Afentra's Podcast Tuesday November 21, 2017

Tuesday, November 21st

Cats, Facebook, Buzz Briefs, Buzzer Beaters, Porn, Sexual Proclivities, Tom Hanks Game and more!


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You are big fat morning good morning names and Dane your market cap now now. Are you gone anywhere for Thanksgiving did you figure your plans now be here is going to be year gimme. Yea you know me it would not travel lane. You know me. Now like to fly. Do our we're stands on the girls are actually. An Iowa right now. In laws they're celebrating because my wife passed or on Wednesday and Friday news week. So where's. Home grown. Without anger of the girls are going to be here they're coming back yeah apparently that's my life in the 200 and I. It's always gonna kill time. Now watch a lot of Netflix. Earlier maps when you Watson. You know after this I watched 9/11. Conspiracy document are right I am got a laugh at that. I was like I should probably go to bed now and watch it conspiracy document and that's what happens you don't realize light like a sad sack you would be without your children. Your family until you're alone. And then you're watching 9/11 documentaries are you should be going to bat. So did that change your mind about. What happens to me did you black stranger things. Now well I'm a man suggests. I think I've seen episodes like LL. I've seen episode one season one win by a long time. Line it has earned their seasons ever ballot. 24 hours left until Arctic because now I keep looking for sure like to grab my interest and again there are stranger things so extremes with things it was there's the Jim Carrey document that was interesting to us that this came out on that flat. It says. Did he played. What was the character they played eighty clock yeah top man imminent attacks on the outlines here I think I want to add I'm I want to Helen I apple is there another documentary on the kids were it was you watch dear Zachary again now I watch so I told you should watch about Anthony Weiner nominal. It's infuriating to ask him why I don't know much as it is a shame for it's crazy there crazy Acura that are now these crazy. Yeah he's certifiable crazy about us aren't documentary. And I like to know not a joke it's funnies did not tennis specifically. I watched the documentary. Me and our rating we got the kids marking our Kmart up just get real for annually nearly with the old lady one. I got to forget the my Euro enjoyed it and like we've watched it probably twice. In his documentary now it's not a kid's documentary I thought it would be like. They would enjoy it 'cause it's about cats. Now it's called. Said the kidney care BK ED RI. AA EU has. It's far and and that's sort of judge whether it's. I you can turn demonic view on or you can just watch tonight you know fill in the blanks. It went. No matter in Turkey. It's in Turkey is speaking Turkish. Not since watching cars seem bizarre. Which none of you know environmental organizers. Kitty is a documentary about the cats of Turkey. Camp is they have cats everywhere and cats are worshipped and revered. And yet it's a very good as it. Document. It did happen OK and. It's available on YouTube. I highly recommended its. Let me play than receive I can play of the US trailer here for Kennedy led Euro the dollar Euro over thank YouTube TVs and I am. Hundreds of thousands of cats were on the streets of Istanbul that there are a disease but today everyone's lives. This. Is the story. Seven of them. And. Like two and a half hours long and acting on remarkable. Apple's power saying yeah I think it's. Maine you can and cannot yeah. Because somebody saying we'll. DD yeah there's no matter what. I'm past I'm seeing. And do mine and see. Yeah and let me they're not Kansas. They're seeing this. Hey spoiler alert who. Did sees is a mother asked for of a cat. He wants no other male cats to be hanging around his markets I'd tell you a lot it's. Okay we'll learn from Honolulu as an amateur where I mean it's not always mean archive. Yeah we're really just now matter. It's really weird user watching in when they do the translation and how and maybe it's a great shot maybe it's the weights edited however it is they do a great job of a making you care about cats and a beer. Making you kind of want to go to Istanbul. Which I know is sacked Cristian yeah I know it's not here we can't say that. I know that's I announced he had. Them immigrants don't you mean They Might Be Giants I think that that. About is that birdie yours all blue yeah. They Might Be Giants is it's it's terrible anyway I highly recommend that Kennedy documentary. Writing now. Two putts out here or plaza. All the buzz in the that is somebody's cat saying Adam and how people see them yeah. He has he's saying. Yeah it's almost. You melancholy. These beautiful cats. And how they lived their lives entirely. And note these guys assume Laramie loves cats and our team out there about them that I Diego cats. So then Kenny stadium and I you know want to. Are you suggesting we play kiddy songs. You know pets the this is dedicated sonic cats in Turkey. Istanbul. Constantinople. Right at that morning buzz good morning to gain easier America's they're coming up Gretchen Carlson. I. Fox nears do you believe that. It's crazy how times have changed isn't that crazy now we are happy to have Gretchen Carlson and Al formerly of toxin. And it's there it's kind of a weird feeling because it's such a new world. And it's like. I'm not necessarily. Comfortable talking to her because of what I know about her previous to her lawsuit to fox writes. Post lawsuit to fox is being such a champion. Tiger and like I mean I hate in women are hot and Matt. All of those who have been most very much so women especially. Let's be honest is right well. Women in the workforce. Tend to get it a little worse than men Ali yeah it got ten to date do we get it yes we get sent me an argument about. Be ears to hear is another story about so called co workers. Who apparently no longer talk. Now we certainly those. Yeah we did we did we did but I we didn't have social media blocked you on. I would never block you anyway. I would like it has Ariza don't UEU. And frank and the different it is that I would dispute that it Kevin I would dispute and there is no it because I've sometimes things are different than we remember them. I remember them and I don't remember that happening. Or maybe shut down your pay I probably shut down I probably just crackdown and wanted to go why you kind of and you just follow other because his workplace not you specifically but his workplace isn't exactly conducive to leaving of your own terms it's kind of like a gang I'm out. Jump in jump valley where fine. I was following anybody back here each and I get to from the public and is that the congress now I know I we do in the FaceBook like thing is it's like saying at. And app does is listen as the media is exhausting. Really it is. I don't disagree with you but I just on and now I got to get a clay I don't recall it happening are there I don't I've ever happened I would talk about being Jeff Sessions I. And I'm letting you know the pan out Peyton and gets me. And are asked you man. And. Not at all all right back out. Iran aren't bag you. There have been sort of be there would block grant that you know ICICI. Bank that's law. Yeah. MS program. I. We're isn't doing this. Stand Ben Graham Fisher poke you and you haven't cynical back and I'm not happy I didn't even like Jim poke your grandma and. Can't can't can't after the fifth I thought I feel. Okay. I'm apt. Think that's is those media is like you said you didn't have renewed friends murdered Brenda Bebo I'm praised be. Aha. That's I clearly stated his image of me. He would know box OK I have to manage. I can parent who runs like a mini 9. O'clock every college. Semantics at this point I'm opposed cement that thought pat pat pat pat. Half. The game you guys that are very out of museums and of this loads. An area. Currency and up fifteen seconds killed by this ad Venus is playing this and other sap itself apart I'm sorry I don't know what the hell I've been doing and it's really guide I know you'd see timeouts our idea I had area garner. My computer at work in Saudi you have a FaceBook page now. Voiced. Well so you can add me as a friend yeah that's tough that. Really don't like point. Well okay. So I'm not your friend and yeah. Our excitement. Please don't wanna add me as a friend I thought. I have to get it right to you don't have that two seconds there. I just wanna do my home like right fine. Just to be clear you and I are not rabbit. Oh cool. And I'd kick you had too many friends to be friendly clear you and I are not. I'll hear about either. Other diners all. Did it could seem to have spurred my memory and hall feel like it's never really were actually I do urged all now. You're kind of big a little jam session ends tonight Zurich car column around you having I'm Brent people to have friends you keep kids your tip Bob regular whenever it. Yeah I didn't Dan's story. Forget. Now does not because you're you're you're due popular hog. That I hope it but he print you right now. On yeah. It. A grandmother back. You know. Wow then John as LA after the distillers before that that Maria. And to be any of that damn song is so good. Adonis. Not since the