Afentra's Podcast Wednesday June 13, 2018

Wednesday, June 13th

Rqacoons, Buzz Briefs, New Music and more!

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Lungs lord here I mean. On the buzz. Ancient names birds Orion. I. Not duke still weigh in on part two. Artose army album still in impart to. And there's another ancient games on there yeah. Maybe. Doesn't matter needs are great track yeah right sure. Wave Ernesto. I like bouncers attitude. Balance sir is all right thing. Sounds very mystic you know this whole album is you know little mistake and I don't like I had hello resistant prefer. I don't know why you should go all in on this one I reject that Colombian mysticism. You can't Ake comes back here and then. You're part of it in mysticism as a part of you mean embrace that now it comes to. Lord here huddled around a minute the strategy is fantastic. Romo play it. Thing. And we never explained I think. What. The air America and direct and that was scaling the building in Canada. Minnesota. I basically had to close. Seattle and people are watching the bank reckons do that Dante Kline no. A 120 isn't employees stories of the new year everybody was like oh my god on diet and he is like and we are videotaping all of thing. Added a dear dreaded now. Off themselves earlier off the roof the Trader Joe's during Kansas City everybody is or off. I say you know there's a raccoon. Com displaced or isn't and what the hell's he do it mr. record and no was he due to religious section tapping it I mean side it looks like. You got to time it declined the embankment. When you got loss to get down the other side that I feel like this raccoon. Gets you. Like here's like I gotta go up and over data and anecdotally get over an hour many get there they. Is he okay. You know he's down in. Know people are saying they should take a helicopter up there I don't think that's ridiculous I think that showed thought. Yes I think the helicopter would scare them naming her. Catalina Island or at cherry picker. Right I mean look just as we also saw the avengers recent lane. And there is correct tune in bat. Don't summon the building's windows open. I don't know how this works I I don't know why somebody didn't I don't think you buildings windows open I don't think that I am area. They glasses like c.'s wins like these when those when those record rather Howie and gets them. I am now the answer to that. Nobody and that's nobody is the answer right in in the window washers. This report angry with mark you need a window washers are quiet warrant what if he jumps though is he scared the noise. Then that says the world is actually watching the live stream of grad student and on the building whose lives streaming now. Well local. News stations but it's like the hottest streak ever are I was oddest dream since Iraq's here. He's still on the building and it's yeah he's as dog the building. And where is this the soda. DS. The Duluth delete. Go live. Eric thought I use this update and not a day and I'll play imbalance there is view I so he's about balance there that I am because there rent due and and here she needs balance data is correct union that day still is he's still up there. Everybody's see here's the thing that everybody's into the record so maybe I hate Erica. But I went Allen is talking about their record. But Alan saying where are you saying people tweeting at Allen about the racquet like it is correct to Melinda on Allen. Well remember when Mac lethal ended up on Ellen this is like that before practice I don't care. Anyway can I played some large aaron's somebody says this man dubbed the roof and they got it they got it that's says they're only now. Hold on second. I really seen many notes a adjustment for. Survivors of that and a lie and I got a ransom and I how dare you hail on the record and I didn't hate them I am raccoon. Climbing the building I feel like I'm the one that's led the regular and can do that I needed them I'm the only one that's that he can do that you act like Brack who can scale buildings like up there clearly they can now if you don't it's got to date. Guys. This raccoon is like Spiderman. There's no way that this if this is like a normal occurrence for a cones and this is the sensation. Not saying it's a normal occurrence and saying it's normal for this one clearly. That ray Killen can plot and it wasn't an easy climb. I think it wise to listen it is everywhere this particular racket and visit today. Osu and save his campaign. I saw a picture from inside one of the workers there. And Serena. Pulling into the those silly sit quiet people do that why do they said it's a stupid music. Is ruins everything anyway Agassi's it. Mayo had to pay gap. Is balanced I had. At the balance there is. In Syria word hero and come up. All right. Darlene yeah. It's gone around the world. Well besides the rank soon. Besides the raccoon I got a tad just came across stars seems. Say they got carburetor and seeing those logo are rigorous science but that. Staff at the