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Wednesday, February 15th

Buzz Briefs, Russia, Ali, Interview, Kegs and Eggs, New Mac Lethal song, KS Lottery and more!

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I. Our. All right we're not doing news. I haven't read this article that you wanted to re right that I'm foregoing news for this article are my house is trying to find it Lauren did you dream that I just did like I had three weeks ago maybe I can. It's by it's from buzz feed. And it's by Alley watt kittens the strange case of the Russian diplomat who has had smashed and on Election Day I guess it's a really cool story out it's their guy kriegel diet. And Sergey cream on diet and my engineer PD closed the case right because originally it was classified as blunt force trauma and this guy's a total spook show get into a more. And basically this guy has no known address like address that the consulate the Russian consulate had listed for him was a Smithsonian office. Okay and originally. It was said blunt force trauma it was that caused the death tax and then the police said it was a heart attack the NYPD closed the case before the medical examiner got to let. And it's a really insisting story like regardless of anything or how you feel it's a really cool spook story a guy gets really. As far as Richard goes dying is a messy being even under normal circumstances but in the months since could cause this is proven nearly impossible to find out how he died Hui was. And how if all federal authorities were involved in the investigation. It's a really good story. It's a really good read her carrier reads like spy novel. It's so good in cool and I thought I Prius that pay clearly. And salute to my whole process does ceding our sons by Steve Busby you know you had. I don't know. Vapor big photo on the airlines have broke the whole Russian thing out I posted the dossier pray love which no one else would speak right so. It's a good story I just campaigning you do with a dossier and not right now but it's like oh my god how did this happen why is it's not a bigger story. Why did the NYPD closed the case. Both for the medical examiner determined the cause death now a medical examiners disagreeing. With the causes death that the NYPD listed the NYPD is stone walling reporters are asking questions about a guy who was at a Russian diplomats or Russian diplomat and charge of guess like what he is in charge of like he had big key code to encode indeed code all the messages going to and from Russia out of that console. OK and OK where was he with you museum art. In New York and a diplomat when exactly it was DJ way okay leg eater and think this team I see here in diplomat I'm not exactly sure what his ass is your right very apparently married this OK yes I'm Harley setting this up I think that only because I haven't read it yet and according FBI court documents from twenty to. Tina for an arm of the Russian intelligence service that SBR. Recently keeps is secure likely pizza secure office space inside the Manhattan consulate work revolve worked. Britain from from. Where his his so leads Edwards for Russia and off on and he did live in New York on on hand and the coding on the search. And he was here. Deposition. See English language news reports kabob identified then only is 63 year old Russian national and Manhattan resident was a security officer. But it November report from spike make English language might Russian media outlet has a console or duty commander. That position is no ordinary security guard according to other public Russian language descriptions of the duty commander position. Revolve would have been in charge of among other things prevention of sabotage and suppression of attensa secret intrusion into the consulate. In other words it was proposed job to make sure US intelligence agencies. Didn't have ears inside the building the duty commander also about access to the consulate crypto cart. The top secret code breaker used to encrypt and decrypt messages transmitted between the consulate and other Russian channels. It is likely curve Abu help transmit cables in and out of the heavily guarded building but I didn't even know these places existed in America. Right well you they have consulates get a you don't think you're eating noodles Luke but I guess it is I that I I don't know I guess Sinai eighty yeah. He says he dies he dies a blunt force trauma and has Simmons tells. Well they said it was blunt force trauma had I imagine that seven killing Bret by the time emergency responders reached him he is dead. Where did he die in at work it out at the building. Okay and is are rushing consulate building in Manhattan initial reports that the nameless man had plunged to his death from the roof of the consulate is journalist rush to the scene consular officials quickly change the narrative the anonymous man enough on dozens of feet from the roof. Other consulate building but it suffered a heart attack. There's quite a difference that surely knows how many floor as is the console that how tall is the consulate building it's well. I've read Sony doesn't dozens of feet now and house of not very like you know 23. Well I Kara she's got more information are there by the time the man's body look for Morgan next day of trump was president elect the United States. Please covers it said the death of Sergei grew a lot of his name revealed here publicly for the first time this morning and is an article. Look natural enlisted the case is close. Well he fell from a building that I don't think necessary to match her own right but then. Policy were in the medical examiner ago this is crazy so why is what is is does