Afentra's Podcast Wednesday July 11, 2018

Wednesday, July 11th

Open, Poop Pants, Buzz Briefs, Egypt, 21 Pilots, Costco, Free Samples, Hot Dogs, Wieners, Sausage Fest, and more!

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Oh yeah. It. The chili peppers. Alibis. And I Oreo. Eric paring down. I'm well good. I'm banner good yeah it's funny about the show today is either one of us could run out of the room. To have watery diarrhea. For two completely different reasons yes I think that is a lot to share or that everybody. It's 640 tents it's funny. 646. Story. I don't know that that is I am a timing issue as much as chest in general. Nobody cares it's a lot of information and you know what I disagree. And I disagreed. For one very reason a story that happen instantly did you hear about the Diamondbacks pitcher. And did not airman the diamond you do matters other than that your that your now I have not. I appreciated. His honesty and frankness. In discussing. How he proved his pants. Before he pitched. When was this incidents and what's his name was an Archie is artsy. But this recess. Yeah we feel hoops is. It was no George Brett story. But we didn't see them do do we see the Pope on TV that time I'd I this I don't I don't think so but I know what he's talking about and let live to pitcher's name. His name is Archie Bradley. Heard she Bradley yeah editing. I do my dance kind of danger today yeah artsy Bradley. Parity to pitcher media. Let that's an issue being RG PP. Bradley and I guess there were some people who got really upset that he shared the story analysis or routine in the second trying to find that audio clip. But he says. If you've gone through your life and you haven't whoop your pants on accident at some point you're either the rarest most exclusive club member ever. Or you're just flat out lie and I during a higher present them. I think Knightley are must Cooper again. Ever prisoner transfer like he talked about the he said he liked felt something called like the urgency p.s of the emergency. A quick trip up sometimes. If I guess in that cinema like like I don't have a choice. And it's always have a lot of votes like times you got this urgency p.'s. Got the exit don't who. Are. Now. I mean yeah. I mean I had act accidental lives. Yeah I agree with argue Bradley mean I'm up to pitcher morning drive. In Kansas City who pitches and I don't want to think about that name a little bit Clark. Actually it and manage to blew it I really adds an area have. I mean. Burlington. Feces like a monkey. Now this idea that the blue pitcher. As she comes. Who pitcher morning drive radio in Kansas City though why did they are Jim Bradley and the well of Kansas City Iranians earlier in his area. It. Brought to go to game. And dumb I knew I had the next hitter it's not a Kodak Bausch and they have that was had taken a little bit and in Olazabal thing guy who's big situations like call nervous piece I don't appeal lot but I know I have to pee before I go in the game. Let's shift the constant physical if it's a 22 count and I'm like man have to keep I don't know later I run I don't know I love and exemplary loosely. He Miami dingle area in Hollywood that beard that beer ads anywhere around yeah I am how it happened I had. There's dingle Berry you know get an irony here and I really like him and I needed to county Jim cannot be ready to go and I'm trying to piece. And actually. My pants well like right before about to go on the game I've proved my pants okay. Gee I'd like out on the not side dominant in the amounts are on the dream I've proved my pants okay. I'm like a mustache like. I know on the pitcher away from going in the game so I'm scrambling to clean myself up. I get it cleaned up the best I can but my pants up and our bullpen coach Mike Ferris and say you're in the game. So I'm jogging into the game to pitch whiff. Group in my Kansas and to prevent and and did you look at Steven was shelling and stuff yes I did I did check the mirror I checked the read a white pants were at home and I actually told my teammates a set of about two miles it. Eight in my OK I just I just spoke. About the don't understand they do believe can be critically need until they did unfortunate it's all the mess and about and design a time oddly I had to go in the game. And so it was clear that an animal in the medical room. I love to have guards Syria animal I allowed urge you comfortable there middle amount and and I actually had a good inning at a clinic and I got the dugout and it's myself for a bit and leave me and then the bullpen came in there like. Almighty god yet to see this summer and ironic that your clean inning yeah. I don't want that thing but it was just a very I just felt awkward and in uncomfortable and just. Gross. Well yeah of course where he just went for it I love having yeah it's iMac angrier at him we all puberty I don't care how old you are now. There's a long time more idea so long stretch him and not pimping my pain mountains that I've cents. I threw a pair and curious. And I halo I look at shame I spray laundry spot stain and. Unknown unknown and no one's there violated their. Yeah right now and don't I wouldn't out of he's a logically now. I don't know how I know I got a fighting I have and I did again. I can't hear it's like him as she raised touches the floor bathroom you gotta get an issue is clearly a really good strategy I went went out to be my beret and a million dollars and things change needs it I did in sixth grade. I was close to play a round ball ruckus or country tournament. And I got such Irving diarrhea but then I was sleeping I was like -- be fine and be fine and it rolled over on me got a part. In a row on the bad break and our yet yeah. Yeah he got to be where I'm sleeping dat. I got us here there buyers and cheered him and Matt don't do it wake up that I wanted to take my area my sleep medicine last night because I'm. Yeah I drink stuff to make recoup and did the procedure done and seeing him. And that's Colin glossy yeah yeah us. And I think I'd have to listen I mean I feel it I was so worried there and it's sleep through the urge to empty my bowel because I take a strong sleep meant ray ray. Anyway distorts them. That's fine. Nearly the urge you Bradley on morning radio the other