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Or you find any does suicidal tendencies institutionalized. Because you have a Pepsi this. That. One means of playing that oh beds age yeah. Just one Pepsi you know target Iran why don't target amount now you know you're you're seeing you gotta Pepsi. Zen and the song yeah I didn't. Latest on the one mostly it is an excellent. So although I feel like that's me. Since that they have been. Anybody yell they were out what I'm seeing that silver lining up so I was gonna give you the Pepsi it's still here now like a Pepsi take about it's not as funny like I was like you gotta Pepsi resign guys stopped at the storing data tonight and I just said adjustable and Pepsi again and then there's like I got to play this guy here it just why and show perhaps saying like yeah. Do you want it. And giving you might have to take my events it please take us believers they kind of adds they take my Pepsi please is a tad Z zero but it still listen this you're had a Z zero idea I don't know I estimate that Pepsi was it's weird to say the word Pepsi. I know why he's so little it sounds like I like perhaps it sounds French. Does sound like exotic disease. Because I don't always feel like he gives it a bad name is here at a restaurant. You media Zia on a dike have no coal bed and then the waiter waitress is really apologetic thank you have. Can't we try to we have slice it themselves are dailies apologize or don't apologize Pepsi's delicious. Mr. Pitt is unforgivable. Is that come my doctor's error hurt I don't know who it is I don't die dapper as Pepsi and as Coke. You peppers Pepsi covers Babs I'm almost confident and well you I say I. And that died because I'd because Santa Monica stands I'm almost. Almost 99%. Sure. Currently the majority of Pepsi and Coke bottlers bottling doctor pepper are owned by PepsiCo and Coca-Cola pump company what is that about. Here's why I and that's not even drag my coat and perhaps see right you are the holy amalgam that's crazy because I'll tell you. Why I think that is when I go shopping. Or when I see fountain drinks mean it's LA is Coke and mr. Patton. It's never doctor pepper. You know have you seen this and I'm saying let's just say so and then that's why is Sam it's patsy product. You know it's annoying is all the machines now the Coke machines. There you have this way it should you press the buttons yes this is using a lever a mechanical lever that's working very very well I don't want to have the ice come out of the same hole. Allies. The beverage that's unnatural they are too old for a reason. I agree that. Ridiculous. Rates. And I'm not really in doubt they go either way. No particular direction OK so doctor pepper owned by doctor pepper snapple group Ernie. The doctor pepper snapple group that's the name of this rules. It's distributor is the doctor pepper snapple group but it is manufactured in the cook by Coke in Europe and Pepsi in Canada. But in America it's just the dark lips and a group. Now by. When you go formally known Cadbury she who the doctor pepper snapple group is formally known as the Cadbury Schweppes Americas beverage. I know Schweppes act and so you members Schlesinger rail wasn't doing that. Well as stripes was also just bottled you know level water whatever Schweppes lava as a hero and arms legs as ginger out I yeah. It is your man out Verner is okay. Sarah has not injure as an area is ST by to a there's only one ginger Arnold called Schweppes it's called mariners swept Schweppes. And where are you here. Burners where Detroit that's right. That's why there's one burner that's right there's one ginger Al and that is Verner in it's it's should be sure analysis. You know I think you're guys I think you know how laid down. China was isolationist. In the eighteen hundreds they didn't really advance in technology or outside goods for awhile. Can feel like that's Detroit what he's saying that well Thursday yeah highlights. Me Steve clearly lies slabs we just passed by hand because there was burner plus is infinitely better days I've had Vernon's I don't think how he had Mariner's Branagh is weird is burners and wanted to burn and I'd rather drink it Vernon's. When jamiat burners I've had burners. Yes and I've as murderers I've Edwards. It's definitely a case tastes like it's got to ginger. It burns burgers did you earns no vanity acid indigestion on the way down. Actually I and smooth. It's less flavor of well with that would you gonna add flavor. Paid and that's what I takeaways they Rasner today yet it's it's I'll buy you clothes is distribution center program. I am on a grocery store in ruling county Kansas our doctor pepper comes from Pepsi better southern store. Down Mandela. Did their doctor pepper from Coca-Cola. I can't believe it it's gonna taste the same from different