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Wednesday, December 6th

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Morning and Marin and didn't aria pretty gad I get it you know we should give away tickets to the kind of stole Christmas is 'cause I have a tendency there. Corps didn't hang on to things Sierra and zealots times Politico amana and is forced you out and that's fine that's what we do. Has really it's not like you know. Give away tickets that you know. People on a time. It's the army and its it's I mean lack of an Auburn Omar's here. That's off my gosh wow it's not like you that are there that's not what drives the shell I know I'm out now so it's easier beating it by the wayside. Yes I agree that's actually really more about her com. I as I NN let me go on yes I'm aware then and I will try again is indicative that's idealism for mr. zarrella. And I don't think those people listen first prize is right. If you listen I'm so. He referred to those people as prizes or listens Asian. Palaces something that they want. You know and I mean it is take wrecked and we're just beginning to thing. We try to mitigate the you know I did today well on nothing left again. Necessarily change and now I'm just as hard as is about it it is. Sounding more and English it's definitely definitely. The giving tree the debenture and who wrote that. Also sir are you sure Fisher Fisher I think it is Shel Silverstein. Who included the giving tree mark. Yeah Michelle yeah. Question me in Florence I used to him being their attic light on an end of side like guys that haven't. And the sidewalks where decide what is often. Didn't say where I was very frustrated I got the end of the book entering that on there didn't know where and. As my favorite home. Of all time you have a favorite poem I memorize a few on it if I. German mark and maybe my second favorite. But I can I do remember it and it's funny it's. By Shel Silverstein. My beard. My beard grows to my toes I never wears no clothes. Are grabs my hair around my there and down the road against. That is that's. Lightly that's Matt Martin back. Did you do lag slam poetry. You're an American. IE. Watch them. I have got I've. I feel like I. I used to it's I used to write Coachella timing college. The times. But it. That curry and little tape era I mean idea until like I mean I always thought Itanium onset rhyme and going now drop bombs now have to Iran. And I solo. But I use his right ankle on upon its upon where you have follows somebody. Structure there that does for us and a structure. There a difference. Between you and has roll with the now. Just email to me you know like I need to rate them and yeah. At times and they need to write something and it's knob and the ever sink your poems to music a column news zones. I was talking there and believe in now from you for bodies. And I like. I'm afraid to send people might sound connecting sometimes they would be there X. I'd say you're ghost writing you are goes racquet I don't know we were just talking about poetry is the writing is being hit song called pedigree girl. Well I think it. I don't know I think they're kind of meaningful but I don't know how to put music Newton or if it. He showed that music you're even in you know gala I mean putting music to poems. Is music I called word Sonos. You know clear spot now they're called news columns. Mis albums you guys in on that day now and is now. You know. It is abuzz burger reference. Jimmie a year. Louisiana I don't watch. Bond birders are you really should an eight he telling. And you zones are on things. I used to write palm but when I was in a band so be separate from the lyrics that out right button and sometimes. Our try to fit a poem in suicide in my band does rank is there the musicians like I can place some things but not great so. I would usually. And I ever been as different I'll let them write the music in manually put the songs in her in the words and after that. But sometimes I go back into the poetry I. Dig it out then putted Tim couldn't catch. But I you know whenever and however you work mark yeah it's how you work yeah. All right one time killing one more time on my time warmer time they always shot with a shells have received it. My beard it grows to my toes. I never wears no clothes I raps my hair around my bare and down the road like those. Arie your big fat morning guys good morning they spent two days work is here a year ago and yes. Why were we to argue that counts. I you say some weighing I don't remember and then I indicated I am of the Max allotment for animals. In her village I have three cats one dog fight kids and one wife. And now that it's not NN Zurich. It is the what I have. Three cats I is four animals three cats one dog five children's one wise yeah I've children's aren't children's when wife died at one all ladies. Side anyway. And I can't get anymore got a new ones we've got asked the cat is a big fan dole like Russian blue look and it's you lighten it. And you got sassy. Fairy sassy. And then he got spare house who's a spare cash. But I can't get a markets on maxed out on cats legally they panel and all he had every cities got to limit I have no idea let's parks. Let's find out let's find out I had no idea. Well. And then I'm currently looking. So I'm looking to get cats for other people now Mike can hang it I'm pushing you are you have had theory having cat agenda and you know I love cap I love dogs to amend my dog in my mind my axiom that I think I went with a dot this time because my car or his friends have to. Yeah it's it's. How it's OK now they animals that come into our lives and in the conference. Some meaning that's I didn't get it happens. I love it's right. And then you're like years and in the mind. And they're looking at making easy tap project as I love him. But I did Biden security Khazei ran project and what's his name DB Cooper and I have a flat. What would we renamed DV Hoover either birdie or you over. At least I'll keep you still sound when you can't. Lindsay you are yeah I clean opening Maurer. Animal here they cat regulations. Of our own heart I had no idea there was a woman and pads I mean I know there's like a line with or I don't think three cats and dogs or hiding it's about borderline hoarding animals pigs I got five kids that one well I guess after that elect when you get to nine. Right between the 29 dependence basically. Sum it's gonna serve Fon off when you go to ten. Either you and he out and out now yeah the city does not