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Thursday, January 18th

Buzz Briefs, Frank White, Laundry pods, and more!


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Sublime. Knows. Now. Mr. Bradley Knowles. They have these sublime. One. Manic. Which on his tank and emerge but it was the a lot of like tyra really guide this'll be so bad and then it was like. Sublime with Rome in your face old summer. Highlight. And it's not the best sign and I know that. I don't care. I still like the end. Oh wanna be bad with due to home might need it now now now at Salina the rom. That's not so I'm not I don't. And it's not a dirty hands then. They had some room. It's sublime into round. Do you have that on them look and listen man you're hearing he during sublime irons as well not really is a route sublime zions. But kinda I was confused. Who did dirty ads or. I beyond polite. We feel expenses dog rubbing on the long ball that's as she does she lost writer for she's like a cat she pats herself. She must not get an apple. Way I want would be man. I don't think that's the title this on me. It's meek mill wherever you go whenever you do on zeppelin as our that is that's being. That's another down. Or have there you go. Very active. How the house knows these days ride there were used to argue that's a different sign and I don't know what soundtrack that's from. Read the economies of wind in our signs we have a lot of got me ago mechanics actually there will play. Must we gave him out of if you if you wanna play that crappy sublime silently resemblance to. Fine enrollment time DO Earl will be good guys it's finally working. You see that we got to spin this week. I don't know that that wherever you go on an island it is it's very ago I'll let you know wherever you go on and you know our analog to that this is X number of legal. What we've vary girl saying. Yes at the line he wants these and wins here do and is so astute man and I love that they memories of seeing illness. Now I space and my masters bounces punk gas. Possibly countenance policy had a promotion and tips to him and I am confident grips. Here's the most insisting Kong for grips. On your girl come on not after all these camps. Really these kids they get these kids. And I 82 Kravis transparent. Area until god we regret ever hit driver and be. So live weather around two band's songs and robe Chandler now. You would think that two dudes there were like. Ers would suit is that as the 1 June bug. Easily as it is isn't saliva you know. As they get a CDs. Like I did is I get turner Allen attended the legs trying to make the money that you wanted to make but he never got to did you lead singer or deed. Was soon as you broke right. Right before you broke actually technically. Right before your record came about them like changed music. You're dude died I get it you were owed some cash. I feel like they made it but they didn't make it touring. I mean that's where the money is now probably was way out where signing that deal getting it done as you'd probably and a forty ounces of freedom in this like they're big right. I now and I now this was their blue album growth. Is the blue dollar this earth is alive blue album and in many ways we has blue lava was Weezer is only for. Adding raft I'm really not as passionate as you learn about the library I love sublime. I really sublime. I do I don't ever listen to just regular civil waiting for my route is that dope song that Millwood areas listened. Habit when I'm playing mortal. On since. Just sublime that time and yeah radios and yes though I'll address that and I both of those smiles contracts. We have all we have a lot of our group assaults. But we don't have. Waiting for my rupiah and fortunately. The real thing I've a clean version. We're waiting for my room I room here to do bootsy do we even have a dongle I got a time. I am is MI dongle at this is my wallet dongle is play complicating my life. I'm talent again apple aft up but now they didn't because there's jackass is like me they keep buying time rolls. And one gal it and dongle mother of her after another. There that'd take my dongle. Or is that statement does play intro idiotic here this is really good. Theater of south. Is afterward downloads are sublime things strategy. Don't know what the hell's going on around here rates mean to address. And you know who rupiah it's. Gotten. You see he's moved through consults a stern yeah out like it that's my guess Steve are excellent and analysts were Peru capping they have to have a dog bark a lot. Sooner than that happens this flick is so pretty maps. Is lot of barking. Wayne from our group that is how far the best sublime size is at tax time. That's made him a roomful. How do. Isner. Am. Mean. Into a ball. Where he hollows. People just rather do these. And I about who they. Moment please stay back. She's who. Yea I. You played in Rome. I don't behind is they sing about it a lot. You know the blame is also loves playing out that the dot com to sign the back into Atlanta. And I had finished ahead. She moved from the only stand to. Me. Maybe I'll ranks. And paid two days away. Our first kegs snags in 2018. And it is apropos that it's the warm bats to when he lineup free show. First hundred people and we buy you beer and some breakfast and. It's Friday happening at harrah's do too much. Both of whom. And looking. Just to see you on bats again yeah there are also playing the Truman Friday night. They started their North American tour on think they're having a lot of fun lots of sellouts. Really almost every show. In the US has been tell like Casey not me. It should take as I seized by the buzz that com Friday night when you do and and it's supposed to warm up it might wanna. Not hibernian any longer and had out all right that said. There are details available in 96 by the buzz icon Danny yeah. It's gonna on the oral. Guy you know what I love is only get a do. The local politics and and not Stephen not dealing statewide local politics that city local politics. Because there is no. It's it's it's nice to not have it be like a partisan thing or spirit it seems like you have to pick a team and I don't think you should half chewed on the national level but we've been conditioned to do so. And that's why would we get to break it down locally. It's refreshing to take a look at a ridiculous situation. And know that. I don't know it's just ridiculous says nothing to do with. Whatever party you are whenever you may believe. Book legislature. Taxing counting. Has sued. Frank White. Based offering my dad now county executive or whatever Jackson County legislature. Which. Guys we got to stop electing people that have no previous. Experience and how can government right I mean I think I think that's pitting itself out very very well from Oprah queen of the crew of the kooky group enablers right because what Izzo Purdue she brings every whack job person to talk about their whack jobs science on. Right the secret again thank Oprah for that. Also for our eon ma am what we and that was that tallies in anger don't have a big book or whatever that was not an out about but she didn't give us actress now James Frey. Yeah she also had a nine CI sandy lie in the