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Wednesday, May 16th

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I'd tell that your fans like I'd tell you that legendary. Create best. That is the most legendary. Code word of all time. Beef. Gave Def. Bears. Taxed at least. It is 7:2 AM on the opportunity. To turn a 1000 dollar. Vive. You like the bids. Oh my god that that that reminds me and now we have a new top story. About beef now it is reminded me. Of beef. Oh reminded me of RBs. Once. RA when I'm out roasted beef. I mean arteries. Today now I mean and I think IRB's two days ago. Now allowed people so about army knows they have that they have an ad out in those there's like the only RVs that I know love is and court. I think there's an there's armies or Erin Johnson or another guy so is like two armies now personally. And I don't understand how. Rose there and the roast beef is fine it's this it's a French debt that makes Arby's legendary I don't know. Why they don't leave with that why that's not their number one wide as other fastball I get it. Did the Jews while driving around Aso leads I pray. I don't know I Arby's. Isn't more ubiquitous. Blue moon and you know that they Azeri. I don't say I'm not entirely surely ubiquitous in the inning there. It's feels good to say I mean today I can't deny a ubiquitous ubiquitous does that sound again I press him appearing are found everywhere I've act. Yeah good as you've been just more EA is a dead it is a good and that's a you are you never read your words are on. Well that's another razor that I'm not at center and center and its ubiquitous. And curly Fries alone I think. It's not accepting these. For the code word I don't know it's you are you I'd ever repeatedly people are saying it's not leave its best. No way really. I mean I don't I did ironically that's awesome that's not that's not our I mean there are bigger stick my head narrow quick looks I go ask town. Ask another radio station that. We. Oh and yeah as the point people and it. Danny's wearing his Sox they're not I mean science that there are half cap stocks. I don't know I don't just go full. Knee and just where in the half caf. In he's got really long legs may have beaten the and somebody else like a normal size first. It is vast it Aaron didn't play the week. I know you mean a huge deal about it. It's not you don't play. Play that IBM marred. In your area. You. Eat eat eat he asked. Almost an hour for your chance to win a thousand dollar wrong war at its best. I was that says it's not the other. Best Simmons had just tried Baston network Al allow best day it is and that's it's bath. You don't so either aren't second happened word. Make mistakes yeah. And just having him make him a lot did you make mistakes I ideas all the time and time and I am the king of mistake yeah man. And I am sure you really get you need it as strong. Spell check. In now think about your right we always look like idiots we don't need anyhow looking like idiots violently unity. Bill that. The code word is best best beige MS emails summit in just says Ayman again because this happens does. Fairly office if we kept integrity as we did and I knocked out Italian. CIA. Then here's my here's my thinking oh god come out of it I had I. I got out I'm glad I'm Arby's we do Arby's is seen as I'm not. The Buick Le journal with the buzz. The buzz never gets taxes 7 o'clock and all the other radio stations. In me is because early words are on. I now but I want somebody to know that. And okay well I'm it's more cover here ask size saying that makes sense there. Because of the night one now as the ball is not play the past you know the code word that we're doing god help but we're trying to get out at noon right. Exactly lessons and we Moses I'm media. And a little good percentage of the time. It's wrong. Old not a good person and as of the time embarrassed that I. Canada has not dead that's it's a lot that's a lot I I I guess now I'm percent it's now higher says Debbie I may say we could drop a lot will tagging leads sounds good and it feels good that. United and. AA. You're gonna send email. Not me me because I'm asking. As I am I'm wearing your ass that Billy has got a very uncovered meat I have. We gotta we got was best for getting an ounce and the amount due on it is an email a year and the emails bests. Horizontal well apparently we're gonna that you better it needs better answer the question. One Imus is any Mimi what do you better design and interrogation. Isn't going to be used in my Gina Haskell is it going to be me. I cannot say why dean Norris I don't think China because of the forty or not widened sections. Two I deferred gee if not let's Sackett. But yeah I persisted. Oh me Harry. We'll put. Answer the question I don't know earlier army I need to do arteries is no not to me and you Israel's and bill to move forward on our I'll do it. That's what I thought the best is the code word sex tape to 72881. For the opportunity to and 1000. Dollars saris. Back to beef and arteries. I love that place I know you'd hear them I never got there you see give it a different curly Fries alone. Game changer and it's a mocha shake blood Jumbo is every. State now and tell him I don't know it Jimoh OK yes. Zell like Jamaica. It's a bit then that would be Jamaican mocha. Is that what it what did you do I gotta be a Jamaican mocha. It's probably drinking coffee and I can make your what I think arteries. That costs it is that it is it is over I copy cat and a sense rallied to making coffee and mopeds amount. I don't think you make in my think arteries GO. Now what else are you John are seeing coffee I also don't think coffee. When I think army is. I can aren't getting coffee. I think I'm way more into the coffee about Arby's in Jamaica once the emails this nominee I also in the opinion on you please talk about RBI am. But what is it. You know yeah I told. I can't believe that's a real being that's not real I think they made it out. Paris was seven to 81 doesn't Mark Green ice for our main. As as one person I'd probably. Yeah there euros or guys. They euros now again our Vieira Matt Garza being a man down a stealing that is. What sacrilegious. A 100%. Why and Highlander a dupers that you don't know Lindsay tried it. I would never try in a year as an army civil I don't understand the because I gas tank is like the larvae is not the one place it's not we get it. Beaumont and