Buzz Briefs 4/20

Friday, April 20th


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And I need a. I'm abdominal don't who gambles. You these businesses and then I think he says you cellular. As I understand their man. And it did well I don't know I go to and I alma I don't know how many Eminem. That's into genus. I can't believe in around the world about double the one I was dating don't is don't don't don't don't beat me. You know tire lap now at the end of around the world. Your arms are about the limit is Barbara murmur Blair remember I remember other write a book. It heads or whatever whatever happens today. That's not where he says Kansas City I know but it doesn't matter again but I know yeah I know that on legacy you do are really good there in the NC. Town of goma town don't any your area right here and there in Kansas that he has to fugitive Breivik. Because best not to sit there would you noses and ended it great if I could really sort of a local real little SS. What competitive Boston and Kansas and a step what had ten rebounds and then they Kansas and in the book audibly yulia about a penny. That is. Oh man I was have found a pity. Spanish fitted look good for a lot of what you always got a lot of ground and our way is fifth pondered her sat there looking for a hundred. So he says there today at city Dave Reid. When you also is a man I can't just when you know as in the nitty gritty of probably means. Snoring your coat like can be as little sweet but it can be a little let's see what a pity Boston in Kansas City if again does that Pozen and you Zenyatta Boston and I Kansas they lost that kind of excited about them and I kind of does that it perhaps doesn't. That's an aces three fingers and honeycomb. Few reasons like desire while following devoted to the chromosome. The day you left home. I mean it's because there's three fingers in my Honeycutt and that's. A lot of fingers and then he's like three years there I go until a very what's his star. But it starts at treatment. We warn humanity rule and it's on saying I don't know Soledad maybe two to many. Other components. C. Anyway and he. Are we starting things up dads or running kind of playing age air Sowers. Is scheduled but I hate that man field at his summer having the band aid that design and yet today's nightmare on an error and Chuck Schumer is as senator yen terms Chuck Schumer DR and you send a bomb yesterday. He signed a bond side to bong and he came out in favor and introduces. Bill herb marijuana decriminalization. I happened all over the US district yeah you are now only just election. Well I would agree with that. Sen Barbara. In his area communal. He's Amy Schumer is on days I have been its nominee against their families is around him passes behind still left this is the bowl this is bull crap to the time. And says ask John Boehner remembered John Boehner. Yeah madame mayor from congress awhile ago. These crowds time at the pump. Decided to retire that's our Maynor. He also came out in front of a Merrill on decriminalization. But he you know is working with people who wanna make money on it. And that's that's got to be adjusting the night using the tide turned. But I'd still like memorizing and make money doing that breaks you know. Let's find it's cool it's not a I can't believe it's such. It's it's still illegal. Compared alcohol. I out all the murders people in ruins lives and has generations is a matter of fact usury the article that says I alcohol is it will help you could get breast cancer. And it alcohol industry is work to. Suppress that all. Per day night and Tyler yeah. What you had to drink. Not only have I am tired already it's like out kind of odd dollar I'll read this story is really fascinating ride you me and year out and I you know miners yet. Just a personal my personal days it's time. My thing maybe like comments Imus go. I don't. It adds a little soft. Sentenced. I liked. I guess lake Indy mean three Brothers to it on their own doing great. If I respect that like the Hanson that doesn't mean for me to at least don't normally send. Let's see here coupled palpable anger that Amy shared minutes until it. The research linking alcohol to breast cancer is deadly solid is no controversy here alcohol regardless of whether it's ever clear or vintage Bordeaux. Is carcinogenic more than 100 studies over several decades of reform a link with consistent results the National Cancer Institute has a caller raises breast cancer risk. Even at low levels. We mean even at low level either Israel of those. Doubt Morrison the more you drink yeah higher risk right. I did not down out. Yeah its really and when you can Italian Gary now idea because it's illegal chair at the only legal subs and straight. I can do would I rather legally do we yes. You resoundingly. Absolutely. And feel like crap the next day. I really don't like alcohol. How we need to you drink enzymes in your mouth convert even small amounts of alcohol and high levels of answer it poll that ass at eight. It's a carcinogen okay. People here is that if occurs it is of people who consume more than three Jason Day or two to three times likelier to district oral cavity cancer than those who don't alcohol someday I get a a Zell doesn't amount priming the pump for other carcinogen I'm sure he cancer from smoking weed. I know you don't. They have yet to show rolling like any time how does that now and not one link there is not beam wine Blaine but cigarettes are legal. Alcohol legal hour because can't cigarettes cause as illegally all week now. And I saw the cops complaining in the news today. Because there are level we don't even know how to check of these people who are driving their high rank as album maybe