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Tuesday, November 21st


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Wow then John as LA after the distillers before that that Maria. And to be any of that damn song is so good. Adonis. Not since the eighties hair bands is anybody mass terrorist quite like that brought probably is one of the drilling out. I'm crying in AA you have rock and roll man yeah. That's fine but now alleges ciller's because Brody posted a picture. Yesterday the Dow girl band. Yemen mystic about in the man back the other knows he's another man and iron distillers does that do for. Stay in Iraq. In the she means to be in. She's not doing anything she's a mom I I don't I mean she's Josh is a wife and as moms it doesn't need to do the female pronoun thing. I mean yeah herb I don't know the word I don't know but it adds whatever as it is. Yeah I was called spirit daily Zardari and how like distillers. Yeah I wasn't punk. Anyway. I asked my name is attention Danny's here. Merck's can copy and calling as soon is. Gretchen Carlson gal. Formerly. Formerly. Hey why you bringing your computer is create images never turns on budgetary and I'm kinda sell it and that's really weird to me is that why you never do that. Okay and music insiders say it now I it is and I says I never do that. I don't always have a look at my phone for Twitter and on knock analogue in on this thing or why. Please. Lord knows let this company would do. If they side air India owns other million by the end of the month and go through. I'm not gonna go through your GM's I don't give a good I have every once in your DM something here. Daily BP I'm not eating your Guillen is it that I'm not come he's got a mainly Italian flag that they're just like the company I'm not saying that company and now I don't wanna I'm one learned hers and that. Log in to can be anybody that is semi computer literate does not want off. Give their company I got a while August crap Paloma stuff on log in with FaceBook on his craft are passwords going over there. Getting these people in this building I don't GIA is my son yeah I mean ads on say anomalies and a prominent I don't like looking at my screen and not be able to tell it what I see I know might nobody says what you're saying out loud. Why I don't know if he's sound crazy you know I don't I sound like a person and what is seventy and I'm sorry you're still using the same password from 199750. I non. All right somebody got me on its output of one password password that's. Anyway weird world out there as soon enough food it's a two factor authentication. Huh. Lose. Vector off. Knows is he can't live your lights on my phone I don't want plug it in play here. But if I play here with the screening clear view of the new consumer I'm playing are off Twitter that fabulous. Estimated. A statement yeah I don't I wasn't judging. I didn't need to giving your DMZ can now a bad day and being. I don't wanna in your GM's lies Twitter green. What's happening. Why is good agreement was happening I don't know how that's where the become marine. And I don't know the last time I log on to Twitter and not am I found and down like on an actual love computer I have no idea yet the Twitter homepage is green and I'm uncomfortable or not that's weird. Why is agrees and you just log in or compute an ideologue and just pulled up to make sure it was like my screen how can broken something where. Anyway what's going on oral. And enticing encouraging girls and now yeah now are yeah let's start nice and easy you remember. You remember when they build the sprint senator and they lied to us and they still want to admit that they lied to us which is fine. It is weird we partner with them all the time. But it's. It I mean it's true coli does the AG and the city did. Promised us a pro hockey team if we built was really EG the Iowa I don't think your age realize it absolutely was. And I think lied and Asians the one that it's the same guys up now's not the same thing they're two different number but they were one point. It was AG live nation remember. I don't know GAAP yuck. Yeah Harry because it's Mosley live nation shows adventurous prince honor yeah thank. All of them via our blood typing through Latin nation that anyway. Am just curious area was Lebanese you know I don't give a man I don't know but I AG the company split up wind and it's because they were like two big remember. I don't is split. Anyway I'm sure you're right in that city here. Yeah it's that it. Live nation Ludlum book. Formed Live Nation Entertainment the global farm firm live nation Ticketmaster. That it no I don't it was a happy I think it was a you know enough and he is to get past that I mission on that we got together and I'm telling you the thing that is. And I don't think yes there are wrong. And Huntsman has an I was an hour AG and was SA cleaner and a pick as it was in sheets as AG. They are now anyway obvious I knew it I knew right then at your Xavier and myself. Some of the bets why do you do that to me. Operator and since entertainment group that's AG. It's AG okay GAAP wind. AGI getting AG and lat this friends is saying jeans and yeah it's right like it says right here it says. Operator AEG. Attitudes entertainment grip. Today but it's not like dat no my dumb thing you know it is right now it's down an hour hey I break the property but they had to think they can't let these don't blame me I deal with the inside people out cash gap. Are there anyway and they lie down right and I'm crying and hey I'm sorry for questioning they lied us and they said we'll give you a hockey team remember that was that they it was either ninety Ziemer baseball team the best going bass and I and plus they they they promises a hockey team for sure. And like you to fight you know they haven't and I think I may have heard seem now now and