Afentra's Podcast Tuesday November 14, 2017

Tuesday, November 14th

Bumps, Chocolate, snorting, Buzz Briefs, Weddings, Swope Park, Tickets and more!


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But that morning that the morning names mentioned Dana easier markets yeah Putin more kin that I have to stop making it stop watching the news was. Doctor pimple Popper me as she never makes announced a mountain yeah inside of people. I have to tell you I think mark has some thing. Can I do away. I don't think your licensed or qualified medical professional here I'm watching her a long hot. I don't know I don't know I don't know whether the league me comedian. Clearly and a but I've been popping that my whole life okay I'm not is that the because it isn't as severe icing it and he. I'm gonna answer it I'll be habeas sexiest I want you out of wanted to Mozilla yeah it's at night to do this year I want it I don't it doesn't care agency. As when I see it because I am just cannot and and I all lower your shirt and I hooked up at bat crap I'm not. I ally our. You know is how much I love like them pop open Marti his arm cast something you can send it. Why McCain because IDG. I'll bring into all. Your corner where. Boo her when I touch it. You doctor Khmer yeah I mean it yet that first we have enough that Kate yeah. Next time I'm talking about that's right I got that is we need to nominate its salaried and appliances it. I need to scalpel. Already and I were in a lawsuit territory and there's no way given that day. Really aren't as he shows me that Bob. And leave it you don't trust me just alcohol and a little bit and pop it open and I had a there I have one in my wrist once. And they made me hit it with a Bible here. You guys did I did not with a viable cyst you out. What's up Bible says it's in your wrist in the use to get rid of in my accompaniment bibles and go away now but was he economy ago I. But inside. It went back inside marks looks like it would go back inside if related and a network actually intimate you have to cut his skin note you know united. I don't want it on somebody it's a mild surgery done. I what if you open it up and there's nothing in the air that one out others from the an Arab League clearly there is a million man oh man yeah so I've been eating now we got to now nano and a numbing and I think we had to tell you we dominance. Then I cut it Doug nick Riviera I'd pop we're doing now he's a little bit out sort of limited and it makes sure we get the sack. Well. We're gonna marry. In YouTube and zero into the medical school Libya to I didn't. I went to the medical school of doctor involved harper Sandra LA I don't I feel like in the video probably somewhere on that page specifically says do not try this at home G numbers of that then I guess they either sell their own tool Austria. To top tease her out on your pimples that's not a little it's a large lot. I mean it's not a super large but definitely lump it's a lady lump it could be. Assist. Even though marks lumps. Are quiet and humble I could feel like maybe if you watch a little bit of silently year. You would find out you know what it is it could be a dilated or of Weiner. Was. Seeing. And those -- stuff not using note yes and act like it's not it apart liner like dialing for Weiner is it looks like a black I didn't but it's not it goes real deep and it is Pollock and discussed by a if that were mine I certainly wouldn't take get a heated needles that I sterilize the lighter is networks. And shoved it in there at least once by now. Yeah I can't believe you laughed. At that site though it is on site by if you're feeling and it. I would have I would have surprised me. I am I'm not I'm not I'm not I feel like you would be like no mercy. Notes or. And you did lay I had that I would not meant. With what with what what numbing agent do you have access to I doubt that I was gonna ask what can I use why I use it. You better about her dermatologist and I videotape that Monica and now. And meeting that. You'll have to do you like it paid for by the U2 over wherever it goes yeah I mean YouTube video I want revenue want to read on if you can attack near. Growth to be it is let's get on YouTube for that. I'd be known for be weird well. And for. Our business. That's all we don't know let's assess. It's something we don't know what and there's probably some clear huge alien. Well I don't know joy I. I absolutely yeah yeah I don't think there's any jail I think in solid. Notes you can. Now you can move around a little squishy ball to its assess sometimes they come out like little girls. Yeah. If this is egged it could be a gangly insistent non anchor comedy it's super consular nerve compression. Should be considered in differential diagnosis shoulder pain. They're commonly associated with liberal terrorist most commonly slap lesion it's you know be superior league role interior posterior. Here. And that's it's on its hair gangly insists of the shoulder it's a daily insists that the shoulder. You know I stop I don't sentences are out talking here about a not enough a coach Jim doctor I did not knock you as the Gately insists that's not Anglia has leaked out that I've ever additional Andrew Meyer. Not that I can carry out and not even when Jarvis primarily differs whomever is a parent. I got just that eight years man it's got dams since below what was good what you don't remember any sort of into somebody could've been that kind of high profile flag football injury that play football golf and college. I'm thirty that almost 33 of them at her. These 32 year old male presented in my clinic with I mean there are no pace he's merely artillery. I sensed bump there they always. Roughly a 167. Pounds. And two complains of erect tile dysfunction is well. Is announcing direct sounds OK how am I yeah. Back routers out back. Dermatologists. And that's what we need immediate dermatologists who Atlantis YouTube we don't need dermatologists we needed general producing as you can bet elevated dermatologist that wants to be equivalent we need a German mediator. Easy easy furious that health care in his country is so expensive gallon go to GP was concerned this special. Dermatologist for that yeah. I how doctors and currently active of the bumper stopped. I think that morning buzz good morning names of centrum it in me is here now Meyer needs dermatologists. And would you be willing to do that aren't the only many were in an argument hopefully is off OK yeah so. I've a question yes do you remember. Four Loko. I don't think ever in its drugs. Entities like his elegant energy drink or is like. Days like diary answer. Like a watermelon dollar grant an arm. The Grammy improbably so there's other writers ever I ironic thing how would you rate idea of I wanted to get a quick buzz that was like really strong drink like a half up four Loko. Maybe as a lightweight by vetoing the whole thing idea I wore off. Red. I currently have I heard and more. Because what I strategy that he's. A lot wrecked. Have a glass of wine yeah that seems again I'd you shouldn't be during keying. You know if you wanna get you know messed up affiliation be planning to not eat so the you get messed up on alcohol. You know I don't get messed. You mean like that you mess up everything I know but does say I don't get messed up with a British generals stick it wow. Times AJ. Yes I mean I mean now in two yeah I'll. You know I feel like I'm their adult about it it's a little people to take care new driver. And it. Now it. I now it's like last. Yesterday and drinking often as I'd like pay match. And I have to just drink more than make any sense that means you shouldn't be drinking alcohol that if you like guys I've Miami imagery today at what point. That's the good that the dangerous side of the warning sign while. What I AA drug I take I don't compensate for my eating them just like I'm gonna do drugs or not. Well it's nice to have a nice warm feeling in Ohio after