have a lease offer cap swap goods and now rusty. It just says cats must be under the control of their owner. It doesn't give you a limit is Sammy commitments the you know what authority opt for a person. Any person who wishes to own keeper harbor more than two dogs or more than two cats. Must apply for special animal permit the rule. Nominees and then even Luxembourg had no idea you gotta get a special permit to get marred two dogs masri task list over on par yeah that might leaves us. A hundred dollars. Fee for the first year in fifty dollars each renewal year while hundreds of hers time. Because they want to like take money out of you because you want more cats but if the little restrictive. Yeah I had no idea how I feel good even thing to look at. That if I had to cat I bet there's a town of evil in our own part I have two cats two dogs as a that there is more. Dame does have three cats and they. Are they license. They're not is I mean what I have three cats and now Don is that OK at says he got a it is best apartment getting a permit. Rarely if he had more than two cats yeah. More than two cats plus two dodges for animals totaled us. My question I think it's more than two more than two a day go by the rule of more than 20 so any more than you get lots of people have probably three cats. That's Seattle scenery doc. The lady that lived in where I live now before everybody uses when we first and their height yet she's done atomic cats in here. And then cats like we notices when we first moved in they'd come around buyer like front door and back story. Like within that you does that sale is jar around the back we think they can still sense like the chance that you. EG issue and just kind of sorry this is how many more to that what are they used to live there. I don't know I have one can't reject backdoor cats I know. Feel bad Pailin area be instructional reveals that barn you're. Your respect here in sources were filling out special animal permit applications that you need you know like I need more than two cats. Special circumstances are referred to on the application form is defined by the city cut as. Any unusual extraordinary and exceptional situation or condition. Whereby the strict application of the numerical limits set forth in this section will be contrary to the intent purposes and objectives of such limitations it would be contrary to the public interest and welfare. Somehow. Having more than two cats. Is it attempts. Public welfare realize there are they they hate animals and Overland Park. IA it was not allowed. I know it when it's there we were we're looking for dot pardon kind of thinking about it. We went and I saudis. Just adorable puppies mean like I man let me hold on I want. But they were costing me and us. I think they call 3COM Daiei. Gas and I was like you know that your concern alcohol content copied on and off Tampa saint and it. Yes think anyway so I was like hey can we see this guy there. And she's like what's immediately and parts that you can't album make wise that you want. And all drivers that you get adopted because it's part. But it technical Catholic yet they're not allowed site and even Mike. Think about it don't even think about it and it is really vivid to me once again how stupid we are about our animals spend elect it was B hearts like you guys like can I just it's a puppy kept his own heart care they don't know. Now that how do you know what it was I don't know people ask me what my dog is all time I adopt that are bright you know she's a rescue. And out. Doesn't exactly she is based there even a sheltered and now she's she didn't we think she's shepherd Lex to the app. OM BC section 6405 over or requires that the following criteria must be evaluated. Please respond in detail with the appropriate information. Facts and information not your personal opinions or conclusions. Are this is an application to thirty each of these criteria ons. Number line. Please explain how the animals will be captain maintain at all times and is safe and sanitary manner while this is also for the animals died too well being sure except for it's like if you're down a cap person it's going to be hoarding cats. I don't think necessarily. You're gonna take the time to fill out the aggregate an idea is that the quarters in which such animals are captor confined will be adequately lighted and ventilated and are so construct and maintain the uniquely captain and clean and sanitary conditions at the health and the well being of the animals will not in anyway be endangered. And this keeping a such animals law harness surrounding neighborhood or disturb the peace. It well part makes again I get it but I don't think you truly the magic number here I don't think because if you happen that would varied. Register your animals and that's what I heard the apartment and my dad told me that we are supposed to register it yeah and I didn't we the first four years we had or can't we never did it. Please explain how you keep the animals for not repeatedly running out or be found at large will not damage or deposit exploratory matter up on the property of anyone other than their owner. You have to look at you go it will be your yard at the top one I have my captain I don't know our capital gets sober him. He beat. Cooper that's the diesel Georgia bar. Let's say if timing of events. President. Don't bring me DB Cooper Torre's he's Tory Tory Tory don't bring me DB Cooper toward. He and a cute idea DB Cooper in an uber. Sent in mere Hooper and senator Amy Hoover and over immediately. All right. I mean I mean I mean. You know in a registered casts. There massage. The man concerns we have I got singing and this could hear me now on me on the L. I don't know that I mean I'm saying escalating in like I mean here while. They're really appreciate you sharing I'm happy for. A young guards is the cat sitting on the fence. You Allen at neon the bad deaths. A NN and cats have bag can only then canceling out noise rather drink it notes say from the bottle. Skip and a sauce I don't know. It's funny. You know and that they'll never it was a cartoon today gets drunk sing a silent. Now out. All right we'll payments. I fellow penguins. They're trying. In an attempt to go full anchorman reality has and given us a new payment hassling. And does it at the kids city zoo we're just two days away. From seeing it may one day away. From fighting out. The sex. Of the baby camper playing it. Was that coming president again ultrasound. And I mean I get very hats