Afentra's Podcast Tuesday September 12, 2017

Tuesday, September 12th

Cider, Chicken, Touching, Buzz Briefs, Peanut Butter, Ted Cruz, and more!


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Hey what's gone I'm glad who. In their lives it's too early that. Fluent. Latter. And I. As. It's an elephant snuff. It's tuna. Add in and out and now. He added that everybody and it's reached out to the star is artists are sure ads are being there is spirit fingers pickle spear is whatever you wanna column spirit fingers I have like pickle spears. Your fingers I better hurry knows. Michael spears because it is needed up and yet they never heard pickle spear and and reach out which posits that this guy and in like live this. With your arms folded over your head like is reached well behind you now grab your journalism rub them. OK I lost jungle. That's fine or mornings Stratford didn't detainees morning's stretch of noise and the rowing your genitals. Anonymous sexual way. Thank you gotta warm about just like you know you wake up in the morning coffee blow your nose to stretch them if far it is warm everything up you know. You know I don't warm and animals in the morning and time in the morning to do be generals elect a diesel motor yeah now the united get that. Why it on first before returning national by that time in the morning to master oh no don't Emma Emma is pregnant and not seeing that I imposing death crash I see Erica I. I'm saying. Gee is that at times you normally do. When I was in high school. I would wake up before everybody else is 5 in the morning and how we get in the shower. I don't waste all hot water while I'm mastery for sure before high school I mean what you only do our high school like loading. I just think as a teenager you are firstly. As you know you couldn't wait via web Norman and each handwritten now I think it was worse when I was eighteen I think six takes precedence. Over sleep. I even for most adults. I manager. I mean I don't want mornings and at times and I'll mornings that he got sour. Yeah I don't like morning's acts now have nasty mouth everything's been gum dollar twelve hours in that way warnings I wanna be fresh as a daisy sure and I am not but I. I'm not talking about mornings bright morning emancipation out. Wakes up in the morning master when you can get twenty minutes it's half and five minutes. Let alone hi Al master Davis out of time in the morning forward and that's what I'm saying to take me time I'd like to reuse. Mine video options. I mean don't get me wrong you know my I don't. Really do that anymore is enamored girlfriend just as we both like sex so much like a morning. You know if I do you needed her she needs it nerds as happens it happens. All I. Process yeah. It is the process he gets employed as an adult or becomes a process. As a process you asked for peace to be that person to make better choices in your life 100 and that's his sexual choice it's just not just every day did it ain't seen it will release and it better be a good one because otherwise then you're really frustrated. NG its frustration rights anyway a year when the morning people that are an ambitious master prior to starting entry. I would like to know the success like how many CEO. Is in the Forbes 500. Start their day by mastering. I can't imagine any I concur. They seem to be like Solis eight holes right yeah. Yeah I mean I eyes when he currently. I went related injury updates all of shirt dates times and bad time great time. Nine times great time just pennies at an early morning any time a morning. Matt I mean it takes a laugher it's messy and I'll. Have time right. Time and time and Lou time and that's the secret to a lot of life and not just Lou Lou but like metaphorical live act like if you want to name him and I have particular kind and I sure are just saying you can't lie I'm Paige Alley warming jelly it is. Amazed I hate alarming stuff it doesn't form a law isn't sitting well it's like. I do a lot I'd prefer mine. Not sure at all. I mean like I dizzy I'm gonna be acts are master race live I'm going to be using lieu of any kind I don't want it to be a participant in my activities other man. A lubricants. Consistency. That. Little bit more business Florio. Jets are we no I'm good on threats yeah. And I got some talked you about wells I know I I know I'm going to see stitches stretch on too. Talk about anti foe. Why. In just a minute. No anti fun. Now like full but like pop into pop. Anti fun anti fascists. Where they were entities were going to be that target and not in the way that you think at all I just I really bad that I know I know I know a guy. Does. We do and well not that anti file types yeah hi I was thinking about it and as much fun as it would be to talk about anti fascists. And they I don't wanna open net like you know our lead our people list are getting in fights about stuff for no reason whatsoever on what I'd seems again I have the energy and rain like even though law currently we just a stretch cat that we got all righty we Thomas day meets arts. Masturbation or write to your rights. Anyway it's a little happy you when you're right you're right and even though he was totally lighthearted the way I was gonna approach it again. I ayalon is are we divisions as 6 in the morning S now what we do here perfect and I happen to be going. Like okay laughter. Joining us tell and I think we GG divisions we do need to visit fortunately does not intend it is not intended and this is one where intact. These guys. We just telling you how we feel about particular things and people disagree and that's where Davis division because targeted choice we can you talk about anti fascist protesters. And the people who love them which by the way I it is is going to be totally positive fund stupid thing to do but and I've as a pro does and the people who love them war. We can give away Lewis birds cider meal tickets. Yeah I lot Lewis from sire diet has come and get chillier gap. Out. That's out of town it's one of the best we got a whole bunch in the prize but Gannett dot. Why talk about something that divides. We're going to talk about something that unites. Well. Even now can I vote yes coach thank etc. there they're there every time I seen that list Berg's writer now for now it is my Spiderman right. 