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Wednesday, January 10th

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Mac is electric test it went back to remain. His cousin had a great track. That's because the forceful demands our minds may have. I dressed. I'm pretty sure he held to that sergeant in the news. It's a sad that these. He rye I god damn song this year. He must get matter royalties. Blake crazy or what it is you guys can have it yet you have it. Pop out on down. Out on us and I asked him healthy he must make at Idaho. He's there are people are. I know he doesn't OK let's take a child today is he really looks like a traveling not eighteen. But I I did not know he is thirty or that's crazy. Does not look at does that say if he gets the credit they math they told me. And they caches it and opened for them for our part of their tour political demand and so I'm guessing that. He's solicit for soccer. Or produce seeing something. But he came up that volunteering our time and not that feel so the first track that Portugal released. She signs on the information on home in. And nobody cares here's how here's why do we care. But never effect. While there is any enemies say yes in my bag you know nor mean. You know young nominee they critique of Clinton moved in norm memory or is that facts. In the bar now cheers I want chairs a lot peers are actually really not good in hindsight not hold up unfortunately. Sam Malone is just the two dogs yeah and nobody really that attractive to some washed up baseball player grant eighties were weird time. Yeah I sent in these shows are better. This Seve showed better in my lot eighty show yes absolutely ninety's shows get a lot of nostalgic news. I hearing like you'll like boy meets the world it wasn't good but even back in the day yeah I was in the seventy's there's a lot have. Gauger terror is. Ares are all far more of that we saw on the eighties and not always sure I mean hey mister Carter enough. Forget had Travolta. I don't know. Anyway there is really depressing in the seventies and eighties. Play that ended in a real pour everything got so sugar pop because we just decide hey we're gonna lie to ourselves right. I'm Arnold what you're talking about. I was a child meaning you're born and he's he's I know he should probably will they'd use this awful we Reagan right. Yeah I don't know man as he can every it was awesome. Served but your kid everything is Larry was pretty awesome I mean kind of tense mode and there. When event when did you tents and don't know her highlights rainbows. Lollipops and 20. Junior high junior that's when you realize the world lineup is Olsen was the same break it was junior and I. And I found that radio station I still listen to and a backup it's high school station. And as underground. So underground there was underground and there was an and still it is underground the frequency. Only goes like. Are really smaller in this it's that underground for any underground it was even smaller before shot. After at least it was like only. You couldn't Apple's value I just listened to they stream on some sort of thing that and I listened to a all the time but yeah you could only be like a couple of miles within the second. And it was all to brush around what's called the signal. Now. It's what it is a column now existing technological event. I don't remember the top I really don't remember that's cool it was oh is 89 point lines. And I loved it any standpoint lines to all the data and I anywhere while I'm and I gap in an important line. And it is now called exile or who ended his season around and operate at. And I don't know who picks the signs there that the movie waiting to remain there it doesn't matter what the marsh head about it doesn't matter I tag on our air do an empire records. Incorporated is days is coming in to purchase your little beloved. The signal at that wa there and I think a lot and companies earned Torii is from an app for doing. And actually it's really kind of NPR does that a lot with stations. They come in and they say college stations and signals. And NPR affiliates. Like some of them. Where's your public funding now. Well they'll Citi private funding or in or commercial advertising ours ours and that's why they were partially funded but I ain't. There are just partially an event because he's so take that partially funded by you know public money parsley part of Biden is an impartial partially funded by their own sense. A self satisfaction the church that. But I always thought that insurers say that they would basically. Steal. I either College Station signals you can't stop us we're gonna teaching kids about and its interest it. Yeah Ian basket weaving and I'm sure we worked their man and now Allen for the man but I don't pretend to not work for the man no odds error for the men used appropriate amount. But I don't steal stations and college kids well I mean an article activists in at the world consumer. Now on not. Solid fuel contract Iowa why even now even now I work in me and yeah. I fight that man every day. Larry laughed hey I. I dropping crappy Jerry Clark juniors on to the diary of who used a player that you really try to do the best I cats. Now sometimes I'm just to see that I was laughing because I just happen for them to give the demand sliding down his driveway and banks are okay. Well let's just wrap up the second. We're not even without campaign I am because it's just that's who leads the guy did sounds like down his driveway and