Bad Dad Bad Hair

Tuesday, February 13th


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It's. We'll ceremonies and the buzz. It is called time damper on just sign up as China India jazz tied. Is to I don't know. My name's adventure game easier Americas here. Yeah. As a historian bothered me and your your parents ever punish you. Like. I think my parents are due out. This oh. And I would never do it is apparent to me interview this rank in Diebler cautioning that it's not been so. Chorus of any cause is of the MP Whitney always FaceBook wow yeah so I idea that parents are split. And they have a daughter at least not only have more kittens Duncan and the mom she's thirteen years old. Dot Eric daughter sugar water to get her hair highland and Erica Herbert. Scott has stirred adds she comes back. With her hair gone. The guy Dan was tennis that she got highlights. So they chopped off her whole head you know there's a long beautiful hair which led to amazing man away with highlights. And because she got highlights. Her punishment was to caught all of her arrow. That's abuse them abusive yes and I Iran now how do you not see that as anything but. It's I didn't do it as saying. Now they're really well it wasn't even that he didn't say the mom took her daughter to get her hair done. Which is great good for the mom. And it wasn't I mean. She looked beautiful. To resist her hair you don't know if it's natural hair color not hairs. Yet when you think they've posting something on FaceBook like to show a strong parent ER. Is that now it was the mob she is like I drop my daughter off. Like that's. And it shows a picture of her really long hair done. And then I got her back. Like this. And it was. And now the girls wearing away like it is chopped off he left her with like no hair okay as you know luckily she has. Rarer now I see fit or anything but she has. It looks horrendous. Eight inches he took her whole the way she looked away. Without her permission and without obviously her wanting. She's young adult at thirteen or you know leg. You can make decisions regarding your hair how I want my five year old made you know my three year old four year old make decisions about his hair its air. There meanwhile on. I wanna cut fine whatever you want I got my hair's. Down like Mara the sugar and planners like 1999. Bright thing I mean I would be upset however I was my dad went. You look like a lesbians. I'll tell you it's. I should be general ear and a at seventeen to heavier fight yeah I've felt good I may there are now favorite word is lesbian every story they use you're down lesbian and Ed zoo and you island is needed in Latvia in these lives in the I can't really that is a Lasme. Polling evidence so finally back in May feel pretty sly a domino nights ago among Iraq and any advice ears I left. They don't make me crack. The major draw I did laugh as they go into Newton minnow and listened to Sunday in my room. Well dear friend I mean your senate and so I mean he would make you re doing it. I mean I. Well so bad for her so there's is beautiful picture. Of her with her beautiful hair. And then Marjorie is Dan and then the next found out she won't even look at the camera but it's just gone and all of it. Does she liked the eyes she didn't like Kate actually hate and coming out here now I feel my arms back you have a daughter. And the world is already tough to be a woman in any way the way you look you know how you should act this is why you should look like. You know says she's going he's getting her hair she's a beautiful young woman. It now you're the dad should be like okay. Your beautiful. Died at period end of story and there's no other question and there's not getting pissed that the mom went down highlight the value pronk you're what's going around. Oh I can tell you fire situation is that a lot about that dad and how he interacts with a mom now haven't you there's a lot of email where he tries to dictate things even though right he's a class cars slick that they dictators of the worse. Yeah like she obviously the girl look to very happy in the photo with her aired baton is really apparent she felt good about her size she's beautiful girl. And she went to go visit her dad and her step mom. Added that hair is gone and every. Bit and then some people are defending the tablet. We ordered really who do Jews in the views of my you know that is pretty god damn abusive to take someone's persona that way also and humiliating. A girl than woman nominee and that no I don't she clearly did a lot of data she's wearing it got VMware now and that is hit she's thirteen and she's wearing a wig. And that is like the thing about the dead two is it's like. You say it's not abuse it but it's like if that's what he's willing to do what else do we know I know about that he's all right. Our highlights right over over highlight. Over highlights. You know you're right you're absolutely well there is. Now a in which caught. An investigation no way area the police got involved jam and they both I believe the father and the stepmother are volunteer firefighters. And there are also permanently now permanently but. While the investigation is going on and off duty and it's called autonomy and teachers in my two and a half year old right. Right I mean this isn't even my good talker this is a anybody who says dinners job any people today. You know like I trend this it was actually one of the comments. I train my son's nails because it'll hurt. Think she's equating carriers can nail all