you know back. I love beyond my idea of frank why he goes from being a baseball player to Jackson County legislature legislator. County executive residence and and then things get kind of weird and here's why I was there this and Kansas City. Is going to be on the hook for about taxpayers 250000. Dollars over this dispute. Between Frank White. The baseball player former baseball player and Jackson County legislators and a friend listen occurs. There's about twelve million dollars now combat signs it's an initiative to try and prevent violence treated diction and stop crime in our community. Jackson County legislature says county executive frank why isn't it's using that money which is not his T use. Jackson canning legislative chairman Scott Burnett says it's illegal for county executive Frank White GE's combat money. Which she has been doing to pay county officials including himself. The Jackson County legislature recently voted to transfer the combat program. From county executive Frank White tube prosecutor Jean Peters baker which whites does not accept. Burnett says the legislature has done all it can't he get white to follow what he says the law so now a judge will decide and it's costing taxpayers in Jackson County. 250000. Dollars you'd think that they will appreciate Tennant 50000 dollars in the tax money being spent on us. Well of course not but don't. We can't get to administration of all the walls. We don't know what else to do it I don't turn him. Taxpayers really overseer the difference from premiere executive or the legislature it was like world going to be. Rural going to be diminish our oldest and scorn our. Are altered sparklers on discern there her respiratory and or public draws boos. Heard these cars and so where Kansas City does this thing so here's what this is this about this com Matt program a kind. Combat is an initiative to prevent violent street addiction and stop crime in our community. Twelve million dollars worth of public funds look back on so the legislature. Passed an ordinance transferring of power from. Frank whites control which is where the break why it would have control over the combat program. Well I think combat I don't really think we're in right. And they wanna moods of prosecutor's office. Over twelve million dollars as soon apparently will cost 250000 is I don't know. How they know how to do them much because I haven't dealt with a lawyers over the last year and a half my life I gotta tell ya. It doesn't seem like you can pick a number that you'll be able to fixate on and say that's all you have to pet. Every email every column. Every everything they'd charge you for is I mean. Yeah yeah op. The out the better they are the morning charge recently and this sounds like Greg Frey quite sounds like you know in reading this sentence it sounds like he's a little. Drunk on power recently Frank White suspended a county finance official who refused to follow his order. To pay salaries from the combat fun. Those dues he's like you need to pay salaries for mess from this twelve laid out fun isn't doing now mug and day easily you know. You're suspended. How dare you not do that I say I am. Feel like I know people like that yeah we all certainly do rang in job. Joseph and ice there there's trouble ranked you're not being loyal. Yeah thank. So now how does a better idea think it's funny that the guys that I don't think the taxpayers really understand the difference between the executive or legislature or so world going to be diminished. A yeah I don't understand I'd I really it's a weird thing the way the city is set up. Like an amen and I now the school uptight about it count me so the city can just feel like it's not us break. Old thing is is kind of weird I had her you know we had twelve million dollars I guess I didn't know that of fart around with. Among current and asked does depart around lemon yeah. Now. So they just. He feels like he's got basically from my understanding and correct me if I'm wrong and there's twelve million dollars for particular program Dallas and Kansas City, Missouri now. And and frank way is taking any is that how he pleases according to Jackson carry legislative chairman Scott Burnett. He's a weitzman using to pay them using that money to pay county officials including himself so now. Question and job what's Frank White thing about this doesn't that say. Let's read the full details rule losses here. And on that. Frankly comets a funny funny search term loan. That's happened to tree to tree in both civil. Yea he issued a statement area spreading. I was elected that is obvious to do what is right in his county executive that has and always will be basis for any decision I make. Well what's right you know. According UP I'm committed to working with everyone to move Jackson caddie of foreign however I'm not willing to violate the charter a lot to do so any action taken by me and my administration. What is your administration you're the county executive. Has been in accordance with the legal advice and the county counselors office and the legal opinion the county derived from outside counsel. Despite numerous warnings legislators continue to ignore the significant legal issues surrounding the oversight of combat which has led to uncertainty and confusion therefore it is important we have a resolution. To this issue as quickly as possible. I don't understand like at a bus to little president's running around in Kansas City, Missouri no idea of how how does Frank White get an administration. Glad now county executive supposed to do go like doesn't the city have it is covered. No. That's why they're. Hired an attorney it's also an attorney text today and saying I'm an attorney and nothing does that make sense any sense whatsoever being. So how anyway and that's dysfunctional. And that's fun. That's going on. Something else is going on is this functional did you hear. About the Kansas City crab fest now yeah as is supposed to own or possess like a health care it's a scam. But there was enemy in this present all our hopes to hear there will be no Mo and there is no embed to me and I'm sorry those of you got excited about Mo is crap and chowder fast. Who could have known that there would be no Mo MO Kravitz how to fence here in the midwest. Look at a note there is of forty dollar event turned out to be a scale and this play would be great. A lot of people buy tickets to that I kinda hard to believe manned by how they've people like I can really kinda herd of layered on the crab and chowder fast. I mean and where was it to be held in dollars and why they are building no idea. That building he's referring to is to pershing square near pershing and main street Jeff Smith is the executive vice president for van trust real estate who manages the property he says attendance in the building was surprised by a phone call about an event called crab fest somebody called down. To cancel their ticket this ticket holder believed that all you can eat crab festival was to be held at the venue. But those tickets never actually existed Smith says the whole thing was a scam. Nobody knew anything about it they contacted management office they knew nothing about it then that's when all the investigation