The Airplane Story

Wednesday, August 8th


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About a fierce and American Airlines thing. We are talking about last night how do you. Track that person do you now go through every single person who was on that airplane and five month old a five month fetus. So and they're cleaning crew found it after we wanna do planes right. And LA Guardia it was getting ready to go back in the hangar from the story that I read like they did the plane was done for the day. So they were cleaning it up they finest fetus in the bathroom a plane and flown from Charlotte, North Carolina and right room arrived at LaGuardia Airport at 11 PM local time according to American Airlines. After everyone left the plane it was towed near a hangar where it was parked overnight. The next morning. American Airlines employees are getting the plane ready for service. When one of the cleaning crew members went into the lavatory on board the aircraft and noticed there is a lot of toilet paper. And a toilet bowl section of the lavatory. And upon further inspection came across the fetus. The crew member told her manager and the airline then notified law enforcement. So as the next morning. And forcing him into my mind does that show I didn't know I was pregnant. And where Iran. There's there's also the women who tried to hide their pregnancies what did you receive those they would like us are worried bag your brother is sure I didn't end. So is that what happened I'm Noah or did and can you are you allowed to go back and look now. At the blog see everyone that was on that flight and go and interview them after. And then. Are you love you more than that like are you you're not allowed to do medical exams on them to see if they were recently. Pregnant are you know probably not I don't like the idea that it's an aide to armed some people on this plane orders checking everybody out. Good price rule it down though rising oil you have now you're down and women and and then year old of them I mean you could a certain age group yeah you can probably. Kids found a small number. They don't talk to own. And then what's the punishment if you had a missed. Carriage on an airplane. And he didn't tell anyone. What's the punishment for that if that's what happened. Was it you know. I we were talking up that last night to. Was today. A miscarriage was it to she'd only reaching no she was about to go into labor. Did she know she was pregnant. If she had a miscarriage. And didn't tell anyone yeah. Is that illegal it's got to be illegal at least. To do it on their I don't know how or why but somehow been asked to be illegal that you didn't tell anyone. But there's a fetus in the about yet there's got to be something that that's cover owner wanted to be there are laws about improper disposal of body right right but is that a body he would die. I don't know. What they've yet consider it she had a miscarriage. It's different than someone who has a baby. Umpire leave nightstand miscarriage now Natalie let miscarriage. I am German I know obviously that shouldn't no but. It is defendant someone put my baby in the dumpster a problem right that's cut drive you to okay you took this kid a viable child in writing. Decided to kill it or did kill whatever. If this person had a miscarriage and an airplane what what's the punishment for a. How do you let someone know if you will and I think you gotta tell somebody I mean we Telus stewardess but aren't sure it didn't hole shot these add on that terrible I had a medical emergency I just had a miscarriage. Right and I'd if could you pull yourself together to say that someone will or he is trying get off the fine. Amin I don't know I'm not a woman so I have no idea and probably does for us not them yeah. Speeches at r.s will rise up and starts on marijuana Biden I'd you know as a human. I think the answer isn't to just believe in the toilet because Britain toilet paper writes at that's inside attack. Right. But what is it echoes that. And the latter burner won't comptroller treasurer and a tragic act. I was on the food demean you just can't have a miscarriage and a toilet really well okay. Cover would toilet paper I don't know there's a punishment for Lebanon and I guess I think you need to lose someone needs to come talk to. Let's see what historians I think that's fair to be very careful. I say this but you don't know this I think there is that difference between. I think if you said it soak on it came sad that we are flying to Vegas and you've left to go. And he came back in and he said. Sometimes. His clothes between them and know what to do accomplished on paper and then I would say not only by. Don't tell anybody are you someone will find it it sucks for whoever finds that. But you're taught Tommy at all flush their rights and don't Tony but I'm that's a lot different than having a miscarriage in the past there's no comparison. Look and feel like you you had kind of asked. If you're scared to say and I PCBs kids safe and discipline to a is six ability on intimate and might not be as well as hard as well she's got a problem in the bathroom whatever that is. She had a problem. Let's assume that she had a miscarriage in that she is petrified and didn't mention one that didn't want to have mr. in shock. And doesn't know how to tell anybody which is where you're coming from