he implying something. Three months after his found dead distances between US and our streets a fever pitch the New York City medical examiner isn't sure he had a heart attack after. Law dot dot dots. This is cool this is fun Iowa time is he does feed on fifteen minutes are as she's content team on aren't you should read disagree I'm gonna try Arenas has I am fifteen minutes to get on board room. There's also some intrigue as to where is the body Gus. The cause see the medical Examiner's office says the investigation could cause death remains open in the cause and manner of death or pending further studies the disconnect between medical Examiner's office and NYPD is not normal and standard practice a death investigation would not be formally close by police officers. Until medical examiner reached a determination of death. It's open until you get a cause death there's been nick there has to be complete circuit with a case says mark likes them a former NYPD investigator. That case is going to stay open until there's a final determination. A separate medical examiner officials that could cause body had been released the day after his death but declined to say who was released you. That medical examiner no longer has the body. It is government and aplomb and whom. None of the five Maynor few -- 85 major funeral chapels or funeral homes in new upper in upper Manhattan knew of any recently deceased person you grew up. Bay and new the New York City Health Department declined Busby news' request to search the record saying that by standard practices any surge had to be your quest by a family member. Moved. This is a good story. If you've been beaten and. And then like they can't find. Where he works like his body wasn't like the place he listed as the office where he worked or where he lives that wasn't actually in office it was a Smithsonian office. It's a whole bunch. Intrigue going Aaron you're very fact very excited I area of the article that's kind of have that Moreno and 8 o'clock I'm. While Perot probably below that after 8 o'clock we have that takes an exit tell you about how we got to bang bang morning asked again sending her everywhere and maybe you don't like a Russian spy novels. That's kind of school at call we have kegs and eggs for fantastic band Aaliyah really excited to see and it's been a long time since I sounds to me how last time I saw man it was any buzz under the stars and ethnic line. At peak I believe that that OK so it's values coming back here. Shortly and to more. Some easy gravity is 100%. Answer. Yes. Falling to your dad's not present Santoro I mean you know. Yes Bosnia is always apply some thing. Are we all are are we. It's we will be back with Russian spy novel tila. Our rights my name's venture Danny's here mark is here and he's welcome to the program buzz feeds Alley Watkins good morning Alley. It more and any time I'm excited to get into this article. With Kia OK see you rabbits here abuzz in news reporter. The strange case of the Russian diplomat who got his head smashed in on Election Day and reads like an encyclopedia brown title. How did. Yes it is a good plot now do you have liberty with all your headlines. I know actually we had in past that headline right in the bag you you know how are you out every partner I thank all. Yes they are there and that's. Yes they did says Sergey crib Bob corrects. Yet but that's. He was watch a Russian diplomats working in Manhattan. Yet you would see beauty commander in Iraq and conflict in and yet very it counts so slowly. What does that mean. Neglected because nobody really it can be kind of got back into that great and we realize there's no real global prediction from the US side. Certainly it without a hit in the immediate aftermath of it. Get on and in November. They he would AD security guards but the panel included any commander position according to a concert and language. And contacted you basically. They're great security officer for her whatever mission at Berkeley dot that are kind of in charge of making sure that. Delicate compromise. US intelligence agencies don't get into. Any other electronically her. They're human aspect it into whatever our letter Barack. Am and part back at is that correct program. What does this really fun at all why word that basically. The current programming like the code breaker I am so whatever whatever he can be as. Yeah every every grade you're the current program basically how they encode that district he could just coming out permissions are. You have access here yet that pretty important. Okay have you got that it's like the that's a movie with Benedict is number bats about Allen turning in regulatory machine. Yeah I got okay so he has access to the crept to ground its. Credit grades up so they find him did. These. Though everywhere on Election Day is obviously. World. Ready for the election reminder kind of there and then these new reports show up that I'll bet diet Iraqi conflict. Yeah. And now than Paula a lot of people on a rough into the conflict in the morning I'm more election it. And to encourage you now with very gay or port actually that he added. But somehow fallen to his death off the roof of the building. And then condemned the report kind of catching the conflict that known and out bound. Or security up as the morning. And they think he had a heart attack a notepad the only embraced that he now that morning and then I think we all had the intention at all it our way error. Everything kind of. Changed absolutely anti Election Day I am right exactly so and who cares about there's a rush and until I am because you really. Were we talking about rash and trump yet at that time. He looked