it happened last July. Yeah ha that's a physiological response expectations feel a I. Happy to let the bad feeling I think that's a good option yet that I got this six an avid. And (%expletive) that's more please offer price and Arnold we're trying to do a story about Coco loco. Well I was just saying aha how much I'm talking I'm sorry here's artery. Don't get offended I'm offended I think her bra and okay at I'll all right then well Coke logo on compound biking and you look. All right could be logo okay all right well there is one substance that's legal bits are allowed to put up your nose. There's a lot of substances that are eagle on that you're allowed to appear in a lot of those medications though you can't use them in a manner of which they were not prescribe an even talking medication outside. You can. Archer if you. But that I mean yeah I guess you could sort sheriff's you. Lots of things appear now it has served hollow promise you'll buzz. I don't believe it does but I want to do now the survivors say Coco loco and ready and appear knows what are we putting up our nose now as a society. We're putting Coco loco yeah wedding what's the cocoa in Coco loco. Hot cocoa legs like chocolate yeah yeah talk a powder. Out restore and talk a powder and a really demise not a joke is that. Works on Zune product racing pastor this is very interesting KC TV 57 get Jane's is joining us this morning to explain exactly how. People are snorting this chocolate and why. It could be a big problems Abigail what's behind this trend. Well Jean and yelled yes you are hearing it right chocolate and snort the product promises 830 minute by. The question is that saying. There are ways to enjoy chocolate. Bars to ice cream and drink makes it highlights. And pound you and your nose your latest. Eagle and normally nobody supplement company is created in chocolate powder that you snores it makers are selling Coco loco sounds like it or not. Marketing the drug free chocolate as a legal high premiums is an indoor and rush blonde com okay. The Internet is full of videos of people trying out. I now find some of those little room break. Hot cocoa. How much is the co this in it's second has its pride. I buy it today Brian. How stupid is this though. I really any bugs are going to be knows the cocaine to send billions of dollars this shot I'm not putting chart that Atlanta has slide army people can now yeah chat. Coke. Logo snorting or are Coca currency and. And you. Got it was an honor I ask you each of these. We have the product of all time aren't tall. Yeah on this channel. Coco Lanka the makers of legal team they have recently started doing a rocket cow in just don't. Count. Actually. Tire pressure. 12494. Prize. This tendency to get him by tomorrow he didn't do a few bottles and it's really weird. I don't play. Well and also seen a lot of upscale restaurants in Europe actually read this to the table. To snort that. Cow. And able and all the classy rips. Out your. Outlook this outlook joint I don't feel. Outraged it's gonna open this up and trying to hanging. Bottle. Line. Like the desert dieters. Actually does not chocolate it's. Clinton and actually. And has. And I have. My little. Little. Guy who's this is I have no idea and how. Our nostrils and we're just gonna see the universal access. Is like and his first guys that. Now do a line that's like one. Big Apple lately and try us more that's how cocaine mark. That means that baby about. You can really taste it's. Like. And junior and as the best indoors and you can get it really opens up your mother. And knows so I let that echo pattern Amazon yeah that's my buyback and its president. But you know and housing combined for a purple drag. Premium grade relax he's sincere. Needs nor did it 1299 pride that and that should be let but again there he recently asked. Other customers also led to act frequently purchased together path. Let's see if we find the original lineup it's here or offensive line. About it'd be releasing the and it. He's entity and that and anybody ask it he's generally. Or find out today. How that is it good today. I don't know. We'll do will there. I don't familiar taste to do cocoa it appears now and a it has an exit and you're with your drink right but I mean. I'm not disaster aggressive and that's why I guess fuel makes cocaine in their during the thing now but it's not cocaine. But it just strikes Coco loco GAAP and orders them purple drank it and talk a minute what's this video old people try lean for the first time. Well I'm gonna have to watch this you know alene is right now cops Europe in I think the dire answer he had had this Sarah and. No intention. Sixty and next month I'll be 69 of them Stallone. Hoping to two weeks that take apple slider and we've been outside in this what have. I think that geez this thing that you really I don't make it in the chemistry lab he's definitely Disco. Carries I loved marijuana smoke marijuana. Basically for over twenty years almost all the time. Wanted to be a writer and so I was living in northern California taught. So I tried a number of this site condolences. And after more detail African would be an hour instead of ten hours. Angry enough to match yet. Just a precipitous and the may have to go to you think. It's definitely an old. Yeah. This great. It's week. There's a book in here. But above the mineral subway hero starts in the mountains really. And Nicholas it's the only ones who isn't a feeling right now is brightness is if. Released just have a little brighter spot doing anything for me to protect access. Of old people. That's Serbs. I spoke on current solutions through through that. It's. Bruce Morton world. And hey hey yeah. That was it and you we don't have to do cogo we've got to get some lane and ads telling you that. I did he get it right here you can get mental drain premium grade relaxation C era but that night live does not cough serve though yeah. Athlete in this is not only do you get the Cody idea. I'll see ads from the headless shop. Which I think is an area that's probably synthetic lean frequently pot whatever as we can do that we could ever. You can't begin a villagers Amazon or customers you've got also got the carbo I have god. Yeah. Yeah so it happens revelatory on nearly three bass announced. It's the best meaning here it and I'm hair did never teacher dudes the felonious act I think we should do committee and then I'd have to hole I couldn't do that. Right and muscular like. I don't know. It's fine it's fine everything's there everything's gone. And rehabbing his thigh and tough town. Is that tough town. TC it's a tough town like wow I don't disagree with Evan I'm wondering what in particular you're trying to think if this is it maybe Marcus one of the toughest towns in matters. In America that hey it's you don't have to in skimming coffee from. There. Cream on the side yet just a regular coffee and an equal on the sides. Thank you that way you're not running around on the ground because we need you on the air. What he wanted me when a coffee from their agenda. Is an. The regular co QX ray or from there. Benazir have a good Coke over their mcdonalds yet. Do you think I mean this settlement sonic Marge. You don't get out and I'll and I know that sounds crazy and I know it sounds around but again it's it's. DNA that's not vegetables and he's just he can't take it it's the bell peppers he's blaming bell peppers. Well I was the fire and I made Philly cheese steak for my old lady and things they can't. Diana I double covered and any vitamin C announced the settlement Stephanie thought about it. Don't forget to catch I don't money milk no immediate terror votes to have played it this. There's nothing worse than having diary or attitude during milk. I had to mean just about to eat. Giovanni. Now it's all the Abraham. Well we're Greek nonfat yogurt blueberry on the bottom. Out away. Blueberry hill on the bottom blue Bay Area Nevada owned got to dig down that