This Is America

Wednesday, May 16th


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Childish Gambino on the buzz. Ally that is America I get and I go tell your soundness and the now it's just like me we could've and you have few years ago. The united I like it did you hear about the lady that did this is America's women and it. OK so this is America. You could say. Out of cultural moment for sure all right I mean it was like. The it's still the talks how many times have intersected. You guys it's. Everybody talk about it. Donald Glover is. Just a reminder right now right now whenever he's touching any thoughts right now totally absolutely I just lets the Teddy Bergen episode of Atlanta. Member Teddy Americans now. A member ticker this. Season two. As at the Michael Jackson and hanging out Obama finally finds that Americans. That was so weird is at this. Was it not weird yes I told you a super weird I mean is that SNL he did was great to have Ares is gravitate targets I was scared as slow as I was scaling get out that was a scary episode of Diana. I am in a lot true horror movies and gas and that she now Atlanta is amazing. A load paper war. I'll highlight for you ruined his faith news. Is great bid to the barber his face did you see the next episode after that though with paver born. And im gonna but the girl always they were stunned and they just kept getting racist things ever to them now now Panetta knows them and now. Anyway and now I I'm a fan of downed bomber this this rather being childish Gambino RA weather being comedy whether it be Atlanta which is. Funny and then not funny and at all in earning dances. Really and using Danny Lee how much I am IR. So. As the only I started its season two which is weird that no idea what happen and he's a money neither log in here who. And but the first episode of the line is he had me watch this yeah season what are your seasons you have zero leno's but then I was late. I could not get enough of that eyes can seemed everything that was on demand. Really shortly Daria it's fantastic it's good ads are really a great show you release. Is this is America and then like inevitably it's going to again. Parity or copied or duplicated. I mean you you saw the Carly reed Jackson remake sonet. She read out she didn't that somebody put crime rates have some underneath it and that we at least six up. I fell to as little Sunni and then but then somebody released this is America the woman's that is a cab and a I just. Idea why we Coolio was upset it we're down now. You marrow could it was Amanda weir navigates the fairest. He bought yeah you vermin can remember really doesn't really upsets home and I get it now. Now that I've seen this video over this is America now I understand are okay. It come to step. It's. We need mom from. Any. It's easy ones. In any. Well he didn't catch the. I news. And that is my. Please mommy yeah. I mean as. He's linesmen. And any. America. I'm no. He's living up. Is America. North America it's. How we eliminate our. Eastern and now. America it's always been my yeah. You gotta train. He's getting the easiest marriage. Anyway so accused going oh my act. Souza looks People Magazine. Said about us. I you know you messed up in People Magazine is already talking about your video. Break it you immediately released after this is America right you do star in comedian Nick Cole armor has been heavily criticized after releasing her own version of childish Gambino is powerful video. For his song this is America. Arbor dubbed her version in the woman's NA and was promptly slammed for co opting or work waged examine the black experience in America with many color or videos. A white woman that I you're getting into. And I added that the idea. Came to that idea into a bad idea yeah and whether or not you understand why. I feel like if people are saying it's a bad idea. You should bring. I. I think it's right as I mean while women's rights. Are no joke. I mean it is also a very serious thing in America I understand trying to scuffled you project it don't take is yes. Version. What it's like to be black in America casts. Is that also. Everything in America are doing a lot today than Harris. Simmons as united and American she's Canadians. On the it be okay a designer was politically charged that it is BES apparently says some. I mean. Is she she's a comedian any answers are yes a bad idea I mean I'm not ours. Ever erase bad ideas I would move. I charity that's on not write down their true. Narrated an error that is a new new new junior yeah I wouldn't. I just think it's disrespect I'm on I can't get it right you can at least it's disrespect ball because. Add to means is really disrespect and how long until we get the Ben Shapiro version. You know yeah it's a back. That's an odd things to suspect. I am I think sometimes. I just. I mean I don't odds just disrespectful and it doesn't help your cause doesn't help his cause. Everybody in that video not one person give a lot of people in the video yeah now one person was like oh hey. I was thinking this might be a bad idea break. We have them up I guess I wouldn't have sent. Man I don't know yet we. I have it right in half and maybe I would have such a bad idea and put it on you do but because I'm too lazy blaming and you June's out there is bad are glad that you're that sure there's that bad an ally and lazy in a gas that I'm just too goddamn lazy you can scratch to use a backlash may compared to be sure we loaded onto each year it is that's a pretty say even need to step one step to take months practice. They are blamed for crass and Neeson and lazy and as would never. Get me to do that. Deed to a make up heard him and then you're right if I ever did made the parity which is highly unlikely lively you get even more on my way Japan and on used it. Look what that level of public event Witt V vote you do have FaceBook live. It's a grim story what do I do here I'm confused you've matched a beer dogged and I'll do it and then like six months ago by. Right facilities. Right and you tell mark to do they think appropriate. Right I don't care enough and him. I am damn bat I didn't realize it was parity didn't had gotten so much attention and yeah it was the name of the artist appearing each house camino. America nick. Me or Boone. I this does these funny. Note here doing better Thursday met aptly it's because I'm confused I still like because the south like that the way I would handle it or are lists of what my intent was to be like. I needed terrible mistake this obviously it was a bad idea I should have I don't know she has as son says she's trash she was on a couple of years ago. Who that as and for fat shaming someone on a plane. She does anything to get people to talk it just makes her money says somebody else. So how many dollars challenge. In its individual like her I don't think so listen listen to what she said to partner. She says it's. Or does he said the the video is a thought in cheek to give additional glory to what I believe is the most impact full piece of art in recent years. I don't think dog needed. Now he did not mean your house now that town lovers got everything covered right now yeah in his life and and every aspect. Whether being his music career with a tallies Gambino which he's been doing for years. Where BI. His own amazing shot. On FX Atlanta then that's fantastic. Whether be in out his comedic genius I think that's what makes Atlanta civic TO. Is that. While truthful. Interest seeing. It's funny TO. Museum in subscription. Yeah how many subscribers is that. I mean you find them. Either that or YouTube but in general staff under it and today and Chad let's which. I'm plus Chrysler my god don't give me your. One isn't as the U Giroux is the fact Jamie media says she did have that Jamie video she has over thirty million views lifetime. I know many analysts say subscriber first. Test. Someone get this place in tight times. And saying. Like we're off fining. For each other Christ I'm making some new man or minority better than the other we're in this together. Don't disagree with you. Somebody wants his film but I think it depends on who doesn't. Well I mean like obviously this person is on the right person to do that here and I do you agree and there you know we. If you take all the minorities to separate asset. And in app you're not a white man now all of your a minority. That doesn't mean that we shouldn't Foster respect amongst everybody Kerr rack and since I and that I just think that's disrespectful I you know. As. It's one of the more Colombian and only now. It's unfortunate. It's fine in his client well OK you know but my experience is not any one of Donald lovers or a person dollar in America and right in my experience as a woman and speak on what is it is not. I'm here right my job and listen and write that. Not this vast is now she's just trying to make money off closed down rural. I am being disrespectful. And so today buddy had tried to be funny I heard of levity for. That's dad is my apology for my life to all of you as well. Pretty much okay are currently airing any windows QB you know some of that's.