and things days away now for at this. Remaking king and one. The Kansas City Sunnis and the world or she we don't know monster is the first king penguin to hatch who's who and number eight. Thursday it is still won't reveal whether it's a boy pain or a girl. Exciting news even if there's chip was from an egg donated to Kansas City by the saint louis'. Not a liar Saint Louis say that's a bad leg. Let's let's as they act eggs today. We're right back day eggs and follow up payment aegs. Well why did you and we have that they mean we have a lot of anyway I don't know but like I honestly in this in today's world I I you know. Females king penguins. Make. Seventy cents on the dollar for every male king penguin I understand that and I is. King penguins he now has a lot on Larry I have to be seeing parity after the king penguins there's a lot of unwanted flat number line in the office space. So like it is ten months. I don't know out and do they not know I thought permanently does it take in a minute I am now LA Saint Louis like dropped to egg on our doorstep ring the doorbell and ran. And that it is a bad thing where the cute she saves base of zoo's first Saint Louis penguins. How long the idea she couldn't handle raising it. And then what happens I guess this is say the male walked it very slowly from Saint Louis that's that they do right they attack against the males that Roger or on the Montezuma to go for the life GAAP. Earnings at his I can't care does say any drugs at all badly as I imagine adrenaline a lot of back yeah. Lotta Lotta Lotta Lotta Lotta Lotta side area. Apparently there's more males vying for female roles. A tense and I can be a problem with paying a brief penguin breeding. I used them combine the word penguin and banging. Canyon. Isn't always telling them. Carrying around this time is as the days do they may provide the dudes are probably a total Burroughs and though like when Al get together the really obnoxious. I think that's not downturn in Ireland France and England and on the watch the baby is now unlike other. Species now but are penguins are doing it. They're not doing and play I mean that's and that's why we got a single aspect of it likes. Bad hockey and bad pizza who has the curtain proponents McKay. Enough with the penguins and some or is sabres serves and yeah I'm wearing my red wings Jersey area are layers. Here. Dew paint and that's really the only like option you have the machine India an Angel tag and yeah yeah it's an expensive packets. Yeah good patches it's nice to big bank is financially don't have that aren't. 100 ahead. You are regular animal story or do a story about the horse garden isn't shatter your mind your horse out of cars are right. Rocky rocky the horse. He's a quarter works. I think that means that his vote is counted. One quarter of the regular horses. No you know through this guy's serve as well I just reading I'm sorry Aaron green pills and no well I asked teammate tells yes and then finally that he loved quarter horse tonight than last thought on things. You are quarter horses I don't is that a miniature horse. I think that's a mini pony or it is just a pony I don't know at a quarter says were her words no decline nests. Act. And questions. That's very you know who all now. American breed of horse that excels at sprinting short distances it's name came from its ability to outdistanced other horse breeds in races of a quarter. I am sorry sir name your own there's been missing court orders missing gore Horace. Giving rocky is a 25 year old read it wrong quarter horse gelding. Miette antes has had a horse for about fifteen years as she's keeping it at her parents' home near 119 in Waverly in a late. That Rockies is essentially a giant dog. He. Is. It clogged around minding his own business so. If I ask him to help get up bingo like a two year old and take me for dead speed. Flat out Gallup. Now Miette fears that rocky was stolen if you can help them find rocky you were urged to call it Johnson county sheriff's office. Guys something in hard to high end steel or so their horse bandits now. That Italy. You would think some moments he's something. Some horse bandits it's ads not an easy thing is sealed now. Large. Flyers at trailer she contacted police checks was rescues the animal control and auction yards. It out of it surely you ironic Casey pet project and quick other in DC of course. Samba the announcements of some resources. And the look of abhors Iraqi home suite five million. Allen who horses. Live. Duma and thickness and I mean they wouldn't I was trying to change of our order. Life break his initiatives that life expectancy isn't that marriage was not coming to any five in thirty years I so he can have another five years I'm. You know you don't know Brandon now I bet he's pretty straps. Okay yeah that's tries to act out all our. Slate but do you Norris is like some animals go runaway to and I don't know why you would do that Allah beds similar class now I don't is that prospect and Andrea I think that would be more a possibility that gonna have to snubs that factory I don't know I'm asking that's slim soaps and OK and then. That would be more of an option. I think then someone stealing a arson. I mean these billionaire. And he's 25 years old he's all right. You. I don't well he's got to be he's gonna trick or worth. I don't think anyone turmoil is having. An aunt and I'm just being. You know in the pre analysts say that. Because the worse. Of course. And speaker I mean I'm I'm not willing to Dario it's fine. I do think it was 29 years old. He's all right. Will fiber you really think someone stole rocky. Some install a 25 year old horse I behaviors and that's super easy do IRS is the horse walking off trotting somewhere in dying again it will that's not comparing Mets. That's no. I think you don't think that some are realistic tightening the this is and hiding the receipt you're oh whether people aren't meteorologists for the day that's that I think. Did you snow hopes animals going away yet their doubts beta test. Data. Horses they don't tend to do that when they die base they they seem to mitigate their comfort. They're hurt animals. Course that is actually pretty common to Zuma Nelson. Elephants go off by themselves to die there's another person that is fine. Businesses that's our guy riding a horse every town road last weekend maybe it was a rock in our government is stolen coral worth. You're an idiot and really what July. The problem. I have to how my nanny I I as