Brent Welder

Monday, August 6th


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It is really allows though we are here's some fans additional crews here and snow cones bro in law and more importantly if Brent wilder right you are running. Four candidate Kansas third district correct right to live district against Kevin Yoder right well you got injured so what happens now first. Also look process for sir Allen talked to buster himself but so are all. People have to Novo pride. That's right it's extremely important it's the seventh the polls are from from 77 lucky number seven 77 on the seventh. We need every single person and it actually the polls are open and in both Kansas and Missouri tomorrow so it's not for re listening. Go to the polls it's extremely important that you vote. I'm a Democrat running in the democratic primary on for congress Kansas their disagreements brown welder I hope everybody will consider voting for me. Morale among proud to have your support religion yeah I mean we'll see how that works out there that. More importantly I found this fascinating. Bomb. Because I was reading a story on CNN today did you I'm sure I do Google yourself all eyes on the so I EI AE. Over the last year do myself all the time and up until about a month ago it always came up dry. Brian over the last month our campaign has caught an unbelievably. It nationally I mean literally just today there was probably twenty stories national stories are gonna matter race right among going on. I'm going to be on some some big shows tonight and down. So now I have read today's news story. Part of bigger than this show not bigger than they shot another debate yes yes definitely yeah. That's gonna put this is an interesting and and I find that I I think we're gonna learn a lot about. Politics. Tomorrow. And where we're headed as a country. And what we want an end they kind of in this CNN story they say Democrats in Kansas. Way how far left the party can go home. And win and a trumpet. And now. And I talked of the house primary in Kansas our district is a microcosm. Of the I know radical battles playing out in the Democratic Party and house races this year. If it's a candidate running far to the left against people who are trying to appeal to the center. And says. The winner will take on Republican Kevin Yoder bolo block. As the democratic primaries are six ways free for all and Minnesota's on the left. A nice you head hello Larry I Don Imus is on the left is labor lawyer broke welder who rallied recently was Vermont's independent senator Bernie Sanders. Has campaigned for single Payer Medicare for all health insurance fifteen dollar an hour minimum wage and other progressive priorities. And it goes down to talk about the other people who are in the race and this is. Let's see. And. A high school teacher Tom nearly. Offers the opposite take an interview he said Democrats rode to victory is true moderate. Suburbanites. People who voted for Mitt Romney in 2012. Other people and he's trying to get. And then it talks about sure he's David is that Ryan. The but you know the met the Mitt Romney thing to New York up from Iran need to know. That and then. The trees David a former White House fellow former professional mixed martial arts fighter. And then it says issued the first openly lesbian native American in congress as she wins. But it says like Neiman she staked out a much more moderate position. And where you have not taken any donations and she's taken a pac money right she's right or 1000 dollars from. Is eventually going to say at all and I just find it very fascinating that. Then that but then. Maybe the world but certainly in national politics. Is focused on. This race district. Really need Kansas like that's where it's my entire nation is like gonna do we really gonna go laughter MB progressives and fight for it. Or are we going to. Good compromise MB moderates and believe the party. Where the left becomes the party of Mitt Romney and let's be honest. Given the choices today Donald Trump a Mitt Romney we don't take Mitt Romney run the ball we vote. We have a chance to really really really make a difference and elect someone like you and instead of v.s from people who who are pushing everything went the left becomes the center. So so slowly gets us to I've only slowly gets us to president trump. So Mitt Romney famously said that corporations are people my friend yes and I disagree with him on about that in fact a year ago more than a year now. I launched my campaign and I did some thing. I'm very controversial and all the people that know everything about winning these races told me that it was thought I was dead in the water and that was I mean pledged never to except one penny from corporate tax write the reason I did that is because I think people are sick and tired of politicians are sick and tired of the system of legalized bribery we have. And the only reason that these giant corporations and millionaires get away with suppressing our wages taking where benefits. And is because. They then take its tiny sliver of the profits they make an Intel politicians in Washington politicians like you owner. And so I started so I sort of doing that and win when you're not when you're not taking the corporate money. If frees you up to actually take the positions that people really like okay. And I know things like I universal health care to single Payer health care for every single person every woman man and child in America. Is it is not only is really kid I crazy to say you know if somebody gets sick or injured disease that is go to the doctor for right actual non something like if you're working full time. You shouldn't have to live in poverty. And the study show that in Kansas and across the country. And to have just a simple basic apartment in some healthy food it takes at least fifteen dollars an hour site that's what I think be a minimum wage should be. And I also you know and spent my life fighting against the the corrupting influence of big money on the elections process and throughout this campaign I've seen that it's even worse and I never. Imagined before. And so you know it. CNN and the pundits in the DC folks in the establishment of you know the Al out there. They like to say oh you know this is crazy. A question of how leftist the party wanna go but here's here's the thing. I'm a labor lawyer I've sent my wife in union halls with blue collar union. Middle aged union spokesman Russ par right. My