kind of started the management companies signed to find out that it's been posted on a number of community website. Smith says the management company contacted the police. They ended up finding out that it was. A scam. Have been happening in some other locations I guess there are some other towns cities. From other spots so then this issue was trying to get the word out. According to KC PD there are many ways to avoid scams like this they say that before you buy tickets online call the venue to verify the spaces reserved for the advertise event a quick Internet search for the organizer is another way to verify its authenticity if you are looking to purchase a ticket to an event that you're questioning. Until then be saved I wanna talk more about the crab grass. Mose crab and shouted back I said yes we should do marks crab and child of arrests. And like you gallons of shall how many people actually buy a ticket I don't know doesn't say. I did what they did is they lifted it does like third party vendor sites I guess which is just so exciting to talk about third party under sites. That put these ads out. And those those vendors then place them on places like you know that work with like legitimate organizations like box for I think was one of the people that it was actually list of all Brent and well there was this they ask. That ain't at the door is an option. Sometimes being at the door is a couple extra buck canceled lastly Contra. I wing and their boy who would've known that the management of a real estate company would not be too exciting to gloat. What you materialize I managed real estate building race. While I managed I mean he's running with it it got his own issues and now. Some other house call. Positive called mothers slew of issues for many bad guy they have nothing to do when you I. I would be thrilled about any other there like he's the one I'm than it is why is that I am and Ayers I don't didn't even do any. He's all that's helping you out if you bought tickets to crab fat holiday it's hard to the people who are the scammer is a grab fast you don't have to be identified as wanna talk to you wanna know why you get your lulls. It's like this he's that I totally would of fallen for heard crabs you go it's. Have you ever written in Chinese bank to thank you never manually casino buffeting. You don't have to go to modes. For Avant shout her friends right leg what else is going nine and that crammed in chowder messy you feel the need to get tickets for. Well I don't I just don't blame us can't even look he did get away if you like lies are rallying to our eyes. I really almost don't blame them like for those five days forty was buying these ticket that's what you got for forty bucks to leave a parent Italy's. Or forty bucks you got on you can eat Dunn's in this crab. And New England clam chowder for forty dollars and you've got to live band. Wine beer and a full no host bar. And raised. Now does about that I ever been anywhere like that we've war now mayor a small barn full no holds bar. That's what were you risk forty dollars on the up since it is in this game right thank you show up as is crab legs and boos. Your poured vodka endeared chowder at the no host bar. As Kansas City chatter right there I've never heard of it now houses are made with reader whiskey. You and your kids I got ran top bag Kravis and I am a letterhead. The. The phase our grounds there it's a fast though hey tiger I mean Adam. Live music if you add fast after anything people will want to go right. It's globe best 28 teeing. Are your favorite club ends. And bar. I don't know I don't know I just feel like you can get that edit Chinese bank. Doug overnight as a clam chowder a year and a half to substitute. Had never seen clam chowder and attorneys have. Crab legs yes yeah. May be lines. And jobs. You can have that instead of that Klan chapter. Let's and a place right there on Metcalf the real debate and it's real good when she don't want in nineteen is that where that is. That's the only Chinese but had been taken. It's basically a 119 Jamaica its rate has is right after the split you have to yes that's the same when I'm Dagen they have now. I can claim kind yeah I. Like that place that place is dead they got crab legs out. The guy gravelly our legs I mean I am. I saw them area. And they have crab legs. And my wife and I went there I was like I don't wanna go here and I'm always weird about new places. And a windows. Media. I'm really weird about buffet is well sure. Yeah I like fountain don't gimme grinding. That still weird the it's got a big I I have to feel safe. Williams saved from what the feared yeah all I want it. Go be clients how all the owners whatever it is I want appeals say. No host means you paid for the drinks. Railing. South lake. A bad one that sounds like and cash cards in Asmara. Yeah I never heard of that before it goes far as the funds. A social angle is enjoy a lock pay for the drinks there themselves. And nose was a cash bar. Re allowed they just say Kashmir I never heard enough houses are. Olympia for the Christmas of forty bucks is that that that was that forty bucks delegates like did it was opry goes. Is it Casey's supervised manner and he does your iron up and have now I'm I'm looking for it and I can't find it. He's easy Rivera and ideas during nine head crab legs there because as it. You know why that is a pain and families go out instead of having Christmas dinner. They go to Chinese McVeigh is joy locked. And it has crab legs and his giant like join like. Why am I enjoy and I ask you I stand up I notice that a lot. Of you know Chinese buffets Chinese restaurants. Have joy. That title has logged at a Maffei gap brand that is I agree out high end servers that. That and travel anger and it is just sheer and utter joy day I don't like there was a was the it Boxee. You know they had the tepid Iraqi bar they have the thing in the back they do have about cheese and I didn't do that I didn't know you gotta tell Mike to get sauce and stuff I figure they resist but there's like no signs of what to do rent they just stand there are their arms across Iraq calculate yours my meat and they've made me of state won but I didn't on the put any teriyaki Sony didn't. The head I didn't know. That's your own thought it had to ask is joy you lock. Not join a lot infants usually walk there is managed joy that word joy joy and a lot. Chinese restaurants and I wrong. I don't know which are. Why I. But but but but but but this is a question I am I don't think there's anything weird about it there's nothing racist now I know rises those if they happen any Chinese restaurants in the word joy isn't a lot about why is that well I mean there was the joy luck club I do remember that terrible living I read the book though. On I got a leg wonderful movie don't get me Ryan yeah makes me cry. The baby thing can't there. Anything with a baby's the baby the baby integrators. Did you feel same way about the baby thing is in the. Now which when the weather in the south and Julie Roberts is as well as have a baby but she insists and she dies. And that her colors our last match so unassuming only assuming the only thing is going IN. Mike how. Is a blow