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Wednesday, November 29th

Pandas, Buzz Briefs, Matt Lauer, Wombats and more!


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Morning mining. Aria I am good. Beautiful day today beautiful day. It's a beautiful day beautiful day and he good week he. Goodyear Goodyear. Out here now that Phoenix plane Sunday night that's right. Question yeah out. Last time is up Phoenix was about as beach bound mean and we added an inner yes. I was terribly nervous noon about the inner gas that right but then everybody got vitamin B injections in the bottom. Buying a Doctor. Who is wearing a leader house and rim. Do we. Bring that doctor Mac and Iraq are well I mean they show on Sunday I don't think you try to like recreate the magic now obviously hello I think the way the magic happened was because there were so many variables in play. Well I may actually try to do my research with Keaton. Yeah so you're looking it up on your phone yes fast. Him between. It's not a big fight. Well what I noticed in there as a theme that the interviews are awful yes every interview audio television and not as. Writes I remember you being visibly stressed that day like this and now I just want this Noel make its Phoenix to millions coup. Wow everybody gave me I always hard interview Susan. Everybody else gets easier it's bright and then they're like I've ever Phoenix man really you're gonna give me Phoenix. I understand they were there. As well as they should've and they should absolutely and I admire anywhere I was terribly generous about it and I. Cast Italian. I've never allowed to Myanmar after I mean a couple of times that's wrong to say that happened with Elan tea. With Aron by I was Sao. Surprised. And pleased and happy. For like not. Mean necessarily about the way that Phoenix was as our with our listeners can they did do a meet as good vitamin B shot I guess I don't know the worm fear re. Fine. Oh they were there for ever. And they are riding around on bikes backstage. And everything they organized theory charming man and I'm excited to see that my aunts and Al rocked rocked. Because there is a dot in Kasey we talked about it before com Iraq War leader hose and a buzz baseball who doubt that. Guy is dead inject you with a vitamin being your bottom he's done that to me before vitamin bottom he can do it again yeah out. Just inject me in my bottom. Or it. We ideally to. And day do you gotta get weighed 392 and I do it again my friend you know and tear into and that's another story when they are well. Yeah hey I have a question yes and mark you know you get it. On to. I frequently have made fun of pandas. It's too lazy in a wanna bang. And they deserve to go extinct. I read an article. And it's called. The complicated legacy of a handgun who is really good at six okay. Okay you read this I read Europe and it little girl is they're just stressed that they can have access Alan and let me get to that of dialogue and as an apology yet because I don't like how a year. And you categorize. Handers and right I agree now your judgment you why judging him and being. Guys like what's the equivalent calories as. An anti panda right. You're an anti dam day. And listen. I'll tell you this. Oh. It challenged my core beliefs to read this entire Iraq should tier corps and the unlike a lot of people I didn't dig in and say no pay and and this isn't what I've been told. I am always open when experts speak because I don't know everything and so from mean to. All of the people. At the world wildlife. Entertainment group. Abidjan via open our nation. I'm sorry for what is said about the and is now hand to hand. Is. A really you really want him giant cracks yet he's done Leahy Keyon lie EU we used to just. Lots of them Maria lots of hand as man out and like there were no handers and then campaign came along a lot of bang for your buck than right there are 500 into when he and his living a research centers in zoos. Chinese officials say more than 130 of them are descendants of pain and can now away gap like and and was down. More than half its quarter. Of the PM as that were left came from and the man. In hand not lazy me. Now he's I mean he's Lyonnais is and resurfaced pandas right I mean his whole thing but there's a problem a pan pan and that's why I'd like to call this segment the problem with the hand hand our cat. The old. No no he's dead he died of cancer last year to have this just talking about you know the probably a campaign and so. There is one male panda that one is like bank. And apparently this is what I wanted to get to address the bears have often been framed as their own worse enemies elect intimate slow to reproduce face it most primal animal urges these particular animals. Do not feel especially urgent. That stereotype is built on human hair and the mistakes we made in our early clumsy attempts and matchmaking we wanted and has to have sex on our terms. We expected an inmate in public with whatever partners we chose for them. It no real chance to get accustomed to each other in the nozzle out adult pain does negotiate sex race so we're just play and Tom dubbed bumble. Tender. Just like with our polar bear Casey's and they had to relocate because they wouldn't they wouldn't they want to answer yeah and Japan. Listen this is that it's like our. Car arranged marriage in Welsh so of Banda was like really we're gonna bang in front of view we know you I know this person right where traditional species. We like to go on a couple of bamboo dates first. Hands. Larry let's imminently and is predictably rebel this is from the article. Who independent predictably rebelled against this experience. Humans turned to artificial insemination. A process that amounted to minor outpatient surgery during artificial insemination male pandas have to be in NASA ties and then