I. Thinking that the more realistic thing though it's not that out and did not. I found the same thing avenger and think yeah apparently were idiots. And yep. It year in any day and march of the penguins as they were there doesn't seem present her. Is this about paying the horses I on no different Meebo and margins Poland is about and burnt penguins not kaine my Iraqi needed some strange in that. Whether he needed some strange. And differences it's always the husband. At a stealing ours and makes. Of course it's biggest cares in the trailer. It's always the husband since the motives for daylight in the fifth group. A lot of rocky escape to dye his owner would have found his body in life. Grill morbid everybody 25 is not old fur or his blood says that they leverage excellence and I'm Tony I'm dessert I'm a little while ago. And they do not run out to die. Some decent chance always go waited shoot to death. He added I think it's something you can think other animals do that I know I heard it and I think you're digging and I'm wrong I had history not dig the IR you are tea black rocky could've been stolen that you outlined a new rulers here if you lose. Who lives. Someone's taxi and how that I generally has certainly turned out. My mom's horse didn't mean it literally ran not found dead in the words after a couple of weeks and it hated leaving the barn so. And why else would have gone into. Tendency again how many times is the text language in the strength how many times we laughed about how on the district. And then you find a way in case that supports her you finally anecdote that supports your argument as just an anecdote from an anonymous person. So it could be my. Uncles r.s one mile course is about to I know where where where we land that it comment for so many we will they have horses however. That seems to be a tangle here is mourning a good question was the offense intact did somebody cut the wires about through negate. This this is a more normal line of questioning. We break down remember that time now geez some going to bring it. I was on nine the trails. At China's from hard. And now they all horses deep in the turnaround that he sought you saw horse or horses walking amateur out with me. Ford got a Jim Morrison I'm probably probably somebody has you layer under it's police chief and of course now you don't just like the horses out yet you and as an adult not running nearly yours notoriety in there and on with them for our horses I had a walk inside is in Atlanta horses their. What goes sideshow and butlers I was guessing is the war zone at a house through. But the horses through let the horses go through. Earl king doing doing doing that. And mountain. In the is that true. Forty when you is that part of is tales laughing howling there is a strong on hundreds of over here. Yeah I had told zenith and seen. And with it before and has changed backwards twelfth. I fell off or is one failed bid vial or excellent. First is intended it. Wow I had a variety of my brother. That idea kicked of in the air like Bentley the element now I don't know that. We just kind of I don't think this towels put on right. As a matter of fact I'm not really sure there was. Channel what are understood ARRIS has had a family believes this happened I love Andre five year old rocky has been in media and this is life ever since she was a teenager. She last saw him on Thanksgiving in the same fields along with one juror her other course he is my furry. Trying Armas for related starring son. Think he's he's learning now I just I have been backpack. You see at some point last week and does says thieves broke into this Vannatter parents' property near only this kiln creek park and stole rocky. More than likely he. Refuse to enter. Whatever they were trying to put a man or refuse to leave. The field that's because the thieves left behind this piece of Rockies tail and a big of a chunk and too far away from the gate. To be rubbed off. Or lose she doesn't think the red rolling quarter horse ran off in the middle of the night because we're always careful to close the gate. We close it behind us and we press on a few times to make sure it's fully closed and won't pop open. Dana just reported the after the Johnson county sheriff's office who told 41 action news they don't have any leads in this case with his age and the fact that he's retired. They want and be able to get anything forum. People should be looking out for Rockies distinctive white stripe that runs down is now so please don't hurt him. Please bring him back home. Now if you have any information about this stuff go ahead and call the Johnson county sheriff's office or the crime stoppers hotline it'll. And of course. Every time they're not laughing and I hope she finds yours I am. I understand about losing a bat. Excellence when. Thanks I mean the last thing I was riding on the Morrison another horse trying to help my horse. That's something that I happen to me. But he did want to year. Hey hey how was he got to play. You do okay if you have a portrait. You balance like that beautiful property at fans and saying I can't imagine it can't remember and saying. Wu I mean. I'm can get a regular fans am to keep my died and that is a beautiful science that goes for. I don't know as far as the eye and say hello fads. Yeah they must do okay what that Suzanne to morris'. I can't needs you dogs and us two or sends. A lot of hours. Yeah. I would do a lot of horses have a white. Diamonds on their favorite bill like I was regularly to my daughter's horse courses that she grabs the toys right. The day a lot of them probably. I gone out and announced that comment or since he stopped touching your forehead dear Aaron I can't please stop seriously. A hello all. If why did the. How do you resolve that. Hair from his stand up. Don't know. So he's dad's busy cow how clubs now we should now. Yes pentagon everywhere you call the sheriff's department is like a mom Palin said thing if you live. In the country 0590. Minute until creek park doesn't seem like country to me. London thank you beat me not too far off are you from I just remember when this year they place a kiln creek it doesn't matter wise for our pour rain is eventually you make some as gonna happen there's just as lottery is cheering there already takeover yet. John with the morning Shandling. Time. We probably are for each other. Throwing a little more on the bland side. We call a horse sonic. The poorest parts of friends here. Spirit the sense that you added that so