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Wednesday, June 20th

Open, Buzz Briefs, Vagina Steamers, Frank Turner and more!

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RI and all is well all is good everything is fine all is well. Yeah. Remain column. That was bail yeah. And selena's own philosophy and I thought yeah. He asked you out Ali and yeah. If names tend to do easier America's a year he asked Graham as they Wednesday. Now. I'm good. Yeah Ernie Ernie and pandemonium and now. The aero. EA. That was one of the best yes song was collective soul shine. As it was low Kia. Aaron era. Matt. I don't know that there is anything. That's really a low key yeah Airpwn. Theory. All you know and a low key and Tahoe last. The not that is emirates counting currents. And now yeah. Yeah he. Being on time and on our rooms. Generally there are men and you know. I think this is what we ask one of the first yes. Now of the modern day out there right now. We have. And I was really does play a crowded as ever occurs around there yeah I and no offense this kind and takes a concept that's. And it's. Actually sold mom sounds like maybe yeah. Think there millionaire mayor and today. And am. It yeah. There's nice filter on the I don't like Scott Stapp. Straight out stole that now yeah which came first. Like to score some cell Ers Larry's goal would be what a great idea behind it is an old man or earn. Creed you know I believe quite useful as before read my power manufacturer. They also only shares and doesn't matter where home. That are ripping off share. And seeing it origins 1990s team period. Creed the band and the movie see Airpwn at least we're gonna place in our society where if you Google creed. Yet to type creed the band to find creed the banned prayer. Thank you Michael B Jordan is an assist the loan. 1983. So those collectors so Ers. Arab brown. Can we all agree they stole from share thirteen I mean yeah. Yeah I'll be out now. Well as the band that you were most disappointed for him as a Christian rock band. Not one now now yeah. Let him out creed was one as they go to school does not and his employer alliant Kate Allen broke my heart no. And don't care. And makes MX dear so the two of them that. Notes. The line man. They're like are his surfer rose. Something about a foot. Which would say yeah I'm talking about how to flights there is the name that bad as Soyuz flights coming out of fights. We're here and Shannon and I know I'm not. I don't think I've liked him you know who people are acutely aura they were you there I should not the end so you know like I thought that our son than just the little. Who it is there Christian community and who's that Jeff fox where they will be intense and a from the bill and long. All know it and on comedy blue just because they're redneck comedy doesn't make our comedy. That doesn't make it Christian and I disagree I agents record I disagree I get a five and a more church. The they don't Tyrod church on the blue collar comedy tour it's the blue collar comedy tour absurd. They love their country you know your country what you re edited out by Christian rock bands just now despite their band name somehow. Some people still don't realize June in the line. Let's. Alia I'll man come on yeah hippies. There it is less there is a difference. Now and then and let's not those tunes are hippies. They're late to pass and something mouse and I'm past and super bright to brag that there's a lot and there's a little boat I don't think German advance super drag. There were some guys that very broad come up really as my guys yeah you went one you know. Full Christian and I thought that would happen anywhere vocal about it whenever the random now how one of them when he asks and then. Who else. In the path he. Stay morning's. All right tomorrow night. This Thursday arid area up to am tomorrow night. There's there's there's been flying all night. King. Probably is kind of my kids and attorney Wednesday. That's good during it and it's. Wednesday. Wednesday are not when Daimler. Our event today you also. I clean my coffee nine community. Can you just pump coffee in the gym pump pump the pump and companies I'm. The coffee is being made it should be done is out of but the thing imagery here and I'm the world's best coffee mug that's me marked. This was ever any idea that he asked yeah. And Dana manages and name amen man manner you know name a name an environment environment. Yeah all right any yeah. It's going aren't in the world Iraq. You know where to start well it's just so I went scar on on could there be a less. Alone play good one. Group of people to stop hogging all the headlines. Weaker business. The one that's enabling the kidnapper in chief. Okay I mean is is leg easily get up by news story is. You find ridiculous people for a have great sound bites and no it's just. Kidnapping children and and compare this is the Nazis. And everything is gone now. And David have fun anymore. To her. I don't know if that's true. I mean. I'm sure the kids are having a ball the detentions are sure I'm sure there is planned activities you mean by any of people who watch and I'm oh yeah her parents aren't around. It's kind of laid mommy day out yeah. Parents' day out. Yeah right yeah reminds us that balance. And they're not trained to take care of the babies now bad days they don't pick the babies up out and they don't know really where. The baby belongs yeah Denham yeah so it's not exactly