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Wednesday, July 12th

Buzz Briefs, ice cream, bikes, D.A.R.E. and more!


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Great girl different guys. Doubt our rights and let me monuments then that's Danny Gamal and and remind him. Good morning what is our network password. Our network passwords like an icon Casey is that when an Obama gonna say are there why you care if people come buy and download stuff they should like why. Illegal things such ads look man let Sean Spicer. And in the big asset to him. Seriously though as an inner counties in her. Now just we've put into the network password for her since she wants she's she's a sail over the air play ever gotten JJ. Now it is I got an entire county C. Eleventh hour. It's maybe not pattern of his tennis. I'm not the only one feeling sauce needs today than I see our you're not the only one. Yeah I don't know our life I guess and well there's a reason why we had a meeting. And counties. No it's not their comedy it is not Entercom Casey in this it is time that this. Not pay off he needs them why. They're Missouri area. And I'm JC because really Danny nobody else can figure that one out. No one can figure that outlook when it veto I don't like I just Jesus Christ is that's a tough line. Age great minds on that together. Entercom JC. And I bet nobody else would have thought of that. I like county there is no difference. Between an easy Wi-Fi password and telling everybody. The Wi-Fi password by that there's no gray area between the two you realize there's wires in a couple of light years. Some aliens treason by might pick up that signal. Another idea let's go stop at the Wi-Fi phone while our attic and I car stock enough. Aliens and you have pay your vote for an era of the kids city metropolitan area last out the united I myself saw 12 nights ago. And and I saw some guy that works Alamo draft house on FaceBook it posted. Then he too saw one last night now he saw wind. Looking north I saw mine look in south. But I was just curious to anybody else that had any dosing takes the united 6500. Summons guarantee debt on your network and Camden. How okay do and I don't area the DG. Blake that's. Tape did Donald Trump did the same thing Russia like I'm Joan PG air meets its time to look how good cynic. Any way shape or form what he did was say hey if you're out there Russian hackers. Maybe you get fired shortly after Hillary's female a different relationships and less. It is pretty similar error cop now now now now hostile foreign power and job so anyway. At ten and I asked her all themselves. Down. Yeah University of Kansas aside a story like that night and I think he's. If he has been found that would be great when she's 34 fives and harmonies and elegance. Space ultra says this. University kids miss the medical center police are asking for the public's help in locating 59 year old. Santos Sanchez a lie yeah. Mr. since July as the series American condition is an able to make his own health care decisions he was last seen in a small compact wheelchair. It has no armrest wearing red shorts purple socks and short grey and black baseball style shark. He's five foot four weighs 230 pounds. Now according to media relations at the University of Kansas Medical Center this is where. This story like. It's a little interesting hair okay and. There is a woman they have a photo of helping mr. Elia. Was responding to requests from him she was reportedly trying to get help get him some sun. The woman drove away in our car after helping him a lie is still believed to be in the wheelchairs to see is they can you help me get some sun. As he took an outside. And I don't know if they're looking for a woman. Where they just okay where was at the hostage to the hospital. Our race resent how is that there's medical condition again this 69 year old son does senses alliance. Which hospital. K university kids' medical center. Right OK so there's this picture they have a woman helping and I guess she was just trying to help and get some sun and then she drove away after helping him. So they believe is still to be as real chairman I can't buy this guy. She's taken note she'd say the service our driver I just. Like ink in your in your head if you're her and I think I just I was on an episode is shameless. Like you don't take like these she takes people where they're not supposed to go and then something bad happens right. We chase those people park. Which people we shorts and thought it was she takes the at the home when she takes them to the park. Instead of in the guy's a heart attack and die if I do or her that's just behind airing it yeah I'm just Dexia season tip that torment but. Yeah I think I'm here that's but the. They got outs. Somebody made a great point yeah. Why give this standing heights as someone in a wheelchair. I'm touch in my nose you're right takes line I got I got nothing is say there I think Danny was just reading I was reading the story in news story and thought yeah. On fox for semi says he was unsafe car as of Cain and BC reported this morning good. Apps are oriented attack on. Please update this. To say is that fair anyway I'm body was found I just like the imagine somebody like hey can you help me get some sun. And you go short and that now he's been found little. You like sure I'll be get some sun. And then you know what it's only you can you push him outside in the and you go and get your car you think you did a good deed in the I was hurt on that video like. The guy I would ask more questions I asked does that out. He has some more so yeah I can I take you back again as someone to get in afternoon tells somebody. Right however the best she's an asked all the questions like I have a meg that's some thing I can see offense is doing our best intentions yes and now they even found it's like it's it's much. If I feel much better about this major Bud Light. That's something I would do our locker guy outside if you they can you help me out and then I don't know that I think is like Ogden got a car drove away. The app I would do the same thing. Uh oh god. Be careful when you help people. Yes that's right yeah I mean I don't think of it in a moment but you don't think of all the consequences that no sir I doubt. They get telling the story. They're