that's the thing that they do and that's the thing you really can see I got us an idea what I remember a couple Texans are popping up when people say we have to college basketball team is closely constable our hockey tape player on getting into that debate LM I'm just saying. You remember. Because I like to bring it up. Whenever we came out and to remind people that the lighting whatever they can't get what they want when it comes a month. You remember that and they promised us definitely a hockey team may be a basketball team. And then the best they can do is get as an exhibition every now on man. Yeah I remember. That that's how I got taxpayers to agree. To do it did you doubt because that when you actually went. I don't think I was living here we currency Al doesn't mean he's so. Well while I was gone on for two years are a threat he analyses up boom lake that was not our right. Spreads and are not there now that there debt. And are in over a two year span Georgia for the best I just feel like at the end of the day let's just not forget how we got here right OK there was mostly hockey star was supposed to be a hockey today and I I can even tell you Sam Mellon Arab beat Kansas City Star. Wrote an article. Specifically. Referencing and denouncing the lie that we were told and then he goes on to say that they pretend like they did and save them but they definitely did I I remember this this whole check. That I did you know I'm I don't I'd disagreement that I you know I'm disagreeing when are five nations AG were right got to know there that's where you're rock and but it's it's AG it was it's OK yes now what I was saying. Where you confuse me was my mission in life agency what's on the shows. Inside inside and AEG's venue yet. See that's OK yes the data don't work in conjunction which again I'll just say I think it's weird that certain people can control an entire venue I don't think he should be able to do that I think it's a B whoever wants the book becomes through can and you can't own a venue and when he happens and that's an issue are as GAAP. Our own buying these production company companies' eyes so that guerillas it was an all line Asian tour right. They're about to live nation and evaluating comments coming broad they'll live news is that there I mean it is weird a weird way we do business couple -- make money doing those beige and they run that they and a little cells that's I'm zero a great job running shows ideology to think that there are wonderful concert partner totally 100% about it's just sign it EG count I mean you don't like that it is is kind of kind of weird and funny and odd that they own every venue intact. They all knew the mainland I mean I've used it I've I don't know if you put his storm without him. I don't know after mandolin I don't know. It seems really easy Disneyland my nation goes up titan but sometimes AG does shows at the empty threat then you got determined and then. Now the Germans around him on Brad. Where is like the Beaumont club well that was like what was that who I saw light that was our local forty you know I was up orient. Who then went on to work for five days when this is the right here. I odds this storied kind anywhere is a zags what you guys care as is a good discussion just how the inner nobody seems to care. A dinner writings of Casey and again this fire is like the one thing we can give insight in nano like boom boom boom the little starter gathered at a rare. Yes it is and I only bring up that big because somebody started kind of a semi pro. Hoops because of the birth of pro hoops in Kansas City. I don't necessarily know. About that. Without that it's like a real pro team winner here. There were getting when Larry got a hero's story it's ridiculous I asked somebody thought that they could take of Blas to be looking thing like either the Charlotte hornets or the Georgia Tech logo. I'm a guy called the team the buzz. Which had I'm not against that brick and then not get sued by George attack. Again okay and it's those take a look. There was there but. Warm up or in hasn't been a minute since its place. Are you in basketball team button. That now we have man. Pace shadow to what is it FC Kansas City we ceased operations at sites. Oh my god let's move on and that seriously about the saying I'm as the dominant clubs that some of those who are other yeah its lawyers it doesn't count it sucks. I disagree on innocent aren't so it's it's. Ready in a dispute on the court yet the brand new team formerly known as the Casey buzz is re branding this after eight. Major university cried foul over the team's logo and mascot. Pro basketball left the metro when Kansas City kings blew west in 1985. To become the Sacramento king pack a flat. So ten days ago local book spans were thrilled to hear pro basketball is back in Casey head coach and former Kansas great Kelvin Thompson unveiled the Casey buds of franchise in the new North American premiere basketball league we're today doesn't count. Lady now. It's not stated a desire wow. I mean it's not the MBA about MI very well be a strategy don't lie to me about having a broad gene that makes sense just tell me it's as did is tell me it's in there and they say it's not in the NBA yeah yeah don't act our so is this. Other league coming in her eyes so there's an NA PB I have ever heard of DNA on the game instead of the gate the gate not. Heard about the so they added some they added some hot water with we don't work trouble we don't read the book would order a strong. There. Normally it sounds blowback on the Casey bus staff as we beat Georgia Tech Yellow Jackets took issue with the new Casey team's logo and it. I mean it's not exactly the same Dallara car with the Charlotte hornets color yes things that okay. It's like a blatant ripoff. The board buses are receiving leather from the F turns from Georgia tech