two pitcher of Kansas City are having to playing games so far so apparently Jim out. Clean and now I mean inning. All they know second inning I was cleaning game but it. Please clean inning so far so bad move. I'm sure cash and the buzz. You make that claim as good morning many as pension Danny's here emerges here I don't even know what the hell's going on. Oh in the world now it does stations I mean to be cop out right now why tickets do we have doesn't what's coming up. I'm clueless. Vacation in the sickness vacation and sick. And in the seeking his account names. After that it soon. Anyway. After the vacation it's the thinking is this week yeah early them damn line with the other balance very. Got you down would just say this vacation. Think it's gotta get down that sickness to hearing what I. Excellent anyway I'll get caught up with a mark are fair and that way you know. I'm working hard for I'm here I go in the new joint hit this kid sit. It is now I just am not home. Working for Rio Paramount. And I do miss it CDC area down half. Cleaner can't say that you can't say you know I go. And then I have everybody goes Psycho now that I am and it created in there anyway. That's coming up. You know why no why go. When you say that that is will Smith's I didn't say that you said you know I go I didn't. Margaret is it your pain since and he wasn't listening to hurt anyone does and Doug good. I've got to meet our hardest thing to do in the world's on days I was us now households up into the I have read says you know I ago. And and I was off to the races. All right do any I was like he's that I am mean. I did it I'm back the most nibbling stop get out. No one's been there. It's Vegas. I can't imagine and as I thought wow this is usually ahead hit its all time though. Now we're back on how I can't say that now give me last ten years most men you kid now yes I Joe's Dennett Tom Cruise is to bring in money zero. You're sick you're trying to leg stop it you're trying to dissect the well Smith. Wills what was the name of it she style glisan. Oil wells man hasn't been Ronan and a longtime New Orleans Miami was the biggest share they weren't Tom Cruise same amount Gibbs and same and a lot of actors and actress says that town and they go well meaning around and they slowly bleed out they like slowing ahead. Now you know and that they like serious injury about Johnny Depp. Did you read article on Johnny Depp I know which one or he's broken gas. Yeah I don't know I'll mentally me don't believe it can you are now I believe he's broke and finally it Jain depth. And Tim Burton. What. I'm surprised I got Tim Burton Jack White have worked together and I got. Are you dine like. Are we an engine is Sharon and take its time you know like didn't take him now I'm good. I've I was I guess clearly are. Palate cleanser. It's pretty Davis man me and my parents of the clintons please what is it would you I mean menus sound area and low hanging in there and take a share any race I don't I thought it was pretty ghetto who. All right. My use of sand trap game easier America's here and coming up tickets to upcoming shows. Gianni yeah why is going on in the world. Did you hear it. About the Big Three. Black. I had an enemy your eyes and you're like look at your baby on the way farewells that's reference that's all know Carol you start with big in the Latin. And the last word in that sentence. Is sarcophagus. You hear about the big black sarcophagus I'm not. Where these certain car the guesses did the big backs big black sarcophagus. That BBS. Where is indeed yes they've that it may exhibit. I Alexandria. Was friendly is on the northern coast for use geography buffs. They are the articles does it mean now let me see we're going to say Alexandria and then northern. Goes. Out there for our idea brought you cookies she got her a bath. Egypt and the pyramids in your head it is the as well party island or or there'll have worse. I used to vacation there late winner Sasaki. Well we all appreciate the clarification out where Alexandria is exactly located in the country need James it is northern Egypt every one. It is a every line. Including geography that's that's our probably or any of that. Barry who don't like oh yeah that Alexander's earlier in their press is not impressive off any geography about. An out of laden. And I want them so this big black sarcophagus name name name. Is big black sarcophagus. It is it's 72 which is thought that. Hi fi. By. Maybe I'm in Oklahoma and I've. Now six to 666. Big thing and ended June. And he has six six seven but he put on. V.s so it's six feet tall ranked it 65 inches wide. It's the biggest sell almost as tall as Y yeah it's the biggest sarcophagus ever found in Alexandria okay and where was this found and is there is our guests. They found it with the giant alabaster net. But does that mean you're an alabaster his rent. Not really it's like uses like that the you know they go white marble we look and think the Iraq. Emmett don't teen you may can't or resume the men are home Iraq. I feel alabaster and I pray to gain daylight and mineral. Animal vegetable. I feel like alabaster sending you can make it's its translucent form of gypsum. Often carved and a ornaments. Afghan. Geologists define alabaster as only did have some time ago but he geology both. Moon payers that is giant black sarcophagus that was big white alabaster head and nobody knows what it is. Our who's inside but it's still sealed. Okay. Odd question I man I analysts and aggregate guys I loved the story the big the blacks are confident enough. And that when the big white Al Hester had yeah on top of that. Must stay open mis sur carved Vegas says I know I hope they don't IITI. That. Yeah I've I've seen various communities is Loudon. Who did you does that are. I don't wanna do that and don't know it is and the giant alabaster head is a giant alabaster head of the faces Tyler washed off. Okay so what was he had lists and then they put the sun and I and put it in areas like this is this dudes place. And that's it that's it homage to the news. Onto it and treason but what if you like reconstructed his face and it was like hey I'm easily opened it. May have his alabaster head over to the tune they didn't open the sarcophagus. Yet I don't they do