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Wednesday, May 23rd

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If you hold on the power button and everything hurts it's as frustrating that I know of I don't understand. Well he just sneezes in and out man and a and have more legs and now I wanted to work life is balance. Yeah nine balances. Hanging and I you wanna be the year that ban us of electronics. I don't love electronic one they gonna snap your fingers and eliminate half the electronics in the universe. I just have a hard time and time in a single I dot manners they don't like me it's he's initiator of like you either of your life. It why everywhere it's. Good fit into that that that. I grew and talk man. And I communicated to computer and let them anyway worldwide. Way. Hey. You yeah we're gonna I'm not happy this way. And I I mean I had no party or problem an event and eight. Talent she's an hour I'm missing and like it's not a team is not like I'm hurting him right well I mean you don't know. I am and that we have away if you hear me out. ROK. Led if computers are alive. I don't know okay. I down now again I figure and if they are did you ever sleep in this drags on and ridiculous. I guess I've seen those movies. Where the brain holes not thirty computers. Now and then their eyes how corny you weird and I ain't seen those movies. Well million boxes. You say he's seen those movies world. Where people are talking computer. I think as she tiger Matthew broader war games. And video aggregate Barnett. And Ryan not Ryan does make them. I. Am so. Variants that. See your definition of handsome hold on easy and like every movie and he's not a superhero. Joaquin Phoenix senator. He was computer that we're doing and a because there is on the scene and I and other ruin now yeah I mean that stood area called out I'm holding up our Biden. And adding. All right. Anyway. It's do or not tearing owners. It was and then I turned a long and wouldn't let me was like for residency or return empowerment and touched on how broad yeah you're gonna have talks apart or brought rolled around you have you tried turning it off and turning your back on again or else we'll talk it's always my number line that I know I have allies ironic and the first go home. This is that earth moved in the end of things. Our guide maybe that person who was hitting it into the gym or play. Does a little slap just the world so just a little bit you've been nodding yeah not Q school. Is his name Brian. Look who's in La land. Right jostling yes Ryan Gosling is enemy hands. With a dirty computer Diaz yeah are now that's what came Phoenix. My dad's main reason our reverse. Well and there are Lockheed. Is liking me soon. And she's like we can't do this. Her he easily could hit this matter remember they're grossly. We kansans. Like the series do bear yeah I watched the first ten minutes immediate I want I always wants a little bit and then I. Realize just as stupid does yeah. Yeah MIT Ryan around Europe are not rang castings and another one reason or another line. And now on target a Will Smith is a robo one minute I don't know if they get sexy. In AI. I don't know they bang and a Aruba. Does not. Whose owners are Iran and president George Clooney movies about. People following and I mean it happens the members more than you take what the movies yeah. I think there's more than wind weird what teams see this movie mean. I hear is that I can't borrow would you count weird science. I not do you mean I feel like they use. A duties as he sees lightning in a Barbie doll rent. May I pay down now I don't know NIC weird science and dizzy this first vote for electing to have those AM Keller the Brock. Yeah at times his fingers and then Tuesday you've had to have seen weird science I did that and it sounds stupid as about two boys the yes and a yeah I skipped the OK IRA and Aaron I'd. As I mean you see weird Scion. I mean they valley girl we're watching the different things in not. Universe well you've resize and way more universal and oh okay that's why I don't bring up valid Iran and I know that okay you're bringing up weird science. And be good Wyatt. Now people like whoa oh we're sorry rooms. Anti black bill I'm busy hours and about. Exactly deeds dead you need to be loud and your movies and it moved at least since. I PE easy hell look and wow. Did a year he's ahead of letting now. He's that person I care about why do you care about Bill Paxton 'cause. A weird science and all the other things he was again. I twist or do leg Apollo thirteen I watched that. He's an yeah him Kevin Bacon nobody knows. Apollo thirteen. People though Houston we have a problem. OK. Yet OK and yeah Alley. Next jelly. Is 72881. For your chance to win a thousand dollars two dollars yeah. A. Are you surged jelly yeah I. It says these again I Zelaya is how insects. And I saw what it's sad on the tax. And I thought that word Camby is again. The B Tuesday. Doing is another word again. It's RNA it's our facility tax valujet redneck irony service and jelly. Seven zoom out a line. Janet. And Janet Dillon CNN NN NN it detects it ascendancy of being able and Jim agenda. CNN. Hey ours is always on beef it sucked Colombia's stock on beef. Does anybody work here. Beef. Biffle those bills now that's number of but jam and jelly instead it ended and Mandela they are so much news is spent. Feeling woeful. Yes towards. The future and the president down every now and then. You get a good sir it cuts through and that's