eighties hair man is anybody mass terrorist quite like that breath probably is one of the drilling down. I'm crying in AA you have rock and roll man yeah. That's fine but no let distillers because Brody posted a picture. Yesterday the Dow girl band. Am I missing American Amanda the other known as eastern another man and I heard distillers does that do for. Stay in Iraq. In the she means to be. She's not doing anything she's a mom I I don't I mean she's jobs is a wife and as moms it doesn't need to do the female pronoun thing. I mean yeah our power I don't know the word I don't know but it adds whatever and it is. Yeah I was called spirit daily Zardari and how like distillers. Yeah I wasn't cutting it. Anyway. I asked money is spent two days here. Merck's can't copy and calling us in is. Gretchen Carlson gal. Formerly. Formerly. Hey why you bringing your computer that was created images never turned on budgetary and I'm kinda solid and I. That's really weird to me is that why you never do that. Okay and music insiders say it now I it is and I says they never do that. I don't always have a look at my phone for Twitter and I'm not gonna log in on this being at war why. Please. Lord knows that this company would do. If they side air India and southern million by the end of the month and go through. I'm not gonna go through your deanza don't give a good to have an over every once in your DMZ nothing here. Daily BP I'm not eating your Guillen says that I'm not come he's got a mainly Italian flag that they're just like the company and the company. Now I don't wanna I'm one learned hers and that. Log in to can be anybody that is semi computer literate does not want off. Give their company I got a while August crap alarmist stuff are login with FaceBook on his craft on my passwords going over there. Getting these people in this building I don't devalues my son yeah I mean ads on say anomalies and a prominent I don't like looking at my screen and not be able to tell aid what I see I know might nobody says what you're saying Allah and why I don't know if he's sound crazy you know I don't I sound like a person in what is seventy and I'm sorry you're still using the same password from 199750. I non. All right somebody got me on a template one password password that's. Anyway weird world out there as soon enough food it's a two factor authentication. Huh. Mood. Ventura. Does is he can't live your lights on my phone I don't want plug it in play here. But if I play here with the screening clear view than you can see him playing are off Twitter that fabulous. As made. A statement yeah. I don't I wasn't judging. And indeed giving your DMZ can now upon. The idea being. I don't want in your GM's why is Twitter green. What's happening. Why is good agreed was happening I don't know that's where that I've become green. And I don't know the last time I logged on to Twitter and not am I found and down like on an actual love computer I have no idea yet the Twitter homepage is green and I'm uncomfortable right now that's weird. Why is agrees and you just login or compute an ideologue and just pulled up to make sure it was like my screen out cash broken something where. Anyway what's going on oral. And that I say granting girls and now are the let's start nice and easy. You remember arm. You remember when they build the sprint senator and they lied to us and they still want to admit that they lied to us which is fine. It is weird we partner with the most time. But it's. It I mean it's true who lied to us like AG and the city did. Promised us a pro hockey team if we built was really EG the Iowa I don't think you age realize it absolutely laws and I think ally Indonesians and one that it's the same data now's not the same thing they're two different number but they were one point. It was AG live nation remember. I don't know GAAP yuck. Yeah Larry because it's Mosley live nation shows adventurous prince and her like. All of them via our booked I think through live nation and it anyway. Am just curious area was Lebanese you know I don't give a man I don't know but I AG the company split up when and it's because they were like two big remember. Yes I don't is split. Anyway I'm sure you're right is that city here. Yeah it's that it. Live nation blah blah blah blah. Formed like nation added to remember a global farm firm live nation Ticketmaster. That didn't know I don't it was a happy I think it was a now enough and he is to get asked that I mission on that we got together and I'm telling you the thing that is. And I don't think yes there are wrong. And month and has an I was an I agent and was SA cleaner and a pick as it was in sheets as AG. They are now anyway obvious I knew it I knew right then you'll figure it myself. Some of the bets why do you do that to me. Operator and since entertainment group that's AG. It's AG okay GAAP wind. AG I get a AG and lat this princess cruises say AG has been yeah it's right like it says right here it says. Operator AEG. Attitudes entertainment grip. Today but it's not like animal I don't think you know it is right now it's down and I had that break the property but they had to think they can't let these don't blame I'll deal with the inside people I'll catch you out. Are there right away and they lie down right and I'm crying and hey I'm sorry for questioning they lied us and they said we'll give you a hockey team remember that was that they was either I can Ziemer baseball team the best going bass and I and plus they they they promises a hockey team for sure. And like you to fight you know they haven't and I think I may have heard seem now now and that's the thing that they do and that's the thing he really can serial unnecessary what I remember a couple Texans are popping up when people say. We have to college about policies closely parents of our hockey tape where on getting into that debate LM I'm just saying. Do you remember. Because I like to bring it up. Whenever we came out to remind people that the lighting whatever they can't get what they want when it comes a month. You remember that and they promised us definitely a hockey team may be a basketball team and then the best they can do is get us an exhibition every down man. Yeah I remember. That that's how I got taxpayers to agree. To do it did you doubt because that when it actually went up I don't think I was living here we were in Seattle doesn't mean he's so. Well while I was gone on for two years are a threat he analyses up boom lake that was not there are right. Spreads and are not there now that there debt. And are in over a two year span it worked out for the best I just feel like at the end of the day let's just not forget how we got here right OK there was mostly hockey star was supposed to be a hockey today and I I can even tell you Semel and Arab beat Kansas City Star. Wrote an article. Specifically. Referencing and denouncing the lie that we were told and then he goes on to say that they pretend like they didn't say that but they definitely did I I remember this this whole check. That I did you know I'm I'm not disagreement that I get out I'm disagreeing when are five nations AG were right got to know there that's where you're rock and but it's it's AG it was it's okay he has now what I was saying. More you confuse me was my mission in light agency it's on the shows. Inside inside and AEG's venue yet. See that's OK yes the data don't work in conjunction woods again I'll just say I think it's weird that certain people can control an entire venue I don't think he should be able to do that I think it's a B whoever wants the book becomes the group can and you can't own venue loud and when he happens and that's an issue are as GAAP. Our own to buying these production company is companies' eyes so the gorilla as it was an all line Asian tour right. They're about to live nation and LA awaiting comments coming broad alive natives of that fit and I mean it is weird a weird way we do business couple Veba make money doing those beige and they run that they and a little cells that's I'm zero a great job running shows ideology to think that there are wonderful concert partner totally 100% about it's just RI AE GR I mean you don't like that it is is kind of kind of weird and funny and odd that they own every venue intact. They all knew the mandolin I mean I've used it I've I don't know if you put his storm without him. I don't know after mandolin I don't know. It seems like EG Disneyland my nation goes up tighten but sometimes AG does shows and the empty threat then you got the Truman and then. Now the Germans around him on Brett. Whereas like the Beaumont club well that was like what was that who I saw light that was our local forty again I was off orient. Then went on to work for five days when this is the right here. It. That's storied kind anywhere is the zags what you guys care as is a good discussion this hub in her nobody seems to care. A dinner writings of Casey and again this fire is like the one thing we can give insight and men like boom boom boom boom boom started senator. Yes it is and I only bring up that big because somebody started kind of a semi pro. Hoops because the birth of pro hoops in Kansas City. I don't necessarily know. About that. Without that it's like a real pro team winner here. There were getting when Larry editors are it's ridiculous I asked