stimulated into ejaculation with the help. Of an electric pork probe place in the Iraq Adams. No one thing you wanna. Do it I mean. I take it very fast. Yeah there is something exciting about being groves let's see if they. But I usually away. So I got back out you so they're chaos. Their prisoners up and he is down he's DT out for these deeds GOP are doubts of panda right okay. And does so in case there. So Pam pages did is they unease is like bang bang bang bang bang bang bang and is a lot more pay and as he single handedly. Handedly saved the panda species they say. That's how much a difference after and to make rank regulations are there easy but there's a problem of Tintin. What is the problem. Psychologically there's an era and now he's dead. So there's not only now like I know that I was well or at the his you know his trades are now in other and they did he not make enough males. No does the males he think the one of his. Offspring will have that same mentality was so there's like a 130 panda is a 500 and money which is crazy low number. Well I really blame that checkbook on this one year. Just kiss check. Campaign and is a 130 of 520. Candace. So if you're just tuning in I mean were on a deep handed dive. Yet we're talking about panda is one into the specifically campaign and the problem a campaign because he was a prolific breeder. And he would not now and he and as for years Jackie Newton or Imus exchange student and we have gone as. Humans meaning to great links. To keep that here yeah not count that animal DX sound out Danny read this article. About campaign. Yeah basically panders and what we've done to that and sexually yeah appropriate so leave them a lot we've basically turned panders. In two. A weird being Brothers movies. Like parent is sounds like we're seeing a if you had just you know like I said earlier any was mentioning that. He and his wooden house sex and other PM news. They had chosen for them I don't during the it does pay and talk to everybody though like cart needs to Marat. It's true opera the FCC. And then made. At the Newton and that's a tide that can mean did you actually I mean Ngo artificial insemination bright using. Some Wyatt. I mean I should ask that they wait doubt they would also I think that's additionally how else. Which. Even in tandem world know doesn't mean now ready and now we have a global problem but so the panda problem what's around and can't is there is EU that. Asked then Heidi there's a 130 your families is gonna start. Inbreeding yeah an and bringing in shades gonna be Hayward they're gonna start I mean there's only so many panda is so now it's gonna be like. They're brought her family. A bunch of Prince Charles and does block and around is at a don't animals in green anyway not I don't think like one is to save the Manny I don't know about the condors. Remember one boy they're like 22 condors left and then how many now there is there's a lot of condors. In early 76 captains of the animals all the time. Yeah I don't know man. I mean the article saying that it has in issue. The other side of paid pans legacy is this once you break a species you can easily put it back together again. Conservation is important but it doesn't undo the past you can only help the species be forward towards a future we don't totally understand. From the moment paint and was carried off that mountain and into the arms of the kindly old man. He could never go home again. And I got a sense of honesty Kung Fu panda makes me while was it. Another. Kinds of and it's you know. Barack. As you Leo and on the rise. There. I just came in charge is lawful. Because lawful collagen from at all costs and archives and it. In New London named. Today I'm and may have to man may malveaux. They're a sand trap. Where is he is now amount Danny. Why is songs about bearers. Google's business as leaders are in a bears what the Eddie. Now called the panda oh Jesus you know me well today the bear kind today because I played minus the bear. Anesthesia and as I'm minds to bear named. Can see your country talks about love well I have another type of bear we did panda bear. Rarity did panda who we just didn't end well let me tell you something. You know yet he is. I don't know really what a yet he is an abominable snow man oh man rang I think so they don't exist. Oh but they do. Yeah these are no real grainy they are real. In your mind now. Science. Has proven. In the yet really into the camera. They found some. Wild bear DNA. And it turns out. They. Abominable snowman Geddes sevens and do any of that. Men's cage that children from good. Good. Then cage. 'cause today alone fonts. Caves and children aged the children. McCain's in the fatigue right sorry about that that is an area. It is bearers Tibetan brown bear. Himalayan brown bear ZNE yeah Eddie. You know how is is like Thursday and by means I mean the guy from. Sneaking. Sit down I mean the guy from ancient aliens that girl your you know to close. As it's got us. He says you only use the language at the time that she half. So now if you saw this big thing go to. That edge you in the Tibetan forest. You might be like Dave and I would be damned it's the abominable snow right but it turns out it's just there. Yeah he's a bear a bear a brown bear. And I think what you normally. I mean it was probably snowing. You know how the snow is in Tibet. I don't I don't either practicing. And yeah. Anyway. And that's tagging is children so they took him. It's excited DNA and made. Turned out it was a rumor are anchored there have been around here now out. Black. Give back get back fight back off iPad right now give back try to get mad at bat like The Beatles. Labeled The Beatles a black bears got so are they came for Matt Lauer. Math allow our fire. And there wasn't an investigation. This fired. So well rules neither believed that