just even a little bit different than you used to which makes it just a little bit sweeter Erekat. Upon us forget. Yes they got quite a bill that TV news. Right quite the bill that error I it's what you got. I kid a teenager won a scholarship. For caddies. I grabbed a damning and then he can do that. I didn't need to do that either I could for that kid it's an opportunity. That's definitely the case for young man we recently found carrying the bag on a golf course. Reports that bunker apparently. Meaning. You said it. Massa Italy in magnitude yet. It is often a golfer's best pre and over the last four years. Eighteen year old Javier contreras has been just that to hundreds of golfers at Indian hills country club. He admits as a high school freshman. The game of golf was like a born like. My first wrestling coach he told me about a program that. Could offer me a scholarship for college and at a time I didn't really realize what a scholarship was I said one analyst right. That's scholarship a chick Evans scholarship work the full four years of tuition and housing at a school of the recipient's choice. For young Javier contreras. Carrying a bag has definitely paid off. And for guys like army air corps you know great students. And they degree Jeff caddie and they have I promising future. I hated it affords them an opportunity go to college and the thing I like about the program the Moses and. I I like hobby here. I like either you that was like a foreign language and I as the all right that's like the plot to caddie shack is and it's. He's trying to win these trying to get the scholarship to go to college. For caddie. Guessing caddie shack remember. Now. Let Maine Teddy says not to deeper reference I feel lightly that's holding it in the movie the caddies are yet winning caddie turn. But here he's just must be this amazing thing ray and K made good money right of years ago getting. I have no idea like what is really out of my around I don't golf. And Indian hills country club writes no idea that slit like pioneers like that now carrier bags for four years and now I can go get arrive river while. I'm my dad and I'm going to K you and the Evans scholarship from getting an Indian hills Tuesday at them and yeah boom how big do. But it ended doing. Some think I mean did they caddie did they keep candy and edited diseases to get an education get out there doing while. I am now I feel like if you get in the mission club Mission Hills country club. That's a line I I mean I don't know it's where it was now or they were we worry was. NC returning is the Indian hills line that I helper and Indian hills and you know in Mission Hills that's in his you know it don't want confidently state. Now where is that as an out of sixty something yep rose sixty others the good homes in the I don't know my golf geography guys. This one's like fishing ever ran cars they have not yeah. Jason he's turning Julie go right the only thing I quite chatty sectarian and is the gopher. I mean that's that and pay audience well obviously Tony Perez yes. It is filly Indian parents. And both sets and had 6847. Tomahawk road Mission Hills Kansas. Who fool. That's the fanciest between 71 in 69. Thanks and science and since ninth between mission in the lender. Yet it's all. That's how much. They. The personalities that his dad said no. I have. Ha ha ha I. About their uncles and attorney Barack. But we did not need your uncle and the scholarship mean so many questions and so many golf questions data's on the K drum line that thing can happen. History as some funds to ask. Yeah. Yeah it. And co workers uncle is in professional caddie thing. Where they may. I'm I don't know I mean I think if you are someone and you should be carefully. And you know you could be approach heading now I gave you these celebrity candy from. No no I can't do that either as boiling here my dad name guys like all that's the mantra. She's Tiger Woods and caddie. Now you can't go Darren Evans and I know I guy hey yeah I have out his entire words. Who's the last in America and Phil Mickelson. Filmmaker. Hey is now another arrived and is that bad dude with a good pants. Lol now Freddie deeds he's a poker player hurt. You would think oh warrants. Not John Daly. MIB John de LA and that's I think that is John dale I know John day I know Vijay seeing. An everyday thing leaders are Reno. There's a hot ass trillion what's his name. Noisy young son. Roster super hot that aren't golf relay that guy that won the masters this year it being the the masters happened. I don't know home movie viewer only remember the go for pretty maverick that's yeah. Yeah. Yeah it's really we're rather moving. Is that. Is that if you go back and watch it. Between eighteen dies a little bit and east he Rodney Dangerfield is like if you watch it it toll could just been like Donald Trump. Chair like totally just like real estate developer. I that's an NF relative rigor of yet and I gave. 2000 per week by the way. Isn't pro Phil Mickelson from South Africa. It's yet billion. I feel like he's American and I know I've Philly these non but maybe here is he is he's American now knows it might be think I have. Lot of Australian iron maybe eight. Here's our hot ass trailing super hot the guy who won has increased Tom. I don't Tom Watson and not twenty not someone ahead. Yes John Daly wears the pants. And does something else who is the paint faced guy that won this year he was like young but his face is this pink. Terrible haircut. 