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Wednesday, February 21st

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Mourning. And involved with lines are not involved with us. The Russian where our mouth not that I can't wait to do and is actually a whole bunch of good stories today and I'd just like her vaguely depressing when. A lot of people's children don't have school today and yeah you care. Case you have any. I didn't now. 'til you tell me dia when errors clothes I know to my friend David shot to David it. Intel usually this morning and DA to you about it than I saw was you know remotely. I only. Don't these amount attacks usually they called. They didn't. Call me again what time on X got a call she texted me. So eating get a car and I think. I mean your column and get attacks. Usually they send an email mountain and canyon and a posed the school are you sure we have we don't have schools that. Bro. Bro brown. Eyed again now and I'm okay incidents. And that we don't undermine him now yes they inundating their text messages Diddy now here's everything emails bull crap days. It's too I'll send the stuff all the Harry got camping and then you're not gonna tell me that there is our school today. I'm a lawyer and I my ass yeah nothing. I eat any email me that there's no school today. You email me for every mother happened today in there with somebody fared sideways we get any man I like how we go for the park site lately brew really have brought up before recently yeah. Or bringing him back and think well let's call it's going for our information line find out. Now I want them as a Miette goddamn tags or an. Like they normally do let's get that I resent. Now I don't only care by an event together in my house right now I and Aaron and no school today favored waivers I missed school district. Good news alert news alert means is sanity now. Is an estate tax by one and you didn't. I get an email for everything blow it he uses this now I hit you know I am inundated with school emails. Inundated. Inundated inundated. It ended it we nabbed ETA. Again from the god damn librarian she sends out email Arum is that the amount Russians. The librarians Cincinnati noses and it in there. Now my grandson out last week as the last leader as he's done for books yeah yeah they got their book roundup. Or page of prayer and aren't shinji has ever Knox and her let them dioxins called Texas okay. FYI that's not enough it's my ox would see it every hour variety and tabor city metropolitan area hates and in. I handed hitting every mother ask for out your every venue every promote. Error setting an unrealistic standard for your kids live up my kids don't even care though they will one day at the now. Announcing the parents of a big birthday parties and freak out about putting a big birthday parties. The kids grow to be kids he freak out about big birthday party stomach because when the freak out about school people. They're not freaking out. Your freaking out knowing you are. I'm not freaking out our school needs money. Well they shouldn't and I happily give it to on the islands inanimate take more dominant we're doing work our I don't know that they can take more in taxes for me yeah they cannot agreements. Well you're retired you might spare you don't like your your adding I do taxes does regular like oh I love the public in the vineyard right rock. Now browse I would be paying. Don't ask. Do you hair down and withholding to have a stop them now in the wrong direction at your. You know you can ads arguing about taxes until you've got. I know what you allow people who like yeah. I think in the. Then go over here I got it at six over AM. 62 let me go back and. To. I'm a one register them through school and everything wrong zip from the school district your score no it's from as and it it's. Add comment it's amnesty to over here. And I. That doesn't mean termite mound and doing enough that we are clear again. Because that's all they need me for I mean yeah that's fine. No they pose a epic I mean it's the midwest as new vehicle here. Is now well I am I lankans have schooled him and seventeen it's time to support those who just don't send an outside. Let me check my app that lately idling them to not play outside for recess at seventeen degrees. They're going to be indoor is side Philly it's okay. I see. Earlier than it is it's where each who can fit into that taste and crossed it years. You see that theory now. Are you hearing up Patagonia. And how can I hate to break the story I am getting aired here and I have an Arab proper cigarette and almost 24 hours south. That's what I need now what are they gonna do tomorrow and it snows. Around town care you need to take a Gregory now pentagon well why does it matter what hat I'm wearing and so confuse my guy nearing a Patagonia. There. You share a. There was thirteen dollars during their web sales for Christmas. Out of for my wife Dylan issuing unsure. They're good company. And her leg if you go to their web sir announcement Narnia and joining us you please animal coming out as well you're really nice guy and I mean I'm just annoying in general. South and get Jessica I mean mega deal there was series ago lake it's lake. You go to the website is it's is paction ours again that they're very the very militant yeah. They will be the fiber of the revolution. Patagonia I am there amend their fair trade peanuts and a and a micro puff jacket. Whoever else. Do you see with the answer I mean it's tiny changes during her time I'm really unions and I know that's ladies who was on sale okay. Dealing with twenty minute turn around my Kosovo now on god damn Selig the hamster it's an analyst or reject it. The end Trace three in 1 park every morning. So you're aren't here. Bob Bob on all over Patagonia. And I'm like here watch this Patagonian Amanda and it is is it not good. Are they not good at selling our lifestyle it's it is not that can you blaming the hat. Yes because you watch the game you're watching. Your. You sir. What has made fun of Patagonia and I believe probably out of made fun of me for maybe wearing something via pentagon. You don't own any Patagonia Nur and an inventor yes and I have haven't done Patagonia and the united Patagonia unearned. You don't believe in the rights her home. Including her it's her eyebrows. I have a road where I thought I hop fan. I thoroughly support the right drones are young pro Rome. And as a thorough and nine and ten room I'm over here trying to. Lofted a ball enlargement you know I had a Garrity had no idea off the property about that yeah. You roam over there. Again. We're on the Patagonia Webb's. Amor YGMS argument or they may. And it's about the Scottish. And there's a law called the right around there grid thirty seconds that lady will beautifully. She's hilarious I lover now never mind because my computers I. Since frozen again. Can't get any new blood ordeal I have to use the one from G and I want you Ellie and I yelling and no and I'm yelling in the direction of the