and I think there are times where unfortunately you have to tell somewhat yes I understand. The idea of being petrified yet it's also what I had a medical emergency an airplane bathroom. Thought I would Laszlo. Tell someone you can't leave that. I don't know. There's not a little rules what Amazon miscarriage at home I don't know if you talk about it all night long line not only my friend's mom had moment kids I was over there. When it happened housing what's wrong your mom. And then he went signs on the in my mom's atmosphere it is opening an inch you sitting there looked like he paddles of remember thinking like oh my gosh. You know guys probably shouldn't be over here I should probably go home but I don't remember anyone being called balloon dad came home early from work you know. I don't know what you do I don't know. But in this instance I think he got to say something. Not to mention. The person who. Found that I don't statements or line longer or matter does it lets understand what we're saying well. You gotta tell someone what how what do they say what they mad about. At the which I don't are generally purely curious. I look at aboriginal five month old cius you. Want. I shouldn't lieutenant Porter is trying to sue like I don't know what that one outburst and found ride like weigh in on what that a person find what is it it you know. Amount looks like a little tiny baby baby fetus. So. If that's here. There's an actual picture. You have to tell someone. I don't know maybe you don't want to mention I understood when I'm just not that you know as I'm not actually has kind of oh. Is it Texas and it seems like at that word. We don't know what she's going through our. The other reasons you details when which I think we do understand opens I was real premium out you could bring me. I always say I can understand if you're in total shock how do you tell someone that I told my understanding is what regulate the situation that makes perfect sense. But I but I think the right thing to do is let someone know but. Who sent me right you're right you know what I'm trying to you know that the tax time may be right. I have no idea may need. It's so traumatize you that you're not expected to tell anyone run I I don't know. You can definitely I can convince him to fair. And also should the person being in trouble. Legally. If they go through it and trying to figure out who this was. My initial reaction is. No. Right it did not definitive data miscarriages. And oh what's. What you do there punish someone for having the mister right. I understand they left they maybe should have told someone that. And policy board I don't know what you do. And you're on an airplane and writes. And who knows who she maybe she was traveling alone maybe should now running. Friends or family with. You know I don't know. The other reason I say that is if you had someone with you tell and then they can Buick are well I'll go tell someone because. You're in no position you're not feeling. Up to it I don't know. We're getting some tax as a as a woman I would immediately tell someone seek medical attention under freedom how wild. Some guys Reese in the severe punishment for miscarriage. Now. Wish there was no punishment for that's I think what they're mad about is that you were saying there has caused governments cares much of their presence ever sense that or that there should be at mount. Number I don't know I was asking and only punishment for not telling someone that you had a miscarriage and death. Boom. This happened in this particular case should there be a punishment for her no one answer was advocating for polish government in order now. I'd I'm not really advocating for punishment. For this woman. Is anyone else know. As Los Angeles on into my girlfriend barrels a she can get in trouble visit different matches are different is that is what we're calling it was an average of three miscarriages still birth the issue give birth. Do I heard door baby yeah. At what point do you call at what point are they different and what point probably when you. Yeah I don't know I don't know. I'm sure there is some sort of. Well dates where they say now you're for an awful lot of that win considers that is how why and others like. Hostels differ by around 2223. Weeks is when they. Tried. I think some guys they legally have to try if you're 23 weeks. Or point two whatever it is that somewhere around that age try what to induce labor note try this say debate I'll. A note to say one Minnesota four weeks viable yet what's truly usually forward shut us around five months and coincident. So they still birth happens after the baby is been living in signed a smaller torn in between it forward a few of them that changes everything right if you have to you so you're saying that like in a hospital they say okay. If a pregnancies this far along we have to try and say I'm on Yemen over the next you know I know I have to trial that's 23 we had a Sunday so if this baby was pass that certain day where they have to try and then. The mother would be. It's susceptible true. Legal. I'm. A mom has tried. Alert he supposes okay Melissa this thing as it gets right but OK if you have a child who said I can't buy just by law you are required most of the time to seek medical treatment and show even if you religious and say well I don't want. Most courts have said no