11 big one down now I mean I don't know a lot of I am I can't block it is I can't watch it I can't play it you know I do like to do. Tehran golf. And honestly and nap on and so that's one and that is equivalent to xanax and then. Golf. Oh thank you be putting from 25 feet. Looks like he's putting his downward slump finally limited rescuing that might hurt him any kind of my cousins on the PGA tour any pays his caddie 10%. What oh all golfers on tour make 600 cash and how you get in how do you see some of those can either a get NN. Is it just luck. No idea isn't new you know and outlets in the caddie yeah Rudy and now as a caddie how we get candidate Danny business is Javier basing a strong uphill battle Greg Norman. Is the hot Australia and apparently makes a line and let me to mention Greg Norman reminds me ever bought that graveyard and why I'm here that is fighting Al now. I thank you for that reverend I own two pair Greg Norman shorts. Got a target. Now Craig in aren't is behind her head back up balances that thing it's. Images. And mean and yet no that's not wanting to have you guys. They know me I'm thinking of the south average ended I mean he is that adds her active men now old earn there there is the 60 my I'm he's cut. There is a anything news Australian golfer named Demetrius puppet Dulles. Just FY. Good luck getting this news photo Greg Norman out of your head golf Titus who thought perhaps he does he's like Geraldo. He's also any signature up. Is he cut it yeah now that's who I'm thinking man. As a younger guys beating. Adam Scott and yes is yes strand some semantics yes it's Adam's got. That's it is super high noon and doesn't do. Benign atoms dot late and now on I just looked edges who imagine they can have the actor conference in Adam Scott is like. Michael Ian Black yes easing it and I don't belong here we cut his hair. That really hit and we and he's handsome when he does Leann long hair I hate that. But did you find along Arafat. Or maybe this is because it was ten years ago. Nazis because I don't like can you Adams cup for a country like old Adam Scott out old Adam Scott gathers all the time kind. I like James Gunn directed Adams got I he's so handsome with a long hair and then he kind of theory doesn't want to drag him at all. Patrick reed then the guy with the pink cheeks. OK anyway I don't know why are our non golfer I highly he brought it to us this morning yes congratulations. Chase continues Austria and listening. You mean. Gluten. Know that I am lieutenant. It was down Scott but he has got long hair before it allows to turn away. There was think you protect CNN's idea I had that had three guys going a pink shirt who that's awful. Anyway I think the big out here. For working so hard. And did he gives on the scholarship he's the Oregon for four years a golf discussion today which surprisingly more entertaining than they've done right. That's fair and we learned were Indian hills country club once they're you that's a very good buzz braves. A couple of geography. Uplifting story can go in places right that's it and golf right. Indian hills country gotten that goes on there I only ever. Glad we should go recent crack at hand became friends and you can crash. You didn't trashy news press and his club. My causes stir. What do they get this. Do you remember courage. Yeah they know are they need jobs now gee they know they're out now. I can't now that's the whole thing you just know they've done out if you pretend you know warrior going. You conferences. You have to pay as the confidence is QE PS. I always say Madison a few brief chat until now or you're going confidently. Now and stopping and they're gonna question me and after the IQ now. Just gal. Like you own that they wanted to be Flatts basically you remember flight sets Chevy Chase movie. You don't remember blunt when he goes to the country club no once heated. Complexity of that city great now I'm doing how does that work. It's terrible quality. And a Scot had his golfer out there. Ads that show weighing in the I'm not alone in the Adam Scott that. But I like Adam's outline her hair having a it's just to clarify I remember. The globe. No I'm not I'm with the hundred adults they are left. That's our ability evacuate workers your analysis. That you play some drinks and you what you wait that was put it on the unity is a bit. Just pick that I have bloody Mary mistakes analysts him. The stakes him please think it's the new. Up. Parry sound and that the one hand and and trying to crash well. Indiana yeah that ice is a line and that was the nicest way I usually easier just figured it'd I mean I had any kind when this is like hey mama a minute do most expensive. Country a lot of in in this attack. City this conversation about golf was more entertainment and I yelled for sure Simmons as you have to have a member or do you do anything and act I don't now. I'll find out and Al report back. That should be a thing YouTube's series remain like crashing golf courses. I'm in your country got a budget appeal ID doesn't show floor and to be okay. That is one of the most boring things I think to a lot of people as deadly as I war on Iraq now I'm sure country goes a love having you over there yeah. Plastic things. They're all posting pictures right now. And although little golf carts. Michael goes on in here hunting. In the most eyes is so exclusive. Kansas City country club is also in Mission Hills Kansas. A city. I'm Italian yeah I'm just getting going there example. Let's see beacon city