northern grocery store huh. Yeah. I have to agree with DNA in this 10 Canada dry Canada drive. That has more revived and slaps. Can somebody explain estimate because I was led to believe that brands. Okay. We're like a thing right like Kraft Cheese singles it's like man you know makes that crap crap she's ranked. But you mean to tell me that doctor Trevor is created in some bastard formula based on what. Distribution centers closest to what it could be Coke or Lindsay that's right. Yeah the Lee. You get burners in Lawrence. I preferred doctor thunder yeah and how. And bigger. Up on me. I bought some of that might send Jeremiah asked about buying. Are about buying anything generic. Mom does a bite me at. That best choice soda. Is killer. Words why it the root beer strawberries they guy instead to diet cola no Bueno now Veronica good on a diet cola. I've failed every test I think it's Pepsi heading in that Pepsi gone wrong. Dude you got to try to vent Zathura Syria. Did. Right now as Elian's. That's a factor oh yeah which he released a video for dissolved. It's pretty bad. It's is it and it's like. As those. They call those people that do tricks in the water. Think restaurants ain't. Sounds riveting and you don't think secret has hurt I say do things to the great Muppet caper is great scene in Cingular is going in this pick it. Just like synchronized size that I did contact. Because initially it did and I think you're making time I was as a live Megan fund is senator Murray and any kind of find out and I found it Sallyann I've found that insulting have some back those videos got a hard one now that's fine new units elderly ought. I am. An issue at synchronized saying. They are taking and I think Gibson it is remedy that I mean it's riveting every time. Demise then more and MM MM I do mystery and hassle and doing this because I think you're hearing is we now saw this to be more popular. I think what every sees thinker and I swimming moon is stopping you watch. There have been eight battery really calls ice skating set to modern music now but now I think our search is synchronized swimming. That's fair. I think you stop and you watch American he is on my capital today on the sickness or mine. Time. Now activists seized the first opportunity of a morning. Aaron what's going. Are all right so. This like kind of made me laugh. I know let's just start with something really stupid. There is a rock. In the city of Roy Utah. Righty Roy RI RO YE arrow I away. This is in our eyes Richardson's. Sudden. It Roy Utah airing account Iraq it's not that big of Iraq I mean it's probably. Eaten. Up for it. By a foot by a foot probably cubic foot. I looks like Iraq. OK but the it's sick than just Iraq it's sitting in this story is like crazy it sitting. On edge of like you know we turn right and there's like a little you know sitting on the edge of a curb okay. People can't stop hitting this rock. Like driving over the Iraq sorry so much so that it's become a news story. Now a lot of happen not a lot happens is Roy you talk apparently now you're ready to assert our rights. Taken away Roy. That rock actually sits on the opposite side of the liners from where I'm standing now it's become somewhat of a running joke on social media but the people running into it. Oh certainly no laughing matter to them. Just off 35 west. But up close to a busy state. Since this. Odd. Rock songs I've known most give remembered when it was on the put in it's just been too long that's been nerves I'd probably say maybe. It's what drivers say it's presence has certainly been felt all along. I seen one accident and my sensing another land actually is CNET car hit that rock and roll over on top itself. Twice in just last week people managed to hit it. And that was in broad daylight it is scary night there's really nothing. Like Canada but why is this rock even hit you know and Iraq's is get a job back and gets it tonight why is the rock there. There lies in Iraq birthplace are based off of where it sits between private and city property. The question remains. Buddhism belong to. We first put in a call to the property management company. Secretary told me their manager Roy did back in touch and a call to the city. Went to the city manager's voice mail. So the question of really does god he's still remains have no idea lives or think they put it there so people wouldn't run over the Kurt busy street. High speeds Connie thinks the rock was intentionally permeating the theory. Think it serves a purpose people over the curves you can tell. Live over the years have put it walks in different places. It could be to prevent them from crushing the curve. You'll see that when. Things have been run over they'll put big rocks like that and corners and one of the truckers. And the reason the question most think of first we see a