like parents stay out yeah I mean it's gotten so bad it's. Make it news anchors choke up out there aren't you hear about this. Which Manto business I don't know she at the end of version of pretty flat out. Got some update from the AP learning about the quote tender age shelters. And tender age of Aaron. I think that's the official term. And that's really creepy gross an ominous I agree what exactly are the I mean I suspect they're younger and younger but tender age I don't know why they're calling him tender asked yeah at the tender age yeah. Yeah it's that they word tender age maybe they'd be in a different place. Well I mean I just don't like the term tender age cleaner it's really weird and gross uncomfortable com. All right so. Babies. Babies babies babies. Right okay. Every site about the babies. We have a thing for babies we do everything for maybe puppies kittens and anything's on June but there are a little bit more. About these facilities oh by the way like there's one it's a tent city you know. Who you know it's like because they're delegates at tent city are kind of one of these things it's going to be a 106. Today where that's an intensity is the hands of these kids are down in Texas break. Intense intense. No air no there. Steve Google's but not bathrooms. I mean probably. Roy probably. NC Cologne dorm phones are wrong let's go Wells Fargo out. Demand yeah out of town and and Wells Fargo it's it's full. You know I find when it adds. Are really on an annoying MO is captain. I hold it against them Alia for web contact and I really damn I think it hurts your business out. We need is irritating and now. We're sixty minutes into oil wells are commercial on that we NL lodged in now our irritated at of course. It's not their fault though it's an MSNBC and of course for allowing people to pay for that. As director of jail. Ministry and immigration services and hopefully. That. Place the third column costs of president. Our president. You told me that there is evidence that there are infant babies. Hello there because there's evidence of diapers. That going in and coming out of the facility and how long have we no matter. That's just been within the last month I had after I talk to you I made another call. To a source that we have been there are you have been the last some analysts warned us eleven babies in chassis that she's. Then Dahab it's. So it's eleven babies you you also believe that there are young girls. Yes there are because at one time it was all young girls 151617. Year olds I know that for a fact. And some of them have been moved to make room where that toddlers and babies coming. And so now lose there's a range of girls and age you're at home. In some baby elephant JH hybrid baby it's that they only. Facility that we know about that has girls know that earlier facility Combs. His head on tech columns. We went out there hi. We did an interview with one of our volunteers that one has babies else. Then what what do you. I AB's man. Re taking babies were among you think it's OK just because you took the hallway because their parents like you cannot do that. These are numbers and a spreadsheet again these are people. I mean yes. It was 97 degrees last week a boy scout camp we survives. That was always there is a sudden death to your sick. You have I your mail like they're joking if your odds are being view our sick or via New York real real interested I mean. Your campaign yeah. Which I'm guessing you're gonna have some sort. Still all that you know you can go home maybe here and seeing go home any time out. It you're on vacation and. Now EU chair I was thinking out there now I don't choose to vacation malware now. That doesn't sound like vacation time to me oh man you know setting up. Your sleeping. Where and then near fear that the sounds like. Vacation. That sound like de de assessed is more complicated on the board through their. Them. And so you know babies are the girls because a year now on court yes that's the rest idea. Latest the other thing. These companies are actively companies are making money on this like what horrible people who is making money and they almost any day I'll let me let me finalist for real quick like oh and a money are you making millions and what millions government contracts billing these things running these things. It's elegant Brevard providing you know. Actual child care. Let's see that yeah what happens in the navy is now what happens is the kids to even area now. Now now one person is suing because she did everything she is supposed to do to get a kid bag man on Canada. Please Paramount while I have come and its common. That I'm gonna get there amen I'd gone blah clothes that but then you know there's secretary. What's her face. War. Chris in Yeltsin astonishment. Chairman not to go to Mexican restaurant that she would do only what if they get went to a Mexican restaurants night with what are you thinking I don't horrible. You're not thinking they're going to Mexican restaurant right. And you're rounded up Mexicans. Yes. And New Year's may Mexicans made mig and hate the people looked so central Americans how the marriage error. Round and I'm not send him back to where they know a lot right. Taking their kids away from mountain. Down's syndrome or not they don't care no they don't care you're are you go that way either of those away right. What there's a baby fine give into an eleven year old she'll raise that the baby again this past Saturday