you don't need short thin if you can't figure out. It like there is no impairment when they're driving people over different reason to maybe you don't need to be sticking a sniffer and everybody's car re mind you business. I think certain people would be impaired you have alcohol you when you when you pair marijuana and alcohol ray crash just go up yeah. When you have marijuana marijuana. You would say they big you don't you don't say anything does he have much of a jump in traffic incidences in fact. Easily really we've lobby. We're getting right now and I fortunately it's going to be John Boehner I Nicholas Shea. Is somebody who in Ohio tried to get weed legalized and tried to become one of six people allowed to own like a weed farm in Ohio. So you're gonna see the privatization. Of Malia aren't out of marijuana like you've like you've seen in say the Internet many college rally. They. They bot higher part of a pot farm yeah I get an hour and a I mean I think that's a good place to play your mind in. Yeah I mean it's it's literally it's what a V it's the only thing you've seen I think in what ten years that is truly. Lego a way to make money that does not that like just free money it's like it's a new resource has been not allowed to be sold for so long break. We know increases testicular cancer no it doesn't. As what some in Texas goes I think again they sent us chances yeah. Jack is you always hear about we'd testicular cancer. In the anchor. Our research and best of every surges as mean alcohol accounts for 15%. Of US breast cancer cases and deaths. 15%. Alcohol break. 35. Thousand a year. Alison Nicholas Shea from third ninety's yet in that Nicholas Shea he made a power move on weed in Ohio. Like Nicklaus saved from ninety isn't indicative that number is and I seventy cragey seven victory allowed here. Ninety point six degrees that's those enlighten. Nicklaus say from 1970. That one in the same. Wind and the same day. Union Station. So we don't islands and there and they're not for me either and yet. And that's where it solidified it for me. Lester went around Gallo that man's for me the tech thanks says do it is not as an on impaired is that they can't prove how impaired you are wrong idea us. I mean we haven't done any large scale studies like we have an alcohol because you can't study it. So we really I think we would be different it would depend on usage out. I think the more you use the more now used to lead the more you need to years that are there for the last impaired he'll be depending on even you consume our time. Trust me been there done it in me you know building that tolerance. And there is a mother. Again like we don't know how impaired you yet now. I think that if we don't have those studies we don't have those numbers and if that changed if it became federally illegal yeah you would see some definitive spikes in certain numbers as we got used to a new drug. Look comparatively. To the one that kills how many people here. I'm going to take current. I guess I'll get relevant to go smoke my dog and. Resident can be carcinogenic. I don't know. We increases erect talent and vaginal. Dysfunction. That's not me I don't think I think it does increase your look beat out anybody's every day act as a Hindu women. They have definitely increases your Oviedo have a hard time having who don't have my heart has yeah yeah it's a really great free area world it's a game changer for her share. Yeah. Meaning that a it is a huge hit her when. We did actually really bad driving now we don't know we don't OK let's and we can talk about it. If I smoke and eighth and go driving I'm in much better shape than if I drink a fifth. Yep I like your math Danny. Fractions allied your fresh and world math that came in handy that as a real world math there you thought I smoke and aid. Org or eight of them have been asked Friday evening and yeah you're definitely drive in better smoking I think I'll smoke a fifth timid drive. I believe you can go ahead fans of I EU and smiled to fans. Areas smoke five fifths man you smoke a quarter bagging your beef. Is time we are your fine yeah. Yes but that's it from Madden Nicolaus say from 96 point five degrees. Indeed. Indeed we does something funny it is a pain yes yes. Smoking where Ronnie cause lung cancer no it doesn't answer. That's fine. As you hear about all the we'd lung cancer cases don't care if you don't think of any sulfur is nineteen adults should not these programs. I mean the united dude you gotta do. Next I have the birds in wheat eggs exit as it does we maids. Sex out an entire day just to change the world it could say one earth the national dysfunction and no idea. That's what somebody. When people wanna like. It's lagged you don't understand. All of those people they get angry. All the time they don't have access to a mental health you know I'm saying. If he did sellout. But I mean he's end. I'm a retired. TC PD and Farsi true very Danes are present grant and that's no reason for marijuana to be a schedule and meaning. Americans a phone item. And a Korean and I'm very imagine head down. Not one of his favorite subject is AJ I had moved we. The aide Harold is spelled anywhere in their summer. We can increase dynamic and dine out there masks that can in the man. Means you immediately proves it is. You know you know Connecticut I don't email but. Idea that I don't have like you know and I don't have factory fresh tissue deflated us and our minds who have that a wrist if you. I do. Have a look at. We either miracle drag I agree. We need. Leona stimulate my job more weed makes me like everything more. People and a. Food and music and movies television and anything you name it it makes it. Ten times a hundred