A Better Time

Thursday, August 2nd


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I'm just saying that. It doesn't even I don't know what triggers it just now it was whatever that. Food was that we smelled outside their astronomy combination of whatever that food was it that were smelling and then the fact it's summer. It's sunny out there and in that also that memory is mine. I have several you know I like to think that several but that's definitely might go to. Our what do you call a happy place. You know when you try when you say you know I needed my usual our soldiers starting to feel bad you think of light. Think if I'm getting really anxious to send haven't really bad panic attacks and am I trying to force myself to think about these things to calm down. Or sometimes it might just be in the car and hear a song arsenals on reminded those things activists urged a smile on my face thinking about it sure but also kinda bums me out because. Might go to memory. Even I was very very big and all those things it's it's right there it's from a very long time ago when I was sixteen years old share. And so it's it's kind of a bummer because. I think life. Will never be that great again. Thanks so I just smell of chlorine in like suntan lotion right like I like that's matter and so. I go to the pool in the summertime and it's all around that I feel like OK everything's going to be okay it's comfortable these are smells that I like there's some sort of I don't know if it smells like. Relaxation of freed are more vertebrae reminds me I I don't necessarily think of that limiting visitation back to being. You know 22 years old and a bartender on the beach right at all and I had that smelter and and I enjoyed it right some people I hear a lot of people say they're on fourth of July they love the small the fireworks right from on some of their heroes right smaller I think if you actually think about it like it's the mean what you're talking about. I'm saying that it's a bummer because for however many years now you know twenty years I've been looking back. At this saying he's trying to back up that morning instant in that moment. Like I look back at the moment I'm REM and there are things that are great when I was 22 in tending bar in South Florida and panic girlfriend in. Booze flowed and everything was fine there's really no repercussions from my actions. But there were repercussions from my actions. The relationship never worked out I ended up moving away so my point is. You're remembering like a specific instance of happiness. And then saying but I've been yearning for that amount of happiness. For twenty years and the truth there's. He probably weren't unhappy. You're happy at that moment but at that entire adventure you are happy that morning. On our member I'd write you woke up that morning I mentioned when he or friends called in sick and you had to go to work and who you might have got an idea bunnies are at a party in your girlfriend. Blues some other do it and you woke up Rome blow to the mayor and an act and AM. All that stuff was happening. You just don't remember it. Bottle like enjoying what you have now too because in twenty years you're gonna look back on today and realize our man. That was awesome seeing you always have to look back it was cool but it was never that cool. But in twenty years we'll look back I mean look back and say this was awesome I agree with that but but I'm afraid that in twenty years they say you get a chance to go back to one it's still going to be. Sixteen. And outside that restaurant the best response cigarettes somehow when his car was going to be finished so these are driving around and what we're gonna do that night. We we we had no higher hills no we're responsibility yes we had. No no one cared what you did for a living because you're turning a greater things about things are injured and you're right you take it for granted when you're there but maybe you should take us for granite. I thought about that too maybe I would have enjoyed it I told myself I knew that it was a blessing to be young and he's just have fun and it. I felt like I could smoke cigarettes because I was a kid now and learn and Bob do a lot of things without consequence shirt I was young. And not have to worry about where I was gonna be gone to school next semester all those things are great. But ice could never truly understand. The and then city. Of watt or odds of just in a sea of change that happens from when you're an adult who's responsible for yourself you start losing loved ones you start losing friends. And all of a sudden it is important that you know there may indoor job in bright that you may or stay in that. That's life gets. Harder as we go home but it's also had some points or more rewarding all I'm saying is you're looking at it like gonna and I never played a sport but I always used him. Views this as a reference point for me where and people organism you played football in high school right. At the beginning before school started. And everybody else was still enjoying summer vacation you all a sudden we're doing two days. You have to be there at 6 AM you practiced for like two hours and took a break and any came back at 6 PM practice for two more hours right now. He had to do that and it sucked it sucked it was how. Eyes and did stunt can. Everybody else was still out drinking and hanging out and you're dead these stupid football practices for no reason. And tonight I gonna do this anymore the U finished ahead. And then he played a football season that was overdue and I don't know that was cool. I'd find those two days or coolers are bonding moments you'll look back anything that you've passed through. You only look back at the good part you don't look back into bad parts. It's rose colored glasses on of course you look back it is I remember hang on my buddies and having no cares no world where you probably did have huge chairs in the world. Maybe just maybe I'd like to think. I agree with you and I understand all that is logical. I probably woke up that morning anxious about something went to bed that morning or that night into spouse something lord knows I was medicated all those things bots. Maybe the reason that memory sticks around is because in that moment I really did feel really really really good. And I think it's Izod it was really you don't have like a specific as I have several. Memories. And it's just