against the eleven O Eric. Saudi you know his sound these good people running this decide this thing a person who's you know kidnapping. Children from their parents. Decides to go to. Russ dropped. From the culture of the people whose children choose kidnapping the I mean why don't you go for Italian man that I Syria's power is gone for Mexican you've got to go you go to tie you to go like. Are actually how do you go out to eat you shouldn't because most of your staff a man. You know American restaurants are Ryan. On the backs of immigrants who got chased out there but and I think assigning a little nasty but gut I kind of feel like people who stand for this. In other names should be spat every time you say it. Christian Nielsen. There is a prison mills doesn't. Mexican restaurant that she ACLU is present she's the Press Secretary about what's McCullough. Homeland Security chief promiscuity chief press secretary of Homeland Security chief says she decides to have dinner whether. Fran man. There Mexicans and they would not let her to eat and then of course they go to the upscale Mexican restaurant. Yet they went and I had really nice thanks in or it was anatomy red chili Gooden out. But you look at these people these easily made a bad decision like that astute decision emit and it's like well maybe it'll be some mercy somewhere. And you realize that says somebody who is on the vice president's staff currently. Chlorine. Lewin Dow ski. I don't know if you he's a guy's been around his yeah that's from bites has been around currently works for vice president pence. Okay and die here he is. Going wamp wamp. When it is announced that a girl with Down syndrome. Was taken from her mom. Take a listen. Did you say you won't want to a ten year old would downs injuries Sturm who was taken from her mother. As. I mean look I read today about a ten year old girl with Down syndrome who was taken from her mother and put in the cage while I read about a now. About a ten year old girl with Down syndrome was taken from a mother put page. La or one. I arcane it's that one of my hat is does that mean. We're. And senate have gotten Down syndrome and I remember our mother put decades. When. But what the hell like a guy says the airport on MSNBC. And Brian wins the feeling on that I apologize. We apologize prayers. Some guy goes wah wah. Guerrero down I can't believe that there is not more. My agents like yes. Well I mean no one he's seeing. I'd just say go on and. Today about a ten year old girl with Down syndrome who has taken from her mother and put in the cage while I read about Palin and they just won't want to a ten year old with Down syndrome when I see your grandmother had any. Or seven bars won't stop you dumb ass unity across Latin I. But what I said why is you know he wasn't paying attention and he was is getting ready to drop that. After way ever sentence came next. And he picked a worse senses of all time. To go a long while now I don't think he did that I think he doesn't I care about. Age children right certainly not Hispanic children. Certainly doesn't care about children and Down's syndrome. Especially. Op mom her parents are here illegally can do now. Now that makes ads and even make it right here man NASA sub humans. For sure apparently written to some people. Is appropriate campaign manager of ideology trumping them. So anyway that's where we are on the world today and yesterday it was a very bad day. We are mom will still moving forward ul one final thing. One final thing is I'm we're doing the news of yesterday men's vogue cover did you hear about the Canadian shoes smugglers. Now you share. I'm pretty sure you're ready to hear about the Canadians she smugglers. Absolutely. This is the story of the day yes this man and I didn't even know about this those sneaky Canadians. The terrorists to get. Common items back into Canada are so hot. That they have to supplement. They buy shoes and they weren. They scuffle mop. They make him sound old look goal. Now we're treated horribly dairy. Our guys the president of the United States just said. Canadians. Coming across the border. Bind shoes and America scuff them up and wearing him across the border and Canada. Yeah. Mean. I'd Larry to argue that Canadians we have another and share while more to other border much time I'm just curious why hears about shears and why are we talking about she is when there's a bigger issue at the outer border from it's a problem. They scuffled with them. That they have this Bob lemon yeah the tariffs to get. Common items back into Canada are so hot. That they have to supplement. They buy shoes and they weren. They scuffled mop. They make him sound old look goal. Now we're treated horribly. No not gonna happen anymore from Iowa. Some were NL lets you get their issues are not stop a mopping keep in new Canadians though it's the dignity exit kittens. Give me your slowed elder. In those Canadians are sneaky there there are always put on Susan wearing them. And getting where on amendments mud on them across the border play hey I didn't know you can do this and they're actually making shoes sound olds yeah. According just ran out and audio did you hear holiday salvo ahead old sound NCA scuffle mob. They make him sound old look golf and I'm. Which treated horribly but stated that today he's not known song and who's that who's the reverend goes all the raptors in Dre in San Andre isn't iphones even though I will say this though. Any