times better than that is. Earlier okay kinds of these guys is an air gap OK so hear me out M gang and you know I've. Win now the disciples all got together. And they were like what I've Jesus and he was like a guy is so last and where it's of that like our neighbor as it's been awesome. Edit the tar on his leg. Take this olive view of right either an. Jerry then this is my body and blood it's everlasting covenant right. Sit around the past there around I think of your Protestant you'll probably be able to accept this little bit easier. Like if you're you know Catholic. Does that change substantiation thing. By G is sitting around the Garmin does have a good time but have communion is bros when your church in U. Yeah give me can you share it yeah. Yeah. Even working out our count as much anymore it is. Easing. Joseph masses as in the last supper could have been the last tow in the story would have been the same a blind in new. Wound products to live on. Love I'm switches week. Swisher sweets I don't like those three year old its. Own. Actually be legal analysts are having with congress and me. And it just helps to a lot of people function and he should have the ability to sync are on Xavier won and everybody doesn't. Everybody does that everybody should have forearm police on the serve out H Everett out that a Google say they don't do it all they really do it. It's a secret shame wreck. We gives me crippling anxiety and year out that does suck when I'm happens. For some people Rihanna and maybe you can. It's a girl we'd now now you get out kinds strands. He's found out he would be anxiety it's. I love what they're doing where he's kind of trip there's two plants. Then you can smoke. That we as humanity has decided to slow right there are two planes basic brick. Because I've tried to smoke oregano and Adam worked out so I. I'm trying to do it's not it and based all angry Lee he's not the right at some point during his teenager I was like maybe this smelter. So is Tim you Sanaa. Bernie Mac that there's cigarettes. As marijuana. Right yeah I can't believe that we will have a cigarettes. On that point a Mac-Gray foot alligator as a we did the salt some drugs makes everything better yeah when a great analogy yeah I love it. Sea salt and rocks the salt of drugs makes everything better. And it. A US or about that opiate crisis front and up came early some attacks I hurt my back partly walks of what dunes objects five minutes later. Probably not a good idea to do jumping jacks just as you feel better after you heard back. Yeah it takes away my anxiety so much more successful life now in handing its offense and ten. Houses think it depends on them the amount is not even. And and our it is you are the strength and Arizona you know it is stronger now. If government what does this say I love that I guns on the buzz in the first thing I hero be quo and they were like what Jesus. Will. Makes me tired now I think. I would smoking go on the trails for our we have gotten. Back in today. Yeah I haven't scenario we are in for amber you know why it's illegal in hand. And unethical. According to sound mean. Ranks I've stopped however. One down foraging and again or traveling to where maybe they don't love Chuck Schumer Miami get past possible Korea ranked. I mean. How Stoner you guys not doll. Not at all. That's the thing. I can tell you in Alaska and South Carolina you talk about it and I miss acts as CNN day ten and today. I'm doing okay without. Also I will say that mine I don't enjoy things as lunch in new. I mean I it's fine. You know like I used him a does it totally and enhancements and anchor. I ask you ever seen its way dollar real home we just had this yeah we're gonna shining mr. park. I've got he's got a visit our little Ayatollah some. Game changer. Listen to music your wrist shot don't you ever been to sonic would Dwayne Bowe on we'd ask. Is it open. Offender he tries dvd or will sexes doesn't get you high. I am it has all the good benefits mapped MCB days they saw some of those around here they do use there's a shot in mission I thought. I've never tried deceiving the oil liabilities. Yeah hello TB CDs dvds in Detroit. CD DGB Jews and Bryant goes. Any team which uses just the oil literally is legal there yet and the FDA by the way. Is giving approval to one of the non THC. Anti seizure medications. So that's good progress people. I'm pregnant and that's the only thing MS I could do without our same needs. Why can't you part take a long story. If anything. Mean maybe one day Linda yeah again. No legal reason. Why you stopped smoking gees and now I don't I care not to say I didn't. By just now that a did something important to me that means in our enemy has or why I wound because I feel like I was a better person and as a better person. I was more active than I've ever been enjoying life more than I ever happen. Like I started watching television again Gino how long it been since I've arts television. Or enjoy damn movie I'm talking a year earlier as was senator you're ray yeah I mean years I could not sit down and watch television or marriage is same box. Or even in this is my job listen to music. Somewhere along the line being made oppression and so I'm even though I'm sober me. It opened up a new every year Dell are getting right my all then yelled being bad yellow. It dead and it really dad Jay my results in in ways it even break even now I'm not smoking. And have it. For a long time. Very long time. It still left me with that I'm still enjoying music and and now I do think it's a combination of so arts and and I'll tell you my doc terror. Was very upset that I stop smoking weed and here we can I tell you that way you act as I guess he thought it helps