interesting to me that you have more of and overall. I like the smell of this I don't know why but I do it makes me feel happy for me it's. This reminds me of this exact moment this song reminds me of driving in the car that morning at 8 o'clock. And listen to remind me of periods or times of my allies but I still like them and I still enjoying today so doesn't make me. I guess it doesn't make me nostalgic. When you what you're saying as a nation installed or not only this audit firm Ara. Missed object for an exact place and time in all I'm saying is. It's nice that you are nostalgic for that exact place some time behind the restaurant. With a neighbor non smoking cigarettes are not cars. Or whatever those days ago. I just. And that was your greatest moment. At any point in your life. All I'm saying is the situation surrounding matter we'd be for a week after. You don't remember that because they were hard times whether there is hard as they are now you didn't know they were your problems. And you had to deal went down. And you don't remember them. Because you came out the other side and the problems. Are never nearly. As bad. As you think they are at the time. When you back on the time and your ex wife is in desperate to go right. Yeah for the most part like for the most part you know focus on. Why you ended up getting a divorce right we don't look at it like I don't focus on. Having to run three miles at football practice you don't those sort of things would focus on we focus on the good moments are brain probably does that so we don't just jump off a cliff and complete as some sort of evolutionary trait our brain kicks in and goes. Don't think about all the battles sometimes it macho man. An EU not gonna make it through you'll make it to the next thing I like I was talked into my best friend the other day return of bony knee was like hey man. Just from I know times are tough right now I know you're gone through a lot and there's a lot of stress a lot of pressure only sings we're just remember like man you get out of this. It's gonna be awesome like you're gonna have all these things I was like no no no right. I'm at least old enough now to realize like when I get out of these. They won't be nearly eight they don't seem nearly as dire as they do today this very moment. But they'll be a whole new set a stop light doesn't just land up. Because. Your age your fifteen. You're forty you're seventy and doesn't it just keeps kicking your ass. And the reason wire brain only remembers the good stuff. Is because of the actually really think about the Red Sox essentially saying. Because jagged. You see what you don't wanna do is come to the conclusion that there's a good it's gonna come. Well that's good that's gonna turn. And that that's President Obama is a series of problems right so your brain says there are lots of good times which would mean there could be more good times exactly instead of saying it was a girl gone good voting in the odds of anything else averted them at this point I think we've been enough time to figure out now. Right so that makes sense my ex speaking avert always said that was wage to the styles which I resented for Summers has only just. Those are like the best times of your life and when I was a little kid I said little chilly junior high at first and haven't really bad panic attacks at night. I would get out of bed and go on a batsman look at a yearbook to try and look at something else trying to focus on something else read look at it through pictures and trying to focus on something else. And as I got more cousins knowing what these things war. And what was happening I would try and focus on something that made me feel happy when it was the first time that you know my friends only to pectoral likes me we talked on the phone all might or you know being outside that restaurant talking my best friend about what we're gonna do that summer. Those things the problem is all those memories all seem to come from like a four year window. And then that that's that's sick. That's true I know you're right I guess I wish I was also you're doing your window is our driver I've heard you talk about how much you love. Heat in slalom gold bond powder remind you vans warped tour that's true it's true I do miss those days it up and I think about the so I'm so what I'm saying is I was there when you and while the smell of gold bond powder. And they heat may be okay. The fans weren't great and my balls really hurt out there license so I'm glad I look back I might well that was a fun time. I think I went home that day and shadows like I'm never doing that again. But go back I'm like man they cancel that thing. I would go every year if I haven't been in fifteen dollar there. No your right. So you don't have like a specific if you're feeling anxious and low or whatever you don't have likened let me go to this memory because this makes me feel better. So when you have one. This telephone or text. I was sitting in the car and looking at a doors analysts had 21 room are only now if you have a gambling problem. If someone powerful does look all think back too tough I wanna look the war in selling a house of like three other guys like. We partied all the time and blink crazy tells a lot of fun but if I think about a long enough I remember. Why in my bed being depressed and Ryan and ended miserably it is something earlier I can afford rent like those were fun times. But I just there's also so much around but I can't run. I don't know but I mean that's. I look back on an affair since fond but if you give those back a year of your life. I didn't go all I really think about that a deep reflection and tourism really. Yeah crappy things that went on them by there's yet there's tons of time looking back on and then bang my girlfriend I've been my friend girls and I told you all right if I had soon in the properly you know all those things yeah. There's oftentimes think back on what I was laws and that was great and of course I talk about a college and it's coming up girlfriend whether it's right. As soon as it's time to put on like a sweatshirt and like man this is girlfriend mother I just wanna. Buick you know weighing down markets I wanna be. Connected to another hemisphere and all the trees in the fall and all that too perfect to make you feel perfect. But I also think I've never lasted that you know every girlfriend whether or the same girl. Maybe it's