you have to. That couple who was just sentenced because when you know these religious resolve and Asia so you are supposed to act. Keep your child. Healthy healthy safer there's probably some reasonable expectation of what you're supposed to do in this instance. I think we can all agree. She's five months launch our airplane. Outlook probably using grates up pretty well by but could they say and I'm just asking could they say well you should you're supposed to tell someone. You should hang on June details are emerging about events showing a dead fetus that was some Tuesday morning in an airplane toilet and New York city's LaGuardia Airport. What side. The police arrest in a case of looking at sisters from Brooklyn who are traveling from Jamaica through Charlotte. North Carolina after the American Airlines planned plane landed Monday nine ER one sister allegedly allegedly Randall lavatory. In the middle of the aircraft Roy doses are waited outside the door. The plane was part by American Airlines flight crew. Of a young woman allegedly told investigators she. She also allegedly told believes that while in the lavatory should pull the baby out and never heard a crier breeze she claims she didn't realize she was pregnant. An autopsy is expected to determine if a child was born alive. An American Airlines spokesman has told the situation tragic and sensitive. An actively cooperating with law enforcement and the investor okay that makes sense Laredo so if they find that did they really want all our lives and there'd be some reasonable. Expectation I love her to seek medical treatment for this child to write or someone even if the outlook is not I guess I can tell whether real moral right whether it is where they're took a breath or something right. I guess. Sounds right. Does mean is Paramount state law obviously. That I could see that being a federal law. We're not talking about like abortion laws here we're talking about yeah. So I can handle a bright black as we don't we do is we don't know anything about that social no we don't go until we're just run and play well yeah. Yeah they're saying and an amount of their investigators and employment sparked. Right so. The Irish try to play our shores probably. It sounds like she may have she may have been. In a position to seek out after the American Airlines plane landed Monday night New York. One sister allegedly ran through lavatory in the middle of the aircraft from the other sister waited outside the door and so on plane had landed okay. It's uncomfortable tuck this course. We're just. I plaza says sinner bar having a conversation. This is in the news. What are you do you never heard of a situation like this before never discussed and we don't know what it is going through life. I'm pretty sure twenty weeks is there's no way it's viable there's no way I was born alive. But. So they autopsy and determine idea yeah right I'll look into it then sounds like they'd know who was now so they do their relatives in. They set I'm in I'm kind of easing. Because once the plane was landed they said hey bass a flight crew. Guys commemorating in the bathroom and personals like damp and rose 32 AMB once we landed a girl ran in the bathroom and the other girl stood outside of it and they are like OK well let's so apparently they got the names from a flight record right. And then they called the hospital. On a hunch they called kings county hospital and the team happened to be located there the mother had picked him up to the airport and took him straight in the hospital. All. So they found her in the hospital OK so maybe she told her mom. What happened to generate a guy. Let. It's Ogden that the mom wouldn't tell the airline and at this whole story came about this story. Can now yesterday right now plus. Kind of weird that if she went to the hospital a well. It's hard that sounds like an aggregate of evil we ask sounds like they know what was and something's going to hospitals so there you go. Didn't mean to offend anyone. Question chests. As just asked. We're that they it's a weird. Thing is like we were safe had a miscarriage at home. I don't think you have to tell anyone but. I was thinking about the had a miscarriage early owning your pregnancy. I was name of the fact at a certain point they have like a cut off where they say right now we try. I don't know the law cardinals are. So looks like the police do though and made contact these people and I'm gonna trying to. Is it weird thing to stumble into that yes if your daughter daughter of a bathroom. On an airline that is a frightening thing where it's a horrible thing from a woman obviously and also for the person like what. Right what happened here writes yes. It's a weird thing to discuss amongst the three spot there's never a story like this I never remember and I don't know what a point we haven't which you deal. Thanks I've heard of them women who said that they didn't know that they were pregnant and that's a and they sound believable to me and they say their eyes adjusting to their gain a way they don't feel good whatever and then one day. They don't give birth. So okay. I guess it happens in my mind for some reason I kind of imagined that maybe this could be a situation like that. But she says he's saying that that and that is what happened right though you know she is pregnant. Permission to. Move on yes.