Afentra's Podcast Wednesday September 20, 2017

Wednesday, September 20th

Buzz Briefs, Healthcare, Tradio, Gorillaz, and more!


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You're right now it's fine graph the pillow. You god help me on my idea idea. Ahead of Zack to me like a month ago. And it was fine everything was great you know I got the flu. Donate some Carnie it's not a I don't do well with spice like Canadian animator with fresh peppers. I'm just like feel like crap we're talking now like I gotta gotta a guy he Mattel Omar granular Loma I got an Omar. And oh I am an almost sometimes Graham nine term wallets and they'll still humid Toma granular Loma don't think Yemen alma I got an old mine must throw him. Cede that to me is pornography I got Wellemeyer Muster its road and garage and a lot more obscure wrote a moma. That's trial enters and aides I got a third testicle on the right side in my balls. Like it's like right above with where they did the cut on the right side left side. Perfect science on your right there's a ball or is it something and doesn't know if it's about as the size of a marble. But you can grab it and feel it it's all hard that evening I mean yeah it's I felt that once I want to budget again. While it wasn't there before and now ideas. So do you want to pop I don't think I want poppy enough I just don't. I I think I wanted to go Evan I'm I have. To get an injection. Or might just see there. Is that what happens and you have to spend some time Islamic cut the thing is the two that I think I talked about this when we talked about the vasectomy in the beginning. But it can be a little leakage. Of sperm from the band's deference. Into the open space. And it's a closed system like. You know your reproductive system doesn't interact with your blood OK I mean inside you anyway usually and so when it rated does that can be like. A body response again immune response. And so this is this big lump on my right testicle. Above my right testicle. It's it's like a couple of its conflict. Feeds. It's like immediately to beaded curtain. It's like bill one on top in the Muslim world is a regular below and then there's a smaller bead on top one smaller right yeah I mean but it's pretty big. It is you can't miss it late at slaps against a leg or something and sell our. I can't be. Sometimes. Depending on my activity re okay. And but like. It doesn't hearty youth. Yeah I mean look at them of the body hurts right now vehicles stiff it's kinda like getting punched in the stomach are in the balls. And then light it just kind of sits up in your groin. That pain. You wanna puke all the time I got you don't know I've had there's no real equivalents like you guys can get kicked in the design and it hurts. Sure they're being can write your being kicked in the vagina right or anywhere yet. It's like guy you replace deliver. Kind of like the view as. I mean I usually don't end delegated a body blow shots now usually does is sit around here is it's like I hope I'm okay eight down there. Ally and concern and I was just thought you drop fan like that team ginger right I wish I had too much during now. And right now and it's like an X or not I'm growing enough. Right while you're gonna have one what it's like to insert like they cut it and then my cancer was again out. Well that's my thing like you seem like injection it would have to have to happen. Cut at stake in the Italy and they love the sick meals is Rosalie fix problems the ball sort of that doesn't now wolf and I have to kind I'll just leave it a bit like an accessory. Your job when the you. I did say I had I don't know I don't know if it's the Kearney a side of the spices or get the spices game and a block knows I think. That the way it's sad that I am pretty sure wasn't that spices they gave me an answer and I. It spices and my balls drew. Sees little rise anyway holes just omelet and around an extra busy day I'm sorry Terry are good well I got it's not a rise I had some of the talk about to this kind of like a alone. It seems this seems like a Morrissey song doesn't it outdoors in the news on 08 hours. I mean I music all night take spices and grit has the gulf now no effect because Morrissey did send out an tweaked. Yeah news guy and our rules will we should talk about this tweet because stolen away by the news not sure so annoyed because I haven't heard Morrissey is such a do wish. I was always you hear his Twitter Africa. All right. Big fat morning buzz good morning. We get news. Right. Well what's going on laurels yeah highly doubt about Mexico. Mexico area after terror of all doubt now. Terra terrible. Now is that poll saying well that hit California. Equate that it now or didn't let me get California do I don't know. It has sir there is in his second earthquake. Program Mexico. Mexico. In two weeks and week. That's a hell of a thing. Let's for the recent if I mean Jimenez won by one Hough out. Or how. Sucks