beat LA now all yeah yeah yeah now investigate. I know you get daddy like every theme is pending an investigation. Yes that's usually catch all term to get away. From I go a good investigation. Which means go yourself right. Matt knowing they'll investigate has hands that are now they've got a they got him quick. And you know as somebody who works in media I'm surprised that there's a whole bunch of perverts and media. Relay it as that is not yeah yeah it crude. That I am a little bit with Matt Lauer because he comes on line and sweet talking about heat up for years he's just been like that. Guys like Matt Lauer are predators you don't get to the top of NBC news. Without being some type you have to consume people to get to the top. Really yeah the over thirty years. Right yeah you gotta give up your soul to get to the top museums debate. Seems to me yes it's so mental lacks all Matalin our rob a like they used to fly Matt Lauer or even heights all that matter. Anchor Matt Lauer has been fired. For inappropriate sexual behavior in the workplace. Listen has scared the lady isn't he says this is now places like man he's serious or is it CNN you think they'd be like high five and I got. Yeah but they're like god it became for Matt they could come we with the same words. Has been fired for inappropriate sexual behavior in the workplace. This is the latest high profile. Media figure to be terminated. Amid sexual allegations I mean it doesn't actually get bigger in our business than Matt Lauer. And it's which says I want you to listen to what she just said it doesn't get bigger and our business the Matt Lauer than your business Sox. I don't disagree with that how. Ever and then Tex signs right. She seemed wholesome. And any times anyone would say anything inappropriate. Light on air are doing an interview. He would immediately to do it. But he wasn't going down that route yeah casinos of the sickness of his solitary can tell a pervert yet but he almost eleven they wanna talk about sexuality and he came when they have opt out. Why is very brutish. And wouldn't even go down that line you out the air right Zain we joke about it all day. Right it's not it doesn't fester inside of us now go to the office and NBC though like not everybody union that. And you can never defiant what happened would we well. Look at what he did to Meredith Vieira why did he do good samaritan ask and Currie says another person might already out there and there now and curry you like we've sent what is needed and hurry I didn't read. What they do emeritus here is that why she laughed was he has an ally our area why is she having to leave certain. Said they've known about this behavior and needed something to Meredith Vieira who they begged to be on the show that she left the view. To go there. And then she just laughed. And really has left the business. I'm curious if it does it did that having him do it Matt Lauer Emma how come she's Natalie. Does he's being a predator. I went out and. We don't know that at all we don't know I am I OK so what am I it's we we don't know we don't know someone's at look at Lenny did event is the airwaves there. I'm looking and what he did Larry. And auto merited here everything on finding and here's seems to be pretty supportive. I know and curry they go they just hated each other OK and he was he was the reason why she got kicked out of today. As feminists are seeing severe apparently they're multiple and they spent with the near times before Harvey Weinstein. And they are getting ready to go public yeah of course. Some on city bowl later opted today show. And seventh innings to have sex dreams about that are whenever she is pregnant. Yeah man of the hour now are used to be in hindsight let's listen to Matt Lauer talked about sexual predators. We have that yeah. I'm telling yeah I'm surprised by that allow I don't know I I am shocked. I I don't understand why I like how how. How are you surprised about power because I tell you is an purse on on air anyway clearly. Was very but looking prudish. Look at him yet analog and easy his praises the he he's seen as light fabric that he looks like a huge. He always 100 ways and so is. Do you she lied yet until they come from Roger cautious and by the way we knew broadcasters were perverts ever since mar Marv Albert. Remember much of a number of our pays him ideally is now uses cleaning lady any better. He bent the cleaning lady McKinney but I'm people's underwear and satisfying but he bit the ladies and hearts I mean least at this point. The governor Ernie or was his name. Whereas when the governor at the time Noah and and in you bring in the mayor of green from there Anthony Weiner not Anthony Weiner yeah. And the other guy east and the SEC or. Told hanging. Yeah he won yeah and Eliot Spitzer Eliot Spitzer what was he was the attorney general OK New York's attorney general police he paid for it. At least yet never Gar Heard and you paid for whatever he want Edmonton. Like right now that that's a stand up guy compared to what we've been hearing. The guy were prostitutes yeah well we don't know Mendez. Yet. Wow I lied to and yeah I mean he may let's see here eerie areas talking to Corey Feldman. I had a guy Corey Feldman who in this clip. Is promoting his and kick starter go find me to try and raise money in my game being unfairly man veer left to take care for six as yeah that's why detects when a stupid. And I was until I know airing does leave LAM easy panorama known and a half ago sense that it's. I was interviewed by the Santa Barbara police department here a year ago we raised just under 200000 dollars okay that about right. So it's gonna take a long time to raise ten million dollars months and you've just told me that this is still prevalent in Hollywood so. Every day you wait every day you try to raise money and I would imagine