wife is also labor lawyer and a for a loss so I was the national field director for the Teamsters union Enron went truck drivers all over the country. These people. They get work their butts off. They want a decent wage in one decent pay and benefits they wanna be able to retire with dignity and they want some health care that exists even after they get if they lose their jobs for some reason. On themselves and their kids yelled out health care. They also voted overwhelmingly for Barack Obama. And then got lured away by the Donald Trump social all right wing wedge issues and the reason for that is because. Democrats heard the last so many years have been each running as so called. You know a centrist moderate candidates corporate this type of candidates. And we've been losing and losing losing we've lost the White House we've lost the senate we've lost the house we've lost governorships and state legislatures across the country and guess what. We keep losing against Kevin Yoder. Route and I think that once I mean I'm gonna paraphrasing him but I Truman said. If given a choice between a real Republican and a Democrat or acts like a Republican and people always choose the real authentic Republicans I think that's just hit because when New York Democrat initials missiles fighting for a liberal ideals but you compromise those you just sound weaker than that and the other. I don't agree with the Kevin universal and inherently wrong with him as a human being we just see the world differently. And when you start to just act like they lite version of him. Then you sound like you're you're you are not convinced in those policies so why would you pick that person and so we run to the center all the time and we end up losing those races is even though we think that's the way we're gonna win. The idea that a liberal winning should be a liberal wins on the liberal ideas. And sometimes you don't want an eight left wing liberal should win and take take some in Kansas. Wins some of those fights go to new. You know what I'm going to be awake court and win a game this object yes you can win in California yes you could win a New York we don't want. Bill and Kansas don't plan to go to an away game is still one. And while we take a look at the polling numbers I'm currently in independent public polling. Beating Kevin Yoder by seven points which is the largest lead of any challenger in the United States of America. And I'm also running a different kind of race then most people are running anywhere certainly a place like best and the reason for that is all of these. Blue collar working class folks that voted for Barack Obama and then got lured away to Donald Trump. I'm arm are willing to come back to Democratic Party if you're running on populist economic ideas if you're actually standing for something. I've been endorsed by by twelve labor unions now. People like Jason candor who I don't think anybody thinks about is a radical these are people that understand it get it. And understand that this is an election about reaching out to working people inspiring hope in people to actually get involved again and start voting again. So many people are voting it's not because they don't know how are they don't you know know how to. Figured out it's because they haven't they haven't had a compelling reason to go over for somebody. And the old adage you know you always hear is are we got a dragon to the polls don't agree with that. I think why don't we actually try to inspire them to the polls when we tried they actually give them a reason that they will want to go to the polls that we don't have to try to drag them on Election Day. And it's working so well I mean I'm I'm beating computer by seven points a largest lead of the many challenger in America and and tomorrow on Tuesday August 7 in the primary. The vote between 7 AM and 7 PM. We are gonna prove to everyone that. You know standing up for strong economic populist progressive ideas is not just the right policy and the right thing to do in Washington but it's also the way to win these key districts right and it's not. Radical the people who say it's radical that narrative clearly is created by the people on the right. You know I saw I think it was Chris Hayes I don't know if you reach we did this certainly was sending you three but. He said he nor the common things you hear from people when you say or for conservatives and you say you want things like. You know a single Payer health care or met him Medicare for all and you want some of these social programs implement an essay Harry and pay for that they said the answer is. After September 11. We created entire new department and the government we went to war two different countries that trillions of dollars and no one said her again before we're really rich country we've we've we've figured out and these. So called radical leftist principles ideas policies. Not too terribly long ago would have just made common sense right. You know and we're at this point now where I saw this week announced it was Bernie who set up but someone said. Anything now it is corporate welfare. Or tax cuts for the rich is not socialism. Anytime you want to do any type of program that isn't targeted at the richest and you know at corporations are aura that the 1%. Well you're you're socialist and your. Way too far the last you know once it's nuts you're at and and somebody asked me the other is that how are you going to attract fiscal conservatives to vote for you in the general election apparent. As I said well that's uniform in a room full of old people. I said who here thinks that there's anything fiscally conservative. About raiding the Social Security trust fund it's a pay for a war for oil overseas flight ma who here thinks there's anything fiscally conservative about giving a tax cut to millionaires and paying for a by raising taxes on the pour in the middle class. President who here thinks there's anything fiscally conservative about building a stupid. Wall billions of dollars wall on the middle of nowhere on the border nobody and you know what the real fiscal Conservative Party is is the Democratic Party has been I'm 36 years old and you know I think in my lifetime. I've never seen Republicans. Prove themselves as the exactly fiscally conserve and easy to say well you know I'm. And socially liberal but I'm fiscally conservative like more than myself Henry and I give the passenger side we've all kind of just heard over and over and over