gonna say the good deed I did today how some guy will take lessons I'm leaving K you met in this guises excuse me can you help me get some sun and I being an unselfish person. Go ahead and I'm wheeled him outside advice that have a good day. Not only do you reel him outside you probably out from the snow day I gave UN smoking a cigarette yeah but you need. Play any I got it right at me like you know what I'm gonna go get you some Jimi jobs. But vineyard operate I rang yet you get all tot he got off the weird about today you forget you go home. Not that I don't love Jimmy John's that they deliver because he passed is how far are going to get something it wouldn't be that doesn't have that deliver yeah. Sought after visa in the house and then you get the cargo that's today turn on the news. Missing you know you're on the news on the mayor's pushing though I wore Indiana downloads could you imagine. Yup I did that of course a lot what were you thinking you wielded outside and time again thankless. Didn't laugh well I think I hate the Latin word alien the only answer is like I wasn't tired I don't know. I don't know I don't know I was I thought I was being eighties. I agree. Well he's. Returned. That's when. It's sunny out ask me how a lot of that he didn't. Hot mollify. Boy hey. Ice cream story. Again yeah a lawyer out unfortunate part is as a follow up it's a follow how far I had our narrator all right. Because what we're seeing is that not only we talked about. Some place in town well we talked about younger genie in blue springs. Right yes there's been. A rash. A rash of ice creams to our arrival robberies. Correct the other pervert trader does one thing to remember that. Offender San Diego. He. He Deborah you never takes ice cream which I don't understand the I hesitate it's I don't understand. It you're robbing ice cream he says why you don't take us through. Think in my crazy in Iraq a busier Robin and I has been placed on a pig as a maestro OK so let witty take. When he knew and imagine my lady like kind of crazy like a waffle cone is going to be a waffle cone manually attitude a waffle cone are you going to be a cheese cubes and gas stoop while ago. They Colin it is cube walked home hand it to takes a registered to his kids at a waffle cone that's an anti. Every time and I'm 22 different skill student and to me grow up. Now he's is upset about that two scoops you want to waffle cone. Who doesn't but hey you know what it's like I realize that fox pork Casey. Is like they understand this but powerhouse story I mean I've been talking about it every day this week. It's ice cream bandit right so they they've played Molly ball didn't bush. On this okay. Center of where's that serve Molly ball and we talked to her once we got student and she was I don't thinks I remember that but anyway listen of that strategy. So now somebody's up somebody box boar has one of those boards up. With the red pins in it with eight yards ID each one. Yard sand from the ice cream he's not really into singing your head in pain I was like as I really would like to see that now I would tell you obviously. And like ice cream. Dessert there's always hated multiple multiple times finally busted through glass went everywhere David Joseph how the suspect broke into the audible range. I'm sixty their terrorist yeah. Check out the video designed bonds through a huge glass window shattering. Maine taking up with the register in does it all and last contain second. 1000 dollars and teammates on the 300 dollars. Any award thinks this same guy broken her blue springs Joker teeny shop last week Conti fine grain Indian mates. Baby looks close. Similar their clothing is similar at this season's what caught me that yes they are they've got to be the same person. You lead looks like he knew bounces doesn't that and I can tell. I think that's a new ballot the gallery is blocking under the glass and then jumping behind account owner. He spends more than ten minutes trying to get to register or Bluetooth RE Saucony store for ten minutes and then returning with a different tool. But he only makes off with 45 bucks. It's a horrible feeling that bill. That somebody would do that you flash back to the video we showed you Sunday. And the and it seemed breaking into the Westport ice cream bakery in taking up with its cash register. Stat that whose fabulous frozen custard and Brooks signed says that fame thing happened to do it or not only with. That's the blues you mess llamas jerk. The glass was also bust out of the door at Westport coffee house in 816 wine in Westport Q other places police they were hates. Mario's restaurant in west port in great clips in blue springs are also on the list. They're checking us on a personal level. He's our business he worked very hard to do it and they come in and take a father's. Blue springs police tell me they are looking into if the break and there are related to those and handed me. The left port ice cream bakeries offering a 1000 dollar reward. For whoever turn this guy and. Mandate you know they need to get an inter departmental task force started on this. An angry diabetic Donald Trump vengeance. They as the tags they need to start sharing information amongst the police departments and get this. Who's got the bigger nightstick argument out of the way. It got this guys crossing jurisdictions ma'am he's doing it wrong he's got no respect for your bags don't have to screen. First of all your deck why. Are going after ice cream. I'll not me him not you okay yeah I think what I got and so yeah you're going to be the deserved based robber yeah. Then take some chances are you guys still deserted. You can't just going to add a younger Jeannie in I guess some friend yeah I don't began going to have fear is and I grab the stupid. You know though here's that here's that you here's the thing maybe he thought about that since they aren't adept bananas and a similar arrangements YEF hear me out what if you thought about this and he realized it's the media jobs in the chocolate dipped Indiana. Any goes to jail they can have some serious unintended consequences ice. Anyone who warned Baskin rob. Yeah are deep here as deep fewer bask in India now. Seems to be 20 my god or the ice cream war's escalating again. I mean maybe it visits are I'm just as a pulling with