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Wednesday, March 7th

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Aren't you he. The day any idea what's going on Norah Menem and his sons and a little bit different. This just that I sure airplay is just Tyrell bit I saw this article. And there was theory. Shocked. Because it's something that I didn't think about I'm sure Smart people have thought about it. But there is so wide. Field. In doctoring. When sub specialty or specialty. That is indeed is basically you know slowly bleeding all the men out of its. One field watching the other in particular. That's blowing. Good. If he's there was blowing our magazine editors the following all the math and our guys believe they won't that is an in his team's resume work it's bleeding I was sorry Aaron flowers expired at. It's like like if you ought to get out of here we got some four ask me. Yeah I definitely air dot duet dal. There was via its in the Los Angeles Times. We got a gas. I think some. It's in the Los Angeles side and it's the way do you think it via. What do you think when you think is a specialty. That when an air blowing man out of that if there was like slowed its losing men make because people it's a deferral it's like I have but is it wind energy get over it. Yeah I take it clearly an apt to be out Mariel out of Baghdad and taken it over. Women are finally taking aim it over and it is a good takeover yeah it definitely is something we want this is Sunday that I think it. It really weird that it was it like this before and I understand why because manner in them sexes pigs. And instead of the world to keep women. Down for the most part are now there's one particular. Specialty that's just. That mrs. Clinton. I don't know Thailand can you count me out you know. I got to college there is god good low iron. I have. You had tank. I didn't think. You today. I never got that like how committed dude like especially when say in labor or are there how did you know with those cranes feel like can treat them appropriately. Now you have zero frame of reference I'm sure there's you know. Female gynecologists have never had sir but they are but they've had cramps Obi is around yeah yeah. Yeah. Yes I am why a vagina looking in my vagina I am and read news headline really I have I always app I'm sure never had to. I mailed I know I'm not against. I do doesn't seem natural to me seems like the most natural thing in the world for me DOC of one man. About. My driver you are resign and absolute it's got a new deal like. While they're like yeah I mean there's been men doctors out there yeah sure it's fair for. You know really in the health care industry now her you know I mean I just smell doctor's hand current you know. Male doctors are disappearing forgot ecology not everybody is thrilled about it is the headline you won't guess who's not thrilled about it man. Girl it's my weakness yes. Look at it I don't understand why am I. And then this guy that they interview for the article that they got for the article this earlier premise where they're like. Let's find the size it is like let's find a guy we'll talk to him about what it's like to be a doctor and don't wanna be you know BGY and everything I did they interview he's like I'm I'm just this is my rotation in I don't care. But he's he's like whatever but apparently whip men who lock into. Female rooms now. A lot of times essential way or they say you know as soon as the glove comes on they say were prefer a few more come through with a female. A woman gynecologist wreck which I understand yet and I am surprised that this is now we are getting here it's like 76%. Of all. New applicants. Were. Women's race and it's not like there's there's is not that many men going into it. I mean I'm not saying that there aren't probably fabulous. Mail carried out as zine I personally. For her I I have had to. Hit the Obie is. God knows what he's OK to female. Hit the could not get more happier in my way for my one in Seattle had delivered John and then I've found an equally ask them. Every doctor here Eden who's retiring. You need to do lots. Not serve dessert anymore and now she's going to images you ever break. Now Jack and I don't work that in my grandfather dead dad dad he was an OB actually funny enough I was right in the free clinic after Kansas CNN yeah UN retired new ornament that's my handy guide to area seeing only in my vagina Yahoo! are paying your good and wow you mean to -- that I mean. And given out geology image out of her for perjury that's the kind of downturn I'd like to go to patio. Well received by angry and I'm a man that's Riley is now director's chair. Makes sense to me well just what I mean I feel I guess you are you have a unique kind of hard to. It's different yeah it's different in opera creating. There's nothing that spectacular about your penis why don't you think there has an I believe me you know hold it's a very high regard. I think a vagina. Has various functions. They're complex that we may not understand fully for sure charity out and I know it's. And I like that pearl why absolutely aghast at the you know. The other thing is if you look at like or how dudes. Performed as doctors historically. You know we've got we've had some terrible ideas for your for joining us and so you know it's good that naturally. The reigns are being handed off. Think about all we used to do you know. We're doing your your white that's their enemies sat down and in my office and home. I don't know that to be true now gynecologists and surprisingly more gentle women. That is I think a misnomer they say in article they do you talk about that but they say that