office. Of engineers. We're an American an area you know an idea. Larry I'd like it's our own computer I mean this lady rip it right to wrote it was really. Yeah there was and I know he's gonna drawn to him on Iran com. I don't know what the rights Romans when you've been around. Basically is that she was saying is true in Arizona law and Scotland. In that gives you the rights or come on private property for educational. For educational recreational. Purposes. Ray. I yeah. I am wrong man Roman the rights around right there I don't know what his life. To enjoy the rights around in the amount of rounds. Businesses is that that is when that ladies and and it's very much the I'm what movie Braveheart. You guys are gone out freedom that I think exactly like I don't necessarily think freedom. Well. I please without the old US economy perhaps for however freedom Fries. Iraq there's still think it's. While they're not rom and have gay and other. Now they're not around like that and a free round and look for hero Harry agent in mind on now like a Scottish right now ask got a this deserves where they're Romans for recreational purposes alleged seasonal verbs I think these people out of the land again is in there rank. In my view their role and opened their arms or make their lives together roomful life. It's just different seeing the Roman or lie you. Input lag yeah. Good. Chase chase well done Donnie for playing these begin our kids iron. I. Do all right yeah I think that's. I do I do idea of our main suspension Dini is here Americas here somewhere. And seeing what's going on or own own right Danny. Only the did hear Anderson Cooper says that the media since start to. There are much gonna do that's where two men you mention too much just stupid what we're doing let's start in this lady. Let's start with Florida always good reading and start with Florida lower Adam Eaton to begin though. America's elections were. A tapped Biden. Russia this is no longer some sort of pretend conspiracy theory this is actually. Talked about in the highest levels of government. CIA FB IN. SA and I had EA. AKA. CDC. LM AFM. I do it anyway. But one of the things were really starting get him it information on is how we interacted with some of these. Russian active measures that is people online box online name bots I mean they had a whole sophisticated network of. Getting IDs is a lot of people. Right. So. CNN actually send somebody down Florida. It is easily run across a hall and I felt like somebody went that way but I'm sure it's fine young and popping noises we. Ericsson is her hand really fast linked die or get them diarrhea. Probably going to salary young lions diarrhea that now it's radio it's diarrhea. So Florida woman who ran he'd trump supporters page that unwittingly promoted in Russian coordinated event on FaceBook says she doesn't believe she was influenced by crumbling to sell. Why is hilarious is the clip your place your players aren't here she was the terms aboard his page toll call. But there way around a while there was an event in Florida that was actually organized in created a by Russia. This is again factual creator rally around how would she know that so she wouldn't she wouldn't because she interacted with the issues running the term support page. They putt on this event she supported this event is CNN went down a talker Muehlegg just so you know. That event you promoted a town that was put on by Russia the creme and bright and OK that was put on by. Russian intelligence services. I mean. If I'm blaming her Harley now it's hard for sure part of LA. But we got the documents frank this is factual this is this is one that is if pretend OK yeah. And I would feel like if somebody came to me and said hey that regionally did you did. They got a whole bunch likes and stuff just so you know that was. I was done by the Kremlin I would do like holy crap I am so embarrassed I'm going to address this right now break right so that's. I feel like that's pretty much a lot of people's response let Brad Arkin are now listen to this response. Just remember. America. What part of their businesses that cover up what do you think that. What part of their businesses their cover up what. The thing that day through what. The rest I don't care if they acquire. Involved or not that's that to me is the least important they let they were involved would you. Did you guys know that. Larry involve us not just make sure that you are quite correctly that you know when you guys are involved with being patriotic pride. Very very patriotic but not being patriotic was the group that contacted and helped organize some of these activities that you posted on your own FaceBook account. That those with legitimate those were Russians. Another Russian I don't go with the Russians that crew was Russian thing I have nothing to do with the Russians well apparently you don't it. Well maybe you didn't know it got you they hit. We are you talking fifth and I have anything to do it yes well I'm talking let's look yeah well with me why are well some supporters. Very very much self and all apparently following the direction. Of groups that were associated with Russians who were they actually infiltrate a BS please. Police reports that I don't believe that expose kids I know about what went me okay. They wrapped my meaning that all. From supporters okay. But did you realize that you guys were in communication electronically. Where. With Russian or not they had a viewer posting stuff on look Tony and lots and so was all car. And it. Hillary Clinton and all her band did would be great band name. Hillary Clinton eons of the end and all of BN DS some of their. That you you returned to the FaceBook right you were posting every posting almost word for word. The information that was coming out of this time of Internet research agency now in Saint Petersburg out you don't believe that. That is via the path so here's my thing okay. She unwittingly it's like give your arms were partly she unwittingly got manipulated by an intelligence service okay. Sharon I mean how does Diana got it to the American public all the time does that in Florida that's implored to by the water. I don't know I was still baton Philly can view them authorities of our author well I mean in general yes but in this is what we are fighting a liar is this. Rejection. Of reality. I know that lack. Let's do let's. Let's just say that's. I'm not to I'm have labeled devil's advocate with the amount of bad hair and a I'm I think she's ignorant Diddy enlists are so Harry unit tried to hear room. Educate the inner. You can't. You got to try and what that is what happens when you try. She clearly about what I'm saying is what does not want to be educated she would likes to remain in her and she won't even give it. Like really maybe I'll like data like you give me I mean look I. If CNN shows up a year door. The vast majority of saying. People are at least Dinah. Below what he talking about can you please explain she wanted nothing to DC we're group has to