100%. When I'm going to decider now there's no question as to where were dying and little else. To the whispers I'm in your eyes are Islamic site are real competition there is a guys pumpkin patches then I don't even get me started out some of those pumped in past. Doubt that active division I can talk about what people argument from me. That this other place as batters and it's now. 100% ambassador Jett had and I'm sure having all of them at all of the senator Mel patches or whatever it is for the only one that actually does Snyder yeah. Or make there's all different types decider. Well I'll tell me what you know of outside or make me tell. Let me take my words you learn. Earth you're gonna make me but I gras. Cider mills are. OK I understand that I got no idea apple cider is delicious especially. Alarmed I don't know like hot import them on long hot site down. Cults outsider and booze what kind of blues mixed with side with the good side of booze makes. And be okay like it exactly. Guys chats. OK next would you rock and since it's nice run problem arises where I was ski. I guess I was doing was so I went into I think was Apple's. Real quick on next year vodka mention of you can be mix like with anything cat can I ask you do you like me if you're mixing vodka and Coca-Cola. Now I get a things got a little bit of a threat outlined just over the weekends. And spur that makes a lot of sense. I would never think to me as Jews. But it does it's that of people anti it's orange. Apple's. Patent on its. Two managers oranges apples use. Human growth from mortars over here it's Hedo at the artery that she hammers you get the Margarita it was she got that thing with the tomato Judith. What does that mean Demeco line. That's what is it like. It's like tomato juice and and I say to me edges and as yeah of course I mean as a blame carrier it's just no spice as its. Basically. Just I. Mean some some mornings I wake up and put its out of by K Indus MBA it's like get my practice and my start of the day. I have an outsider. Cider. Cider I. Whiskey yeah it's speculate. As as an excuse to talk about out 6 in the morning out. Sorry I have worked as a sauce and it. But during the main page you are you pleased with the worst sire. Here. Course that's higher seed drinks emporium martini it's like where you play it like olives in beer. So I'll pour gas warming and martini. Is Iranian Laker in the beer tell you all the let's see let's find out you know I'm that you guys thigh injury yeah we'd like is how we go login loaded we go out huge aid drinkers. Dinner at this. And I tried to buy. It's more during game you're. Biased that's right are you at some vodka you can do that aperture and yes yeah. She's poor man's is islands I'm here in politics assuming it during one let's see beer knows knows there's no market is beer institute for our lives. Or preferred brand of beer into glass and had two of Ford green olives. I mean it is a little juice in there. Call it disease. Oh. Yeah. The military martini. Martini and now be able to support me in my teenage Alex. We need some bullet. House tighter now if you like a four pack. Of excitement. Your did you morning guys get more games that he's here markets. I got to quit the tape Korea. About its feet quite a buzz feed quiz. You don't do you I'm when that I know but I saw this and I thought this show her I thought of you know now known down. This is better. This is your panera preferences were revealed a deep truth about you and I. I dances these for you to. Notes the most fun not oh. All right so how I like that buzz beatings they can tell things about you based on whatever para. Kate to have a quiz made about them change them. They now ask you permission camps that time getting out of this though Amy and ask you from you click on a buzz quiz which she. Let me say. And daily plane that. This is like your new red book you're asked as a lot of none did that you are now it's like. They want you to sign in my FaceBook to take its know you know it just means you're getting permission. So you can't bitch about it if you can't play out. Now it's almost like bitching about. My Clinton does is because clearly you're you're into mission to take that immunity is kind of how I felt about it and chooses sandwich today. Bacon Turkey Bravo my preferred him it's Mediterranean veggie. Run to Asian chicken opening eat ham and Swiss. The Italian or classic grilled cheese early to wanna hear that you really yes which were underage there you would probably do the Mediterranean veggie now because your Mediterranean. Now okay classic grilled cheese like grilled cheese cut and they don't get any better. Okay what's your favorite kind of bagel. Reason hands seminaries that's not a choice everything I Tiago cheese French toast whole grain cinnamon cruncher pump comply. So current you really. Yeah my reais at pumpkin. Now all I've got you're and everything veiled kind of that's brilliant yet she's a pastry is sweeping treaty or scone pumpkin muffin to con braid. Bear clawed chocolate colossal I there. Bear claw. While car around she's one of these Mac and cheese in sync grain arugula salad with chicken southwest chicken tortilla ball. Caesar salad tomato mozzarella flat bread or spicy Thai challenge the chicken agencies are I think it's terrible error giving its main Al. Let's do an American tomato mozzarella flap aren't okay. She is a bred country right rise sourdough tomato base all gray not jagr cheese country like country I just wanted to know at this freaking thing is my I don't know I was here about. I've become gates chocolate chip kitchen sink oatmeal raisin triple chocolate we'll be able walnuts Bradbury talks ever. We're chip or charge ever. She's an arena many item Reza there gambles there's drink guys tops out apple prince muffin chicken tortellini Alfredo resident ya gotta be at the objectives of I Agilent line. Either green goddess cob or. That probably is it genetic and so baked potato soup by default or apple prides muffin. Apple crunch and all right she's sick of Jesus cry