me out at how to me out and that a lot of area as he's very. Angry and pissed when you think that's ridiculous. He's that you shouldn't smoke you shouldn't stops this from my doctor. Who saw the benefits for me. You know for you know whatever it is people are got a like for me it was pretty severe depression. And so along with the weed and you now my doctor and a pair whenever in the music. In the movie Zyuganov came together forming its. Nano tech science and its you know the date they don't smoke. Because their mom and they don't want to do you know ladies which happily respect you don't wanna put you have to face in a risk I'm glad to my kids are the most important thing to me and clarion and a story she said you know but I feel I give I did smoke I might be a -- mom and I was just reading at the was huge sigh or Vanity Fair last I would agree with that room Gary wrote something about how does that lead parent and there are some in the New York Times about how it's all you go out indie rock that is wrong. And you get so bullets. Update your eyes as. Felt like I was. More patient. More creative and with out of things to do with sound and and also help me enjoy them more. And video games I've lost my patience or interest to play any of that and images look video game and and I was like video games like I can't do that. And that door opened up again for me and you know it's really crazy the benefits. That I am haven't found marijuana usage for. A quick and quick aside because there's always comes up and it looked. If if if you're still in a developing body we actually don't know. How marijuana affects you we have seen. That it can affect developing brains but the science isn't necessarily there so in no way shape or form do we endorse. Kids. Toxic stuff he used he doctored during. Today is doctor doctor now I have. Wonderful diner is him practicing for very long time really open minded carries Martin. And practices at some of the best hospitals in the area and has a really successful practice I think he just. Isn't it. I think he's in now sees the benefits. Of certain things and he doesn't think they should be restrictive. Hey guys and I. MP Kansas you know they had there was trouble doing the school funding and a Missouri they just roll back income taxes a little bit lower. And there's going to be some serious need for funding in our states in the near future. This is certainly a common sense way something that already exists in a market in a demand that you know is there. A way to could fund the future yeah and allow you to keep this mode taxation you so desire rank and it's the fact that we're not doing that is insane don't like we don't know how we're gonna pay for the schools have no idea. And that there is now. I like a hundred starts about watching TV and playing but it is against a good thing I would say the same thing with me hiking and doing yoga. I am. It's that I I never I'm not doing them I'm not doing any but I'm also sober and I'd never enjoyed hiking as much as I'd end. You know smoking how lewis' does beautiful nature and then I have horses coming to me I don't know I know I mean it's like I'm. Just enjoying my high eight nature music. It's beautiful and it just takes it to a different one dollar and just really peaceful wonderful level and and I Celek a complete letterhead beads because I am but anyway and I do think there is benefits. Us because he's somebody from one of a bit when it will be end. Is that I missed any stone monologues has he sat outside the storage marks would you do that now that's. An Emo lyric right there. Mr. monologues. As he sat outside the storage mark aria. And he just cheered better in the. Day doesn't prescribe it he just knows eat because I was going to be IK. I don't enjoy the you know life but I don't write a pretty high security and it's I don't enjoy these. Any of the IRA that's X. A right did it rather. And what I did before I think as a self medicating and and whatever an argument rambling about we might as we have gas coming out. Anyway I think it's sad that it's illegal I think it can be very beneficial long. Anyone and and there's a terrible it's. Sigma and remember any place that has in in installed. Drug testing requirements for people on public assistance has had a glass. Then 2%. Or return. So it's it's. It's not a problem of deep motivation for anybody it's you kids need to quit his doubles Lilith. She's not I'm not sure and I haven't done it that's the thing. That's the thing. Tax business not marijuana. Nice to actually. Texas has Texas tags pharma Q imagine instead of like wheat fields as you drive through Kansas you know we've fields. Change the license plate. Being an. Play some music article that basically they're running I'm sorry does he values on this donors texting and visited conversation to have especially today our yeah. And I think so give it has its benefits don't spend it and I think people forget the benefits. Especially as Nadal I have to tell you any new enjoy we when I was a kid smoking and it made me parent my target Bostick and you know I was always around the wrong people all doing it was found guilty. There's no reason for that. No shame. No jail just peace and love. Into the united amendment actually means a gun diseases program to get your memory of the pro. Other could save him on could save your hair and yeah. How's that Mary built. Aren't. The house that Mary notes RA. As to attack yeah and it's I had a great time and I wish that I could have a better time yeah yeah one day. Video Chuckie Schumer I'll be out here. Pilots so maybe they'll make up for season to being Schumer. I don't know what you're. Got out there he is god who. Who knew I 96 I had. Right now it.