believe the IC. You're cannot. Educate. The ignorant and they would like to remain. Hearing they're going to there is a world of information I have not trying to say the she couldn't be we should educate or we should we should try to I mean I'm not saying that I mean I let out there. But his I'm not even asking. Or hurts alike seem polite well I'm just highlighting by this story is showing EO these are the people of all clearly yes. The all the little people these aren't they don't throw from defend her and that bit and even there is no there's no. Middle ground here now. I don't think had anything. Like c'mon we all know. People like that you know they exist. So why is CNN going over there I don't know anybody like this I how would he sees somebody says she's found that whole eighty in clueless she looks about its base she's in her 6060s. Yeah. And she shouldn't agreed to be on camera. Tends to be like OK if I may be on camera. I'm very brag but now I just went out of bounds they deal Larry as a make you about it I'll be earned path is not even the feds showing up at your door was bigger deal I don't believe you write these other cops showing up at your door which I totally can understand I don't believe you. It's CNN. And I am now but if you're watching Fox News DN ECN and mine as well. You missed my point again because I'm that's exactly what I'm saying yes that we re not placing them boy where's CNN is no longer. Viable. Now they give them information. Now finally if I'd feel like if FOX & Friends woke up one day I was like guys we can't keep doing as we have to tell the truth I feel like apparently leaked. She gonna turn this. Now I feel like if they showed up later Sean Hannity shut Everett error. She'd think about she will let him explain and her. If he signed heating Cecile glad. May explain it to online and I truly odd occasion on ending. Quick aside gambling aside gonna gamble or a quick certainly can you know I'm Liane I noted that. And arm I am I'll tell ya I'm crazy on the other side of this I think everybody's a Russian. Right I mean I disagree with that I know you know I know but I do think we will all be very very shocked when this entire thing gets revealed was involved where. You are a wager on the old Sean Hannity is named showing up somewhere in an indictment. I. Okay here it's really funny that you said that because the tax nine Jess satin Mets and I think there Iraq it's. That. I truly think that trump campaign and Fox News early age intimately brainwashing me unintelligent portions of the US today. I believe that. I believe they play a strong role. They have two and a half. Have they do have isn't the only reason Ryan I think. It comes right most same Ciba. Are there is no way dole drove through resident. They. I had three of nerves or anything do Jeter Jeter really what's wrong would be able let it sit out. And I'm not saying I'm the most attractive intelligent thing. I do like to question. My government in an authority you shed every minute of an idea I really the now maybe some might. Much now because remember it is the same government I don't even know that it's too it's like. I question everyone and everything you sure it and you very you sure it south and maybe I'm on the other side of that crazy however. Yeah I mean look I mean is somebody I kept telling you generally been talking destroyed and the Russian things sounds like a straight out of a movie but yet. We know it to be sure. Virgins is deny that that doesn't exist. That it doesn't exist and that's what's so any you hear these denials from one particular. And the trump administration did say that there was never anything to this it's a big nothing burger. There's nothing nothing nothing and then there's something you know like well that's not something. Somebody says Q all the cap tanks the air out Jesus 1051. In there. We you already gone over there and have fun ceiling don't text me anymore were broken up. Yeah I just thought it through in these people that are brand lines are going to do you know here's the here's the crazy exactly the super pac OK it's like. These key people can coordinate in plain sight because the system is so efficient because of lack of media ownership regulation honestly quite work it comes from one plays and gets disseminated down the tree you hear it enough. It can create an alternate reality I understand how this happens. I just can't believe how are part we've become. And the polarization of reality vs non reality. Assemblies has been fair there are also anti term brown is that or. But I'm Byron Russia you out that the vast but the vast majority were not end there was after the election and that's. Was to sow discord actually and then that pain and you have to admit they didn't take any different angles to get there explore the idea. If you keep attacking his campers and with the same semen they're going under attract I agree that chair at meet. She didn't do well and car and you're coming. Think she can do what is anything dancing thing guys that there. I don't know how you want people to approach people. Look and feel lonely you really do you have to kind of so I give them evidence that says autonomy and I don't know what I apple engineers don't. Exam now. Well he's saying that I get it right this person people like her are are gonna shouting you in all caps are not gonna happen intelligible conversation there gonna deny reality. At every opportunity you offer it to them. How are you supposed to communicate and people. Adam but he. He was volleying like a year dom beds. And you know what she's element which I'm like I'm not saying he's not a dominant. I think she's got Mitch. Why does she get credit like so if she were going to say I don't know. Some cause that she probably doesn't agree with its door. You're thinking everybody. Is reasonable and safe and fury and it is all that flyer yeah I worry or rock. I don't not everybody's reasonable and say I wanna do cannot. Deal. Well why they're reasonable and saying there are reasonable and sane manner and I have to think. Outside of reasonable and say I'm asking you to help me get over this this is why I bring this up some of those are now being honest about the story. I'm not really sure how are not being yeah that's as the tech slayings I business that is not a story I don't business is all right it was a plane a story and tell you the story was. And really timeout is a veggie and Russians. Of the group the Internet research agency were indicted. By Bob Mueller. We're writing these ops in America visited this is so that I don't know how I'm not being honest here. But here this is going back to helping me get over this because you're right. I believe I don't understand how people can just reject reality right I don't they yeah. But we're not allowed to have a conversation. Are we don't have a conversation on a national level you and I do on this broadcast radio ways we do oh. But. Shouldn't we be talking about. This type of person on the national level. And be like look there's