it. I think these jokers are obvious. Opened some of us. OK I am team opens are propping us for idea. Sarcophagus or profit as. Let's there. Originally found while clearing the site for the new building. The tomb is now under guard rural experts Kim worked out exactly what lies inside the big blacks are up against. Those mention number are they opening it when they have and it. NY TF is a sarcophagus. The sarcophagus like you know the big old tomb being the big. They used to put pharaohs and stuff man it's like the pyramid type thing yeah I think physically doesn't look like a pyramid when they're actually and there it doesn't look like it doesn't look like. It doesn't look like. You traditional sarcophagus. The -- once you picture in your head with all the ornate drawings all over insist I don't think that's how they this is how they count it's a do you know they come like that I saw one it says the Nelson they have over there that yet as dysentery and as a rare. No I mean that it's not like you John disguise maybe for no it's of two years and get in alabaster edit your poor. Are your it. This is a 1% Egyptian again these sarcophagus is what's. It's like you know to just read it again get as the definition oh illustrates there oh dictionary. Sarcophagus. A stone coffin typically adorned with this culture or inscription and associated with the ancient civilizations Egypt. Rome and creeks. Says the little sorry never hired an outreach sarcophagus yesterday Adam. Oh well those are on display anywhere. They were mostly used for fed. Block a yes we use a lot of things are fatter Brighton. And say I'm looking. It's astound confident is the sarcophagus is sarcophagus. In the June and I'm so that tomb is an open. But not. Sarcophagus. A confident the sound confident that. But ears and I understand yeah. While he's cracked handing over and as Susan clarity now they must have opened as the to room. I got to earn enough to do me and talk and if you around noon they know he's sixty at all. We've had some pretty incredible finds an Angel this year. For all you archaeology thoughts. They found a hidden network of tombs in Cairo in February. In April they've found a growth Greco I have done. Deep in debt in April a rare Greco Roman temple was found. RA I'm done with Deanna nines I mean really I feel like I mean I do it now Demi Ali can I do think it's time to move on but it was fantastic not. While you're ad okay. You're welcome and Deanna another story I don't think you really need an itinerary and I mean I'll type kids are out I did big black sarcophagus I think chains yeah. I got southwest judge Robin peanuts from its flight create that email her Supreme Court justice. I don't care ours and there's like if I wanna fight about that I don't. You don't care about I don't know how I am not supposed to talk about that there was the guy who ended up the Supreme Court. Nominee. I don't know how I don't go like you know all registering already are and everywhere tin foil when his name got added to the short list in November. After Kennedy added his name to destroy this is somebody he would like to retire to have take his seat I mean it just seems kinda it was fine. RA. Yeah sure thing I mean I have other things right act and then can somebody. Tent just about Wiener fast and it is there's an email. I think any rounds so we're gonna down. Attacks in fine helpless. And CB we have a bad idea we should ask the Manning. City. Institutes in June of new. While Ellison and then marks an affiliate and chairs and staff know that well that. On the Egyptian sarcophagus story big Wexler a gap well then. And average American's mind. Where he used traffic buffs and answer. There didn't. Arcade Fire on the alternative nice six by the dies so. Rivers yesterday people are taxing game rumors well just 1% is only actually takes you about that. So context either I went to the counter announcements around my aunt and I menorah in today's evidence and a and I figured it out and a split the main content announced that was excuse me yeah it's been this morning it's just it's 21 pilots. Content announced whom and you music is about coming to the sprint cent certain. McPhee and November and the B and Tito tour. And then let senator BMD Ito tour. You can register. Is your verifying fan for priests say oh verified fan. Amy I'm verified fan. I think you pros were there weren't saying and you may choose songs. Really is first they released jump suit and and then Niko on the niners let's talk to me unique on the niners there. I'm and then we can talk about Tony and stands there near the look on the dollars and a military man. The may indeed have a tour messages tab bar exam on the EU and India and getting him I'd come yet Nikko in the niners'. Nikko and and I ever ready ISIS' dying from arm and evil or talking about it Danny where they've been I don't take tickets and your break something. How alone you know I. People are garden manor people here on Tony and violence don't be a debt. You can think that's explicitly talking about it post this early on social media that was an eyes. They put a picture of an eye on the social media conservatives like my god and I. Well they got a new round Colin out entrenched. People missed when he won pilots they mean that they want it. New music new tour needs new album need to figure out there to anyone. Of course I choose the not single yes it just seems to be how you do it. Mayor Antonio I'm pile. Now is new joining on pilot. It's a big deal for some people. It's rare and demons don't control us demon don't control whose FEMA. DEM a gaffe. All who is this like progressive. Rock throwing arm pilots iPad and telling a story. I don't know how man and correct and well that's not the single and they announced a tour and a new round. Are coming here to Casey. November 21. With the BN DO tour. Mean you can register now for verified fan preset I'm heavy ticket my agency is on steady. And lighter when I'm lower and higher when I'm heavy. I'm so high my jumpsuit makes me hi. I'm flying from a fire from Nikko and the niners. Follow. Bonnie Blair has singled to open just because. In LA that I'll be generally that I say can do it. I did it I just in a laser that billion noodling on pylons Anatolia I don't listen Tony on pilots. They