he's screaming man out. This quizzes as long as there is menu. Creamy like two the broccoli cheddar cheese one last week treat pocket cookie double fudge brownie did better after MB worth it yet and generals generals than men role. You're afraid. Yeah. And so the mag and sees. Twice I didn't I sat I don't like their Mac and cheese area has that we aired fake cheesy flavor you like white bread. Yeah. Yeah I mean yeah not out there take emirates on mania I'm a vegetarian. So as to go with the tomato the broccoli chatter has chickens are right I mean how do you like them or give us chickens arguing it. I mean let's check this but like. It's not like you're reading me I mean you're giving me. That stock was made from meat a game but it's colleague you have a moral objection. To meet. Now you give me me value so I would muses during juice. Need to meet Jews because that's me but it's delicious than enroute. Sometimes edgy and I debt and my young yes I dip the Baghdad. And that's in the park each year there's nothing wrong with that Peres because I'm eating the tactically eating me Hawaii you have to feel bad about doing something that you want to do. It's it's. As chief how is that you are who I mean I cheat myself when I dip in chickens it must be Geoff Ogilvy knew every day. Worrying about letting yourself down if you enjoy a little chicken stock. I. One under for. 830 should be out here on the laws dale claims ventured Danny's here. Mark is here. It. My dogs here yeah yours is not doubt she's mine just staring at the door and think what's going look at her like. Well right this is there so is missing. Sometimes your income thinking it's a pain they okay through. GO squads. He had it all she just put her hands down oh well suited. Him it's. She put inner. Sheila it's really sad and so we fight. He needs to archaeologically. Or Nikko. She's coping. The she's gonna jar of peanut butter and just like her mom just like your mom. How we can hope. Ajar appeared for an out of holes are about outrageous she lives better how much DM is due due to its European bird. I can't do that depends. They ever taken it like just been like Palo live anymore. Uses gravest Kunis just. Sean and that's what I'm saying any shot it in amount and in you I don't have any milk. I don't drink milk. Well how do you EP ever. Drink a glass of water you know line that's this gusty god GM adjustments no you're not an adult I am and it's if he's during the peanut butter airlines broader range peanut butter and water I eat peanut butter. But he has been canceled I know you wash jeans circumstance as a you know butter and a water glass a water because I'm a god damn adults. Nobody likes water and peanut butter. I do oh yeah it's delicious that's with the two combos for me that's why I didn't eat more peanut butter you can't eat Martina about her because you're just. Well let me help you guzzle in the Mel. I didn't know it was of Gina better eating contests. I didn't realize that well yeah and the child beater but Larry your guns you. I mean Peterborough where did you try did you arm feel bad about not drinking hell yeah I'll certainly do feel bad Roger you water that is why would you mainly because water heater buttered Joseph mix that's. They GM felt that this thing. Only thirst clincher from peanut butter. As water. They'll just makes you thirsty ear. No it doesn't yes. No it dies okay that's the most ridiculous misnomer ever it's not and it's like they are so public university our ally. And key. And just I'm sorry you have it you didn't adapt you didn't did so this with the European. Lactose tolerance. A later life IG and I'm lactose tolerant patient easy use that. Via cheese column picture. Cheeses okay milk has about. I'm on a big cheese KD's service EG once the planets out there brown Cyrus lists. Other games is cheese for breakfast sit there and sees her days. Delicious. Yeah. Yeah and Barbara we know that many out sort of think of me as soon as she's not a cop out. I DM delicious. PM butter lottery washed his universe newest Alan nice glass of water what is it lukewarm. Shouldn't be drinking no English your baby cow. There are speaking about. Milk. Injuring I can I drink milk I think it's disgusting always count yeah it is so thick. Yeah so is like drinking lukewarm. Tap water with your peanut butter sandwich. Man I'm sorry. I can you acknowledged there it is not the creamy. Partying. There's a glass of milk. I don't drink milk is you know and I drink milk and a sentiment and cardiac diagnoses it's like you like I'm an adult I don't drink milieu try to put everybody else down because you're weird quirk that's rude. You're the one that started and that's the other whether he's an article I got a dollar and first of all you ever. Applicable now and we are march teen about homage to do where hey why so usually I hi how date I don't you're out that's errors you are still talking. You work shaming me and the amount of peanut butter right hates how I ate peanut butter. How I drink water now at what I guess you work I don't pretend like I'm just coming back hero police say out resent is plagued. Just felt like he's seeing. But today we showed Dini. Yeah does make you thirsty ear and it Noah doesn't it gas antidote about water okay drinks out oh my god she's okay here right now you need to stop because you're not making any sense. Because just say he liquidated will make you first year milk milk is Mo how water. All beverages are mostly water. But. There's water. Or water based. Life forms. Listen some of us prefer water and a semi must earn our next tea drinkers pastor I do feel I'll. In out here and tell you. Moved on past that melts away you to that I share in the Bahamas puberty are packed away isn't even true speak out and strike turn my head and eleven and has like a laughing because they said. If he's that I go back awaited dream about it. Thought it and they saw Mike how much the butter and that then album water bomber barged peanut butter G did you hear he had Jimmy is a being a bully and then when. You stand up to the bully they get outraged. I'm on our a's yeah what was that. Where he just canceled. Like I'll pause bracelet got