this thing and we've it is so bad Daryl Hannah. The joy less club is about yes I understood you know where. It's a blood and it was a moving. And my parents had it and it was like in does a pretty thick book and I grabbed it and other others looks like an interesting book and read it mr. slick campaign like it. Goal enjoyed dragon and that really a place. When they say have you have you like eagle in your address I feel like we shouldn't be talking about this. Why I don't know why you say you. It's very innocent. There's nothing weird about it you're making a weird for no reason I ask are wired Chinese address I'm tam the word joy NN all that I've idealize this though and that is not only aired ally he's wheelchair and I just feel like it's not now but he kids it's a very fine line. Our wives. Because we're talking about. Joy. What's wrong with joy. I don't mind joy and I want to joy a mile he it is easy principal looking out for you now I don't need easy principal right now. Now I don't feel there's any need for the peace he brings a ball I really don't think he should be taught in an ivory LA and getting of that went out. I doubt I need a PC principle I said something very and easy like. Is is really Ennis and silly question. Why do Chinese restaurants have the word joy in him all the time. Am I the only one noticing that. Wherever you live wordy yet Chinese food is the word joy in the name of the restaurant hot because I feel like MIT. At all. And then I got a piece evil is here I asked for no idea resent PC principle we have Laver. Who put out there who are younger. Hope that this group decided. To split. Rain mode China state line rowdy yes. Or is it on a rainbow around what was one rain nudge China right on item and it goes well Rambo or that's really yeah. Out you maybe you're right maybe it's gardens. Jane garden Ming garden China garden so many gardens. Our gardens. Joy as a wonderful moment that. It was maybe it's just me that I noticed joy. And every Chinese restaurants. A man it. Is the phased dreamed of he pulled Joseph way. Joy to watch. Now I am actually going to. Why pick yellow pages or whatever Google golden. Let's see Chinese restaurants. DC metro joy. As me it is a wrong. Rest no wrong. Did you have to do that these spells tough. What express our I'm feeling a need to remember to put the UN there. I'd chain restaurants Casey mad true would join. There's electronic. Reads just join you walked. There is joy you watch it always. Let's see. And as Chinese restaurants in Kansas City trip advisor and blue court noodles and dumplings Boeing's PF chains. New page Kenya Chinese restaurant to king. Peaking. Prince's guardian restaurant. Rain clouds. Well. Lots of Boeing's red snapper. Agent who's paying up buddy. Air China locked into his Vietnamese are angry and things and a red rock it's you know I'm Ron. China's star what's the what media did okay. Double. He's black is an eight. I thought it looked Irish. What's a Muslim Nelson that's not Irish. He lives in good company workers think it's OK no it isn't quite hot. It would be okay your barrel was he would have if he's black. Does it matter. Chorus I mean it like to know so you need to know I don't need to know I just think it would be nice triple. Sexy. And that's happened in this is I don't know which could argue about it. I disagree with you don't. There's nothing wrong. With Chinese restaurants. The senate have. That are named with joy in the title tag is so I don't know what you talking about. Roger trying to do here at UV OK you two but man I love joy and I am I love joy and I and I Iowa I'm out of Vienna record. As loving as loving Joseph why not long kinds I love joy in anything that'll bring any joy bring you joy. Bring people joy. Let me go on the record I'm Andrew is big fat morning buzz. Vehemently. Support July. Kind of probe evidence out there now you don't need an Astra maybe we should be about that. I don't know why. Fool but. For our wives. Just could be. I. Aren't good. It's. Good talk good talk about doing. Maybe I'm thinking of the word happy. Is a lot of our a lot of Chinese menus maybe that's what it as. Pack maybe my culturally loaded the enjoy. I didn't seem like a courier didn't fit the joy in. Strike a lot. Who is July that the president of the text fired. I don't know joy I don't think it's a person I think it's a feeling is we've joy apps. Lots of joy and elation. They could call it. Elation locked and more now joy lock. Doors locked into place is usually there I think I'm top that was only jennies abandoned him into his thoughts. Oh. I. I mean I got I got the employed high and brings me joy and the toys to. In steep decline please close the people of color they have coin and you. Know we should be talking about Floyd either. Earth are Hawkins you can feed the clay having every joins. Now that I'm as I'm and for happiness and joy to have ventures happy joy. The fray. Let's era now. I rule and I am according to hunt now that I take very mean try to lock Salt Lake City checking in. My home state I'm at home in Salt Lake City at big east they give too much about it that's easy to say in Salt Lake City. Not exactly known for its cultural diversity. Yeah island joined now. They anything else goes CI or you don't even read that text you don't even know that person's native and you can't reject it now. That's not okay. The easy knowing he's an adult that's the that's like Linda just sexy and her me. And now megawatt is. Going out around there. When Ferguson it was happening in the blog I'm going every black person they saw like how do you feel about part of that was like. The spokesperson. Even know how that's. Culturally loaded. Man now where were well yeah we're well loaded now. What year were you bored or sick kids the component to figure do you care what I'm trying to BI here I think I'm. Abd for. Some injured. Codes. I think on the war is that okay. Then I'm a more. Now. I don't can't that doesn't make me feel that if are we doing Chinese horoscope says that you think that's okay flyers say is that okay now I just told Jim I the year more than that I am a bore I really don't think. They do have Lowe's enjoy a lot like they expect us to want them there and that makes me on I don't you feeling chemist and an American I read it every time now I'm pretty chairman board what area. And our do we get a lot and it tells Zia. What are you don't. I am a I think I'm aboard them. Chinese she's were scoops them and sent it but I mean it's at George wanted. I know but it really brings me joy ride is every time I read that may have. Had as it does learners if your John. It. It brings me joy. I read it with my kids warmer there. We I think me and my youngest were both borrowers and in my oldest is the same thing Bettman is there because they expect it to us the wanna eat up there aren't any sense for white people that's why I'm uncomfortable that I. Why. Yeah it's like I'm appeasing principal. I mean it's they're restaurant. They're providing in Chinese horoscope. I'm not telling him are demanding it. Think bogey and I demanding that there and we moved past I think it can no extra days at. Admits he. You a lot of Chinese restaurant without. A fortune cookie