got a good it's Memorial Day weekends can be that's how I've got his head. Got to get creative and no more apart and rules for this yeah yeah right here because you glove did is they say it was an attache. Does to the under hill's. However I. A game by how much it costs well then then you get authority. If you're looking up that cause your country I don't want to go portrait pro brought to joy that you probably get a 40 man. Nazi yeah they suitcase can't city cachaca. All right crashed wolf creek that's another running he'd seen its boot GA ask that this XYZ is. On her privacy it's very easy meeting Ed is it out Slade. Blue Zealand's. Slur from the middle class and don't be so boo you so there you ago Paul Byrd and their home Burke. Number trench coat. And for news. I've seen here at whole book country of I think they'll give me confused with the help there isn't Minnelli. Europe and that's very ground near the area around and who should you be in the pool who shouldn't you be cleaning the raw cotton could you give me a bloody Mary Jimenez see this seems like you can place Holbrooke was established. By Don hall son of Joyce C hall. Founder of hallmark cards. That's your place that's wolf creek is an omen for country of and that's still exists as it is just a day and Jesus Christ why is third all men's and drink a lot we don't know. Now that's actually. By no. It's. Breezy means extra. It. And into it and didn't and engines and will. Eco link now it's slang for Bergeron and mean. Referring to the upper class lesson. Membership there's so it will create. Is apparently. All men men only you should crashes yeah everybody shares and hello I have I am not see I feel like I would. I guess. I know. That sounds odd. What Charlotte department both country and the rulers as certain as opposed it but. Sometimes a burned bulls are harder to crash and those are hardy and inches and 98 CNN on the range of people other than those renters is in the renters office they dig they watch the pool like a hawk. Pray they don't want any plaza my blinding country who have but I doubt it's. And if it will create. A story story that's been the story. I. A feeling that would be late by Google that it would say right. All men country club. Does Bonner springs have a country club a regular for that. Look man I get the pool passed her on par. Although I can. Oh yes so now I'm gonna do that before I change my lines and the bombing of the pool has room prior to today and a new licensing go to the ball over and that's me that's an I I do probably put you your grip wade you are you rocking to licenses. Not yet a game you will mean while they're gonna take my old one. So it's gonna official who need it lasted. Right it's. How this year. And there you. Now daylight members re members ray. I'm a member here you I'm not a member of our residents and you're right it's. I am a member I don't remember are that way you're a member of a country club. Or Costco. And that's changing. Our resident. Bruce. On day in in my apartment pool of mantra. All or and I'm telling him I feel like a country those are easier to get into that are part of what's. Just a little tip from a country and they're always welcome at the public for women Ramon Ramirez why he has not there Atlanta shocking. Sucked in a pool yeah. That's high time a hair. Pulled stockings you then cited. Yale. Since this nicely golf course sites Levy mostly golf course in the metro. When he seven regulation golf holes. How many or anything and that's a lot of golf balls south north. And blessed are at. As a resorts and early eighties editors are considering that did that it did that it had a good bit. Arcade Fire I'm imagining that morning as good morning my name is mentioned any easier. Mark is yeah. Do any run of the story. And he's at Oregon. I mean yeah I'm here I was like how is this the poor guy. Like okay. There I don't understand how this guy is a poor guy there's a dude is thirty in the of the parents' home he and his parents come. Been trying to get him to move on. Ranked they're trying to get them out of their house out there like they gave him a formal eviction notice OK and they are there operative money. To leave the house 11100 bucks to find a new flights are still in me. If they you know. We live in the base of it and get ready I want another story and it's like. And I say poor guy I mean move okay. Do they live in a really nice house no. No and it looks like they have like one of those condos. The looks like a box you know I'm talking about. That you. It is not the cute but it's definitely a Honda. Or you had a Honda there pairings is that we are real regular and I mean. House would not anything spectacular right now I mean is there and Ewing hang onto now the app that lets you had no girls to open. Is he is there's a wrong limb until home runs does come on the pillow loaded. Let's load. And I managed to get they're not. What they're there of area and managing their foreign and none of the Netherlands you know Christina and mark rotund rule I can't. As I think that it's really par for the cars and his group and hope I'm in a par for the course of the phrase of the day gap and it. Your parents ever another laugh and my hand. And does the magazine relieved that no although. They would never. Panic court ordered that you have to Lee then I mean that's like Syria policy it's ridiculous. And that it's gonna play is a policy. Amity dongle. I again and I know you're not gonna beat me. It's bitch. Oh yeah now. Or are