is to urge and the always shopping op for air and making her look. Not really she wants select you chop off your air that's your decision and my doubted that that's absolutely their decision and I believe you should encourage that. Absolutely and you know like I was a pain in the ass may get and the longest journey goes through phases. But it is a pain in the ass as he has to brush it. Some Apple's got to brush it and it's amaze has indeed angler of the gas conditioner of the ads on my daughter on shorter hair is that I don't wanna come he got tired out may Yasser easily chop around my carry it but it'll go back to it again link yemen's interior on area. Out here is one where it's like OK there's two ties of people there's authoritarian and there's not authoritarian and authoritarian as our authoritarian does it feel like they need to be in control of the world's gonna spin out. Allied if you're an authoritarian this kind of guy here you're a harsh on the airs hassle as an entertaining attacking early he shouldn't you're not fit what SNL let me to tell anybody who how to live their life if that's how you live viewers. What styles are cut and eloped I don't know she was she was ms. I'm telling you and no one photo. She's looking hat and smile lane hair flow. And now and then the next starter is are they haircut. And jest you don't see your face. And then. Lady james' apparent laying up Mike I term with a wig and their local lady Jane because at Maine MA in the near does that tire at houses local. Now it's an Ohio. That's an Ohio and it chest. But what pissed me off her shirt. Or people trying to defend it and I don't see how you do it. It in the public guy and you're gonna argue against it in your so warped in your brain. They you cannot see how this is abuse and if you cannot if you're listening has come here are hurting your child more than anyone 'cause if your again if you had a conversation in your life they can do whatever he wants he's the father rob rob rob rob but you need to seek serious counseling. And you should not be around children. If he can defend. And a way yet he was teaching the Donner less than as what he felt like brightly on the show you ought to me demeaned or humiliated her bring. And in now. Maynor not like herself as my guest is me end because she had beautiful hair right here scene got I mean she's a beautiful girl beautiful there. Then the moms like here's how I send my daughter Huard. Here is how I got her back I would be enraged. Doing that and that's how old ice center that's why. And you brought her to me this way and it wasn't consensual she did not want her hair cut the data was Pez. That she got highlight how good Luke gets pissed about that how dare you look that way some what does highlights mean like what does that what does that. Mean he doesn't have control some suggest a good solution would be for Kelsey to get hair extensions but Kristin says she's can be answered tablet simply cut them out. That's sick yep. That guy Sox news Houston went around them. I know but it's her dance you probably still does Lama and that's the that's the apps out part like this is our dance tree here. If your dad street nearly best. She's got egg zero tea on his birthday highlight was a man and let's hope she's a lesbian being is that she went and got highlights for her birthday. Back to. She enjoyed getting Maine here I mean she's thirteen she got hot sites scared she got a higher rates. She wasn't she didn't run away she's not so Norton as the bonds ago. She got her hair been in your punishing air and she got it. Done with her mop. You know I don't know who cores. Now she's never gonna forget about this. What are you talking about our rises chart him I saw this story and it broke my hour. There's this girl that picture of the dads. I don't know I haven't had fifteen minute dad and I'd like to see a photo of the doubt he's got from sticker on the back it. If you're Justine AM. Because I'd my parents never did that old. I like the people there's people listen I mean this is the the second. Comment I heard a lot of Jermaine add a little I don't even now how we don't. How everybody. Here's the story and here's a story oblivious tuning in thirteen year old daughter. Her mom takes her to get. Birthday highlights per air violated her birthday and obviously the mom in the doubters you know the worst. She drops off her daughter with her new violated haired girl feels awesome she's beautiful. And then dad takes errors pissed. That she got highlights and chop dollar error. Leg and maybe it's an inch hole on. Yeah maybe I mean it's not bugs 'cause she he buzz it up you might as well. I'm just said probably I mean tent are you know really took a razor to it in just did that sure it was better than when. I don't feel good at all I think it looks like she's start never rat chow. When you're gonna get her Iraq Chelsea cut off our air because she got her hair Ohio and so the mom posted this on case by. And the mom I thought was really I didn't three dollar phase but I just read the initial blast. Or she's like I drop my daughter off like as I got her back like that's that's that that's Sasha it's sad about it I to me a promoter and a little more to say. Anyway at this point how the police aren't all of investigating to see if it's abuse and I was reading comments and Bebo. Or disagree about you view this. Guy is even know it highlights what Warren's a jury action and by anybody with any kind of see that any. This is the really this is a