no reaching this person is you do you talk about that person here's what happens off. All right. Says look at these left dealer girls thinking there better than everybody else. Well we're already. Well. Already they're going to be a you do Ingrid I'm like it figured out. Really. Began what is the weak. Rights. I don't ever reach out constantly. I don't understand why we get these op Ed from New York Times it says let the reds staged lead with gun control because that's the NCAA. If you're just tuning and Sarah is the knees during that scene ended in Danny bulldogs playing for the club because she is hilarious. Some player again. Sees it comes to border which is why I'm. Argue back I got more back Greg Edgar you are not accuse everybody's behind I'm now on this yet. But only if you don't find this amusing I don't know how to help you we either. Because this is closely he's pretty entertaining this is funny rally that I 'cause of the series but she's clearly aren't illegal runs that team dropped Broward FaceBook page. Thinks that's all BS. Right down to the timing of when Robert Mueller decided to release these indictments. One there on it up. On me out shooting that was fun at it yeah I feel. What did you catch that one I mean she's crazy but she's not because you have to understand that Donald Trump junior. On his FaceBook page. Is posting about an FBI conspiracy. Regarding the shooting bet that guy David Hogg bit the talker third tacking the kids because they wanna going to. People are attacking these children who are going in there friends here following the president's kid is doing it actively. Can you invite dissenting opinions sometimes share when it's. Proper and try are gonna get in a disgusted about rushing cold rain out. On his radio station in a manner with like somebody coming in here to talk and I Iranian flags and you can't argue logically was Simon who came to concludes it's a conclusion illogical and just like I was saying even jazz can't present her with have X in. Each one. The Russians operated under was called being patriotic. Calling themselves an online community. They were actually Russian Internet trolls according to the FBI it. Trying to direct unwitting Americans still holding rallies posting Russian made anti Hillary Clinton messages even telling them what to print on their homemade signs. According to the indictment the Russians under the online name being patriotic in courage trump supporters to stage a flash mob on August 20. And a team from Broward group responded. Foreign Goldfarb most of the information for the Fort Lauderdale flash mob on the FaceBook page she still runs. Co chair of the team trump Broward Dolly rob was there holding a crooked Hillary sign. Dolly rump wouldn't talk to CNN her husband told us by phone we are disgusting and not to bother them. Florin Goldfarb told us we are fake news part of the cover. What part of it misses that cover up what. Yeah I think that's true or what. But rush. Don't care if they are seeing a hair ball and they're all busy fairly important thing like they had. Italy's symbol that they give them lessons are mounted clearly an important and they don't leave some more and they may tell me what to put on my sign. I held up the signs I called a game Russians solely what to do but I don't care. I Uga I don't care of that she did get you got used by people out of this country try to influence the election in this country you. I used there's proof. You posted it according does duke work all worked hard work on your FaceBook page share. And CNN Kabul and the FBI and the land that yes thank news. And then people into the guy and that's actually used to come in there has somebody on balance fact what unbalanced fact about this my mystic. Learn about what you did you guys know that. Are involved. Not just make sure that you are quite correctly that. Yet all I love that says we're about to China under murder. Oh there reporting. There were talking about it. Just report it correctly audit. Reporting correctly Garnet Julie we're more than correctly report that's going to be my new new sound there you're avoiding a direct buddy breeze you report this correctly. I usually hear the audio where they actually present that evidence her power and how she won't listen she's idealism you all listen. Can you imagine David Koresh had an online community and then. Be shared passion for the huge. The PU. If you're listening and I hope you. Rush if you're listening. I hope you're able to find this 30000. Emails. That a missing. I think you'll probably be rewarded mightily by our press. Let's see if that happens that'll be next yes. And it tied candidate inviting. They're prices it is an act can and then they did go. But it CNN is fake news dude. We heard about that completely here at CNN as they do is and everyone knows that. Trump didn't collide wit. Russia our audience a majority young people woods don't know anything about the work here's how our site XY because they're young guns are informed of let's just 'cause it goes against your world view that you you don't have to take it so personally. I get a you're afraid you're worried about not being you know. My people in charge and more mobile. These fewer write are for terms anyway that's my point a great. I agree in all look at the ten that. That's what she's right she's that's why should I don't care at the Russians told me to do lately with her and everyone is telling you that your now reporting unit like Gregory are you to do is giggle lap I've played this story. Take it up with CNN I guess right like did you see your. I hope I'm illustrating view in real time you both for completely under the NN has made errors that are in Russia and I didn't meddle in our election this woman is right here texting us right now here. Audience or majority young people would still don't know anything about the works and how it works hanging I'm not really sure you're trying to say you're shows sacks and they. This is what I mean I'm not going to argue with you and I am part of these shows Sox Ali can you liberals are Allison shot to narrate your or interest trying to influence an election. Really aria shocked. We do the same all over the world. Well there it that's disgusting you wanna hang out I'm all for I don't think we should get involved in other people's foreign affairs by like we do. But that's not the issue we're talking about our democracy. You obviously didn't extender product. Did Lewis and a well. All Ali AA. Yeah. Actually I mean I did I know earlier frontier is really it's there's two sets of of realities. And one's real and ones where you stick your head in the sand and unfortunately. A lot of people choose to stick our head in the sand. And you can take that either way which is the purpose of me saying it like that yes. That. It. As a good time I like though. I'm sorry like it's a relatively close. Aired now I have an aerial educated and in do it. Don't start a sentence is duty I have noticed there with a iron managed didn't get it under. That's