still felt I got hot for 29. Erica and I got there is computers. Only work in media. I'll apparently wants custody of the signed him and his depression oh my god told Ruth and the tag line for hours now Honda Element. That the judge in Syracuse has decided it's finally time from Michael a ton go to move out of his parents New York home. Marking Christina rotunda took their thirty year old son to court after he ignored multiple written notices to leave them. Justice Donald Greenwood also tried convincing him to leave voluntarily. Returned O argued he needed more time Pittman. I've noticed that as a reason amount of time for someone who has been depending Aaron. Persons to. For support. After a fruitless thirty minute back and forth the judge ordered the time to go out. In previous court documents rotunda is that that in the eight year as he has lived his parents he was never expected to contribute to household expenses army. His parents offered him money to leave. It Condo called the ruling outrageous and says he will appeal and go to CBS news new York and him well again. You vote now I'd like European mainland. Europe yeah do laying. Does that say eat diet. Tackling climate there that regularly got the previous you're a parent and Chordiant in this Manning the 11100 dollar he did take the money I'm already paying enough. Carter and other thing is due here on parents' house offered to fix his broken car. All man. Yeah a good deal. You got to take that deal I mean your thirties. As serious and hours of this and our next Thursday. It stayed are very interesting and experiencing. That empty nest syndrome southern picking their adult son out of the house. Christina and Barbara Condo say they're thirty year old son he just thirty years old does not pay rent and doesn't help how they told and to get out several times. Yes let's listen now the case has landed and in New York court but the court of public opinion is already on mom and dad's side. Vote. He needs to get out that his mother about this debate actually because that's that's kind of clarity. Not mainland or you're not like yeah independently got to be independent. Breath you got it down a court Suzanne bra. And used it good news ladies just say grow Suzanne Brock. We'll have been brought got to go about it now brown on an. A court instead isn't Michael wants Obama dismisses I beat Atlanta I did that just have like yeah independently got to be independent. Brack you got a gal a CNN. And the judge to dismiss his parents are flat so. States and a court hearing is set for this week to watch that we'll you gotta watch that when I mean I really. You just have to go out you just go like within I I think there's something wrong I feel bad for the dude I doubt I yeah I think deli there's something rhyme there something he's appeal a little off is appealing. He did indeed his mom and dad and our staff and the like this out please. Endearing chords are hoping that by kicking him out maybe he'll flapping his wings. Man. Boy. Let's see. Tencor he admitted to spending the money. I'm 11100 dollars on other things earth Sullivan an unidentified man I gotta via Nigeria has. Any events tier tax kinda see we're right. Big others. Sad for a moment patents and Larry you helping at least. A Philly they were try I'd be able employed you have to go. Ouch. And you have to get a court. Order. To imports yeah. Barack yeah guys out. And so every sound like my brother in law had quit his job without another job. Let his apartment go under eviction Beirut Jim and his mom and dad and then through that same issue Ginn and money so he can become a professional gambler. No way. That's awesome. I mean in life things happen and and and then and you don't expect him to have it seems like they did make a good faith based Stanford soup. Help him get out of the house. Rates. Right but somewhere they fan out all right parents because he's. Need to go back and find out exactly where that was I don't know what happened and somewhere they've failed though Diaz. They look at his son. Market Christina hopeful though telling a judge threw an attorney. That their thirty year old son must move out of their home they have no obligation to provide support. He's well over the age 21 in a lawsuit they say they have sent him five letters in the past two months like this one. You must leave this house immediately telling him you have to work. Even giving him more than a thousand dollars to find a new place there is no. Reason. For these people to have him in their home Michael says he's planning to leave in a few months. I'm not a burden to them in the home they don't provides laundry or food. It's it's really a moot point. For them to seek need to be rejected. The judge in the end siding with the parents. It's not only that too but that's just sort of us and Davis Love. What I mean is that is it seems as elegant as on you to make it today and he said. Sound like that to me that's just ridiculous points. He is I don't feel I have an hour now not him are now I saw the picture and I advice indeed my heels are whose. Presented him somehow of course is that the I meet your needs can't even get out there how your honor it's a really you really unfair. It's a new point airliner that's fine. She died Michael says he has his own web business and plans to appeal but it did not go unnoticed but when he left the courthouse today. He went right back to his parents house. Yeah yeah. And I. Yeah the whole. Thing. I. Elizabeth how ever match isn't