and is earthquake sooner than anything there. Now actively. Tectonic plates shift now there is nothing you did her as the earthquake learning. Sometimes you have earthquake warnings earthquake watch sometimes they do have now. What. I think somehow or you know that LB you know after all. Waves mean that shocks and aftershocks in season. But I think sometimes they can tell that they're coming. Maybe if there's like a volcano. I don't know. I don't know I'm not. What would you have to leave that. You got up there. Pay off just. Yet okay. So nobody likes this settled like this at all I'm just gonna bring it up yet because soft feel like I don't wanna get in. But I know I'll be calling. Jerry Moran again today. And I'll be calling Pat Roberts again today. And telling them about you know my narcolepsy in my sons around at singing. Why I think. Then I don't wanna have limits on pre existing conditions because apparently they're doing and other health care bill apparently. Here's the thing that I don't understand about the health care bills right the last one was so unpopular just oil percent of Americans were Ford just well known so you know that's a self identifying population had trouble I think her. But the thing that bothers me about it is how come every time I blink can turn around I got a call my senator make sure they're not gonna do something insane. I why they always trying to sneak these bad boys bias. There have in this they're having this discussion are having this health care discussion are having this meeting. It's part of like a homeland security committee and only two people are being allowed to testify that being the two authors of the bill Lindsey Graham and bill Cassidy. Break if this seems so shady either talking about thirty million. People being kicked off insurance. Preexisting conditions return. As is CNN's not a good times now become my guy DR economy can if you don't care doll. While. I feel like at one point or another we all have a preexisting condition yeah and isn't the points and then medicine to treat any. Existing or preexisting conditions blocker Asarco for two doctors right so let me say this from the bottom of my heart. And bill Cassidy the guy who was one of the authors of the bill. He's a doctor Kyra. Here's the problem with doctors and loss and writing. To become a doctor. As I know because I did not become. You gotta go to a lot of school you gotta dedicate yourself from like about very beginning of their people like you are in April. But those nontraditional position students attacked don't give era. They did take a couple of like older people every like daddies you're up early Abbott's got good grades are back to school lets make your successor for the most part. You gotta be a crazy person to get and and then once you're there. You don't get to do anything except for study in college. And then medical school and the need to your residency he's spent. A good twenty years of your life not developing yourself. As a person. And not interacting with other people as human beings you have no idea how the world works. I get a your position you really Smart good for you I mean I don't keys and all is that I do I do I think it out on a certain level. You have stunted your growth to become a position you had to there's no way you can just go and explore the world and have this. Normal life. If you're gonna graduate. An eye on eye on out it's so you're at it anyway. I'm just saying overall you don't know what somebody else's life is like you've only been focusing on Europe. Campbell what does that have to do with the help because he's writing abilities like this is gonna be throwing guy yeah he's one got it right here bill and he's one of the two guys that's testifying. Rats to the importance of the belts yet. This guy might be so their pre existing conditions in the down every up to the states which means. Break Bob I. Times. And I don't destroy senator you care most people are like who cares about who cute do so far right. I just wanted to bring it was you know it's happening a filly ready to do my due diligence is a broadcaster ray I think that's awesome night and fortunately I feel like when I do call my senator. They're going to vote. Not my way like it today as I call Jerry Moran. Lights over the last few attempts to repeal. The affordable health care act and and both times. Jerry Moran has voted now they voted against it. He's also his staff I will say both in DC and Kansas has been very. Affable. They will listen they were not in Iraq if you call and you were polite and you tell them how you feel they will taken though and they will pass. Pass it on we don't have hundreds of millions of dollars about the cockroach Coke cock Coke coach error. Brothers. We are hundreds of million dollar the lobby of a leader of tell bones you can make your call and if enough people call. And it might make a difference I think it's insane we have to call. At all I would