Euro. RVs is the place he undertakes. OK but it's the place yeah oh detail if you don't go there to taste because improper yeah. There's flight as well taste like a year of it doesn't matter is then you're gonna go to make a real hero plays and had the area Mike because it was drizzly hero. Leslie guys don't know what it is could you have ever barbies. Or does it matter I mean no Iranian Arby's and yet every zero you're probably not you don't think you're getting the taste that Greece. Area. Perez sudden out. Every couple months I do Arby's weird meets story Aaron. And that time is upon us again fabulous it's time for a year and signed here armies of weird meet his story to weird me it's story. From our reason or -- your Q1 was a lot meet your grammar. Now venison. Ali and they did a menace that they did apparently it's sold like gangbusters. They know their customers. So. Arby's. As we've been tired they're doing lame. There during lamb and due to land and is it really Liam are reason like why is nobody go out as a reason for. Yeah. Any of the lambs sand wedge via. You want it's the sounds disgusting and yeah. There are many levels. The need to Laramie is the oldest domesticated meet. I'm not saying that it isn't. I'm saying Matt I don't. I don't know man I think sir need to get a handle properly and don't forget lamb is the seat under fourteen month old. Eric Lam is the deal. It uses illegal aliens wired Wheeling and oh Jesus the lamb of people Elam and I don't know why people all eat lamb and a. I besides foreign people oh yeah now they're going for his four and they've going for a greet people Marquette our view is that between the hero in the land. How are they preparing Milan and let's see. These Arby's. Simon Says I hate to admit the bad Demirel has bombed it's. That's coming from a mr. year regular LO I'm. They do. They do Euro loading curly Fries. Think about that. I don't know they play here on the Fries. Yet it for the Euro at a price. Everybody hero on the Fries. The Clinton alama Fries and arteries. Is that. Euros an actual Lam yeah so is the land the heroes. Of then that's a non news story. Read the news story at RB go. I am it's not just the lamb now. It's mixed with seasonings and the youth. Devin if Europe doesn't bagged InBev would layer. That may have. It's selling great euros and let it like going to pop whose but it needs. I don't think I'm a jet you're assailant. Comment that I'm just gonna say. It looks like the debt. What army is making the G best heroes. Except for the lattice. You know lettuce and I think let's uglier that's not a danger and angry. You know play let us and Europe well actually Peter Hayes say hold the lettuce and as saying. Well does that mean that you you gotta future are reasons. If they're going in little I. And now I don't have a few carries I don't eat meat yeah I don't relate you know he had a great it is to do and what an Arby's. They have barely wanna go. Yet it does is already spent in every RB thing about the influence to have. Lendl being there curly Fries. Great being hi Lisa Lam has been made Lamberth all the time and sounds gross written. Even when I eat me ram is so. Potent. And Janie in it is the most potent meet. On the market and kind of behind either meets. I mean I haven't had all the meats OK yeah because you know army's hats all the dates they've caught her hundred yes they got off to me it's yeah. We Brooke from Rick. I've been meeting here a sound from our easily go weak and so granted CA. I'm telling you there's a revolution going on and it's happening. At Arby's. Greek girl craves the RBs hero act act and rerouting all the time out of us. The years and our he's our cost them Newton people want it. Tell me. OK but what about falafel I don't know man like now we're doing what you're out there isn't an armies. Are awesome. This book Diebler Salem is excellent and I would never have I have line. Now I know other part of that sign that said. Row with us. Where's the best year on that KC area Assam and apparently czar is army which is sad is after. Armies we did we do a year or tasting. Mean I haven't had the year on the amount than that no Hala if not why it from the inner area. And a year army Paramount and then any he's my mouth and while. Every time we practice like earth and I'm just sorry about your army I wanna talk about the meats I hope we end of talking about you eating meat. Deli meat lamb meat and doesn't mean. Because. Your teacher. It with the universe really wants you to try this Arby's would you broke out and tally Arafat really thinking about and he Ernie. It's such an issue over everyone in my I don't understand that two other vegetarians Indians have this problem probably. It's ridiculous. We're just I don't know they do you not eat meat. I say you want the need to get the need to get the means I'll open your mouth. For me to say whether you're not one to me why you don't let me tell you are not always been such an advocate for I'm not an ad thinking. It's a now our kids rotting in the air. Ayers stuff for mindset that certainly it is true. Is she says turns indeed true now now it's her okay. That's her as a good tempo. I told are disturbed as good. It's not just lamb now into it say it's that part it's mixed in with the hero. I mean. Of sin here. Our recently led him. Fast food restaurant chain Arby's will soon start selling land heroes year round betting on adventurous millennium goals. According to a food researcher data essential plan is now on 20% of all US restaurant menus. Up from 17%. A decade ago despite thirteen that's agro Americans are extremely proud of hate the meat. Arby's has sold six point much needed heroes in April. Up from six point one million gipper and doesn't have they certainly insist offered these players is expected to fall this year other food chains and eateries are also looking to increase their land offerings. My god Thailand's kind of weird news story is great college Bloomberg. And other reporters city that's soundproof Booth. Pausing every third word edit veggie here it's such a big deal for everyone around me I just don't get it meaning there. Yes people actively hate me and not eating meat it's bizarre it's and that soon room. May hearing here total agree with family land not trying to make EE means. Pick or they can get I hailed as I can as they get off LIK we diseases. Where that matter to you. And I mean it's as the Jesus to