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Friday, June 22nd


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That was then not. Topics in the news writer dies featuring classic people off and I love that. Niemi near mourn. Yeah is this is as opt out today dead so once on his finger on on me and last night I'm back from the Nelson Atkins. The third Thursday. Jack why no. It's cold cuts. Cold cuts gold rush. By death deprecating. It's pretty guy Marty and I and I mean I. One listen I'm Mike that's a really solid that Amtrak to me like Fuller now have some bad but it's I'm not singing a song I make is cycle cuts. Like Turkey ankle cuts and I come in cold cuts. Now I listened to you know I was a music I clean this. And I listened to. The radius Asian ice listen to you or I grew up its high school station it's my favorite radio station in the world. It's the music the jocks I wanna I wanna go teach and my glut pot or my town Jesus Christ. You know but the music's amazing what they ask why are they bring and how I'm listening. And then I say oh my god what am. At being terrible song and they rarely play is that like the dishonest selloff on most thing I can't seem Dick. And I get stuff on land any right. Sounds familiar voice. And then I'm thinking who is that and then I think I know it is and it's a band I love. I'm like please don't be this band please don't be this band that I love them and the song is the worst thing I've ever heard and it was the banned them. Didn't go to him. They do have a dot. In the BM title and I was Koresh. And I'm like please don't wanna beat them please don't let him give them no paths and seeing that now and that's the veil and and then I went much in my found and sure enough confirmation. I was crash this I'm not this okay well that's how much I love this band and I would never do that to them. It's not make them one down one. That I think his band's seminal my blanket OSHA I thought it was about a dozen farm bill collector I love it demanding are now. Just like not take the man on a mailbox I Josh anyway let's not talk about that as I what is going on in the world very also very quickly out. That whale again juggling finish we have one more pair of a wonder tickets for tomorrow night we'll do that before Yani air will probably just do it all added to the stretcher. Before Yani are fortunate right Danny day is what's going on. Very important sorry and it's still going on I just take Twitter just to make sure I didn't see that it was canceled. Crazy story out of our Kansas City, Missouri there's an AMBER Alert for fifteen year old girl who went missing after a shooting. Take a listen. Breaking right now we have an AMBER Alert for missing teenager in Kansas City this is fifteen year old braking slightly Seles that she may be in danger this morning and they're asking for your help. To finder that's reported when action news reporter Charlie Keating joins us now with what he's learned about this case Charlie. Lindsay the kids to be pleased proposals as put everyone who is available on this case help find. This missing a fifteen year old and now they're asking for your help as well they want as many eyes on Prejean. That's ledge as possible she was last seen outside of her home here. I getting into a car on the drive here on L would have to see a picture of her right now this is fifteen year old regime sledge she's about 582 kind of tall for fifteen year old. But she was last seen getting into a car with a man who police think is armed and dangerous. That car was a 2017. Kia Forte it was a silver Ford or car. You know it on the Missouri license plate up in the B five G five feet. At least they sledge went missing after a shooting they say someone shot her grandfather her brand for that followed and saw sledge get into his car with the shooter. Who allegedly turn into a car thief as well. And police say they are treating this as a kidnapping. All of the resources we have all the detectives. That we have available there that are available to work on this case all control elements all this information is broadcast department wide. And they are actively looking at this time. I had was this search continues and yet the amber look. Alert that went out last yes I guess they are going still on the on going out or not founder guy every Republican in I didn't see any updates is that it wasn't so I'm going to solve the top of everybody's these days. Okay so I was driving out of that room and and every selloff and you see the sign out yeah I'd see the AMBER Alert sign I and I kept like. Did on my own and I'm confused has been I didn't get out of my found either urged you opt out of them is it because we're in Kansas citizens in Missouri now we should we should receive that. That's what I thought was weird because normally be an AMBER Alert goes and goes right on your found in some driving. DOC for in turner on the freeway repeated signs everywhere nothing in my town I thought it was weird to have. And I also played a little game with myself. Yeah I kept forgetting. The places like number nine and Matt liked the make and model. Blake and then I get pissed off like what these seniors should you are right next year round play seventeen Kia Forte were Missouri license plate and be five. G five B. Yeah it's a silvery. Yes somebody came into his home to grandfather told please many didn't recognize came into Osama 5 PM and shot him. And then regime and the sub suspect was seen getting into the grandfather's when he seventeen Kia Forte in the obviously it's how to attack so the guy that truck. What is her name regime regime and. When in her house where she was there empower the ramp I was there in me. Shot her grandpa and me and then took his granddaughter and regimes and it. It. More time that it when he seventeen. Year for eight. Ciller silver with a license plate and be five G five. Yes I'd be driving and I might do you remember. The make him on the car now and I get irritated. That's I was like tens