I had stolen administrator ally and is an hour's time everything else we've done every man last week yeah yeah and so horse that's little simpler and it's hot and we're starts fast too far. It's. Zairean overkill I don't go up for herself or west each. It's a sad that Israeli foreign that there. Are pretty narrow the thing that. It is simply aren't there. It doesn't Lawrence. All my grandparents horses have distract. And it. People now we beat a dead horse. But it is that wrong. How can Broward and finally. We personally have I'm Muehlegg author of my readers and mark let's of fit. Let's have a good. We should go ask her. I mean ever it is sure there are seen this or spray at a is hey our allies say one thing. Know what. But nobody has brought more attention I appreciate with the news Q a did this discussion whether it upset you or me did you laugh. Nobody has talked throughout this horse for a longer period primarily an outcast here than we have right nobody has done. More in the last twenty minutes than anybody out there to raise awareness to find this horse is open. It's you know Laura and maybe it didn't enjoy some of the stuff there is a little happened we don't know how energized rights. Was down car and we re proud and inching way to talk about this horse were spreading the word about the source we would like to see this horse. Absolutely right that's it that's that's it eaten a bit with the news stations give it ninety seconds. Nazi I don't know they gave its it's they gave it a minute 44. All right and. Can they chip horse is like doctors and camps. I would chip my horse and I mean he had an outage of horse championship talent. You can may do that people chip on. After Iowa and actually on my way Marge spends you got offense like that you can afford it chip broke you can afford more than a chip you got to chip. You did just how is tension iPhone. Permanently until I got really with a solid turn their higher gas solar charger animal knows location on the time when I learned time there I found that ship is and it GPS. Like I thought the chip forever. Was they can life be like fire up find my phone has Cingular. Have backed up at bat after a our. Crew doors to. Hash tag. Bring rocky and UK seventeen. Cash to add more size matter. School. Russo. Get off your high horse. Offensive to root for it. And 752 minutes we'll only everything kind of socks in the usual spots. Broussard in this slump. Nobody's truck along anyway. Latest Gallup polls that lets people like horses. Hey stop as I see okay. During coming forward Umenyiora and you're listening to offenders. Morning lows. Mr. Geithner turner and German term. Is it theft problem. When he's that well because there's that problem here it's okay what Al's was stolen. Law. Some my holiday decorations. Really and path. Okay. Out and I. The American Irish they're here migrated LA loses those those those who have solace this is those people are just steel and lose all or if. We to restore the country's dignity. Now while some of these dealing. It their homes with a bright lights and inflatable. Only to have someone pulled the plug on their Chris last year. Nationally and there's been leaked last year we did that arches for the first time. And their break the countdown to Christmas can't come soon enough. Is especially after a busy from a really like greens clearly cut it with a ninth. For a pair scissors is slightly this Siena clause inflatable. And cut the strings you other decorations to to see somebody do this our staff that we worked. What six hours last weekend and an ales and some may just have come and slash I fan since it hurts the process. An eye on there about like is setting up an inflatable are clinging investment. The more that I got out that is as saying well I think I I I do is now it's more than that man. At no more than that command a I almost got the fish taco truck. From lows because it's like a new economy and the and you can like every I it was that the inflatable games late. Out of reach spread now. Did your guy yeah man. How legends it's like to our box they saw a lot of money man now and operate that giant it's probably like twelve feet long about six BI. It is the inflatable fish taco perk. Occurs and it says Santa's fish tacos it. I'm not kidding and there's a price menu and everything like why wouldn't I want that in front of my line I kinda for Christmas I don't know. I think you're a man that has put a couple lanes and I'm vs the. Zoller there on a busy street corner so everybody who drives why. Just a little taste of Christmas and other grains visited the grinding house so when I came home I noticed that they were and cut up some of her lights pulled off of the state others placed into tiny pieces. Making her family's home in little dull life. Still out there that run days tomorrow planning on decorating my kitchen cabinets and north Landers are letting their holiday cheer. Had like points having out program going make that point the use anger there what did we just see in the video. She clicked them the remote control and them in the frosty blew up. Like that yeah I mean you know you could go by AEA now as I'm just like them and you gotta put steaks to a whole is theories well. And you gotta make sure it's on a day that. Turning your lawn I you guys is you know we were growing ours they made its IK and the oil wells and ask his immigrant. Get to know how long they never say let her clean up or decoration turning on your life let's run it like tagging. I think more and more each year and hoping the egregious to try to steal their Christmas. Do not come back again I decided if they were going to destroy my life I'd put out more stuff than. Let them know you know you can you can hit me about I'm not gonna go down right. Now that's something that's called incompetent. Also known as impaired victory like how many Santas are you gonna get stabbed in your front lawn current both president air but that's what I was saying she'd think Yankee. That inflatable Santa down yeah even if he's slash am. If you into the back how many are you willing to go through how many scenes at how many fish taco trucks. Summing up their house for me now and I'm simmer ten you care I mean. And you say I'll never never never forget. These inflatable balls don't bounce. Is that an in his eyes now they sound. Colors don't run around him but these inflatable number catcher has to think you can stay whether this is an. It only it's just he's so those two people get hit oil and having