your chance of enlightening to learn that somebody getting Paul is like things that drinking water makes them is superior adults. Does make any sense I'm not as superior adults. There. But you make me. Stand up straight hair its weekly car. What to do that. Look just as you felt weird about Andrea and water. I doubt feel weird about it there's still you did you we've got cookies or water for Santa now now Danny is I was out live I understand the would you like targets of cookies and water. But man I wanted to know about the cookies we dug your cookies and I usually don't. Colin can I tell Africa here and coughing up. Why did you I generally good luck there in. I will Don. In either TR McCarthy. Depends on the cookie. And Sandy's militancy. Elect are not now costing out man. Yeah gap I will have milked my cereal yeah. I have no issues is always at your building materials are now problem I. I had a jury game. I'm so hot well I agree now and I put very little milk in my cereal by the way they get crunchy. I know I guess Artie asks personal preference there's no need for you feel like they're kind of like an adult. Yeah. You know I don't coming happy and not expect me now to come back. Mil just for children tags like adults do drink water. Actually. I mean technically shot because we evolved the ability to process like -- past but are lactose excuse me past that. Pass or child needing the money milk years and it's actually part of Cuban revolution so. Flowers into districts older I drink milk and I adult just by talking about she gave me. Hurry here and that was for Danny be coming out really Danny is. Yeah not bad yes and that's area. It. Cookies in coffee is delicious and they clearly did is I mean. You've got to give me that's pretty delicious no glory that's fine I don't like cookies and coffee. Like famous Amos that is a famous Amos yes that's right I'm fine I'm a lobbyist for big water. Now we're a really argue that it actually use except for the fact its nest do you think it's fun to watch that a university of its with a high class some water and say hi. Well I mean you know I love ice water. Your eyes water. Would like the bread particles float around in there went to pull it away. That would be the same with milk no milk washes it down coats now a gap that's a problem I have echoed some polls. It protects. Let it sealant. They lubricants some of us. Are good about. Eating normal drinking normal foods and some right click on our email I drink a letter from butter and milk and all male got injured cold milk a love hold a she is tries. Whole note is the rest is the only milk they're usually drink this whole middle what are we gonna do save a few fat things. You know I said the fats are bad feeling more to you know that inning and that's not bad feelings. Some of the fat. According to science. It's just discussed in that. Simon Says she. Milk is first gear your dolls is stronger yeah concerned never broken about in my life been relatively little thing burglars. Never brag about and about Emanuel has got to go out that I write this on full out and tackling I don't buy that. Had you argot of lower prices are operating above OK you're right I know that the threats. Watch your luggage go look at the trails. I'm just say and I got stronger in bounds. And Craig Baumgarten doesn't he's crapping on famous Amos cookies. Think it came at an adult covers these it would these people. As soon as they do is what do you have as a surrealism and its own I now we are supposed to do there isn't somehow. Jenny that and then you look at it like you're like guy. These are pure butter sandwich is drink water. Which that's not what happened and then off they have talent out OK okay yeah okay that she came to me about needing cash stimulus yeah man like. How much you know battered he had no Nikki Giovanni in my car is syndicators are could not eat a jar and OK I may read like side. I don't know I have never eat now an entire jar of peanut butter and I've come to pass close. To appeal but it's Lima tomorrow well at the milk. Water free and only DM me jammed. Jenny dare me ten. My idol week I DO Milch and while Ireland and harmony or because it is like there's so that's my dilemma why is it that you are shaming wire drinkers out. Some of his going to drink pure water is let's shall we say can we at least college. Yeah. A delicacy for those with. Special tastes. Can we just admit that they'll do is knock on June 1 number that it does make you thirsting if you're like in the desert you can drink Milken's life. I mean it would be a terrible choice. Which you could survive. Yes. That wasn't what I have asked here I didn't stay courage drink now and has as did you sort of exit doors here that means it'll die. I diuretic which means that you should OK guys does tackle insurance so you had nothing. That's ridiculous because it's nobody's always I think it's liquid it's it's it's liquid that. It is mostly. Water that's what milk is sound tax on your own. Yeah buttered that's no more I challenges for awhile I love Melanie her pension company your eyes open again. I GG that I have big all care. And then here comes this just a this is when we really had the dregs of humanity. Until I would venture on this one mil deplete your bones rather than build it we are not made to consume no egregious bill I don't disagree with except for the fact that we are dealing BA because now because we develop the evolution it was evolution that we didn't I hey. Lack and scholar and a lot of us. Evolutionary beneficial all. To be able to do so so say that about biology let's talk about it decrypt. It's not baby crap it's hippie crap that is hippie crap. We were binge drinking minerals milk yes we were that's why we developed that ability to continue to and. Richards I find fat dissolves fat so watered is that brands PBP governor oplink Milton has true. Fat dissolves app gas and crime that's a lot of fat. If you're having peanut butter and drinking hole little to wash it down when you as a manner and go ahead and you that would like to air I don't know. But a great. By the way a pension never subpoena pursuant just Danny that was you know. I add and I added