perception probably comes or is because men are a little bit more. Extra sensitive to your lady parts frank I feel like you as you don't see how anybody can say threat. Rights you know she doesn't like we know what I can say guys think now they know they can day regret there on the net amount. Then out. It. Summoned to the does that mean that all female archer is our house tomorrow mail that draws them to me I think that makes sense. Well as saying if they had equal unequal applicant they were probably go with a woman. Yes I would and absolutely it a 100% of the time. So there was interest the 82% of residents streamed BOB Joey G lions are women. The proportion of female gynecologist in practice nationwide is expected to hit two thirds by 20/20 five. Outside of OB GUI and fewer than a third of doctors are women. Is a crazy. Men dominate 37 of the other 42 medical specialties whose lead. Well coached cheap. Since that your average during or the other female dominated specialties are churn rate NC. That would be child and adolescent psychiatry who listens fun. On the announcement on heard god tell internal medicine and pediatrics. For his pediatricians are feeling I guess is that females are more likely to be pediatrician gala. And that's also is seeing enough why pediatricians. Are viewed as less importance and paid less. Shark makes sense. Differences here let's see what else would you criminals with him. Pediatric oncology. Them. God bless you could not do that one now. I was hard to nickel and oh what a woman blueboard. Obesity desert. I'm gonna aren't. Let's see. Medical meth amphetamine. Or McDonald's real beef. We say it again medical methamphetamine. Okay medical methamphetamine or McDonald's real beef. They're doing as suspect ran time for about we do it there dip so. You heard medical leave death. What have busy at top of math. Now they're in trouble right. Not if you think about a good idea where incidents. Cranking out prescription. Forging a prescription. It's a matter and putting it on the pill bottle with your meth inside with them. Dog trucking companies yes it's yes it's we will make sure. To call you in the event of a trucking accidents. Tablet in Albuquerque which is pretty. Par for course with the comes to math let's go you guys are. Medical marijuana but this woman claims that she had a prescription for medical Matt. Authorities deny it they arrested ginger sharp for a probation violation after her parole officers and she tested positive for math. Investigators claim sharks said she was prescribed amount by a doctor in Farmington and she reportedly had a prescription bottle with a label for Mac tablet. Authorities say the bottle was a fake and sharp is facing forgery and identity theft charges. She is already in trouble. For forgery. I mean I like her sense. Now have adventure yeah and asset Arafat. Damn I doubt sir as is doctor prescribes she was charged with forgery and Tony seventeenth he faces two additional counts of forgery and identity identity theft. After just came back positive for drugs she told her probation composition of prescription for math. Embroidered pill bottle of red methamphetamine five grams by milligram tablets. But. She's. Did she ever met them well. I've milligram tablets out there I mean I don't know if it was like wade out or not been it added no met came I don't know the sizes meth comes in. I don't know he adds I'm asking I am now I don't know like I know Coke and no we did. Currently I know those sizes. I don't know Matt's eyes I don't know lingo authorities charge serve and identity theft because the label on the pill bottle. Had her actual doctor's name on it. Yeah. Who writes your doctors and I may go but doctor. Actually let's do this ones that include McDonald's beef. I don't do the townspeople say the for the eight. Was sold to your he's there and do it okay yeah is showing again you don't want toddler found trapped inside prize machine after disappearing a birthday party. Not to have it here and I did today I mean I know but still I feel that could be some audio and here. Well do I get a tie toddler found trapped inside prize this year and and then they went ahead disappearing your birthday party had a lot of that that kid is. Being. Someone else. It wasn't real that he was gone something esteem low never expected an architect a pared their side both making an impact second. Dawson and our leaves her side doesn't wander far from the if that's what scared me even more but that jump zone in a matter of seconds while talking to her daughter he disappeared so. Like okay well. His friends aren't every bright launchers in the facility full of bounce houses and play rooms for kids she was initially a lark but that didn't last long ten minutes and fifteen minutes. It's me calling the police the nightmare becoming a reality mom. You're just like isn't happening they checks security cameras and concede he hadn't been taken. He was somewhere inside that he's hurt he's somewhere alone in her and then out. Petra fluid tech I look says minutes turned into an hour and it was sent out a punt return off that they how to break the one bad. Boilers went off in America quieter. And told the little girl started coming quarters in. Shall act pepper encrypted with well yeah and I don't know why didn't do this. It's regulated and out like fifteen minutes. Think they called the cops I know now it was longer than that it was a Lyles clinical and it all starts at fifteen minute I'm gonna cost them to do. Are you gonna got stabbed at TI actor Tommy might take your kids somewhere. There in a bounce house somewhere. He was stuck inside a prize machines behind the door they couldn't