common. I am against the violated thing you keep your guess is the year as well content calling him vendor I hung out. I'm going to I have to guess we keep it to myself you do region that is how I'm going to. Allow. I I think it's over the top decorate your kitchens have. Now it is fine view on it is enhanced address how are you right exactly that I'd personally mean. Less is more wimpy we'll get to like big Griswold level of their house decoration. At that point. Not these dissident these foolish people are doing a fine job you know what I won't do look kinda nice what they did it to the tune. Just because it was like a fight it out I don't I didn't against the Tibet. But what is it and I don't know I I can't I can't. So. The some of the cities to see on Christmas decorations in their use in that adolescents. Says today's violence. Fine no malice like the crazy. Love like crazy agrees these fuel crazy decorations are talking like you know those people at the super crazy decorations. Did a lot of decoration day I'm sorry about maybe even like music exists. But Doug about cried out eight drizzle out people spend a lot of money and time. On decorating for our. The people who have Christmas were the biggest displays and don't pay somebody to do it on people who like to spend a lot of time during the holidays away from their frequently. Valid U that would be my air cycle a cycle analysis. No no cause for two goalies. I'm with those trees and she's doing and her kids. Cotton for I think her I said you're crazy level I said obviously where I sit above that. But I check at a at a sense cotton and putt that I was seeing you think I'm like I buy. There's a great Amazon deal on solar power book and like how ceremony after getting anywhere. Hopefully they work. And there are super G and some mine I'm man has lights are a lot. Once you start and then putting it together that's why you gotta get a feel like our coach. Today I'm not as I have less dependent on like I don't like inflatable thing ever stain from. I tried to play doubles in what the PN's Lauren now all a big stands huge Santa. And eating peanuts for Christmas is depressing. I don't do peanuts peanuts are so depressing. Penis or peanut picking its end and penis there and and defense it was a nice purchase. Now those payments. The characters snoopy and ever and ugliness get in here that you had just fly away at a tiny tree thing they do. Den me is always funny to make delay that deer rounds each. That path are there is the same answer our mission road at. Let's say between 83 95. And. I don't know I'm not comfortable at that level of professionalism. Like that Santa is yours say it's as ugly you have an ugly ciento. I'm sorry you can't say that IT ITN is my opinion you should keep that tears up Obama I. And I I am I did let's keep my eyes and nose adding him booths. Because he's saying I believe to me my opinion is. That's an ugly see it's is way different then what was gonna come out here about how could you have our eyes. I don't know mainly yellows got a Cabrera out really gap and lie down right now Lawson right now what I pray tell me what I think I tsunamis so goddamn wow I got. Tell me. Here's an iPad. Here's my notepad here's my read and as I write their rates. Either insurer appearance and the coming teacher. I always had a fascination moment I didn't think something's specifically. And I am curious how well do you now me and velocity of batted away. Yeah it's not it's not it's it's not something you Europe and I don't even know that it's not the case again. Like why don't they are we get a grip on ugly stance of. We cut I'm just curious. What you think I was going to say Jesus and he ran into all right Andy bell on. Two words. Designing great carnac hear anything like that again. Maybe didn't the great carnac the bids on the cards easy do you put on a big hat he would hold her novel of up to his hat. He would say something and then he was real loud but in this case a little of the Federer revealed I've got credit boom. She carried out loud no doubt I was not a tennis and a guerrilla warrior SA. DN EC used to think that. And you can you can't no I think this is no fun for anybody listening and then and and and and and an amount that it is a mile line is that the fund is in one our and it Aaron Aaron. Well it. It out of those lose my top. All of them tiny and you dissipated guys DNA and you pat. And got it. If if if if if it. We know path than. There is out there any. I'd like that. I am remind me out OK whoever can guess. Or we well we were whoever can guess now because the only thing I ever say arena now look fine except for the winner whoever guesses on this and then there's Warren is the reality is sworn to secrecy. Well or did these shots and my thoughts regarding. The news story we just aired which was Christmas grinch. Catch Jack blades. Christmas virtues and I got to Texas he got to Texas I would I do what they are private. Did you argument fragment you got to Texas 95 there there a game that's fine that's going to give private plan first when it. I mean I guess Aaron. What were our initial thoughts. I'm pulling him out. Oh man that's really funny because and only if they it's like if this is like Carly Simon. But Witten. Christmas. You're references need to get and here this sensor that. Fact I am. Obviously in a great car Matt yeah. And why did segment they had just please do from the 1990s. And up at all. Man I mean I feel like lesions just do the two thousands. What's in my early any and that my wheel houses late. I heard is is your younger. And I don't think that is the part debacles. You're an old man Joseph Carr right or just I mean inside in. Old old man it. Through runner. City. I got an instant that out yet are. Also I about olive somebody got loan. Which climbed but not really. Not see it. Now no one's gonna do it's so tough to lose. It's cadets Jesus Christ I flies like that you guys are wayward saying they. Yeah they were the biggest season moblog now we didn't quite a while the jobs. We generally don't work. Out how yet he has it and we got a letter of congratulation. 