a daily is 88 ABC or eating peanut butter usually it's assailants. Now I take the spin being put a number Ed it's now the whole different discussed in the community. That's our sorry about ID I told you until the ante to spill into the jar. And I let. Did you watch some time. Items what you're doing and I law and sometimes I do that yet I don't. I cannot wait you know it's my biggest pet peeve why DOS putting a journey peanut butter spin in this state I've asked about their effort yeah that opt what's wrong with you in your mouth that you can't elect called happy about and I know why the board router doesn't come off that's been so easy because watered the rinse that off good doesn't it. That's why can't eat it if I built off. Reds right off. You leave. Dirty North Carolina matters absolutely not a repeat of it is too late it. Julie kick me. If I exit highlighted clean OK when you're making the governor's images do you think that if you're an enemy should grab paper towel in Brunswick cleanest lose that NASA can produce at AT and yet. For a long time for someone that just like globs of peanut butter understands. And lives. And I like. We may disagree on our beverage we agree on McCain about his group can make Peter writers are as a little bit shorter. The Y and so the way you go into that I hand you your knuckles than those in the bottom of the DM knife that's the point I hate that. Daily AGF. Simmons defendant. BI know eyes because they say you're wrong Romo we have not about to ring no no I literally. There is literally SRC all peanut butter only goes ads average as a senator and didn't. And then if that's. Well. There's like literally up pops up popular science article right now about the evolution of man. And how milk is part of that. So that's why I know about the most stuff and you can read about it or you can be in denial and secure message boards either way. So this is an sheriff Vernon schools compete better with the third time. One leg for you want to make me. Do it while I do love my job I don't know lever that match I'm not a dot any are well butter is like. That you did you get a little weird zone. If your dog in this. And jazz levied a matter yeah it's peanut butter on a daily right in the column set no alive in the con but she's yeah she's a mess right now this idea that I give her there in a minute that a huge heaping tablespoon did being a bright orange government and her and then I. That's been cleaned her I need for a paper towel idea I got it. It is in the empire right off. It's only four or present of people have a forum like doesn't cause as much is that true that's that's it's just I mean you're not sure that laughed like yeah he's discussing any leaves a platter on Ali's pulse. That's disgusting. Not saying that's the main reason for her divorce him because Tim to freak outs. I just can't believe this person like go about that that is. Or if it's not just in to get yeah I mean I is deadly gift. Yeah. So anyway. The milk article Daniel Israel is coming from an idea here is that the best way do you know this just be crazy. Is Jesus. Is setting challenges your core believed to just say it was probably can hear us man U and drink about how bad habits and not shaming for drinking water. With mice I'm. No it's you know liar and here acting like and I got a solid. Yeah. He's my welcome appeared to lose. And I was like well not everybody brings water. The dean of matters that affect your aberration. That's how it irons. And at that hour racism I'm kind of care. I urine Caron yeah yeah yeah. She's. It's RS. It's not Sheen if it's true 100% accurate. It's not changed it was not throwing shade as as 100%. Sure that really isn't nice to look at your kitchen sink and not see peanut butter knives. Well you there was choosing next. It is roaches milk. Okay just abducted Roger Milliken this isn't new pop death do you think I'm hit it about making this up cockroaches and milk. Together and lasts. Do you know how nutritious cockroach milk is now Danny and I were drinking milk from bugs man. The milk war is over why. A good I think we've explored this. If you're comfortable about I'm a Jeff. And if it. Another good topic. There into the water peanut butter finger just. And it's I've never seen a tax signs a lot of flight and full of life loudly and and a purpose. As I have this morning somebody said his aunt and the dream to the debate OJ was split the fat molecules. As well or is using peanut butter sir now are only out about are we can we agree is discussing is like you visit we don't live in anarchy right now that's just not catch and. Cake yeah. And millions venture Danny's here emerges here. You Q and Beck tonight. At Erekat. I think supposed to interview back rarely an air engineer your annual new or old should. How does that coward and you can feel like I've talked to back before on the phone now yeah receive a thing years ninth. I thought he was nice here right there I think are retreating ice insists you know. Who think they're real question is I don't remember I don't believe that I don't remember yeah. South. We'll try this again yeah. Yeah I think. It's early now M. I'm excited and yeah answer to come with me. A mom and a me I'm back now. There are areas. Do better without me. We're back yeah I don't know yeah. It's just comes down yeah OK yeah I day yet. What's going on in the world are tomorrow we've got to kegs thanks telling amount. Yes tomorrow Wednesday tomorrow's Wednesday I that scared and then. We announced her now counts costume party right danced joy small pools. Other bands tickets go on sale for freeloaders Thursday. At a discounted price if you're not a reload or you can tax free that are too nineties I 00. To become one or log on June nicest on Amazon com. Not long and got a nice it was a common. Become and that in any idea what's going on world GAAP. Well first let's just deal with something stupid locally. You break par in its attendance slide and Intel occurs one point. So does that stupid movie it coming out. Now it out his stupid. Movie about a clown that kills people are gonna tell me. Where whose account I don't know. I think that climbs hot okay. Is it a star