what's wrong with you want an almanac McCain no I wanted to ask okay that he had overthrow Chinese cuisine doesn't have to. They could just like you go to. You got extra virgin. It's just the menus. Look. If you go to malice Greek plays says not here because there aren't sending. They light up cheese they put cheese on fire. They did it's well we did a and not every Greek restaurant breaks plates however if you go to task as I'm going to by the way I suggest. Is it really good time. Delicious made sheer entertainment. Battles belly dancing in the owners awesome. He really tot there's that tops out at these awesome and you know why put in that damage or any I don't even raise the meat giant. He brings Magi. He breaks the idea of joining agree fast. And that was the eight. Lot of people like that. Now grief that's isn't normally for white people usually appropriate and well and send it. To our fellow Brothers and sisters. That's basically what Greece did and the arts dance drink yet lawyer costumes all the time well now you've. Round they only come opera why he do it at festivals for why people and we also do the competitions. Creek and I you know I. I had that alpha. Glenn. I think she realized you're white challenge that. I've just trying to be you know what that's saying that they may lack the joy and not see I don't think we should be your ally and lack of July is shelling today. There golf is the stuff. Currents if city Croatia restaurants a Colombian restaurants to be like come on and we are importers exporters. That put Coke pretend called out your place. But man there's certain things that you expect you go to certain places there's nothing wrong with that. It brings joy to people that we X it gives people eliminating our top. Makes a landing by her ass going and there and break complaints and having some news out. Period. End of story. And everybody has a great volume. Now now you walk in a joint locked. But today. You have a great time. There's a Koi pond there is trying to Britain Britain and I don't know why you can't figure it. Yeah every there's Chinese source and let's just do this like every Mexican restaurant ever it should be so offensive to people. Big win they have like the the that you're talking about. Our guys as a going into Mexican restaurant I am not getting towards the end chances out. Why. Why you would any other. A pat seems ridiculous to me. Toward TN Jelena and how fast range I. Gloria. Please get me another bowl I'm towards the gen. How come everytime you walk into a cult a place that like doesn't have American quoting quote cuisine. How come it has to be a circus talk about me TGI Fridays on the laws are gonna just can't be that say there's. Any of American blazes that are circuses will serve but I do it all TGI Friday's is not a guy if you Eddie. Reroute all the places are surges I don't even know I would say circus because you're saying is that surges. Is in a bad I'd say it is next player's agent of yeah people the lockout and you know Tebow to log into ability to. Amend the club now. Thought happened. As I'm happens I don't have an expedition when I do watch you know Mexican restaurant I spent two seasons and thousands of idea what are other won't play for the cave divers. On ads in Denver and ice bags in the game divers dive. And an indoor yeah Mexican restaurants piccolo. What is the name of that grass. So bumpy he has. I need to get I may as well hides. They young divers. Die and yeah I mean the expectation is of that plays I don't want to and every Mexican restaurant Anita pass gag cast of many that. And here ever and Colorado. You got and a consummate it if that would mean that places a weird yeah I don't like out of Disney World. Now it's a Max again. Restaurants like taste the magic of Mexico talk a Mexicans got to be magic caddies and good food. Athlete they're not at all Mexicans that's. So while the us fades Mexicans is an ever had was accounts of many you know go for the through their Danny yeah yeah go for the stage diving business. This out needed to accomplish after a that's correct. You're governor there's out that. This yeah he needs enjoy a wave after this. And yeah. To drill Jewish talking past you know. I just say don't go our vendors. British. My youngest is scared you know feeling. Right likelihood breakdown. And how you'll notice that Americans improvement. He had a mean he. Just. Can rock out I had. So godly people. Eat out. Each unique out nutrient Nikko that the book though there ma'am does not there is need unique now. Think you are right. They start. All right meaning. Single mom. Think tenth. Single moms single mom and yeah out single mom and I am today Islam. And amazed mom not because of that because I want Emmitt China. Arcade tickets. Really good games. I was the envy of every child. Well that's what they're going in Indy. And that is something out get tickets for heads out and put more money on the cards out. Okay margin between more dollars on his card as well is it safe way to gamble Korea cheaper. Cheaper not much to do go to someplace I agree ask tiger for salary again and any idea yeah life is going on in the world. Okay I'm gonna go ahead. I think I may run into some resistance from you on this but I'm gonna go ahead. And put this out there please. Do we really need. Detergent pods. As Oreo is coming at what is that about alana they're out. Yet that help you out there is so stupid what is that it's like this may explain to me that tied pod thing that's going down tonight and give you this I give the united talked to my children about this. I can't believe I was like look don't do that what are they doing they're putting tide pods and their mouths who. Teenagers kids he gets while what does it did what do something you know it's like some dumb thing and it didn't kill it can and you know it can does will Killian. Cause severe damage to your body. Right there were over 121000. Poison control calls for people leaving laundry pods last year maybe we as a society. Can't handle having our laundry put in the individual our laundry deterred him put an individual pod packets. Maybe that's just something. We can walk away from and say you know it was fun. But really is this motion pours detergent into the cap pours it into the laundry machine is that's so I don't Lauren as a cap. So you don't measure that is I analog and you are going the other measure. It's in. I don't use fabric softener in GE's fabric softener yeah he's back I mean I mean she's. That does not the same he had abused fabric softener now and still not do you like static electricity and I don't get static doesn't it. Hope it's impossible to not I don't okay. So yes summonses thank you for explain us what's going on here. Tied pot than eleven news do their thing Good Morning America because new iPad and then we talked about it but I just might like I just think that maybe. We can't handle it. Maybe making detergent look fun is it something we need to do mean how fun looking tired at odds are he fought it's not find it to me. IC tied body. I quit laundry yeah laundry outside the united idiot to watch is you to go. I mean you do business is the source of all idiocy. In young people. It's how they spread dumb things. And by the way let me just go I mean I don't visit Israel radio how amber you sound like a hunter Friday man these guys you really did its fight here's what I do know about you to be new tumors in general though. If you're gaming you tuber. And you have if your children is a large amount of your subscription base which most of those gaming people are they are then what he's doing by what he'd really. I've watched him I've heard which is say you know kids are watching and you're kind of weird and creepy that one guys of Petr asks what's his name he talked about how they wanted to. Buick little girls are some Benny loved little girl's feet. And these people are gamers targeting kids anywhere I digress yes some hundred I don't care if I mean you guys are idiots. Well it's really the neo tellers but they have no delays in television you have to like go through a process yet to have your soul ripped out. Yeah had to you know I had to pay your dues yet to learn. Now AG hubris. It's like well that the show notes. 