a drastic regular and so I. Get the answer I got to watch and think that line now landed at. All right. Findings of venturing Gianni is here coming up 8 o'clock we will tell you who's playing and where as it is a different location. Kegs and eggs are first one to 2018. It can only do one. I'm bringing koppers. Graham hopper's brown Hamburg and popcorn chicken. I'm due on the toppers. You remember the first popcorn chicken do you remember to to KFC's original popcorn chicken not this all why breast mean anything or doing. I like always I mean I UCLA always innocent people crispy pieces just fell off. On certain. Act. I miss that a result popped atop my Popper sharing you know advance it out for kegs and throwing out. 0:8 o'clock 8 o'clock. Kegs and eggs V there are dating yeah what's going on in the world. Our policy. You know it's like nothing depressing now I know is that while or is some depressingly Bosnia. I saw I mean I just trying to avoid. All the depressing them trying to find the good news that we know and love. And and you know it's kinda want key that's right one key. Because. It's like. A lot of news out there. I thought we left it I home. Did you watch Stephen Comair. Oh no I've got no notice these are really uncomfortable. Stephen called bears saw. John Oliver do that thing Dustin Hoffman any jail when Franco gap with babies don't have Franco on maybe. Right it's tired it's yours was I don't know in I know local there is doing really well. I I I saw the tail end and I didn't see the park. Murray asked him a question I have a life do you honestly it's on there okay I'm in laughter late night TV in a long time you know. Iowa is I'm like am I want to Little League and TV now as I planned to go where any have you and James Franco but it was right in the middle of the uncomfortable ends. Am like is he asking him about. All these allegations he also Asmara Alley she came because Alley she had tweeted something. About James Franco. Mikey if you wanna know why I quit. Acting James Franco just won a Golden Globe and I don't know this to be. Specifically. It doesn't it feel like a late night comedians. And like I understand legacy when he would like Jimmy Kimmel that health care thing that came from his within our doesn't it feel like late night comedians are suddenly. It's like this per births monster of what John series to do is the late night is now like the arbiter of our morality for some reason. Yeah kind of because sometimes I think the media doesn't do I agree and I think. Where journalists would normally do that. And they don't. I don't know maybe because. Messed decisions our own mayor Rupert Murdoch. Or any way that you get quite a good news. Sound I don't know but I think maybe their peeking out slack and not even just I mean like 98 of Nam and he artists. And Denny is warm. Interesting thing now we're getting means different reports and how we handle different things Louie CK. You know they didn't put him on. For tonight's show win win win it was all coming out right when the Louie CK well that's because. There was evidence. And creative wreck and right now James Franco out there are allegations. And it was a lot it's apparently a lot of it was on social media has its James Franco because he won a Golden Globe he gets to go on the show and defend himself. Where is like when Lilly will like now you can't go why I'm glad Lucas thought Eileen. And it says somebody tweeted. Cute time's up and James Franco remember the time you push my head down in a cart towards are exposed penis and the other time told my friend to come to your hotel and she was seventeen. After you had already been caught doing that for different seventeen Euro. On the grand scale of things. I would say that this accusation. Is certainly. Worse than one that warranted Lilly not being on the show. I a couple of weeks ago this is from violent Pelé. I'm James offered me and a few other girls and overdo it annoyed convenient tell an apology quite a good. I don't except to maybe some other people's lives would be made easier if he donated all his earnings in the disaster artists. You. At Seminole fans are all right rain. Here's a little bit of this drop it and bring him a peck I didn't hear I'd. Yeah have to listen for the I'm comfortable with. We'll go and did you use the rule of threes on all videos on YouTube are gonna skip about a third of the way through our animals see what we end up with how I'm Z is it you think it gets in the beginning on it this clip is four minutes and forty seconds for this might be all and getting right into it. Deprived of I completely believe in that. And John movement which is been created by many powerful. Women in Hollywood to say that time is up further abuse. Misuse of women both sexually and otherwise. Not only in Hollywood around the country they've established a fund a legal defense fund for women and men who are being abused in this way. You've got criticized for wearing that. Do you know why. And and and what what we do have a responsive if you wanna say about that criticism over so to say I IE I works like you supported I I wish you know. Like I was so excited to two win but being in that room that night was incredible I mean it was it was powerful and our. Incredible voices and I supported his support change or support. 