blueberry dig deep Kobe. Thieves steal dancers in car breakage. His thoughts now tough test this that. Can. Arm dentures worth money. Yeah I think so. I think I think I'm not sure they're expensive but I don't I know there are expensive but what do you do after there you are there like a diamond ring completely pointless and useless. Like I got my area and that instantly worthless. That in tonight Wales it's instantly is worse than a car. Now it's not an easy by that you can't get out of it. We're really yeah how do you now because that's that you trying now guys you read about it there. It is. I was sold my wedding ring and I had a great yeah. I lost the diamond. To us. That's why I asked you before he got married in my K. I don't want to diamond. I'd like to intertwined there and it's declined in. Gathered for ever so. I'm glad we were aliens you know there's a reason why do we didn't get these two intertwined bands. You never ending circles not together. Out of Iran and at and T I get joke about. I'm not quite divorced yet fades Clinton. It'll happen ray. This takes time I guess. And owners see enliven anyway. Yeah I don't Dugard. Yeah Dugard now down I thought that you bot ads bringing. You don't to get on your wedding dress either unknown palms was doing that William me. Just as sort. I don't know if you give the wedding dresses for fifty or throw it away why why what he's academy they give it away you're gonna force the now generation and to win your rest now. It's stupid everything about like in general the idea of the pop insert weddings are private service in surrounding them doubt. Wow I'm paid a lot of money for that that's the most expensive dress I've perch season pigs on the news whose views one time I did see the scenes in LA I get it get it now. Get it now. Clinton is seen it before opt out or Google or where it has been 30000 dollars on our wedding ring why. Start yourself a one foot in the blockage. Well I think a lot of times. You don't do stuff for you. Yet but than you do have for your family and why is your feeling need to. Hey why did your family that expectation of the I don't know mind does or lying dead and whereas they have one daughter and they're very LAQ now. Do you see what I'm saying here I get it on the ball though I will say. Hi hey. You know. If you can take all the money you have from your way back and just haven't is it cash gift at the end of the third time they walked around the altar. Would you rather have that. Yeah. I mean sesno is a liar but. We are hell. Like my parents to the third we did a third to his parents and everybody assumes and here is he's July excuse the expense of I'm not excusing it let the people who do weddings and like charge you for them. Our scale more so when you meet my tech coordinator wedding planner plan I got this flag I got I got back everybody cares a lot I do a job. Well it's a wedding well let me search records yeah there's a lot to do now is not down their efforts that you're marrying in the breeze or whoever it is using yes and stand back if I heard any heavy but it wedding together now are why would I want to come and always has time of the money that's great but when internally here as they requires a lot of time and a lot of effort. That I cannot disagree with a guy that's that's when you are boys. And I'm like yeah no I don't that warrantless somebody's is my wedding dress was 25 dollars and a terrorist or Al. That's the other Blake and down. Did a lot of I in his address everything about marriage the reason why everything about America the reason they can't speak to reason that everything about Mary's as we do a lot of us are also have to fail the first time. Because of all the bull crap. Thank you like a man has beautiful day and it is going to be happy and problems. As the rank and you're in dagger Stuckey did with this person legally. You've got some threats can't use again now at some anger around us right now worthless. Even though you spent ten grand on it right you spent how much worse. It died immediately the flower are well I wasn't as flowers this chair covers. Cops came upon. Charge or blamed. Its. You do well. Season. Can't dolls yeah but it was reading to the floor in the floral tee ball. Were did you lose. And they encouraged me to lie. C news. Might not yet has been there in downtown it's just so happy just. Get around downtown and our guys start with secrets and probably cry. I tell them how about at any is like you to have charger plate I'm Michael Black. I charger blades are that the nuclear Fonda get more power now its complaint that goes underneath the place settings. Atlas silver. Okay when you blocked in to my wedding why do you follow that commander and let that block a blocker to back super said how many people. Aaron under 200 yeah. Played in his play political Blake felt it loads per day at lunch beautiful. Would you not say it would pretty cool you logged into the wedding yeah that's great Ahram does say aha I thought that was made a map. At least made it look tonight it's got Greg writes. My wedding dress is address I butted heads up and Lawrence and I'm Bob before we got married his address or just one underwear that's great. I am degree would Danny may when he was about when he 500 dollars an easy. Eight and going through your worst may sound came the realization that marriages and weddings are over praises John overrated stupid. Well as arrive at any name anything in life I also think some ties neighborhood. Any time in light that there is like some sort of celebrations of sort of circumstance that you have to participated. A traditional what's the thing a ritual. Any time there's an American ritual be at weddings it's not that Josh grad Mary can be rich a lot and every body. All over the world. Rates bear yes. I mean those yeah he does yet anywhere weddings are out of control they are probably for the Yemeni. They're starving to death I am right now there being blockaded by the Saudi Arabia Saudi Arabia's were using a yes but Elway let's alana and I know there yet trust and am probably get about spouse so glad I did arrogance and oh yeah you're speaking about Yemen now right and yet many weddings and are you trying to tell me than the Yemeni people don't celebrate weddings I am trying to tell you. More people all over the world celebrate her marriage as this hospice. Not play your general ruling right now hard. I'm not Bobble I think America. Is is the same as ever or in our decade I was saying now I have some people have weddings for a week they celebrate. Weddings as thick head. Let's do this let's do gonna do it got to go. It's costs. Where being a round the world in US dollars. Why is it I mean US dollar because we're comparing yet in the United States that is our compares the let's be empty hat. While I because it's different. And culturally for a baton. May be a thousand dollars to be worth a 100000 dollars for the mayor since dozen eggs. No no the point is to America that was a point. Is he said it really does say is that the same word bigot. At what about like I'd better hear American wedding begala were valid and what about high school graduation and that's another one they charge you for your what is the guiding future. You're down right got to have a party or or or what about sweet sixteens we DOK and I quince and yet as the I'm not a big kid what about from the Jewish people was glad they have ballots when your at like thirteen debt. What does that another thing. To a breast is coming out now that's the men and whether or maybe. It doesn't matter the party I'm sorry. Haven't everybody over. It's weird for you went out we are not Jewish people did did look did what are seventy. I'm a hundred people come to your house and Luxembourg were surgery on your kid. That's the thing. OK you are not Jewish. Have terrorist backed. That that is a cultural everything if not what do. You admit it at all. Be below earth celebration. Caught your kids breed