hope that Jerry Moran would be like you know. I'm a decent human being but he's insulated through money and years of being a congressman you are talking stunted growth. People who go to congress. Show me one well rounded congressperson. I'm sure others have you I think Bernie Sanders is a look at the lumber rescind his wife got a guy now well rounded are right that way alone. Seattle on a black college so I was like Willie's campaign funds pay these back. I. Are all war power corrupts you. Page you know there's no female candidates for governor in Kansas on the democratic side. Milk. Yet the yeah I'm right on. As I want. Yep there's no one is all male deal last Democrat to win governor election in Kansas female. Just. The civilians have yet you could be governor and turned. Sure sure sure I can can you imagine. You can raise the dragons. I mean guys the awesome policing those events and not maybe so strong leader here in Kansas. We anyone that you know. Got dragons and drove go I wish I had Jirga and men with. Palm leaves standing and as the grapes I'd be nice that would be the offense for active 2018. I said that healthcare for everybody and Alec ever everybody in its right. You know I heard that that they cock Coke GAAP coach Brothers Brothers. On threatened to there's as the article and it as a on the guardian. That's basically like K based said that if they don't pass Health Care Reform or tax reform that they're gonna cut off. Their purse where the mid term elections. And it's a little 3400 million dollars to spend here on these. These mid term elections ranked. How he got three or 400 million dollars spent a lot of mid term election no idea what you look for tax reform it seems like you're doing okay I'm Texas yeah yeah 400 million dollars. In Iraqi. David slightly are twenty. To one point oh yeah. I mean. Are about reform I think dad let's just take your campaign reform is in Guatemala and we should robbed a Coke Brothers here which is go to house of rob them blind for the stuff we need. They got enough. I miss it. Power corrupts absolute power and perhaps absolutely. 100%. Yeah or some and have a great plains and attacks laden. I think the power attracts that perhaps. No no I don't know man like because for now I know there's something about that yeah. I thought there's got an okay governor out of the a little something her robbed about it to begin with you're seeking that sort have power now I I don't disagree with that sentiment there's a at all okay well I know anything but a little offense or get pulled over she's governor of Kansas. State trooper walks up. Look fatter. Like that the registration but. She's your name on the fingers he'd gotten injured and you go. And he carried off because how are. Because. Well Kerry unveiled how. And so then he lets you go and you don't sell for four yeah that's that's you being corrupted. It's you letting the power get to you you have to be perfect and you can't because we're human tumor plot. I mean I feel like does that matter are. Now. Yeah RA had got it made her sit still you know the aha. Aha he got Andy. Read these governor ha but I have. I you're in charge of a buzz states here reflect our job. How can I give you ticket in my biased I. Hey. Speaking of being corrupted or perhaps somebody like guns arrogant person and that's not true. Yeah they did ever ready gotten out the piano now the other lion and they no doubt dean. They're not a good person off I think I think that you're not a good person you know you got a good cars and I think you're wrong ice now and you know there's something out there's something mad about you that. Not a good person having been in many many bad relationships over the years until my current one which is wonderful. I can tell you the other person ever and they know now I don't think they're out because they you spend your lightweight form to go to the bigger up. They they know now is keep com forward at. Any team failed to give them you know I don't. And hip hop paid you governor. Anyway. Yeah I played America ready Irvin had to Tom DeLay of. Probably do well in those positions don't take that. You take elected if you would do while those for the since Nellie guy they're losing their god people who. They're like they're not gonna do it another Iowa I mean is else when they're seven and I just don't things how to get elected you have to be in a certain position and to be in that position for the most part as a general rule there certainly exceptions. You've had to do. Some pretty aft up best to get where you need to be to run for office frank and then on top of that you need to deny all the aft up that you need to pretend like you're the perfect person like all Yoder balls. I've used this idea that I'm a wonderful family man all wide right well obvious trip and I took my clothes off in the Sea of Galilee. So our guys just going back champ. People in knowing if they're good or bad people in Texas is