ideas are treated horribly here's the deal guys is that DO is that video he really down in mount Mexican. Turn. Comedians sheriff's oh yea I here here's a more content to slighted by that yeah that is an arms and management library. Talk about people living in Canada coming into the united. States and smuggling things back into Canada. Because that tariffs are so massive. The tariffs to get. Common items back into Canada are so hot. That they have how high are they SRI smuggler men smuggled by shoes and they weren. They scuffled mop. They make him sound old or look goal they got a mob. Scoff about. Get down everybody get that's all I'm not see I thought it was Americans going into Canada. Taking advantage and sit. They exchange rate of the aids vaccine injury which a user in the car while he used to be the dollar ECB more oh you are harmonies to buy a book as a longtime how many dollars US senators. By linking Canada. And I know a lot of people and it was on shameless Chara and thank you dean getting drugs at the pharmacy and then you pay for that Edmonton they can't get in the states. So I feel like it's the other way around until I feel like I don't feel like Canadians are coming over here they're put on the shoes though. I mean I've never seen an influx of Canadians tuna. Walking into this country is governor Bobby Joyce felt today that there's stuff shoes and scuffed up here and scuffed up shoes those Canadians. Hey good news though you know autos is going on has been a lot of talk about can't imagine McCain asked North Dakota perish users since the eggs and yeah I important things you have high tariffs we have high taxes there have been down big lead out and dumping up plenty are items are tax tinted. Items. Back into Canada are so hot. That they have to supplement. Our shoes my era. They scuffled mop. Or make him sound old. They've got a lot based on this day you're the guy that some people are using to follow into the black Lloyd cool. And they buy shoes and then they Wear that shocked at. Man wronged border asphalt and Jesus. Now the bill can't do that where he should be ended detention center. Not talking about Canadians. And how sad they have and shoots yeah. And they're scuffed up shoes and that sounds. Old shoe yes. This but the good news is everybody good news you see the ice director you know one the dudes that is running the whole show there with these children internment camps the concentrated camps of immigrant children. He does say you know hey you can't compare us the Nazis man. And take a listen lot. Thank you for joining us you've heard prominent people compare your behavior to that of the Nazis to that the Roosevelt administration and turning Japanese during World War II how do you respond. I think it's an insult to the brave men and women are more mature and eyes. The call long portion auctions are Nazis who simply enforcing laws enacted by congress. They're simply following orders. Say. It's I've been Nazis are doing that there's no way we can be Nazis because we're simply. Following. Numbers are locked in the press. That off and not easier but withdrew its Gotham mop of. Our team. Here shares. Coming up before 10 o'clock we will scratch your stretcher yeah. In your opportunity to get in on a grand prize to from the Kansas lottery. You mean. I'll daily winners of qualifying for 1000. Dollars grand dry season. 500 nights and big dudes music the rock band for Xbox one. And an additional hundred dollars in Kansas under voiced accounts of little things on seats in the house and got. That's coming up before attempt yeah. And Nan may be more bring turner as he's playing the chairman tomorrow night yeah Donny yeah it's gone on. You know a long and of time line any celebrity. That you like. Or that everybody likes him it's a celebrity and. Everybody really really really really mean you beamed you relax. They're going to be some really stupid. I mean maybe yeah yeah but I go by as sacred CT and everybody really likes the CD I think she's just about. These people are turning. On Christie Tia yeah I think that's what happens I think you're going to be a darling for awhile but then you pushing you pushing employers and they just turn on electricity and enzymes on lads and the thing that people loved about him to begin Wednesday yeah I think they'll wind campaign and I'm waiting I'm still waiting on. That'll be the day. Jammed Baghdad you know there is going to die. Out on things is if I'm kind of dumb and happy as didn't they just released an album together yeah I did and they also did it on title. They'll like you can only get this on title until Monday rain and let us and girls and doesn't work nobody has Sino yeah. So Chris Teague and dumps on instead Graham Breck and you know we're a world where. We just look for Kraft to talk about I mean there's millennia is knock him out as is I'm trying to be an escape right now. Yes and we Bernie talked about pass out. I do agree we look for escaped and are brought some things orderly when I'm talking about Chris Teague Teague and you know things are bad out there. If I can't find one zoning story. To distract us. So here's dig impose that on instant Graham she said face mask he had and vagina esteem. OK so I don't know of any of this works but it can't hurt right. Great so she's sitting on some sort of vagina steam machine. I don't know Allah so apparently this is a thing in Gwyneth Paltrow. A chorus seeming yeah yeah I am never heard about