photo like this is how do you do your best guess it was what I thought. You know it's like yes sometimes and they got Barack got in corners so people do break -- out for Iraq's. It's just the thank god that guy he made two calls and like he's a bidding call me back he may be edited it to make it look like he was working hard for you pray really just made two calls. Don't go back to his cat attract think got to get out of Roy you know god I'm a reporter on a huge how I want it now or hardest on this rock and Iraq might kind of attract are the population of Roy is these days he's been known birds milk shakes her. Right Roy at a military plays a Roy kind of knowledge anyway tomorrow I have you stopped and Roy you to not a yeah when they're all old fashioned hand scooped ice cream shake malts. When they go to yes begin. I mean it was light is the world's best that is pretty and that's what they had in Roy what did you baton. Population. Usually talk it's maybe been. Only to milk thirties 1201. Plus one rock. And yet as Israel live through the ads being rocked I had dapper is that right now. As can someone may have it may mean it's a pretty big rocky can set mountain. I wouldn't say the boulder you couldn't sit there are those that think it's so close to busy streets I mean you can sit on a thousand Madison rock. You claim to sit down. You call it out. It's not ideal location to Saddam Iraq delivered comfortable rocked the sit on no but the point is is pretty big rock today Barack. More than a Rock Hill lived your car put up in the air. It Barack. Strategic Kimberly that did it used or how long does that how long did they cover the rock for. Woman and ball on the front Iraqi TVs hurricane's violent distribution ahead with him. It and I love this guy was his name Eugene. He is pretty no nonsense explanation about it as they yap. They're on the Dodd drive furlongs in different places. Blue room the careers of put it walks different places. It could be to prevent them from crushing the curb you'll see that one. Things have been run over local big rocks like that. Corners and one of the truckers no matter there is see things like that and put their for a truckers and learn records you know immigrants curb. And this news stories basically our Tex lines like get there is Iraq here pray that we are we give it the Iraq may be like oh that's you know to keep truckers from crushing maker. That's actually too is is a text Simon daddy's into large arts in the size of the driveway snow on the sharp turn into that ditch. You know what I did. Did it while you did and it's pretty Smart and I have these planters. Yeah does it just put them in front of the garage to their stupid have gathered heavy planters. There will only Deborah move and I picked up the first plants are my I got about myself and I've picked up and I had a but I part of mark independent movies I have pitted out we're both. He's pretty emotional care there are. Would you say as heavy as Iraq yeah yeah yeah rock size plane doesn't think can't move the plan serves gathered is kind of sit there there this inning by inning game plan the government played a huge grants me the Catholic. There were put a period as a result of them on the street like the rock. I want to leave them where they are because if you hit the blazers. Something's gonna happen to these lands now I Barack that are dead and those are good player does that in any way I a put it in front of the garage sale of the gras season. They guy eventually have to move them. And I kept my plus stranger I find that a herculean strength of that group though in many ways this is like your Ilia. Okay and I didn't find when you journeyed far enough. They are strong and have to move the Potts or your journey will be complete right now. I'm like god has I was the only event that early sirloin and it is yeah. Some of that it's a rock star that's funny anyway at the planetary decent for rush. His bid her it's. My guys that is finally. You've been Barack. Five they are being rocked. It is teachers. Dodges. Does does mean a billion dollars of the Jews in this deal or run smoothly yet there laughing about. Yeah rock Iraq to its pledge the Iraqi guys who finally doing their rock star and it's about the Iraq are safely contained within the Rok mobile Berry so. I don't know visit Iraq regulations. Doesn't seem to be it seems a user's pop rock for every one. While Barack drop your rock man wherever you wanted to drop you drop it while I don't leave drivers known intersection here now. Can be held Iraq I still don't know why they keep it Barack. That would be me and it they're arguing here at the rock and it a 100%. Right over there rock ma yes good times. Yeah times you know we're gonna get better than the rock star and I don't think I am just gonna walk away Bruce. And so it is I