somebody thought that they could take. Blas to be looking thing like either the Charlotte hornets or the Georgia Tech logo. On a guy called the team the buzz. Which hey I'm not against that brick and then not get sued by George attack. I got okay and it's those take a look. There was there was. Warmed up or in as it's been a minute since its place. Are you in basketball team button. And then have him again. Pace shadow to what is it FC Kansas City we ceased operations that site. Oh my god let's move on and that seriously about the saying I'm as the dominant clubs that some of those who were other and yeah its lawyers it doesn't count it sucks. I disagree on an influence of sorts. Ready in a dispute on the court yet the brand new team formerly known as the Casey buzz is re branding this after eight. Major university cried foul over the team's logo and mascot. Pro basketball left the metro when Kansas City kings blew west in 1985. To become the Sacramento kings' attack a flat. So ten days ago local book spans were thrilled to hear pro basketball is back in Casey head coach and former Kansas great Kelvin Thompson unveiled the KC buds of franchise in the new North American premiere basketball league we're today doesn't count. Lady now it's a team a desire wow. Now I mean it's not the NBA about MI very well be approaching the lie to me about having a pro team that makes sense just tell me it's it's did is tell me it's an end. They say it's not in the NBA GAAP yeah Don act are so is this. Other league coming in her eyes so there's an NA PB I have ever heard of DNA on the game it's bad it is it eat me not. Heard about so they added some they added some hot water with we don't work trouble we don't read the book we order a strong. There. And finally it sounds blow back on the Casey buzzed past week the Georgia Tech Yellow Jackets took issue with the new Casey team's logo in it. I mean it's it's exactly this same door car with the Charlotte hornets color yes things that okay. It's like a blatant ripoff. The word boats are receiving leather from via turns from Georgia tech university. So that they have a trademark. On the bumblebee. As well as the word. BUV vehicle. I would Georgia Tech waiting for approval on a new name. They Casey buzzer beaters but the same logo minus the yellow jacket okay they need help. With their name leg they're just spiraling downward right now they Casey buzz to the Casey buzzer beaters. An egg beaters in today's environment. In anyways your performance on the need to have seen an eye on down. The only kind of bright light you've got back how to beat her pants again and theater you got the buzzer beater gay and now I'm a hundred meter grades aren't there right to keep going and this. Fresher with my history of the buzzer beater there with bill have been doing so. It would only going to be. Luckily Thompson says uniforms and other materials haven't been printed yet they keep fresh does the game at the municipal auditorium beginning in January. Thompson says he can't wait for the games again so we can leave this hornet's nest behind a toll do. It took just bitter truth mark we don't know ideals go Boller care we won't use very Marian or the bumblebee. Fart (%expletive) up. Our are playing but at municipal ought to try we'll also be going to these games but I think that's Huber found really win now and did you did and you absolutely huge YouTube if you did if you I mean I. I don't know dirge as a bumblebee a man yeah I can go before. I don't Merck call that I have really don't you earlier today. Ownership of the bumblebee for a lot of guys say an image of the calendar on all bumble bees they own that one. I mean it's this hang on the line. It's the same way they can collared themselves. AB FM. Beat. If there was statement would be thing. A mediating better in a buzzer beaters described the buzzer beaters I ask what if they don't but beat any browser is what it is illusory trickling on snow. And my guys this time I'll let it go Obama's support of buzzer beaters I love semi pro. Anything. Mean here semi pro I man's Sammy semi pro cooking semi broke ground around. I'm not amateur. He had just look at Arizona yesterday and anyway I mean act allowed them like to the buzzer beaters gather buzzer beaters and and I hung on and stays the marriage and guidance. Buzzer beater got to be something we can figure out here rights. I buzzer beaters then I think you're wrong I'm looking around the studio and I get to look at things and it's a better name than late a buzzer beater does nothing matter disinfecting. Light. Better than buzzer beater now that's not true. I love you man. Bright 'cause I voted kick start. Better than the buzzer beaters. Pure Al hands sanitized there that's better than that buzzer beaters. Donald served Baghdad Mason jar better the Mason jars I would goes today. At the buzzer Beers I think you're growing amounts. Man and I got my name is league's supposed sonics sign sign on. Oh yeah and now where the CNN Oklahoma that's tired that's right yeah that's that's right that I really worked out for them yeah their fans. Yeah having a multi syllable name. Terrible idea. I get it really kills is probably too I don't know if that is Roy knows how not whether or not his. I'm into is ovals as the royal let's go well I know now that the series but I mean royals like you build actual word has it royals. Royals wears it well. Roy tells. Royals. I don't know which one you see just reported on the Zoran and there. I asked her what dude I guess you can do it depends on is Piaf royal. To be one syllable Royale is so I think it's one solo Royale. But that was that's a good team name beat Kansas City Royale both. Done are ranked the Royale Royale is thought Ian you in his next summer yeah oh yeah you have to do not it's a different jam LeRoy yeah. Up and limited tech like Kabila would c.s aren't syllables. In roil. Yeah maintaining explain my Lauren sacks no flared it never does inside it does and it's okay. It's it's not OK it is violence acts of great college a lot of my. Favorite now it has country and I've been a lot of them if you can drive your mom and dad's it's not a college town it's a suburb. And I think well he I have Amber's Asian. It drives on my findings add if you can drive thirty minutes and 025 minutes when he minutes and deal laundry and I'm a college town. Second of all it is nearing college town gave you an amb you both produce the highest ratio. People who can't let go of college. You see him outside running in there. Jayhawks sweatshirt all of that to 47 years old and they go back for homecoming in their fraternity and they drink and pretend like there's silly team. It's overdo it. Once you're out you're out. But that's it sat crap that people from my high school is okay and sad yeah jock yes. Also I have no connection to anything because of assists I was the best students you're not that there's not hurt added at the best and some middle area of life. So I don't have those connections and improbably jealous and better if I'm being honest and upfront about it so don't worry about it it's me it's night you. Listen to their asses story buzzer beaters as Ernie trademark tear. Men and morale has accused syllables and see you when Roosevelt Royale with an ax America you know hasn't yet about we could do it that way if he wanted to do why is there right now results. Owls and in the across today around crumb PHP's. Near Eilat. Your lap ended up in today. They're yakking no foreign paranoid as this morning good you're gonna really and ruined. F off the ball OK and I don't editor it hurts when you don't like us. It doesn't hurt that is does it bothers me of stool all day about it and I don't understand your kindness I really thought about I accompanied it increases the cost of a ticket prices. And everybody we proved booed on me. They miss that part muscular Donald Trump. He feels walker on the White House is angry that's on Nabil they did because of the yep I thought the Royale with the good layup. I like the right down and I Don it was funny never joking about X numbers of people like I'm from Ireland to let our. What prominent artists IR OYE a LD and adds I care what somebody says about the place that I live for some reason our car. You're the DJ get over it sucks ice right. That's not what it's like I've I'll put it out there it's fine let it go hey I made funny little town what do you care what I think. Acted as well as a person to break sexual harasser engineers retire rather Howie rose Carly got out or. Of course it was Charlie wrote I had no idea now you Miller orders that would hurt. Who's that guy on TVS as I Y all why are you at the in the eye from the McGill McLeod ailing American gay the calendar of McLouth clinical awfully I think I'm stuff. Yeah. Looks. Loaded up. We blog all our berm. That was a little while heroes that he would like walked out of the shower and then I'll do you wrong. You know and then people would say like are you got bills showered strippers are lit up. They would not yes you got to celebrate. That third Charlie attorney who cares about Charlie Rose why is he anything I don't understand. Well. The eat. First of it's the mean Charlie rose's something because I've PBS. Bribe that fit like I had ten ear listening area now. He is the far right sequentially and here. Sexual harassment says