just make a conscious effort to try and focus on so it doesn't. President does make me sad I do I do back out of funneling. It just I'm not. In our others rose colored glasses but I but I'm not when I'm impressed about a Unita mean. I still think of them fondly and you're gonna him finally and and you can apply them to delay a casual relocated right. Slow Red Bull. Remind users in her last may have yeah earlier today. It's funny Citic is on us muscle pulls mellow gold bond and Red Bull it's like a mix of energy drinks and gold on and keep that I think about. We're tour and now we're sure. And and people watching and I knew that every year we were gonna go I was always right around my Burkina that I don't look don't look mean and discourages. And also this is as like just actually said. And I think because people use it negatively. I think being a little bit more pragmatic about it can help you today my. Let just homes as I was happy pretty much. All of my childhood. Now match. My thought two years I could be wrong I don't know you weird texture I thought Q is that a viewer really went back to heal that time machine. This could be go back and just be you and your childhood are probably a lot more math. Don't you remember. Heart I'll agree with all of that. Because I know logically. It makes cents. But but I think to one read maybe this is the reason that so many people go back to those seniors wherever. I think it's a valid argument to say that at least at the time you're more optimistic. That level of optimism sure about what the possibilities here I mean yeah the possibilities of life what could happen what might happen what. That anything could happen in the next day in the next year and OK absolutely. I don't know and that's gone I don't know now it's a god I hope. That in the next year. I sold and able to make my. You guys are still right I still have government you guys are a little bit more optimistic. I don't know that at sixteen and I'm sure there's some sixteen year old who listens program. I think it's sixteen there's a lot of pessimism to like crap. I got to see Imus saying now I'm never gonna get into a college and college and I want. I don't know what the whole world was filled with optimism. I don't know that the whole world I thought. I don't know the entire time I thought I can change the world. That's true and some people are very anxious about that stuff from that's great on the test I guess is that such terrible student and my parents. More too strict about it I wasn't too worried about that stuff. But on people said where you know go to college re gonna do for instance a whole figured out. Because in my mind was like well I'll figure around it'll all happen when he's still there is just happen. But when he's down again announcing that it relied on my family's deep down I didn't. Sure there was no what are you gonna do you failed all these classes and I don't worry about I got above and deep down I was asleep when just me. I went with what manner. The hmm man I gotta get those together somehow same thing is now. People say oh I know I gonna handle all listen are you okay what are you gonna do so long lawman and I don't worry about it and I go to sleep promise of growing G emerged. As I'm saying it never really know what's up. I I feel like this is a time doesn't get back it's stays the same and it's okay. That seems like if you have a good moment enjoy it and people I think people tend to think of happiness as like this long form state of. Mind. I think inch moment by moment. This kind of goes back. To something that we talked about a couple weeks ago when they did a study about Americans that say they have you know fifteen perfect days or forty perfect days you are what is perfect day. But. I guess that's kind of what I'm talking about if you could. Half of what eight in your mind. An idea. Of what. No stress optimism happiness just sure this is life at its finest. Do you have one. He's not a whole day you know just like a place today weren't wearing what you're doing that day where you are I mean maybe some people say I'm at the beach or wherever but. But just there this is what it would be. Moon. And if you had a time machine and you could go to war one place in life. 21 day and go relive one day just just yeah. Not yes what do you think you are saying but. I think him ABC beyond have to look at a calendar in my life and try to put that together right but when I my point being is that when I went back to that day. Right when you went back to that day. Out by the dumpster where anybody's smoking cigarettes. When you're back to that day. I think when that day started at midnight and you woke up that morning that day is not as perfect as you think it is. You wake up and used to slam addictive a door on accident you stub your toe in. You know you've got call from somebody in your mind do you forgot that he didn't do your homework yet. That moment when you get to that moment you like this is also not does look informants stuff around it. I had to be some crappy southern avenue and I was like man now into the region was awesome all day. If I got there really won't god dammit I'd forgotten that you know. I overreacted to this right had to carry all this crap around when whatever it is right. Yeah I guess it just feels like from some at some point my left I went from if you could have one thing what would be and probably change on a daily basis from. Just want that girl like me or you know I just want to it's to be able to go buy that car whatever it is. That it it changed at some point is stayed the same too if he'd said what would make you happy and safe and falling into a large sum of money. The cause sudden that's what it becomes a bow. Did your stressed. The you're responsible for yourself and the only way. Where all of a sudden. Even at sixteen. You were there probably wanted money. Exactly even at sixteen. If you're like man I just want that girl like me. You know you're out there playing basketball players over violate threesome actually wrote yes ate me up right that we're all that I missed a two man and so much fun like you make them so talk again tomorrow but given the options if somebody came down and said what are you want right now. You know probably if I mean maybe you're young consumers are going to want a girl like me. Paul really if you gave yourself some time you fundamentalists like a lot of money probably a.