like a background in congress they Conrad yeah. Starting in the morning of Election Day and I don't think many people bill expected trapped two minute. Yeah. There aren't that Allah I am glad here I am glad he snapped yeah it's awesome Russian dies big. Really right there Russian consulate. In Manhattan. Not a big DL I honestly hadn't heard about it because we are but later I guess and my PD then. Says okay we'll case is close but that doesn't necessarily drive with their use or procedures when it comes to the medical Examiner's office correct. Yet without the weird part as we started. Looking back into it which it started very strange because the second you bring up a debt that the consulate and what you caught it like well. Update our. There is dot automatic properties and but races we did what we got adams' Cindy gritty that it is part was that the police. Said unequivocally that the key to close. And medical examiner was saying no title are not sure how he got to go. Some I mean Darren. And my PD is not known encourage transparency or that you. The fact that that he could close that we build out content that is it is our. Usual. Yet it from everyone I talk to NYPD officers. Copter or that the New York it beard or keep it close with Al. And medical Examiner's conclusion. Unbeaten but apparently given an. From the Russian conflict a heart attack that from algae totally capped call. In the. But I issue there oratory style to his job. Yet though there and do all that. Very in each day and all these different story kind of run up against each other as points. And very charming yes and Gary you're great inner ear very exciting to a concert rather. Probably because of your subject to actually your very and your great storyteller. I Alley the case of the Russian diplomat who got his hands passionate. About it and the name of your article which we well. We'll tweet out or do any thirty treated out there and on her side as well so tell me that it's because we know buss speed is played a role a big brawl. Inch round and his Russian ties cracked. Yeah we believe certainly the lottery sources say getting to the. Rank and file it happened Smith on the back for saying hey we're gonna publish that dossier it's been as open secret DC because people have a right to know I think it was the right call. I sell out why do you think how Lee this is important. Would that we're this story like Sergei Akron dobbs dying. Where's his body went out and do his body. How did he die. Easy these New York PD covering it up if so why are they coming out about beat Ernie there's so many questions obviously. Disaster really what you article Henry like this spy novel. Yeah you know we had a conversation badly hurt Eric operate as you know what's important here why wouldn't do Rio crack at the start to get there I am very good. They're being very. He believed conceivable that the guy got app for that huge and that. But I think it will really mean good conservative or done editors. Blake. Yeah lyric that he would not be here to warrant such eight uniquely deer mountain. And the US Russia. Say. She has been in that area. Including now that's my big dally like all of the sudden we're talking him out Barack shag. And if there since I was thinking ahead. You now. Yeah I've been super bizarre moment and he iPad accommodation with the other reporters that it strange you know I would not. Cabrera not a reporter in the nineties I don't remember the old war here but here we are trying to. Looping back again and trying to learn a lot of it but he went the backup of the series and make important earlier this unique uniquely. And point and you in the US Russia relationship and anything that comes up at the pact Iraq entered it forty. Well like anything day. Come got sick pageant Russia there could be an inclination toward transparency. And Earthlink and things that you might as well. Yet so I think back then this could clearly. As. Good dark and gave the lead scenario he had a morning it collects and they couldn't write that any fiction novel of yeah big lead like that. Find out all the for the doctor they're always adhered actors and that we don't have answered I think it'll make it important to underscore the bigger issue. We don't have undergone a lot of US threats are out and. Nearly a rant or right. Let our guys they're the dossier where's the dossier on in a lousy. POK there was in game and god or APE nine. For the people like let anybody know yeah. Yes but ask me about that was like easy being blackmailed right compliments are right Jamie and they can't Paramount thing we are talking about how Russia and yeah on those being black and now how many people are being blackmailed or are they really being black millionaire really very many question or is this is playing in my paranoid fantasy I live and I'm I'm fully aware that that is a possibility because we love him well that's around there. The best advice I got when I started covering Russia's dot org and provide EE DEA in Powell. Eyes at all we're there a million different things are great get credit for keeping on Iraq and won a lot like my belt. That he have I ever got to get that important item on being territory. And someone on the ticket and you're paranoid doesn't mean it's not trailed. Yeah yeah. You gotta get him he did everything with a massacre in the ball good and I got the it factor I think. I agree with you 100 hours on ally. Here I it's not necessarily a bad I have one more question for you since you said you are like the spivey basically. Have you had anything interesting or worrying happened to use it like not even about this story but just in general since you started covering. Yeah. He's. I