maybe try Denver or before I don't believe or dude and don't follow up data with uneducated and I just entered the I think you guys are so I had to shoot the other ads a year and as Jesus. Don't do that. Use any other word there that install for that means that you don't like. Did what or the reality that's what that you did it dude did what Erickson here and educated here you're Myers viewed. Dude. Do you gauge. Dude you're an edge. That I'd be my favorite exhibit here and as he did it did. You are Aaron even up they spell your right eye is bad get a dry mean it's not quite get a brain Moran. But Dijjer it's not a while it it'll be close to get a bring you more handing. If they spelled your rotten. Which. Learns that did. You both are very educated and you know it and you know I did yeah. Do Elaine with more is that they need. Hey guy you bought under a doll you can. Yeah. So I did indeed. He's gonna do you know and yeah yeah so bad. It is not so hot did do you do it didn't. You. Are Larkin is the little. All right yeah. In big fat cream as good morning name's Andrew detainees here. Marks around. Somewhere. It's gone on now and unity of the stirring do I do this story or do you wanna do Kansas city's redone problem. I would rather talk about the riot around a share. The raid on stories god are you had done and found dead man I'd say I'll just say this about it. Maybe we can come back to right did you know that radon is known as the invisible code first. I mean. I've got so don't mean I don't know I don't think about great ally. According to the city Missouri 40% of homes in the metro just I've parade on. Inning Kansas. They encourage you to get a test when you buy a home. Don't you do that and you when you buy a home. Yeah I mean sometimes. Or is raid on the line where they have to set up like a chain to pump. The time they have late radon a naturally occurring right uranium. Or something. So I mean now maybe gas I don't think I have had done I think I have. Inadvertently I had to because something else happened. What the last house the average cost installer radon mitigation system to reduce gasoline thousand dollars will get back to the ringgit when Hitler and I desire rather hire or Ireland got as I don't know lot about either of the bands yeah. That we we may pitchfork. In city. Kansas City not only the right room mate pitch for me and it's evoking. And it may be. You guys can help me. With debate happens and has I don't know either of the tea sleazy effect and find them because. What happened down. So there's a dead in town. And may and everything can't city stars how about you that gallons you. As this is now becoming news story and it kicked out it's became a news story because of mount. The acts. At the right Arum any hints choosing not to perform because of another Artest new meaning. And it's an I would like more the facts I don't know either of the artists. Why am I gonna sit here. Pretend like I'm a total hip popped it right. I am I gonna simulate rare I know everything about everything right because I don't obviously bring but I do remember dark star. I don't amonte Stefan. In excellent quality. So it's a live quality Ollie yeah. He's the one that was supposed to perk perform or higher yes or does according to the Kansas City stop days ago I read the article are. And then I'll actually you know what. Are re out I'll read another article because they showed use of the once a year like how is that possible that back I is so racist that runs all these clubs here or that. Targets in August out. Alleged Barbie is a venue is embroiled in what is turn into a national controversy with a hip hops are looking for a Scandinavian be above four booking a Scandinavian band. Being accused of Nazi sympathizers. Rapper to live quality on Tuesday told management of the right room that he would not perform on Wednesday February 21 after learning the basic tenant today. Had booked the band to talk take. TE AA KE. Talking exact. That do they view us as the top. You're not. Hot she doesn't pocket and it would be a great. Paragraph CAA. AC. They are black metal band from Norway police say they were they work. Black only by lack Matt I'll black metal don't like black metal I could use a black male I'm glad there are black black gap. Now and everything he had and metal bit. Yeah now the Michael why is a black metal band we're exhausted. I stick it didn't make any sense is they get these and this. As alert. It's works track from Norway has come under recent fire for alleged ties to white supremacist. Leave hawk Koch he doesn't hockey shelf. At the right room is scheduled for march 31. Quality or is she released a statement on Tuesday that said I find it appalling that the right room refuses to apologize for booking is beyond. I wouldn't feel safe bringing might team Finley in fans into a venue that is sympathetic to white nationalism. So I've canceled the show in his statement quality city is not satisfied with how the reverend responded to his objection quote. The response I received was that the venue did not want to choose sides between a band that sympathizes with the racism and bigotry and mean. I think it's time to choose aside I find it appalling that the right refuses to apologize for bug in the span and quell. The starry shouts of writer for a response but they did not crisp. On you might wanna get ahead this one guys. 'cause he's been doing this for three days. Yeah because Twitter is relentless he is not and eight you know what he's he's an artist he's allowed to do that absolute wire rooms business there do I I'd I don't know. Why you would never have anybody who had a swastika painted on their chest now the band says that it was like for shock value it was a mistake. You're paid a swastika on your chest I wonder what other kind of mistakes are willing to make. Why is a band playing they're playing at the same time of march by he's saying is that disease she shouldn't they Jimmy Buckingham anyway Bradley Jimy make money off of us. Races in his band anyway yes that tape hot he doesn't talkies like supremacist reputation is back to 2007 show in Germany. When singer Paris. Appeared on slayer thing how I asked 'cause the last how HO ESE call as Celeste. I don't know how to I knew I was only burdensome appeared on a stage with a swastika painted on his chest. The band's manager Byung are every has dismissed the incident as one moment of bad judgment. Young guard. However whole last inflame the situation in his response in which he said the band's concept was built on provocation and evil quote and quote but then told the owner of the club once the incident occurred to quote suck a Muslim. And quote. The band is also taken heat for its lyrics with some critics have called xenophobic. Thought she doesn't hockey's however said the sole intent is to criticize all religions. But which religion you have mostly due. Muslim. Cycle Muslim and I really talk about both suck a Muslim. 