lees summit park and recreation department. Say several incidents that it teen night. Monday. At summit ways a lot of part. May put the future of the event. On holes that's right. Base system. Miscreants. The words. The screens. Toward. I'm not a word damaged in this period miss greens. Behavior. Mean as an I've heard I don't know exactly what it means. President lays badly you know it's probably on grass. Because ms. periods. Interface that was exempted him parks and rec officials say several people jumped a fence. To get into the water park without paying and other groups should disrespectful behavior. And made rude comments. His staff and law enforcement of the park. I'm leaning teen night. For people to make rude comments. Tiger is to have it end. Along forest and at the part of just lower than an alarm Marc. You gotta admit. We didn't swing it makes and a if. They spotted a fight in the parking lot outside of Zoe I was a hell of a team nights yeah. As a military team nights there's a lewd and her teen or did you have T ninety. There is a club Deanna or go to your win under eighteen gloves and a scholar Thomas manner Thomas Leonard Thomas van or light tower. And a light tower now. All right guys and love the light. We still want knowledge of the call. Orlando's. Yeah they're alcohol Orlando's read that in 1990. They had united Orlando's. News. And you're ready for the alcohol to it or by big laughs you know imagine you're gonna Orlando's 1990. Now I now again I was nervous I never again it seemed pretty intimidating didn't it is the grown up kids. I wanted to go to Orlando design of I just never want to you know arm feel like I didn't airline probably have you probably paid for and that Al. Now yeah I was paid to be there period there allies and believe it was early and in the end zone. I was like who it's it we named actors CD influence. Does it sound like a 130 kind of yeah. And then Orlando and I 35 pretty and then somehow we did some sort of appearances there things and on our member for war. That gap under and or feel like armor they can I think I was them. Personally and probably no I think that was like way back when this thing is it was a long time. That was probably last time as template that it looks like. Last time they oppose the benefits the pages and it's over it's been active in I don't know if there's an open the I don't. I mean animated so lawn. Is pretty impressive. If even in 2015. And that I'm I'm gonna say there's still bad it's city. That's the only film. It. I mean again and there hasn't been imposed since 2010 team looks like here on the ice but it's. Who's excited for brand and it bottoms up. Let's bottom up. To overlook the whales didn't add the end pocono is a great. Yeah. You not. Does this look like a breeze there is that that I was from my. Eleven did you do that was posted August 7 when he eighteen. OK so they are aren't they closed or not I'd want it looks like maybe Yale our final good miner Rio June 19. Don't forget our final good guy I go by. Don't forget about tonight guys three to eleven are final midnight final goodbye Orlando's cheap grace. Everybody three till eleven ER and there are last night so. Orlando's. Had to charge to cover after 11 o'clock and play isn't gone out of business is fiery. It LA bureau Coverville. And I think car dealerships. Really haven't evolved bright. Well I. PO I ache. I think that commerce should not a march and we should be dumbed covers are a daddy daddy daddy I'd covers it just me. God. I mean I don't know that's me. I don't know the last time was that I was in a bar. With a cover them. Maybe m.s are sheringham and I don't usually go to. Garza with covers. Brian Wright are usually just pursuing and normally I am I gonna take cover up for us nonsense know when you have. What do you have for me give you our government is given band. You have logon Arriaga all my house wreck wow not even that. Just yet been answers is your show. Three I wells. Three dollar royals of the prettiest cities and towns TV atheist Fuller blood blood. Why we have these sales eyes that's how they market their commercial that's not how they chart yes. Things are I had some more Harry already his comment yet from April 24 2015. Current tears tonight will be. For sure but don't forget about tomorrow Saturday is that is always ladies' night come on board I sexy man bartender. Every ladies when he went up his dream to get with the admission to anyone please get in for only five dollars. Hello the bush did guys simply did you live. Belli yeah. So you go in there now be to anyone. Ever related yeah I think yours. I was like eighteen to anyone that tragedy do the things like god Tory on but. I think sometimes the depth access to a Dave again amusing instead. And purely punitive. No lady hey there lady get a discount on my car my ear tying. Yeah covers will last forever. And a bird. Yeah. That's because you've got there for eleven of insurance Orlando's is in the same location is KC edges in 08. You nazis' Marmara