and the afternoon going. What an idea of AJ Korean vaginal steam is better known as shy doc. Required sitting up naked for 45 minutes on open seated stool above the steaming pot of water filled with medicinal and error romantic herbs such as my work Rosemary were more and basal. League and using Oxford Oxford Tom. And now it's not good. So anyway you can burn your vagina you burn inside of your resign over a hot steam I mean. Don't be that close to this teeth yellow that lady went to McDonald's and and inspect and copy to be that hot either well. You didn't feel it canyon though yes yeah now something's too hot FA it's in it's too late it's too high it's too late. It is still high it is 28. Now and now BA did. Ari vaginal steaming interacts. Her her her herb infused steamed into your Regina evening. You can also do an arm although most doctors don't recommend that if actual steam content contact your bowl or vagina you could get burned. I hate to be dealing with a intra vaginal burns gynecologist Mary Jane mentioned so pulled itself. As it did gynecologist named Mary Jane indicated. Plowing his suggested method of doing a vaginal steaming cup and however for each tie yourself you want to consider supposed benefits and possibly safety issues as discussed the last also these regular when apology or recommend using Mogg warts. Yeah there's different OK there's player has impacted your allergic to light you know if you're if you have a ragweed allergy and then you mug war. Now her vagina you get us indeed count on now yeah which a lot of people are not allergic you know. Diesel in oregano there's other things that you can put in the steam this is what good gynecologist Jan Gunter says quote. If you want to feel relaxed get a good massage if you want to relax a vagina have an orgasm. End quote. Yeah doctors say don't steam your vagina. Why is it's like this is where we are guys. Right in this weird post capitalistic fall freefall. Is is everything's fine around everything's falling apart around us. But like some people have time to steam the vagina as. I mean I mean that's like holy pre French revolution right it's like. Well is get ready to storm the Bastille. I just DL mavs team you've been giant does. What's I I agree with attacks on what is wrong with your vagina have you got a steam it. Yeah. I mean. I try to wash mine them. Every day and in. Sometimes twice and you guys going to be August scientists is like a pool yeah it's hot right now on balance and your TH differs Diaz do the bull test Steve a couple drops then now I counted that. And although I know and I'm gonna get my period app like Jesus is coming and yeah announces different things happen to your body yeah. But you keep open it keeps coming right. I never steamed I mean I would I'm not opposed to a certain. All people who did. Who would burn them vagina Bibby may it be you I know I can see myself getting to the Arafat down. That's why I'm not gonna seemingly. When he does steam. Nobody needs is seeing a vagina. I was a watch his match. Powerful. Shower Horrow is the way to where Google I'll live this stuff though. It's old apparently national seeming is all yeah it's old you guys know she had a baby thank you for recent array I don't care. I think she's cleansing out. The uterus and doesn't won't decide how works that's not how this works that's not how any of this well okay according to match where dad yeah I'm an NN according to back of the day you're supposed to do bloodletting with vaginal steaming is an age old nature. Natural remedies sent to cleanse the vagina and uterus regulate adminstration an ease purity cramps bloating. Here is from woman's health so I should definitely not tried to see my vagina right yes that's a hard no. If you're having cramps doctors ever recommends taking an and say to help with the pain heating pad and exercise. If if it doesn't your cramps or beyond terrible talk to your doctor. Yeah that's where I don't really give my work a little bit for instance everybody's as he suggests that everybody says adults cannot. He just said but he can't even burn yourself with the heating that. Does it is Scientology's. Now steaming things it's a group thing. All the people say don't do as part of the valid thing ten days not and I wouldn't say noted trying steam I'm with Kia. If your period fairly Amman the master Britain. He's wearing diapers basically like you and a baby are wearing diapers for a month out. I would do anything to mining giant apple including Steve hi guys steam expert here by definitions team can existed temperatures attitude and in twelve degrees Fahrenheit and atmosphere pressure. That must be hot missed steam amount you. I mean I can see if they're having pain if you're going to put something warm compress on anyway. Why not use something they can melt your skin. There's a big difference between a heating patsy my face I'm pretty sure can give my vagina and okay Eudora and any time a guy you know he's done he's came Tyrod Taylor his is ridiculous that like all the doctors like hey don't do it. And still you'll like. I can say how I would do. I could see. I mean what hurt guys or we're rhythm penises don't give Iran are you guys are strange and your vagina is to work equally weird. You guys as it hovered over hot steaming them. Yeah okay. I feel like we're we're about to your lawyer you're weird about them now I'm out and nobody asking you to steam. Like look just admit girls as we were their gender