ray other shops and yeah. Now what if there's copycat bandits. Out and out. Right people who just had enough of ice cream shops might miss. Okay that's really nice is this just like we're tired have you played in the best part of the media well. We're gonna hit you where it hurts yeah what's up with sports clubs and I'm just as a model. He's expanding he's destabilizing I've seen enough episodes of criminal minds that now. Since it's not me him and his demo his modus operandi has notice I'm Veronica de Dan is the now. Lexis. Yeah what if he's lactose intolerant that's sick out. That make me anger he's intolerant of lactose on both personal. And spiritual level. I've had a woody dairy farmers in its mug this. Right. That's fair it is here. Looks treasury notes. And here's organs probably slumped. They'll to slow the police response to this ice cream and it. There's chocolate kids and cannot continue its police officers this morning now. Can I just talk about it maybe I came. In and how you replying if I have back. Talk about it. Yeah I think that's what it no no when we're on our laps that's why we're not back an hour now on our guy. An entire amount. You get a ticket now as I get pulled over again right right. Hopefully we see how I as the result is plus I'm trying to get a resolve volt is an area. Maybe somebody can offer suggestions listeners. Some times when we rush to get resolution. We visit we record our own feet. You know I Jamie Anders him but I also think this is. It's finally. Time sensitive manner. Type manner that and now. It's time zones and why is it time sensitive. Because the ones we've done a few words when I gradually now that it has been asked OCD or record. Go around and round and round and round and round. On this old forty lap. Let you know just coming in a short time I was a very little right I understand you were doing at. For the record a ha I couldn't I have been a smaller ones thirty day ask. Mary Farrell and his own. Thirty days. This. Spurs starters. That's Jim James of My Morning Jacket yes. With the world smiling now you now as my morning Jessica you know it's not the My Morning Jacket it's that the guy's name is Jean James and that's just the little close. That being pure races. And unsound Greece's Jim James Jim James. I just girls jib jab is a little too close this out like a slur for me now and Aaron Brown that's a stone album. TJ it's his voice kind of remind me and cultural appropriation means is he has. And and thinks he's a little bit no ulta is the new Red Hot Chili Peppers. Yeah he doesn't remind me and think he is that song is so back and and I love it some times ulta I don't like you know what Deane please James James James James. And my gear gonna hate them all time games are like this on hate us aren't as greats of the dot. The world smiling now eternally even Stella and mark is a huge My Morning Jacket fan. Marriages and I think sometimes you are G. No I always thought do you make fun of my earnings always stopped one day holiday it was like a mark song for summaries enemy's got a long intro and so I would always ask mark about what that's long you love. And he's like I don't like it but it's My Morning Jacket one big holiday it. It's an out sign is odds that now marks such as pigs not like I don't get its day mark is now president of the My Morning Jacket fan club. That's about it. I just set my holding up for success goodbyes and jazz center I feel about that stock C I mean I agree on race and feels so good the world smiles and I'd just say code in my hand ninety. Sponsor pictured at the end of like a situational cop drama after the case at all not at all all female detective the lead of the show. Now yet he had she goes to take a bath and it's all slow and sold straight. And she's you know I guess for me IB I today. Like I like these households arraigned at about me you don't want to let I don't want salvia was the drama cost on the I don't know how shall not flywheel blue bloods it's a really are positive that Brooke. It was a got to graduate and because I thought per share are. Danny was an. And I feeling sometimes it's a motivated for me to police said yeah I mean it's not really Q that's not true is because I like it so yeah I like that. Don't claim that that track is amazing anyway. Am. I think we should you know play another one for mark. Are going to play the My Morning Jacket and you've just let's play that and then I have a question for you about trails are okay you've been days here. Andre it's yet and like regarding trails. Idea how to drive us I felt like if anybody is going to be at trailing analysts'. I like tire carrier it's been awhile since I've been on a trail now it really means. My schedules are weird yeah I mean you're talking we're going to cave the other today. I do and I wanna find huge l.s so every certainly commend minister MIC people's photos weather reading murder Nightline in a trail for fairer. I don't do that line now. I'm never I have done that one wines and that's an event then trap and likely to browse chaos you think dining credits I tad annoying. I'm. Just kind of keeps going is they'll finish there's nobody not vendors of finished Kelly get more nature and I want. I wanna watch and you know Grassley is wood chips asked not asphalt grass Greg grass not ask right. And it's OK good I got a question about that actually playing on this epic My Morning Jacket Simon mark Lazarus man the president of My Morning Jacket fan club right here engines. But. You know with the tax lynch said something. During that song. Because you're all about their mirror earning earning earn her songs and love Dan earlier and that's it thing you live for the during an air. Yeah and your hair Liz for the their mark this her hair not come alive at the baron in there Alia. Left to right up and down jacket for a reckless abandon. Its and it felt good because my necklace cracking as. It's just somebody made a point and I don't I agree. Do you chill Walsh. They said Eagles rant I say Joseph Walsh. You say not the husband Jo-Jo Walsh I mean don't you like I mean I don't ever listened to the Eagles. Is this your cup next game and now. And and now. You get you ride your gaming computers now I don't think Miami arm I think you're gonna run out here today and what I was Cindy rocky mountain