it all out of RA goes. Further. I mean I don't know I was as surprised as early as loud known. I lads are shocked I think he's a handsome man now Downey for him to try to get and interns pants. And a force people tension there. Asses that general area as well Larry I got camera Charlie Rose who was executive producer of Bill Moyers journal now on concern. I can't lose bill Moyer. If big number bill are exempted you know. I well. Charlie Rose they're not Charlie how old is he wagon as we I just cannot believe that I was like not Charlie euros to he's here yeah Charlie euros definitely look at. There's an old drunk creep. And using you're is a lot Emeka by his eyes. How old is dealing disease and I had output anything's possible Avaya here. It must be my hair in eight women. Eight women all working and he yes man it's good they react Gretchen Carlson on today. Yes. The opposite of Charley Rosen. Gretchen Carlson and them believing fox and I mean I think she didn't have a choice she got tired yeah she sued and beat him out there. Who's next. Charlie god the camera adds yeah. You know or even know it was an ex anymore. Begin leaving guest who's next now is in the next or predators going to be next blouse and now they opt. Not you can't you know even now every day as a guy DM new man. I'm any malware and today because you say. I'm just Larry Johnson chief enemy have won one it's going to be Oprah. And be able why do what it's going to be a look at the long laundry men's wisdom madly it's gonna be Oprah. There will be Oprah and what Arnie come out there and in. Thing about a tourist thing about it we got jail don't you guys dead men who Steadman the cover. Yeah these are beer now he's under beard he's heard you know. I'm now I think it turned it on I Oprah like Oprah is his manner of facts. What about your own words when it violence or any cop thinks. I don't think. Story. Doran now for not known as don't think so why I mean ads don't exert a woman. Thinking well you gotta pick a woman. Yeah does let me hear what you think of them who will be that led sexually harassed and yet. If I had time and I truly believe men and women are perfectly equal. Fighting men are going to be more crow because they're able more power in the world right now right it's there's only a few as if you women in those positions I feel that women have more power must find out off well I agree I'm not disagree I think women need to be. You know anymore we're in the interim provost or women need to be wrecked put in charge of things. Because they truly deserve grow our women do the last you'll hear about that usually around and I was actually every predator is the everybody. That's how every. AA. I mean we have got to where they're gonna continue making transparent without a transplant. He just drops out of money was working yeah. Yeah. And seven death pool for tickets are kidding him Mariah Carey was accused resilient sexual harassment. And only a sexual harassment the guy bastards aren't about more race she was wearing a neck was day. And then he asked him to move grew luggage right. And then he was pissed off that she wanted to be surrounded by black guys yeah they guy is. I'm not saying his name is not Hamad semi pro basketball team naymick Kansas City black guys slid his claim was a legitimate and yet I'm not in as AOL is ridiculous yeah. I. Simmons is over and colds or somebody says Alley and allegations against troubled me next trumps been. Every day every day what is it fourteen down. And colds or regional raid Jillian Michaels as a tax on Rachael Ray I think is a good pitch Al brown. I have are Gionta. GI. And it's going to be dealer and tell us. Wasn't Aaron he's unstoppable and knowing Jesus you know pouring gas which is cool man. Do what you need to do currently in town anyway it is next it's cool image or that law it's called me warning it's not cool. He used power. To force people to do things that they feel obligated to do. Correct. 100% regardless of sex although we know it's sex Evanston. I didn't meet meet me this. Gretchen Carlson Garland after 8 o'clock DA in about. Her harassment we are only yes I know we need and grabbed the fab aren't so even the Charlie Rose out and it would take forensic Chris Haines is due to special Hollywood predators didn't Chris hinting at pop he got popped for being a predator Sarah down the posture or predators got busted for being a predator armed South Beach who could've seen that coming up. Everybody. Martha Stewart's. I Martha I Martha is shown herself to play a little fast and loose with the rules already. It's money now yeah it doesn't matter where you play spasm in my audience honey you don't play fast and was on category enough by present I don't just an area app. She's like all right now that's how you make a nice second towels now get down on your knees and so that Martha. Cat comes service mark. Yeah. The fear that break there is fine with that one. No complaint asks that we don't need to not taking uneasy back locally okay. We are meaning feedback. And it that's the last thing we need around here's feedback give play matter around here. I don't need one more Jersey give me any god damn feedback. Russa Iraqi hands is fine and behaving and so are. As she did she was avenues like Charlie Rose. Cheated actually sell one person. Quite the opposite it's a weird day when we're talking to Gretchen Carlson MB and excited about it. From fox scenario is total pole and how do we errors in the world yeah. Really weird anyway we're pleased to have earned she's kind of connect from about I. Yeah. Prescription right along shoot Kansas. Centrist and they're able ago. Good morning at ten. Power here. Fantastic thank you for joining us I'm just shocked now it's like they're aliens and Carlson term. Formally of Fox News and Brian's. Joining us but it's great you are on here what we're talking about with you is being fears union black. On harassment an empowerment out now and be here stop harassment and take your power back. Yes I think for me it's been out for about a month so proud to say it. He's been on the near times best seller list and really the goal is to try to book about the procedure going back to make it took courage to empower girls and boys that. The hole and that it was to share the stories of the thousands of women that I heard from after my story broke back in July 2016. I realized that it was it pervasive. Epidemic are. I absolutely a 100% agree which we see every day now. Everyday we hear another story and yet another story and yet another story in of people aren't familiar with viewers scratching you worked at Fox News cracked. Yup and not until I think people connect other eloped after it that they decided to end my career for me there. And I decided that if I didn't do it who would. I agree with that out prior to EU being Flacco. Or is there pox. Sexual harassment. Did you speak to anyone fox. Yet though lenders that happens a settlement. That you cannot Cowell and it did he tell them what you went through our you know what. But the circumstances where the people wanna read my complaint could undermine my lawyers that the ability to kind of strategy to make my story public other what you would have never heard about what happened to me. The week we solve the Chara situated society unfortunately imposed their secret for women. Settlement where women can never tell you look what happened and then in arbitration which so many people have been better let a contract they don't even know it. And that's also a secret chamber where you can never tell anyone happened but really what we've done at least set ourselves up as a culture should not. Know how bad this problem is could we never hear about these cases. And we don't hear about them at their goalie to secrecy. For instance or not only a year ago although you're saying we can read your settlement in your complaint online cracked. Up late Rose McGowan for instance verses. Harvey Weinstein and. Larry bright yet she kind of settlement to. But she decided to break her her NDA. You know all these years slick. And and a lot of women have decided she too to get out I'm also calling on corporations should not make women and men trying not disclosures before they even start chop. That that they set for being able to protect treat the person and didn't practice we all understand why you wouldn't. Want a former players to be able to go out broadcast that information. It's not fair when you're setting up people can not be able to save what happened to them which human rights violation of the and our. It feels like to me and you obviously know way better than I do but it seems like the reason these exist. Is to protect the moneymakers for whatever corporation exists that they value the money that this person might be bringing in over. The human cost to the person they were victimizing. They are dragging their grudging Carlson. Herb not be fierce stop harassment and take your power Mac. Did you think at any point Gretchen I'm not going to Seau. I mean the fact that that are excruciating choice in my life. And work in television more than 25 years. I've done a lot of other courageous thing to highlight that nothing would be remiss because look at how we treat women have come forward. Well not well exactly and and will you work again I mean the am trying honey I can imagine me