5015 point one he would just means you know people that are under represented women and people of color people in the LG BT community. Get you know positions leadership positions that that they feel all positions that they've been deprived and I completely believe me neither. Like Stevens give animal wide berth to me you just flat Sony doesn't I from what I saw there was no really. Address it yes. And I thought oh my god he's they're here edgy injuring does actually after. Action right now and it's not there yet now it's completely embodies the other things it does is it really have to do is very powerful to be in that room with powerful very legends are more because this is an enemy and comparable area. I I will tell you and we want to. And then I went to jail on you know what he does drug later this horrendous last night not grave reasons idle time pads Netflix on a new TV show or watch I miss I missed homogeneous travelers on and on TBS the travelers travelers currency does that mean this out now is China's knock on his fault. I can't thank god for Netflix I watch all Netflix originals now team who have. Team Netflix and Hulu Netflix originals is not world. In the showtime. And I blow through them they cannot make enough television shows you read or watch it's influencing. It means you are shameless. Directed Aron of play off Broadway. I had about an Ilyushin a great time with their. Total respect for her I know I have no idea why she is upset she took between down I don't I don't now. I can't speak for her I don't know. The others look. The other my life I've I. Pride myself on taking responsibility for things that I've done. I may have to do that to maintain my age well being. I do it. Whenever I know that that there's something wrong or needs to be changed to make it a point to do it. The things I heard it one on Twitter. Are not accurate. But. I completely support people coming out and being able to have a voice because they didn't have a voice for so long so I don't wanna. I don't want them you know shut them down and anyway it's it's I think as I missed a good thing and is supported. I'm well. Is there something else that you think. This is not weird. It's some. Wait he's he's like he's not quite sure didn't go all in yet lately because this is the Bernanke man and half way to have this discussion. That isn't. In social media does or some way to have this conversation that piggy backs on what's happening in social media because one accusations happen. Because for so long accusations monopolies and acquisitions happen that in in your case you say that this is not an accurate thing for me. Wound dividend but the answer might be to come to some sense of what the truth is that there can be some sort of reconciliation between people who clearly have different views things. Now as a big question but. I don't know I don't know how to leave. The award to first. You are managing dignity is to go to the lace and having that and you know I. Right eye and hear from pickup C and oh boy why I did not anticipate this. I almost we all lie. They let him. Off off and let him explain Mikey or second. Yeah really did but he didn't bring any of this is having accusations now and he's also sent. I just it was is really contradictory and it was weird I that was our core how about this regardless of how you may feel about James Franco or this whole thing here one of those people it's very I don't know for whatever reason the refusing to admit this is a thing or you feel you know it's unfair to the people were being accused or whatever correct the edit or org you wanna see James Franco roast it. It's can we just say that they if you don't know what you gonna do with the gas. Just don't have Oman sea I think they did now I think James Franco first now. They're not gonna this spring and of course it's. He knows that's coming. He has a chance to prepare because that's. Now I'm like on our data that we now yeah. We never jeez Steven did seem like he was very carefully walking a line that was almost Leahy knew he could not cross lake it was discussed freight and you're just tuning in our recount. Last night I happen to be watching late night TV which I never gear which used to be funny I don't know what happens. I really for a long time with injuries now and and that stupid dancing panda bear. You have dumb it was LA now is that I'm an attack on me over the last year and a half that is really changed America now let. As sergeant Steven called there and I stopped because James Franco's. And you know there since the Golden Globes he wanna Golden Globe and then. Alley she tweeted something or never and if you had not known there has been like new morass. Sexual. Misconduct allegations. Underage. Girls. That are coming forward or at least on social media and I'm not really sure how many. Are not how many south Stevie go where decides to address it which I. Actually know everything on late night TV they know the questions that are coming and they always prepared us. In the answers sometimes. It's pretty state Shea way to the end that's an accurate I was just watching him like this is the miles I'm one of the most uncomfortable things are seen on television via. And I down a lot of uncomfortable later innings you've done a lot of uncomfortable being Xperia earnings period I agree with that and also interview area. And we never crack us now. And I hate it and that's really kind of why we stopped having a lot of people on they don't wanna do the bigger the name the more. Restrictions. Reticent to talk about what kids are about I'm ranked stings as stupid as you can't read anything but the movie. Break like I don't no one cares about them and me we want anyone that has view