you'll believe that children are being abused by pet files and absolutely so why are you sitting down talking to me why you sitting down with the police right now. I've told the police in fact if anybody wants to go back to 1993 when I was interviewed by the Santa Barbara police department I said there and I gave it the name's. There are on record. They have all of this information but they were standing Michael Jackson and all they cared about was trying to find something on Michael Jackson set by the way did not abuse when Michael was innocent and that was what the interview was about with the police in 1993 I told them he is not that guy and they said well maybe you just don't understand your friend and I said no I know the difference between better files and somebody who's not a bit about because I've been molested. Here's the names go investigate add. Let me push this forward. There are thousands of people Hollywood you have this information why is it all on me. What is it if I don't release the names in the next two months six months every year. I'm the bad guy on the victim here I'm the one who's been abused I know what he's trying to come forward and do something about it but miracle actually I'm sorry there are thousands of people out there Matt. Who have this information. Any one of those child actors that wind that teenage soda pop clubs with me when I was a kid you know who those people are. And the people who ran it anybody can go back through history and look at the teen magazines and say what was the name of that venue they were all promoting and who ran that that you. Indoors did you said you've had death threats guest on because you have this information yes threatened to expose it. Another reason I think to go to police that's crime to threaten someone's life I've gone and the reason that is well and and what would be wrong with going to the police now again. Didn't work out a cent since the statute of limitations smack back and missed it is in an. A whole lot of always trying to talk about now to a victim of sexual abuse right and he's like he's like trying to push him off the ball in the United States. And all match. Oh man. Right Google Natalie hammer islands and Matt are you back on the text line he knew I had anti masking unit and why did you just got burned by them. I'm just asking him. Just to seeing and if anything and we don't know Nadal. They're just there's fire them. It and really morale is denies affair with today anchorman okay. Let me yeah yeah yeah. An Ali now is the fire we don't know what he did to whom know her how on via. Ali values that didn't pick out a prudish Dick. Is the way I would describe Matt Lauer before. And that was that they say he was fired from NBC news on Wednesday after an employee filed a complaint about inappropriate sexual behavior in the workplace. Leg just won. Now now we're going where are we saying just line and they fired. Now there's no way they would have an investigation and it doesn't take out. If they'd just made the complaint on Wednesday. It's a week. And it was a holiday weekend yeah offers OK it was less than that it was a couple days and say it was two days Thursday there who has Brian aired last. Cracked CM Monday and she's a do investigate and decide you're done. And they fired on yesterday Miller from Laos and here's the statement that's via a. This is the statement from. NBC news chairman Andy lack on T and he's today. Dear colleagues on Monday night. We received detailed complaint letter from a colleague about inappropriate sexual behavior in the workplace by map while. It represented at the series or view a clear violation of our company standards is a result we decided to terminate his employment. They've put millions of dollars. An hour Matt Lauer and they're gonna fire you from and it's an on Monday ripped. Yeah I really don't ire and replace the females around him. Correct how many females have he's as he worked to anything that they've been either let go or lapsed for various reasons. And they keep them. They'd cap it and you know they're protecting him earlier he's he's like he's the money. He's the bread and batter out. And everybody else can guess basically asks maps. Some and they we are about celera's cash and they I have a question for you now. I have a question for in multiple allegations apparently after the confirmed case and is it true that. The New York Times is also investigating dad Matt Lauer story. It'll well Matt. And NBC knows full well there's an investigation going I'm in the near times and then everything's gonna be really sent you at. And it is kind of weird. Then they get to like. That because you're a news you know dinners before it comes out ray. While what they have to do what they did it Weinstein was let them now. So they can then prepared case. Or deny a apps you know and I mean man to Latin. Now. Fear it is brings new meaning to this old Matt Lauer bit out of hand out these fired. Well. In the unemployment line. You're gonna do that aha very much so yeah. Simmons as I'm sure there is. Let confetti graphic evidence pointing. In my office of vital than somebody for sexually inappropriate behavior and I was. The only one they'd still be fired. Really am wary honorary award by not anywhere I work yeah hello. Work. Up a yes IP I acute problem absolutely 100%. Do you believe I would be the one that would be fired up. Not I really believe gotten. Almost. I can say positively. Believe. Especially. If Barry is saying semi and date and power. Cannot sing MSM. And this is a scenario here. You know if I were to name a particular person that would be equivalent to Matt Lauer. And their bread embody are by their bread embody yes and a minor because that is like their bodies. It out. It would be the person accusing. Being tired beaten. That's why people don't say anything but bad