questions. Or the decisions they're making will you work again and let are people thinking have you well they believe via. Oh white tea now. I categorize I don't really give me you know what about what people think about the Afghan. Over and over me being in America did that for me trying to fractures occur unfortunately. But also to be in his business. Listen it circuits are cosmetic business people are constantly talking I think about these so I. I knew that was gonna comment and I kind of disregard that. Really my decision was that when my career with and that for me I was I was like I don't candidate who will make a difference it. Thank you for your kids I think if anyone was listening to their kit is not about. But wanted for our kids we want access. And and that's really the whole message he fears in the book is. If you think health like story that elderly story and I looked at all forward and I ate heartily sick. And it's not wanna see it and I'm working to change laws on Capitol Hill to the secrecy of arbitration. I'm encouraging me to stop being bystanders and come forward and help us. Along the way I'm encouraging companies to hire more women in top positions and that's how we've really get rid of it. So there are a lot of different ways in which we can inspire people to come forward and make it different it's not just to block off options. And no one thing these safeguards and I think it's like really eating incredible is he said you know making the decision to take on these people. And you made the decision to take on not only won the most powerful corporations but at the end of the day when most powerful man in the world not only did you. Not only did you survive but I tell you now grads you talk up. And you've taken it to this new level where you're saying how do we move forward I think a lot of the political not that this is politics but I think a lot of the books that have recently come out that a made a lot of splash in the media. Have been about selling a story. And this is about more than that this is about. Making a difference and I really do commend you for doing that in its I I can't imagine how hard or difficult that was. And I think it's truly an inspiration you're here talking to us about your book today. Well thank you so much for saying that because it really really is about trying to fix the problem. And you inspire more people find the courage and that the scene happening in the culture shift right now we are witnessing in 2017. Something that happened so quickly cultural shift and has been overnight. But we're watching it. If so I am trying to encourage anyone saying that if you have a story please. He's come forward to your local media have a boy can't speak up a purely accurate analysis. On your workplace pre also find the courage to come forward and help us and. That's a scary proposition though what would you what are some things that you could. Give people might be considering doing that so what are what are some tips as as suggestions or some some stories that you could share the UN through. That might help people come forward. Yep I mean the first the first thing is that how can you get a group of people within the workplace that you don't feel like you're by yourself. You have to do you have to trust at least your colleagues to tell them what's happening to you I know it's tough. After witnesses that were still in the east that she said environment chapter four label is actually my entire playbook for people out there seeking it in the twelve point plan. First international we got a call a lawyer don't just go right HR. I mean I love HR people out there listening but that it is inherent conflict of interest in the come. Absolutely we have discussed as and repeatedly idea HR there you know. The company pays HER. Exactly right ankle would be characters that the one regular paycheck I'm not. That's what it is that there harasser is writing a paycheck and you're going to that personable ads what's going to happen in the air. Nothing good. So I think it in the book if you're actually you have much more provocative ways to make it safer for people to come forward. Like having an independent up on the treatment for example. But also to set the tone from the top down I imagine if the person in charge of the company would actually have. Is salt group meeting with employees and say the buck stops here we're not accept that. Celebrate people look at happy to come forward while that wouldn't. I imagine that. I wrote I mean. I do I can't I. I'm optimistic. No I I love your optimism and the bravery but at you know. They about dat Roger Ailes was he coming to everybody at Fox News and saying celebrate that this. And I. But he's up there are. You know what we gotta get rid of the red jerks know we got to bring in the people who'll wanna have corporate culture like at him by the way. We also need to hire more women in top positions that. Happens look you gotta go to. I'll hand are OK OK I'm gonna charts UB fears stopper asthma and take your power back out now continued success scratch and it. Bahrain. It's gone downing. Somebody's birthday today we keep asking for bright is. So to me do that hours. Sure. We can just do that out. Death. Ominous skipped the story that I wanna do so mad. Among walked away from mental. Who knew stirring new. We know about that mr. John Conyers yeah I know at answer I'd sign and a drop in the bucket of congress they have like I was on the measure it. I'm hat here instead of the death. You. There I was just gonna get nasty. Between sexual harassment Russia I don't know how many represented if we're gonna have left numb nuts when all this thing goes down and not much. I'm gonna skip the AT&T Time Warner merger story despite my love of discussing regulation I understand that it makes everybody's eyes glaze over. It's just kind of bizarre it's a lot for them to combine them with yeah yeah it is it by its. It's bizarre that we live in a world where the DOJ. Wants. Once that merger. They suit and a pregnant we don't want their merger. The people are upset because they wanted to spin off CNN and I regardless of Pittsburgh good reserve batteries and I don't think there's anything wrong ever. With preventing a merger from happening with two large companies. But again I realize it's happening that that's been done it for me it doesn't matter what it's happening I don't care I don't care from delight CNN. Any reason that two large companies don't get larger is fine by me yet. I don't disagree moving not all right let's go to Australia weirdly enough I don't like to leave the states. Very often to do news but I did see this yesterday. And it made me laugh and I hope it makes you laugh this out Australian. MPs Bob tanner. Isn't a big fan of gay marriage. And he recently opposed the recent referendum is 8 PM as the rat out and empty. As the end in not the prime minister to prime minister what is the end he stands for and he's like adding to like you know. I don't as I've as a player congressman printed them out it was like I parliamentary procedure. He's a congressman. Equivalent your congressman and Australia via member of parliament there is a member Paris that makes sense and he MP member of parliament and a I don't they just do not. Like mop member of parliament I agree I like the mop and sent an MP and he sounds like Koch pops out what they are to mop them. Sounds kind of closed wrestler. Not spine a cast Australian MP Bob mop Estelle in mop bobcat are. It's a fan of gay marriage and oppose the recent referendum in which Australians voted that it should be legalized. The loss still needs to be changed by parliament but cat or was not too keen to discuss. What to wit that with reporters and so you change the subject Iraq and now I'm gonna tell is up front you're gonna have no idea what this guy is saying. Because he's Australian OK and it sounds like he's like Hugh grant's dad. Is that uploaded it to vote in a hockey grant talks go help ever so accidentally touched a charmingly no doubt like like. I think you her answer is the a pervert yes set zotero Ernie plus percent exists lies and dirty credible clip. That police see. Pays for it. That we know now. Well now Eileen Natalie Elena and four played a great prime minister. In love actually he did and he did the right thing and love actually and I like to think that that's. He knew who Hugh Grant really is and that girl in love actually attacking ground into. Which are more of that everybody kept saying she had the big legs. Since their big legs is hot who has lived and our member of the New Orleans you know you have must love actually and a feeling. I get the Hugh Grant movies confused. I mean it's pretty distinct. I don't know there's a lot of great you gravity of it is terribly Germany and all of that I like the one. What's the ninth along with the boy the and Tony glad about it iron at all of the boy about right I just found only Julia roberts' eyes a moment Tom Arnold's. Which is that where they're having a baby or hit reviews have renovated that cat and they go on they beat up the Barney. Pat yet in my it was so weird okay G story and then I'm gonna ask you a question do you adieu mark area. And the rest of the and I think your movie buffs you know now how loud I'm gonna get my timer ready are you gonna do Tom Hanks thing. Albert. Sake man why