is like riding high. It my kids theme is that they are intact and hide people don't cry I audit your people it is to me it's a religious hang out. Our midst I think he apartments that circle and then Bob midst of her females the circumstances. Everybody has something. I I look and intensive like I agree to baptism means. All out great intelligence and again I'll cry. What do you care because your what do you care await the money it wasn't always amount out there wasn't. It was always everybody elected via wasn't actually on if I can't obviously I am being intellectually honest in how dare you say Debra OK okay. This is what we finished up via. And I'd I'd. I does this ridiculous and I can't believe me so ridiculous I'm not over really yeah I mean. Now I feared for what we paid almost together. Everybody what I like that money now value after it and those who need it so that I need anyway so. I can't Colorado is because. I just tea I didn't I don't think it was a waste. I doubt. And then have a whole goddamn thing was a way is CNN's Jane you would have been happy which is your parents. Hear my voice chains and you know why. It's going to be nice now you know what I like that you are there. That made me happy that you made the trip I could have been shut out. I'm kind of tell him a shot out of met and made me happy and I are happy to see you there and my other friends Aaron. It made me happy that there is a rainy going on above my wedding that my friends. Would go into the framers had come to my wedding. You're out and made me happy. To see my dad do the damn thing you like a rock star he was O'Leary as a certain things how loud things were always thought Duca. That's out okay because. As I have emotions. That are not great for me. Eon and strip of vigor regarding the answer I cry at any chance I would want to as a witness in sell everything about however when can I use the money Iran now have you. Deco I mean globally. Or any parent state about I'm seeing his leg. Different cultures are different things that they. Put their foot in a blue of debt for no reason over exactly I don't care I think equal opportunity I don't care across the Brett. That's fine everybody's come with a handout. When it comes time for celebration. And I just talk about some. Dear dancers getting stolen at a DM car in the late whenever you have got so little. Her because you get so old you are nothing new variant a I feel like they're doing hair I if you saw it I can promote and doing things durable. It's again because banks that it all this. I I don't like they you do that and not being intellectually and I'm not I just explain it. You like I know Edinburgh on merit. Now I explain. Diddy is emerging more and oh it. Celebrates. His save you guys some money I don't know why people get so defensive. Well you can't save me money then you should have this conversation and your mortgage your ads while left thirteen years they have that bridge is belong burns holly out absolutely I'm trying to save people coming up don't wanna put in a bucket. A debt. For your future I agree that weddings are for family and friends more and a bright immigrant yeah I do I feel that way I found Ike. I we did it for them. And they they Ford team a lot of that. The public to question yeah question. Why does a wedding have to be for family and friends I don't need dad. As a friend. Like who who why who what. People who are being defensive right now on the tax line spent a lot of money on their weddings. And they tell us as a wait until the hero I think to ask and yes it is that another one and I would play today but people who are upset and we're covet are saying like all these mean things we don't influence I hate him now yeah did you spend a lot of money on your wedding are you being up front. Wit I'm just trying to poke a hole it out here in order. It's is sacred cow we're not supposed to not like them and when people talk about it people push back but they want ever admit yeah I kind of covered. And are you still married. That's the other question. I mean technically yes. It. What is supposed to do about it I don't know what you get mad at me and big. I doubt that thousands evildoer and you get kids here gonna Intel's some mine don't spend the money on a wedding day they wasted their money on already you can do that. He can't do it. People need to do that they it or not do it however they want to do it again it's odd man. Nine the in this is the thing I'll say about me. 99%. Of people. Say one thing right yeah and they say to the weddings are wonderful it's great ms. grant. I'm pointing it out wrecked because this is my perspective. It doesn't influence anybody else's perspective now. And I was having a conversation with a fender but they are Daiwa's. Administrator Greg. Justly indictments what are we doing with. I don't have any. That he gets them I don't want any thoughts of my tee and in particular about that. I don't care what everybody doom and OK. Okay now. It. Yeah welcome you all. I'm. Hot kid then. News. Your victory. KG in me to fix your car and my when he. Men love to do I have a picture you have gives ability to gather it is horrible law in May mean very happy to have you guys. These are my other campaign. Innocent and you came to celebrate my wedding day. They better be there to celebrate my divorce hurts. Strive for and I'll do that by dissolving mark Karr on yeah. Gap the border wars parties I doubt that you spend a lot of divorce your body from the wedding put it into the boards party yeah yeah. Me in my league Americans can do an assistant. Is torture Travers sucks everywhere. Add when developers are rockets to slow its buster. Are you got some Diebler just practical in hand and some of us are not mean and that's OK in right mean. Some people are Smart of them and who spent under five K here are waiting had a blast and break the bank. I agree with Danny. That's got so why have a list on dentures of INX. Do we got stolen their I don't even know how he got from Stalin's enters a wedding we got stolen dancers we got seven grand missing promote I'm totally the school. And we have parents angry after teacher downloads in appropriate family quiz worksheet from the Internet. Great all three good stories are I nuns steeped in traditions that we not least he didn't should show. Yeah it's all right yeah. Danny C. Why is gone thrown a no war Earl. Well let's elbow this. There's one there's a fight going down. A kind of site. Been to you know. It's about slope part. I love South Park about that. That's why dance it's twelve mark is a big plates right it's enormous. Which is why I'm very confused as to open. This fight that is occurring what's the fight. Well as usual there's two groups of people home. Who are fighting over lands. OK and hopefully you know through our single people. It is is run Casey tap project. A grant whom I love. Our big break. Got my dog. And two cats. And he's a veteran of yeah Memphis. I just I guess some monetary planes SBC had a shirt and what's the other one I went to me that I had seen around get. I was having cremated. Wesun when he said resentment there they have that little lake. Funeral parlor and a nerve in general that. Life. Well the wind tyranny died as a middle low winner couldn't bury MTV. So I know there. And I went over to wayside ways and they were very kind. Sam. He answers. We got stopped all of the on the mall shelters rappers come her hair on various levels at about as it was specifically whether or child anyway who they are fighting against. Are they fighting against is that rings not. Another. Great plains now it's hippies. It's hippies was some really hippies that stereotypical and wrong to say excuse me ever I apologize for I have a friend who doesn't. Have disc golfers that Howard tipped cult. Her friend from college he had this. Yes I'm rob ordinance does so that they got they're building any shelter right. It's a base audience. This KT TV prize Natalie Davis