these are over there. Weird weird stuff but I doubt yes leery now that men and women. Do weird things are giant to prepare. YE preparing as we have to prepare that's now about preparing that's preparation is now preparing church doesn't now it doesn't nothing. It does not think that makes you feel matter what you care. You can burn your vagina. And then how you gonna fail. Now there are within MP easy out any star in a bizarre inventory tax I don't have a vagina I don't get a vote. You're absolutely right. Yeah because like you can't repeat what women doctors said woods I've done entirely throughout this entire speech talking thing we're doing. Is all women doctors. All female gynecologist member Mary Jane Merkin I think it's about China's help people stay safe yes yeah. But about coal seams and called steam of these injury in my text that Gaza. Thanks for texting something funny and whatever the word is what about big Maple Grove. Yes there were bent on that burn no I'll be fine now that menthol better although as national burn now that's a weird cold to learn. Now things. Others can just stick to rush hour had. Seems that it is not a guy out there and masturbating a.s that that doesn't know that you never you shampoo. And we've all learned through air only conditioner. Only conditioner. It's smoother. What conditioner at like lingers yeah me all doesn't burn in your. I didn't know that yeah this is like water and scope yet and my shower and we don't get those shower heads. They created by gets elegant Dyson shower had to do is canoes state you guys do is that when yours. I didn't say we do that I say we do weird stuff on anything to the vagina for preparations you got to do anything New York we got a press. You don't just not crap it's got to be Pratt city going to surgery. Hopefully it'll be similar yes if you're doing it right. Basal and Oregon up your roi. Next are going to be sticking to meet the bridge to absorb that is why not make it one spot to Atlanta. You don't just dig herbs have your vagina that's what diseases they missed the earth now. They're saying it but the Arabs in this team on and you make it yes you vaporize it. Then you end up squat or pot and you eat inhale. Eking. What makes it any savored Justina son as an excellent great question thank you tax on these army cannot squatting over a concentrated heating unit and exposing a general statement. I came in a weird time I heard was vagina what's happening LO I'll. We are just starting out and be just vaginal steaming apparently into paying them. Netzarim and really at Binghamton. Chris CT and makes a joke about an hour target amount god damn vaginal steaming yeah well I mean again it's something that people see celebrities do and they wanna do it and it could be harmful. And it certainly the benefit is all the doctors in this articles I have been beating that said. The benefit does not outweigh. The risks and chest at a B a couple of months ago and I have to Rihanna as a bad scene sounds pretty gentle people yap a dies share. You know why we had a lot going nine. It works yeah it doesn't need esteem sounds painful few steam and then you add them not feel great. I'm sure you're sure of that fantastic it is our Regina as daisy. All the time never stops being busy and dropping bags in Macon babies. Like I can. Shed that that it you've got your reproductive says I understand what ended zionists I am talking to China's I had more of like shields. About Libyan. Now I'll have staff we're busy while I give this team. That's it's as steam. Whatever we want me to it feels right. And clean mapping out or whatever in your hand weathered does that are not my dad's house Scientology's Hurd has totally in whatever you feel is clearly better than my medical experts will tell you what it obviously gonna feel all right in the and it does important. I'm welcomed in my life and I AM answer you give me all the time you think it's going to be awesome but then yet. It does that and on this and nanny that instills rotten. You'd try and you get burned every day and just leave the mavs let gamers alone all right celebrities these CEO he's like this because no one ever tells them though minister. Now he's doing also they've got time to do that. They have people doing everything for them I loved Wayne's and I daytime out of my day to get my vagina seems puzzling thing when am I gonna happen. At that end. On time in between ramps. 43. Pair of tickets. What is it we had beach ball we have taken this scene. Frank turner tomorrow that it contained groom. And then for Saturday I'll wonder is playing. Casey alive he'll have tickets and VIP. CN between one and up. All right what does hold celebrities can have in common with Juliette analytics practice. With back. Colors throne and there's about what do they have in common I 76796. By. Hello the Mets. Oh I. The hey our rights from the IRS here let's. Not and export and yeah is it. You know we talked to somebody else has these Tamara says hi guys cheating on you. Regards yeah I heard but I don't know any better than you Garnett and Garnett. Hard to pick up from the IRS black arm and his. Alex what do those three tracks or artists have in common you know I think they were. Call or are currently Scientologist. That is absolutely a 100% correct I believe Beck is still Scientologist as as Julia Louis. And then corny lives. Actually think Scientology's. And Kirstie Alley and her sweetheart album. Her work so Howard