seventy. Both winning year east and into town. The fact that match. At a at. And is Kings of Leon. These chamber in the bucket before that and did you hear about another man. They announced a lineup at that is fantastic did line up I thought said Seattle like what it does. Got some solid bands don't try to do too much. As a lot of good support. I agree and a lot of local support you Friday June 29 and Saturday June 30. Grizzly bear spin and Greta van fleets but not Greta Van Susteren sadly she was now. Saturday's social. And at Tynan local bands and artists that you may or may not have seen. And jam her mom grandma's festival Bradley and Alan as we can reach him on down at the slots are on that line got to why the noise of back. And Brandon Phillips in the condition. Also on the down various blinders on their tube. I mean I just like that why god why Olivia fox they get under billing on the on the headliners you know I mean. It's not also appearing at various venues it is they are I actually headline that's really cool why and why is thrilled yeah I'll tell you that right now Jerry had the lead singer allows grizzly bear. And I'm I didn't you know they derby you know. Play on the same night as grizzly where they know Manning just told us that hey yesterday. And he's so excited he's elated. Sound and that's bad I had like Phoenix. Anger is leaving her out of bed to bed now not a bad guy and span and I'm so excited to seize that and again and if they beach now last year but they're coming back Foreman on the map that sound. I think tickets go on sale this weekend I'm not really shortened when the tickets on sale down at me. I'm salient this weekend. I had UDG eight tickets. Sam backs. They go I mean that's a great deal has some bad though no. So here one year headliners and on the map has this year's crown spanner. I've only been to one. Concert crown center and it was against its. I know of which what concert you're speaking of which rises it's the one that happens like once a year down there and I get campaign and good thing and it's miserable because they haven't yet sells houses email address and you have to wait line it's a hundred BS and that band I don't he has a like a bad version of awake all. No you know they did have and I thought it was awesome. It was that she sees train lady. Oh my god. All seen lord DJ said he was during July. I'm adds yet. Voted. There on about it on about my. That this is guy. A guy when I I don't know if they are that was the only king of pain that in the used to watch. One that once or younger or yell get a galleries and musical guest. And they damn great musical guests. But other than that. They -- you have a Yemeni great musical guests it was horrendous I just children's television as your name except for the all aboard jag we you find somebody that makes you feel special. When you watch with your job and it's like yes it somberly all of our lady again bright and I was jealous of her relationship with the conductor. I think she's hot oh app and she was in very uniform when she is due in the concert and she's super hot. The idea dirty things at its remaining. Now though and conductor. Now he's not a math but the train lady ala boy on a boy I'd. See these guys will not be playing. And on the map the I'm ready cherish my wife is activist remember this is like 90 my god somebody senator in the party crowds that are hit me up I would love to does that feel like Perkins Julian nightmare. My nightmare nightmare never never. This is if I was staying he had money stand hotel there at the crowns are. This is a chance to it's. Man yeah. Yeah it's a solid ball. Com blog. I'll about it I don't mind this. Huge you know yeah. When Janet yeah what do we have to do they do ABC's Syria now. Do the others are native yeah the end animal. Oh I love I am on the farm and on the firm's good care of you and in the end an Angel on. Pond that's. You know feel. Sure. Yeah. Train lady is generally right he had Jay is hot yes here is she's so hot. We'll see what they are even feeling album in line. All EC TV our team didn't name tags wall and then they'll lose there. You. It. TEC. Dub. Leo okay. Some language. Didn't. It's. Yeah. He encounters. Beaten he. Then again. Last. Oh my god only. He. Yet maybe he we can't book them for beach ball she'd choose whole scene dissolves. Have seen ons are great here guys and three counts of Italy the children didn't appreciate how awesome they were alive right now. I mean there is usually held town of them do that anymore apparently what a nightmare without deals there was an inherently children are screaming everywhere they'll eat you can't have a lot of lines and children that just does not work scissors hot it's hot. There's a lot easier than that with adults and barely make you wait two hours your four minutes in the bounce