Afentra's Podcast Tuesday October 10, 2017

Tuesday, October 10th

Opa, Brothers, Sisters, Toothbrush, Bathrooms, Cocaine, No Costume Party, and more!


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Are you think that morning guys nine in the country Downey is pay gap so you like game of runs and incest right. I mean how uncomfortable. Let's can we qualify any incentives. Like even the army and Kansas saying now real I mean do you know you like fantasy insists right. That's I like fantasy. Incest. I ask you qualify any news here to curb right now yes. Actually it's not even necessarily the incest part and I in his older younger than okay and sell a lot of time or sometimes is I Brothers sister. Yeah that's that's not for me really. I didn't nasty Brothers isn't yet now. It's got older or younger it's our way is the step daddy diner. Ran a kayak back. It's it's the agent William pond scum is considered great because they know you needed tape got fat break. We're programme bladder diary got did you break event review dad's stimulates allowable. And look man I am not a judgment okay no yes I am not at all yeah. I his dad. I needed a port number I know I deserve when you're there I'm winning yes dear clicking your mouse takes the grandpa but one time wise thing where it was a group and three generations of family he adds it's not the end says it's the age different al-Qaeda mama drama over the forty. Yeah I don't know mama like current dollar. Like wine yeah I'm not Dallas. That's not that's not your game OK and NAND market grandpa it's a just so happens to be that that's where I can find. Older younger. I say porn I that is another thing I can search for a catch same with O box. An Obama. Is a my eyes got a big dinner plates when you revealed to Oprah Oprah is German graduate I'm still. I heard where you lie I hear I doubt there are term I can users search for boys and yeah so it's not the incest and I eggs. It is the aged are forgotten them yet that gets me around far while we got wade deeper and I was gonna do much things. Where we talk about like you know the column and then might be advice columns and now like to ask you chair I was sad and apple kind of it. A dainty little upset by this day of Andrew dice and zen where they'll let us. You know are now qualification. And he can't just throw that out there into the Euro rivers that explains a lot me or is it gentle on my agenda Thai language I'll cancel that you just came on your you like demons rounds and you're against us. I and now I passed and I. For now that's incorrect. They don't want to borrow like that everyone. I'm saying and I have to watch eons that's where I don't. It's not because I want to because it offers. Older younger. Demographic do that I am looking at current normal the sexuality. Of the way one I don't mean to be like you understand that but I wanted to make sure that people understood as and I wasn't Riley and sat right way and I sat I don't think anybody did I think you feel those same pro I. I don't know I'm all for open I don't like the Oklahoma no. Opens up do I hope not I'm. Seconds glance you can. How do you know at O'Brien no matter that the guys that announcement Monday in Bob for now I isn't a lot of people doubt that well not. I'll tell you girl I you know I'm Obama and I'm an advantage of really geeky real bats well you guys and molested me called his grandma coma OK okay you're out. Well I it's because I got analysts and that lets her do well and oh yeah well known as the bad element. That you put your hero little alleged. Go especially during the days. Ride opens wait for your basement and I'm out there man I'm gonna have coffee TNT accent and workers originals. Yeah yeah. Out where this commercial now a look at him and a whole different life. Right. Were there is original from Iowa. They got it yeah. They decided he had a key a guy you element of his word and as a result Clinton our current hearing shear that's just wasn't hours dozens are now also ask your question OK it's not nearly as good installment opened. Well I mean that the problems them. Abraham. Experience I wanna let this is right there basing his fears Graham expedient though but aware there. Everybody's happy everybody loves it. Within the woman they talk. Another zones on how I always say hi Nadia how. There right now and I going to learn there's been no I was demise of the question that. If you get a chance watch that where those commercials are you know its answer that yeah yeah. I T I. We're talking. Funky music songs stored. As I can imagine. Imagine how we've been able to rappers. Who monitor and imagine that true gram positive day off can you imagine. Just they're people who actually buy this stuff. But I cannot imagine. It's a journey Oprah now put your case now. Now now I get rid of that can and I don't Dow opens library of Robert Dick kids. Goes into a Cape Horn case or are sick what are you go there to kick start the butterscotch. Nine. I don't lie and then hope I was like yeah I know I'd already stupid kid opening that open though is open. We have got sidetracked yeah shocker. Yeah with Oprah isn't Tomasson. Grow that originals goodness yeah so what were you going to do before we got sidetracked when damning the truth those are advice columns. A gun and a lot of times I just share a garbage. 