mean the answer is yet every reporter I think on that be and how I'd be weird like checking over your shoulder. Feeling. I got cleared excited and stuff I and every good target even see on the day there. Yeah we've been warned we are being followed warrant that are under prop eight. I mean I know people aren't that kind of match that in their apartment and it little -- back and a lot of it. Activated the psychological game with covering that eat they eat you know you don't want he won it people running committee's kind of attract. Necessarily like kind of a physical they eat then. And what you're gonna behind or they just wanna keep it general veneer of pressure on used so that you kind of like well is this worth it on everything you might be investigating for journalism. Yeah exactly and iron and hit kind of it did did it very clear to predict a reminder likely to email a lot and I have. Okay I'm. I don't base man now I have yet spelled that way at all about now covering Russia. Yeah I think it like paranoia at pressure I. I don't think you don't want the airport every right to take that compliment like they're trying to intimidate Healy it take you seriously. Me. Felt like exactly happy with my age shall remain on active. I'm all their parent did you pose for Playboy actually get to do the normal thing back. I know you keep us out today with your ration devalue I can't tell you guys say you got an update we'd love to have you on your great Alley. You get the mud and how can it be great story anybody like that. Yet not even just a strange and use anything you feel like drunken IRS went and others and well battery involved door and if you need clicks will get three Rick's dad CA yet you you guys you know how to get collects maybe you should help us with our help let's get our web content and it's like are podcasting titles and side jetty at. Alley Watkins about speeding case of the Russian diplomat that is Chad smack especially c.s aimed. So was does that smash in the tech citing league was actually smashed and. Do you dot. That lead Arnold yeah I don't know how he died and yet my PD wouldn't get it and there are four current budget. It bit like Andy Reid and senate to be continued I act as does that. How can very bad value likens her Bosnia very nice to me thank you very much for coming out of our I think my hair right. Arie rain. I love disband. And they have new south out. Which I'm excited to does is cool like OK you think who backed. Kegs and I Israeli backed that Juno online kegs and aegs it was stupid and I've never seen so many people I think alma draft some had to open up the balcony. And this day and I thought stole the show buzz at the stars as you've got there earlier announced that particular doesn't concerns Alabama shakes is on the go. Garbage is on the service and pick ups is unknown and they kind of opened up things for everybody. That band being electric Chesley please tell everybody the details Janet I would be happy and Q. OK and finish with and present the exact morning guys Tuesday February 20. How much trust fund mainstream. Featuring the whole thing again. Morning buzz. My dream. I think ignoring stormy Tuesday February 28 to join as it's the on the draft house. It's thirteenth and main doors are 6 o'clock in the morning first hundred people and we buy you beer yes and direct fancy can mash UPS furlough day Dan consigned. They play except for this I'm very curious to see how they're going to do there it's. Because they were just phenomenal and doesn't of the SARS out. Electric guest is next step for kegs and eggs obviously exist when he went in up. You know because at a bar Amy like to buy you beer and all that other steps and join us Tuesday February 22. Four in this band electric guests. That is more electric gas on the guys I listened to that album on down. I don't know recovered a clear and just keeps going I'm sorry about that their new album thorough. Is out now. Just a couple of tracks not all events so we have a few for you will play something you if you've not heard we're doing. Electric gas for kegs and angst it is Tuesday. February 28. They're in town Monday night they're playing the right around and jammed Isa. I believe is lead singer and mesa mesa and it can naming a so once I think it's a say yamana is downs. Eight the only eighth I now was like on TV peso. That's a name that yep. Yeah stuff and they are staying in town and after there Cher to play kegs and eggs the following morning which is really nice and sounds are playing the dryer mid 94. Tanks snags the following morning at Alamo draft house. First hundred people on the door you buy you beer. In some breakfast and then the piano hang out and play a little bit for a sag get there early for show is free it's joining went up obviously in here is new. Electric gas and I'm very excited to hear the rest of her because as. It's five years since they had gone out to believe that and I forgot I'm was that doesn't of the stars and every time I think everybody did. As for awhile I was all about find your member of the weather delay. You kind of forget about why can't you Honda commercial and then it's and then that's the curse of the commercial that bill was electric gas in this. Electric has started dozen stars. Arafat was 93 whatever is on it was a Berkeley were from park with Allen out I shave it right this storm ninety's yes. It was I have such tough ball that night and it was just such a great show I had a great time. I got to see there are sad it was so hot out. And then Alabama shakes like they are sent on and then it just are pouring. And then it was. So are signed right then and are was a garbage before it