'cause like a Muslim lawyer talk a Muslim it probably sounds funny coming from a leg of British and Norwegian dude read. There's an array are they are either right room cancellations prompted an exchange between Crowley and a fellow Twitter user and do. He was on one guy. Yeah to go to his feet you how to follow on Twitter because the liberal says I think elimination areas right it is at political equality. A TA LI BK WEL. High. There is one dude did you small like take his Al. And he just keeps weeding out of trying to convince. He sees like I'm not a racist and Canada and like every time he reads leads them tell. It's until it reach leads them and then the followers is that timer to leave the league Ollie toll mentally quality yet. Yet tongue tied here so anyway. Right room cancellation propped in exchange. Between equality and a fellow Twitter user who treated I completely understand the difference by how does a neutral venue draw the line on freedom. Please understand that nobody involved in your shows supports Nazis venue included to his quality responded if you allow a Nazi BM to grease you're stage you support Nazis. Humans were for the Ryder room. You I'm. Paul boy. One as I do have just I don't know anything about either that they see and I don't mean here's what I know. Here I'll look it it is was it just a one time occurrence with the swastika. Yeah and dividend that he told I don't sound level right now but does he tell everybody to go suck a Muslim they have apparently. Number but I finally got their eyes are monologue. That's a terrible thing to say. As an insult so here's the thing right prior rim as they're very to book really wanna bug that's cool and nobody whenever but. Somebody took exception to it they tackle large exception to. They're taking a stand as an artist which they're absolutely allowed to do. And I think what people do what did it move people are getting lost is he allowed to say everything he wants. He's like the play where he wants he doesn't have to conform to anybody's norms now and if he feels OK they are being this way towards. Reality and or life then I help me understand black metal. OK because. That may rule. Mobil gasoline is it also geared. I'm not just music but is it also like a sentiment behind that. I don't I don't I I don't think so I mean is does that tax guide says that band is full of asked. A ridiculous amount of black metal bands directly support white supremacy. Yes. Nazism. And even their band logo has overt Nazi symbolism can I see their grandmother because I really behind him analyst and a black metal and hand. As men's side and and random black men. Only Google it's I mean it's it's a soft server it's not really black man. Alec is now we will no error there. And I did it. Those things black Manuel. We it's in the system we play a song called black Matta yeah it's whenever we have. It's not Kevin Miller as another one black metallic. It's not a one time is too many times obtains prosecute later that while I agree and I'm never. I never thought when I'm I'm being I never well though when I'm my being that we have black metallic. Right now but it. There's something called black metal is holding on to Blackmon Obama morning and that's the line yeah. I'm glad I cannot sound now quiet Matta. It's the opposite of what it's the operas and you're black man. All. Hip hop and re. Hot paying a perfect. When time is through it and I agree with that I mean once you put its glossy I don't care if you're trying plague if you say you're trying to be offensive you still thought it was cool to put its laws go on to suggest what they answering ads or where from and that's okay the the V and not on how to pronounce that. This is he doesn't talkies. A lock stock pot in. Sock. And Sam CAA. KE is there an Dumont anywhere now there is no month I'm Barack Disneyland to report there is no I fusion candidate whom I didn't swastika known life you know on his chest. I know let me see the vans loaded as a leases are overtly. Racist and right parents lost count me as your right how are you gonna like does that mean you're trying to like don't I what I wanted to see. I'm sure as I can I'm curious I'd like to know. Anyway I. Salim quality and other artists dispose forum performs tonight at the right room is canceled. Because the prior room. Has dug this black metal hanging on the 31 evening of march. Yeah and march and he refuses to perform somewhere thing. Where. White supremacy. Is that as a welcome I'd buy his quote was actually. I got his quote was very good where he said. Touched he's is to do do do do do do do word. If you allow Nazi band degrees your stage support Nazi's or I mean. So this story I'm Ryan around has now become. A flash point. And big story nationwide and in its. I pitch for get a story out at bat against insurgents product. That it's national story right now man. So. I don't understand like he I guess I feel like you made his position very clear. I feel like other business decided they didn't wanna take both sides and I think sometimes. Are they wanted to both sides and people respond to bath spray. And day reiterate I feel like to do so it is like never read the book whatever but there's just not gonna get right. While he could be starting something. I mean I I ninety forcing not just awry aaron's hand but. A lot of venues it's I'm not going anywhere I mean like for me I don't understand why. Any venue at this day and age. Would even consider somebody who has. A slot to go one point hated on their chest because we kind of are and that part and then let's take this a step further. 'cause we live here in Kansas City and we know all about the racial tension that occurs down in Westport and around the city. That is really hard to fighting hip hop room. Because the people who own those buildings. A lot of them. Don't want them to play hip hop because they view it is violent and causes trouble. M I can read another quote here. Saying on black metal bands are racists is they sang all rappers are thought I mean there are a 100% well I didn't see us through the attacks on the same Italian night instead I don't believe I said that no I was reading some tools as tax I was asking about. Black metal. Music in general in general but is it as a John around rolling in yes I was and I'm asking because. I don't listen I don't have any mad all but I don't know about I don't daddy there. I've been going on yeah you know poems that again. I believe these people are being sarcastic bailout still funny. I think it takes for your marvelous showings in response efforts to be clear about that it three times. The Padres lay out their militaries. Yeah I think. To leave is forcing venues he happens says I'm just gonna be an happens either right Irv at this point are here in Kansas City. Allow me to read your a quotes and from. Let's see. Good. Bill Nye grows in the Kansas City starting back in October got poems or higher room I do not now but I. You know. Bill I grows very. Powerful person in Kansas City. And here's what he says on hip hop music to be Kansas City Star. This isn't like he said