100% and I'll try to figure out of the question Israel effect until they write their own question IDC I think it's 800%. That being said it even in its vagueness I like to know how you think about certain things sure M when I come across one that I think you might have some feedback on I like to read a letter. Parents are ready. I'm ready. This one is entitled how do I tell my husband it makes me uncomfortable any shares the bathroom Mir with his sister. And I mean I have a lot of questions. I am a married woman my husband and his younger sister of are of a Mediterranean nationality. You see why I'm picking you hear again and yes family and I are. Closer in courts there yes I'm class I'd rather. I was shocked to see my husband and his sister in our bathroom together. She was putting on makeup and he was brushing his teeth. We were hurry to leave the house that there was a half bath downstairs the one of them could of years. A bit in the bathroom with my own little brother but it was to install new toilet something in practical. Geez not he's I think why is it. That in my caddie and I instruments is only. Has it in lights visionary as your ridiculous that ladies I've felt very strange about this situation happened the second time I've decided that happens again I will join them in the bathroom. And put on my meg. I think she's. Conversation we had why is this as your body makeup on and there are into the Atlantic other. Yeah they're qualified that is ridiculous. It must be in my lesbian these new economic times. Where people live together family and they are they generational household I make my brother are they for an. Airmen are hereditary power again so like I guess they Kerviel and yeah yeah they could be Annika be doing things together as a Mediterranean a doubt we don't do that I've done a Mac. And our streets Mediterranean yes we are Mediterranean and a guy I haven't done anything weird with my brother. The reasons and to. Yes but. As a story in you know that are you know that was a story you know so I did their ears ears trying to sent via for the top stories what's buns I agree spent doing. On Sunday and then she went home is a rose to present in town. Until after he brushed his teeth that app and asking each we separated at night we went to this club. Does greed is good anxious. And eat all that bad girl an iMac horrible way you manage girl I've had a voice and I got and the boys last time he went off with a girl I got on Google has been has booked on brother messed up now my brother and I am honest I don't know where he went on the girl. I don't know back Alley somewhere he says they were them ocean. Oh the wind had six in the ocean and what is duke. For the out of here senator is awesome you seem pretty happy for him and then I didn't wanna have sex. With this guy speak you have regrets. I would ever her I feel yucky out at Ellington right now that we get and yeah but he felt like yet as obligated now. I'm Mary obligatory person like normally you don't refugees after normally don't let them marinade and effort day or two I did you like it did. I would feel he acts I gotta get this out of my crowds I don't know there's got I got. I think and I couldn't I imagine Bryce and he's my Brothers low and so we are Tommy and our nights when you sign up this Chang has gone I think the pricing is Steve he was after it and then I tell them. Easily two GS ninety's crash and I said yes. After I was being secrets here this with. That was the lives of millions of your brother mark woods was horsing ever did your brother. Is that the worst remembered an era well I mean what's the main ha. I know you're bugging everybody but he just at Texas ranger and why would any amounts. Outfielder that's it I did not hit some slivers man it's now with lots and in a whole different way it was. Different now people think we're weird because we aren't we do Mediterranean like how wax my Brothers back and wax him before ideas normally I got an arm IN IK he's like man united that waksal arrived in my gap. Back when I'm atop. Only one person in particular thing that things as clear yet. Or that I've encountered any whales are very vocal and well as low as a thing that was merely not doing my brother and another area where Mediterranean it. We're Greek super area. If you're relaxing and I adding any things open to lax I might grow up and I got. That's your girlfriend but as a galactic and it's you as it exists it wreck and I was like OK I can you not like taxing my Brothers. All would you I mean I think that's where I'd be. That's actually there's not section of the polls to vote lax on I. I agree but I snow like that are outside our dads and ever was but that predicament a look at what it lacks is back yes I look at it like once the media a cut. So like user writing and vividly in India and it's always. Thank you Bradley about the genes that say about the tape right you Atlanta and I answered it that they had some that is tied to an instrument that Sally has ladies Alina login in the bathroom both of them it's Amber's death. Our. We had tickets to. Remind me to do those and a constant party for Friday. At parent my story it's available as excited as time. Also. Mr. guys smile pools and Amy Smart. And he sent to day you hear the words Omaha or oh call 5767965. And it'll be color mark are so out. You showed me this that he and I manners Hamilton. The way it is going on its with which team. The Miami Dolphins. Fired his offensive. Line coach of the dolphins. Miami now inspire their offensive line coach Pete Cott Miami Dolphins owner Stephen Ross abruptly changed his tune on NFL player protests he previously support the players. Kneeling to raise awareness of that this is not a not feeling but I think this car is not his decision to release the video perhaps as a here at this has nothing to do with the meal there's another to do with the kneeling to protests. Police violence against. But beat I have a now that I talk about the NFL now. By talking about few hours later a Las Vegas named modeled took to FaceBook to blast the organization for the most self. Everything was cool