backs out of a news story I heard a new mayor on to give visitors got an eviction order heard today and he went straight back to his parents house I think that might be some boundaries is. As parents Evan sent down. On an out and I hate mail and they can do this maybe they did it I mean I don't know I love GO Benitez here. Not go unnoticed the when he left the courthouse today he went right back to his parents house Coco might Drupal can do beds. I. I just. Exaggerate. Me and dare it's mental and man. We're on the news any time of our Robin scattered trying to divorce here right here at thirty into eighteen. Everything's on the computer now every job you go to summon says some of the labor lobby cards are easy and it's only their brother in the lock them up. It happens more than you might think this is crazy can you imagine living in this world in their head rather. The likes only wanna do about today in your life. It's our only bit too but that's just sort it's the sound cards until his job as he's on the near zero and that album he's. Putting is manned by the way the news reporter. Says it's like the judge Elijah to maintain today and he's answering her putting up his time is now knowing yacht yeah about it like that you had three did you as. Digital. Barack grown up again trying to you know. Oh my gosh it's called dependent personality disorder and okay thanks signed. Now also I mean you're in the house without him. They have hired an intern hero comes up until I heard that they can't legally drive to me really. How do you go over. How does that feel. Achy the other guy. Yeah. I couldn't it. I can't even have enough. Brooke you've got to go my Brothers forty chair still is my mama while later. My neighbor has their thirty year yield side and for adult children living in their room. I mean I did it it's a new economy right sure but I feel like. It was eight years and they were like hey gotta go get him running ago. My sister among tech senior and I told my mom I be out and it's not important. I don't think it's that as it did not meet. Do it he doesn't do food he hadn't they don't provide laundry service is what he called it they don't provide quality is there is they don't provide food right. How did they keep them from eating her feared. I mean they provide a roof and and water electricity. Newton. Obviously someone's paid for is clothing somebody. Somebody's. Body. Obama payers pay him Bob Beals. Payment telephone bills paid the laundry burials. Don't evict me. Yeah. I do wanna know his web business and I why don't they do it over and why are also around. What is what is it I need to know all right let's find a mean if it hasn't taken off yet and I mean your web. Days to business. C. Since he's in that. Line I'd get another kind of job. And tell your web based business takes off. The parents didn't answer calls seeking comment and the letters spelling court don't give reasons for joining us on and a half. They do tell him to get a job and to move his yeah broken down. Food for thought I've spent a isn't broken numbers. Cars he does go both oily summer it. How my guys. Yeah how'd they keep them from eating lizard right and they can't they can't they can't they take you out of their house for it to the pay agree he's not. A judge can't keep them out right. Let's see what is his name that's fine with my my ex boyfriend thrillers that he's almost thirty part of riot broke out. It's. Too. Has web does is about to beloved and a couple months have rao's free for mercy and yet but they never promoted it. I. Parents is why you free. And and he won't talk about his business and that's because it doesn't exists and it it does not exist there is no web business. Mac got away business. Emmy we got web visit yeah well I had a what is it we got a lot of wanted to talk about that I don't want her out as good as that. Seems silly. OO. Now man I am and I'm with the tax idea I have no problem with multiple generations living together and pray they do you do in other countries culturally it's totally okay. For. My family. I'm except for we are how. It is a group ever. You know I don't care if you're if it should be octogenarian. Quaint you know Graham is doing some van. For a while we have Mike Graham living 1000 I loved it. You know she'd first moved just hates. Even Sheila just plots as the parents do indeed have zero boundaries and purposefully on the news of the psyche and business for his Internet startup. I like it. Inception parenting. Riordan zone is apparently Anderson who appears to be a very good to and why don't they just changed their locks up and. I don't feel like yeah I don't know. I feel like he would sit outside in his labor opportunity Disney Baghdad but it can you don't want in the house right. Does he have his own rooms still good thank you and cat. Units where in his room these and I case and about our necks and I called basement. He's got to be in the basement. Did basically the best space for your own way. That's what he's as he says he doesn't use their bungee they don't provide laundry thing he doesn't have money right how is he. I don't know man has let's say it's as Tim reviewing different legible caprice son pairings. I'm here to see gamers talking about this guy whose parents won't amount of the house so badly it. Mad town they went to court band I hired an attorney. And loved them all the ball legal documents. Asking him today gave their homes is there thirty year old son and he's still Blair still there even now going