Duff Wear gap anyway yes congratulations we're looking for it worked out for John dribbles science knowledge yes. It is what we came out with Barry Barry got allies that was easy. I was too easy was that as trees find. I do an easy ones. I mean one last time aired journalism Rolex sometimes that is doing dear me is probably the last time Arabs onto Littleton a movie about that and somebody from happening it. It is the what John Travolta now I tell when you heard about the drug now that it's called it's got Gotti. I'm not that anchor of ads at the Truman battle damage did you do it again idea I keep doing it now. Frank turner is ads that Truman and yeah. Why again why make this a better wants to have sex and all of them that is also. True stroke but not the answer we were looking for now. Also out. I really don't wanna have sex or back or Corning. I mean I jail or she's Elijah and now I won't be very getting to her Anaheim. You know I'm saying. She can be getting to me. Many fellow like you founder. We have today on your booster shots now. But I have be I don't know I had a rather larger picture of tolerate them there yet I mean did you get what Courtney Love. What have you are you being with Courtney Love knows a little late now I've not done according. And if I have to she's a male Scientologist. And Geovany Arby's. I go attack Jim byers I think he's attractive. Purses and hand I can't watch any. I can't even enjoy the new Gotti movie okay that's because. That's and you should go oh my god I can't blame them as the most obvious and served. I thought it would be easy it's hard when you Juliette Liz and back there really the most sane man. Alive I feel I current musicians although. Five years Ariza going to be I am I think. It's always some stock car. 88 really is interesting to mean that. As soon as they get kind of bag and a they signed Scientology's you know Michael Pena EA is hanging out as I now I thought Superman man. G-8 at its Smith yeah yeah yeah I'm really interesting if the money and then the money lets you. Get access to the thing that your secret shame. I think he's it's like intro with I don't what they there. Like sharp and kind was permanent. At some point or another a lot of people have gone through that. Signed Todd Fischer ice in the pits were mormons. Run Auburn was a musician out the up start is unreal engine room. I mean it's just sounds crazy doesn't Ed does does don't they all out let's just. I mean it's just. This green me earlier they're really not mad it's just is crazy as believing seminar that was a virgin net and had a baby I mean I mean we knew that doesn't happen you have a leg in that doesn't happen and still crazy behavior of the ball if I would come in tomorrow Antalya a highway were real time out now now be found on NN NN and around town today it did in today's day and age well. Let me just gonna you're about to compare our camp christianity. Islam. Yes to Scientology's. I don't think it is far fetched is. Any any other religions can odd crazy about it later this way I mean their offer are etched into your telling me that I'll come into work tomorrow. It tally you know I'm having a baby now on dragnet. I an add sex Brett. You gonna buy that or you're worried about that like no I'm not worried about it I accidentally this year if I walked in here. If any feed our lock anywhere but seeing as how anyway I'll try telling your parents. Your stinks senior forgotten. Mom and dad. I was emerge and I did not have sex but I'm pregnant then now is gonna buy now and I it is feeling. It's just as ridiculous and your story I was just trying to wash your hands and Merck. I hear your story I would listen to you. Here's you wouldn't believe that I were as a pregnant urgent story to them and I'd hear about it every now you never know people aren't in LA that DC aids. Didn't fly balls in and drop them into volcanoes under the lord of and a guide the lord Xena look now I don't know that right now anything about time topping I'm not wanting uh oh boy yeah by if it could be just as crazy as any dive over let's be real with religion. Let's just be real firm. Don't even know it is just can't stop it. Stopped. They're off sound crazy. If so I tells. And it's. An in my opinion and not forget that ever to Wear baby had magic powers to you exactly that chose not to uses magic powers when he could have at least what was I mean come. Years ago and his line is like 1950. Life. I didn't. It's just like the guy handle thing that's very Barack I don't even have a go via his got a break coming out. Feelings these players don't work. It can come up about it ID yeah guys' bodies. Everybody out about it like you've heard and their I can tell it actually goes. He's got a base. She gets. Artificially inseminated. In the tank. I mean I just think as a realized that I ain't nobody gonna believe a young girl. Pray that I think she didn't have sex. But like an hour one person not lying in his day names. They act units are like yes there are all crazy out of that any carrier wiping off all of the religion. Is backed. I am saying I'm a line man. That yes it's a funny one image of China Scientology's police. We've got to be. Equally making time other religions are ha. Because there all you have a lot like. I guess I can't tires. I visit wanna you draining you bang and thank you mean there's message saying mean. Ciampi emergent impregnate that does not work we know that well what's interesting though if you had