she says this is ours says look this is an October OK but he isn't on the back I don't know who owns a building Iraq. I'm just gonna read this Tia I mean I'm just referring to the fact of Howell racing Kansas City in the nightlife and the music actually is really wow Leon now it's kind of taking I feel like a little bit and there is a lot of resentment. Towards what's viewed as a whites only social scene in Kansas City and that's what the tiring this article is. Is can't stand against these aren't yet in MacKenzie start as the Casey social scene for whites only young blacks say they're not they're tolerated not welcome so then I read this quote I drew McKnight broke ranks and he sells this is in the article this as a reason to visit my -- yeah this is that this is a different article I'll candidates there was about you know. Race in last four which is why this is such a hot flash issue I feel in Westport. It's about say the. Nitro is as sought proponent of Westport privatization. Because a stay alive district cannot prohibit guns and tiger says he uses other methods like DJ and music restrictions quote. I don't believe in playing hip hop and rap music and drawing a specific crowd. I'm not looking for that. I've owned a few nightclubs and I've had a I've had your problems out of that crowd if that makes me racist fine if somebody is offended by that fine. People get afraid to talk about race but you have to talk about it when you're in the night like business security to they go hand in hand if you don't talk about those two things. It'll put you out of business and clock. Commentary aside on that point because. I don't wanna get into that that's the attitude that exists. Right there I mean. I don't think for every one I personally had somebody tell me to stop playing hip pop world because it was getting. Too dark in here quote and quote where. I've had that happen I I've not been allowed to play hip hop certain places I've been told to tone down my hip hop certain plays so. I can see it's a possibly your iPod deejay get in this town I can definitely see why. This is flashing over break. You have a district that. While this Georgia US story playing. Punish says ever gonna marriage meaning. Doesn't cater to and I'm looking at all looking really. And I would say. Now and you can Greg if I'm Ron I think the rock era and is probably one of the only place says. That I'm aware of that does any have the right and I that's the other thing like I know that right now I've met Dallas. I don't know Dallas. Dallas was willing to booked me for hip hop show I have by DJ show it never ended up working out. But so yeah but I'm Tom I like a top artists I wonder why other venue in Kansas City. That. You know way. I don't know of too many bright if any that look any African American art as other than their higher room and it's it's being angry I need and I'm talking hip hop. Perhaps. On a consistent basis that are being so bouncy hair. As are angry because I'm trying to tell you like I've seen so many different types of vans at that menu that more than any other venue. And I don't know of another menuing gives like a feeling there I didn't have als I mean if they're getting a bad rap because they do actually have. Hip hop acts in that built it. And that's where I'm getting like again if you're a business owner and your run in that business. You've got a book shows right. You have to deal fullback or attack did you know media and out ran out now response. Initially. Wasn't enough to satisfy. But no I'm tagging against him not charging Humana Lawrence no new account and now I'm talking that I have been. You shows there and nights there where it is you know. It just it it's different that's why it's very diverse it is the most diverse venue in Westport. Hands down. Out gimme crossroads. Hands out and any place. Where else does anyone blogging. Any sort of have. I don't know let me. It's the guys that program and that's I feel like they're definitely getting a bad around now I've also been there. And a friend of mine and I we were there to see they do from Camper Van Beethoven. This is years ago and Bobby foreign opening band with some stupid metal band and I swear they are seen meet how luck. So early we are is. It's a joke to this damn meet hammer yeah I Colin meet hammer as I was busy playing erotic photo that would waiting for the deal from Camper Van Beethoven. Hilarious take the skinheads bowling but anyway. Yeah I I do feel right. That venue more than any other. Indiana area. Is diverse. And I do feel like I wanna towel. To leave that yeah I really do Donovan drug trophy I don't want to venture on that Ritter audio and other public. I'm Xena and and I think you made a great play I think this has been an incredibly balanced discussion you lead in. You figure and you. It seems up I don't know it's hard when he's just coming through one tie it coming through as a moment. And that's why I think it's a miscommunication that really got out of hand and the people tweeting. Pat to leave telling him that XYZ there are not helping the cause it is fuel to the fire. Whom. These guys book to show. They quit texting me and said yeah. Various places did right. Okay we're talking about I'm talking consistently. Throughout its history. IE through the hurricane through their riot her own personal experience or my personal experience when I talk like that is indiscernible on the way camera that I saw McAleese right. And got back at which is hell area how white rap my rap however. Edit it I just like I can go I. I'd go on and any random nightly maybe. Like I don't know what's going Imus I mean there's not show that wanna go to bat Friday to Saturday night I don't know when I'm gonna get their Ira. A man I think and other Arab by the way outside of Westport Leggett played on the court if the deal minivans last part of it the DMZ for me that's about foreign is all went well banter but. I think Cuba. I I I. I do what I don't want to see happen when I really don't wanna see happen is for that place to become a polarizing place. Any entity there they were just trying to put on shows right maybe the response that artist wasn't what the artist wanted. But I don't wanna speed as far as other venues in the house is up there are no raises eyebrows they are you know listening announced. Put really. On any given night they don't. Like I bachelor riot around late Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday night eat out India whenever they out as a hodgepodge of everything. And it's not like I'm spending that I really am defending their iron because I've been there and and is married ever. They're very nice and it is very diverse in it's like let's not let this become a polarizing thing an end. It got out hit out real and it escalated quickly. But you don't wanna see it become a place a device of this and what what's. Talib Ali was saying was very very. True that mean you know he's making a distinction about a line in the sample we we don't know necessarily. That the writer