comment way to exploit your daughter for a go find mean normal people would've handled this in court kept the Don is in his is protected shut up. Break I mean gonna handle the way imam wants analysts cite your business why. I didn't get how got a way to handle it because otherwise what the police get involved now not at all now they would not have gotten involved. What I mean really this was prior month same mom didn't Seau worked out OK let's say mom didn't post anything on face back and she calls the police. And says my. My ex husband cut my daughters are better permission and you think they're gonna come out. Easing that's gonna happen it handily in court does that this is that I gonna happen and record it is the outrage. From everybody to be the investigation absolutely earned because it would make you think that if he did this because of your highlights and what would media. With something that matter also. If this if the mom post this like I was you think right you to post this. Against a child's parent. It is is a big it's a big step in it eight. Deferred you'd go out if your if your legitimately like I have no other recourse but to show the world what he does. Gray and that is your read our your recourse lean mean handle it in court. Right is he's gonna show up with this tie on air bag. Some of Santa Google pictures were. And council could not die Ambac extreme much why I am back what do you care. She's thirteen and her ears and I better no mom waited until or thirteenth birthday to get her hair highlighted. Probably Mike Massey has it was a casual thing it's your birthday if and in senate telling his daughter and giving her simple are in love and being the parent and he's supposed to does chops off. There's evil of our government. To order renew your kids anymore and am trying to be an ass although I'm I know a lot of fuel you can hit your kids anymore. He can't he can't and emotionally abusing kids there as I got in to be an apparent. Yeah hit in the hands I cut my own hair and I was devastated and it was my now an idea and and I can't imagine there's so many did that to me with out my consent for me now wanting. I have five people are (%expletive) funny about my hair. This one Blake. But my mom's a hairdresser. See maybe I'm weird about hair I don't now. My mom was always yours calls mere hours customer her my brother we've got great hair. She well she always sends us since we champ failed to go are my dinner taste theater I do I when I go home to Detroit my mom's only cuts my hair did take a breath indeed yes. I just I'm chill now. But I used to be years she's like hey cutting her hair. Age dad didn't bug me but she did it how I want and every time. They were you know and my dad would never look at me and say. Do anything did change my appearance you know he's trying to lift me they do they'll pass away and yell at me until I caved. He never yell my Dan Ares I yell he's not Hillary used. Really support of that until I got married in that nothing's changed called me a lesbian I dug my hair black and college. I mean as Collins. We're pretty darn kind of long and FEMA via. I don't know I don't even on anybody disagrees with as a as a parent as someone who's had parents. Trying to think they the worst thing my parents have time to do right I got hot last strikes it as a pretty good kid as far as I'm convinced there are things she's done that offends you the most this guy. Highlights chaired. Leno that oh she could be a lot last year outside of Toledo Ohio stat girl's gonna get in. But now because of the doubt though she's gonna get into so much ads because she never had. What she need it I hope everybody who has apparently this. If you continue the way. Please please please know that like YouTube you the further distance he put the less pain you feel. Gavin says there's usually you know CNN now error out yeah yeah it's just getting it off like her mom is enough of Iraq for her audio is an incident against her away from that gap that is definitely gonna Massey. Like she's enter like disease equate that to be Hornish. This is what I John understand highlights means so that we haven't as you put on the make up right. What do you equate the highlights to what's act which she an idea how that damaging car. Control and it's it's really crazed people who crave control cannot handle any loss oh that's so crazy and then there's any line. Debating I don't know. Yeah that's. Beyond parenting the our guest artists that I wasn't the crazy 1 here I am I weird when my hair now think he can't fathom doing that anyone know recruit well on your child and now my can add that to anyone like value MI enemy Lia and I Diana and really let's say it. And I did I have any enemy now that I mean I probably Jalen that's an element of managed let's say someone I don't I don't even do that some I don't like let alone someone I proclaim to love you much less at times yeah. That's crazy anyway. All right ism has that story arc that the world and you haven't seen the pictures it's pretty sad yeah that. I'm glad that the police are on now Dana is accurate one else is out so you got a drum up outrage before you go the police and unfortunate. David we live now. Can I swear that mom call the cops and if that weren't exactly and let them anyway and not Americans don't do that your kid still live I don't know why anybody ever don't go to Lional live in Ohio Ohio is not their lover no place in this is it. Don't you dare. Say any thing where the name section were out from them.