there wasn't I'm my fountain. I was really having a hard time with that Phil or Kiev for today. Forget them license plate number easy to remember that like I'm looking EU if you're driving a silver Kia Fords and I don't looking you in a solar car today yeah I mean yes and I don't know what it's your Forte is exactly that my government alerts are turned on on my phone. Until Cameron and in. Seven I live in Missouri and I didn't get dealer neither really. I'll multiple people are texting and saying that they lands. In Missouri and did not get it. That's weird. I'd did Imus Google this to dig the AMBER Alert to any many of them on their phones. Does that thing is like the double and it's supposed to be Dan Noyes. I lied it takes my breath away everybody got right out AMR and also I'll I'll say the same share of silver alert mean. I am alert I wanna be alert and I was pissed yesterday was a lyric and armor in the damn car. Saying here all of the story that I didn't know the heart of the guy that took her. Shot or granddad yeah. And they have no idea who it is. Mikey now he's a guy just randomly locks in our house and shoot a guy takes his granddaughter I mean that seems weird. Just gonna happen. Emmys and he just got the AMBER Alert. Well what that half. She's being behind for a long time now how is that an AMBER Alert right that phone thing is like the best part is everybody writes and okay see I thought I did something wrong unaware I got on sightings. You know again it's a just and now I want to ensure that. It's a could be me once again leave for a agree. So her so therefore you say fortunate 1017 and misery play yeah okay so you go to settings. Dan and settings tab on notification is. All right good execution. And since like six or seven OK let's. Seem bit Mel he and then you go all the way down there government ruler since the very bottom and it's gone way down the bottom yeah. Girl Oscar and amber alerts on emergency alerts on Newton. I didn't turn mine off note why didn't you and AMBER Alert. Is two mile an issue Sammy says I got the AMBER Alert about five minutes ago. So it's the caretaker just sending it out now but they and why is that. It's so weird because they knew it was on the signed striving downtown. Like any overpass that they could write something nine. You know those of digital billboards basically they are and the AMBER Alert. Chester county AMBER Alert is your turn talk and I dig it we remind somebody to send it. I hope so because what happened there is did someone just remembered they forget. I have team mobile. And I our team now knows him. I have seen almost they say they sent through carriers that anybody. Check it tell us your care what I am hearing over an ovary and people are saying they just got it. And they have all been missourians. So far they're taxing and our tax Imad away if you care to share just out of curiosity now I'm Mike your house is VA I am in Jersey and what Ab is going out and even taxes and 96500. And news people here's what am I wanna pick up on it a whole lot of people are getting amber alerts on their phones. That's the story straight that's an important story because our phones are with us everywhere we're not always in front of the TV of the radio. Never and if I were not driving. I wouldn't now. I a didn't gymnasium last night Manning hit anything on my phone in an awesome is that I'm an OPM to receive one. I had you know more and having gotten mailer. The AMBER Alert I just received only says check local media had no info until I learned about it from him. Still having gone once and another on. Check local media are basically given details. Mike what we is dead 2017. Kia Forte silver. The maintenance expenses they just nodded in an empty mobile the mine goes outs and that means. If we historic tie your guy and somebody's like it was because that's when we search argue about it. Peoples are texting and just got an out as you guys are talking about not gain amber roller. Why are we ones in charge of monitoring AMBER Alert system you know how incompetent we are. To only about loses insert cameras I'm telling whoever is and I swear I'm pretty sure the area from us that nobody sends an AMBER Alert. And it just says check local news that inning with the details and now they got it and get it out quick. They got they forgot to send out. 2017 Kia Forte it would Missouri play license plate and be five G five. Route to did regime. Fifty aero breezy teen who is 58. Wait a 125 pounds has black hair to black Seaway had a horror grandfather and her right were at home a man that her grandfather did not know open the door panel you know he was shot he says he told police. Until at least was he OK I Zion disabled how they got there as a asset facility outside until please he did not know the man and then breezing in the man got in the car. And drove off that again is a silver tray seventeen Kia Forte. With Missouri plates. MB five G five B now back to not receiving an AMBER Alert I am having island. People are like got 810 minutes ago a team though has her whole lot of this is really interesting I have sprint I just got it. Yup mine amber alerts. Jess says C local media on. I live in Missouri have horizon just got a few minutes ago sign on the news last night fighting at the tornado didian offend you saved the day. Like if we've got to remind. You. Just send out an AMBER Alert we got problems. Dini I am Iraq. I am no business being in charge. Of things like. Yeah now do any appear more responsible IDs as but if we jackass is intermittently. I find it very coincidental that we're talking about not getting an AMBER Alert all the sudden everybody's getting the AMBER Alert in the amount of time we talked about it. And they sent out last night. They party did AMBER Alert but it weeding get nobody got it not right now right. So how many hour is today mess what happened. And they still don't care enough to give the details. It's an inning AMBER Alert. Now yet nothing in about the car the plates a