room. Knew before this all blew up. We don't know how I'm which is not the fallout. I think what I like his armies they want you sir have popped out that's great. And I'm not saying you should it you can't it's like you literally I LA if you about get a Bartlett usually hit it I think really gentle but I also think that. Every play should be divorce. Yeah divert or every line did what did Deborah the buyer that rob you guys with like we have at the problem comes when you hate hate speech and I mean as a business I wouldn't. Isn't easy season I'm not complacent and I believed to be derived from day I mean I that's my personal opinion yeah I'm not do that. I mean I would much rather lose the defined the business I in this is me speaking. I'd much rather lose the hot seat doesn't talkies side of things I'd rather lose acrobat. How big is that crowd but they're gone now on I think there is did offer again they're trying to keep their doors open rank right. Right it's not that if these guys are truly not I don't know enough about the band I know what I've seen online I know I would never trust a person to stop putting a swastika on their body was a good idea. But we did I do agree with that tear him canceling shows is nothing to help his cause why not show up and speak your mind. And put on a bad Nash because what he said was you know he's doesn't they'll come from any wants to draw the line. If you're just tuning and easily clients away to say I'm happy to get the blame black amount all. My Morning Jacket pulled out of black metal. Just 'cause your Amazon. Now I would completely blocked sizzle areas some of the sock. Anyway I don't and the answer. I knew I made that silly inquiry cams Alicia now because. As one of the most of her places open. I can sand down and how area especially with the response that was given to him from the Internet. I can see how he got his view clouded additional. 'cause I've read almost went two days of tweets right ASEAN India and ID you know. Now you know I'll never be the dryer and should you know canceled the 31 show and put on in the pop diversity show be awesome. Allman your book Brian be shining DJQ. My. Off and how to be about celebrating. Our togetherness. Our diversity. Every win for everybody. Except for a lot of Latin analyst Todd. Anyway and here's My Morning Jacket. Don't put swastika on your body now no one likes him it even if you're I'd there's no reason John likes him it's not a provocation thing you just don't Idec. It's not provoking it's not top preventing there's nothing provoking about it I think a writer and got caught in the crossfire. I'm a passionate person and a guy who likes to put swastika and yet they did. And it's a national sort of it is a national and is becoming national Darren law really gonna do what you gonna do Cairo take advantage take advantage do the right thing. Either right thing to can't colts bite I and me as quote my glee but I meant to do the right thing. That is the December us on the buzz with their latest. Is called cyber. All right. I scratch your stature equivalent in time 576796. Dynamic at the Kansas lottery expand live gains scratch tickets each when he vowed to get boy yeah. Played ala Tony down or make you. And okay. Law. With. Ian like she it's. I need to go see that intercourse. Massage and. If the Monica. And some kind Amylin Jerry Newton. He beat Siena. Me to beat out massage. Do you think it's. I don't know one of those. Anyway it's nobody cares have been talking about a rear Patagonia. I go to towns over early to sleep I Tyrod as a ramble nicely today and I'm just yet. That's all he can do is granite curling over here about Ryan Reynolds liking to his re like the first on an apprentice airs next week I grabbed my chest and almost follower he really thin girl. I'm never seen my hands up I haven't cared about a celebrity's since Adam Carolla we don't know how that went up. Yep yep tell us about as they were not matches as Simon. You know aren't that I scratched your twenty dollars rancher I did not win. John how ever you have an additional thirty dollars in Kansas lottery expand William games tickets in sketch on your own time. And your qualified for an additional hundred into insider X Stanley games instant scratch tickets. Hold on line signing congratulations and graduate and do well. I help you when somebody in the name I have to leave because my children are known to any mean don't handle through you know scoop. Nose to go I'm not Mercer wound and a and a scale. Poll. It's fine I don't care guys already quite honestly I don't. Care. You know I love when their house though is that we've that was going around him today and I today I re down there really wasn't really really good when it was like I was about to post some columnist and. I really like on their home on the corner this like yesterday when the media. We did. Iron shaft junior and should I get them ingredients. Lately doing the little. Not top flight and chopped name Biggio got chopped tears during green where you like you like and I give him thirty minutes to make stuff and then I have to either. That's dangerous. That's not okay I first make Dumars or answer to every journey day and urged that any then. Our Syria and. Andy Lasseter said was about send tweet complaining about how eyes spent most of the weekend settling my kids to and from activities that I remembered how incredibly lucky I am and to own. That's it. I really like not shovel and I just like come home yes and I could cut off. There is temple place down the road from my house americorps at took the girls over there. Sight on the shuttle too far as the three minutes away. Right. In the casting karate girls can can go girls I'm and I'm and you may wanna trying a little chopped session went. I mean to be chomping at their here I know but if you wanted to Cutley queasy alone to make my own belief in Jesus can use ingredients. Micah there aren't how its release nasty stuff he could combine together they did it anyway I can't stop I like Jenny Lang. And then you always have to do one weird ingredient at least I gave you bread peanut butter honey how did you make spaghetti I'm very confused right now. Like go until insensitive this is hurrying Levy your presentation I'm not. And then I'll translate those games sacks you always make us I can. They know. I love you thought. You know Norway I read this you know they're killing it in the Olympics over their Norway. Do you know that they're not allowed to keep score until they're thirteen. Really because they don't want you to focus on who's winning or losing want to focus on skills. Have a good time right now men on. And now my hands are full account but there's an auto and not sure about the Norwegian like basketball team before winter sports teams to work seek out I think it might now. Anyway I am out I have to go to June. Eight time champ junior bang them Hollander and I have a great day was RG tomorrow. Dogged Simon's information has marks I got it OK wow I'm ready and a panel carriage IR. Us.