like. I'd like to begin person that I now I've that they can I say something to this person I feel like maybe because you are aware of make your not to back. I moved bingo Barre yankees are you happy healthy and you're out just saying. It around maybe it's me and I think. If you're reasonable person if you look at yourself and the merrier app wait till it right up tea. Nobody's worth the mayor's right I mean if there's a Philanthropic. Into final horrible person did I fight it every day and I don't think your horrible person I just think it out honestly itself about what you feel like society putting pressure on you to be a certain way. But just don't go around murdering people. Don't go around writing bills that take away. Protections from pre existing conditions are pretty good person in my dog is holding guns people have them go right I mean it does not you know I'm sorry I don't said we should see that. It's Adam don't like okay. Put him in jail just like just put in jail well if he you know we put murderer's row down red truck out. So we are going to jail now after the hour. You're saying you can't give people on health care because they have a preexisting condition they need your views that he's that dairy. Basic human right. You might as well be just walk around with guns in your head Sudanese people and may as well here's what they're not giving them health care yeah you go to Jeff hi. And I worlds. If I have eight. How and that's an idea. I'm you're being. Say things they said Charles car coat coats. I don't know if one of the most humble people they've government yet to your face the fact that gap is a billionaire. Out. He is paired barely got the money from doing business with shady people in World War II saying with the bushes. They're money comes from bad places. Doesn't matter what they do it and after as the Jesus they spend a lot hoarding it to try to make everybody else's life. Oh we need liberty show up at your liberty. Yeah you're definite I. Sox are half waiting liberty is walking around sickle they would no money in your pockets Pulitzer for any. Chiefs. I think we sure rob to coax I think that's when he caught Cox out coax. Cox's coax crutches cokes I was just go down there it's our problem. You got over like a hundred million dollars we Robbie. Right lawyers are Robin people always wanted to rob people I will say I read about dad yeah. I god. How. At column with a felony and a ha aha written by Mario is on a hot you know the godfather to me anyway he is a modern day Robin. You had sealed from the red to give to the tour would stop them every single Robin in the air is he's sure he's used that well I don't know that the book was written and he is loosely based on ending flat. If you can get it was I mean that guy exists said there what was his name but he led. You know steal from the rich give to important. Let's see this Sicilian terrible movie. Great backed terror room a terrible live a terrible terrible don't watch the movie and that's what. Let's say. But anyway yeah there is or something appealing to. About me and like. I'm Sandy Berger gets that look we're gonna get to a point like we gothic parenthood a lot of the pretend like we're more advanced than the civilizations that have come before us but eventually. People or it's a breaking point eventually. There is that went without either it is the only way that you see a redistribution of wealth historically. On earth. I hope whose jet for chickens but historically there's two ways violent war or horrible sickness. Either way global tragedy. He's the only way to dot cell. What if we could preemptively is pounds current money derived bow to give what if we preemptively to start robbing people to take away their cake before they told us eat. I can people keep saying nobody knows how to pronounce that. Okay like a New Coke maybe. It's not bad that knows it's zero sugar. It's our it's that it's. Yeah. It's. Wednesday. That's it for goodwill. Did you at volunteer work for that night I spent the whole thing up and I. Yeah. Sure. Yeah. That's not the I'm looking for how the latest hey you guys and the girl is taken dean Garrett and hop. I'm our car I don't rob us for votes Hopkins we're gonna give those away. That's so we do and we give it away right or not like because John charged are that is guy. There's no pre existing condition for bargaining tea that's how and is now I don't know I still think Robinson's idea at how. Houk it's definitely Coke you pronounce it like cow I'm from Wichita and go well you have a look at Wichita instruments. Based on how it's spelled. I I don't know if that's creations from Wichita. Outs look at it spells ballot spell Wichita. Duh. Duke and WI CH. IT AR. I hope both of your tuning in and exhausting can't. I mean I don't know that to be true. Personally. It's Coke why people get slopes that. Pretty sure it's clutch. Crotch cock the crops others dark Brothers crotch but. Well