get opting out of the burning. Am I know is eat the pepperoni. Anyways I have around me that. Kaczynski is. I remind Davida is orderly disorder app edge Jovian black all of next Ortiz pizza. He would understand that smell transferred. Now. Yet it's like people are actually trying to get me the unique. My children. Phils need to know the economy just Hanoi and which by the way they never deer or is nothing there's nothing in there for you to eat mom that you can't ain't as them he's legally they can NN. Think geez car is why do you care David throw momma are you ever eat meat again. When he did an immediate moment really William meet those later why he isn't a may date is. Today. On. You're still doing that yet totally I tell it you got it you got he got an iron deficiency. There's beds today visited bid is not limited and midget and I thought wow I was Arnaz. It's not that it is you are anemic. Everyone is way over concerned about what may be the same here maybe we're just concerned about any he's bank you're anemic. You're tired you need iron. I'm exhausted I amateurs are then I am breezing. It doesn't fire also lean period twice a month and I exit as that that are as lot of blood loss. Flags drop and that's. Right oh what it here. And Tom watt it's nothing. Now I'm not I did so I am not I didn't say it to a younger. I'm not it's stress ass all maybe now hopefully I mean doesn't matter. Does being on that wraps I up. My family thinks being vegetarian is just not eating red meat. And I mean is do you view of I don't understand if you love me and airy why you'd be the I don't love the eyes are imprisoned I know I love daring psalms now. Mean not any break in dialogue and you know. There and choose. Love dogs here good lags in diagnoses. Now. I had no idea anything goes he's now I like those he's and I Savannah I cow's milk after a minute duties. And a reform account you. And go to potent land on that stuff too much loved it at home though there. To now home those two events. Those it's too thick with the way house candidate Al L aren't here are happy that you present. Well I'm mag covers the you know RVs dominated the news today what am I supposed to get immediate hearing and hear everyone's always it it's either veggies so and are paying a. Meet at ten area. I hate that when you kind of like your IILEI. Now believes that cell. I intended to be vegetarian revealing made sure to make my favorite leaves every day for the first two weeks thing. UITV. This is why can't Jack see you at. And that the many it's a funny. It's needs. I'd move. I didn't feel assailants. Never been acting Oscars and there. You don't need to supplement if you're a vegetarian and EM sun than whole idea pro team. In others protein in veggies. Not really death there's. Proteins. All kinds of veggies roads are ringing in veggies whereas I believe it's been a jazz routine say absent. There's ICM protein and landfills and the know that an tags there's plenty everywhere in that anybody ever has that worked yards and I don't raiders of Mayo like. Hey check this out spinach is high in protein I mean should there the last day. I don't have to caddie is moving just eating meat thing get four grams of protein right. There's plenty of pro team and vegetarian MV and I sentences I guess either the atom bomb and there renter is that there's little bit of that I'm sailing can view you know does Nat like Al craven now say you guys he told Lou I don't interpret them. Now and Len titles like beans and Lima beans and a brother while the rest and b.'s. Omens. I likened only small seeds deal because no real us deal cut oatmeal people I got an idea. You know is still cut out of people. Have loved to tell you about their steel cut oatmeal. It takes on him a matinee I got a whole conversation for some poor bastard. Waiting to happen. Make steel cut outs yet takes tournaments where it got some gluten. She's there are worried about what means going down Anthony's fears he's not been exactly. Bingo the balance. No that's not how well that's the highest density isn't valid. Person. Rural. Here. Bare hands. On the buzz headlining prom this year yeah florid cash is on the down. Symbol. Yeah on the now where is Jeanine Morley. Is on the now axes decides for any amount as a daily hand. Colin are prostitutes as they had. The reason though it's up what you need. And I was trying to be professional trying to be professional. And trying to light have everything done. But before I get there brain is time for once I grant your hair down. You know practice and do you know any means. I mean I know what anybody says so I I put off responding to those like god this is getting real. Yet outbreak started vote god and so can I just say went from hasn't where. That it is a Saturday. May 26. So on a couple weeks and it's going to be at the lounge and hear this right. This is first timer doing that there are right and so I Plaza Hotel you know and there is 101000. You know way of us are very annoying for 2000 dollars that you could Clinton did you sign up for a just before coming to promise you. And you don't want that's fine you don't have to about I mean no friends or there and leave it turned away and breath in particular idea great idea I that he ran on a road check away so. And right back in and about the idea aria outside and saw that a hundred dollars slot machines I think tank come see today news. Out of Genoa is this I know I go. Oh that seems like a lot like he'd just say well I don't know where I'm gonna be any to figure out you know I have the answers than. You want to answers well not like what you think putting on a production and I might be I need to know that it's possible. And space. DUD Jing I mixed greens that that's longer work. That's why is about to zero advances and amid these sad events that magic can happen at any time it doesn't matter where when you are so finally you know I think it's happening I'm very loudly and growing their eyes they're iPad dammit if centric as mine might. Yeah nobody I money involved in looking bad and because I have my own ideas right shirt and then everybody just ignores me and dogged era like I'm like OK what about this may and hey they're unsure. There are free and available here just ignore ignore you know are and I'm just like OK you know I've. Hands up I lied clearly nobody cares what I think. I like that guy about. Out at a Mets on the new beaver Superman has his