is either south. It was further south yeah I like do we spend a lot of time talking about. Most is is amp covers of bailout eighteen plus that's untrue mean. They just have covers virtually alone and tear down my among running. Who's ready for the week did not know my hands of his pride and I will be our Collins guys move our colleges are equally free until. CNN Thursday. Not so. But very specifically where it leads and third we. Bear I ladies that I agree and don't forget about our president is bottomless cup. That's fighting at the same plays they that a shadow. Girls say him and buck neon sign and everything. Real say in I love reading old nightclub posts I mean that's pretty funny. A friend of mine started reading stripper club Yelp reviews to me hand and is our. Sheer comedy. I I don't know who does Yelp reviews. A guy somebody's idea. And no real downer I mean maybe some of them try to be funny but I think a lot of them. They had some grievances about the strip clubs. Obviously ET spring break is here Orlando team 913 to 1810 dollars and get a bit here get the best. Spots dances with the best parts. A brilliance. Corner where this happens they'll Nicholas did the best Byron everybody's just like rush into Orlando's and wanted to team. It's team night. We gotta get there before 1032. Bit. Except at a they're moving. Well. And TI reduce a good night in no way that I do you wanna do the deer. I do. This is why is it a week we've had the animal story grant. But so but it's twice a week it's kind of a. Funny animals or. Just because of these it's a funny the dear guy the other but it is also thinks so but it's fun and Trader Joe's it's funny that. In the middle of ward parkway thinner. A couple of deer showed up. Why they never have nobody really seems enough. I. Yet unclear how the deer got on top of trader Joseph had to take a guess it was likely that driveway that runs along target up to AMC and then. On top of Trader Joe's it's an odd story but one witness who saw it all happened says they gave her nightmares. Again though we are 83 minutes here and there are gonna work part ways senator. Well do you really. That I did as it's funny the news does. Maya he gave her nightmare. A run an alligator nightmares not be getting to Orlando's before the government. Brain Iowa Iowa aluminum and our heads back corner comes out just like the Palin says she saw the craziest thing ever Sunday afternoon while shopping at Trader Joe's at the ward parkway shopping center. It was terrific to watch she'd just gotten back into your car when she noticed something fall from above the store. They just don't just panicked and jumped. 20 dear frantically looking for an escaped jumped over a five foot wall on top of the store and landed in the parking lot two stories below. A spokesman for the shop consider says someone opened a door but you're hanging out and likely startled that. They weren't just flaring around at that kind of move. And it was she has awful Palin says that thirty or so people who were outside at that time couldn't believe what they had just witnessed. Oh my gosh I mean it was complete shock for everyone and no one minute for I mean I sat there for probably get eight minutes of my car just like. Gonna mail and everybody else was just like that. Security guards closed off the area while they wait for animal control. No one can help them that was the worst thing is because nobody knows what to do when that situation I mean they're wild animals you know was hurt no damages reported but one of the deer drive the other was later put doubt. You're higher Leinart you know jumping off roofs and I like. And it's an unusual cause of death in a state where the annual mortality rate for dear six months and older is less than 5%. There's like these. Like rare dear dad died the mortality dear mortality rate is less than 5%. On right. I mean man announced you do your either end up the roof on Trader Joe's. All well I don't via video player it just happens opened the door they want this evening here. Well maybe haven't they opened the door they wanted to see the deer and deer like were out. Hey better here than anything else right where it. Not sure is anybody's world a little bit worse as these two DR and and it. Cut to six months from now breaking out again in those with a T chose endear they could've saved earth. I'm sure it's on his left off an insurance ours so yes I think it's funny of evil every doubt about animals. Well is little freaking and we hit zero cars every day we under and is starting to burn the other day ha why he and I don't fly that high. He flew right there that are you at the wrong way and Jose by the ease and even fear here exists. Hit my car. Gotta run around us. What kind of bird any deadwood. Is and these guys get up on your side for an identification and why it happened pretty fast you know and I saw that and why I saw mockingbird. Honey you know as a my humor because I know it was a lie America ahead elongated tail light things under the the