look I'm on an expert on front as it. I'm a boom in working hard at. The at Carol for God's sakes pays big and Wichita again a bagel shop. This is big news in Wichita Bennett at a bagel shop in years yeah. A yeah. It's. Are you French. Hop com home. Assert their hair. People laugh what names that I put on a Starbucks cup. Betty. And bacteria and Brady that he knew there like excuse me if daddy. Wichita hasn't had a bagel shop since early 2000 it's. And con it's 6 AM on Wednesday morning Haley go through open her new date go Hollis. Had a she's thought I was. You'd pay. Gates and hey you know good but I think Brandel I think Germany and all the opposite that. Hybrids are Arkin is probably. Better than it was fifteen minutes ago that's about traffic. Been trending now. Glass panels that is funny and it's super funny Iger idiots you perceived of anyway we have tickets to see the guerrillas that show is sold out Friday night. On one of the sprint center and I thought we can deal worlds radio I'm an indictment and a lot. Come on how I'm 576796. All right you call season and trying to treat it that's. The best thing you can do is sure I mean. We treated her ridiculous items. And I think maybe even more you listen into the shadow. The better you might do. With trading and a top. A lot of times you don't. There's nothing we like. That's OK and you won't. Four straight us. You don't force us into trading enhanced view will. We're not down at. Poor's and consensual now sounds Tyson six 96 find white sensual OPP yes OTT other people straight you correct. When you have to trade for sold out its. Been sold out our own time and then I'm often have never been. The girl is or they were Wendy how I don't know I've never seen him as they aren't crazy. Now. Earn truth. I haven't seen them anywhere. Not here or anywhere else and I and doesn't let him go and I haven't seen them in a vote I haven't seen him in a note and I well let's see. Innings. Yeah. 576796. Time Adolf Barack let's see these people. What do you have to train hello of the buzz. Hey aren't certain how does this Alexander Alexander. Legacy guerrillas. I would love to regular crap all right what do you got to training and. I have a 2005. Sign more old eight ball with all the team including Mike Sweeney in that there. But don't get me started now Mike Sweeney 2005. Mike Sweeney's trigger for me yeah this is the worst in general sisters. Half half half half half I don't know man that's pretty good. I think you. Gagging cookies. Who can keep the country argue maybe joke that. Key words do mean girls during though I feel like you've heard doubt mark have a similar baseball but. I know they're not real signatures at the thing Martha had yeah they're not grounds. What they give us bow our group called Myanmar saying that they're not real they give those balls out. They have the and a fake pregnancy and he liberty on the team. I regret not it would be art outright. How do we hit. And like all right economy. Are you seeing their real signatures and l.'s signature event it works I think ha ha ha ha I went. I mean who doesn't want that Signet served chip embrace. And national drama of his Hernandez commenting. And some luck. Alexander. Yeah. Maybe. I'll check and now has gone almost I almost called again I don't know how Hillary announced the debut is on the team but was he on the ball marks I guess I must feel like we should straight and keep it here in this student caveat some anger is all of that. Is now. We are the worst team we are rung will lose where there are. Yes we are among hold. Of what Alexander out of all hang out that that is somehow appealing to me yeah to have the baseballs signed by the worst royals team in the history it's a wonderful. It is this as saluting our us. If we take it before he delivers that I would like Mike Sweeney's name drawn through in black shark now now you leave this we know he's totally you know always I easily. We have a conversation about my now we're doing radio OK just real fast break I got away with like high sticking up bank. Mike Sweeney just got hit his eye on all my exactly all of us that don't injured all the time you add like all that time Mike Sweeney is our all the time with the royals demo we estimated assign one other guys many answers rank. Well he was my doesn't. That happened a lot we I'd imagine we heard it on being outscored ours is his salad score and that's if we can't let out of Miami is like ours outscored days -- cal is their but he still plays didn't play as there are held Saudi breaks occurs because we have a history that is not baseball are we doing football to Duffy. Tyler we don't follow that we give ones we have big concert to what mr. color hair is WO a out. Larry Johnson. Remember I had Elaine not that into more lately you ran Friday. Asks we gave it to what is phase late latest guys summit check it she's once. Dogs are Jamaal Charles. Yeah we are notorious for keeping a running