photo at this point what she looks like how old regime there is nothing. I still have received media there. He has carried about five minutes gone sprint. Little. CMO. Barely kinsey miseries and several ones may have sent up for those I don't know. Knoller Kansas number of AT&T. AT&T Missouri got a nine minutes ago and I'll pay AT&T. Just got it now and what asked why no end now is because she's black I mean that's the assumption I now know I don't now being. Some ideas sleep in the day to put in what do you think it looks like I don't I think it's horrendous. And I absolutely could be wrong yet. Which I'm sure I am I got DM. Worth the AMBER Alert. Where is it a wonder if it's because it was overnight. Now can no I don't I don't loud de L Jackson whenever the AMBER Alert goes out and you're gonna get a massive. Why no they usually wait like 24 hours before they send out. Now because they actually now it's gotta be here right now they send out the AMBER Alert everywhere else. But the fountain. Lot of people having gotten them I saw having gotten it I mean either. There are protocols estimate is that it's the I mean but they said the AMBER Alert has been going on all all night. Why no description of the suspect yes. If the grandfather. Was shot. And it well enough to tell the police that he didn't know the man. What do you look like. Why don't know the suspect looks like are there any details about the suspect because I haven't heard any. Again I miss a lot of stuff I vitro Iran met. I don't remember hearing. Crazy and he's considered armed and dangerous is a black man between the ages of eighteen into any he may be driving and when he seventeen Kia Forte. With Missouri license plate MB five G five B. Regime is black is five a way to 125 pounds has black hair. One of the bat the answer. He's between the ages of eighteen into my. White black black he's described as a black man I didn't say anything that they did a deserted like three seconds ago Imus that app. Toys seventeen Kia Forte. Our own perks friends Knoll area. And dollars in race card. I can't explain it I'm asking a question and I have no idea and it goes. I am guy mile area meaning their. Amber alerts county released immediately because it's deemed a child in danger exactly that's why they do movies I don't lions if they found its data sorted out it was already out correct and it just didn't get to people's phones is what it looks like today. As. I mean not everybody in the city listens it was not even remotely. But people texting and and no one is anything different these they're just received and is research argue matter have you received. And also. Every enticing and. Says to shackle that AMBER Alert comes out gives no detail on the victim her looking for or the car. Make and model or plates. It also doesn't say anything about the suspect it's as here's the AMBER Alert check your local media. What IA ER days of us early Z channels. I don't know. If he's armed and dangerous CU that should be something that should be included in the AMBER Alert not check your local media. My K and it's very nonchalant. Check the local media listings for quietly what is that you just so. An AMBER Alert now NASA is such we will as they dig at the end Miller with all the details. Okay when did that happen 803 PM. The hammer is a from the Nelson. The air rollers going across the bottom of channel five right now yeah AA I know we get out last night it is is supposed to be the phone that was the whole thing the phone that's what at. Here is your diaphragm. The multiple sex errors and our personal experience and are found none as a received an AMBER Alert it's carrier. Different people aren't taxing on different carriers here of I never received that sell sprint Missouri in. Because dealer texting in their carrier and where they would have. Interesting anyway it's a page as I never seen an amber all right parodies and checked the local media. And it's like Spaniard. We have. And enhance our mission meanwhile as the system it's like being sent staggered to like different company tenancy than him and his guests and a it is by your peers is prepares the moral responsibility. AMBER Alert I love. I love of country a grab for guns and attacks that others on the losers they're literally into the details. What if that happens I would like now we never tells all just let me the let me know about what happened because in my had that's what happened. We're talking about it. When he Yahoo!'s are exactly like guys in your mother rap I forgot to send me AMBER Alert last night because I'll tell you what. I'm that person. I have great intentions but my 100%. Will probably always be the person that forgot to send the AMBER Alert. Not in not intentionally. In allied help or until a verdict. That's me I feel and that's what happened. Bags made of the story. It could and one wills it we started talking about it nobody received anything in the announcements are popping up here and there there interest. One more time looking for regime sledge by 8125. Pounds has spiked hair is black. I was taken. Got into between seventeen Kia Forte with Missouri license plate and be five G five B. Silver. And let me say she got and we know now we don't know SEC I kinda like. I feel like given gentleman walks in share I don't even allies and Howard. And Sam Cassell comes in mayor Graham as ours you your grandpa. He's got a gun and takes you know you're not going willingly we nobody I know what they're like she went in the car like a while she probably went kicking and screaming. My guess is described as a black man between the ages of eighteen and twenty. Or more time between seventeen Kia Forte Missouri license plate and be five G five B. We just did enough and trailer and a term. Finder. I'm looking EU gray silver car is today and then I'll look it. Is it again. Banesha one pair eyes can make all the difference for Ari. Well designed so we saw I ad. A wondered against him a stretcher to do before your that's gonna. Sanchez.