white. Things under the wings like to. Texas. Under the wings and it sounded like a like in words aren't known mark birds I'm playing no idea. Toll could. No I don't wanna play. Mockingbird signed. Yes I have good havens there opponent panels for that. Now I think you guys know this is innovative nobody well yes you know. Trader Joe's traded those stranded there as those lies though Bruce. I've gotten. Well I think they work to where. Businesses Summers during her own hand but they've been working out an album was. Jamie hence. Of the kills. So I don't know she did this once you know. Because her last album was produced by Nixon early AM this yeah which makes sense listen to or she sounds like. Terror now yeah at aria I can definitely NCAA had that absolutely I totally can animate yes serum she's really reminiscent to me of care now it is an act. Anyway and well I yes I did need a cab Barry Sanders on Iraq that's certainly is as there's gonna rock not Iraq. It's gonna be dead Kevin's going to be awesome and it's not rock right right now is designed Iraq correct there's our. I amazes like yeah and then being zero you know late day debt valley. GA out they you know it's cool. It is not allowed. It's like got that teeny and it's got a lot of high hands I would like the Steelers record and a ghetto kids I have been listening to you get them Kansas he would turn to you right. Merck. Is that we'll play that here. Okay which ones you're gonna ban sorry I think is that I'm signed a new one with Jim scene now linesman you've got and I come sorry that's funny because germs they play them like which is what single as these they played was saying and which I think is the super Friday now. Out. I do like maybe tear which I think is. Think that was only the music video for map died. Yeah I do like arms are easier of they kind of have the now old school I think you noticed that on the record now yeah old school it's not like. I'm Knology Cohen. The production yeah it's kind of more. Rocky yeah ya gonna go crazy on this currency raving what was life crises ago where I like lots amid lots allows. RA what are we doing dad campers there and a disease that Linda and Sara Taylor editor isn't on any music out. In this kind of seek out ladylike. I gather is climbing on that I don't have any on it it's not just us playing that I am I it's an act on sale or to pick from what I've gone through and I been looking recently which is a weird place for me to be great C am only drug and I look in and I ate our locker pave your local band and you got like your tax according got some makes you want me to remixes like little more rock to even go ahead sent to do it I don't care we got to fight got to change. Now beauty police contempt. Of they don't Iraq now Mike Martz. They are awesome dad that his death camp is death gap area. Current events you dads have cold cuts. Thank you very much sex line if you don't hear cold cuts. Instead of gold rush you miss out on the best part of this. On I don't love that there are no rules aren't. I just read the meaning behind its gave me more of them but let how can you for okay. I did I I read meaning into a song bids they not. They just divide its money. We spree about what the song was and what that an album coming out August 17 I remember bands and have to explain why the song was good. It has got a knee down uncommon around that will god damn rock is in her own. That'll rock. John Jay earlier eyes at me. These semester away all started it's kinda like the and that's a solid day on United States voluntary we have some really solid old school technology that everybody loved everybody loves yeah fourteen tomcat. I don't know right now however both were were were not prepared in when he teams are. So that you Def jam cold cuts. Now what the column. Oh aren't I got to get a hold that's part gold rush gold for a. All kinds. Hold cut cold cut total cuts are any single hearts on the salted meats sorry and Friday. Yap right on Friday. They get into GB game now yeah yeah they're playing buzz beach well the EP is called taker. And it's or really great tracks. Claimed each ball Friday July 27 Providence medical center amphitheater that's a percent and MB to broaden south. Here is I'm sorry very excited to get the kids at each. All alone a man in that and they just announced a tour TO. Yeah I think it starts. So that. Are sold out Portland to my Brothers and he won the open it sold out sorry. Support console while you can help your rather now maybe they can. Maybe can help you rather I'd get him on a guess as I mean that's one thing you get out your other one you Brett. Yeah now they just announce a tour they just released thirty. Here to get up kids I'm sorry new stuff on the back as. I. Mono mania and I fin land sounds like redeem that process that people parent fanatical nominee allows you like I let him. Anyway yeah. Ago. And lenses. Playing the music you in the seasonal music Islam and scheduled. What of that effort. Showdown. Or Weezer rather and we.