backs are to lock him in far longer than we need to be keeping them anyway are gonna Simmons spit them out. If you're just Jenny and we are doing trio of war. That gorilla as. Sold out challenge to keep that in mind that means you have to have something of substance about we do have a time to heal do you have like amazing runs a little gimmicky contract in and what you have to trade for a girl is again until the buzz. Hello I'm ringing out in my heart or repair electric. Illuminating electric. Does this say or comment but that's as Andre Allen what kind of service is skin what a service. Break into or out of thing you can do a lot of things. What is your favorite sayings of plumber that he does. Yeah I. Does it does is it pretty that is today. Or correct you know right. You can't go up. He has. He's an enemy Lee you've 31 putting your finger at times I have not and I. We're not here very loud if my son don't you get when the tickets by even one life. Her husband didn't locate the glitter as and keep hitting it. I congratulations you're idea when you don't need to take its anything's stay home at that time I clatter as I gotta tell you you're her bail on how many people can buy dad is so flawed. The clintons and see light. If you enjoyed easy does it didn't think it would be easy dairy easy it's quite prominent guy ever ever not idiots you can find it. You should no word isn't the guy absolutely should no word on the easier kudos for going had a pleasant somebody that seems to be like. Kind of why that doors that you should just do it it's. But for whatever reason. Some guys are right. Find that drag it being one Elijah Wood. Anyway she's 31 in the game of life you mean she does need grows tickets on the bus. Out I'm in radio okay what do you have to trade for guerrillas against. I have nothing to he principal consultant. On a minute let me get tired of this Bob I now. But adventure I mean I haven't let's say I haven't heard you talk about the for awhile then I really he talked about typical peach. With all of your passwords and with being able to manage them. And I we'll give you that she brought from bad to see great you'll ever come up which you'll never have to memorize. Are you not commemorated one how to word forever you could have fork eight account it will remember all of your house for a different for each. I will help you with your future password where the. That's very nice of you do you know what happened. What dear me did that very I'll. Yeah and now I now doubt he would easily import the one password they went past one Tesla bats and got. Yeah yeah. I know it's been allows and Jeremy bash about it because I didn't phase me out yeah that impasse quality Hugo bird carrying listening in knowing as you'd have to realize. I sent him. Apparently show isn't sold out it was the more tickets were released book which just released. OK so they're and a sellout. Egg cell that was so that idea it was in try to bind them like they're gonna sell out on top men aren't good about as. Well and judge good morning he's just did this area in here and what you do I import game early bird. It was easier yeah. I am I run explore further has failed to come by PDs supplies. I love beauty supply. Have a pool eat a box full of them. And if you wanna. Okay what kind that oh my god are. Thanks yeah violence and a violent. Did I have summit I have a little bit everything. Every professional pride in the planet I have tons of it but they at least got all the time. Ray is this slick trials signs are rail all right. Now. I ask I really need museum they're going Ryan conditioner. I don't care sprain but I got everything yeah. Guy hairspray. I got CD burner I'm that yeah I don't and I got an average day they'll call it. You say you got there ever known it Kashmiri towns in the that I really can't can't. Trade with Italy can pull it here in any line here alone nine car were holding her hair products. And we signed royals ace Bob by the worst human royals sister I mean who doesn't line I'd David DeJesus signature grant aren't cases success so far Iranian Alexander. In the lead to get yourself a Shawn Camp signature 5767965. And C yeah. Hello the bad news. Oops now. I think unemployment are okay that's Sheehan win and she wanted to life. Q how is that the one outlet person. And as a leading role is on that team. I think Q is he or idiot it wasn't in June you know it's not just on the clearance into that spot yes of course. It could that you can't panic manner is you're not gonna find a spot it and those spots a little trickier. You give article Asian shares on the kind of a spot that he's not fighting map at all even get a map. Which there is was Google image. A little edit that asks do it. Jail it. Even more educational select yes. Glad about how I howry. Is that this or lower OK we have tickets to the guerrillas what do you have to tree. Well. It was your idea on how of people offering people for