the dolphins owner is supported their right to protest police brutality. Am because it's police retaliating time they say it's a nationally at the protest just. What makes you are it's about sleeper to out right okay so. Take in any protest police brutality. And when the owner changed his tune him as Agnelli nag you guys gave way does it topple. Models that are I'm gonna blow yes out sends this video out. All of the offensive line coach Chris forced her snorting lines of what appears to be okay now allow me to play you. Beyond video here in the second once I get too damn man. But I quote so quick to make excuses for him but will rose the minority player over an income dog fights we domestic issues. But jockey saying all lives matter ST at view. If his ass with black they would be dragging him through the mud at face first. Sell. You ready hammer listen of that what does do this is the most interest seeing this is the offensive lineman coach Wright for the dolphins go right and the dude by the way. If this'll play yeah which is just being stupid. The dude who. Is this in order yeah. This is the most what's the we're narrated cocaine snorting I've ever seen in my life who does who video tapes they're cocaine usage. I think that's a bad idea that she tell people about you don't do it. Yeah I mean yeah alleged videotape someone's storing or your south he's videotaping themselves ark okay right in his office at work. I'll pack. Videotape videotaped and and married and Nair rating and it's like weird and I mean obviously the guy has a problem and I hope he gets help and the same time this is just kind of an interesting thing. That in fact. You know new liberals support these guys taking me to protest police brutality but up until it was released. Bidding Kara to do doing Coke that he has now it was your guard down if you're doing Coke in your office and videotape and it snare rating it it's gotten around you you go to your office. It's not like it is he can't keep that secret. Seems like it's brain. At all Aggies keep a secret Coca or. Coat award and videotape remember once I'm like a decade ago I came out the bathroom at a show. Yes and you that's Coca work that was Coca org and we could see it because there was cut hernia and he got. Yeah everybody knows I look at the mere right forgot to sit in it's not all but sometimes it just comes back out there's there's coat and it doesn't Coca makes it look a full every single. Help Kanye knows Coke and that was you think she. Hey David seems to me to support well. So he's kind of trying to sex this stripper little bit. When he stripper whose degree. Missed. I. And when things. Yes. Says he's sending us to them on. Google removes him from. But how do you. Go out keys is a well how they weren't together. You know I've often not the football coach is wrong cocaine this kind of definitely. To me. Why isn't he had at Camp David Eisenhower Paula aren't stupid Internet problem I wanna see what else he says her unmarried. I don't know. I have a lot of question are those the Euro it released from Vegas his hope was cocaine. We miss you think about you. About me me from doing this before and I'll tell you so cool. Sally starts at triumph. He's terrible doing cocaine too because he doesn't plug one knows the. Hold this phoned up get a pocket older phone via tapes of doing drugs at nick Zito the block one nostril it falls out that slices owes some big greens Franklin. I. That's as early as today the path. That is growing as a let me find a soft copy of that damn video for sure she is so Long Island now fire him why is that new. Whom. I Syria area area to reason I can't do. Drugs calls into question. And we can do this critter. He's. Yes she's. A well. Degrees. Here yeah graceful. She's. It's. Been keen and it's. Look. It's no dues but Clinton but. Just the and your marriage to. Pitch. Here it's it's it's much less than it. The she. Should. Prepare. The partners. None days. Look we did have the cocaine problems and I hope he gets the help he needs I mean you don't call you send in video and you think that this is your expression of love. You you've got beat up from but. The hypocrisy that exists within the NFL is on very large display adult coaches also gets hurt us now they only care about the players they'll Aaron -- did you let alone narrow. After the NFL head I'll get drug test don't know all of your way you better do they say spray you better guard their work better labor spray better. I'm not as though questions. You better not merely a broad deadly for Doughty. Better not but hey I'm gonna do some cup. So that chick that he sent this year. Non blacks as they say. Now cues that intensity yours and yeah I you know about the girls are guys are sweets I can't earlier tweets your source in their bond. Yeah absolutely. Go and it under its agreement or whether it's I mean you hop. And can I see your Mac as there are okay all right add. I opt for a non sad or right I'm here. It would be. Worth it lack. This person let's just attic area known as curious at its claim that. The young men but as she released the video below pollutants that she's very she's she's very attractive women. They are doing our wrap ourselves and I think you do is Kate going head and like she just call him out now move. H. Yeah I mean she's hard she's a lot of make they I don't care. Right it's just like eight. I wish it didn't come to this a wizard of circumstances. Evolve which is I didn't have an addiction problem. I wish we didn't have a police brutality problem but unfortunately our bodies being kind of Comverge and shoots the ray. So I'm hoping it's a healthy yes sure he needs. I hope the NFL's Indianapolis. And I hope marks. Open is. Idling in acts. I.