way. Now I don't. I mean this video is them playing poker. A lot of her. Interior. They do the talking guitar you know why I. Ellington daring here because I don't know what your mind you grew up listening and Joni Mitchell records right you're probably journeyman July. And my parents they greet his rank style Aaron Michael W. Smith yak he had Christian music and I gotta dismantle. I his god is an awesome guy I didn't. And I had Greek music my parents didn't listen to anything the Greek is right that's why elected Daryn an air right that it's grown in retaliation in Yahoo! has a lot of deer in your marriage Nirvana. Like I just hear it where it's not necessarily their. Yet not bad as this is not okay what about this when that is what about this White Stripes have lauded and enhance The White Stripes do Jack has a lot to act as a guitar still Jo Walsh as he didn't. He did not he did that he didn't. She's start here. I mean on the road. You find yourself listening. Joseph losses sliced finger. You might find yourself speed. Can't get pulled over. You just tell the cops hey I was listening to Joseph Walsh and turn up your radio elect Joseph for the warning every time. Every time every single. Time and I noted. All right so listen trails and question yeah. So there's been you know around a certain area and is certain trail. There's been a higher instance of how do you say homicide. I just say if you plan to spin out technical Mercedes say essay homicide homicide for a. What do you do in the intrigue or. Like trail as yet he had yet Indian creek have an unsolved homicides gel yeah. Yeah and states timing so yeah me now. I don't wanna garden and rent or build a day. Took years to get OJ on a secondary charge race you know I was like yeah I mean you got to wait it out but in later. They put in jail for. For stealing memorabilia back yet so let's it. That trail people die. Do you choose your own adventure and I I've done sour on trails you feel like going for trail rides up. Do you have a lock job. Go to our Charley creek trail. Do you not Dodi Indian creek trail but another less homicide recently filled trio do you. Go walking on Indian creek trail that take a group. I go walk on another trip. I think that's the easy correct answer that's what I would do given the circumstance and I have nothing against Indian creature nodded all homicides or not. OK that I had to throw that out there in two years thing at all now here's OR I don't go to air and online chat actor at the moment. I meant don't like pavements. That's not my kind of tram and also rightly point out you go to when you go trails you go to be alone you know wanna walk where nobody. I like being on and it's my thinking time listening to music you listen in dasburg confessed now adds I'm finding I'm James Summers and that side. I'm lesson of that sign and I am in June that sign you download the trails to get lost right figuratively. Mostly. Turns out literally most of the times it even mad at Lake Forest C it's a magic. Mean that's what I Pelé hates the way that magic tree and even does segue to imagine that it's not like this magical forest sector and. But doesn't think this is may be a weird stand. Like don't I I try not to run where. I know violence has been in a higher percentage recently economy. Our guys I mean I don't know I am and and I Indian creek drones. I will do my bike there sometime. Sometimes sometimes that doesn't yeah it looks still play Angela side. We've seen the city make a number of changes from increased security cameras to more patrols police patrols out along the creek bed. Police tell lesser running coaches rather tell us that there are tips things you can do at home cooking it's simplest just carry yourself on. Who trailed gun and usually clients. And safeties become a top concern for runners along the Indian creek trail. I'm not seeing as many people running by themselves there's more groups there's more couples you know trios that are running. I'm and then the police presence. Xena and brother Jolie near the trailer have walked different more than thirty years they say news of the recent unsolved homicides came as a shock to the family. It's does that story end there but I just don't understand mark would you go to a place. There is any creature will in LA they used to be much spot on and why is it your earnings by the anymore eyed as he doesn't run. He had children miles screw up your word average you'd know they menu and about in school lost our Sara lenient do you take your kids are running on ending great. I tried to dig my kids. Are on trails and it's. Like eighty trying to get right Simone that it's more like an aspiring. Gash that I asked CAA there I agree don't you. I'm exhausted. Like how DM it I just can't Madonna Miley outlets may do in general running groups. But that I have seen with my own eyes. Tend to not care about living or dying as they like to run in the middle of the road at 5:30 in the morning. As if it belongs to them so I you know I'm are ready. Pretty anti running group we surround impacts on the chair on the bikers we Enes probably jealousy can they can't do it. Right I mean are pretending I'm better. I'm. It let that stop me I like that people are sold using. And that they're doing it together and there's power in numbers. That's that Jessica and I safety and Anderson yes. Power and safety in numbers did you hear that trail noise they played limited the bureau of the trail I'm Alex you can listen to the trail. As they do that be year old here. And I want you to think should you be somewhere where it sounds like Jurassic Park we curl up Erika. Poster Rican jungle. It's probably the loss of raptor to Redding. Is the curfew lifted just a couple hours ago but. We seen the city make a number of changes that increase security cameras to more patrols police patrols out along the creek on the police tell us are right and when I violence that there are two things you can do at home something it's simplest just carry your cellphone. Who trailed gone and usually clients. And safeties become a top concern here that. Sound like that and it's just like the uncle Danny and does not sound like that jungle cat and bird okay gently to the dome Ozzie jungle you know the jungle sounds like. It sounds like that that's an urban jungle. I just a month as I