the. Yeah are telling you we. No I'm newly single. I'm bad I'm good ago. Doubt about crossing over their fans are. Yeah to Regina you sometimes a lot of times everyday and think about it you know I wish I was attracted to women that I think my life would be so much easier. If I were a lesbian. Act because I think. You know not necessarily that Laura is not it again out to me and my best friend talk about panels are written thank Laura I wish we. It just do each other and this is doing. We I bet we could find a leak literacy and G spot together and then live happily ever after terror and that house wouldn't be a mask if you ever thought women remembered different here's proved its are on crises like tiger are friends is like I wasted. Leases might do Iraq now happily ahead here big as daylight hours to get like do yeah its numerous times he. It I winning ticket. Morning Leo. The current age. You pays for everything that they take your leave leave the you do the bulls. You gotta take offers them. Got to take your upper ninth Dennis you can't take your BR GRQ now I just injury extends this soon letter B a title drinks let me drive aren't all that out the code to the the vault his side alcohol it's alcohol deadly drug can have your way with me I'm good times there are. Are angry well more like more tomorrow more. Ariel of the matter is rural high and we are trading. Whatever you may or Manhattan. Floor tickets to see the gorillas which was sold out but apparently announced few tickets have been released what GAAP. You know I collector Ronald. So Donner. And I'll either be it aren't just like okay they're gravel on the dotted like legitimate often quote plate. They're not you know regular rocks being injured right. I guess they're not your regular staff these age of regular Ryan White rocks. You know leak. But but again. I have a thunder and send your. Under and it lets yeah. It is like it geotag comet formed in the same way it formed from the heat air couple better insight would be multi lot of that comes out of a volcano. Taken. And the inside it it's really cool looking army to get. I'm doing here right now hundred fender. How it has energy is that energy is that the lender that you want you. If I want it and they'll do whatever you want as a lesbian ten Atlanta the lab in Iraq. Why would you give up your thunder and right. Does anybody want to thunder and you. Gets him. I think at Purdue Iraq still alive where do Iraq's we may as well get that 2005 signed baseball. Right that is the definition of a rock right and Alexander. I does that consensual. With all of us 100. Marathons that. I beat ourselves assign a royals baseball from the 2005. Seats are under way. According to mark the worst. Royals baseball team in history. Is now ours who is the man that made it. Now that was Tony music. I'd boo boo me. Boom we're gonna you know why we need a little south to put Al body about Sally app. Buddy about a mile shelf to put that bedtime and he a floating Cho mentally tough sledding shelf what do you think. Eggs are. Thank you offer playing training and congratulations. Alexander he hasn't sell some tickets to see the guerrillas we will have more tickets ramp. Although the thunder rag. Sounded really nice I mean that under a brought some. Fresher yeah it's like a Jack hammer the half when it was done you're never the same gap then be moved under and the royals a two managers say. Tony Pena and yeah. Tony Peña granted they are known and well I know is that he can't get great success we'll trade him. Ideals than who's gonna put up the floating. March. Act. Spin. On the buzz. Hot shots. Holy non mom anyway. We're done. Tomorrow we will deal iPod Shuffle is more opportunities for you in tickets to see the girl list. And Monday. Free show tags tags. We will be at the Alamo draft house or you stop by and say hello. Six to 10 AM. First hundred people and we buy you beer and breakfast. And then all of that later on company of these will be performed. They're on their ten year reunion tour they're playing that night at the record bar. And opening for is there meaning that you heard here like got to watch her show. The balance the proper mind anyway. Company of peace. Everything anyone. It's called treasure it's fantastic hopefully come dish at the record for them because I'll be there. Be happy camper can show good people. Palestinians. Are you gonna come. Mercury coming why wouldn't you come. Try to make Barton yesterday it is that if they go on nine I can make yeah I mean I'm not an easy money and yeah I mean late night for me I now but it's a special occasion. I don't. On your own team of venture why goatee. I named my daddy Honda C in line with you guys that's it you're not gonna come anyway. Maybe you can come and replace Danny because he wound up replaced it please regarding me appeared guided thing like guiding. Why god why anyway accompany these early this treasure have a great tales of tomorrow.