see through and that could an open out and figure out how to get out. And finally catches just like breaking if you have to they were able to pull him to safety of Arctic is very sweaty can. You know pushing all light and the crew is treated him immediately and quickly responded to not you know just the outside environment where we put into it and kind of cool down. I let things didn't. Way quickly responded to the outdoor environment. Tournament will now. Song. Yeah that was and as honest I did not have it be an ankle obviously yeah. The big on lying it's got to be the big one how did he fit in the door they heating get up into the prizes he got stuck behind a door. Right have any do that. I'm also not a minute super dateline and every busy got to stand up and they would have seen Amanda I don't America Hannity fit I mean fitting in Saigon port tiny. That box door. Remember the thing about the one in power play and still want to hear ram or 21 advantage Dana masters right at them pretty big dork at its bid or for a toddler that's an easy one and easy. Like I bet my six year elegance and there are no problem as you said she toner per second in like look I sakic can be amended it can be whatever is this your parent I totally get it. But in that time that she turned around her kid like took off down this hallway were meant nobody was or something. And I know he said that and climbed up lives and out equally climbed out he went to an area where nobody Ali now as. He. Jack could start in that machine. I can be my guest and McDonald's is as saying that they're gonna give you fresh beef. In their hamburgers. And they do now I thought it was beef. I mean it's frozen. But I mean is not the joy of McDonald's the flavor that you used to yell while they switch that that because they think what will make people start going to McDonald's like they used to in the ninety's. Is. Freshman Wendy that's keeping us from going to McDonald's for the fresh beef. So it'll be on now are court apparent as in specialty burgers pass or not but not easy errors amber at Fred. Think ga no no supply chain expert that there seems like a pretty complex way of doing business guys wrecked this give me the frozen beef I know and love. I agree I'm not Wear on you Google McDonald's. I don't need your cafes to be all like hip and redone. In on target and turning Donald's now now I have men and it did try to be and you know you've known anonymous on. I ended it in any down on then okay and I can't I know aren't you wouldn't even recognize. It's completely different. It has been a long time they like I'm not saying I meant your drives are certainly an area that actually is any doubt I'll I'll I'll have a sneak in there they got rid all the yellow and red. In other colors yeah that was that's been years there anyway announced Browning green and and yet they have those like. Like welcome to cafe McDonald's. On the Mediterranean. Although I should go and yeah definitely and yeah Paris did cheeseburgers to geez here's an army yeah. And idea to explain in a neat yeah mouse this time because they'll be like I don't know there I see you don't you are. No me. I'm like yeah so what I've been doing any is asking for another side. Darrion who died. That would explain and a area. Having can't turn. Third go McDonald's don't Rondo as a kid wonder women Serbian CoBiz. And does that they did I don't care beds does breeze through so Hawkins probably times I'm. Barack yeah yeah. As you may do it to that Wednesday yeah it's Wednesday it's only Wednesday slowly out of my job I was slow week. Oh god in my template that's no good by Gary Clark junior who. You request. Saying. We're on here. Assam go Elton. How about. We never plays during her phone we take American wedding. As the Madeleine. Is why we have them labeled. And carrying out to go more down the bad is this. Manchester or is certain. I'm about this naming names Fenton Danny's a certain. Our skin a few things. Certain. Be back. You need. Once and you heard about dueling. And chewing via the now I think it's called Zhu Lin Yu Ling. Is that the kids are Dylan. Tag is there any easier juice and none in the energy well I mean it kind of I guess it does sort of as does this series here. Because I would be alarmed yeah if there is about like. The kids are all about the the jewel. Sure all news you. Well. Jewel. It's a tiny USB look in. Back in the day at and so on survey data kids enjoyed that school and everybody's freaking out. Is there with a weed now just to act up I'll while I know this slower forget out of I get so. Disappointed when I see Avaya yeah. And it's just and it's just have backup products really doing what are you do you play it day but he did or Iran. Yeah apparently Julie is the new thing that's that's we've gone from type odds and Julie we should be very thankful. That they're doing you know. I never seen again we're worried about kids smoke and again and all is right in the world break back again hearing rice hearing. I mean I'm Julian Julian Wright get the jewel JUU. Well. Anywhere and silly I mean I don't like any of the. I don't either I got the blue. The other blue. And a child I get as a matter of fact it makes me costs them more time than any other cigarette. Is that normal. I mean that if there are always it is. Smoking something other then. To back out because we are actively got to do the blue. Steve endorsed Steve enjoy our guests here and why do you know that of the top here had I doubt now because we had a nine and we charge about the the and that's why I asked for it out is lady does seem indoor disease in the cool black in my commercial now I just remember talk I. I really don't know