own I'm talking about. And I numbers don't don't people working here at and I'm not even if I would email to be able lap leader laundromat and get maniacs and I was asking for a 100% I'd like I like Jamal and explore ideas with the grand I got to go meet him. You just want one on one time with the voodoo lounge basically just because I know dinner TU XLR apps and I'm fine yes he does need to go see iron to go you know Dini making contact and contacts. Hey man you got to pay what time it lunged Eva Mendes liked it. Maybe you can have comedy my name now I am that your monthly and fifty grand a month you guys give waited for it to grant also. Yeah. If I can promise may 26 the do you do lunch. Details available and I seized by the NASDAQ I'm dressed to impress people are asking about. What you could Wear our commerce okay carries a game and may I mean it depends on my high Iraq and it though. The we can't say that any leader okay are out there either of them wearing converse. Usually congressman gene in dresses pertinent since we've been doing that shirt and brace yourself for the death I'm green and. I don't think that's what he's here that happened that it happened last night. Are running there we acted just like we run through music. Into a getting ready for primary any Al Gore staff there. They're really putting a lot of work and I now more than your regular job that's ruled its okay. Now it's true I said it was that's so I think that's not a coincidence probably that word more and more likely sure. Yeah I did to adapt our agreements so that our MO did you do then there's Romanians now present in a guy that. I think I'll another daycare as scary as. I was a line he can anointed goods to Georgia this no I don't beat you were worried if I am not worried about it wow. Being manipulated the gap you may get away goods period there's something. Different and and sure of. Childish Gambino on the buzz. I like this is America I get and I go tell your soundness and the now it's just like I mean could've and you have a few years ago. The die like it did you hear about the lady that did this is America's women and it. Okay itself does America. You could say. Our cultural moment for sure all right I mean it was like. V it's still the top how many times have intersected. You know it's it's. Everybody talk about it. Donald Glover is. Just in my era right now right now whenever he's touching any thoughts right now totally absolutely I'd just lets the Teddy Perkins episode of Atlanta. Member Teddy Americans now. Ameritech ticker this. Season to. As at the Michael Jackson I'm telling you about Obama finally finds that Americans. That was so weird is at this. Was it not weird yes I told you a super weird I mean is that SNL he did was great and very these integrated military targets I was scared as slow as I was scarier and get out that was a scary episode of Diana. I am Angela true horror movie yeah and that show Atlanta is amazing. A load paper war. I am highlights you've ruined his faith news. Is great bid to the barber his face did you see the next episode after that though with paver going. And am gonna but the girl always they were stunned and they just kept getting racist things ever to them now now Panetta now the now. Anyway and now I I'm a fan of downed bomber this this rather being childish Gambino. Weather being comedy whether it be Atlanta which is. Funny and then not funny and at all in earning dances. Really and using Danny Lee how much I am IR. So. As the only I started its season two which is weird that no idea what happened and he's a money neither log in here who. On. But the first episode I was like why is he had me watch this yeah season right here seasons you have zero I don't but then I was late. I could not get enough of that I can seemed everything that was on demand. Really shortly Daria it's fantastic it's good ads are really a braves know he releases his. America and then like inevitably it's going to again. Parity or copied or duplicated. I mean you you saw the Carly reed Jackson remake sonet. She read it out she didn't have somebody put crime rates have some underneath it and it weirdly six up. I fell to little Sunni and then but then somebody released this is America the woman that that's a cab and a. I just. I don't get why we Coolio was upset we're down now. You marrow could it was meant a weird having exit fairest. He bought yeah you vermin can remember really doesn't really upsets them and I get it now. Now that I've seen this video over this is America now I understand are okay. That income to step. It's. I'm. We need mommy. Any minute it's easy ones. In any. Well he wins half the. I news. And that is my. We need mommy yeah. America. I'm you know you. And he's now. Americana I don't even my yeah. You gotta restrain. Is getting an. Easy isn't America. Anyway so accused going like that. Souza looks People Magazine. Set about us. I you know you messed up in People Magazine is already talking about your video. Break it you immediately released after this is America re easy to star in comedian nick call armor has been heavily criticized after releasing her own version of childish Gambino is powerful video. For a song this is America. Arbor dubbed her version the woman's NA and was promptly slammed for co opting or work which examined the black experience in America with many calling her videos. The white woman that anger and. Think it's a bad idea if the bad. Things about it it's a bad idea yeah and whether or not you understand why. I feel like if people are saying it's a bad idea. You should bring. I. I think it's right as I mean while women's rights. Are no joke. I mean it is also a very serious thing in America I understand China's W project that don't take is yes. Version. What it's like to be black in America casts. Is that also. There's a thing in America aired during a lattes than Harris. Simmons Asia Latin Americans Canadians. On the it be okay of the zeile is politically charged that it is BES apparently says some. I mean. Is she she's a comedian any answers are yes a bad idea I mean I'm not ours. Ever to raise bad ideas I would move. I charity that's on not trying to pound true. Noonan Noonan error that is a Noonan Noonan yeah. I wouldn't. I just think it's disrespect and all I did get better right UK at least it's disrespect bone because. Add to means is really disrespect and how long until we get the Ben Shapiro version. You