right and actually that's really why. They gave him seeming cold air is doing now listen to the end of this look at our company last forty seconds. Look. I I really don't have the answers I think the point of this whole thing is that. We listen there were it you know and incredible people talking that night they had a lot to say and I'm here to listen and learn and changed my perspective where where it's off and I'm completely willing and I'd want to. We'll thank you particularly want to talk about right. Congratulations. And okay highlight of my thought is that really awkward thing I'm not saying that James Franco doesn't get that depends Atlanta Georgia and that. Everybody you know James frank I knew it was going to be asked even go bare anyway is gonna ask that. He had a chance to prep exams or is there wasn't anything. But awkward still even through all of that because it was like they both knew they were telling aligned. That they were they did it that people were going to be happy but they tried to address it get where it yeah but let confuse me it was he was. Also supporting. The people he's sad. We're making false accusations severe as is like why. Is that what happened in my confused I don't know I think the whole thing is there was we're it was super weird I can't believe the I'm glad I got a Hollywood saw. Ares I mean two innings in Ringo in the Golden Globes very confusing. The very confusing time and then they brought up Delhi's CD and she had treated. And it was that I mean it was. Mysterious. She says this is why I quit acting basically was because of people like James free government it is my goal and you know. And then she took it down makes me think of so many talk to work. Got a dead down NJ area and then James I was like I don't really know I'll. Why she retreats on the right I have no idea although ID I dig I have some clue. I mean now there's got to be some glare of the year the New York Times chancellor James Franco of Simmons and watch the hole and are we just have that news five apartment by a must buy minutes if I can't get a good feel for five minutes or. Was that. First part different they must be talking about the Golden Globes and something else yet they were talking about the golden gloves and we came up. And then Stephen compared side NASCAR quest and a which really if you do have James Franco on howry and I can ask him about it. You asked him. You really did. New York times of the ones who actually canceled the events that view was milling prank I backed out of Saudi armed I'm surprised you did. This shows even colder Ichiro is definitely. And losing to Roger molesting. And so there so there well there and I alive after that James Franco does not and we all need a little at. Last I didn't happen yeah I asked her just do you guys remember him inspiring and that's only need to know about James Franco. All right well let's just call that that and we'll get into. My personal Nome finish story later about it. Developers. And lays. I don't sharp image from parkway Metcalf. And a writer Erica and I are gonna pilots are about that later I was telling you now tell you now aren't. I love to get its. Right where if you bear picked up tickets for your picking up the tickets right here says brown brick building with trash at the end the bushes. That's not stray cat absent intercom in that city. I was literally trashed like huge. He says that I'm not really sure what behind the questions. What does that mean I'm a bush is sign and I think editing is assigned I'm not really sure what it is it's enormous and. So it seems like to me if you've ever baron shiny image of programme Mac app. They kind of did do a lot of already developments. Right and it feels like they did all the elements thrown out there they got that it adds those restaurant chains I'll once they got really serious they are my heart they had target that. Now old folks home that it's pretty close couple on Marino plays and had checked the last couple of Marines who plays that that's pretty gradual and then welcome to the American economy are let's see with these developers want. Not feel about developer. And do a certain part of Overland Park and right here this ramadi it. It's been abandoned for some time there's an nights in nearby on the same property and it's also been closed for some time and since both these hotels closed. Well they've become run down that attracted the criminal element here to this part of men of Overland Park. Committing various crimes will not developers wanna change all that. Take a look at these renderings of what this new development would let fly gets called Metcalf crossing. So the developers wanted to tear down beat. Again Roca question gaffe so developers call the news. And go check out these renderings. We monetary down this crime ridden area and put up madcap crossing and there early crime ran an and the news run more and Salomon is over air by the runs out or not I'm reminded of Baghdad output crimes that took place at the rundown Ramada. Ease of either not when the weather was bad is that there Ramada and they would offer as we get that. Pay out of pocket yet I hate you gotta make it to work on those crazy. Nasty ass nowadays will pitch count in the Vermont I mean and by play means. You pay for it in when we may or may not reimburse you know there's one thing that this town needs more and I think we all can agree on that and that's overpriced luxury apartment building. I can't get enough of those. There's another place further