start and I hadn't. An absolutely 100% one of the best life shows I've enjoyed going to. I had eight you have to give him respect and I also respect in the sense that. Paper they did they generate and themselves mean. They broke themselves thing and realised anybody else that's quite a fan base and that they go. Sounds. People don't do that they dance yeah. I'm very IA allowed you may finally. I mean is that they were running style music. Maybe that's I thought I was right by candlelight that there whenever. That yeah now I don't sit around us synagogue and violent violent terms Shubert has that I start singing it. Exxon and eventually is that I guess there I don't know moon I'd. So like I'm yeah. But yeah they cannot brands sounds to me determine slightly stupid. The danger of whoever they want a big build themselves out of nothing and and then we played them they already weighs successful on selling out places before we even Clinton. So anyway. When you like it or not because that. I think it's finite limit your hours back and and I saw online yeah it's usually weirdly defending yeah definitely got me. My grip on foot on violence. Like fund I don't care okay. I really don't care I'm home. And I mean it's usually I I did you learn my way I'm singles from 21 pilots and I can't make fun of the fact that they put like magical eye on their Twitter. What'd preteens freaked. Oh I I opened and everybody went over I don't IRA I think I yeah. I didn't say he could it. Oh my and you play balances I answered a remark here and we do that this. Do we have talent in the system are yeah. I love balance or Zion such a great track. Okay when you're gone I even talked to alert your and I said I like to be in now like the original stuff more than Allard the latest stuff like I'm capable of liking bands it's not it's just I think. That lord here are now on is a mother ever. I gotta tell you I really enjoy at like the strikes out there you ever released a great track. According to many events anyway here's flora here ons is balance is lying about as. Okay. That list. In her home and as slow hands and then their latest the rover before that. On tour. Right now. Brian Nash. Seat in the US August Philly Boston. Montreal Toronto blue with sunflowers being. Riot thanks. Detroit Columbus Dallas. I wanna see them. Senator shows I don't know if they've already done and earn no one's in LA ink they killed her opening. They converted their nose and minor and announced an advantage so. Anywhere any jokes and learn math skills. An air ball with nothing tells on the I'm so sorry yeah. Can you tell I wanted to see them somewhere yeah they're playing Detroit and I can do that one. I mean I guess broad music dinner that I'm my birthday. Well some have an edge. Yeah we just took a verbal show them. I mean I know how our season seems I Hampshire is to be could just feel like focus used to be like that yeah. I do there's room it is on my birthday and I giant deduct and the company's. Now is back here when the void that's a good today's yet on Saturday December 16 it's quite surrealistic dream. You know what they don't know that haven't been. And around the music there. For some army. Happy birthday to me. Danny yeah it's gone you know. I hate capitalism is really funny. Because I think it really did like works for awhile. You know I think those boomers. They really got to enjoy a capitalism. And like towards the end of it where we are now things just kind of are falling apart. Dear member. Knees feel to get on an air do you remember you get on an airplane. And you get a meal. Ever minute it wasn't a bad man but then it became a bad now and then it became a cold mail and it became a sack lunch that you grab down the into the terminal. And then became nothing but payments. You don't compete at that and then they've installed peanuts and some places well because he glad allergies right in so they do it rattles. Some airlines do pretzels and depends if you're doing a and I think that's. Lower fare in airline mean everything is. You search has really lower fare. Now I'm talking out your is there a targets there yeah answers or I visit my way that I pants. I give America so helping capitalism is the best. Candidates why these planes over and they charge all its money frontier did this cookie and cookie is. And then they ended the cookie today in the cookies it was midwest airlines and that cracking week and that. Meant I was on one flight. I have to go to New York for something and I don't remember why. Why that now is minding our. Dollar hammer anyway and file that Aaron. And I and I really pissed that Arab member and I live in Nairobi. The opponent and you can email me. This is a long time Sonya I'm up here yes Amare and here are some of beyond repair. Serving the united. It was an expression and an income and holidays. Wherever. What are we can it was there was something because we Som I'll be repeatedly. Almost the play and the noise and the like Moby that's enough right blanket and done theme enemy materialism. And yeah yeah. My. Who remembers those old time commercials they're Southwest Airlines within itself more than forty year history. Has all kinds of traditions traditions tons of them but now all these decades later something is about to disappear from every southwest airplane. Near 10 o'clock hundred Lucy is life force at Dallas love field to explain what's normal way and why under. Jelena Southwest Airlines has long claimed to be knocks. Flying for peanuts as they say the starting on August 1. He'll no longer be able to get actual peanuts on your flight anymore to change being made to accommodate. Flyers with allergies now. Hello Marvin and I mean everything and they yeah. Iron Man. I do have to say I never appreciated. Now I found the whereas gonna say I've never seen. Flight attendants Sutton. Be quiet is. Animated. Yes. On southwest airline flights. Than any other airline that I ever plot it's more people saying. More people take that Michael Bowden knew that speaker Mike yes. In CNN on a Southwest Airlines flight that any other airline I ever flattened. I don't know what it is about southwest. Look around when they're doing the singing and you see people who are just enamored. They are just enamored with whatever is happening