know yeah it's it's a that's I think things to suspect. I am I think sometimes. I just. I mean I don't know I'd just disrespectful and it doesn't help your cause doesn't help his cause. Everybody in that video not one person give a lot of people in the video yeah now one person was like oh hey. I was thinking this might be a bad idea break we have them I guess I wouldn't have sent. Man I don't know yet we. I have it right in half and maybe I would have such a bad idea and put it on you do but because I'm too lazy blaming and you June's out there is bad are glad that you're that sure there's that bad idea that I am lazy and yes that I'm just too goddamn lazy you can scratch to use a backlash may compared me if you're. They are blamed for crass Neeson and lazy and as would never. Get me to do that. Deed to a makeup heard him and then you're right if I ever did make the parity which is highly unlikely lively you get even more on my way Japan and I'm used to. Look what that level of public event Vic V well you do have FaceBook live. Instant grim story what do I do here I'm confused you've matched a beer dogged and I'll do it and then like six months ago via. Right facilities. Right and you tell mark to do they really appropriate. Right I don't care for them. I am damn bat I didn't realize it was parity didn't have gotten so much attention and yeah it was the name of the artist appearing each house camino. America nick. He heard Boone. Carrying on as people are asking you whether that it is the video was so she did compare it. I this does these funny. Now here doing better her statement I am pleased because I'm confused I still like because the south like that the way I would handle it hurt our list of what my intent was to be like. I needed terrible mistake this obviously is a bad idea I should have he I don't know who she is as someone says she's trashy was on a couple of years ago. Who that as and for fat shaming someone on a plane. She does anything to get people to talk it just makes her money says somebody else. So how many dollars challenge. And so and to people like her I don't think so listen listen to what she said to partner. She says it's. Or does he said the the video is a thought in cheek to give additional glory to what I believe is the most impact full piece of art in recent years. I don't think don't vote needed there. Now he did not mean your house and wound up doll lovers got everything covered right now yeah in his life and and every aspect. Whether being his music career with challenged Gambino which he's been doing for years. Where BI. His own amazing shot. On FX Atlanta and that's fantastic. Whether be in out his comedic genius I think that's what makes Atlanta so good TO. Is that. While truthful. Interest seeing. It's funny TO. We see him in subscriptions. Yeah how many subscribers is that. I mean you know you find them. You've got or you'd you'd think in general stand there it and today and chip and let's not touch. I'm just riser and my god don't give me one isn't this the easy route of fat streaming video says she did have that Jamie video. She has over thirty million views life time. I know many analysts say subscriber first. Test. Someone get this place and tied pines. Like we're off fining. For each other Christ are making some new man or minority better than the other we're in this together. Don't disagree with you. Somebody wants his film but I think it depends on who doesn't. Well I mean like obviously this person is on the right person to do that here and I do you agree there you know we. If you take all the minorities to separate asset. And you know if you're not a white man now all of your a minority. That doesn't mean that we shouldn't Foster respect amongst everybody caress and since I and that I just think that's disrespectful I you know. I. One of the more Colombian and only now. It's unfortunate. It's fine and his client well OK you know but my experience is not any one of Donald lovers or a person dollar in America and right in my experience as a woman and speak on what is or isn't I. I'm here right my job to listen and write that. Not this vast is now Jesus. Try to make money off of our rural. I and being disrespectful. And so today buddy had tried to be funny I heard I'm an idiot for. I that's dad is my apology for my life to all of you as well. Pretty much okay are are areas anyway and Joes can be you know some of its. I can do Leon bridges and I'm bad bad news give me arrive I think that is great in anything I say after this. Line it's no. It has nothing to do what I think about that's I think that's always a race. I think I was listening to his new album yesterday and you like you're writers newly numbered and I loved my listing is. And you like listening Leon bridges is an area vendors and I'm no dummy offense is big ceremony buzz so our last night's. And it's just nicer out it's not a democracy or a mere and it comes on. And like we play the beginning of that again for sir in all I can picture is. She can somebody on a lot now and again I'll pick Syria. Some nights it's so large. Playing on the line hello. I come on and I was just blown away it's. Because of that chip man. We don't mind if we get a little dent. Preaching to. I made some day. Handle injuries Sheila. My parents. And his his guitar part and this is like your TA out here. I think I'm you know land and rove and I silk road DNC now us now that's not what I could leave animals right here. If you. The new. Q did you get. It's a base by about a case by the way ask Paul. Do you do you do you mean didn't do it. Damn that's amazing. Now if I really amber is I love that song for you don't mind if I. Leg. This is yours this is the opening two of Ventura on FX IOK got you they don't say sure. Sharp like down. There have. He didn't sound like the mine is Panama. By Dan hails. In yours. Okay. There'll be in Leon bridge his baby boom generation. Yeah as you put on this newly number it is now on. He really made amazed I mean the type of people who would make babies Giuliani bridges will be making babies Mellon nylon now need any fire or is that Sudan. The you know I've got a back at Arlington is a reason army embody a huge large cheap backpacking. To take on wonks who me no load would do if get out that car you tell a backpack on nuclear I've pretend like I am I here. I don't engineer manager client had tons. I think we're ahead so hard today in the