian mark and I don't. I'd out and I do not it is so. And. The use of it though Oden. I mean I don't use it. Yeah it just seems really doubt. For this person to go on season big that would be okay there. So this is your worst take her and took. Kids say white people like Jesus Christ I don't hold block and around saying this is the one thing why people love to cling to rap music for the N word because like here it is there a sixes and it is an icon -- that thing it's an edited it's like you know I'm just telling you. A better way to live it might be to protect yourself from getting in trouble in the future as well. Also. Consider the history of this country and what that word means to people and maybe if he can't just self censor a little bit respect because it's it's not a hard thing to do. If you don't want to congratulations. But if I hear you say it had to show you're damn right I'll say something did they say now. Harvard are. Never you know and his chancellor. The pencil teacher and boy oh my guys so right yeah. Anyway and hand. Now the more you now and he goes more into more you now Lorena aren't properly. Or how. I was not the best. That's how mouth called the party. I know I'm that remind me not to play them again I can casual party before that. Yes I like the man of ours is casual party now I knowing Danny put NBA and horses he put enemies foreign and defense lawyers how little palate cleanser. For me anyway party maybe you like at that time. You know as a new album out and she's coming to town Ngo and Courtney Burnett. It's fantastic. And wind up listening to the alum and I blocked. Near mentioned the name and my last night it would line but I still had Kourtney Burnett with me RE. This is called me a little time it's Courtney Burnett and it's you it's some of that is. Courtney Burnett on the does need a little time and that show. I made a mistake it's not in June it's July 18 who says she's come into the trip. New album out there and the deal how her after her own my own and why wasn't that hot I now. And you. Are we always flew so I now this is the third time today you have issue is how well over to my friend's house I have downplayed any a lot. As John blame and it was delicious the food is Tom oblivion thought I'm the spice. Is this broad third act plus the dull the lack I might say where is Danny you are had been in and out. Whole time it's uncomfortable to you today for sure I need as shown on Jesus the sit on I. I was like I nastier and on and on our heads down that now. Madonna because my blood is sore heel don't hold that we'll donut hole we'll. I got my very urgent and do that if Internet Trevor the bench who led the logs spilled over on I seventy Noland road near the show me you need to have to burn for your chairman and a I do my Jimmy they would burn lasts a long drive though it is at Shoney's. Sony is not the shining though it's not that's the Denny's they're joking about visions aren't because I didn't even know us now. You know he's shown uses up unknown road that's correct anything that's threatening I couldn't burned a win Glassman mentioned in hand sometimes Timor's isn't wet. Wet would that would don't bar. Wet or does not bird note so oil is chilly evening last night yeah. For the chairman and a I think it was perfect is Chilean man to amazingly awesome it was I need it is soft hard night to starts empire. It was a hard night to serve fire last name sounds I mean lord here on song parred nine to sort of fire. I don't that you've heard us as a Danny does so I need to get. It's harder lines start. Our senior night so little flare ups yet and I can do that I have a lighter. And I also had these really cool matches before my dog annihilate America. Like Bok you know that it was east they're big matches you had a box of matches he has been their big matches and I go baby mentions an English use really messes yummy long match there. It was in between there was a lot help smaller. Smaller. Smaller area mathematically precise exact bail out the exact. Niagara however I think it really is I'm telling you all know a guy like the way I don't think Kelly I was trying to deserve what kind of batches you had urged each. You need to. It. Like my lower my fourth turtles people like Manson's earn minimum big turtle thing. We later and I play another corn camera yeah you don't have only employee and I am inclined to get to work. Think you homes are let's see and play needle time and. Muscling them plan. Very ready eaten this. Replaying itself. Doubts. And then general lack. To pitch and sell I getting into line confidence no 100% looser than me getting down. Courtney Burnett and the buzz crippling some doubt in general lack of self confident. Mean you think that when reminds me it's another track. You another run known parent time right remotely. Next time I'm in I'm playing not your mother not your bitch enough then and now than Saturday a song like every match the crowd and it's an arrow I'm not here at. Not instead you know let's get excited. Yeah and you knew Courtney Barnett song your mother and not your bitch. But what if you can't sub minute and fifty sack but what if you were not air rather. And I'm not your edge me out let's just play at Roche. Moments and he pin. Kean the dreams and Ontario. On news. Yeah. I'm not your mother's yeah. I'm not here means our values. Aren't these two boys and let's see. What are we doing tomorrow Wednesday. Stallion on anything that. We usually down yeah. Usually do some days are better than others yeah out that follow show. And do you Terrell pretty decent I would say mostly hidden in Finland sometimes sometimes Terry had a good day I mean are eight or nine. Have a great day it's gorgeous town. Friday company at ease remembered the RI your room and don't forget promised Saturday answer right furry. Three show. Dressed to impress. Yes mark and tonight Hawthorne heights in Lawrence I'm gonna. Are you now I met up on my son and dies down you gon go and there's you're driving a large firm Hawthorne and I am hardly stellar round that is this early and are actually. How is that. Actually listened to it by you know I'll go that are important. Well he got plenty of time to make candles injured during the drive that's true yes he can just get that new mama hold me crap where they planned to do this and I just went to their band members area in Wikipedia. I don't think there's ever been. A band with more people in and out of it how many of the original. This there's probably only name one. That's a lot of former members there's a band called listener that's opening ever. Yeah like that talk seem. So where they are playing the Granada and they're Granada. Hawthorne heights can I finish our in my prime yeah you inner brat didn't mean to argue nonprofit arm on Hawthorne and the Granada and green ridiculous and you can't. Now you call me you know and Danny did it. I thought you're a season they apple content and then the cut in with Hawthorne heights. Focus mark. Somebody else needs to be an eighty the medication Dini an iron not the only one and yeah. That is some truth straight there are right prom Saturday night. At voodoo lounge and parents. Furry and very hands is playing flora cash which I'm excited to see. And civil. Say that ray is that how ice face demo. Doors Eric SATA and some people are staying there I'm not and I don't even have a date. When he won over I'm not I'm going to stagger stagger arms Tagamet and lives dad Baghdad stacked in. Yet let's say. 21 and up indoors or seven when Apple's Danny's a tournament days that Clinton. White people black man to act. Or Rio for a Els and you know we be doing mixing as well yes I mean you know I'm just not gonna try and now like the world apartment to conservatives it's. Rate so that means no three core gamer and that's an error that probably won't happen but I you know if the crowd is there may be a huge court nearby Akron U member and you never now in there and have her now you come to this value here is sighing like make sure each year make sure your vocal Sino of the audience wants me to go you know G ninety taker class I don't like individual requests it'll lock up it's it's annoying. It's not even that it's fine it's just kinda not what I. As I feel like if I'm doing the show I've urination I'm doing great all are doing just it's so yeah Danny puts on a shot a try he has just DJ right. It's a shout plus I got a set list they got on my side you know you pick them out all downloading is set him up right you put your. You Pritchard Q points on there Yemen while you have a flood you know your ins and outs and if you do that you. I don't want to say that less. He had and vary from the Seles I can definitely do that miles only commitment. That's a big commitment. That last year I mean a playlist is a commitment and it is and I always liked it if you're in a particularly when you put it together hand and then. Like an hour later next day two days later maybe your new government yeah I think if you have one set list that you're gonna stick to without. Fluidity you can run into some trouble. OK but I'm gonna have seen five or 678. The seeing and sometimes you just feel it go. Sometimes you do this feeling I'm anyway prom is Saturday join us details Villa nicest does not count have a great day.