seeing Bill Moyers masks on PBS you had learned that all the origin stories of the three main religions are understandably similar yes I now hand Scientology's doesn't fit their pattern because it was written that doesn't. Much much later so. It doesn't make it any way. It makes it certainly gives it more credence. Tonight have been known to be written. To black by some guy who is looking started religions share this. Luck okay. We don't now we're Reid on down. Mount of Olives to climb up on. This is getting tough to listen to it and we move on I was sure it was argued that man bring your neck. There may be an households is trying to isn't it here's the thing it is the tax line this is where my man on on. I agree that pages you like even mentally since they've she's claiming she's having God's baby. Watch bill Mars documentary of religious there we tell me to watch Bill Maher I know that. I'm not going to be anything. Did it. I want however some believe the virgin Mary is pregnant and very nearly and yes I am that person I'm down. I don't think so I yeah banks and on and I like that she bang as this one shot bang she bang does anybody can. Crazy doctor used to follow his name is doctor Bruce Goldberg. Anti hero of this being this book I think it was all time travelers from our future as we at the genial. And I was reading it and basically you know aliens are us from our future because we did some sort of genetic modification to mankind we couldn't read anymore. So they went back in time and started. You know paying spread that alien out and did you read up on signs I guess I assured that I while opting. Out. Mean sure it's different them of religion I learn growing our very much so that doesn't make my Ireland then. Any better or worse and I I think by sheer age it does I just irate when it comes a religion the older the better. Now I'm gonna Orangemen changed as a bigot he said made him complete sentence behind me is viva La does it really like the idea is are they king. And he decides I. Which of the Bible. And. There I've yet I can't we. That is in no way. With greasy loud I'm is here item or here is a really great track. Until there's an imminent. It is our big song yeah I don't know that it gets any play he got very kick starting sat on the bench young yes. I feel like that's on could be bigger. Think I am now just feel like two minutes ago I went out and some pretty good sign it it gets on yet there's really not anything you can make. I mean what would you do to make a better given a more lows. That's my answer to everything yell when that happens this time he can't peavy and struggling right. It is not man's or Manhattan. It's not that I like and strange sound whenever. All right a creative. Yeah you gotta prove I got meet and greets for frank turner of gruden. OK we saw that means we have ten extra pair of tickets for tomorrow to meet in green. And sound check happens tomorrow before the show you and impressions. All your game tomorrow and game Alex from the Paris how did you know we have lingering. We just got a just got the approval you can tell I'm glad we got it's hair yeah. Ari anyway if you would like to meet in Greek and hang out during sound check for frank turner. And are free tomorrow early afternoon. And you need to get to the show tomorrow night at the true then call now. Com are killed MGM apparently he just gives away. We agreed to mean uneven Hammond yet but how that worked out. I feel like me thank the lord that that or doubt. Feel like. You made and said. Early. Lawyer awaiting approval but I know he said 90% approved ninety. And anybody waiting on approval and then I just kind of tax approved ninety approved approved. Pretend winners plus against Naples when he extra. Make sure they meet at the Truman at a particular time. Each region aren't from Arista how many are you wearing now. I would say one. I'm on an Afghan aka. This is spring turner and my absolute favorite song many does the scum of the Angel is Wellington on the backs. That is the latest from Death Cab for Cutie. Called gold rush. I'll. Their alma Beck comes out Argus seventeen to mark. You know ways to weigh thank you for today as any of the new album. Also coming to town in October and believe that the man. And my rights October's. Fairy look at us and all over it. Professionals. Christ. Ari let me scratch scratch her for a 7679652. And now you are doing is doing now there are now make clear lines clear and layered. I have in my hot little hand the voice. Five dollar instant scratch again from the Kansas lottery. I scratch. Whatever winds. You get beaten against a non. You know when Hampton 25000. Dollars letting you do. Helen about as. Hang Oreo. Very good because this. And the only I just scratched your Kansas lottery stature in the voice. I am sorry did not win anything however. You do have thirty hours and the only in Kansas lottery that we scratched against lesser qualified. Forty X nine expects one rock band on some. Plus I'm hundred dollars from big dudes and a hundred dollars. From the Kansas lottery of instant scratch tickets on line play that was brutal coming out I apologize yeah. Sorry. I'm dying gaul have a great day it will do tomorrow tomorrow is turbine Thursday. Also. I'm not chapel plus a period to meet and greets and sound check with spring turner playing tomorrow night. At the chairman will be any windows and I have quite a few of those. As it was approved our have a great day RI. It's.