like. We're going to buy cigarettes you have a particular Brandon that Ely eighteen so I don't know five to try other Easter eggs. To. For it to be this say aha. Or they are that way ever and I've tried has been that way I haven't tried the jewel. I'm entering the Julia I haven't tried detained either I don't wanna carry around a giant now I don't idea that he's there and I don't wanna flame heard outlines as they strive air or are. The giant Aaron girls and I heard there. I would like get to T think is Sarah. And not make me cough more than line. That turning out yet. What is Stephen door opinion that we know who Steven Bourque is. Stephen door for what was there one movie he doesn't have a one Mary as a result I think he has won merely. They're black and AA indoor is. I don't know he was Mike puts you in space truckers we see and on the. That wants gallery easily. Let's see which ones the line where he point break is the employer amber I know I didn't appear like he's in Plame break. Car IV and he's deacon frost in blade and came in 1990 eight's blade to. I'm. Let's see. Deuces wild wasn't that a movie town now. Like why do we know who Steve indoor fears. I don't now I really cannot tell you one thing is Stephen door was on there are. Then I saw high hand. Well is. I might add I am not. I'm having brain fart sound more and there's no reason for me about the air as he was in empty nest that TV show you do one episode of MD now that's not that movie did three episodes of Rose Garden up cashing cancer. What was That '70s Show that MTV show he had no pumped he was on high and you sure did ask Stephen Garber was on congress to and then even then I was lag. That is Stephen don't hurt you why are they plunking Stephen doors yeah you right they did they have they didn't endorse it and why do you know that I yeah seeded lower Manhattan. Upstate. But I is just grades. He's the bad guy and blade it's not that. Aniston and where is that this is and then he's not unattractive and now it's just I mean I just really don't know why a movie eaten. Magid says Stephen nor are. It started as a child actor and that silly horror movie of the gates. The gates. I don't think it's that I don't know why now and we interviewed them. Was it and we talked about the Easter egg now owns about them the house and a recharge about the easy gem. Do horrifying calls now know that they're very but ever but he should be. Didn't this show is and it's I didn't and not actually have had a dwarf did not show have a guy on his knees yeah that was a guy is not the guy and his name is right now it's so effective. Tim Conway and there was a parent I have yeah of course. I can't play you the Stephen door punks. Clip because. According to our rights reserved MTV dot com due to current rates and restrictions as videos unavailable. And he doesn't otherwise supplying we hear what Steve we're trying to watch Stephen door for me getting robbed. Stephen or is it into one particular movies and a lot of it is fascinating and and he was and garden state was he garden state. It's the I don't think so. Or no. Now I'm lost boys is in Los ordinaries it is Steve indoor or foe Wikipedia Phil mongers share he later you connect with Stephen door compact. How big gates no power of line. 1990 g.'s rescue me there are many threes and ambush of ghosts. Judgment night. Backbeat. SFW. Innocent lies let's as a stallion and sing sing song. Email I had a method to. I personally I think is as a noisy around that it's so F in a lot writing it is I am deviant we our friends who are doing nude. And then there is no way as a W that's not won it that said the test of time as far as acronyms goes. I out of all the wages are a year and view yeah but see you or else space trackers. Cecil B demented. Nobody will keep taxing Madden I think people know who Steven Dougherty is that they think they know him more than they actually do pray. So until they re Tora colorful and I know her yeah yeah. India. On might mean Novak he's done an episode of married with children an episode of do you know the muffin man. Had a there again he was an Aerosmith cry and video he was the boyfriend. He was himself. This is incredible this is where I am Stephen door was himself. In 2000 his music video by Limp Bizkit called Roland. He is an issue ads Stephen dark. Well that's where it is that swords that job and he was in Britney Spears' video every time where he was also the boyfriend. I'm not can be easier to keep her silent now. I know and I do not think that Steven your name and Alexander Starr is hard currency into earlier and crack tax line. Alexander scars parity is a god. Sorry and while we're there is now diners changing and went anyway and worlds is one. You know blue cigarette away from being Stephen north. The chicken who works that religion can do or guides at the Steve Stephen dark. To me remember other songwriter Danny and is that true I don't know it's him it's it's it's about my analysts I. I don't know I'm into I'm in eastern time Nancy DiNardo a bad idea and he's saying he's exist but I don't understand like how our yes yeah Q I don't get it I agree I am an aid anyway that's how I wound. Picking out that blue easy. He be enacting as a child appearing commercials for craft in the tell. He was expelled from five private schools. You're of that. Yeah. Yeah. So that's the Steve endorse tomography. Here is talking of joining your talked Giuliani lately he had no idea right now right now I guess. And it has a job because they'll do this movie than the votes in this TV show then they'll go because that's where their job and had a stent. But for me. I hate that because for me every job I take it's there