IR is called here that day is I admire his culture exists because. We're gonna find out like we knew from Harvey Weinstein here's his ass hole and power trying to get his idea test. And goes to great lengths to do says. Well don't there I mean don't be like trying to get his DS is like did your DS to the bad thing Dario and I know because you're seeing as I'm saying Doug LaBelle let me clarify what he's trying to get the DS Iger. Who's using his position and power. And abusing it means the people underneath him absolutely. And that's what I'm guessing Matt flowers. He uses position and then there's other people above him that protect that I mean I think it did Anke let me see we're protecting this guy. For god knows how long while everyone around him gets fire I don't runners this is the litigious CME is people like whoa there's a problem immediate like you said the other protecting their talk got yeah that's what they'd that's what they've always done none of this is a shock. It didn't name is the only variable here. Right it's not that. All nabbed their name and that name mad and also went to shock is that they're letting him go out. Well as I'll tell you why if there was an investigation and if there wasn't. This culture going on right now. There are now coming Lanny I'm proud of bursting complaining. Because you know I we go to work you should be able there's got to work. Stress free indeed job this trash come from your job maybe it's a deadline or what have you it shouldn't be. You're blocking sees here and there. Or being treated differently because you have a vagina. However. As we've all been me you can deny and I don't know where you work. But. If you as a female. Complain that whatsoever. They're gone. They're replaced. It's never really the other way around. Until now because of what's going out and I think that's fantastic. I don't think NBC news fired Matt Lauer because of like I know whenever you dollars and one off instant search but it is more coming out the on the report the credit. I I think they now know that not only do they know they attack they now they're protecting him today right in and out. They were right now NBC news is actively. Covering for Matt Lauer why because we don't know what's happening right Daryn news. Company car that is what they do they report knew it but they're not reporting this news now instead they're circling the architecture for our date and not only if you dig you Matt Howard other protecting their bottom line. Because it is take this thing starts to snowball. What happens is more people come out of the woodwork. And everything C news is doing right now is are hoping that it all goes away ranked. And that's done here locally Alia local news love the cover for local news local and local news Steve we didn't if something were to happen with you and you. Me. Anyway and we now they're gonna go and investigate and tell law though they'll go and get all the dirty on this. Benefits one of their round. How can you please give us respect and regard to not mention anything hearing and BC is a new use. That's what he does this and why are they not leading the story of reporting they shed your absolutely right. Because they're still protecting. Their own and their best interest as they're the best view of anybody else and they've done this investigation. Yeah they know what's going on whereas more than anybody that building is chock full. Of journalists. And none of them. As our reporters on the inside information that they all hang out up out Matt Lauer. Anyway. It types. But it. Yeah and that and they need to patent and that top people they dig out. Is there anyone that allow the happy unbeaten tall man I tell you up for either people in charge got to go oh god because there. Our being. Matt RD do whatever that pass he wants enough and we don't know what that is but for him. Deborah there'd be a complaint on Monday night and he gone. Tuesday. Sums up and something's up because they know a. And they've been probably covering nappy Avery or whatever that may be free year as. Here's the other thing. Okay. Like. At this mid market media level that were in. And your fingers here goes. There is in everybody's life. Crap bad crap happens. Right I mean Jesus as part like right calf and. You've got this company a BC everybody I these individuals are coming out. And being you know accused and fired and called out. What we're really not even looking at yet is that it's not like it's just Matt Lauer. Right now. Matt Lauer dire what is that from remember the titans a leadership attitude reflects leadership captain yeah if Mal hours doing that that's going on in the NBC building it and it is. It's going on at CBS it's going on at ABC it's certainly going out of box there's chair like we all are Fox News we now because there's a bunch of friends are powerful people that are shielded and protect themselves. Are that are in charge of reporting videos and you think that this is just limited to Matt Lauer. Like there is nasty dirty stuff we have the money and you have the power you have the power to control information. Yeah corrupted hard. That's a lot of time we shouldn't allow media companies step Colin. Every all the media company it would be a way of having a little social accountability to the communities that this surrounded by and anyway how they had those licenses on them right now. That now you're right. Like it is Corey Corey Feldman. Look at Corey Feldman. He's spent his whole life ever since he was a kid that died explain to people the problem child predation. And sex drugs like six or our birds in Hollywood and because it makes money everybody's let get away amp. And you act act I don't know. The app dubbed sup I've seen it this look all. I can't imagine what it's like. When you're in the billion dollar business. We're here in LA in New