on that might elect. RJP. And find out on. Yeah narron on their Ramirez. I I did what I show like they missed their calling. They need a sick cotton they don't need to serve let me sprite slam is not peanuts anymore and inner come India employee lounge or something let them get it out there. I'm trying to I am sorry I'm seeing out there are out Alan's. I appreciate the wraps yeah I had none of the Southwest Airlines flight attendant Syrian no one else does that everybody wants Sierra wrap. From a flight attendant I appreciate it now I feel like it's added value yet. It. I do not feel like it is. Easily defeated Angola a sweeper tank here. That would require is doing work like. McCain can't say yeah man we should definitely have that as we see her soon the moment. Seems he added value it's so great we're gonna ask it. Two or sweeper catalog yeah. I say and are getting paid in have to be that happy. No wealth is getting her to something. Roscoe. That not the sound doesn't the only air high time our says that as Costco getting rid emanate out. Bull that's a weird thing that jumped to new tell low life. I feel like that's the value pretending that people have passcode memberships for is the new talent didn't didn't you tell anywhere. Not for that race. She repeats them and that's. Is that why you act passed over. I did for a year not I dynamic house there are many more learn or better 313 years and today it today but the only reason I dead to have it. Mean was for the gross amount have. Needs we've purchased that's where that's a slate of vegetarian talking because and I think cost of getting it is something you know like need tell us tell me every now and then tell students I was as a free samples please tell me it's every it's not the free Sam all you I I hate every sample and I hate the free sample people now and you gotta be it is not a mother after Meola com and it's not it's yeah evil makes. Meals that this crap when you like the airline people singing and rapping it's hilarious and fine but when people like Costco singles because US says those samples because you don't then they're stupid that the iPhone Elaine I'm not elaborate on what you want pilots. Lou. Please please rip ripper away I don't care. But. Free samples from Costco here's the thing like you haven't seen as I do here's why. The ties. The time hiking go to Costello is free samples from. And that's when everybody goes to Costa you know why because they're hungry and I got there Fermi. And even think some of these people shop. I have I never made it they they can't have appetizers. Width. The free samples and then they eat at Costco mean. You're you're discredit my Sunday afternoon I can't. I don't really aren't that I didn't say there's anything wrong with that. It's free samples and I mean I'm gonna cost Owens is walking around and thinking about what I can war lords and today I have seen. The same person and. Multiple times in lines for me was him bothers me why I don't know why does not why what is good in your life. Nothing they're getting their samples then. They make these other airlines the disease is huge lines here wondering Jesus Christ what's going not I would win sample. Their army take Ellis out lie and I'm glad I don't yeah okay. All right. You know what maybe why you know what I is Sudan but. Missed. I ECB sample or just that's why there is. If god denture. Yes my girlfriend petty mean we should collar. Her dad owned agreed baker eaten in my mom worked there couples and what they would make it would really Greek. Dishes. Thank. It's not a topic and ended up at and Mike who sec have passed its anyway they like easily sampled dishes is a not easy to say now here's or her and as citizens. Now they're delicious and they have messy dishes. All you did listen to our I easy to ads during and that he was that he achieved by the way. It's he others may green and he would you know. For lazy restaurant owners Greek restaurant diners which are very many Anders or metropolitan area or grow up. He would supply them with their spinach buying Greek dishes. And said they didn't make their out of there are small enough yeah biggest fight in some very clean. You have to clean that its data limits advantage amass any of the masters or marry your rank big companies like I would hey you an example the great country zero. Well here's what happened. So our dads like we will soccer is that was that guy moves suck I miss that gaseous tail. Totally messing you gotta make a back Kamal costs us all fuss Saudi act is not Nancy it's messy. Now it's beans is bean soup and that is messy another radical but it definitely massive and very nasty elements realities or am I can't imagine he's kinda like some portion that out. Yeah I lie you are probably flaky crust and yes it was butter yes he let them. Anyway god Deanna I was an ugly he's got a pennies add that we call her. See if she's at her or passes them. So pennies dad owned at my mom worked there and and his big dream was to hear it is as boring everybody. This is funny how that America when he gets here and then it's like I can tell you what they've pulled off the menu or Costco yes I want you and I tell you that our deficits don't matter I tally first element is the key gone. Our sound. Pennies dad's dream is to get it in grocery stores okay like a chain gap. They think. Pioneer Price Chopper ten house here. We have or had farmer jacks so you set up stands inside the farmer Jack so every Saturday and Sunday. Penny would come pick me up. Because I can drive yeah do you mean because I think you know 1415. Are remember Cerro penny pick me out. And I get to smoke mean. Actually it was even young 1111 or twelve she netted them like six in any way and then package. Would go off and snack okay. At farmer jacks on me or not Spanish my samples. Two ass holes who come and yours is Manning there I now know Cornelius is by. Any dad spinach pie. And it's a NASA may. So that they too would go on in do like god knows hero. While I was at armor behind and Jack and you kept handing out. Symbols he kept it this grudge towards it this entire time now I always reminder of it in the awful dresses she made me Wear during her whining here. And. Up in arms because the college unused or taken off the menu here is always high