forever. So whenever I haven't kids and twenty years from now that movie will be there that somewhere will be this I have to give. 150%. As is my face there forever. If I don't that I look at is just a job and that will be there forever and it's my faith and it's not as good as it could've been so I'm always like. If anything maybe a little too intense for its because of that exact time. Now he's beloved we are seeing here for a blogger Brandon Steve and he's a little too intense yeah. Yeah. Grow and grow and router I need to know part of China India and I'm confident. He should be Fred Durst in the Fred their story. Alexander stars is Swedish viking guy yes. He is. Fred Durst is not. He was not into anger. As any. Even your team endured some funky over there. This is wrong with me this war if it's like going to war in a way you know hopefully not cause violence and no of course not or. You don't think we will stop it completely occupied leotard and you only need to do an end to movies messaging me otherwise. Twenty years are gonna look at it in your NN Hartford women's dignity and a lot of that and regretting. A thousand Peter Gabriel. It does happen I guess I'm always surprised when it's not just. Media alike. That Peter you were out that's a good Peter Gabriel's song. You did it. Francis in the lights for France has no idea why I forget that I don't know. I us hear your hero. Really news. Again. I'm. And then. Did you hear. What's the word. For the thousand Max Payne five. Paper noble law knowing that that is Alan as newspaper's gotta be papers should she be paper I think I know it's music allied Aaron I think it was paper. I don't know because Simon keeps accident salad I think it's a loses the sabres and so refuse facing and salad and yeah that's different. Numbers. Some funds texting eyes to Iran and number by the way another on the mound do I think gaga got. And then some runs texting and sad that the and then I go what that haven't gone are there text salad tonight at 6500 for no reason whatsoever. Doug do this is inundated the south half how they do any change every signed a salad comes up on your radio that's made. Salad trend. While you know once. We got the hash tag how many peanuts to train globally. Now and I cannot then came I have found that it was two years ago now. How many peanuts. I don't know what it was about but. I don't remember that yeah how many peanuts don't find it. No okay now I've I mean Amelie India I just think it's stupid how many melatonin since. That's my question did you hear about this day care. The code word salads they are told there was salad now he didn't say sad isn't music was at a dinner. His salad well it says music it says music look. I mean. We're wearing playing. Wednesday 8 AM music but yet. It's Alan egg salad. I don't honestly couldn't it. Text salad too. Seven to 88 line. Not your regular tax on seven to anyone for the thousand bucks at seventy area went to national contest country thanks. Force listening. So into plain don't know and make you listened for an actor Edward every hour on the hour. Salad it's allowed did she spell it probably within. 600 salad there. OK Alan JD. So odd to see now I would then checked bag toss you out you. Bennett yeah just verified and now would you do that story would yet Tex tosses it. This kind of in June in a wide and why they put salad is a word devil Lennon says it's an excellent. Closet. I'm not opt out. Yeah how big that it. Why salad bar India that. They probably run out of words probably random like for example of me but I wouldn't do salad casino dealer hands are my tossing it. Well sure I don't think people think that far in advance sitting there like I ballot that's nice and wholesome now a go pick up a tells you immediately toss it yeah. I'll sell my eyes and chopped salad talent yeah. The that's news era that would be random word and expect from random moment sure chocolate. I'll show caught on its home. Choice. Like. Is this the right Tex lines Kosmas and Alan I'm content and well there's two Tex signs now TV fare. You can text as any time nicest 500 that's our personal. Personal. Show all the stations are Sinai since Pfizer has known me now there's another tax line devoted strictly to what those thousand dollar awards. And that 788. Or. And you're tossing NASA and you're not cost metatags. That. The spectacle looked up and up you wanna win that doesn't know the chicken and talks and a national contest with a lot of competition out there you might as well go really well you why did you. Downturn. And text talk I. Need to. Or you are immediately is a child yeah I mean it's I mean I know I had isn't maybe as bigger problem Clinton because I think probably most people in the years salad I don't know why they don't care tosses the it was like 95%. Of people like Charlotte I enjoy why you liked guy. Haas had. It's south. But maybe it's me I feel like it might be me maybe. As muted tone it down to that man has an impact on our on our I don't know if things. Aren't. Parent anyway I figured texting salad is a huge hit it winds through a lot of god through casing jails yeah. Do it out there always toss. Does verify and if you're out for that if your child is like I am. Had I text you personally Baja. Man is hit me in the right man am getting in my armor. That happened. Yeah I do it and asked Danny. Thank you can't believe I did that and I did say you know the other night. Someone got anger and as united give me your number and isn't meant that now now this evening that it tossed. You've got a job yes it detects Utah's a value human congress. Without you know you're tossing it is should have my not a devil we already have