6383. And that's I thought immediately. While now while on whether mark snap to column when you look like weirdly authority well I think like wide slot. That was the question mark now know him no no no wasn't. It's weird. Offensively gives the best answer who cares we do. Right are good so young woman out on land that I haven't gotten my wave where a guy yours. Now I think it's pretty scary stuff. Knows posted notes on the computer the yellow ones yes you know and talking about yeah. That's what he wrote and the silent reading that dugout I want to kill children and in all caps. But I am loving Christian man who would never hurt a flea. He spells Lila he's like leave like runaway yeah and he. Does not. Is I think it joke gone wrong. That's my guess yeah it's less fun and I thought yeah. I I think it's a joke on our I really kind of hoped it was a semi innocent psychotic break but it seems like it now. That it's a joke that. Well outlets on alliances that's that's aren't as good target as from the Housley got but I forgot to do it all as a. I thought I should have screamed shouted by turn out. Forgot discard grabbed a screen shot. That's more unwanted PNS. I asked for and it's tiny. Like why do you do that. If they must've heard the will the ring story. Maybe. And he's like Lincoln that's my goal why explain why do one thing that law. About celebs and it leaked this after he's glad he's at the link mess. And then I heard there it's not like your first move never. Talked MMI I'd have no idea area is. Why he did that thugs. So my responses original. I found see it in the middle and I don't know what that is but I've decided. And tell me what you think about that this. That news of electricity in and and I'm going messing I mean Debra Messing. What is Debra Messing strings. I mean a screen shot and share in Chicago sesame yeah. But I feel like my social media is getting up I don't think yeah I think that's actually. Even now it's wrong. And like. Awful you know you think you want to libel or why do I have to get in trouble. That's my thing like revenge here's some mine in that isn't for a lawyer and you know that applies here back sharing. It's insane damages scaring me as he attacked baby Wiener yet nonexistent anywhere yes unsolicited and I agree and it happens. Repeatedly. Even though you can just even now pollen out you don't have to necessarily showed photos of I feel uneasy doesn't issue a categorical denial. I mean Aaron even now that it's Israel lame I doubt right. It ideas find out though it is that so that's that's another related seems like and I am I'm I may be GOR veggies context and chat idea GG that you just take matters in your own hands gray. I feel like I mean take matters into my own hands and person he yeah I know I mean I'd like gazette like he would so wrong that the system may again be structured. To punish the victim here I doubt ray elicited but you can't. Then I'm now doing and I illicit and leaner. If you click. Must I do it not safer work thing I don't know I'd do that on my photos or if he may now begin our esteemed. But what's the point of showing it if he can't Miller went if you really wanted to show people European as you being viewed as them let's do that. Wreck coming out the out their bodies I agree review. Totally in the sense of the black it whiteness of this nature are bad but. Do you really Agassi and blackened out dad dealing goal there were and are now I get out put something out there have something America. I got tiny purple. Yeah like a baby tell like I got into my daughter and yeah I entered a direction. Because really into Greek columns is bigger here. Your column on Amazon and anger can't yeah yeah I mean Jesus Christ. We have this discussion before our. No one wants to see here Weiner if they do they'll ask enthusiastic and sent absolutely. In Indy that Stanley recently ousted ranked. I'm just gonna start a collection but faces on and there's a whole article paints with bases. There's an article on penis. Like. And we should have like a media devoted website. I'm unsolicited than people would probably is yeah it always gets taken advantage yep exactly and now. Send them a better looking JPEG. Like I'm not only I don't know where you're might have mine's bigger. Or someone else's. Yeah that way that's seems like but probably that's the person who did this Phillies only had to send back an otherwise. Thad Allen as claimed the situation now you know as a lot of situations you wanted to be taking care of you on an issue that doesn't mean I. That I don't on you that. So do you notify authorities. A tea is sanity and my wife. It previously work with all day. Sent our message. I was like hey you know is listed. And work again system. And what Jews is this. You know and he says miss your face. And then my does some remotely we keep pacers slight case of whatever. And she wrote back in the future I'd appreciate you not addressing me and so is comparable terms I don't foresee myself being able to. Have any free time soon because a busy with my feet. Which is all true and I was like today. That was a really. Good way to handle it right he didn't feel comfortable. With that but that is just that a multi. Ranking give that response. Right if you give that response that. And she knows yeah. Yeah. I got an idea that a Amos is. Thicker than who. Yeah I think it's a well. Out of me he felt comfortable not to say miss your case. You know I mean I would never responded that yes your pay is she'd end I guess yeah. Now absent are about baby we are now I'm just giving you an example in yeah and how to handle it that's like yeah. I appreciated you didn't mean Europeans think I am sure he knows that great. I'm Sherri knows I don't if I wanted to see it he would know because I'd be enthusiastic about it great pink. And see this is what happened I talk about those before us and covered the come meter were being about the students think it's ought to go out. Yeah they have and it's got to be and so is it going to be enormous I mean it's visual assault on its unsolicited right I'd actually. I wasn't expecting that yeah. And then for it to be so miniscule and Jesus. Don't share baton. And law means denying their images and at all. No thank you. And I birdied pose of that on my Twitter. Make if I wanna see European as you'll now to be the first one and there is any violence is a I'm Diana via. If I want to tear it down that's a new violence in my buyout it's Owens checked that and ask. That I want absolutely wire present like even now you will now if I wanna see it. Trust me trust me I well I'll ask. I'll ask. Happy as editor from word yes. Well it was millennium I wanna see here on ask him and you say snapped yet figured that got. Gauntlet thrown down the app can't you handle it if not right step aside. Sometimes there responds as investors ran faster. The answer and what about breast pictures same thing