explains now there are concerns about the future of the popular course. They don't that it's the most popular game you've never heard of but this is a pretty big deal here in Kansas City. That crow has been playing disc golf since 1999. He's a competitor whose whole family loves the sport my kid and and planes as they are you in a stroller but this disc golf course that's what park could be going away. To make room for Casey pet projects new animal shelter. We agree its office is in Kansas City completely understand that initially we were told we're gonna lose a few acres that was basically going to be behind my shoulder here. Most recently now behold footprint has changed. Now most says they would be forced to relocate completely. More than a thousand people have signed a petition to save spoke park's 36 year old disc golf course. He reached out to Casey pet project they declined to comment on the petition. But said we are very actively working on the new shelter design and the site plans with our architectural and construction teams. And are in very close touch with our parks department and City Hall partners every step of the way. City spokesperson Chris Hernandez says plans are still in. Flocks what we're trying to do right now is work towards a solution that works for both of these users. These are both excellent partners for the city only wanna make sure that whatever happens it works for both of them. I period as south park's enormous but here's this here's the answer is seeing big leg Samie overall Brent. They got the tap project that was not an easy thing for them to get they had ago you know they had to go to the voters. They had to get that approved from a with a big bond issue that we have western amen I'm Casey that project right and an end. I don't mean to be incensed because then I know what it feels like to lose something that's so loved. You know but there's a big difference between sheltering all of these animals that need shelter. And disc golf to me. I'm I aimed. Disk I disagree in the sense that south park's enormous sure. Move the shelter now they'll move this shelters like I mean is that's where that's that's the old that's remove the course like it did is move that it's a stick without Carson and then there for 36 here. Suspect with a basket moved the when I get all Austin where the idea Oden you know I came across what used to be at camp I think playing little cabins everywhere. I now they're empty it's a perfect place to make Vegas scary Mary Ann and I think. But I mean the places enormous there's plenty of room. To put things in slow partly what's easier. Re doing an entire design process target apple sop for me. Forum. Shelter Mike gets a lot of money to do. And or move some sticks would baskets it says it also can make one thing if given that I. Just like that don't just its stakes at baskets testament. If you get an out well the course has been there for almost forty years is going anguish and now they're saying it would be alert a couple of acres and I don't know what they give a manhole Nucor says she won a new doesn't wanna I don't know I don't played just copy of people although it makes me watching Mac I do it makes me want India at. Yet you degraded to pretty gets so frustrated I think MIT is that is that a light golf. I mean I don't like you should do disc golf now and on and Illinois. Every day you throw a frisbee is there any year really got out I know you're doc let go ballistic experiment. At the park I don't I just feel like there's plenty of room for about but in the video of those guys have their downs with the yeah this guy have a question. I just think there's less room there so I'll answer let's say cost a million dollars to redo all of this studies all of the work all of the architectural you resign gonna cost them. It costs a lot of money to build stuff. I know to actually build and I Angel started building did you engineering surveys I think one of the places in town had a drainage problem. And they actually it was a wayside when one of the Mediterranean from his army engineering and is a very big deal when it comes to picking sides for a large. Complexes. I think gonna lose a whole course. I do think it's been blind proportionately. Cases even experience. Aniston he said the they have a team and finalize like where everything's going. Well I mean so I figured out I guess I just feel like in the many golfers this people wanna go to the city and get a bonds issued for their mini golf course and take it to the voters and explain their case using their problem there is some of the people that have kept so park a lot. Don't earlier I is diesel because our parents. No it hasn't that you are as the end it's just now now it's been fine for Ohio is for the marijuana how fast but it's. For awhile it hasn't and sound around I don't know over there in it's fine. It's fine I noticed over volatile and allows them by and I just think it's funny that people I. I get it's. I just sinkers broader question that's not bad yeah I get to nine year old golf course are euthanized bunch of animals I don't wanna euthanize one atom. I just I was asking if it came down to it. I don't running out of the golf course merely I don't wanna euthanize. Any animal because of the golf course or the pepper and is feeling ideologues out I have to do is act. Why can't you just move KE get a new course somewhere can't you put the they haven't done that yet it's a big they are are going to a whole lot from my understanding they were OK removing a few holes. OK but now like the whole thing I don't know what you ideally daughter's room to do about the people laid off I don't play golf flight and on asking the questions do people like to play the same course every day. They play it. Or do I like to go around and tried different courses. Well I know there's different courses there's a wanna frame shine measure of hard I think and I'm sure a bevy of other on a budget of ours I think. The months apart the most famous break like they did a World Series there are gonna. Golf has curbed and gulf whatever disc golf as what the news had that but you know it via Black Eyed Peas. Of course it's animals like I don't want an animal to die and we always do you wanna get in our cars in June. And you now see clauses of set I got taken out cited high lob god laid it up guys if it weren't for clause which you rescue an eyewitness. My god which I rescue and show you one thing real quickly let's look at these one more time OK everybody wants is frisbee as he can't have that he's gonna chew through the but let's look at the frisbee. Golf. Like if your side edited a whole let's see what it looks like. If your forcing me yes I held to idol that's GA you're forcing me I go animals it is hard to move. Votes. Verses in up to giant park like you said small park and it's here it's it's that they don't wanna give up the course they know which I understand and appreciate. Right Montrae crap on anybody here. But I cheese dog easing cities Obama says we need more diesel higher I don't know why it went from. We'll take three holes and a golfers like that it just golfers like Ortega. And then now it's different thousand of them. There's a thousand dogs and sound if you are forcing me to pick animal shelter ever said I'm forcing your -- just got married to an ice I'd choose the animals and when I looking album yes it's always well work out per about and that is what I my hope this yeah because there isn't room earlier about little. Think it's it's a stick with a garbage you know. It'll work out for you. Right you'll get a new course. Or you walked and I'm sorry. I think there's gonna move we're in with the animals. They're still in animal shelter. Kill the animals does called world's. And senator that Texans and jaguars. BC didn't like it is a sports exist. DA can I stop and animal shelter it's got a gas station inside and some of the as it makes no sense in the middle of the car I think