York. Wow let's go. Let's say into working and our restaurant. EU complaint has Angelo harassment. By either your customers or. Your. Your bosses who gets tired. Sony's is dumb ass is NBC were did report this morning on The Today Show they didn't tell us any details in the know all of them that's my point. Doctor Flynn also says people in charge are not allowed to hit on anyone without being a sexual predator anymore right because if you're in charge. Did somebody depends on you for their job here at a managerial roll over somebody. Do you not understand the problem there. The power balance now. Maybe there's only one allegation I mean I doubt it. I don't believe that. What I'm for them to Atlanta and got the bag is then if if there was one allegations mean. And they just let him go you don't think he's doing. You don't think he comes out heightened guys they barely now they now Matt flower because they've probably been protecting Matt Lauer crowd on how Harvey Weinstein hired ex agents of the decide to secretly befriend Rosen a gallon in an effort to discredit her brain. At a check signs are right about this on anti everything if they get our Okur and. Such as take oh how although I think Al might be more of like a happy fervor. But Al definite. Anybody go to today's show you can't. You can't hide your personality. The way we expect TV anchors to hide their personalities who they actually are for that many years. And not having become twisted inside of you. There. Texas is well. What you're suggesting cover every media go labels OK it's all because we don't like sexual harassment in the work place. I think that I had an idea and I think we have Gretchen Carlson I'm last week in two ways. She was like gallant Fox News. Because she. Alleged sexual allegations. Harassment remember she that she got fired. And she found out didn't went to name fired. The man in charge. Charles. It wasn't Charles turns. Good morning America's had not isolated and there will act the more Iran does is they were at that needs is there. If you're just you're there are dragging around the firing of Matt our. I mean it's crazy that people though like oh they did send a multiple incidents at the point. There the business and news they have Albany is stall speculating. They are with holding. None news NBC news knows the news. But because it affects their parent company they're not and how out of pocket by vendors. Now eventually these other stories that come out but it won't be the story that NBC has that NBC knows. I don't temperature part of that reporting is stating facts. And I are they telling us to save backs diseases and and he's so. Now we're not enemies and you've it is you know it's wrong with you this is what we do this. Entertainment here even though we're talking serious we're still trying to break things. They are attach ratings not the individual on them they protect the company may not admitting to our allegations. I'm not even surprise about on the sex allegation that come up the last couple months Ali's people are asking creeps. You can town Roger Ailes think you can remember him. As Roger Ailes. Guys don't forget that a child sexual molest her predators serial rapists. Was in charge of the House of Representatives. In the late ninety's we haven't come that far as society member Dennis passed their. But there are only firing him not cover their asses of Cloris none of cars and they knew it. Mean there's no investigation. Into Matt Lauer and it was that sexual allegation came on a Monday night Tuesday he's tired. That's not an investigation. They're right that is not an investigator Scott bless you they are now millions of dollars that they put in like that right hundreds of millions of dollars now they've been cover and that asked for years right. So someone makes an allegation Monday and Tuesday he fired. Yet time to figure everything out out in laws in 24 hours now but you now what kind of peace as. That now flowers and here is that you yourself are they LPs as for allowing is trying to cover your. Here's another thing it's like I love that low I love it when people like. All of a sudden switch to like the very strict definition though like. And they are gathering building evidence in not reporting it's not confirmed. Well I mean. But when they let him go there and days and then now they held at a NBC now we know what happened we know what it was they haven't even told us what the first one like yet. The fact that. And that was what's reported rape I'm just gonna go it was reported in the knee is a little common sense people use your own comments written Monday. Hey Matt our. Data out out after Bob Bob Bob Bob often Tuesday. Matt Lauer fire mean. I buy you that. If it takes a while for HRA give act Eden. Am I wrong. That doesn't it wasn't running for hours and then NBC has led them now I. Here allegations this person we've got you know people not stepping down at a congress on allegations. That an investigation is being on Jeff's gonna take a man that. They know. This person that's why they're like where nine the answer can't be done NBC you you own bad ass of man hours. And everyone else he did have factored did not fact. And they too should be out response literally a good idea that we doubt now about ML I don't know and we could know NYC and I he's Alley does now has learned. And that's why they literally we don't want none now. I love this I love this person who keeps texting end. Because it just so. I don't know if they're dense. Though like trying to get attention. Word there. I don't understand DC not to enjoy is very much and it makes me wonder why spend so much time with us. Texting. Person NATO five now. I don't see that on it says part of good reporting as stating facts stop speculating. And they are gathering building evidence and not reporting what has not yet there. Fired