start in Italy that angle all the way to Bannister. What are you running from most featuring all the damn time I've never seen anybody suspicious damage our firm believer of whoever's doing these murderers who lives announced write off track what's your trauma that your running from he need to run that there are some really scary. Area as in groups of home and that's where you run exclusively. Now and it is indeed creature out and it's further south against Weirton. It gets real weird and a particular area and then the trail kind of splits off across the sea and take like many trails some big hills instrument. The biggest town Permian Israelis all the time is between Lamar. And now. That's a minor sure it is they both got me and coming back. How does that happen. How dare upheld by the way yet to downed power still but dad I'll tell me how they'll outweighs. Outweighs it I it's like. Got to prepare yourself mentally. For the outfield I can. I do think it's like so funny. Like that we go bald is humans and we've come we came from Mike hunter gatherers and barely surviving basing its speech is a few times. And now it's like we're in this play where we go. You don't know what it's like to run up hill between Lamar and I. It's now my second person I'm on my back it can. So very kind of Bob Bob my bike bike groups by our other running your eyes my eyes I'll always Imus out he's a deadly act he's yet to get a group license yeah. But I G1 as I was trying viking was on child bikers. This has matched in strengths. I. Know. Oh yeah. I have just saga that's had an answer and now it's this averages Iraq and the churn out any creature out between Lamar and it's now if you know if you doubt it. Lamar and now. Numbers. Out it would be between like I'm a 103 in college okay. That part of the trail that works out the Soviets did Johnson County OK well get on your by if you ask I would love for you to the I would love to CU on a bike is never going to LAZ anybody. Getting videotaped going. I'm I got your Bihari like Enron if that bias are hard to bite if there's a bike shop I want to bring got a question all FaceBook like spike up the hill for everybody climate in theory they bring me a bite and I give the intent. If ot be damaging to our Murat. You're what your talents. You know understand the mistakes at that my five years thank you gotta get down gears my father's lol you are loved here. He loves bicycling I doubt it watches the 1985 Tour de France over and over 98 cents. When I was young boy my father sixes those that we are going for a ride branding and I said OK that sounds like fun how are we going easy six miles. I say okay dad I trust you will be six mile and I think you've done the seven and Andy and I okay dad seem to Utah six miles from where I was. Live and up in the mountains. Start on the downhill get over there seems to get to that 7-Eleven and start to struggle but I see the goal my dad just keeps on bike path that deal. Go to the good I feel good you do good you doing good Denny. Let's all. Taking down. Around handle violence down the aisle parlay handle pilots from I have no idea fifty miles. Well be that dying get. We're going back we're gonna let kids and crying. My crotch is bleeding. I'm ready to get copies of their people waiting to cheer you look at the thought they yelled Downey. At the top of the hill and I lived on this street that was like I assume it's flat you're describing right now you gotta lower you hear guys drop. Gear out of dropping Guerrier not making it up now of my if you are not in your above gears you're not getting any humor you are not getting out. On high gears and you you are not doing half I put money on it. I don't have any but if I did and weigh it you know me. The one thing like parental validation from parent figures is something that will always always faults error. And it if you're just shooting and I don't want our numbers are about. Biking. Trail trail at Indian creek you mean in Jenner around just because there had been murders on Indian elections next. Why people lose a lot. That's because he wouldn't silent you know I didn't but I was thanks Linda millionaire does power numbers is trying leases that run they really like I'd love to see it do it I knew why I was born for this moment to ask and then. We are argument in creature out and then there's a particular part of the trail that is just it's too bad news. And I think I've been on bouts of and whenever I'd rentals that part I would always see the bikers walking their bikes a lot of people lock it up I won't watch it out. Now I don't walk like I. I don't do that as a matter ride my bike on things out. Ads anyway Danny was explained to us how he finished his tiger's tournament is that a lot of kids dads. Would you like they'd watch him play baseball they go to their baseball games. And they'd be like you look like a young George Brett and the guy would be like to give like oh my god they said. My devil look up from his 1985 target France Spain and look at me and you go. You of late. They're called on the dog. And I didn't isn't Alberto content or baseball cards now. So there I am ID card the last five miles up city is penis is cents. Right this deep this thing everything and it's deemed dead in his cards. And that's probably answer is probably mainly million trying to about it and and I'm writing obviously there are people there lady did she ran a picture in my mind. I'm impeaching the neighbors like somehow my dad. Spread what is before cell phones spread the word. And I was completing a 100. Mile bike ride you do head. And I found the strength of my legs of the bill and on my should win. And I. Oh you can even dropped here I couldn't. They had gears is initially but it also had a leg in on the V on the wrong way no wise anyway. And there and I starts in the top of the hill. And I don't think anybody but I'm like maybe there is a little lit it's like it's gonna be this glorious moment hands in the air. Be that. She and I'm power and I get there there's not up. Person they are break my mom's a big grocery store and they are neighbors is nothing here do you want. Bicycles last technical groups it that in L watts being a Gator yet this is what we didn't have to here's what I'll do free yeah I CD any angry quote me on a bike in front and I allow. Let's