to court he appealed to. He appealed to a judge grown man representing himself. And as that was a moot points it was a movie player. But bra you got ago I guided my contest Aaron. Media. And even DI. Okay. One within the hour for your chance to win a thousand dollars. Media. Texans a seven Q. Anyone. Little shot up in the buzz through young man in upstate New York. Leo bridges coming home. He's got to play. The man as twelve people. Group left no. You're sharp again against terror and turn determines your. Learning giving every night as. My name's offense had dealings here mark is here and joining us this morning. Dare I say comedic genius genius I think anyway he is coming to tour here in Kansas City with his theory go to work. And the trim in June 14 please gentlemen welcome Neal Brennan. To the Schaub KDL. At that Howard I'm really well hurry yeah. I'm looking at your Twitter and says that you want it being my. See your lap to. Could be here I am currently. Still let me alleys amusing thing. As gifted. Right. It's. Okay there's a reason for the I get random Dick mix all the time of who were dug. I live I wanted I we'll ask I will ask enthusiastic. Way. You know other capacities and sort of enthused whoever. Have you ever are legitimately. Owl I don't like out. Want to see a little while it is where now we don't want is the object and that's why it's late so what I started do you weighing. Was I get these it was mostly through snap jab. Around which I think his super funny strange letter. I would screen shot on and then I started drawing on the book. Hundreds and its outlook and thank you Obama. Which do not only do action you will do it felt great money for sure now what I wanna start a gallery. The actual aren't everybody about. If you work. Then if you're being an artist that I actually beat like a great idea. Well I'm not. Here's the thing yeah all right how alien thing because you are out again meetings he did us the pictures are all small but there are whole areas yeah. I don't you know I don't I don't we meet again it's your raise money or Billy might go force. Right. Ice on the at a party at. I mean in Iran is trying to kind of promote free might steer over. Yet we're actually George Hill and I do insurance or charity league everything's okay did you retired. Yeah we're better. You know what you're gonna. Go yeah. How. So later had a deck there. What is seasons a couple of her I would see DMZ a couple of heard arc arc arc takes and you decide if you like her art history maybe can anyone in your office. I wouldn't have looked out my outlook my the Gramm you know Brad BM made a. The and a I'll DM yeah I'm a line rent conceded it's a rent and I'll feel oh yeah I guess I. Roll a few weeks ago word that might make guys they'll they'll demand they'll be MA under any circumstance that a guy VM eight. And asked me to pay for his college. Like what do you say do you think it is like. The arrangement seeking arrangement. Where most of the cooker that situation. Yeah are closer to any edges out HRE it's. Not big guys are college. Yeah. A women and community proud vet who. As AM Fallon community. You know I went to community college and I drops out. Here's what it nicely in other words indeed his followers are really hurt us a wolf. Yeah just pretty remote consider junior college community college they considered it he grateful yeah. Special arts legends trades. I don't like every one month I had that you're black I guess. So. You were a beer or other issues for durable or burn through your mind. The Obama. Hello well my guys I love you I'm slightly easier DN do you have a girlfriend that there. I dealt I that I didn't bite that I enemies and girlfriends in. And remind Netflix or might special. Yeah I had a girlfriend these energy that is allies about what weird thing about girlfriend and boyfriend they do it never worked out. Yeah I can't simulate air GL and anti marriage right that like. That I have not tried that looked leveled at Adobe in if you aren't. Politically hot yet so. We have been. I had big gut. Do it and also does not that I'm not it didn't seem like. I'm not I don't see any toppled go like man I wish I was that. I wish triggered ride around with but when I was furious with mailed us. Man Maria Uighur yeah. And if yeah. Now your era also area we're talking to Neal brown and he is playing the Truman June 14. Take your take and see him playing us now here's salad out and some are kids. That's true yeah went. I mean I don't vote. I'm adding you're still in you god go I looked I love that peculiar marketed well and you gotta get you haired guy that bought it at a show. Hello. You look you gotta play ball. The fact that while that's why you're on an us I saw that I requested this interview a while ago and then maronite math. They sent us this and as a request yesterday they really hate you wanna do make good for the one that we missed and we are like. Yes sir we'll try it out anyway you know what were the decks we should have been. Now to be in your. Well well you are you our community college drop. That's what I and my dad's death and gore bogeyed both obvious that you lied about your bit on your Netflix about show. During it's. I know I have I didn't have a girlfriend then officer. I. Yeah now like he's not a girlfriend and and you know since the good. Okay well yes so can I ask you this. Gee do you learn bike you must have groupies. We are prepared to predict what I mean it's not like you know I actually lemon and they. And