on Twitter. I have had my Twitter account for years and have never actually tweeted. I had never found a cause worthy of a tweet until Costco decided to get rid of the polish dog a travesty I tell you hash tag saved the polish dog. And this one sometimes bad things happen in life and we all need to be united against the evil that is threatening our peace. War mongers tyrants hash tag costs down hash tag that the polish dog this is that we reporter. There yes they get near the polish dogs. They're still gonna have the other died. But the post doc has got. People love the poll is not. Good for that it was a dollar fifty. Bremer is again god there is an article just about three weeks ago about how Costco is keeping the price of the dogs. Down deep are they keeping and how are they used to be there they can just because the volume that they would buy and get past that directly on to consumers. It is a matter fact is a famous story about Costco. Where the CEO there are like what we got to do so and of these items that you like weird. The so maybe that was his choice raise the price. Or killed polish dog until that I mean against sales were loud on the polish dog Paula Starr is like their hottest items AMP because are there dropping either rescue me guard too hot dogs and their policy and did I've done in drink for two dollars. Yeah that's I mean that's amazing that's what Costco is. In the pizza and unbending. Not so it is just a target giants are now I can order evident that process and yet to call them. I just want them to you look at that they need to start paying your legs you're did Justin. Two draw any team Costco in 2003 member. Yet he had to pay for first and then go do your shopping and there's something he had India will usually I mean I am I'll eat before ago. But the story is set up that you read on your way out but disposed to spend so much time in Moscow the Salah hungry when you walked out that's ridiculous. Is I'd stay with Nike I would just skip through line and and then they're like I. On Americans fat people let's play everywhere is how it ends up an ankle cafe is somewhere. We're at her read out a line that inning cafe or Smart plays Donna I'm lie and they have food there are many iphones as if only there campaign brass instrument one play is not accurately K. We're exhausted and. We need weird noble Barnes know it got to cafe and it's basic books and Haas. There is still around he likes it go places to buy books one of our most. Now that's consistent and sorry I like to catch the I'm sorry that house down. I'm arguing like the post like I'm done. That apparently people like post. Yet postpones. Did you like we aiming. Yes our process and what was your process in the case seeing the meat of choice did you like the sauce I love hot dogs the keel bossa. Q process trying to low fat. As I things are happy to chop up the kill blossom for an open campaign. And it's a big hot guy around it is called Alan funny looking kill her I mean and that casings weird to say yeah. Why they use shape I doubt. Because when you and sausage. I'll tell you why if you want an outlet for you know I do and I'd say it's OK I stuffed sausage of my grandmother's name. Stuff besides his grandma. None are more Greek messy feared the what are your parents are organs is imposed are that Syria does this I. The law. In our nation coming it's pound as beach bomb went on my favorite bands is seeing in summer. Really any time and I favorite bands to sea and some are you know winter's a really at any time really is always. Nice to see them in the summertime and our hot button. They hot mean they're great lie and a good time what are you to be joined Friday July 27. You be having a good time they on Asia and that's what they do say that Portugal the man a lot of our bands. To be dropped Friday July 27 prominence in medical center and the theater tickets are available now. And eyes fixed on the NASDAQ com or beach Bob Casey that town or you can text reloaded two nights it's 500. Yet these long four packs share a mountain for packed for eighty about it seems like a good deal for one. If you like line. I. Know I like it. I'm gonna hit kind of girl really thinking. Once you are. Man I'd just like to tell yet they'll pick. Or go to a concert you know challenge. No it's a bit now what happened yesterday let's go on the leaner fest sausage fest what that's called eyes side tweet about it. Looks like I didn't hear and read about and I'll John as I was bunnies in an article I thought so too don't Martino and happen. Because I feel like more than anybody you weigh in raised its Wii from doesn't count I didn't posted via. As well I've seen and then couples. Magazine after. There will let it ME a couple I don't teeny Vienna Wednesday via. And the analysts are area yet is on there is an al-Qaeda and sausage fest here. As a must have been says there are times it's a good idea it's really funny and super funny so Mike Pence is in town today and in. And then what. I guess we're giving away winners of oh that's right where you want to hot topics they annoy us where is the information should be uncles and you know business through tweet. But she's the only information. Yeah it has now eyes get an idea of its promote his bank yes I figure out I was at one of the funniest things we've done an ally and a sentence and because there's no details of the ones I mean I mean that is out as OK so what time do we give away free Weiner I give you all the information that I have and it is based off the ninety's he's by the both Twitter account that doesn't give you a place that I think as jam out that's it's a. Area blew up a bump up blah blah. And today as it came out at all sausage fest starts at 11 AM at Barney Alice plaza we hope to see lots of your beautiful faces there. Has stared pants sausage fest. That's the Mike Pence sauce it's best to be didn't know Mike Pence is a really down with the LG BE TTU plus community. As a matter of fact just yesterday he said that you would like to see you know. 08 as the historic Mike Pence that out as BT QMR it was not a really funny idea. Teva sausage fest we have free hot dogs for my pants it's turning a dilemma he's dared tell until. Wiener is. Supply lasts until I died last starting at eleven Bernie Ellis flies