is guard is that his name FC. It is scars scars I think so it's not Alexander. Yeah I do anything else they're related or non cash. 2222 time to time. Think Paul Bill scholars star's death as he related cheer up. Yeah you like bill scars guards do it's like Jack White Ijaz yes. Now that's not why and think that Nadal. Is he related to the other stars Gartner and I feel like somebody did that like ours ours yeah I think. I think everybody's a star is guard from Sweden I have been able to actors seven siblings Alexander goose off he is Brothers phase. Vaults are oh my god. To stop what's good stuff. And city. What is your stuff Lagarde I don't know good stuff. Gustav does have a Wikipedia page allowed cameras gives our dog your stop dizzy hot and good stuff and they need to be guy from twins. Of the stars guard family. And I'm sorry your thoughts your brother is. But it is bad. He's not is not as hot as his brother out of these optical or does soccer stuff is this stay NS of scars garden C zero. Why is Yahoo!. He's a Swedish actor. Tehran character he's best known outside Scandinavia for his role as low key in the History Channel series vikings. Not as successful of those cars while there's one successful. Scores aren't I guess tune out well what Carl Bolter. What does he do he's connected to them is this scientists Gallup Stalin skies guard wait a minute says they're now wait a minute. The scars yards data is still in stars Gary Arnold there is this you do right you do. If you see the avengers he knows guys Garrett. That's Alexander stars there's data I think it must be because he's listed as. The father of do we stop scars scars. Boy lives. People's lives about them once one person on our client wants is like his dad is Dallas Stars gardez insane. Sao. And it's his scars guard for everybody. It's two stars are Alexander's my favorite you're glad Tarzan and why is it not show this guards guards show with the data. And Alexander. And Bolter. They should have that it should be like the Wahlberg and Jews stop damaged burger NASCAR's guards. Guards guards scars guards Barney's yes sir Swedish meatballs and fish to your team is likely tear gas. I can't believe it's still in stars guards. Wow well my mind is blown anyway back to it for that bank. So I guess yeah the guy can get well hunting right yeah he was used the guy won the field's medal. I didn't know that that was your dad would mind blower right now I. To any store cards zero idea darn not into it. Guards. Through. It live if memory size that is Alexander's brother. Is is stupid movie that's in about his stupid clown. Is people like stupid things. It's scare them sometimes which is fine I guess I don't understand the big hullabaloo about a movie it's already come out in about a book that everybody's I didn't read it. Anyway. So in the movie I guess there's red balloons. In OK. They're red balloons. The 999 of them and it's certainly not me left there are no loans they're tied down until I greats are great sound and as. So somebody tied red balloon to assert grade in. In now grand view Missouri okay. Guys Canadian pop culture over how does not get these thing because we're in oh well I'd I'm sorry I didn't spend my. Time studying for the scars guard test. They realize that the scars guard fairly was like pop culture. Writes like everybody's talking about the scars guards I think someone else in the end it's helpful in life you have bad living. Got to balance that out right there's a good balance. Between pop culture and life I can tell yeah exactly Bob caught everything in life is good balance right. I mean if your big scars guard Fannie earliest stars very correspondent fine but don't act like your pop culture whiz continued Stellent scars guard as a father of Alexander vaulter reduced often bill break. And three other children and three others nine Wikipedia's cars guards. Anyway so parents are parents saw the red balloon tied okay. They saw the red balloon. The guy OK so what are the parents do they went to grab it they call the police. I think ultimately because you know that movie Vick coming out obviously means is a better file trying to murder your children or something like that. Pleasing grand view agreed to do extra patrols after a mother spotted one of those red balloons half a block from an elementary school all. Does that count intelligence they have probably. Well whatever verdict heard it she doesn't give a reference letters. I just think this is weird to people get so freaked out about a balloon tigers are we are so. Like inches away from just chaos at any given moment like give a red balloon tied to a certain race. Can make you fear for your children. I don't now I don't now as. I don't know the movie I don't know the facts. Evidently you don't know pitching out right I mean. Yeah happy clearly because I told just that I thought it was a scars guard Ramel that's how it went down this hole we're and the red balloon lasted all day. I didn't make it through to react say let the balloon up is that we call the police. But they let the balloon up until the kids got out. Apparently there are ten red balloons tied to sewers and oak grove is a somebody else appears. Mean I think maybe it's what's terrifying about that. What is on a resolute who had ash shoots well well well. That now they get off. Now it's taught me a minute this. Re Glen Coffee engineer. And finally got on the that's the important thing on me that's the important thing how my god I hate the smell of coffee. Right on Giuliani and gas cheeses that are worse than that dried wilder play because era. Lungs. Dried syrup and your vantage. Anyway there are rights oh man is a really troubling story don't have time to get into because it involves loading nobody really cares. Think I'd try and fight your real life that's fine I mean that's cool if like you get really upset about what somebody says on the radio I think you have a you have a real problem with not understanding that this is for entertainment purposes only and if I'm making you feel something I'm doing my job. Boom boom that's an easy job. Well I know it Ted Cruz feels. I guard tankers go 00 Ted Peru's. He lights. A