Dodd thanks digs in advance of the human race is on its. I your way home. You realize that led until. Together before it's come NC had him into quick trip the and he's yours at the ladies' restroom. Larry nice video I maybe not any time I'm going to be smooth game. The Leon bridges out of his way around in the Arctic Monkeys dollar reserve. And the Jack White combine adapt so. We should at least give that a little credit you get home that whole album is far superior than anything else that I've been looking forward here. Which is shocking to me and it out it is I'm shocked. That so many other albums are so far superior to you other albums that I am disappointed and sound. William bridges got plays and holding number it is damning inducing news you get home. People seemed like you realize you don't have any mixers for your vodka. So users started straying away from the bottle. Lionel is definitely this is your music out all day Allen yeah our our grass. Yeah I'll stay out for. That's Giuliani manages. And here's an old Leon bridges you know I did a Christmas show for us. Member and me. Member now married member. Here apparently marry her memorize and Lambert is because there's only you remember remember that irons do you remember that you remember I remember it. Stop playing that Leann interment pennies found anytime. Lead out. So pennies and Natalie you know warriors offense or wakes up in the morning that detect another black out rules that ban. Johnson the car when the same pot so just I'm not I'm. Why aren't exactly tanner light dampers cigarette today and. OK okay yeah. No I don't. I email questions comments Jesus is here is planned. And you can feel them place their ads are actually my levels and I'm not yeah. You little pigs and that it's. Our Mary Nolan doesn't. Never killed anybody and did anything now. There. You know yeah I mean it's time. I think they get America to have a good few founders sold GM Brian wide shoulders. Drugs wife is not white. They're getting Browner every day. Danny yeah. Do tickets do struts Thursday. At the German. None my boat but I am. Sure we can get some. No giveaways and stretched take. Some highlight the need stress. I think I mean I am shocked more than anyone. Well play that coming onto the plane the chairman Thursday night we will have tickets I promise Downey yeah what goes on in the world. You know. That sound thing I haven't done I yeah having do something but this laurel or Yani is is way better. OK I promise we'll then we should save the way better for a last note that thinks those sent out I got an audience dwindles as time goes down on. So we'll do the laurel and Giuliani coming out I did not elect you know. I just haven't heard they had I feel like I'm the only one in the world ethic great it's a four's fine why do they coming us we'll do it coming up it's a forced thing. In Mission Hills that's known for began. Where retrieval and yet yells it's like. Mixes. So you shall respect for Larry EC and he he's more news talk about mr. Nelson Mandela is like has its well it doesn't sit at their daughter Sammy and has an overlord is. Now they come and not seen it I've seen them on Nissen held so that's what they do this they don't see him they do because of rich. Rich people don't shoot me. You. Name it. I mean I don't know what the hell that I am and I don't know any area but she's I mean it to others. To like I hang out with them orally can hang out mission has. Because I'd shoot out they got a problem though. So I'm really sorry to hear that they have problems admission knows. I've it'll give anything to have their problems and visit though NASA makes this story like so much better I can't because it is a glimpse into missiles struck problems. So they have dog poop stations. Barbara mission known as dodgy pot. Okay stations all over must start seeing Dan when it gets warm there's some dudes. Who are cram in tons of dog crap. And there are into the dog putts stations. I mean how do they know people are doing hamburgers maybe there is just dogs doing it and then many dot gluten. Admission a lot of problems so what is dumping large amounts of dog waste in disposal bins along popular walking trails in that area so it sounds harmless strayed even kind of funny but it's actually illegal and it's costing taxpayers money forty when action news reporter on risk Gutierrez live at the scene now with what this serious said. The city says is its biggest problem on race. Down Mike these doggy pop stations or an amenity here in Mission Hills for dog owners like myself here we Charlie Cooper you walk off you take a back and you put your dogs are wasted it here you don't put out but the city says that there are certain individuals war taking advantage of this park. People in Mission Hills take pride in keeping their city manicure and Christine. In doing so there are more than a dozen of these stations across the city where dog owners can dump their pets quakes to. We have a little bit of problems with folks just sort of back here nearly curbs so that's whether they're in the first place to make sure everybody's got us. All right. First up over blowing earnings growth. He's been spot that's when we have those packs that are in the first rich people want also takes walk along a lot of old island. A unity but however the city wants to talk to these men who they say are abusing the system. Security cameras have caught them on several occasions cramming as many as thirty to forty bags of dog waste into these containers. I don't understand it's bizarre complete. Didn't understand that this is luck as always. If I'm walking around and I don't get to a dog spot I don't wire trashed CNN throughout the dog waste away so I'm baffled by NASA. Unharmed the city the problem began around Thanksgiving into particular spots. Then over time the man started hitting different stations even putting the dog whooping grocery bags just thorough the city off the set. Which I am glad to carry out to me stop this very maybe they're picking up all the dog poop that people don't pick up. Because I don't care how convenient this city face a professional who skippers like they're open scoop in people's arms and a dump it and for the public to deal with. Out while that's what you have there and it doesn't say this isn't for business says my theory is what if they're just good citizens. And are just cleaning up here but they're probably not well what