university. So that they have a trademark. Or the bumblebee. As well as the word. Being UVV. Help us get I would Georgia Tech guys waiting for approval on a new name. They Casey buzzer beaters but the same logo minus the yellow jacket and aid they need help. With their name like they're just spiraling downward right now big Casey buzz to the Casey buzzer beaters. An egg beaters in today's environment. In anyways your performance on the need to have seen an eye on down. But he bright light you've got back how to beat her fans again of theater you got the buzzer beater gay and now I'm a hundred meter grades are there right to keep knowing Kansas. Pressure with my history of the buzzer beater there with bill have been doing so. And we don't need to be. Luckily Thompson says uniforms and other materials haven't been printed yet they keep France after a game at the municipal auditorium beginning in January. Thompson says he can't wait for the games again so we can lead this hornet's nest behind. I totally do it if you're just bitter truth mark we had no ideals go volunteer we won't use very married for the bumblebee. All right talk. Our are playing but at municipal ought to try we'll also be going to these games but I think that's Huber found it like wind out and did you did it you have silly you you give if you didn't give you I mean I. I don't know dirge as a bumblebee a man yeah I can go before. I don't Merck call that I have really don't you undertake. Ownership of the bumblebee for a lot of guys say an image of the calendar on all bundled please stay on that one. I mean it's this hang on the line. It's the same way they could Colin themselves. AB FM. Beat. If there was statement would be thing. I mean any better in a buzzer beaters crying the buzzer beaters I ask what if they don't but beat any bothers when it does is lose terrifically console. At my guys this time I'll let it go ominous support and buzzer beaters I love semi pro. Anything. Needs here semi pro iMac and Sammy semi pro cooking semi broke ground around. I'm not amateur. The air just look at Arizona yesterday afternoon anyway button to act allowed them like to the buzzer beater is gathered buzzer beaters and and I hung out and stays the marriage and guidance. Buzzer beater got to be something we can figure out here rights. I buzzer beater then I think you're wrong I'm looking around the studio and I guess is look at things and it's a better name then laid a buzzer beater does nothing matter disinfecting. Wipes. Better than buzzer beater now that's not true. I love you man. Bright 'cause I voted kick start. Better than the buzzer beaters pure Ella hands sanitized there that's better then the buzzer beaters. Donald served Baghdad masons are better the Mason jars I would go to state. At the buzzer Beers I think you're drawing amends. Man and I got my name is league's supposed sonics sign sign on. Oh yeah and now where are the CNN Oklahoma that's umpire that's right yeah that's not that's right that I really worked out for them yeah our fans. Yeah having a multi syllable name. Terrible idea. Again it really kills is probably too I don't know if that is Roy must not living up his. I'm into is ovals as the royal let's go well I know now that the series between royals like you don't actual word has it royals. Riles wears it well. A royals. Royals. I don't know which one you see just reporting on the Zora and their fans heard what I did I guess he didn't do it depends on is Piaf royal. To be one syllable Royale is so I think that's one solo Royale. But that was that's a good team today. Beat Kansas City Royale. Both done our rank the Royale Royale is thought Ian you in his next summer yeah oh yeah you have to do not it's a different jam LeRoy yeah. Up and limited tech like Kabila would seize. Syllables. In roil. Yeah maintaining explain my Lauren sacks no flared it never does inside it does and it's okay. It's it's not okay it is violence acts that great college. Like I. Favorite now it has country in I've been a lot of them if you can drive your mom and dad's it's not a college town it's a suburb. And I think well he I have to Amber's Asian. If you drive to my findings add if you drive thirty minutes and 025 minutes when he minutes and deal laundry and I'm a college town. Second of all it is nearing college town gave you an amb you both produced the highest ratio up people who can't let go of college. You see him outside running in there. Jayhawks sweatshirt all of that tko when they're 47 years old and they go back for homecoming in their fraternity and they drink and pretend like there's still a team. It's overdo it. Once you're out you're out. But that's it sat crap that people from my high school is out okay and sad yeah jock yes. Also I have no connection to anything because of assists I was the best students you're not that there's not hurt added at the best students middle area of life. So I don't have those connections and improbably jealous of better if I'm being honest and upfront about it so don't worry about it it's me it's nice view. Listen to their asses story buzzer beaters as Ernie trademarked here. Men and morale has two syllables currency and you would Roosevelt Royale with an ax Americans know hasn't you know about we could do it that claimed he wanted to do why is there right now results. Owls and in the across today you're grumpy she is near Eilat. You're laughing it up and today. There are yakking no foreign paranoid as this morning well good you're gonna really and ruined. That's often not well okay and I don't. But you hear it hurts when you don't like us. It doesn't hurt that is does it bothers me of stool all day about it and I don't understand your kindness I rely on I accompanied it increases the cost of your ticket prices. And everybody people whom booed on me. They miss that part muscular Donald Trump. He