again you know that liberals spend money like drunken sailors. And you know conservatives you know they're the ones who are gonna you know save Social Security to remind. What we certainly solid change whereas bush you're here and these more money than anybody else in but people still went without well. In other Americans and they give them the times of change I did it change like people say the Party of Lincoln I'm like when you guys are scared and assault it's a crap thing. I really need to get into that discussion but. For the people know Strom Thurmond. Not not a not a huge Democrat just so. By Ted writes I don't understand where the parties are now you know the Party of Lincoln was really the party of Strom Thurmond must not. Kid ourselves so when these things happen. Sometimes they ideas change and went in the Winnebago and who becomes that person and it just takes longer for the public to digest it well and. And not only have there does not prove that they're not the party of fiscal conservatism they have proved that they are the opposite right so we have president's. Democratic presidents Bill Clinton and Barack Obama that we're balancing budgets that were reducing the deficit then we get presidents like George W. Bush and Donald Trump. With their stupid wars and the stupid walls and they drive up the debt every single last time. You know what when Democrats say oh we nominee go and act like Republican and pretend like that's OK and pretend like they actually are. The party fiscal conservatives and there's nobody out there making the case and when you don't make the case like you said earlier he just tried to say oh well you know I'm I'm trying to be a lot like him. It if they have a choice and Republican or fake Republican those shoes I got a little public and after. This story about you know this this co founded. Foundation now loses their foundations or government that the big music is it wasn't last week. You know I'm guessing that their goal was to prove that we couldn't afford. Medicare for all for fan and they accidentally discovered that it would actually cost us less than what we're doing now. EUU gotta love that because. It's as if we only talk about things like that tax cut for the rich. Bull how we gonna pay for it would talk about things like these wars Larry gonna pay for Republicans liked charged thinks it would seem. And I want to charge things I'm not good with money. You know I mean no one would call me monthly concern I'm bad with money and I feel like I do the same things they do. I charges now and trying to figure out how to pay for later does not fiscally conservative now now I mean an M and exactly what does that he showed was that. Medicare for all is less money. And covers every single person. Right now is that I mean now that bat right there is fiscal conservatism right right and so that's Medicare for all that's when I'm fighting for a really Democrat in the straits of fighting for that if you can and if you can believe that to me as. Beyond belief prize that you could. Not see however many years ago so I guess you know fifty plus sixty years ago. All the doomsday prophecies about things like Medicare they get to a point where people had to know it all we really like this or Republicans say we like it too we're not gonna touch it not to. But I think you try and even just float the idea of what we had this for everyone no known Arnold that'll never work can. What you said about. The last time and we were like Medicare. Ash heap when you hear these people say we have the best health yours is in the world otherwise why prime ministers from other countries more we're here. We get if you're rich it's no problem if you got money. And and and sometimes even know the right people but by generally if you got money you can go get great health care I I think probably as good if not the best health care. In the world. I have access to it for us they don't have access to it that my does that managed. Beyond me that you. Really honestly tomorrow people who vote. And a Democrat primary in the Kansas third district and brown welder. You're the only Democrat follows is saying Medicare fraud yeah I mean certainly I mean say you know Tim this is a basic right like I'm in what order did compromise that need that to me. I I tell us our national before I have two sons. Yeah and my oldest. In parliament on somebody when he was little he started crying and he would indeed he pleaded. To like his app area right and he was trials that are you all right guys like it hurts and I said where he pulled on his pants and a point and he says it hurts and I was like. Man must go doctor. And I took another doctor and his have been fine you know is constipated and moved you know what I gave them different softy is. But in my head I thought to myself at what point does your son or daughter point. To that area on down and cry any area but that there where you're like I. I have no idea what's going on a may point to their stomach and it they're sick and are crying and you say. Man it could be constipation you know what I can afford a doctor's visit so let's just see how he rolls tomorrow morning. Well if if that's not bad and that is not. But that's not anything I'm interested in vote in the fourth and we thought. I'm lucky I'm insurance I have money I was able legitimate children's mercy and scholars not me off 500 dollar deductible he's fine as well worth it for me. There are millions and millions and millions of people who don't have that same option for them to look at it crying child an ambulance they don't. Because they don't know where they're gonna come when the money if it happens to me out you know what I don't have time. To listen to Republicans who says not a right or centrist who don't want a site from I I just I don't have time. Not to mention the fact that it's less expensive also can I save my money so. You know and here's the thing for people that say you know okay for some reason every woman and child in America doesn't deserve health care than what I say to them as. Bring me the one child that you believe doesn't deserves I go to the doctor when they get sick or diseased or injured bring that child. And I want you to explain to her right in front of me. Why it is that she doesn't deserve to get to go to the doctor I have a five year old daughter a two year old daughter. You know it would be can you even imagine how are breaking it would be too late to for that experience say