Buzz Beats 11.18.16 Set Two

Friday, November 18th


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Hey it's on from REC and you're listening to heart soul and Carlin 96 point five and exit them from the. And. I. That is the RIC re mix of bleachers. When I get batters on. Buzz beads right here on the alternative 96 by the buzz. My name's art so thanks for still hanging around much appreciated your best but yet this is buzz beats is what we do every Friday night. Eleven a midnight. Buzz remixes smoke edu and that we've been focusing. The last few weeks on. Remixes of songs you're gonna hear during the night the bus till Christmas right now we're on night number three. And it took a little bit of take a little work to find some of these. But we got the go ones that we're gonna still play other stuff as well so yeah feel free to text. 96 by 00 let's do this we got this is confessions remakes of the Strom balance began playing night number three tonight postal Christmas spirits by the buzz. Got guns in my and then loan those moves there's so much and then low lows like handguns in my hand and then we'll. It's. It's okay. Hey. Listening to hard telling Karl on 96 I had the night. I dream. I. It's. Yeah. It's. Hey this is nick from night drags you seemed hearts and Carl and 96 point five Cuba. Well done Karl that is the cheerleader re mix. I Wright's old my heart Exxon buzz beats on 96 by buzz so yeah usually. We do this show with myself and my body Karl who is the drummer. For cheerleader here it's wise that the cheerleader remains does that lead as he does the stuff. And that is his. That's his remixed repair and hopefully eleven back next couple weeks he's. He's being a daddy's touring he's busy so hopefully we get them back here buried soon but. I'm sorry. I know that I said I wanted to really keep the show about like. Remixes of songs you'll hear during night number denied the bus stole Christmas well I have derailed so many times tonight. I I apologize I I I did say at the beginning that we're gonna play other stuff as well as songs you'll hear. Night number three and that being said I am going to steer us off course. One more time with the this. Is something I've been one to play on this show for a long time and I I didn't know if I could do it I didn't think I'll be allowed to epidemic in trouble. Well today I hear that the church Laszlo. Ways and childish Gambino I had no idea I've been trying to get them and let me play Gambino since I've been here so like three add years so he did it today. That's unneeded and I'll read and do this this is again being knows. I guess remakes cover sample of grizzly bear yeah their version was two weeks is it's got now it's on both being somewhat. And I do not existent it's today and third. Looks like she's. That blew real quick like yeah sleep let me make it clear what a sick at night. We'll have. Briefed out when. Exactly yeah. And Monday it rely. It's. And now. The round. I would have thank you. On this. Okay. Street bridge saying. I mean of raping Albert grizzly bear let them have gathered swagger and a why they can now he's starting rapidly you Leslie he's good at basketball. I thought it yeah. Iran and I can do one thing you did. One thing I Tiger Woods and make your eye on hotter than a lighter later. May ultimately ultimately it's. On the white outfit more frightening evening. Really smiled and shot it better it's. No better now yeah I was always sick I'm. Yeah. And women eighteen. And nobody's laughing more decent and recycle clinic every napkins beat Seton sat in my Tracy Chapman. Did exactly what to begin with they would have. Make your. To pay for gas in my mama's standing. And now paying for more intensively. You can't. In my life is witnessing chasing after him. Six without talking to me is to be read. The red. All right that is that my name is hard so this is buzz deeds I am like super super late right now I got to get out of here but thanks for listening. You're the best we'll do again next week. Had a fantastic weekend and you know what we're already way over schedules though. Might voters you know do another one episode your ego where closes out with RAC's remixed. Of runaways by the killers Tom Busby to have a good night. So yeah. Yeah. This thing. Please keep. Yeah. We just. Yeah. The. I. You're listening to heart telling Karl on 965. The buzz.