he's there. To like meet with Jerry Murray raise money from people say you know like a Jerry Moran. The senator from Kansas that just went to run out over fourth of July for no reason whatsoever and things are easier to help raise money for Jerry Graham who went to Russia for no reason over fourth of July ten sitting senator who could introduce legislation at any time. To protect our elections but hasn't done so but flew to Russia over fourth of July to ask them to be nice as well Kevin. You order balls. Looking for some cash Inco Buffett and Coco box going to be good through the line is east. I think he is I weighed in anywhere and at times track okay. So where exactly health clause. Is Mike Pence going to be they're going to be downtime between ten to Barney out plaza 11 o'clock for the Mike Pence buses across from the event. Sally well ran that well yeah. And is going to be it's very bad light that goes like it's still a good idea we should still talk about it it did make you -- fantastic idea and one of the masters had an on time allies are the best ideas are like. That one off he's the least explanation brace and usually in my case the stupidest the most fun. Period all we're doing is being like hey we don't like they unit don't like these people and we're gonna celebrate winners everywhere. Three out parents three winners who didn't. Gee you think he Mike Pence sausage and fist. I mean I feel like this could become the Wiener and the only awesome every week if it were OK okay it's my pets. Let's go to busy bees. A system rained out shots. Mother remembers. Come on bodies it is and they're under Tito. Let's relax we've comes at a popular. DT totally. They don't do they under that's probably don't know how to relax they like to sit in the pit all the time never got a lot of relaxed all. In my experience cleaners only last ten minutes. Oil that's. Icy land on Sasser. Mean. So there and groaned as the enemy grilled I suspect. And on other gym now Amanda best dogs or rock. To stop it. My brother and a manager and he's on Sinai sneak out and you know tonight Barack hot dogs out of Frist is. A mom Hayes on the last for imagine odd yeah. And we should ask them while you can go right. Yes it's. I do it I can't. I layout. You know why did he wrote the spotlight when you think we should add that you Die Welt am PC guys are likely to act like we don't need up beds dogs here produce loud. If you're gonna have a Mike Pence sausage fast. As sausages I would be shocked if I didn't sign any agreement that you should have sauces and both legs said dean sausages that expense occult Wiener fast. I'm in good hot dogs or expand and back compared to sausage. While. Now maybe I don't know. Which is that it's gonna start renamed leaders at some point if Ernie Els plaza at 11 o'clock in that close enough to those winners that people don't like. In Pennsylvania though Wheeler airport yeah. Nothing at the time in the whereas and going from the Wheeler airports rallies in the state there nothing he says just stay at the airport is he leading our economy. I mean he's going to be there I was doing probably don't let Obama. Although both have proven to be there for the sausage party nothing says I mean I try to watch that movie every day Americans light. Flying into Wheeler airport. I think you. Need tax lined the first annual Mike Pence sausage fest and only in the last season. 98 I'm down down on all the time often. Storied Allen you know wanna ruin it. How about an app that downtown airport where I was landing. And someone printing something then. In the windows overlooking the random Hillary in news but with the rainbow flag announcing. In. Just use it's no. Anyway sausage fest Mike Pence sausage that's happening now and Bernie Ellis plaza. This is early morning 11 AM 11 AM free. Hot dogs winner sausages sausage fest across the street and Barney health buzz us stop by get a free hot dog while we have a. How many. Dogs. They get ahead I am picturing it reason with the tomatoes. But Kansas City. I I would argue about. Well now well it's an eight at each other at visa. Now now I I feel like I need I hope is there want them tossing out I want so many hot dogs there isn't that weird. Hot dog gift I wish the regular I was slowly and a lot. I mean I just like the idea of Kansas City like one of the revolution started with the hot dog rebellion you know I mean it. A big cool I was slugger come out as little. Oh no we can injure anybody these machines hot dogs carefully placed just FYI apparently trader jazz certain. Some great inexpensive busy and hot dogs as I am. I hate when people view that Euro all year. Trader Joe's so it does indeed get hot does it taste like a real danger better know 08 dolls and a I have to Sally announced a one vegetarian and may have not mailed they have a nail any of them now the sound they have there is a managing burger it does not like. Nelly does not act I agree with that there are good veggie burger is they and I would put birds. In quote. It's absolutely Dahlia murder when she'd get your head around it not an. All. I mean they should call that a veggie burger but anyway it's more caddie is it's up and you can't imagine pat yes. CIA analysts asking me at which processes well when you say burger it's. Alive if it's not I will say. The grill hurston. And if you grow them just a little man and they are really dry you the garden murder growers is pretty dead. There are days like hamburgers. It's like a good sand wedge I think it was a generic burger maybe it wasn't that I used to love that Fred. That was a good hockey puck. This is a gardener is it is a regular garden as a regular Gardner who's who insist. Anyway yes light and sausage fast I didn't. I had such as hair. Yeah I'm gonna try to get there they imitates an edgy weird though we think there's kids and bring some budget includes a tiny little cooler and some veggie dogs they ignored the managing. Someone I appreciate that. Now someone has also taxi and for the vegetarian I'm Shannon mushroom caps you can't you stop and Stockton I. I do think maybe I wish if it. I wish there was more time it goes together I would have done a Sea of Galilee dunking Booth for Kevin Yoder left and right. Robin for apples with Kevin yarder in the CI I only seeing. The