house that day in and year out it's like it's a ridiculous. Anyway and south. No announcements that Iran backed cement iron and half test. Here what a year headliners are you unsparing yeah spin and is going to be Friday night June train and tickets are available starting this Friday. Great lineup by the way kudos to ask. The people looking that I really like known map this year and it is a crown. Tenor for the first time. Not teach you saw but rather hear spirit. Why god why and the buzz part of the middle of the map when your local artists headlining on map this year is grizzly bears do in granite and clean on Friday. June 20 and Saturday's social. And Mickey Elaine lots of home grown as artists on the now. Dream girl all pink riles fellow she is an Andrew Porsche I think finally I get to see him crystal rose. Mark said mess is playing here and I don't see it. Yep they're there mass Olivia 53 Joan Allen alongside dislikes. Brand builds making dishes. The noise of famine various blind them and then another one and your headliners. This is grizzly bear on the bus tickets on sale this weekend or this Friday. And it is that crown center this year great lineup I think. You know this solution being seem to get on to do to you don't have to do when you only consistent day honeymoon. With me everywhere and. You got a million things. Going. But Diana. You're on point yesterday man yeah. Yesterday yeah you were really funny like all day eliminating it and see if you out and now as. Megan funny me even when you're here so we knew it happens while number 1 and I am not minster ram it up and I see the first Jose C user rights. And it was apparently nationals siblings and right. And I was like oh my app for some Aussie was adorable all that's her daughter likes exact. She is kind of funny cheese on me and she's adorable huge she is your rise many yes. And then your rice at sometime around Dini doesn't really think it's a day. My husband doesn't really think it's an odd day I don't think that it IDS is not only national sibling David is like also equal payday of late he has got to figure encounters cash. I feel like that each of the eagle Peja B every god damned well I agree I don't think any data and easy celebrated needs a day I think it should be every day if you care and correct me if you care at equal pay day should be every day and that should just be a patent and for every one and everybody. Everywhere. Right Emma regardless of gender. How learn age age anything. Equal pay should just be as such exact thing. Is actually somebody put up a chart I don't know how accurate and ended his thoughts are not a lot of gas on any that I get and that's so. Then she had said like you know I might whatever your husband's Fulham as mama hollering in Europe some on Twitter. And use our talking about reservations. Now and some restaurant in New York Garcia now Dorsey Dorsey had Jersey at her. Garcia out of my little wait I had way men and way jazz one minute. As I get bragged on all the time and if I try some paying a little bit out of the ordinary. And so here you are in a wind tweets yes. Targeting about making reservations. I am. And having trouble getting reservation ago Jones it has been difficult it's been like my wife and I have been rejected like six times from go Joe's over like a month and a half. We keep calling like we get reservations Tuesday. It stays there for black ice merely get it to go just did at any go to Jones. Do you think it's you. I was I asked my friend to call and see if he'd give PP can get but he again I don't think he didn't call I bet if I called you get an idea that will now sure. But I mean I mean now I just feel like you know you wanted to know yesterday I you know goes it was a hot by you know we ended up going the lemon grass gets. I didn't know you needed reservations regards I you do. I didn't know when it became like the hot spot near do you not hot as a ballet I've never been a guy does by the way and never being this it never man is the same as they got sent down. Jack militants who doubles I think say yes I feel Italy's new hot nets again I say I yellow saw Steve. Now on days it's not on X it is I mean it isn't holidays and into you've had a you can I've ever had and I've never had a marquis or grudges guy. Man what we all have to go to Doug Doug I welcome Bubba goes to gods a navy week. Do that that oh my god heavy but I was nice Danny who are you making reservations. And tardy about George yeah Dorsey. Somehow I believe in a restaurant let's try. Reservations. In the hospital you know like who are you know life is going. And paying you know what are you do if you wanna show you lady of the highlight the got to make reservations moon. I mean I don't know the last time somebody's bad idea may further raise person on. Do they know who you are I