and they don't need that way here's the window that's a little better you better understand how that works. He allegations. Made Monday Tuesday they're firing then. There's no time to gather up all this is this guy listeners guises does because you're not a new show doesn't mean you don't have a platform the requires responsibility at all we're discussing. And events I responsibility or your report of what responsibility I get out on me. Big crazy it's speculative ethics one of one do exist goal he. Found a book that's a problem what I was saying his. An order for it probably some I wouldn't make allegations there that needs to be an investigation. And gather the evidence then. Four sat allegations within the company Newton. Adelaide at the company am age and that figure out why and Lenin was doesn't have Planar. Who's gonna cost them last when they get sued Graham Broward are removing that him right or that purse earnings they're complaining yes and so what and easy very quickly figured out. As were passed you're out Matt Lauer and that's it there was no investigation. And probably because there is no real investigation. He. They need they they knew his behavior. And let's not pretend that Matt Lauer didn't walk around there calling everybody Indian whatever it is seeking seanez has eased him out power. Her silly things and has had ice for years about Joost. Like I don't think he's even likable I don't get it life journey began his career don't talk to me I don't think he's likable relayed a ball. Don't understand Matt Lauer but if you're telling it adds an NBC had no idea. I think Iraq absolutely they now and they've been protecting I'm an added protecting their investment. They probably partied with them. So anyway. And maybe Matt Lauer admitted yet I don't I don't even care so you just got it back again guys. People game you have to do something. I guess maybe it's like. A media yeah. US to do something so. Messed up and Matt flowers level to immediately be tagged out. They're not you get a second chances you get put on leave. You get everything what you don't get is fired and that this. Happen that's an aberration ranked. Some not so. So on designate three days together and tells CNET and setter one employee called the number one event Jack he thinks it's time. BP is just not like that thinking he got about eight you got involved illegal. And we are talking. Matt Lauer. Packing in that manager of some bar. This sounds all our that we did it and write it sounds really stupid by taking on Matt Lauer is a big deal yes but it does sound stupid and it's really stupid to sail evidently it's true. It is through our whatever he did they knew then. And I'll loud and whatever a wise. That company near. And that's why we granting Carlson was coming on she's that you gotta go for the top. I'm an order for this to not be an epidemic which by the way it is and ask that button. And we absolutely a 100% can say and see why people don't say thank god DM and then. As they're the ones being pound edged. Repeatedly throughout history is so it is in and you gotta go for the people the top two I don't know what he did. Whatever it is he did though they knew and they let is asking out. That doc about who don't want none too laid out. I'm curious what happens that. Think there's as his music various states and our talk radio so a boat go yourself. He took hits you get there hatter one thing though is the last of an aside. This is the Washington Post is doing a story prior to Monday evidence is somewhere yeah it's an NBC news gets what they are now reporting. And is that knows I'm one of their I'm when they're on C can your really at the end of the day. Man it's this or foreign Jack. Or can you really paying more does that NBC news now well they filter does say absolutely we'll filter. What is it's a story about a sponsor. On delta area. They're gonna bury that we get suggestions. They like to see suggestions. And dunk tank man everytime I open my mouth I hear about it right about anybody yeah. But when we are talking about our own personal experience as a liaison about it and that's what we're there on wreck. Good but that's been our so markets that aren't directly of let's find some songs like generic but not. Any sort of meaningful. Place man hours upon the heads. Became command. Up to Edmonton for. Can you believe we had a job anyway lakes here but. He was probably related getting dirt on people. Man it's really defined you know overs and yet don't find the right sock Saturday even though that is. That's one thing and the Y Mets Lenin to a knife fight. Coming to town on January 19 at the Truman and I really like that nerds on lemon but. As well. We heard that. Figure lemons and I thank the video comes out today then. And if you don't have a sense here where. That man not Korea. And today have a long keying New Zealand sense of humor. Rather call the long bats are not from New Zealand none of them are Australia. None of them. Them why they called Wanda it's because they're weird they're funny and they're appearances from. You're Brohm. England's. One the basis is from Norway so there culturally appropriating museums cultural. There are very culturally OPEC yes. So I and they have a wicked sense of humor. I'm no longer answer from Ireland and they don't take themselves too seriously. And yet they do. They allow I'm going to. They seem like four in the mow lease the how Honda I mean it feels like now first of all there's that. The smoke leaves are like a dozen people on second I don't know I don't know I just saying there's only at the rim of drummer. Bass guitar and singer. Two on our bass guitar bass is George Tiller again. Think the war torn down toward toward the lowered. Torrid the Florida he's the Norwegian line. And he's really funny but I also learned something really kind of cool