pornographic posts late yesterday. On Twitter. Any Internet allows states and it was a great moment and really it was like. We're all filthy perverts even Ted Cruz even though he sits up there he pretends like he's not. In order rings out what. Did he liked exactly widget please describe yes I would be I would be I would be happy to obtain care I would I would be very very happy to. He lights. A it's posts from at sexual. Posts. That's SE XAICHUK. LL two wells I don't you follow. That. What is it again examining go to their twist or that sexual and I'm letting. Surged to enter a guy acts. Of sexual. At sexual. Posts and sexual patents to be followed. Nadia are you Eli did I had sexual prowess yeah yeah there's only sixty followers while. What an idea how I name and how did he fight attic out tip. Are you with the which you elves you know at that I'm on the wrong Coca Coca I was gonna say they it is a way to a sixty follow him to take truth. They have to be at the next coming of of port Jesus I just sexual post death sexual posts CA SE XU a LL. Posts. Are hearing. Follow the same ads had crews watches. It's. Eighteen was freed team plus follow that lesbian thinks he's simply for more yeah. So your band is right they got over 600000 involved passive attitude six CNN oh wow yeah going to the media affection OK. Real change next I can't. That that the when he liked I know you liked that a woman who caught a couple having sex and then had a master bankruptcy is a turn on I read a little bit about this I heard it was imam walked in on her children I don't know if that's true I know I mean I have. Also why is it is it like mas maintains a sudden because it's like you know had not easy to step but it doesn't matter how much I am not porn shaming tapers. Keep that in mind right. 'cause lord knows. And trying to final and he liked what I am doing is enjoying the fact that Ted tanker is inadvertently. Outed himself as a filthy pervert. And that is good because now we can be honest with himself about his own sexuality. Ray and that he needs to stop judging others because if he doesn't want people to judge him. Or his incest porn then perhaps may be. He could look at others and on them and give I know what that's the weirdest part though is it has been. I don't know how many hours and he's still a few easy than people would. June 16 AM this is why his spokesperson said OK okay this drugs persons on Sunday news T 16 AM is the lawyers. Offensive tweet posted on Ted cruises to cap has been removed by staff and reported to Twitter. Why your report says the letter he liked it. Do you think he'd like jet about why he reported Twitter anyway why do you care. Like you got busted liking it now you're gonna report you use didn't throw it away like he used up toward peace toilet paper I don't think so right outside I don't base at tech crews there is. There is a staff members that probably is the countess yeah that's what I'm thinking if they had done that why wouldn't they just come forward and immediately squelch this thing by getting a staff member to fall on the sword it's been over like fourteen hours he doesn't know how to respond because that would yeah. Right. If I was a staffer they could put that statement says immediate spokesperson panicked and puts of the out there before it was all hands on deck. And so instead of just getting her out to be like that was an area I think many people have access to the camp we are making judicious somebody forgot to switch over to their personal account before. But now and mean on both radios silence are up 24 hours from overseas like whatever you want nobody can judge you. There's a lot of our writing. And me. At sexual defense yeah yeah yeah yeah yeah that is right when he Ted Cruz opens twittered tomorrow. He's never gonna over Twitter again. He's got like 27 million notification with. My guns I love that's all the how many times did you inadvertently. Like so I'm paying I'm not judging takers like our I know I don't care what I learned my lesson about what. Right sure you get that. It's five like would you like yet. I don't it's when you try to restrict others liberty he's ten years ago. He argued in front of the ugly Texas Supreme Court that deal goes in pocket vagina is should be illegal break. Did he also want that band. He won in dueling views if you wanted to be important that would be really unfortunate and to doctors to do so here's the thing about Twitter though. That you should just be those things or maybe go unnoticed that now people like console them. We'll show up on everybody volley yeah and hours they'll get lucky like this raised. Renaissance I don't know why he's site. Which one. Also I mean I don't understand. Martz thing I have found and did I gotta go learn and I ended up okay 'cause I'm. Smith has done it two days ago one day. Four daisy moon now has three losing. How fine. Alex this line where the girl walks and yeah that's the run. Yeah AM this is though and let's see Corey chase was one of the X rated actors in the beginning you know and I'm just organize more and our prayers. Half half half thanks for watching and EA. Honestly sounds good taste and foreign. This is not the first time Cruz has been associated a carnal pleasures according to junior daily news. As a fledgling law clerk Chris said he was search for hardcore pornography using the term. Cantaloupe. Alongside retired Supreme Court justice Sandra day a quarter Conner for your keys that. Ten incident daily gonna pull our go to this. And I. Let's say. Up up up. I assumed former state solicitor general 2007 tried barring Texans from buying sex toys by penning a failed arguments stretched for 76 pages. One time attempt to prohibit sales contradicted what one witness had to say about the senators futures sexual encounters. Quote takers things people have a right to stimulate the journal's. As college roommate this to be new belief of his and quote Craig Mazen depleted last year it was takers is college roommate. And a camera that now. I remember him coming he's a priority it's okay until the burger barge builder revive her may have been playing the Philly pervert. You're sincere in your per bird