only in them usually. Not an back you know I would like in out of Thailand is the arrest. Why you have ten Danny yes that found out that you did you don't. Think you got to include my wife got it would be got a got about a related to general area. I. Aren't. Simon Says they love random month. Feel free to for them to me oh miles. Are there random or is random well not all is. On social media yes. If I wanna see your Wiener you've got my phone number. That's just I doubt you ever phone number that doesn't mean while now because well I ask. I don't mean ai good text makes I don't want to go away. Break I then well you know go back and look. If I need zero. I'll say it is yelled out. That. That's up. What is it would baby Wiener Jeff what is the bad guys and send ephedra baby Weiner. She mass like baby leaner. What what does that allow me what I bet your experience that doesn't mean that that's what you want lower altitude. Anyway. Very. Somber discussion. About weed out this morning a thing out. Screen shampoos meals. That is Lawrence. With American money. I attractive. Even though he rhymes money and honey. Normally love that yeah Matt. Anyway it's one of my favorite tracks born playing the buy those stole Christmas night three. That is December 16 at the Midland tickets available and I seized by the buzz I count them yet nineteen coming up as well. That is with X ambassadors. Iron John Olivia facts and then when born is aging air and hidden Brandon Phillips in the condition. We just had Phoenix. Which was also. And I found the that's what you call it dongle. No I got my dongle. That Phoenix. Has sent us that I. Tried to correct my own name at least they led me to believe that they would play a particular assignment in the hunt. It's as if it had been written charmed me do they would have had to do it that's the rules but you do that lipstick. Tell ahead. Turned toward. And so effect on police found four. Which had played for Ohio. You kind of plugin. Mark found islands aren't going to. That's I need to ask gotten. Oh so they re released dissolved I didn't know that none of the song is older. And I am playing for awhile he is nearly Pia out. And I was so happy. That I toes in new music. And now I'm usually on Friday that we came to me that comes out on Fridays beyond Tuesday's were the official release it. For everything went singles T. d.s LP is whenever when they announced Friday is and saw just trying to. See what's out there and usually. And when you excellence of themselves there. That's kind of on a label. That's not always the case. That night to see what else is out you know. We get tonight. Three behemoth labels you'd have to you have a system that you build the trust the system model of making money and you have to go about it very certainly in a lot of artists. Panning get. They do these are asked to see them you don't get to hear and how he'll find that you have to go find out if any I don't like it's almost like digital vinyl vinyl. You know gone back providing vital records. Back in the day before there was messes your vision oh you've got to have beside. I give you know is attracted to good humor you've got a leg up on a lot of people because the way we distribute music now's very controlled. Wow I heard them awhile ago and I heard services but I'm labeled lies you know wake gets the big push right. Rick is a great now I'll just go tear sirens go browse and I am apple music and a lot of people do Spotify and so the first thing on there. And I can't browse but I'm not in my John Daria Dolan so it's stream you Jews throughout but as he squeezes sure the first thing on my man. Imus get that so then I gonna genre as a go to Alter it and and and it's the a list of apple music which I don't hear that. No things and then some hot tracks. So any shirts on there fallout boy hasn't interact when you that was terrible and meet him and no Gallagher is high flying birds which I kind of like most thought was huge well it's called height hold me tighter doubt that you and your home and I got here love. It doesn't sound like boy I don't think at our ally remembering is like are telling us. And then. Others union then you. Remained on the ground he's on the. Is it like really. Hi into the the only Shakira carmike crazy. When you stitch them lose to get a certain states to bring the value in the primary reason furniture. Now they Shakira. That was up front page. And and then then we'll new dashboards. It was so they may have dead. So though do you like you were singles by bands a dashboard his arm rarely seen and see all contracts. Sea off the and then I wonder how did they get out. Do they get paid. It's always top artists that usually that you now labels push yeah gangs and youth. No Gallagher is high flying birds Amy shark dashboards and acts team and pollen which I really liked that line it was logo here Ayman Juno came in college had with every relays that whatever means that Jimmy Eat World doesn't QC QB coming out this week. Yes and the Wong man is on the airline into the night by means are playing that TOI enjoys play 76 and dynamite forehand. And then the man's story of playing different track down. Who gorillas is different though. For me Elmo and he knows me who are known for its parent and you and now that sunflower being tracked and again and I am I'm sorry anyway it doesn't matter and here is the re release and dissolve for. And yeah it is spelled like he's you're at this track. Congratulations and imagine making it on Apple's music and. Jane and how on the does it would Fiat currency besides in remixes and that track. Is new. Yeah he's earned and eight I love that address not. That's so mean. I hear on the ice you're on the guest list here and the dark hours or whatever. Agency they're gonna go to. It's not I mean it's not really a bad guys is like his crosses late that night at a. You look at the Pentagon. I didn't scandal and then Danny and I disliked it and hands on what was the randomly at Verisign I think my phone is not. Yeah clearing your eyes off wasn't me no way to elect the yet it wasn't me it was the Prez on anyway. Itself. Not so new song and you sign that says that as their sons now for quite a few years. And that is really really good but are there any other good news really uses that that's what they did and they should have because that's really like they have other great times the data's. Can't guarantee MCAS and so got to dissolve Sosa then anyway. Don't mind me and that music playing new this morning.