47 minutes nonsense but people came I Florio as potted before. Readies for. President alert about a dangerous thing online praise. This isn't crazy when teams are taking laundry detergent pots and putting them in their malice and filming in Ben Salem that was a pretty surprising I also alarming story. I can't even believe I have to say this right now they are brightly colored and they're very nicely wrapped but if tide pods. Are not candy or pizza toppings or wrecked fifty you know that hot. Edible and while that may sound obvious and video joking about how tasty the pot look. Is leading teams to actually give them a taste and experts warn the results can be deadly. I iPods cleans grades. This morning the laundry detergent pods used to fight tough stains. And it was just what we need it are now the focus of a dangerous new online challenge. Teens trying to be funny. Are now putting themselves in danger by ingesting this poisonous substance. Teenagers are putting laundry pods into their mounts and posting the videos online. Videos themselves are so alarming richest showing freeze frames. This comes as the American as a. All army could they be we're gonna find out I mean that's 308. Emissary idiocy. That it's. Absolutely did it originally. Now an idiot. So there but besides this being a challenge let's go back and let's listen to this information again there were over 121000. Poison control calls for people anyone revises goes beyond. People law this year teens being idiots. This is like we we just we can handle that we can't handle it as a society. We have found our limit and that limit is Craig questions are saying Jay-Z. I mean somebody probably didn't talent to back I'm sure cascade will eventually get their share or. Yeah. Must understand the banana I say we. Use that ray you other Emmy jail for a I can't afford tied tied but for the tide pods are ridiculously price she's wash every day's. Ben not tide pods. Now ranked but for that we use the casket. Are okay. But we buried him. Yeah they're not doing and to get a taste good. And that's apparent. So when that lady Colin Alonso Q we moved to see this it's not. I do believe we say any negative buzz idiots. All are doing man is and this is where I think people are more subscribers is writing bullying is that I that I think adding some ask deluge you heard as that man. And easily click glide can mean. Leave a comment subscribed. Me now Bob Bob body and then other kids want and the user where is my daughters know the. If you click the billion notification. In that phrase Breck. Sound. Seventh and it started with a means. It was a joke and Twitter that they look tasty. Mean. Through its hide behind your world. Are filled with patent and and you can. Time final verse and actually it's. Crow and your employee too is a creepy placement did you see odd stuff about those kids videos two of there's disturbing kids in danger videos that were like racking up millions of views on YouTube are are. Madera Baghdad videos of like a clown putting a child duct taping a child who is like being on. We weren't you like really screaming and I was like YouTube sensation. Weird crap. I Jowell love. Use your person and I think very few are good. Yeah. Theory here that one aviat Logan Paula break I don't think he's going to be there no and even I don't think he's on me. I think. But I. It's why. Do we handle YouTube Greer wasn't so particular generation watching. That's an error. Those other TV show is mean. And my kids are rarely use. They don't use cable at all leak we out there aren't any network T eaten now Dane will do some of those Lil. Sound that flex. Pen it's basically is here. It's YouTube family yeah. Or got damaged homes are sometimes. Sent to basically what Iraq. Repair and a child. And they don't mean dead tune in Washington. You know YouTube until the radio star I think that televisions are as what it is I think Eveready that there would be this mean but the by giving access to everybody for entertainment. That you would see a lot of high quality entertainment now you seem very poor five players in the market an army it shows mean just how good people are at their jobs did it really should. I feel that when I watch and I'm like these guys are terrible all they're not tiny cell makes me appreciate. Mark comics are actor people who feel that way about us and I understand that. They've been doing this I've been doing this like thirteen years. I've been doing pretty good by it. Yeah that's I think we need you shall I think leads I EU troops will I just think that's aren't that I plan on having a career at all. In any pain. I hear any need to channel on YouTube is actually pinned in my house I'm done with it but no YouTube. Really I've seen I've heard so many things. I've heard so much like I don't care if you swear obviously I'm not a swear swearing crude amount approve of any kind of not a chamber of any kind. But the language that they use in the manner that they use it is vicious it's violent it's derogatory. I've heard it too many times. I mean for Christ's sakes I know I selling them a hundred but. You did you might hit about my crafting your Colin somebody. A derogatory slur I'm out and a current. We had to take you give up the iPad we just have kids YouTube now death I mean it's like. The wild west over there on the YouTube's. Maybe I'm too old maybe maybe I don't get it but I'll IC is a bunch of idiots. I'm tired college pranks from across the room college ranks from a crossbow rodeo taken out. In a black cloth it's I don't know you wanna say on how to value and a little bit of that college Freddie earlier in the there in the bathroom. And then all of a sudden. There is absent s.'s left and right. Mary in India the old tanker what's the tanker or you put. Who in the top of the aria yeah to a top of the tank but they are adding words that they out ruled that it never knew he. Around like his name how much tennis so you show me on and talk and tell these funny. And then there's another guy that is pretty funny. He's probably a man he's not. Derogatory. Yeah I mean he's really going towards kids that's even here now is not like anyone Hoggan. I down now and either gonna