was garbage picked dated the money. So resigned. That's I don't remember who did life as it has every night. It was exactly. I don't remember sold rescind coming on and I hit by lightning and nobody did get started guys and just by year trying. Danny was a navy Leon kind of huddled up. Into the glass highways I I'm a baby because I would didn't go near the large metal hole it was a hell of a sore I'm the baby knocked off the stage. Because of the storm yeah. Yet the via the delays were really late anyway. Electricity gas canister and everything was very how wonderful weather and nurse that was fantastic so they're playing the right or am Monday the 27. Doing checks and aegs the next morning the 28 at Alamo draft house. Here is the latest from them it's called back for me electric gas is on the does he need details back eggs nags. He's a nice extra buzz dot com. They're funny Danny thank you Iran come so down. 311. And people are that down Mariane you know hearing now I'd just. Couldn't help myself it's okay it's time sheer. It was funny out yet how much ego. And and I are great users yells stuff that makes cents. I don't as Solano when these and other than after channel. That's all I have might sit out and then after that. I think in my own lyrics. Domicile is an eagle and co. Opal can juggle work and the pillow. Has nowadays isn't yet. We let it take a breath of my mouth to lose what I asked a must I dream of Jews. Down on them and Els was an expert heavy. How many. Dogs well away. Good. Drive problem rug and let. And Brad. Well and some. Period of all he had hop. Out. Yeah I haven't I did like this song is about giving banks you know that but that's about it by amber didn't think you and I just let me do it now. Erica was it for the dark. Now holly just you know it's like we chains alignments on sun it's like going there in we're not like Omaha Skiles straight anymore but now. Thank you for being down there. Aren't I have live songs there a cut. I. I like those a lot and tell me I'm crazy. I okay. Does that feel it coming out of Jack to rent them and lemmings on this typical because you really want Mack to be like a superstar he works hard hours he does pretty well there's an eight day Doug Merrill. Yeah he does pretty well he does it you know political views like a household name. I think a lot of people and Malia and I think Internet younger yes yes I'm saying I Elmore broadcast aged I agree now I like raising that. I'm actually yeah so first of lawn tennis because I'm not in this area a look at that I have DS. You get beat any time. Think why you are asking where these people aren't necessary and you sure have a lot of. Three I'd just like a lot of gay and this year. Takeaway Aaron might not in this video I know a shot logo Lleyton I know is here. Anyways I had mark. Adding that because. I'm waiting for him to give me your radio at a ironing out he has won him. I have yet to hear from me he's the worst to getting back to people. Just an ordinance that. It's not like he does have a lot going on outside her I'm item number angry about it and never 'cause I know he's got so much going up and he's got a TV show on MTV JO he's constantly working. He's constantly. Making me as writing music recording music not to mention. Yeah it TJ yeah I mean it's like there's a whole other side room and everything so he's busy I get that so he's Fuzzy coming sometime this week. That hasn't come in today. We're busy gathering this thigh and you have to it's IMAX out here is a song twisted. Radio and it courtesy of mark have you didn't have because there's a lot of swearing and that's and then that got. To it takes or how to get the whole those reversed. Eddie I may actually Eagles on the buzz with twisted it. Mark missile line you miss a line at 127 blah I know yes when asked by a pretty gut we really don't mix. Marquis did a good job. It's hard because it kind of is very unassuming now the way you did the reverse is very nice work I think reverse works go there because there's so many and yeah that's a great song I love it I anchoring while. That's a really passionately and twists and I get a China as possible malevolent I have I had love that my guy magnets really goes yeah. I. Seven the convoy is out hurled from the sun came out. I thought it was really great and there is a mash U becoming and sometimes they let you need to flip and ask them there. Ships. Sorry impossible live remarked. Really way to go help you need to make this you can make that asset should take that as thin flip big gay twisted. Yes take out as some flippant thank you very much better and the 96 and tonight scratch her stretch her for an you can. Well I've done it if you want it call me I 7796. Time. Zoom in I'll tell you if you winner announced go this first person calling Paris her name down and I'm about as. Yeah. Counting the hours for any man who go to the second person Colin thank. And that is. Period. And I. Tanner on our yell out hair. Did you hear electric gas is coming for kegs and eggs. I will be one awesome February 28 at the Allen Jack has I'll see you more details and I just a buzz and I'd dot com. Dinner I stretched it to any glass scratch your firm against battery. I did that winning in how ever you still line he had thirty dollars and Jim Slattery lucky for life to get in your qualified for to against. Tap every buzz 2017. Shall mark talked to tanner. Get a hug. All right Jared he's up next. Tomorrow your chance for to get to the iPod Shuffle. And letter of girls make a lot. Derrek Lee domain B may be front and maybe not this week who knows. Per share we have tickets for sure we're doing our approach of a rate. During have a great day.