it's so funny it's an is that the course is there already movie dim shelter again I don't realize this golf sir do you know what it takes to move. A little disc golf stand it's not as much McCain just can we be realistic about what's happening. Whereas they shelled her. In the park where they are planning on building. They have many of those so now they haven't aired stood on the plan process where did the right course is it going to be near the dog park. Does that make sense. The army and now I'm not made. Planner engineer architect if they don't want so that's why would think that would make sense because there's already an off leash. Dog park where and it lets end DB I name now the back there is. But not where the I'm TCU are we were the off leash dog park as they were having a serious discussion about how late. The rights that is because of there and like nobody's laughing at this. Now lol I'm not happening at a hearing barely on all traffic well I yeah I mean I don't think. You know it's a beautiful park most people I don't know. I have never in there and it infuriates me and there's a group of people that have been enjoying the park. For almost forty years and why. Screw them now because I don't like that okay because now people are deciding it's cool to go to South Park. People aren't just it's cool yeah as they are a parent guy fair. Yet. Am. Guy race. I shelter in the park his genius because well people are playing outside income half on the animals and adopt that didn't. Mean. I think this golfers. And I don't sense. I think they want to tell you this. I think eco I bet next to each other I think he can do it together I cannot believe like some days I feel like I woke up in the wrong universe. There we are seriously. Having a serious discussion. About not moving frisbee golf. Trash I guess I can. Why did you like that because I could I because I have to exaggerated how empty wine or the other I'm not I jazz thank you can't be about that at. I've they're making it. Where it seems impossible to do about and I'm telling you it's ballpark has got DM adds in there's plenty aromatic. And asking lining around and answer your question and again here's surveillance has a very angry people have more rights than anything animals. Guys were talking about a froth course. Right. We're taught that's all we're talking about and people are getting this. Upset about moving. Trashed him. Right. I think. And I I it's not that it's like other but the problem worse over in mission Kansas with a can be as an insult park. It's already there. And they have one of the guardian green like hey we're in takes real it's been there I mean. And I really do feel I need for a long tie game and that's why people went to sub par. I and that's why slow parts still exists it was used by me what you are still exists because of frisbee golf. First I mean let's take a minute it hit the brakes on where George history cite your source. I've just pulling out went my and I have been using slope park where decades but it happened an Ellie they've abandoned it clearly what I I want my hikes three's slow aren't. A lot of it has an advantage and I'm not John not me I removed. Well when I'm going through there there is empty swimming pools. Just silly what why are we utilizing so hard I saw the will of the group the one group of people that have been utilizing it you're gonna punish them. When there's clearly plenty of room for everybody. People who live in Kansas and Missouri it's useful part everyday. And it's not V one group of people is not. And they get efficient came we'd distill this down to its essence like you can say all the work you put into it you can talk about all the forty years you can talk about the history at the end of the day. We're talking about. Frisbee. Golf. Right. Yes I would expect this level of passion if we're talking about Casey pet project pursue the to new royal stadium. I I why it's a little pet project there really isn't great idea I and he's not Casey pet projects fault it is. Whomever that these designs to gather and in. I didn't you know yeah I had some length here is why can't a guy. Yeah and it just figured out. Take planned reunion or not want or the either via figured out make about happy there is plenty of room okay event and I'm okay. And two members solved it was that didn't plan accordingly to what should eat it and not get paid every deal. And that's the that's that doesn't make any sense because it may actually physically have to go their for the structure to work. I can't imagine how much waste and water. Is needed. It's intimated to have a shelter somewhere and again at believe it was there one of these shelters had a problem with brain. Thank you there was case you've ever I think I think so I gotta tell yeah. I understand everybody's passion but at the end of the day it's not that hard to move that stuff. As long as everybody has. Their place in the park OK I'm fine but it's really thought we hear it in here well because you need it weird he made it one or the other and there's no reason for it to be when I'm asking you. If you distill it down to its absence. And it comes down I'd say I can't narrower and firm bout and if that possibility if there was that then I issues. Clearly no animals I am just saying more and people's recreation verses animals dying I doubt animals die US of corn is take the feeling out of the city of Kansas City the constituents of voted to give them a bond right to find a place. To put their shelter 'cause they needed a new shelter because they do such good work for all hell yeah absolutely they do fantastic record. And and no one is denying that and they have every right to be there as the voters in Kansas City halves. Sector has spoken and spend an invalid and I am I just feel like it's a non issue is there's room for both at all. There is room for okay disc golfers there is room for Casey pet project seems to be an on a shocking and we. Cut out this emotion that exists in this discussion listen to this. You can minimize disc golf all you want Danny I wanna read that again out loud you can minimize disc golf. All you want DNA but disk gulf. Keeps well park alive. And I can we not say. That maybe that sentiment. Is a little ridiculous. I am saying god. Now I don't think it's ridiculous. I don't. I really don't because I think a lot of very few people. Right now as it is probably utilize the pardon. And it is. The most beautiful part that I have been to open in the Kansas City metropolitan area and Miami trailed nerd. Straight out right now I guy and I'd go and seek out like why not let I am I trying to go everywhere. And some people do it far more than me like I'll run into people on the trails a multi about other line because there is money down. And discover new areas because I haven't trailed herb that's well part to me is by far the most beautiful and it's fast in its huge. And I love that he ball out of Arab usually I'm down at present on that trailed and and our experience the your experience. Is is is I'm not saying experiences will park it would be wonderful. If more people utilized acting out. You're gonna punish the one group of people that have been utilizing the park if that's the only place logistically where it fits in more work then that's when asked as long as the golfers that just golfers have a place to go into. Mean and I think they should keep a little bit of that Corson. Well I think that's very funny but I don't want one animal to die I think. That's it I say Zobrist. It would cost 250000. Dollars to move the course. Well if I don't know where that estimate came from I didn't theater here in the story but I mean all I can do a lot cheaper than that. Brett I can get a post told digger. I. I can order these things on Amazon front and iron and a bop. Yeah. Starlet the end just put this Hilton. I tale signs that sell to their but then what are we gonna we're gonna get Shakespeare in the park. I'm. We're gonna