down iMac capitals look really nice as they build that up they use reassigning. Our IP as sonic and that other. I am. Motel like Pollyanna or not right now I'm NASA and other old people on behalf may allow Bedanova people in Harlem man they do and that's dead like winning moral people homes and we anymore. Marino. Yeah now anymore burrito business fronts and we need more really expensive luxury. Apartments paid for by taxpayer dollars. East to abandon hotels and build a new one in its place this hotel though would have ninety rooms not only that. They also want to build two restaurants on this property one would be a sit down diner together would be fast food. We got stay in shape man that's a nice sit down diner it's dynamism programme at cafe here. I'm out of her as journalists are I don't care Yahoo! you know I meanwhile say and governor cartels are leaning. How many dogs out what is the general occupancy rate of hotel at any given time. I haven't had any decisions about what were mission might is to be no last boom. Roasted grade. Worries me there's all Molly Daryn lots of ways that is right. There may even want to calibre mining the Indian hills wind golf knowledge that dot. But there's nothing up buried there and take a look where the miss him always have you and you can see what developers do for error as just and sell it since seen that gap. At a time and I can't Isaac. Now he had the camera rescue or yeah there was a rescue a copycat stories that happens and that's hanging out at a mall is gonna Dyson minister a die when there's an adoption places in the mall. And really nothing else out there is. JC Penney's Sierras in an adoption there was playing coyote cafe I believe we are as a bad dream me. It's goat cheese steak towers. And then there was a movie theater place. Where the people would come downstairs is Sunni he walked in the mall and they would say gee you wanna watch a movie. You remember those people are and as give you wanted to watch a movie they would do what's occult. Testing. Are kind of tests they donated see what you thought of it commercial or TV showing oh yeah our man eyes constraints of the cat plays yeah I was that they cap place our airline is now Hillary's still words and I Dillard's at Dillard's or Dillard's. I think that was ever a rumor what else it's got it's been so long since animals think and then they said I'm going to Dillard's in last month I'm just curious man I. I don't know the last time and I walking into a Dillard's. That's sheer desperation. Now for class I mean I can't. Why are you lock in ended Dillard's. I don't outlets that deal is man I feel like they have did you ninety checked before you go and I like to watch 65 and a Dillard's I'll see you cannot enter I rocking enemies is to like going into a time trial machine. Well and gourmet is look at me everything and I lived in Seattle they had a beautiful Macy's downtown now. Old building multiple floors it was a site. As call and they kept it that way hero and America could support a Macy's and Dillard's. Our Nordstrom's like on every freaking corner. You're of that when like Macy's was the quick trip. It was everywhere. You couldn't get away from it. Mean get away from department stores it was Macy's where you live it was something else robinsons may. And then it was amazing which was purchased by may two Macy's three debt. Yeah it hasn't had a high happens Hudson's. Friends and that it. Was Marshall Field season and then whenever I mean it freaked me out to you when I first moved here like we don't have Dillard's where I grew. I really like this Texas is Cayman apparently haven't been any of these new apartments people are not only paying for the location. But the amenities and the luxury what I meant it is a luxury. He got a Butler of the white survive. I got this idea that what what what what they pick up the trash for a guy I'd like to islands and app pool. That one my gas pretty opposite again I mean a Florida being funny thing for you to say I doubt I doubt I guess that now laugh they have like Bob. A bar like a proper bar GAAP. Where you can buy with bartender hasn't I mean I think that's a pretty cool that yeah I know it's helical downtown has no affordable housing and that it's basically can't say and James I didn't say that I. Did say the pool is pretty nice yeah I am a pool does not make a metropolis and Fortson. I didn't say that although I feel like the pool could be digger and there are a lot of people in the global. It was cloudy data in the a lot of people on the apple will not you know it kind of it was already leave on the block and it's a little flaw that I got to be able to pay a lot of money to stay in an apartment like man. Had to put. Unchallenged ergonomic mannered zero and why it in the pool all drop a little shocked the pool. Well staffed. It was cloudy it was a hot day. And there are a lot of people on the board how leg irons I was swimming you just stand and so I don't quite get that are all day and you're standing in a ball because really there's no room to mirror of or even put your head underwater why would you want to help not mean because it's copies. Because it's tour. In there my eyes the goggles shocked tennis as long as we're teeing off on downtown and stuff related to that. How about the people who work out in that thing by the middle in the gym with the windows. I had mailed that we have to watch him is he working out nobody is impressed I thought a lot at night. That's a very down campaign. It's a