it absolutely birds there. Which is seventy rating of one take salad. Haas is 7288. Now and tags Johnson is deserving like the way you guys can't send those tax yard text line. It's a towels and take an honest and my client wants that means. Well and it's when you take a salad and you pour oil and vinegar dressing or innocent mother in Iran and she's. Then you hear that and to stop that salad is fantastic and good for him. Our right OK yeah so at a daycare. Carry aren't those kids are way. Well I would suspect. And you in those kids sometimes they don't wanna take naps. I see those cops man. I did not know that was gonna end and NT I was there are as you see the I'd like you why are okay cops yeah I couldn't I have no idea how on. They're in they're all riled up hating just. Don't expect him to sleep Perry didn't think it's you don't do at home right expect. And laid out in nappy jerk for well three daycare workers are in charge after distributing. Melatonin. And children to sleep from spreads doesn't I'm more often. Presence is only protocol. Can imagine. Yeah. Well because we're gonna get to toss and then the minute you just gotta calm them. Melatonin is natural it's like. Workers arrested in displays accused of giving children gummy bears laced with melatonin. ABC seven John Garcia live from the northwest suburbs who tells forced John. Robert. A natural supplement often used as a sleep aid but it is labeled for adult use in some parents we talked to say they're very concerned. The teachers at this school may have been giving their children this melatonin. Without their knowledge. Did you injunction to end here you've been around for more than three decades in displaying as they watched thousands of kids in the area over the years. Including two of Giselle or Reyes is kids. But after hearing about teachers giving gummy bears with melatonin before and half time she brought her younger daughter to the doctor to be checked out. My diet and clear that ahead her teacher Chris and and I'm very concerned she I have. They out light conditions that might change and there's some pain. But it's something I expect that I remembered. Always I don't know owners say she might have conditions and changes when she gets a little bit older you know I took it to the doctor to get tagged out for the conditions of changes stop that that's gonna happen and when you take a melatonin. Contacted more than a dozen parents over the weekend after arresting three of the childcare workers here. Police say the three suspects are all charged with two counts each of endangering the life of a child and battery. Both are misdemeanor charges speak who. How is endangering now I can't imagine how that metal container banner image I don't understand and I'm not all I didn't hear everybody's felonies that seems like a little. Seems like insisting doesn't it endangering the welfare exiled him battery. I think that a misdemeanor summons have and I was in preschool my teacher would Bremer backs to leave fell asleep and I have time he's in jail for twenty to life now that. We think it was inappropriate to be giving these to the children. Because it's an over the counter remedy police say the victims who were given the melatonin laced candy were to end three years old. It's an over the counter supplement but is clearly labeled for adults. None of their parents gave permission or or even aware the teachers were doing this. Police believe twelve children in all took the candy insincere commentary and Amazon's. Her lack thereof. Well we every shot since. The school repeatedly per response they have not accepted. I thought. I'll say it isn't a bad drug bad time. Can't Eric's shoulder. Gosh man I B cell France's Amelie imagine that anything that knocked amount. Better that than Benadryl. I agree I mean if you're gonna get a Manny then you don't want to end up like that Portugal couple. Winamp that they had a kid made the kid died in Anaheim down on the active. They put back to legislate across here and they went out and gravity. Insurer that is not OK hello. They were doctors. Or yes they weren't ill so much about the weirdest things like that I would never expect you realize they would doctors say a word the parents were doctors. And they are on vacation and and they had one child or two of them. I remember anyway. I don't even know that it I don't believe it was Benadryl and they gave that and they even against a stronger. Because they're doctors Madeleine. McCann a pattern member name but they around me season in Spain wearing. And I'm mommy and daddy are gone mountain and not their stand out. And then Alison again disappears. Details are dead the ODS your kid means he could go drink wine and the go with your batteries out and after out. There are doctors America that's him implement them and I mean I can Xerox it usually night. You should we now know and since trail leg. Let's even that would be funny if you were wrong and I'm pretty sure that they're there are doctors that's where everybody was so shocked. That's an a physician's yeah gathered militias and intelligent their positions and for some reason practicing Roman Catholics is also in their Wikipedia. Now let's face or is that went. Aren't bankers sure didn't give their kids and Allentown and now who do as those who warrants are going to do with the truck. In this police believe twelve children in all took the candy insincere cam interior and Amazon's. Her lack thereof. We every shot since. The school repeatedly firm response they have not accepted. In the meantime the bad guy charges or of these slob and a guy on TV. He's on target and as microphones are hiding out override. Seven that melatonin