see tires the park's caddie an enormous then. I actually editing is god Deanna and RS no it isn't like. One of the largest parks in any metro in a city. In the US something like predict late acreage that's actually and actually in a prop a city proper I can't metropolitan types city as it and I Ron here because it's so enormous. The as a ridiculous discussion it's a huge huge huge gap sparks. That's totally under utilized NC. It is as I would live there I told you that why you put your hand there. I. People kind of live every got to keep it can't be like Jackie B Gavin night. Alia I gained can't screw what the park with the nature around you know I see yeah yeah. Nancy. I think. Well anyway I think there's room for about dumbing people choose there is room for both that I can't say I'd say that they do or die. At the level of emotion involved in all of this rain for a very many miles on all of sport that is it that popular. Okay. It's more poverty and even. I think it is because just because you don't do it does mean is I'm poppy I'm not saying it is pretty daddy Hampshire none of the disc golfers want an animal to die not out why many guests that they do not want them lion and a little that I did you overdue and you're like you don't know you know and up pop there is I agree. I'm not saying. Anything except for in the scheme of all the sports that exist. It isn't the most and I love comedies are as. There and ask yes I getting at comical. One of my good prep Everett he placed reality engine that would be central part connecting Manhattan I don't know if Central Park is as big. As far as acreage goes. I believe so part is bigger and go to Iraq and that Central Park. Is being. These were part and probably has probably there is they have an again see this is where it's like you don't I don't I thought I read it well park was I don't know. Somewhere I read and I could be rock on yeah consumer you tell. Somewhere I read I thought I want to not a right it's like the actual well like a grade so I. Eyes and is enormous season and it's 1805. Acres. And how many 1800. OK how they is. Central Park. And how many acres central. No need to be a Dick who's I am I not hear the whoever is tax time I lay IBO light to New York's only three miles. Eight I think so burgeoning air I don't. I don't I don't know that it is like I'm telling erratic somewhere. Sent a person is these things it is. So you mean. Musicians trying to. Not only that I got the rallies are getting gag could be right now you entities to twice the size. New York's Central Park yeah it's crisis and I had read that somewhere it attracts all by the way nobody goes there it attracts two million people a year so far more Central Park zillow. Slope and it includes a zoo so NN anchors are there. Yes you can't discount the I can't umpire. Aaron it's cities you cross that park like your in the I can't believe we got in fights about weddings today we got a question I just clients are and where are brining up there's no reason in end of my the map any evidence I just I can't believe how I'm comical everybody thinks this is. I see the comedy and I guess I I'll CAC laying three sound can't. Or five children. Are. Here right. It would gulf rent and I saw the story at. You know what they're still remember this golf course must still human and animal shelter right that's why it's important care. But if they end up without this golf course. Then south Soviet. You guys will survive. I promise. You'll eat an outline any animals and it will Ari I don't think. Then why don't we'll never forget never forget these freebies don't run they fly. Yeah and. Who let this go from zero yeah. I've been down for that Lara you know why he's gonna just golf. I've only a couple of times I feel like you would that I'd be here I think Manny be great at a half empty bullet he'd be a popular does golfer. I mean marks and a I've done one in west though it. Matty still in the -- so I don't know I have them going to know so. Went stone where our Bruce ruckus is fine and calm and reasonable reasonable and rational. That's what we all are. We can all Witten. When you win no need to argue and fight when we get on have everything we want. And rights and rights while. What parts of the first largest municipal park in the United States even those periods and compartment in it I know is bigger than Central Park does that mean a huge impression on me. Because that's god damn bad planning a rail for everybody. Why don't they put the disk gulf. Park right next to a dog park and the dog it is actually today doctor art it is our readiness and important I think I mean next to the dog shelter and let the dogs chase the prisoners for exercise not a bad idea of just tuning closure. He announced here on out. Hey they're not they need just a planet they can cause it. We got Tim Price is 67965. City. Matters argued that exist here has cleared and we know glamour. We got a guy he got a little run yeah I am re not at all out Gloria I have. Chia. Use EM. Some anti science and speaking of irrelevant things they can die let's stare down whatever DJ supplies or Danny goes to make his music in quotes who put an animal shelter there. I don't there's no diseases expert opinion. OK blah I mean I'd just seem like really bad team here speak. That is refereeing again editors. It is the start of the answer and how the spins and it's boring and man who. They have a whole new album that's fantastic. I don't know what they're ending of that and I sent it to view blazers. No bites no bites no night so I'm Mike Boyd is releasing exiles just got to keep fish and yeah it's just that good. It is based. How many chances on and they're all fantastic NEA scrap and banners at a site jealous of the there are. He's me I intranet option and Conning you comment cops. Mean are no more. Arguing about Disco no. Unity in news. I just thought we had a good store I know it's kind of funny OK yes I have a question I had Brandt. Now give engineers mine's gonna Steve and panic I beg you have a question. I south though is stupid please our show as 100% C event. Everyday all day I'd if you think this is some sort of serious show. You're. Incorrect there and that's not the point okay south. You're at the casino. Program at canyon and is he a friend. You're out of money. They give you money and kind of spurred me like when you're on the votes and somebody gives you money big gimmick here. It's not a loud and depends. On what's. Well I mean if I was playing poker it's definitely let alone. There are staking and OK but what is your plan and blackjack or slots and now I don't know I feel like I feel like. I give people money and the votes all the time and me and I don't ever see him back right. That's just. Maybe is just how I do the votes in excess in the program business on the story of the year here is on him and gamble and actually go in and gambling in the after. And I'm I'm. I am it is fine and he keep it intact and can I mean unlike myself up myself I can just go and maybe at that point dollar bill right which I think is fantastic and that's really the point of doing it in Abdullah and twenty by CIA yeah. So out amass the votes. And I say to match some money. Because. This person has Manning kept saying give it to me I don't remember discussing giving a back. The value I mean I feel like I'll ever at a fair I don't know I obviously didn't staked. So I always feel like I gotta pay you. Half of what I make anyway. If I win right why didn't win that night run and it has gotten an area that money is gone and so I get a text message and asked him the money back leg. Months later. Months I have heard anything. Today and an ever run it out of our never. Like it's denies any of the money now they absolutely need the money and they tell me that now so I was like a gag I don't have any cash mad because I never have cast. Or basically money at all bit on the and you the my mom and I debt and but I was like Ben Morris bank