hello to right and I. And that's a thing and until we fix that ensures our electing more people argue we're not going to get presidential candidates. Whom are from up and who believe the most and things because they're gonna because of as more centrist if they win. Then they're gonna think we've got to move fast way to win because in the end that's where it goes we have to start electing people live who will then go to the houses and fight. For those types of ideals and those types of police if we wanna see real change in the future that to me is very simple right. It's like a football team if you want to get away from the run game and start passing league ball more. Then you need to get some fast wide receivers out there arrived and it doesn't change overnight and then you got to get a quarterback couldn't throw the ball Obama fit these are of little pride you know and steps and you have to win those fights you have to change NAFTA when those sites. And these these working class people you know I've been knocked endorsed her career now on the campaign is working class folks that voted for Barack Obama and then Donald Trump. They. Do not like politicians they and that's because you can't get a straight answer from any politician they always seem to be. Trying to be all things all people depends on what audience there in front out. That's that I did I decide to run my campaign a different way I put my entire platform on Brent welder dot com might. My web address for him with a Manuel -- the job from water dot com anybody can go there and see what my positions are they've been up there since the very beginning of my campaign. And when you go to the door and you start talking to people about everything to be great feat to be able to have health care for your kids have even if you lost your job. On the safe you have that sounds really great and I think that people should make actually a real living wage in this country if they're working forty hours a week who's as an affluent poverty right I said why can't I. I I hear sometimes people say well you know those are. Bulger and chills up. No maybe when you were a kid those were injured. Those are the jobs now the US so many areas across the country those are all the jobs I'm sorry but if you're working now hard forty hours fifty our season. You shouldn't be living below the poverty line and you know I'm just not all agree on that. And good disproportionately affects is women and racial minorities single women particularly. On that are making it you know poverty wages and working so hard a lot of times they'll have kids at home they're trying to. Make ends meet they have to work 23 jobs they just can't do it they just can't do it. And they're working so hard I mean these are the heroes of our society right single mothers who work. You know and working hard raising kids trying to to give their kids an opportunity and we just completely discard them like they're trash like they're nothing. And not to mention the fact that all of these ideas Medicare for all higher minimum wage boosts our entire local economy. Right and this is that have been lots of budget issues but you know win win McDonald's has to pay a living wage instead of poverty wages. Instead of them sending you know those profits often overseas bank account avoiding taxes and enriching themselves. The money stays in our community and then those people can go around. Frequent small businesses you know boom that boost the economy then we you know it obviously gets taxes income tax and we can. As you know increase our our infrastructure Legos and local taxes that improves our schools. And it actually lifts up our our local communities. I'm but they're the we'll tell you when you said who's against that'll tell you who's against it. The billionaires and the giant corporations that are ringing our economy every single day. And the reason they get away with it is because they give it they give they take a little tiny sliver of those enormous profits in the human people like Kevin Yoder. Princess is taken more money from the pity loan sharks than any member of congress and that's the house or the US senate. Can you even imagine he's taken more money from the NRA. Than any house member in Kansas he's top ten of the 435 house members and America. He's taken top ten from the gun lobby industry. And that's because you know he wants to win this campaign by just raking in as much of these gun lobby and corporate and and loan shark profits. For him as possible so he can run ads and lie about me and lie about everyone else. That's a lie about himself as we can't tell the difference between the lobbyists and the elected official where's the line now there with being so bought and paid for. No one no one really wants this right no one says yeah I liked this idea I think you know we should have the CEOs. Like you know this many companies let's say out of the top 500 companies in the country I want them to make most of the decisions politically in this country know once that. No I really needed to happen. One thing every if you get Republican and independent and Democrat dinner and the other one thing that you'll always agree on is that they don't want corruption and and their government they don't want their. They're elected official to be there to be corrected right right because the -- the whole point of corruption embedded there they're only working for the person disrupting them. And you know when I started running as saying I wasn't gonna take any a corporate pac money people give me a chance for you know what. We have now had over 25000. People donate smaller donations are volunteering our campaign. We've raised more money than any democratic challenger in the history of my district for the primary and the general combined we've raised more if you can imagine that. I we have we have a tremendous amount of momentum heading into Election Day tomorrow and against Kevin Yoder and you know we're we're gonna prove once and for all that I campaign fueled empowered by people and action. And actually human beings actually helping out anyway they can is so much stronger than. You know raking in huge pack check from from the NRA or or from the pay loan industry. Marsh is the best of luck now we'll find out tomorrow all right I'm feeling confident that you are you know I try well there candy Kansas is third district tomorrow right yup yup that's right and so thank you so much Remy on I really appreciate it thank you.