if they are how do we now we don't. And you have a tube station you. No the groups I don't know the two people I don't know the European song weirdest little late you do you know who now can help magazine editor and her husband have. However that he believed in hanging out. And then giving your Anemia that haven't you yes you do you have yeah. Top singing I mean we don't. Panic. Anyway what it there'd just it is a poop station you cannot make rules up. For the troops stationed. Kooky kids in this city there in the city it is made up random more balls guy. It's for a dog to you or proven general like Aaron opens their own they knew. And have a place to do. At least they're putting the true way. Suddenly design. Waste these guys are showing up with the city believes they're professional hoops Cooper's I think that what they're doing is very strange and I think it's a survey and and the balance you have to mom to resolve it is to put them out of business. Maloney then you see something nice. That's okay because they shot cuts are really telling him and that using the mind that lady wants them put them out of business. Yes and you want to. But I'm not there. I had the that funny thing about this is like the disconnect between people who live image hills about this issue and Mike is the night the guys like it's totally bizarre look. You gotta do you gotta do in life if you don't live Mission Hills and sometimes that involves Shelvin giant bags of poop. Where they belong but in excessive amount. It's great text line and the people pals they're really slamming their warheads are those left. Think relay GAAP I mean principles are. I mean it's not bizarre is not being able to Drudge has easily imagine a man that's been our bid for pop out to bizarre. By the attacks like. Yeah if the men are called the city can ticket them for illegal dumping. It's disappointing that somebody from another neighborhood gonna come in and fill them up when I. Our neighborhood and stop them being from another hot I think ballads from another neighbor because nobody permission you know did your doctor and not even smell admission no. From the center that (%expletive) and it's someone else zinni. Yet now GM. Deal mean for people do you that would seeming Kenya's smelled a poor people. He can smell the poor people can't yet I mean it probably TI and they probably developed it. Right over generations. I feel like maybe Iraq I mean I feel like they'll like it's. Or person. There's of workers and their mission now is art color alerts it smelled like it's out. These dot putts are here for us neighborhood to keep our neighborhoods clean so it's disappointing. The city says if you recognize though we know if you need to get look at we have their pictures up on our website if you recognized. You know I. You know I don't. Tournament. I mean. Do it. Let them deal with the extra poke. OK I'll break point tax line. Anybody in the metro area that's hiring a doggy trooper's trooper and then if there's anyone that's doing it it's probably people that live in Mission Hills they're screw the percentage wise it's got to be Mission Hills they have if they're troopers Cooper's yet how many people can put back sought trying to get a I don't know what that costs. Higher to pursue personalities and they do Milan market Paisley claiming doctor I think yeah over the group. I eventually goes away it doesn't. Doesn't I have to I that the worst is that you chop it up any bigots like all broil. It's not. I ran over some soft when he says athletes that I just on the blades now the summary heats. Yeah it's this and does not go away I thought I. And I was like why is my aunt Miley largely dog (%expletive) attitude because. My dog ass is an. And that's why humanoid. I and I know and I can't do that I got taken out but I pick up my own two. You do but I got she finds now my dog's poop and pick up my own dogs. Open the arbiter. And I get rid of it. I think you're right tiger's deisler relied on the chassis this is Mission Hills dog who collected from the yards a Mission Hills. That's worry does do you think very credibly take me because. I don't understand are there. There's no rules in the dog potty stations. It's it is for dog crap it doesn't state that it's only very your resident there. Literally. Three or four substances that are lower on the totem pole of like say sorry or thank you cannot plays rule on disposal I batted apartment people dumping them troops are there. Not. Yeah during dinner blooper over here. And you're just seeing and. They were live on the scene what news station is that Obama and Allentown 41 live on the scene in Mission Hills cans that caused them there is a dime to new problem. Emission held Kansas isn't done there's a die on me now and I don't mean Syria. Oh really kill all the red suit by oh yes I do. I'd these people as you're having no grasp on reality and. Little bit of problems with folks just sort of back here nearly curbs so. That's whether they're in the first place to make sure everybody's got a spot got here imagine living a world where there's a problem and you can solve it like Vanilla Ice instantly. Lights are out there people are dark moniker let's put up the dog who face. What's it. Poor people's dog poop smells worse than rich people's dogs they've done enough. However the city wants to talk to these men who they say are abusing the system. Security cameras have caught them on several occasions cramming as many as thirty to forty bags of dog waste into these containers. I don't understand it's bizarre. I now understand that. It's been the heart everybody's kind of and I am in then. Sees this story this is what the story does and I agree wholeheartedly with the tax sign I kinda wanna pick up all the darkly from my area and drive ripped from Kansas City, Missouri. To a Mission Hills doctrine spot. I wanna do the same chance we won't because we don't encourage that at all now but that. This story makes me want to do that says those like storm in the best deal of dog poop frankly this is ridiculous yeah. Yet these ear problems yet you are correct the problems again if you'll probably get it like man. You know yet. Mean yeah it's an everyday complete disbelief if I'm walking around and I don't get to a dog spot I go to our. Trafficking an intro the dog waste away so let's give you a gold star. Being at. Their public. Dog poop. Garbage bins. Throughout the neighborhood