give you a bike. Will go to that town and with years property with years he can knock it down she's got any denied time and years. And then once you get into the top of the hell let's have some people therefore it's hearing yeah here's the thing I would also are. Aren't really the hallway last year went out in the hallway I don't know I had and I recommend these guys have done this to me and I'll tell you why police busted his please there'll be a grave is required please please don't. All of the riot I don't want people you say there's going to be people here is what happens that the universe is nothing if not a hilarious. Person. Okay. Hi that you could hybrid for weeks and then like a tornado will happen in or the bought the breakdown and all right up that hill and you'll be like they're waiting for your data away. For yeah. And other the other. All of you know money is getting its corporate was they'll be there if you can do think that is that they have corporate wide sizzle from going to wait another. I'll tell less and bark of a lie. They're totally lie you're not a miles away from the people so regions arrow thing for you Danny. Yeah I think any get a Gatorade. Hello. I algae is 7-Eleven in people. That help settle this is sponsor or anywhere there's an Arizona baby now looking into this can color Apple's you do what you did with your dad out. You've got this gap in the game you can use my by now. You have to lift the seat or else your knees and beach I guess I would recommend not to starring in although I get a mile into it. I agree he need momenta. That's fun. Numb and certainly get them on a scooter to follow me without that is why is she marketing FaceBook like me from muscular. Yeah yes there thinking I can't I mean I could volume running notes you would have the right behind somebody who is driving and you would be. FaceBook like all of Danny's watched him any sort of France tiniest of our lives he wants it camera guy and a scooter do you support grant I don't think you do motor vehicles on her. I mean we kid if we don't got combination forget it it's ridiculous now we're getting ridiculous that kids spikes up and help me. I mean I'm gonna have people there I'm against is I'm glad man. Why now we need a cameraman and we'll click on Sunday. We need a card apps we have I have a bike use my. Is your blood spot when I bite. My bike as I'm not buying your bite anything like the gift cards. How might forget it and get. Have great intentions and enduring now I don't feel like I'd be making it up there are being 90% of okay gift cards are glad it's out ladle a broad institute of its. Those cards were guide. Oh yeah. Yours you give me a real swim like a cruiser right. It's not issuing and coming by joining him in time to colonize it and bush wins US home. Starts with a T yeah. You know you've taken to the bikes but hey good. You need to look why why do all four yeah. Yeah. They do and where can I sit next year and. And as beach Bob very very excited to see spent. Love the new album excited to see alive before that kind of app man also playing his speech Obama and single these tickets available. Break down. There's snoop one night. We easier the next rung jewels different heights Friday and Saturday September 8 and ninth children's Morris park. Tickets available and ice extent does economic and four packs specials and able to Midland box office details available. At 96 I was back Karen Gianni. We got to stretch people's rancher out coming up before 10 o'clock and then get to call I took a trip to Austin. To see Jimmy world junior lying anything to mess that's coming out. What else is going to handle a dank. Stuff kinda stuff OK I thought this was like. Hilarious how far we have come. In our life tough things with marijuana. And I say this because of what's going on in las vague yes. They recently in our like tag. Recreational we it's Vegas of course I don't know why we did that thing where we are so strict on it it's Vegas. We should really make in this that we should have been oh we'd tourism destination before coach Brad out sure. So is it legal pads legal there and oh it's lead and they slow way it's beyond legal and Vegas listened to less cash. So there is so. Much. Demand. For recreational marijuana. In Nevada. If that's the Rampage at that Nevada is governor. Has endorsed a state of emergency. Declared for recreational. Marijuana regulations. That's how important marijuana is the Las Vegas right now they are having a wheat shortage. And they're signing. A declaration. Of emergency. So that they can lower the regulations on bringing weed again. I can't be running out of we'd and it's a state of emergency no kidding recreational marijuana sales have exceeded expectations. The Nevada department of taxation says many stores are starting to run out of inventory. The state this week will implement emergency measures on distribution of this is all also part of an ongoing legal dispute. We're about as alcohol industry says it has a right to be involved in the marijuana distribution. Don't count out the guy out. You Lisa made enough money every so what you did with the money you may. Well they made enough money to and is up on a safety didn't spend enough on education. You ingrained in his come country were alcohol you don't get it say you're trying to keep lead out because people are gonna like get better. Process the Nevada department of taxation says it's so far a majority of them are not yet qualified to distribute pot. The state is appealing a judge's ruling siding with alcohol distributors and a minute here. Qualified to distribute pot I don't know if you know this but basically since the dawn of time people have been qualified to distribute pot here's how works I have some pot. Hey he has the money do you want some pot Israel I just distributed a two year break no training acquired. Right you don't have to go to a National American University one day one night marijuana is all right. Signed a medical assistance. Right it's gonna ever know while they're getting the liquor boards and all they're worried they're gonna lose money that's sick I'll like not. Though I don't need so funny when alcohol pretends to be the white Knight to caring friend. Literate guy his whole lives we really wanna talk this out and they were alcohol or