a couple why he got me and today I am not a kid is ruining. A slightly wanna do is something behind afoot here and to act you are a day it's not a dominant in the courage shut out I'm it will mean some people don't know animal doing quit talking and tell us a story about the mop again in my appears the mops org ready. Tea. In the same fix certain bearish to bite from bobcat. A bit like corporate bottle so that sexual proclivities. Are already. But they've 2000. Also important for our top it's a well I spend in any talk more choice in the main tour on every three months. I'm closest would respond corporate all of north Queensland. NASA I play against like he's. It doesn't wanna talk about gay marriage but he wants he's like. There's more imported she is by opposing Getty soda pop by a crocodile while going the way in which he's very pleasant in the beginning not talking not wanting to talk about it people's. Sexual orientation. Sat and let's TrueCrypt it's it's people barely eat but let's turn. Don't let a thousand blossoms bloom like. Site right Ebola it's not money it's that bad nights ago what do you do Jernigan irregular. Bob cat ten. You can't F and member of parliament and Australia down bobcats. Little bottle of emotional assigned 67 bearish to bite from bobcat. Okay. I think corporate auto so that sexual proclivities. I'm a great but they've 2000 Walsh whose blue and sparked off it's a well I spend in any talk morning. The choice in the main torrent every three months. I'm closest would respond corporate all of north quasi. I'm not spend a many time on letting people alive who they want allowed because every three months abuzz and as taunted paces. Black crocodile. In north Queensland. Danny was says satisfied he just giggle business his only big likely that a guy that close you are a lot. Phase two because he is he's very slap happy in the beginning talking about people's proclivities. Blossoms bloom because semis does Canada but. Some pools of blue to bring the goods and then he gets. Time. And it kind of sounds like the last guy in Mary Poppins to cut all idea I had yeah professor. To buy from bobcat bald cat. Okay. Don't think corporate spot oh look sensual. Lips. I'm already I think this thousand Walsh whose bloop and sparked talk and so the well I spend in any talk. It was in the main talk of every three months. I'm close schools facing a guy. And then. Yeah he returned mad and I'm not from Australia or Britain it's likely to have that little whimsical. Well. All of thank showtime and it's and it's automotive cut out every three months that someone gets ripped the book black broken vial. I was still look good but that's eight right. But it promoted Steve LA and but didn't lie. Just hasn't blossoms OK so. Paul god I love this guy seriously. These lone crazy yeah yeah you know he lets a thousand blossoms bloom and his bedroom. IA yeah. A do you at all. Breath how to connect our our necks. Get another story on ideas Arriaga you is your nose and a failed marriages next time I you do the next. An hour to kill. Yeah you're now. Ha. It is set I was gonna do now how Hollywood won't do guess spears shows porn. The chesterfield students to. Sparring okay let's everybody do a short REG I wanna hear them foreign storing the shortage of Christmas trees gonna drive up your tree prices. While you know this and so my attorney that. You know those soundbites and not streak is up right guest speaker accidentally shows pornography. The accidental porn is one of my favorite stories that happen ever. Could yield an important. Bridge to closer browser. That happened to me this morning or your phone and somebody sitting behind my and I move oil up. And how they were war knew what was I like an ally and now and then I feel same bit out there yet there are really had me a little changed bomb land. Okay and is this all played out this morning at a career event for sophomores and middle lo fi and high school again. That present or who we've learned was an X ray technician and Bonser course. Plugged in a mobile drive according to the school into a computer and then that pornographic image popped up on screen. Now school officials notified parents about the situation in an email earlier this morning. That letter says the image was on a large screen and we've learned at the presentation was in front of basically the entire class sophomore class. Here in the look in high school. Multiple students who were there tell us that they've prisoner himself through his hands and said quote that's not mind. But skills that quickly blacked out that image grab the man and then removed. Him from the assembly. Do you know was erroneous seven you didn't know about how much he got he got side he'd need to get the hook it up like grab and pull away what kind of empower and let's see if they go ahead and Sunday exotic curiosity. Let's just see what amazes. And now. It's panel rather out my goal is lodged Torre and then. Write a lot of iron today is pretty funny he was an X ray technician. And David are we. You do not according to school officials in chesterfield county. Earlier this afternoon we had a chance to speak with one student who was there he says there is a lot of confusion that initially. I don't silent because not only knew what was happening. Yeah dead. Did you look at it again I was so really confused and then I was like and then at that point eight set it off. And they took the guy out and I was basically it and then it was stopped for like five minutes. That's it. Well I guess it just present or was an employee of bonds' records the company released a statement there reads in part quote. The incident was accidental but unacceptable. Replacing employees on administrative leave while we conduct a thorough investigation. And we'll take appropriate disciplinary actions in accordance with the findings. Of that investigation. So he's a speaker and a semi yeah I score on mean plugs in his time and then the plot is like the USB drive in. And a game plan ZUSB drive and wants to do main. People use the drives. I don't ideas Peter I was wondering and I want to know he started it make you laugh in there you have one if you outlined your pervert I found no one is almost -- I don't have one if you have when you're definitely like a super duper I don't know and now as the economy college and I'm a pervert down south and I'm and I'm not I'm pretty isn't port is so no nasty and you don't want it even I'm residing on your hard drive for you might have been on a portable stick. Our observer why is okay Andrea. Has certainly cause asthma in the tables at night and they have night classes. One guest speakers left one of those things and now a ticket. To see if there's a name monitor something it in the my computer. I think this can be bad I don't know it's going to be on you wanted to know I want an alarm off did you check I am pop the live and then it was just a power pointless and disappointing because it about. I don't think that's a kind of. Or anyone have a lot of people that might do speeches. And require. They take him on the go you having tape they're like port WS being in May mean to you ground it out there on behalf of the brain PowerPoint. Necessarily your pervert. Man I'm just saying Danny I mean it could be for now on perverts here at the wrong one. Listen. I do think photos pop up why you need to play. Porn music via. You'll be partly isn't why why why you wanted to you know why did you can access it on your phone. And I feel I haven't they are a good photos or videos of pop. But here's another clip of a student. That they interviewed. A big. Corporate bottle so that sexual proclivities. I'll tolerate. But if this thousand. Also whose book patents are so it's a I mean she had played guys that there's. Well acts pendant and a talk about trying to Chris said intimate to one every three months. I persons told FaceBook corporate all of north Queensland. Ice man unit. Thought long the US beat draw Rex might dongle is in the US do you drive. It's a dongle. Yeah. I got I put that in first before I can but then. Anything else sanitize it says a fourth grade a teaser is showing a class our field should be of from the week before. And apparently it was recorded over a porn VHS. After the video ended its go to girl. And the teachers screened in turn off the TV and ran out of Europe if that does that is the appropriate as that was a male teacher. They need to be investing in yet I mean children it's doing a children's video over that. That's pretty good now. Arrogant cleaners and I find you as being jazz solve its. It's a. Why can't you just plug did dirty US beat any USB drive condoms for when you find him on his side or. I'm covers people who say I got US feeders are proud I was there in nineteen evil Danny is being at Jenner his thing more on a granted many people and keep Florida and then there's a grand. And Italy I don't know the answer is yes that's your act that way it's just like would need to anybody who react strongly goes and it's probably one of them right. You know it. While there are and since we had. Before Rihanna Gretchen Carlson on earlier retirement Charlie Rose then yes I as far as command you know. It sounds like Jesus is next every day and represented in Conyers and I anyway. So. Some guys like all let's get and we are talking about how it's mostly