prevent other man's remarking confident that button yet and howdy gummy bears and Alitalia number I mean is solemn. They do little militarily though dummies the job. For adults as plainly to have a leverage Shia. Lack. I think ally meaning. I honestly. If my kid went there I'd be super as the idea that she did it again of IQ that I feel as thick. I don't know what I'm doing now she's sick rally yeah. Yeah this nor all diarrhea means she's not doing well and the only smelling ass and then in my job is asking every where I am so over cleaning up dog. To. Pacquiao and he he anything India. At this point. At a higher sat. How does she have any any food left inner. That's got to come anyway what I was gonna say more I got. My nose that's a violator of you needs number what I need Belgium for McDonald's on the right path now for you. I'd rather they do that and again and probably even engagement that I get there had enough though like any add ons that match and I got to but the kids down. I'd rather they do that yeah bag and interact with my child. My crazy eyed as a as the end yeah I'm down. Bad accident you walk away and you need them to be saved if it's melatonin may work out what it. Yeah yeah I'd rather you do an ad and smack in my kid around I mean I would prefer you know I give my his anything that I don't. Say yes to you sure that you don't have my permission. However. If that's where there are there rat. I would feel safe act that makes me feel matters we had us our opinion are the people would take care of our kids more you know I mean I mean in general obviously none of us can afford to pay the more but. I. I agree it is such an important position and so many people have to use. He isn't apt to use it got to ease day care can't survive about it now. EU it's your be on the lucky if you doubt in me if you happen to. Maybe be a stare down person. Or have family whatever it is you are not the majority in your Lackey. Matt really every one his face with. Having got a daycare or use them and want your children. Outside try to pay nine a lot over tabulate I have huge amounts. I'm hoping she doesn't have a knowledge and helping Jeanne engages with them I not share that that even happens right. You know even at that at a high rate at tech. You know be on the phone could yes I had I suspect. You know. I would like their their needs met and I would not act I don't I don't feeling gets a lot Taft. To have your children's needs are met however. And that's how they're meeting the needs Britain's and what do they did it what do they just lose their ass it is yeah I don't know that's after. He would just make she'd taken to the doctor to go for a little changes. Pursue our likens this fight become for entrance. Kids play and if you remember she had to cancel this down. I yeah because she was out for a Grammy in Asia. Sarah she is returning to Casey. Anthony. Error at determine. Mean tickets available. At the Truman more nice inside the NASDAQ comp I suspect. Right here out. Our eye view well I'll let Amare and Florida morning. 1 of the morning what a day. What a life. What's. Watch what I just I don't know sometimes they just some cruising best news and things just make me laugh. Like the guy who tried to smuggle a cellphone and sex toy into jail. Kind of sex toy guy doesn't say I'm very upset he's 39 turning himself into jail for work release program. When they found contraband into so Iran Contra bone contraband. They've found today so people are fine music stories that kind of that batted says I'm asking you neighbors and I'm glad now if people found your sex toys in this embarrassed now. But it never did that way do I go through that door. I do you have a dedicated to our bags you ever want that is how it in play again. At bat the bat found everybody does don't they I doubt. Now I feel like there's that one that could go a majority of the court is definitely long enough it's like hero. It's just hello all I mean it's not I. You're not wander and united tots who don't have that I'm afraid Hitachi everybody needs and it touching a feeling. I need to give and it's not gene Bryan not if it's dodging an outreach Arnold fantastic best save backs ever sat yeah. And a lot of tots Youkilis in the thing I know this is awesome I feel I don't even Hitachi. When you try to attach. It's not g.'s large. It's it's a yeah but it's got that big weird round no light thing yeah I've never users aren't yeah. But I have had people find my toys share. I mean when you got as many as you do amateur are added there are Aaron her editor. Man. I feel shame the main and you gotta fill similar understand just came out. If I don't feel shame like I I had I feel shame. But it feels OK am I. Where you feel a B is Shea Stadium. And after. That after shame wash every wish you could close your Google browser of life. That is he got to get rid of that I asked mrs. yakking and Adam Vinatieri now what do you that it got to watch it. Well sometimes I don't watch I'd tell them next time I got it Jamie I'm spat on just putted a Lang one more thing a maintenance you don't wanna perform brain alana and I. And borrow to do it. Before re stars sure before it happens again nobody wants heat up dirty play now so yeah it matters for sure. Sound. He's stuff this deer that got busted at the contraband here of the cellphone taped his leg in the six story taped to his waist. When they asked him why he brought the item to jail he said he did not have time to remove it prior to turning himself into the jail for work release. I feel like they should be an eye out SX or they've got it taped to your waist you didn't feel you can forget it. I mean if marketed the drug if