don't know but we may reservations. Like two weeks ago I cafeteria in little momentum. You've made reservations. I never ringer there is no I love it ideally I. I love you did outline pine valley I don't know I like to claw exactly be like reservation for two things. There is can we make sure we get a dude that's. Right here the place oh my gosh you are either they don't you Reza and remind you that I don't go to play does that call ahead the act call ahead or I don't know. It's not really a vibrating page here yeah you you going needs ultimately fifteen minutes are there reasons birds here and it's very bitter -- that we could that on this thing inside that thing inside us dollar and tell me a saves I'd say things I hate thing inside sinners and we don't like Jesus Christ gauges look at a crossing for each other and eats not out of sit next to each other and now saint it's five setters and reservation and and well. One that I'll go and there's a cute things on their website is his call for reservations. They really want you to call for reservations. I'm like osprey maintains a close Hillary geez now when you got a guy does he smell like go Joe's losing money when you smell it any Japanese steakhouse because they're cooking right in front of you can or can't imagine the venting system is awesome. I got a disease and I was. Love to bottle. Ode to go Jones insult is a par flume. Oh my gosh. Reservation. Reservations. Jack Kyoto is good to get me wrong I do like yet but it is not go Joe's it is they do not have the Ellis saw us they do not have assessed spiced onion state. Okay and then you need district they got there because I am I told you try one place and they don't have any kind of shots nearer take the children. Are your kids love to go the fired on the fire the children's. Snooki Jacqui stay vigilance to Jackie. Let's do but as. Annaly united. We get what I am. I don't. Think the reasons I'm not a reservations birds you gotta be ready got to know I will go somewhere else I only. No way I'm gonna call ahead I don't like that kind of that commitment to you know the best part about making reservations is. We knew to cancel the red zone show you make that commitment ending like yeah. I just listing only United's Eric is he's like yeah baby you colony like I'd like to cancel my reservation. He has an idea bunny do you guys are side setters I don't know viewers science and an entire really did not now you're side setters I would not mpeg -- as sides that are we I wasn't asides that department Katie we used to apologize our servers like worth sides that are tirade and hourly you know. There's this everybody else. When they now it's now gawk and stare guess pieces in the next few dinner. When they come near Taylor they'll make is an email joining implement it now now now we had we nobody else they always put the menus on the opposite side of any size same side that. Signs that are. Policies of the gossip about everybody restaurant yellow gets a person like a muggy haze across to them and you talked individually you know I feel the busy Shea summon that we're married fifteen years. At us they said I mean Mary fifteen years after sidestepping number I thought maybe you mag inside suited for fifteen years maybe that's why you're still married and I'm so gone through divorce like him because we never sides sat. Alex I'd setting because I've I talk a lot. I wanna look if you when I'm talking to use of that and hurt my neck its stock Alex filler leg up against mine. I can browse our phones talking about people packed it's fun I think that's fine I things great each inside sit. Side sitters. I downsides that it's okay to be asides that are. For too long we have been maligned. I people who post catch upon hash browns Nomar. Besides sit and proud and enjoy it. You cancel reservation that's out there and have time I'd never cancel and go Joe's Weir's side sitters I love it as a sex line. Mean if you can't really go dizzy for I think you're probably in about al-Qaeda wouldn't cancel and I usage is veal to show up to go to those now now you can't stroke ago just anymore. You have to have a reservation. Some of those Dolly's is town reservation based on ideology on the phone call to make reservations they tell me they were false summit large group just log Dan and you body was carried out the detail of a story about two times ago. We tried that walked in yeah bald no way you why give him. There's nothing doing worse than finding out you when you call you can't get a reservation. Is when you show up do the popping in and get denied and have to do walk a shame out of go Joe's. I leave places in my time the way and 910 minutes like T line you are made a reservation I'm out I. I don't why I only waste my dad is always done that now. Gonna eat to trickle different there's like family