they make a plan to have the opening it like it's not like. Repeat my knowledge or smoke believed OK you're sells it oil states make public it'll shape of the US bases. IR. LG GGG years hands. He was. And Afghans here you have to understand if you plan on our not a conversation or did bags and knot. I am just Kerry and they demon I used are your fame in your success. To get away. I don't but again the way you say it now. Like I beat them over the head with. Might send of course. The you for what you can't say that anymore after Lou Reed received. Unless you. Okay yeah yeah yes but I goes back to them they're enthusiastic. And said two overall about there. Correct I weighed probably get about that they like let go oh hi it's exactly exit yeah. Murder. Matt could do you have that outlook bright you are and this. Yeah it's you wanted to be a brand new bike you don't want to let you know. You don't wanna do that big you don't want to watch it a sign of respect. They agreed like. They want to attribute that you want that there be familiar with Leo. And and that could be you don't want to be up you know what what what did not like. Letterman right we'll let you do it yeah. Everybody since beginning I thought I'd never. An honest guy I mean I suspect he's really thought it. My dad yeah period in July 20 years ago let's just stick to that but yeah now because I think intact. What you're doing now is fantastic and I'm a fan of that great thank you around the mere yeah Iraq and yet you worked with a lot of very funny people you are very funny and correct that makes that its sound you know Brent yeah coming to the jury may and June 14. I so he will do fan the AFLAC. And here are planning on going to this show determined. I gotta tell anybody here but I will say. That I think women from every marketed BM made and I am and I doubt that they I don't think anyone can't really had. I see your email telling a bedroom Villa Lorena it's easy. I mean. I don't know eerie and Judy I hearings Asian women are not free and well it would might not get yeah. Yeah. And it. Words in that the true road. I feel like that was a natural gut out six two now sealing the Asian women in Mali. Yeah. Yeah yeah do you want to let the public eye dead marshes I you know why I like Mali junior. I don't think you're making a bit that you're really going out I'll let them. Yeah I like. It brought ever I like oxygen in college I love my idea. I am away my god you're gonna look than what this. But are wonderful. A lot I haven't Somalia along let it be easier when. Me neither of them and are you Mary what's your. Coming out of such a long story did you have it and whether an area. Now I mean now winery every avenue and LBJ who later. A growth that we weary from where I was. Okay we'll just tell me when you hundreds of these I now again the on the boards and I'm not that girl and I guess hair and we need to lobbying Moammar. I'm not that jacked it up now and going through the world's longest divorce. That's I think AG to Lee is a mirror it's is real let us. Yes we like we're like you'd put up that big. It will outlawed group last. We were married for twelve years been together for twenty in two and a laugh well he's my dogs. Yes two beautiful boys are apt to get so that could turn on or do you kind of like helix some guys targets single Marat now here. Thank if I. I my I always feel wanted to build the emirate. Yeah. I. You know if you did I gotta give the camera look like it's not ideal it's not. Lot of us. It's just there was something nice about. League with a woman who kid who you have. We want it to be over more than you are gonna make you feel like sheep like you got eight minutes. Got a guy that absolutely Denver's wake up at 540 bucks estimated eleven burning do six hours late great you got to go out. Yeah I need you yeah. What are verbally all her very well. Yes that's wearing out right now I think I have no expectations I do you know on her relationship. I just want an amazing asked buddy and I can't even find that. Yep they're not there Gary did say there there is victory verified by but the problem that you put up that one of them made it sort of made it. Yeah I'd been voted. Is that too much to expect. It I mean I again and bite bite the amazing NF bloodier maybe he's sort mutually exclusive fades out. But it was partly equally rude about you know like you dropped its. You do this. I don't the hard. Yet so I mean I get I get there would call it appears scholar Bruce bit lately athletic. Seems to 76. As a client. Build Brad and why don't you do it on what you are now I'm not enjoy a contest isn't those type of radio program I understand you being greedy I have a certain. I DM what that is generally do okay. It's a media era that's deeper and DM Deepak was I'm not gonna ask him for is am I asking a Bradford a date yet. Now I mean unless he Miley till I get my breasts they're amazing. If you like laws Aggie. I need in here and have black Jack city yeah that's. A our O'Neill grad at the true in June 14. And if you need anything yell at us now will be happy to get him. We are done and are very much bird bird it was our pleasure Neal Brennan continued success June 14 at the Sharon. You're really should've got about over yeah I know how went downhill from that I illegally and simply weak but it got I doubt people already despite its Afghan. I was big into all through next time matter experts and have been like those single moms get out in outer layer we'll go out early on its.