and first aid text me it was a hundred bucks correct. You know out and then really they didn't give me more that was iron probably about me and then it's Oprah than that now receipt I got. It was a hundred and Rory again tags hunter and and they get and they get a 104 days. I just hated that I might have yeah yeah I feel like but I feel like when you give money at about its that is not a lot and that is you gave somebody money and the modes. Of friendly time like you papers in his movies that it. Exactly like I'm paying for dinner. Now either you do you have and you give a you don't need down to Horry there's a big discussion about it until perhaps maybe when the hand off occurs there needs to be a discussion. I probably did Sam give back here. I mean that's yeah that's would you say it out yeah definitely got our I mean. Until it happens I'm always sunny in Philadelphia. For this a summons that's allowed Ari I gave about a pain I have my dad. I learned later that I got to come freer it's yet come to that money you give me like it's like six but 34 months later I asked him for that money back at my god I forgot about it Max two weeks you are thought about it at all. And so you needed money. That whenever and wherever bloody in India I just wish shocks now that I received a text from he had went. Event low. Receive being. Give me money is always one of the most depressing. SI group group. You know what one app then slide how I get here well and that it was a harder backs. And then it's a hundred and Ford is now is like really grounded not really a 14100. Of Rory out five to 800 and glory upon ground is up. Cracked. Some of those I feel like if you ask boards alone if they operating yet it's free unless stated it was allowed. And apparently was a god damn lie and south. I didn't now I'm maybe I'm just. It is time factor and I like percent of these two weeks global. And that adds I've got Ellen volleyed once you give it went like two weeks ago was on you wanted to back he should go. It's it's an had been lowered earlier. I teller and I am I'd like it has gone on today. Yet you got to that Melamine because I don't have any money and that's what I can do I have to charge it to my taxes and do you need the money. It's got to be that. I did in times later Rawle. Mean apparently not what I did the right thing now right yeah you did I mean definitely dead. I don't like. Doing the right things sometimes. Well nobody does is never fun to do the right thing I hated. I hated I don't think I got Italian I really hated doing that I was a good view those people that like when it comes down to you cannot do their thing. And be fine right. Hey pat I can't I know like you know clearly they came a mining. And it clearly I did take it. That's what the right thing I am no matter if it was a year or six months ago and you know or maybe they just like. You know I'm owed money I needed now. I get a JG Wentworth. It's that is civic that's jobs. That's fine but you didn't turn a profit on a new and now. It is at a bachelor party once we went to see now and we all. And we're gonna have a hundred bucks and you know do whatever and it is down the last thing we all lost their money are one friend. Here on relent and only a thousand bucks and Davis are under but documents kept their ass. Really nice did yeah that is super nice okay for instance. I was I'm. Playing slots and I got campaign. So lady next remains a hand pay for those of us not that experience and casino OK they can't they had if you win over 200 dollars earned played 1190 nines on the ridiculous. Dave's tragic taxes on it. So if it's anything overt while. Outer banks basically and you have to pay taxes out and they give it ten I mean I'm right there and a and then their idea why your taxes taken out. Number I just a stable and just take the stand out I didn't. I play hail losses to cover the state this state has seemingly been on your tax liability on the front end like you merely all right now I got a lot as a cover my winnings. I know idea like I had an ally got him right up lowers the adapt my hail losses are right up my winnings. That's were even take that stayed out we're not even even I'm like down it doesn't even matter so early next name. You should keep a gambling I gave her a hundred bucks. Ed. And I I didn't use that now is not an. I'm not clouded her job and your bank you know asking or. Went out with a strange that you use to you it's a stranger really got friendly ticket. How. Think that's. I. I mean not like that time. But we just did what I want to alert your rounds on you'll. Well I do now. I am currently scratching your Kansas lottery scratch here. Com now. Now if you would like. Any of this if I win. You can have these lending to Nigeria have more for you as well 576796. Visor on Hemmer. Strong man. Keep Scranton Scranton Scranton and I'm parameters Scranton and rain and wind. And went around me had filmed here meathead fans and blue jays are. Colony treasures. From the Kansas lottery. 5767965. And you just scratched Victoria. Maybe Cassel had a holiday sparkle all dollar Polly's Trent Jones eighteen dollar holiday shine eaten. I have the holiday treasures for five hours and there's ten dollar. Holiday greetings from the Kansas lottery. And they have a month millionaire thing if you're gonna say mutton. They're gonna is a millionaire I think they are doing a dog millionaire. Your best odds of winning one million dollars. Your best that's a person got to go by. Twenty knots or really makes so many I love those. That about as. And her own a girl could get it does. Ebert amber what he does. A working. Where he was. And now and at times tonight we crater. It's okay you don't have to talents. And forcing you anything you don't wanna do amber heard this whole thing as consensual okay. All right amber I scratch your holiday treasures Kansas on a stretcher I did not win anything however you have thirty dollars in Kansas on a stretch to get suspension and your own time. Plus your qualified for the grand prize which is a trip for June. Who's he. One of the ninth the missile Christmas artists on tour. Who you pay can. Of course and that to me is again. That's who you think you take out in Phoenix art call I ever charged remark. Phoenix is playing coming up that I proposal Christmas night 1 December 3 at the Midland. Along with why god why. Opening up for that right now that's is that you bands we've got I think they're looking for another to put in between. And we been trying to house. Which I'm sure does drives everybody in that it's I read out of prison Liotta Galley got advance their jobs or IK did you think about this man. But. We don't know about anything right anyway where John and we'll talk to tomorrow have a great day. And this is something else that I during summer what's tomorrow and Zain yes. I have there. It or not almost there. Isn't out there and used him and is this. Am playing I gotta I played all day and assignment knowing clay surface last time. And I get updates as to how many standing at the surface is behind. Okay over 4000 and all day. Really yeah. I now all right that's interest that I thought Sanjay that is not the one everything I think all day is really very. I think services fantastic him so are other tracks and all day is very. Glassy animals the enemy. I Ossetia and I know that's are people I can now so's served so little that. I don't like I call the stuff that I heard friendly service sentencing ranked as a man who words. I hear the words mark what are the inside Burma surface. I think all day is the song you listened to light when you're on your own time on Spotify Imus surfaces when you wanna hear on the radio that makes sense. OK yeah now I surfaces and am applause they released all day before they release surface that makes sense I am more spins. Then the other vet anyway here is why god why opening for Phoenix. December 3 at the meadowlands this is called all that and the film about this.