you just see a right. It's going to snap off regardless about mountains now maybe you did not think about the Mission Hills when did I know your rich in you got money and you think. You know every goddamn thing. But the truth of the matter is regardless. Of the amount of due. You have to wild dog poop release station stir up your neighborhood. That is going to smell whether it is one pile of poop or does it. It's jock yes in dog ass smell all's. Whether it's your dogs or a pooper scooper is dog or anybody else is doc. Now maybe. I would get on the city for not. Emptying out fast enough. That south needs to be emptied out on a daily or else. You're going to have approved smell problem in Mission Hills I know it's hard to believe. That Mission Hills smells like too many times right I hit it and it and yet you and your dog proved Asian GAAP. It doesn't matter it's not you really had they have the cameras. Have you got these illegal dumping dog and. Absurd kick. Star is three did. This is. There guy in his you know again this oh beyond the inner reality is that change won't think it's sister won't. And the best way to to mom to resolve it is typical modern yeah that's. Say something is on dates the need it and see. That's the best way to resolve it is that somebody out of they're assuming it's Cooper's dupers. Lake. People at would you ever eliminate what a low threshold of revenge that this lady happy we need to put a lot of big this hour. It BER he's not gonna be his broker peace that you today at your house. Teases Curry's well. Dog poop smells. Period. Get rid of the dogs stations that. What you're got is really simple. Get rid of your dog poop stations. And I got an idea it doesn't matter. Who's jumping how much. The best way to to calm to resolve it is to put them out of business. You can hear or see something nice soup. So I think that the way I can. See curry all. She's crazy which I need ever and I don't hate anybody. You hear your voice who hired to do and they and I bet she's another horror part of Mississippi. I Gerri CNN bids is an important part of reason though. Like she's almost in a barrel and it's our. I got an X you've just like she pulled away. That's what I'm. Told endorse something nice. We went out and sweeper plays I don't think so you know I. Why it has been CU. Suez on to resolve it is to put a lot of. Yeah. Could it. Little car it's pretty nice man eight and me. I see you could live Osama burger and it doesn't agree sentinel. And I urged. Her. To an amount. You know because their jobs so glamorous so. You bid. Yeah they're stupid not originals dog do. You could. Have to clean your own dogs move right start right there and we'll be compensated probably done enough. Ted clean your dog food and you still look at what about a bit yes I elected. Will then they're dying for me while they haven't ABC parent could put that. Yeah and let's take money they don't apple may give them the city again haven't missed a. According to the city the problem began around Thanksgiving into particular spots. Then over time the man started hitting different stations even putting the dog whooping grocery bags just thorough the city off the set. The amount of dog waste these guys are showing up with the city believes they're professional hoops Cooper's. I think that's what they're doing is very strange and I think it's disturbing and ensure the best way to too calm to resolve it is to put them out of business. Maloney then you'll see something nice. The men are participants. Get them to illegal dumping it. It's disappointing that somebody from another neighborhood gonna come in and fill them up when is your job track. If there yet. We believe them severe professional pooper scooper in look at him you can just see they're not from mission Els. I guess thing produces little newness he does or not one scene hers and now lives in mission else. That has a sense of humor. Anyone. There's got to be one of yeah. I believe there's one idiot and probably just. Has a sense if you are watching her for us in the neighborhood to keep our neighborhoods kind of that there aren't what aren't that's. But I'm very different than what the game. The availability of how good luck with Dudley than ever we needed to our gospel yeah. These pods are. Kirk. The city says if you recognize that we know what you need to get. Well don't don't don't tell me has been in please for the love of god don't turn the two candidates that I mean I can't believe as it I mean it I don't know. I don't know. I think this says. Would that needs to be in a sweeper. I'm sorry I don't belly eighty. Has to be in a sleeper my tournament. It's your race this is better than I Yani Lauro until the act and that there is you're right you're right. And this is wireless and hear enough but it's still a long time since rich people of done something really stupid locally as and I I mean so grateful but what that they are so detached from reality. Whereas when it breaks through it is just numb yeah. Okay that's about the degree of stratus froze fibers are try to find a mountain. I'm off. I am you download my line. Sorry. Robert to lying playing beach volley is here. Tickets available each talkies feed back com. Cannot see what's going on this week genie or those last night mark what. I wanted to go but I couldn't Gaza powers that. Who's great and played 25 songs. Six bleed American. That's by the amnesia download them out I think that's my favor are off clarity. They did they were a day Arab that's awesome that's fantastic now I saw lots of video and pictures and Jim it's amazing. I assume he got age he never gave up. He looks amazing. Like he did the first time I saw him he looks really really gotten. And they sound great live TOR a C Jimmie Earl was last night destruct our Thursday. At the Truman and so it's a good week for shows. We nice weather around town we have some. A perfect circle tonight in Columbia. We have tickets for that and wants those. Yeah what we do those along the way starts tomorrow. But I plan on playing the straw it's only a templates are okay well if you want tickets to a perfect circle in Columbia tonight and you feel like making that drive. The are plenty of time to come to get the tickets. I 767965. For that there's more devious instructs Tamara here are the strengths which are adamant denial here as a one night only these are the stripes at the chairman tomorrow have a great day.