I'm looking into jail and I find any contraband whatever maybe you know drugs said Illinois doesn't have a jury hands anonymous and they'll lie. The IMF and that opera man and not a red is the Ottoman like the secret place like no that costs of DJ do you get off on your guest coming in putting their feet up a relaxing under Ottoman now I just think thank you master may concern places. Cash. I out I got scared I asked him that. I got there and I have to move his stuff back and forth. When you shift. Yeah because there's only two blazes they do is one like your special plays a young guy you know why today I'm going to the special place in a way out it's more of like I'm not get them full line. Let lists that I haven't you go to the other placed an awful lot of violence. The vendor in the I phone line nobody's. I found batteries are fast you got the process raise Clark picked up cut off adults not not it's will be a day I don't think all right I got a lot has. Holiday here nobody bothered me sir don't call me don't tax me you guys started your group tax it and that was one of those days I was like okay. Quicker texting and trying to master pay out. Mark and I were like many cash tax excited. I. I stop and apologized three times that Texan I kept texting so nobody's home. Nobody's Olmedo got to pick nobody out now to know lay down and then this evening. I'm in a matter of me that's a juror open. He's there collapsed. Common ground ball now. It's coming commercially scooter. I don't have 67965. Carl new opening that was weird chair and I don't like it when they try to mess with success when you got a jingle is stick with them you have it eat it worked it was a creed. He's had some kind of creepy and then it was like Carl all man I'll ask any car now I had scratched your scratch your for an. I've got the Kansas lottery extremely of games tickets as a twenty dollar ticket this time. You're gonna win no matter what no matter what and let's just say I had a golden touch to Daniel day off yesterday. Eureka new thing. And stretches stretcher as you went with meat here. 767 and six call now call. Man are we asking to do a sleeper for a us how. Yeah and I don't. Plan. I don't know if I wanna. Just say his name from whatever it's free advertising for whatever siding company. And all confidence is that you know conjures does that worry about. Call man now I want to do my ringer from iPhone to be like someone is calling now yeah. I you know as I could make if you went around like a local people and just got him to do their tagline like sell back nine cents I would totally perches on that marketplace. One that's a great idea dot com as our Bonnie get oh a weird way he says call. Man I'll have the limit your hemorrhoids anymore. Oh the Angel Mary or stay here and that is. Some that special that money more money with Menard to be a great tax act. Let's raise more money with Menard it's. What was the other and they don't advertise anymore or even open sells his pandering yet they are Dahlia damaging I just heard the other day at a new jingle. You know and I'm those Brothers resist other Brothers there's still they grab big media they wrote that said jingle like ten years ago and stay in the tenth of one of mine used to have the offensive and when he goes on. We plan out. Right. Column may now hit about as. AA uses. The GM this is Larry. Did you see him this concern. All right Candice I scratched your scratch your head at twenty dollars Kansas audience family games they get. And I believe I won his thirty bucks are. Gas say you want and thirty backs and then you have an additional thirty dollars and Kansas lottery I Stanley games it is a scratch on your own time. Plus will qualify for the higher backs and that tips on line. Talk to mark. You'll an outline your ally Aniston. Alcohol. Man. Don't go anywhere. Stay where you are Ted either. Cars are ads. Mayor thank you look at the student. Yeah you gotta nickel I'm an uptick golf app that 10 meter yeah I am nickle nickel sales nickel nickel. I lesion animal on. A recent changes sweeper he should have the majesty sleeper yeah aid steady leader beard Spencer and you've got and tickle on give him a pickle yes. That's it. Makes some good out of these advertisements. Let's talk about is pleased to bring everybody bring five people to the table to Martha K if they overlap blows right by doubts a lot of work. That's how mark does a little bet I don't do our etiquette tip here's what we do we think something's a good idea and we try to plan a show right and it turns into a cluster located the next day break. So right now is not and yeah but tomorrow I think that's a big commitment. Again if it happens tomorrow and Al things naturally it's fine and you and I are so anti planned. You know why you even hate when we have tests and right now or interviews and I usually go great data table and I'm apprehensive they go out. Yeah they usually just now we really good with dinner is if we care if we can't even if we don't care I personally don't care actually we succeed the most I would I would say yes that. Do I am but I like that I like the time yak costs near enough liked in here I was gone well you know that. Oh that's a favorite memories of all times yak off smear enough walking into the studio just common man is not local so he can't be part now he can't I mean. He's still in Branson. I know I think I think being closed that the here and yet he did his own theater. Yeah yeah accounts beard left the area where he was doing his relationship thing. That's what he came in to promote. Man and we immense lobby each other. Yeah OK good we don't hear we're not Indiana Indiana. I. Moved. And a very day.