net. I need coroner I have to tell your does remind you out of hearsay and now having the grocery store having it be underground in the parking and then above it. A workout area has they have a building where people live right there. Right Rick Simmons as they left and allegedly permanent it's just crowned moulding absolutely it is that's funny. GM have a pool they can only stand and and it's nice and cloudy and there is a full bar that man. Fall out how expensive is the Barbara I didn't body drinks from somebody snuck into I'm sure there just nice and cheap. I don't know I don't care what the mind and I think that's I give you as well I'd say Aguilera getting lists or sly beat some. And my its Chinese and it's so. You guys are all wrong Dillard's is pretty amazing. I think it's not amazing Imus saying I'm saying emails go to Dallas a tank. David it's over night Dillard's is down winded down there's a reason Jeb Bay's those is the richest man in the world of all time. By tonight so what exactly you guys on I think affordable housing and the awesome for affordable housing Italy would be wonderful income based on income is up Eddie is well read and that. In. Late in Pike Place Market. In Seattle on there it's a lot of income base houses like an the most. Really affluent area is and where you could pay. I count ten million dollars for con now there's going to be a dive there an income housing in the next. Count and extra and that's fantastic that's how they hesitate you know can doom you mall food court still do well. I want to open our momentum is still there and while is. How bad when they kind of find a table and they got these days out of hand and enough that I doubt they got us to borrow. They Aznar I'm not that I am on a subway. A pretzel play. Afghanis and DM or whatever yeah. Who else is there to call it. You have to polar answer. But at a loss. I don't know why would you go of me people. And I'm. Sometimes you have a law millions there's like no reason you ever actually out to them sometimes you do and like. We. I mean it's funny like what you need to go to Abercrombie and now I don't pick up the latest Abercrombie and I can entice you to go to structure. You're as a rumor structure I dare represented. Good bet that. This. Oh man yeah so anyway if that's your brokers are. He didn't do they also have an end self storage. Storage units well you know that just brings. My milk six of the yard I can't believe Dillard's is still open I. I am with you. Eighteen at make money. Nothing in American tennis where I mean it's everything's on debt everyday. Let's look at Dillard's. They have stock. I don't know evidently didn't Indian. It is. Think you only go to Dillard's and given every other store look yep I agree there Dillard's the desperation American sheer desperation you have been everywhere else you can find what it is that you are looking for a day got it in the okay got it tellers and I didn't. Cash I agree with that so much to be their slogans now tell us. Desperation and Matt. The company has grown sales at 0% annual rate over the past five users. It's where your grandma shops. And Irma. That's going through your grandma and great degree through your grammar shops and her mountain greenery. Our eyes eyes. C and I'm not saying I shot I mean I had a TJ Maxx guys. I don't second answer that's our that's my wheel house right there if you have a dealers like. Club card were very sorry we were businessmen say jokes and you own tailored like ion TJ is that yellow and him and I am and yet you Alan. If you like Dillard's you own it don't listen some Carol we think about you now I don't care what anybody thinks about a nymex and he's the stock. We found a common hand hold that we could throw jokes that yeah this letter. Pop ups store for this weird pop up story went to like pop of service it was the only do it twice a year. And I act for backs. Do you believe that Papa Papa it was like a pop up. I didn't change use crack place I think he sex between port 35 and whenever. Blue springs. Dillard's the desperation destiny spurs are Arkansas that's a blister. And I multiple people like Dillard's shoes I I have to say multiple attacks are coming and I six Pfizer is Vera. They love. Dillard's and tiller has agreed she's a listing. For when you don't want to deal with Nordstrom Nordstrom coming out of place is ridiculous it's still around ancillary told you I'm. I went to Nordstrom and I ran into an elderly lady there. And she had a Fanny pack. But he was Gucci. And I had to stop and ask her yeah our prayers and teasing I am I is your Fanny pack and I call them any bad. Eugene expanding Max number line had no idea. Number two I gamely got to pay similar purchase. AF Fanny pack vis. A Gucci Fanny pack can't imagine what that cost. Where else against Dorian porch and she was like this. And then I looked and she and I Kearney watched peachy. Who would you didn't mean recognizing brands while I mean it was hard to not notice. Achieve she's wearing Gucci Fanny back. 011100 dollars. She was wearing got jammed each any panic walking around in cocoa captain Fanny pack walking around Nordstrom now. Well I think any immediate way please tells more about this pop upshot no way that says. I'm not telling you are displays as a gold mine and I about a couch. I lied to the late night all the details are you getting your car how Mike that's accounts you how to me let that dampen that Guerrero. The reads it and it's I don't measure I don't I think that the pop ups sorry we