goodness yes. Anne's. The president got her work remembered around each other god bless America right. I don't have to repress that gravity or the right person well you know yeah that was that are pricing is not only heads. Other people other people that's probable warning that he can't even contain to have it available anybody. Is he like damn I wondered why I ask us here is what I saw lots and together they should say that make it normal for everybody else do you guys watch for an. Not really because I'm afraid of the light stuff I mean look I got torn up agreement little. EJ yeah importing sometimes I don't have any premium in the night time and now. That's basically how do I don't usually just watch for a few porn stars on Twitter and that every time you do it. I realize makes that like it modes yet you like and and as they are sorry I like so PG. Judge me is so Fiji supports our. What you look like. A big grooves the back. Those besides videos and can bring it just does not preclude to eat pretty. Lead the gym that I heard it yeah yeah let me tease him if you do then okay sure. Let's see eagerly and I Qaeda lightly say Seattle. I am and the price that you know again I mean yeah lots of milk bars well result for all like all is I'd take crews don't worry man it's okay ray it's normal light Portman is abnormal to lobby against other people's sexuality using the federal government in light part. You see Ted in so. Well I don't know entrance of the ideas and I guess of this on let's say was a Twitter you can just goes out again. You look at so if he gets very wet you like a soapy deep post on Twitter but it's scandalous. Okay and I like her well oh OK who was the only. I team didn't ego that got which one. Please stand or like way back when with Rihanna banks couple years as Louisiana having does these the end. Is itself. Yeah. I. Yeah I got. You have so EG live's icon buddy a feeling that's an ad. No yeah I mean this is her I mean I know but I feel like Russian jazz have enormous breasts the area. I know Israel I don't know. I may be permanent. Pretty. And a very toe to assure them. I mean if he's not wrong. She does duck clubs I'm not liking her focus. And audio like some like Indy casting. The spectacle tattooed girl image with swallows on her shoulder as amateur. I like fate amateur. Until I am making I share your answer I professor and I had Liam fake amateurs that up. Now now now OK but I you know and Ali I don't like and I'm watching foreign I don't like to hear cameras snapping in the back of always like holiday where you know I was a leading edge of the director yet there now it's different when they're like the director and they both of Ohio. It's nice and long well. Yeah and again. But yeah when their unintentionally hearings snapping a camera right make a hall that might. Work with a bit of a hole like this will be good album comes out and it never know dumber and important. I don't now is that what they're doing that I wanna like YT. Picture through marriage is the anyhow yeah I guess I don't understand why can't he do that exactly alike. This is doing to commemorate the moment I think we've all been there understand I don't know. Make any. Ted courage should you port and I would watch that a whole man. We're proud of Lisa and did the mail and Palin baby yeah does that make you defeated but she's really you know I don't like about at least they got Jesus diversity is she's. I parents. Are we out out. Huge huge and I am recovered a lot of grants. And Steve it's truly did peanut butter water vs milk. We did takers warm we did fifteen minutes on the scars guard gambling tomorrow Sergio debt. The idea deserves. We circuit today was so jam packed. It Sergio did and I get it people have talked about it but. I still need to talk about Sergio depth you have is we have that chance we'll disorderly. Are right tomorrow also we imaging exams to tell him out just right back is opening championship. Right that's the reason I'm going it's 100%. Back all right. Geary edge and sorry sir yeah and I dare me I'd be interviewing assuming I have a back interview. We can I wish you only error. You probably well seriously suit asks. I hope you bring up Geovany BC and it just gets our course. He nearing his sister and now I I feel like you're gonna like trying to connect that'll hold a bank doesn't wanna get too. That's right either side Thomas is yeah. And now I can to back out. I mean there is it that I through his music idea I have this connection with back now he doesn't have a pack right and I'm not gonna force it. Right of that I wow sorry. I won't force them out as much as I left are going to be number one big stranded on Twitter about 8 o'clock tonight economic and you have now not gonna do that. Let go bordello as much as I love them out. We don't go past that right because you don't wanna pop that bubble either. I just feel like it's not natural it's not a natural French right I mean I will now either being on this idiot I have to tell you. The dancing the gogel bordello it looked pretty naturally you're like a part of the bail and I could you tell you ever read you'd like you are moving like Eugene was moving in sync like here is like weirdly choreographed foreign people dancing. And like it was like you were supposed to be there. How yeah. I mean come on back Carolina hi Lawrence. I've a bordello that's a great Halloween chapter carpenter and I will save as people have repeatedly told me. I was not wrong about this van and when you see them I'm sure. They are fantastic. Line and so it was electric six there's certainly adds that just lie soon. And that as one of them anyway. This was another man that I thought was fantastic yeah this is a local C of our group. Kansas City super group coming together collaborating tolerate our State's. Heavily get up to heads. Are weighing her Jasper Wenger isn't that as a as Adam Phillips from the architects drowned in south. This is felt kind of turned singing so map prior seeing injured receptacle saying. And this is I believe our wingers want out of and they just released it. Is drags in the USA and are. Paying your error layer champion. The radar stay. On the buzz.