hide them he's no I city kids I don't now he's Hispanic. And that's as health and how he does. His comedy based signed Anaheim as Hispanic that's. Does he what else is who is this comedy. I'm winning comedy enquirer quotes right in now probably. Some of it's funny he is brought a lot of it's probably based instant. Yeah yeah I mean it's hands and great news stereotyping that is being well yeah and the units the man there's a sub John are people who do very well selling out their culture for the that's this guy and a very anyway. Back to inside yeah people wary net. Our airlines don't know lie and buying it's more than just people doing and I'll need to jealous 121000 cases of type Muslims here I don't know how they would I lawsuit at this point. How it's not tide pods all the people output amend their mouse. We did a whole thing where if medicine and vitamins and things like that where we need to make them look less appealing to children again that's 121000 people called over poison control. We're not just talking about teenagers making a bad choice were talking about something that is packaged to look attractive. I don't think it's package that way. Yes it is I don't think I went there like let's make iPod yet they make it look good as he is feeling he got so there's different kinds militants opened there. But it's. Meant to wash clothing it's not their fault they shouldn't be sellers irregular tied. Blue. It's not white and blue and orange. We you know or boxes that color yeah but that pod itself so ai thanks to dissent these. It designed to look good to designed that way to make you want to use them and obviously people are using human manner they're not at a certain point does the company not have to take responsibility. I know they like the proceeds from up charging people for the same detergents. Offer a little bit me it lasted turns heads. You're spending a ton more money because that all of that there's you ask him for that I met this notion GAAP. It's too much the pouring motionless is too much but I think. That's probably handing detect signs right 121000 is line is in line with every other dangerous substance I I don't visit number enemy is it pine stop there it's you know it's I got poison control issued Taipei and here's our colleague can be concerned drinking pints all my clothes and package them for now I've not Carla sincere and it's why don't sound like America. Was either buying guide he was the night I I hate that guy I. He's so much batter of a load them pot at least he's not a day technicals Dallas. What's his name's Nicholas me out now they don't watch Nicklaus Nogales. Some seven look at the numbers for toothpaste mouthwash and other clean surprising chemicals it's probably in line with that control calls. Anyway. Eat eating it seemed tied for. Some sort of therein mean. It that's ridiculous no medallion hanging ridiculous I think OK I think that's the thing I think companies need to be more responsible for the product they put out there now there is no telling how I'm treated her I libertarian today that's a man. And because people misuse it and not their top I don't think and call ever. Was for tied to say hey let's have kids put it in Iraq house. I mean. Do they love the free publicity ass I'm sure in new. Was that parents and doubtful do they have to make it look so nice and I'm just asking the question that's ridiculous ridiculous question asked I'd ask that to a three year old. You know. Who find that and says oh this looks like the candy had put in my mouth my day telling it wrong. Tell me I am wrong. That it three year old it stumbles upon something that looks attractive it looks like yeah happens all the time and that's why we as parents have or are caregiver is mean to watch children and that's a bottom reached. Lake when I did buy iPods are liner is urgent it's on my wash turn drier nabbed three year old got to be a mother ever to get up there and get that but how do you feel if he does. As a parent that's that's on me. OK I mean as a parent that is on me. As a pair I don't wanna have to guard my kid against everything out there that may be designed to be attractive that they might wanna put in their mouth I'm sorry. Like it's something that's dangerous or how does their job they are vying to be attractive period they're now is finally putting somebody's mouth. That is a side effect just like the same way that they would say that about marijuana candy. You can't design it to look like candy that's a big push right now in some places are pushing to make that illegal. That we've where it's legal state wise I'm federally because they don't want kids to get confused by why do not apply that logic to products that children will account during their everyday life. Just ask like lollipops. Like lollipops. How to go about what I am I don't need lolly pop can away from the kids may Sherry you're allowing pop is not again by paso left your right. I I don't know in this have. And. I don't know when this happened. So amazing and little kids no matter the older kids are doing an entry the matter is if they're old enough to get their video on YouTube. With the tide pot in her mouth they did no matter mean. I this act of god that's fine we can agree to disagree. But say that it wasn't designed to look prettiest. Isn't everything. I mean there are some big toxic have to look pretty good. That's my question I don't know that looks pretty to me jealously detergent that it's nice pack and post it blew up while blow. And it's our white might yet the collars of Thai. Right here every now are you then what about that as oxy clean makes some tea little pods that looked cute in that are nicely packaged. We're a timeout them. It's a specific product you know that it was designed to wash your clothes I would say tide is probably the number one selling days detergent. Her laundry detergent Whitney. I don't gains been trying for years that an argument. They're not getting there. Disaster for a little reasonableness is just seems like we think we can have whatever we want all the time right. I know I'm guilty man I think your way or reach him because I think you long way right non this is actually very liberal. I don't think south it is it is asking companies to be. Responsible for the product is quite liberal. I think. Tide isn't. No clue that this and they had no clue that does that happen and unless this is a big scheme on high end. Firmer ready to talk about tied do you like let me ask you very serious question. And I think big corporations throughout history for example DuPont would be a great example. When they say that they're pushing something that's great for America it turns out they've hidden a bunch of research. That they all they did in their own company. It shows that their product is dangerous of the shows that the product is is it OK I can't product an example Libya DuPont product Teflon. How about Teflon we loved one right. Teflon nonstick we love it sound good for Dubai has millions of they have they've they've given millions of dollars of reserves that shows how toxic and his colleagues have produced how toxic it can be right and they hide the research. Because there company that designed to make money. They