met and now you don't hear women doing the same thing there and someone texted and while let's not forget. The teachers the female teachers that answer as additional students and really and let everything and LT yards let them bring those guys. Played really tax line. Is open mirror into the techsters Seoul based on what we're talking absolutely gives you give yourself away on a daily basis you've given out the more visceral you react to that topic and the more you fight against it the more likely it is. That what we're saying applies to you deep inside of you are wrong and maybe you don't even know it. But yes I am an over generalize Ing moron I. But that's what's funny about 200%. Dagger a joke. So obviously not everybody with USB drives is of Herbert pars not when I say things like that the joke is that it's clearly it's a safe joked that may but we do apparently. Not so much. I work in the apartment industry and has found used feature as of the residents nude photos on them since the tech sign it puts a nude photos on US big. I doubt they're Amazon of mine in the cloud yeah. Bags of my voting on now. Okay I don't think corporate model for the spiritual food and hit a great. But they've 2000. Wilson's book didn't sparkle it's a and I went out activated. On more because in the main drawn every three months. I'm persons would respond corporate all of north Queensland. I go. USB drives an Australian mops that see your buzz birdies on. Yeah your. I did mine sir you know more than emails that shouldn't do the families sharing on the club I found somebody's breasts. Not my instrument in Managua the a blank okay. Is Brad certainly you. Have they have. Why are now in note here that have created a flat. I can't let that every guy I am there and have families here in the morning good morning you are we down we. That was a good shout things are Gretchen Carlson you know. Good interview we should re airing that tomorrow Paula a minute earlier on anonymous it was on after any one call on manner. I gotta read this text on the timing he's so angry again you know it's me. And it goes back to what we talked earlier about the text finding a window into your soul sometimes. When we talk about things in the show is there's a myself as a moron. And it's absurd and we say things are. Clearly obviously not true all the time for the effect of cameras sometimes he'll also have I don't know own opinions differ from Blair but the best thing is the tax fund reflects. Yourself more than anything and it's always interesting when you're talking about something I mean as were playing George Michael underneath and being completely innocuous and laughing about Ben applicants bad man. We get a text that says you guys talk about DC comics and movies like you guys actually know anything. Been Catholic is a great actor and director he's the closest to the Batman comic books we've had to go re a comic book before you start talking past. Or how what area code 901 of that Massachusetts I think that's been happily texting a cent. I. Area and kind of Helena. Memphis Tennessee. Are very Memphis. Nobody Memphis. Jazz. My friends from Minneapolis they're out. They were sequestered and man that's O hold steady hold steady. You might as well throughout that do Ben Napoli man yeah orbit but her Casey app Flickr widget grab what you are beer and Affleck brother for sheer. AFLAC we have a few Alice Murton take his retirement I'll just learned playing. And the record our two nights if you would like to get 576796. Spot. And then when William dollar joint way ticket. But that such a weird thing to get defensive about yeah Affleck is DC you look DCU movies have been trash. Ben Affleck and uranium that sonics' owners are reading books to squeeze her don't you. This makes me feel like baffling is even more trash because of your defense of him. Let's who designs the online movie. Like eight that's like it's like I think they're defending comics but if that it now they're to have Jimenez like that Israel's bat and he's a great director and a great actor secure a little boat yeah. That the wizards and now correct. Later they did nightfall to neon green this is a man on the way to they brought Bain into the Batman series it's terrible. Let Owen because nightfall was a lay up area and then comic. Like I feel myself I can't if you if you are eager if you wanna talk about comic books again I it was a lonely teenager that's fine. Right this is where you crazy person bad apple fan. And this Ben Affleck come on and then act like DE SI. Sorry how does say he's sorry we're using somebody who you liked as a bunch as a punching bag we tend to punch up their parents. He sucks we don't punch down here can only only conjure up when we do to get to sit. Well she issues she definitely. Punch down bounds well we punch we punch up the benefits of their target right. Hell he's hired Terry I feel like of ischemic fun event Africa Cameroon let's wrap up who cares like as cranky that's like he taught you how Dan how am I I could talk about average for notre by me as your own music acts manifest. Come see me I had agreed chicken Memphis Memphis Nashville Nashville and then Nashville. Who get a handle I heard that. Keyboard at the end. Gonna keyboard at the end. And now a lanky good keyword. Slide. I own determines mark what's the term. Regenerate hand down ego or Blake. We call that. A role in Cairo. You know and now this in the. Read and I think that was the editorial board that's electric piano going green arrow at the very end sound like may have they get chopped nuts and elected kubert. That's a guitar. Right there in that the variants a keyboard. He says hi art happens. It's a guitar part of our that I was sorry I was against our guys that you vote. Right there that me now. You're in that series like this is he's got a horn there's Ari Miller is our entire matter how hard is that Saturday morning at the end I was a lot horns. It's always nice to see Amanda Lorenz. You know I like him. Needs to pierce takes out his horn yes committee put it agreed that is my favorite song media is when pierce plays as sex. That's hot. Anyway which are very attacks on both on the right near sacks signed a hard time in half. Iron and I have lightened. I yeah why you know you have a lion attacks on now I don't have a favorite tackle I have a favorite tax on I hinges on the house and I got my dad died is a lot of blame apparent sex work. Some incidence and or in. It does sound like an Oregon Oregon Coast Guard organ and keyboard. It's same thing I urge to keyboard though elect or Deanna and organ sound right now done in enabled some are now. They don't unfair attacks. Please can you name when he sacked songs yeah minute Danny I can't does that adding that what you think units. Kenny G and that's something that's pennies it. Marked with appearances there he didn't pay some with. Come on guys. Carelessness for your right. Number why Zacks. Hey T and T I needed feel like Hillary they call ram ram ram grandma. And Iman and it's. Thank my god again and again I'm a citizen Aniston George Michael for second George Michael. Boom. It's. For me it's. There needs to be hold music again just Florida. George Michael's careless whisper. That's not it was pretty goddamn Matt and I got careless whisper for some reason confusing baker street for so long though he did and now I don't know why. I don't know I air. All right. I'd Tom Hanks but you I. I don't India now lives our timeouts asks. Hole as of any sacks isn't time prisoners I know piano I mean Tom Hanks varies out of downtown Kingston. Okay can you were in India us and Pakistan. I have my timer. Can you name too funny Tom Hanks movies in cnet's. Vowed to the I'll let you do it together Mika let me get. That Tom Hanks movies that. Coming right in doubt. It is like in so right there no I don't blame them beforehand on an amount of orbit during an REM I look dubbed don't look at happy they're happy that. As I know how much electronics then. Yelling Tom Hanks mileage on banks and this yeah like I ask all those toys are made and I'm not get a movies but I know several isn't bright I had putted ten. They each and Dana as you writing down or you're Gino I'm writing one secure provides 678. Nine you really need to number he enters a write them down or Ari are you guys ready yeah my timers starting. Got a road to perdition you've got mail you've announced early adolescence Nancy was. Green mile green out here. To oversee the volcano. Okay. Big yeah forest it yeah four or gaga bachelor party hi my guy classic Tom Hanks force them. You're any difference don't know I know has trained and towing seconds passed away Yasser way yet. Terminal or visit was to get a terminal it's are very good is that terminal area of terminal. There's the one about the bridge to nowhere despised bridge. You know talking about that he's the guy is a spy is a regular businessman. Kensington bridge to you know there. I believe that's that. Now that time Princeton or Orange County. Where you know that the census I'll ask. You're a man right Iran very yes first raise our new leader and Harriet and thanks. Is so is going brag about art art you know business it could turn our marriage are gay entertainers. And it's an and it's and it's. That's how my gas cot. You can do that. Romania and the emphasis here is slumping Jerel and a well under itemized blast. What thing doesn't oasis famous oyster area. Once you enter yes. I. Toy Story houses like the bigger and it's Taylor I just did a video. Into a resident my first music in the end. And Tom Hanks as the carriage. Ali there own there in the room and. He Leonardo DiCaprio. Titanic deputy camp yes judge Tom Hanks and is that like Derek. I think no way to get a date with so revealing I had some racism Titanic are now did I don't and they say no it was a fair bit to differentiate entry force six I mean it's not. Dying. 