dunking Booth that they are very funny you have to be naked to get done though. Always you don't get to take my clothes off and celebrate is just so happy. Yet in some vegetarians don't want things to think Grammy agreed that's the reason why some of the soft eating beaten. The sorry just know I can't imagine Larry and them we can do like decreased co bark. Slash Mike race where you have to put on a one piece leather. And and hop on a tricycle and ride around that's actually my Smith and the cons go dogs do we get these it does count all the blows the sausages that are left it cost right like how many jobs are we talk again. I don't know where to get the dying into the era that I'm. They have done that on how I got done and I think every year now they can't do jester wow that's got to be an abundant good amount not jogs we. Will find him as a going to be like with snow come barbecuing hot dogs. That was happening accounts. I guess because it seems like they got this thing under wrap they got tagged image. Of my pants pulled up hot us sausage on up Bork in front of rainbow flag. I got a fear an eye on them. I don't Wiener wagon feud track well either but yeah at the farmer's market solves. How well that's not the same thing. To my friend you're dipping in and as and when I did cocaine and we didn't blink an 82 covers yet but I don't remember the name but it but the guy who played the base that night. He's partly. We rang goes everywhere all diesel we are all over the Kansas master volume area it is everywhere it everywhere. So I happened today at Mellon. Yes I think it's cool. Got quiet finish everything I can change the voice yeah I can take my voice to Mike Pence sausage fest hey kids are gone somewhere. Just a lot of high died. Islam I might. Yes. Non get a freaks Murphy you know I'm here I was 7-Eleven thing is that you have that you know that one dude that's like. Under. Indictment. Paul Mann a port former campaign manager of Donald Trump. Yes yes it was you know arrested and charged with a all sorts of mean. He picked Mike Pence to be the vice president Chris Christie was going to be the vice president. And then this might Penske Bob Paul man for fake plane trouble when Donald Trump was. Meeting. Mike Pence in Indiana he fake plane troubles that we had to stay here overnight. And during the day with Chris Christie's sound no he wasn't Chris Christie they adamant that he. He basically see blocked Chris Christie right yeah salad that might. And Mike Pence to began Donald Trump and hang out together right and they can take a date right but it's kind of weird because like. Man affords under indictment by Robert Mueller and now the vice president was picked by him so anyway that's another reason ago we are for us. So lotteries are gonna leaner faster the winners alone. Am. Is that the winners that attract channel you're in as it's now gone taking an Allentown panel. It is day according very easy Kiki plus community asked as about. What drives you down. To bring your Wiener on its shouting. Eight yarder. Whatever motivates you we've got it. Or maybe you're tired of seeing these videos over Hamburg and as both English. Which has done it like a Weiner there's all kinds of sat there need to be going to the Mike Pence maybe don't hostage fast I'll concentration camps. Now that's a reason ago. Oh no reason ago. Love and am I can't wait to find out exactly how many hot for. Almond I take gets. Over under a lot of hot tiger you know we're under we don't get a hundred rep burritos for kegs and eggs. You have that you are under these are not dying. I don't nine irons exit by a hot tags. 965 for me I mean if we do anything at 965. And discipline and mark. I don't think that case 100. What I those marks going in for once again you hundred dollar how did you know I. They one dollar Bob yeah one dollar one dollar a year and that is it. Let our I every talked about it. Promoted it pretty cool guy got to have really funny idea I mean there are funny yeah we're very well nine. If we get. Through these and Monet. We'll get to me is again a hot minute I have your Kansas lottery tracks in that stand out or instant scratch again. Which I scratch and it's ready to yeah. Work I missed you and your lighten. Up about in our undeterred a couple of times. And yeah not that way but things and they can markedly from the pack as the record store on the gas and I'll markedly different portraits and the at a Detroit someday. You should know it's not a big goal. And flying. I mean I'm just stand down. Stanley there he can stay. It. And that is on free. I love free. Korea money. Free money back to the Kansas lottery thank you for fear is going down if you we're Graham and on your leg you know on a mentored collect yourself and about. Who. And there. Are murdered earlier today I stretchers stretcher at anything by tanner. You have thirty dollars and insider charts in Mexico it's a scratch on your own time. With Singapore. Listeners will calling into any chance to win with a tantrum we just did that. Howard is doing that. At that rate horror. Don't usually immigrant risers and they usually as well as answer it scratches are fantastic. Female airline tanner. It broke but it happened to me running the board so I apologize. To Bob back we go to dinner Kansas lottery I got out I did get it. It's like riding a bike my. Hello. Oh my god I'm toast that's it I hadn't been feeling well mark and I'm still not feeling very. Yeah. I don't mean to be a baby. It's all right we have a trip to view it will be fun. So we can keep it's Roger and there is very high now where I am guys we're writing and it's been admitted days. This sickness it's killing our your own medicine award. And as some festival suddenly entered a canned. Such urban Thursday tomorrow I'm gonna find out about. Imagined or. Maybe you iPods. Julie please do iPods have fun day tomorrow. Anti gay day in an away trip. I'm gonna find out about me angry imagine dragons of if we can do that. And then we're gonna leave you with swallows. Apparently were playing the sonic could not be more throw this was the song that made me let those guys. Number into the story and a few months ago anyway whenever there EPG announced is as fantastic. This is while Lowe's it's pictures of girls. On the buzz.