don't care about the end result is long that this is long is the making money is greater than it did bossier that may occur they will continue to do it and they will continue to hide stuff right. I mean that's every pub. I won't play task line in DuPont is far more dangerous. Then it's hot but did but I am. I mean like how are even got very this year it's apples and oranges I I bet what you asked me was for an example of I know my name is being bad with you. Companies are not altruistic. I think we all know that one dollars and tide pods like let's say ties like you know I this is stupid yes. It's gonna cost them I don't know how many millions of dollars into redid this stinging or pull mop the shot. That what you want you want tied. To pull the tie don's office shall I don't think it's wrong to ask for corporations take a look at itself and have a little responsibility for the product is putting. OK so now is that fair. If you found out that if you found out that. I don't I don't know I I just really disagree with you and that's how I act and I think that should be out of reach of children. And we're not talking about young children. I dug out ever and I'm saying that. Probably if there is young children they're getting into other toxic. Things in dangerous things as well and it's our job. To make sure that they Dobson. Is not the company's job to make sure your kids Tony tied pots that's your job that Tanya. Doesn't matter what they look like. And there's no reason why it was like tide pods what it could be detergent. They could be bleach it could be any. Well okay you think of another example that's a little more accessible to people. What if I were to say the name Erin Brockovich. Okay I was telling me well this week at a contamination drinking water with the exit Bailey chromium in the Southern California town of Hinckley right. Different anyway men OK let's talk about the pod. Do we finish. It's done and we were talking about it we are moving in Iraq. But there's a company again that was doing something that wasn't taking responsibility right. Clearly met tired isn't doing mask on purpose. Dues were definitely designed to sell more they wouldn't just roll out a product to hassle to wash laundry right. The sell more product but it. Selling more product read some more injuries then don't chipped it would be your product I'm asking shared any I mean I think that's ridiculous OK like I did find I think this is a non issue okay that's cool. That's good. That's fine. That is fine I disagree with okay tied the odds don't look appetizing. And on if they do that on meg gummy bears. I look like a laundry detergent. My theory expense and overpriced. Laundry measures. What both along. I'm not sure who's consistent with skin melanoma. And hew to. This Rollins in the bottom of the cup. Ivan and McDonald's the letter. From Austin. People have resorted to making edible tide laundry pods to stop you for meeting the ones. That makes the words. Mean something now mastery now that is different. And whoever's making. Tide times. That you can eat and our animals does deeply go after her. Has now Max trees. That now you're making your iPods look. Yeah you Natalie and AOL like that you're making him at a ball that's not what tiger is doing it tide that's making edible pods now. Are Imus saying I am I'm with the tax night at a primary that's fine when outlet goes to as many knows joking I'm mag great. Three years Legos on animal. And have never been presented as such. But indeed that guys if everybody wants kids I'd guess eight. Everybody disagrees me that's fine. That's fine it's cool don't worry about it I'm allowed to think this I'm allowed look at a company and say hey I think you should be more response certain product MR Zain. Left myself correct right it's just it seems like corporations Kyra I've just never I I'm amazed every time people argue for corporations I'm amazed by him. Are you you know me there's area outside my brain does this one's ridiculous okay. I'm just saying it's a function when a company is at fault certain. For knowingly. Hurting. And or. Oppress seeing gestures packaging whatever it is Bangalore. Then he asks. Anyway immune from it mean anything important. Well they go does the talking about tied. So are you okay how many phone. Hundreds. We teed off on iPods they didn't realize the room was so broad iPod. Owners your hard fought to defend the browns. Monticello where you come at a air. Are maybe did you make them not old slippery maybe they shouldn't have put so much research into designing them look good okay. Who can Arianna help. That's how they sell them exactly. That's all I know it's pretty and people are lazy and so. I think it's a matter of convenience. I don't think they look pretty. I don't use iPods hello I just telling you that you used to use that plugs I did. They are Jewish and now. Man I am a lot easier than the dollar store and throw a couple of drops us enjoy the opener. They announced it has been as great yeah that's all I'll that's a dangerous thing right there is it ever put that on and go outside Osama had not made for your skin that's for sure you need to now about the verdict on that vitamin C wanna go outside and suicide that's not and that's control albums that I Hocking and other horns one or whatever yeah I will yeah well on T February are brick and it got a to mentally as started on unregulated natural market. Don't even get restarted on that I don't even understand that how we still sell. I will find you guys like seriously pro tied so I'm out here I'll tag towns that don't have that amount to just want to defend a billion dollar corporations on T that. You I understand your anti carver. I am against the man I am anti Carter slept there is such a ridiculous line I mean that you're drawing in this fan I mean. But he can't be any anti corporate. It I'm Amanda managed not even today every bit of all it's the companies don't have any responsibility for what they put out there anymore. And that's it I'm just asking for more awareness. And be more aware of what you doing. It's Procter & Gamble to write. Yes it is claiming some. Pozen is that some besides some lawn treated surge there and oh yes impunity and deterred Jan lines around a little and mark yet we're not playing POD. Here comes the boom. That it would mean. I mean really that is podcast I'd good in its own line and. He is older communities. You figured you really good you're an old man. We can't talk about anti perhaps forgot MI aren't going to PRD's and that's the app fraud through. And finally the youth of the nation them. It. It is a year's nomination Heidi got to play the perfect spot. And so perfect soccer I gotta tell you mark you my brand just made a flawless argument and week out about it no. Well done mark so everybody is marks well. Welcome ads that are not expanding its really your faults tied tied Gainer this yeah yeah god forbid I asked and I cannot I. I'm now we got to play video game. Is that he is an amazing hey how I went I drop the name of your hero iron Brockovich. All of a sudden I'm invalid usually know it it's all right Everett it's not that game got the same club and be age being not as saying in the name of.