all America can read were good time we realize Breen. Marijuana you know that Spanish. Slow rots out that there is a state of emergency yeah it's been governor of new man yeah that's issued at four Las Vegas area SAS it barely running out of LA. Distributing marijuana. In the running now they need to get that they so they need to get anybody there to distribute yeah basically it like when guys are saying. Are they say we drug dealers basically that they are sorry I'm not sure it was a good you can you just bring this town for Lieberman I said they just need any drug dealer you know like Colombians and with the cocaine like really we've tied it and as for away we waited to hear this for years. So until they smoked a joint on the strip Monday got preempt. As he's walked around smoking because I don't think don't think he's necessarily in Colorado our own all right can you in public places brighten or Washington and listen this reading. Based some reports of adult use marijuana sales already far exceeding the industry's expectations that the State's 47 license retail Merrill Lynch wanna soars Marlene. And the reality that many stores are running out of inventory that department must address the lack of distributors immediately. Article for drug dealers. Some establishments report the need for delivery within the next several days I imagine like a couple mafia guys going excellence. Simmons as our guards are Beers should absolutely be able to distribute it. We do it already Margaret MIB able do it generally good attitude Newton. Yes it is illegal but right now I don't mean to give like up on our Hollister because I understand the function you know Jimmy Kimmel on the hall where else did you call but like here's my thing though. Here's my thing like in some places that pass and he's brewery taxes. Where even if you have like spur for example say boulevard. They have storefront that was like in their tour and they you would still have to pay. A distributor. To move that booze fifteen feet. Right there distributors got a lot of money because they're the distributors that's why again going back to guard tell you ought to be distribution. Don't be consumption. Going to be distribution that's for the money debt and now I just from whatever Dodd. It's been a lot of people make money get a is that what it means it's the only industry that we have right now it's ready to go on the books the you can just turn Kia right. While I was like well you have to inventing anything right or not. It's. Urges a bunch of new wealthy people even. In this and just really glad that in due to me it's their industry and my crazy thinking that I agree you know I mean think it's it's new and they were at the forefront soon. And there's these new millionaire actors in any non did you of this money leg I MA SMS and I every day. I'm an idea has not those things that's how much we either selling car on a deal making millionaires or an hour and over again a hack into. Let's look at the moderate Republicans in Johnson County doing what their grief he's doing guys can have your tax cuts any details right it is legalized we. Dearly you top this that Utah Nevada border four corners. No right Nevada or corners. Mark Karr used tires on New Mexico in Mexico Canada and is out for dinner at five corners right. You talk. Is currently the process of drafting an ordinance for marijuana sales we're gonna lose to Utah Utah's going to be just for the. Cashed out. It is a cash counting thing. It's enough for the cash cow for everybody to different rights in jazz drew it right and I think eventually it'll just become illegal yeah for everybody because it's on monetary issue in my militarily people forget. Any sort have reservations they may or may have. Regarding marijuana and anybody wherever you stand politically we can be limiting your tax free small governed paradise guys. Some within gimme season land and I'll grab Noonan. I think that's that's what a movie with Tom Cruise and Nicole Kidman was about far and away. They ran through Oklahoma and they plan and there we'd say that's not the wasn't and we say is that we sick I mean I am I won't. Maybe it was a we'd say come on it was a great movie and I want them to get their property and day out in dating grown up week. No some of drought and Tamara. Pace begin a week did you hear Jeff Sessions attorney general to the United States that no okay he said quote dare. Member of the drug program there. Dare I think as I indicated the best remembered anti drug program today. We know what worked before and we can make it work again he's trying to bring back there my rebuttal. To attorney general sessions would be. Hi. I am a dare graduate. Angel I won there in lies that were George W. Dare worked with you. Worked there I just when you're not the type you viewers your good guy you seem to have had a pretty decent and I just because that's been my warranty doesn't ms. to a bad not at all I'm okay with actually has an explosive. I'm saying your go to guy writes like torture at three didn't really have any major childhood trauma. You didn't have any pre you know I mean young adolescent trauma. You word you know you do you see these things don't get me wrong if you seek and it's did you feel incomplete or Garza Y like it. I mean he makes you feel good it's pretty awesome I was with crab wouldn't partake in the yours is more of a success story based on now live in a good life. It. Yes yes I mean help your YE. And you did okay. Iowa why first experience it was it. Okay how did that work it's now can I interest. And I was like what is. So that's Merrill. That's marijuana how did you feel after that do you feel like whoa. We disappoint us in the POD fans. Now the POD you know employers. A static X Phoenix the act of Phoenix I may do aircraft and I love drags. Every juror I got learned about came from dare Nieminen. VHS to read it. Oh really they might have VHS on who we should send that to Jeff Sessions. Wish I think mark the voice of dead air. It's day should stand. Tenant normal adults. You know raise your gear shirt. Do you have their Jimmy Stewart and tears and they're here and adult content. Ironically. Op. Their story. I mean you know some of these stuff to do those analysts I would be drug seeker right here we are dared to keep people from molesting