101112. Prison for contingencies in 1718. If you are counting 12 and three of tourists are not that I am I know I think I can do that that's not where it counts. It doesn't count as we want to have any leads in Larry. He didn't do way you're cheating that way now yes now you're just jealous jealous yeah. We got here. I'm not counting legendary series why he was Bridget spot is as accurate I think that's evidence captain Phillips. Volleying Sallyann you know what toys stories that appeared different times on image he did when he won that until entering an area here Ed so it's up here multiple times that's a tough one we're on the Charlie Wilson's war Charlie Wilson's war he now you're here now with the lady tailors the polar express the idea forget the other one JO I. And then she got. Aria which is bad hair that eventually found a way he did have banned there and that would include those. Derek Jeter did you come here and angels and demons and into. Herbs. The birds gotta have I can't believe you pulled Joseph vs an intern marriage Larry Brown in bachelor party chair of it's been a lot of movies he has his prolific yeah. Oh observational science fiction. I'm from both have. A big yeah I think corporate model for the sexual chocolate mixed up on Monday. But they've been thousand blossoms bookings are talking that's a tough but I spend in any thoughts on. Because in the main dog every three months. My cousins toward space rock called abdominal quasi. Second should. What they got castaway about the last. And money pit. Money because the money spent on anything that you guys do it to Israel wanted to remind its allies were Dennis facility in Hawaii Brad Pitt movies are okay two minutes. Why don't I have to he has at saying no we're just negative thing visit Gaza we've had a Tom Hanks are now we're gonna see the cascading effect. On social media of people doing this with different celebrities might not get ahead of the curve I answer those I go ahead and put two minutes on the George Michael Clark line now. And go money ball fight club. Are you writing these down yeah. The one where you. Old mignon Benjamin button yet Thelma Emily is seven and mr. or mrs. black. Played that was Coppola. With Angelina Jolie and that's where he left his wife. He. Solemn what so lying last name. Smith is services that what's the mine wins and I. Hollow crap what's his name Sundance. Robert Redford yes he's this guy. Alia or our expertise is India's access such a hot movie. Back. Am like I want to zero hour and hurt and Brad and son calls it is led a team needs air opposed chat. TMI why isn't even have movies something about spies. You're helping me at all. Wells is Brad Pitt and so they announce. That I'll you is in the crap. Money burning. Burned burned. Burn something burn it to burn notice reading burn an hour meeting. The glorious bastards. Tiny area. Ocean's eleven and ocean's eleven I was well he's 38. Short days I mean. My game by game that leaves out. And you guys are interview with the vampire. And meet Joe Black. They're testing mr. box. That's race now that let us now that's going. True romance the it's endanger rallies Floyd in your own answers to the Mexican Indian. I don't know there's a market is games. And time. Khamenei on Tuesday. Yeah 111213. 1415. And a did you count all the hours since the last mounted audio lessons for I don't believe in I did I did well we're we Nancy. Or. Pearl Morrissey world wars they'd. That's the last time. Rent ten movies I can see the cover but I couldn't see the name of the moon. Sure I war machine Droid. That's when you money value got ally. And injuries he's Benjamin snatch theory that was three Legends of the Fall to. And you know uses that same season and I am happy feet burn after aiming at that I was in twelve here's a slave which is we're seven years to bat that ball. That's so I was not know battles and otherwise in the Mexican he has a full frontal did you give me the next night in New Mexico. Sleepers. Even sleepers that doubles now he's in your own hands make a mind cools old spy game ocean's twelve California artist. A River Runs Through It. He's in the department disown anointed. Okay is this a real movie title. Two fisted tales this kid yeah starring Brad Pitt. Confessions of a dangerous mind. So it's Susan easing can cast him. All right now we do Matt Damon. Or is that enough. I don't know how about ten Ben Affleck movies okay eight and a half two minutes on the clock ten Ben Affleck movies out now bad man. It. What's the one where they. The wall worries dry he's you count and they haven't met the so bad that big talent and. Dolan and David. Nor they have Rasner accomplished Heidi like them out both. Martin held meetings are not dead. My guy. I've wide. People. Late to do this to dear Robert Williams and Robert Williams yeah. I know not brought her items when it rocket science broccoli and what have you collected visit here. This town the town is good they are ridiculous and guerrilla what is that doing an excellent. There hat I'll get lunching at on Good Will Hunting and on. Pearl Harbor. And Pearl Harbor it's an open up an excellent for you right there. Because that was during the summer of Affleck and it was there isn't even more was in the NAJ lo many how he was in dock amount dogma. James around the high. The you had any Japanese good and AM daredevil that. This daredevil daredevil also Armageddon would have counted how are we Pearl Harbor seizing any covers the Kevin Kevin Smith did you have basically any cancer and this is a fun game was declared it a lot. My eyes and to George Michael. Seeing that money do. We had an error Nancy dazed and confused GAAP US it was being an environment. Not Steve. Now what was the in his name in. And Hogan and ovarian cancer. It's young player this is easily the worst that we. Am can I say that officially and I've never seen is not banned anymore right or is he was that the Justice League Manny and it was a terrible matinee just give that man RS firm and it's not it's facing you give like to DC universe arrest as our I disagree I hours lob you know then you don't you like X-Men out so. New DC person should be flash the flash that they have is. Us. They need someone funny we need a break from comic book movies now I like Thor was fine. And I enjoyed it just easily made me. Because you know. He was also in a movie called glory days Jason and I've gone viral terrorizing our own Jersey are also comes did you ever see deployed does so using the word yeah and so was Matt Damon. Does the first movie Matt Damon was then financed by a Weinstein. Trying to inspire with French I'm like dorm days he's dorm Daze Gloria. Is the one of those featuring. To Pena. I can't remember her ailment. I just know that it's you can talk about something kind of is that we can't do a great you know three weekends are about anything over George Michael careless whisper it doesn't matter what it is I release the trifecta worked yet another Houston. Feel very. Close and buildings Affleck. But he was an un credited member of the cast as a fans in Fenway Park. She's a million times better including Chalmers disagree. Kilmer yeah I'm learning now. Kilmer was a better bat man as as George Clooney. Michael eating guy is Batman till now Clooney got a bad shape man he got Schumaker making those movies. And it was just so he's the worst that man Clem it was like it who Clooney now how it yet is the worst. The terror make a funny voice. He does do funny nice track is even like the joke he came Boston joke that. These Greg just like that Catholics so goddamn much grade they should've made him more of a bad this likable character in the movies and it would have played the better athletes straight. But being a do because it's a funny lines and I was like what's your superior in outlets here. Super air trait whenever he's like I'm rich. Avoids any like if Tony Stark said that that would be an area Bryant Robert management engineer Robert Downey junior makes that god damn hilarious I'll meet. I'm rich I'm rich yeah Ben Affleck ball ball ball ball ball well and that's going to be tough to be Ben Affleck because like. No Mike CO he's it is our right he's. Bizarre world. What's McCaw. Who's the guy to start Robert Downey junior might whenever robber data used has been applicants same people would spit on him. Doesn't matter whether they're both tables bit. Doubt there's any juniors south signing. The like of all debt. But he's up there's nothing like a law about that half black he doesn't have that quality I wish we worked in LA and New York so we can just trash these people on a 100000 watt steak and get back to them. So they can just. Here are inane babble. I'm I'm Nat and I spit on you Catholic book and your brother to do. That's not a big fan on your Brothers that that's.