just showed how up to generate income Macintosh is playing tricks and things. Only am I aimed only. Cake. On the buzz. When he was attention Danny's here markets yeah. And kegs and eggs. Has return and first of the year of 2018. King AA I think this is a really good indication of what's to come us here. My favorites. What am I favorite kegs and eggs dance. They've done it before. There are a great time it's a great show. Ladies and gentlemen. Problem is welcome from kegs and eggs. So while met Friday. The nineteen. And we're doing at a hair as voodoo lounge you'll see guys at the craps table. My ass dome being. I am not. Slight problem there in your locket there begala and through welcomed. They do you know when a casino host comes up to you have a problem yeah yeah wake c.s INN there I put a card and I can't venture but then I got. I'm going to voodoo lounge next Friday. Make plans to when he went out tags and bags at the voodoo lounge with the wand that its first hundred people and we buy you a drink. Yeah are there. We're gonna get to some breakfast concern. It's when he went out. As it always is 21 and a. This is the wild maps from the last time they are here. Doing Greek tragedy. The last tags and exit I think this will be their third they lob them they absolutely adored doing. Out. Les coming out of the Guam at you won't be so. And go see them that night at the treatment I don't get your tickets while you still can as all of these shows at the Truman have been sullen. Milky chance to sell out into McManus sold out and from my understanding there's not. Too many tickets available to see the one that's next Friday night at the true. Jumped into the fog the one on the ensuing cat and hangs next Friday. Add voodoo lounge in the Harris. Ernie location yeah I have never been to the crew lounge you believe that are never seem to show there and not entirely sure that's like. It's. I don't know our and he wears its heart about yesterday and it doesn't matter and it's the return of Dejuan that it's twenty lineup first hundred people on the door by yet. A beer and some breakfast of being comes on all of that later. Employees. They are veterans of kegs and eggs. They are fans of that I. Absolutely anytime we do it exit nags anti mentioned at. They always talk about our sale of kegs and eggs they really really to. And they're playing that true men the same night I saw Virginia line in the voodoo you. As we're Shannon junior Ryan dared kegs and I'll tell you so many actually could tap or just be so. You know what you know Shannon and as asked for a kegs and eggs. For her. De'Angelo okay. Burrell I'm here great parent an amazing tags and eggs DN. I promise you you'll have a great talking about the kegs and eggs if you come and to their shop. They're charming. They have aren't. There is energetic funny fine. And it's a good time thing no comments have never been a good time anyway. So join us for one or both if you plan on seeing him at the Truman I would get your tickets soon. Was the message that I mean that shows have been Fallon out N thereto or just start. New album not yet released. It will be released and here is the first single released. And the album's coming out C and that this is lemon June 9 by it is the one that's doing kegs and eggs. For the third time and join us at the lounge and eras next. Manchester orchestra around them as seeming whereas the gold. I am mayor green where the gold the goals cap. Goldman didn't really stressed. Yeah I thought maybe has been all negative today I didn't. I don't ever do that and you know I'm fine in T here is taxing the Dodgers houses. Enamored there. I should adjust and we have to have a oh man yeah. Well I gotta tell you I learned something today not. Doing some reading. And that is that Dave Thomas and colonel Sanders knew each other and work together very telling that Dave singer Dave Thomas got his start from criminal standard. Did he work for. The colonel that colonel came back CC's Dave Thomas I am tired after gently and Dave Thomas. Came back from the war right to her anymore where he would voluntary signed up is and ago Dave Thomas comes back he's doing his burger thing. Colonel comes into town this is Dave. You'll make its cash. What do you say we opened some. Chicken noises chicken places together it was a KFC yet. Today and Dave political and Dave thomas' restaurants does so well. He gave the chrome and he made like one week he sold it back to the kernel for one point five million dollars. In like 1960 something like that anyway and Dave Thomas. But the Wendy's. I. That man nailed the cart path and it differs team the Dave Thomas story in the kernel story is like the colonel. You know here's around during the depression. Right his whole life was kind of depressing. And it's just the facts of the colonel. Larry he wasn't I mean I disagrees with us. I feel like if you're old and in Kentucky. I think it's a gimmick. And sellers. Are and I am time Barack. Add tags and aegs yeah next Friday it is lounge in Harrison. Join us to when he went out doors are at 6 PM first hundred people in we value Beers some breakfast then usually straws and ultimately there. These guys are coming from Saint Louis go so. Don't be on the bus they'll be they're all right there BJ get a nag. And play in some crafts and. To me. And I dare I say is about. First Kentucky fried chicken opened in Salt Lake City, Utah Craig. Think about that one man I judge humanize overtake apple into the water choral theater tomorrow night.