restaurants all the time everywhere and play on every corner. So we login RS are my dad's I we don't really do need to enable relief at the we are not the waiting for theses teams we're going Zora so I have that same mentality. I don't like to wait to eat. That's seems ridiculous to me there's plenty of places to take any grand and I wanted to to have gouge us. Now say whatever the season. About reservations. Whereas there may dance early riser Asian side sitting around my goodness. And Ariel and asides that are below reservations. Oh my god god does is siding seeing plays open later you do sit next season there although air on the table. Yeah yeah judges yup go does is number one you cannot get a reservation right now nobody can get a reservation I had full Peres and race tactful. Mark to meet president and. Tape delay on the buzz with blood in the cut it's she is playing at the Truman on May third and there are not a lot of tickets to. If you want to see cave playing. I think there's about a hundred tickets left. So. Theory out there is denying. FYI. You wanna go CJ if you're in a salad that Truman. And that cloth. And I am going to determine last night for the first time solo show Andrew McMahon how has that it was awesome and I just had the set telling mr. Rogers. I know you're saying that I got their little Lynn I guess he walked out to mr. ideas put on a red sweater did the whole thing I'm loving under I was sorry and gone ahead and now. He dead yeah like a big train hurled trailing a little toy train sound and you would just hit every Nauman minidisc or around. Lot not these smaller shows are so loudly when is Brian Fallon is on Sunday. It's this week whether this is what's going on this week I mean it I mean. If you wanna go CK play and get your tickets again since she's playing the chairman I can send me third another band that sold out the Truman so quickly payments into the Midland. Is lower here now that shows coming up that is going to be on the 25. And out obviously if you purchase tickets to lower Huron at the Truman it honored at the Midland but. Got probably hopefully sell out to I don't think there's that any tickets left for a lower Huron at the Midland. So if you do wanna catch them I would get your tickets soon as well since. Tonight ADR is sold out there. Our documentary airing tonight Brian any age air tickets left now I can't name we have. Brian found the dryer him on Saturday. He's Saturday. I think I got a writer. He's at the ram that's all out awhile ago Tim. Age aired some odd couple weeks ago and I would not wait to get your tickets to see lord Karan. Don't do it isn't nearly makes pitched. And insular Shura. And they I think it's cool all that a lot of people didn't hustler store and I don't think anyone is expecting them to solve the chairman as fast as they then. And they dead and they're gonna sell out the memo and so get your tickets now here's lured here on the nightly Matt is on the buses. January 11 on the buzz. Commented cyanide is and that show. Is who believe sold out its. I'm Donald play you one more of the story a seldom. Get to know there. Could Danny be gone he'd be leaving me today. That's tough to kids' stuff. I understand it more than anybody can write tomorrow we should have Neal Brennan on. He is the co writer and creator of the Chappelle show he's coming to town. He's coming to the term and very funny man. Are excited chart down. Also turned in Thursday. What times the only nine. Supposed to be them stolen from his people a coalition of bank. They do was supposed to last friend and used them I wanna do that. Let on a compromise the show they act on I'm not that this seated show. I look at the terminal anyway. Neal Brennan should be on the show you know what will happen now is god damn Durbin there's. Anti you know that. As that the warmer than analyzing how fast these ally hang out fast. Mofaz the people that they're pro promoting different bands this time around they didn't take. You know features three or four bands last time we did hang out Graham three or four new ones that you volume bands there. Let me hang out thing for us right now paying out fast line if you are not yet registered for. Tribune Thursday be listening. Kendrick Lamar. The killers. Policies on the down oh does pushed the man files to the saint Vincent Portugal the man's fancy Graham Cold War kids. Group glad you on Asian bleachers like these stupid destructs Manchester orchestra. Alice I mean Willis is stupid hippocampus. I mean caught AJ our CO2 01 AJR mansion and they're playing tonight anyway. That's the entrant in Thursday for tomorrow are you ready America I'm on leave you when it's another track and I love. Offer them the cup downhill great left and the night sweats. Out on this is called sale louder. You ready. All right have a great day.