kids. Well. What nothing too dark. It's not dark I was touched you know a guy that writes Arianna Lara uncle I mean you Larry as they was playing a window based and you bring me. Nothing good happens in the basement like Heath bar. Now allied tough question. I was you know. Chocolate tootsie ethnic Kurds tootsie rolls let me see 02 Super Bowl. That's what I did basically Al grinding on goalie carry out an out till he got off yeah. I got my gym you know when you're doing that there is little light in cog Nino browser close to hide your shame. Now he's really got closer right now. I felt shame and I'm like Viagra stared at the habit yeah yeah you feel it's I I'll say it. Felt good bringing hours yeah has there owns kind of helps out grad and then I was like. Why did I like that apply guzzle filled a hole it's illegal drugs. And food. Through they had no you dare program works great stuff that. I Wear my dear sir Robin smoke weed them Dayton who's his attacks I mean hey and finally this morning. Mode dot I studio mode op mode dot you know Missouri Department of Transportation yes. They apparently posted a sign along I 29 they got a lot of attention because they misspelled it okay. It's to highway 45 north. It says NEW. 64. Hudson streets. They've put dates and trinity I can't say OK I didn't say I mean I'd like that era. But then they got a little salt sea. On FaceBook are okay because I think the trying to do the Wendy's thing like where the edgy Department of Transportation. And a and they said it was a street sign that said everybody calmed down like a not even really Photoshop. Rank you know here's the problem with this leg they didn't actually but that no date date date posted that rain. But like you're the department dreams for Jason you have one job on the street signs. You can't get salty when people like hey. You kind of messed that up and all I've never seen that I've been alive 35 years. I've seen a mace spray paint and on top of design yes we have to area but I've never seen 64 that's. Terrorists. Terrorists. I. Honestly wouldn't even that I don't know I would knows to be quite honest I probably a really where that app is down 45 net worth in northwest. 64 street I don't know that there are some uneven lanes wherever it may be. Corning whose picture solicit. He comes and they sign insult you know and I think it's not. Now everybody's kids you know why them why you know why because Marat has assault budget they tell me this every winter and that's why they can't go out salt all the time see you know what savior salt. For the wind ceremony dot. Consulting. I am the system. And humorous purposes that doesn't always work. I thought it was great I mean today yes I'm saying yeah today you are on top and then erases Fire Island northwest 64 that his legs are tired today Danny. I harbors are log ins probably by Christmas. On a plane guerrillas that Scotland. And the thing you grosans. Don't have time in the in common I don't have time in the immediate. I got to playing in her or like IT IE I want as our nation does not play guerrillas the new heroes yeah it's really like Mayo we come back our share our planet anyway you know what. Writer and I just play you know known and known known and now are we going to do it. And come back gas Perry after we played the Yankees and Eric has retired and there is now. And that's Figaro as unbiased and. Featuring natus. Staples. That album is hilarious. New album I think Rosie listen you mean you know. I'm so many people on the album and that. You don't think would go to gather none at all like Grace Jones is on the album Mavis staples. Whereas. Tricia T it's as funny holiday. May disables all leasing Teixeira rights activists really don't love what they've done on humans. Great how you love what they've done non-GAAP Ayman let's see who's on the albums here. And drag him down as on their two Carly I man. Really weird to mix it is and around. The list goes on and on anyway and that is I'm. Guerrillas on the buzz are right scratch scratch your presence except in 95 when coming in the sprint center. Mark. You know later. Can the data it is sold outrage. I don't arena is I'm on the board is Cy Young data as things firm found it to Canada. That day that day September Tony's and I'm telling the bad as. And Susan's. Better tanner went. Quote both the united some very I mean Jamie berries and yeah where bush struggled on now really. I don't organic sales job when he. I I'll I heard was do I commands a blistering slopes and boom. As satellite blasts let's steer around a thousand autumn where is very late I mean what else he image they are. I don't know we'll continue to look jointly we don't have it stands right. Oh god I think I don't know that it. I don't know I loved links in my when stance it's. I do go to different winds and anyway I scratch your stature he did not win on nine how amber. You've got thirty dollars and Kansas lottery track and backs against plus more importantly tanner here also qualified for a trip for two to Austin. You seeking Jimmy is Jimmy world in Judah the lioness on his fitness as our turnaround supply lines are to mark. Now think about coming down to blues trying season for some ice cream. Meaning. They have you're the only teens sending us. Pat you get yelled to Napster tormenting me out price cut ties to instead it's like Hanson dates I'm and I skew its tenacity and experience adds I mean like what else do you want. We'll see you think collars and anger I don't know we're gonna kinda in. And I like as she's cards I never and that user does that frighten yeah ranch. And am very ranch and yet if they record like that China. Has just you know as Kerkorian's. Mir in cheetah paint. That is delicious your racquets that's your girlfriend was right she is she knows good ranch in Apple's I was wondering so. Is for certain. Month that's the greens here. He's gonna rain snow vomiting a lot of target range. The gray and raise their come on down like the bottle it's stopped now. I doubt they're more pleasant valley. It's it's I can tell it's not. I really like him if my dad isn't here today bears didn't validate. Just as you didn't find it on flavor towns map it's not there yet but that new wrench you know how Pena rams. I would drink that out as god damn delicious and not out of a bottle of.