about narrowing did not know that. Toward told me his. Last name is both his mother's and his father is so in Norway. It's not unusual off. For. Men and women to use their last names together. Mean to name their children which is really forward thinking and they're just taking the father's name. Because there have to mother have to father and they take both classic this. At least that is in towards case as it's very forward progressive that is. I know you're rolling your eyes but that's a big deal at all. I got a lot of crap for not taking. Why is it's seasoning that's what I wanted to now I got married LA. I think it was an issue as he was an issue mean I'm taking someone else is there has been like my parents I got a name or hazardous failures Abington. I felt it was a big deal if I ever marry Katie I'm going to be. Cooper terrorists prefer yes I think it's really 5050 if you're taking the named him. Like that's truly certificate anyway I thought it was really cool off. So he's in Norway. And the other chair of or brits. But nothing no affiliation with one. Now there's no want ads in England or Norway that I'm aware of is there are funny the lead singer Carlos Franco on that you know. I don't think he doesn't think alarm that I think he's adorable. Do you like ugly men he's not ugly is really hot. OK I think I know that Murphy is stunning and you heard definition. It's Murphy called Murphy. I think he's absolutely gorgeous maybe it's because he's so funny. I like funny. And Smart and funny now he does not. According to a torrid knowing not seen as a words Norwegian. He they charged that Murphy has an enormous package apparently they say that it's a joke. I don't think it's a joke I think. Who have opposite vision when it comes between I didn't even. Me I'm always Iran and happiness as. Always I'd not seen his penis normally sees penis has recently gotten married to a beautiful woman. However according to your friends forward thinking in the band now he. He said this is the only woman he's ever cheated do you think this guy is attractive. Are you kidding me Murphy yes I did he looks droopy. He's so funny. He's spiny like because he loves it guy from eighties the end yes and he's sound like a guy from remains banned. And he's British and charming. He's charming he's funny and talented he's got into it a terrible at it now I think he's super high. Looks you're kidding me you know I think easily Steven attractive. Gap and I find terribly attractive because he's funny that your. And hands am I doing easing into hiding it because there's something horrible inside. They'll tell you that there right. Now he's really so we might have died he sent me a new agents he wants. He's like listen. He's he's just smoke at any quit smoking. And he tries to control freak now. He. Has sent me a bulky red. He's accused of trying to suss out. Did you read it now there's still smoke in the Wii is is smelled the same brain and I can't leave funds that I find them terribly attractive and Matthew Murphy is stunning. Man didn't like geared the definition of standing is not standing eight to beauty is in the angry older except for in this. Now it's that was OK you know I broke my planning Greek tragedy and I didn't have it ready to play this for me now tell me how I couldn't find summoned. Easy I think he's talented and you can separate easily doll packaged artist hardens you. The design or someone that has everything that you like lighting have to allow yourself. I if that's the thing I'm totally my his home around them and he's ends look I am I'm a goof ball desire about is and now it's not. It's not about me and our Easter now and his wife is suggests. It's doing that a hot and you know what. And tracked. The way he talks about her in the way he talks about his wife who we just got married is. Wonderful it's heartwarming to see an end here and for him to not be institution. With women. Like I can see any women do and anything let them. Not that he was we actually went to a gay bar that's others like. Yeah that we had I'm an active life ugly it is now he zero. Fire he's hot deer and I have lead singer and a lot that he. Ephedra things frontier is dragged him yes they say hello. They even Dora ball I'm sorry easy charming. It's a that's not his girlfriend left otherwise realize that burn out. I'm looking for and and him is he's knows he has his season beard she's not a beard she is a way not to bearden. Anyway complaining that sorry I don't find something that's attractive and I can watch him pretty hard arm from the physical matchup if you watch him perform its charming as well it's funny and they are so tiny lives here and it's the want ads in the the year January 19 at the Truman. Mean. Come to bring you. And that is that be mean with tomboy on the back as well. Like. I want that. When ever grand juror Arum to be in my fame. Sounds Leo begin theme for some yeah. I actually sign on TV like Netflix. All it was honored some smelled. It's time I think that's on showtime. And that outside watching the single mom aren't and she is a tomboy as basic basket on sound. And your name. I would is watching this show. Yes smell as like melt but just an answer the front smell of knowing look up the trailer. Yeah it's actually pretty got I like the lead character. No more of that slit our pick something really I alana and I missed that Ike. Two of the girls are from Detroit to the girls are from New York. Met -- garage Iraqi air it's got that garage rocket attorney and then me harmonies. Like I liked it a lot. It's three and a half men and aegs Yani Iraq. I was in the US and you dashboards of them on an hour. We can play that coming out at a commercials. How's that as the new dashboard seeing highlight that in total we've we've tried Mets aren't sag some saudis are not that I don't tax hero. Yeah I love you need.