feels walker on the White House is angry that's on -- other than that because of this yet I thought the Royale with the good layup. I like the right down and I thought it was funny never joking about acts emerge from people attempts on Ireland to let our. Once prominent artists are all YE LP and objects I care what somebody says about the place that I live for some reason our current. Here are the DJ get over it sucks ice right. That's not to a its look I've I'll put it out there it's fine let it go hey I made funny little town when you care what I think. Acted as well as a person to embrace actually are NASA engineers retire rather Howie rose Carly got to have around. Of course it was Charlie Rose I had no idea now you know her lawyer is that would hurt. Who's that guy on TVS as like blog law I have yet the other guy from the McGill McLeod and women are gay the calendar of McLouth led off Linda I think I've stuff. Mean. Let's. Loaded up. We blog all our berms. Denizens rule out heroes that he would like walked out of the shower and then I'll be home to. You know and then people would say like are you got deals showered strippers or did. They would not yes you got to celebrate. That third Charlie enjoy it appears from Charlie Rose why is he anything I don't understand. Well. The first about it's the and Charlie rose's something because I've PBS. Bribe that fit like I had ten ear listening area now. He is the far right sequence bulletins. Here. Sexual harassment that allow the firing guns. Further. I mean I don't know I was as surprised as early as loud and I lads are shocked I think he's a handsome man now Downey for him to try to get and interns pants. And a force people tension there. Asses that general area as well Larry I got camera Charlie Rose who was executive producer of Bill Moyers journal now I'm concerned. I can't lose bill Moyer. If big number bill are exempted you know. I well. Charlie Rose they're not Charlie how old is he wagon as we I just could not believe that I was like not Charlie euros to he's here yes Charlie euros definitely look at. There's an old drunk creep. And using where is a lot Emeka by his eyes. How old is dealing disease and I had opted anything's possible buyer. It must be my hair in eight women. Eight women all working and he yes man it's good they react Gretchen Carlson on today. Yes. The opposite of Charley Rosen. Gretchen Carlson and them believing Fox News Susan riding she didn't have a choice she got tired yeah she sued him beat him out there. Who's next. Charlie got the camera adds yeah. You know or even know who's next anymore. Begin leaving guest who's next now who's going to be next or predators going to be next blouse and now they opt. Got you can't you know even now every day it's a good idea and new man. I'm any malware and I today because you say. I'm just throwing Josh Hakim family have won one it's gonna be Oprah. And be able why do what it's going to be a look at a lot laundering men's wisdom madly it's gonna be Oprah. Dubya Oprah and what Arnie come out there and it. I think about it whereas thing about it we got dale don't you guys dead men you Steadman the cover. Yeah these are beer now he's under beard he's heard you know. I'm now I take it turned on I Oprah like Oprah is his manner of facts. What are your own words win and we'll columns are the things. I don't think. Story. Doran now we're not known as don't think so why I mean ads don't exert a woman. Thinking well you gotta pick a woman. Yeah does let me hear what you think of them who will be that led sexually harassed and yet. If I have time and I truly believe men and women are perfectly equal. Fighting men are going to be more crow because they're able more power in the world right now right it's there's only a few lives and few women in those positions I feel that women have more power must find out off well I agree. I'm not disagree I think women need to be. You know I think more women under a provost are remaining to beat Brett put in charge of things. Because they get relief Zimmer are women do the last you'll hear about that casual rounds and then I was actually every predator is the everybody. That's how every. AA. I mean we have got aware that they're gonna continue making transparent without the transparent. He just drops out of when he was working yeah. Yeah. And seven death pool for tickets are kidding me Mariah Carey was accused recently essential harassment. I don't leaders sexual harassment the guy bastards aren't about more race she was wearing a neck was today. And then he asked them to move grew luggage right. And then he was pissed off that she wanted to be surrounded by black guys. Yeah the guy is. I'm not saying as James and I would have had semi pro basketball team naymick Kansas City black guys slid his claim was a legitimate colleges and dragons AO is ridiculous yeah. Yeah. Simmons is over and colds or somebody says Alec allegations against troubled me next trumps been. Every day every day what does the fourteenth down. And colds or regional raid Jillian Michaels says it's excellent Rachael Ray I think is a good pitch Al brown. I have bar Gionta. GI. And it's going to be dealer and Smith wasn't Aaron ease some stuff. And now she's just you know pouring gas which is cool man. Do that you need to do currently you know anyway it is next it's cool image or that law it's called me warning it's not cool. He used power. To force people to do things that they feel obligated to do. Correct. 100% regardless of sex although we know it's sex Evanston. Didn't meet meet me this. Gretchen Carlson Garland after 8 o'clock DA in about. Her harassment we currently yes I know minivan grabbed the fab aren't so even the Charlie Rose out and it would take those acres and is due to special Hollywood predators didn't Chris hinting at pop he got pop for being a predator Sarah down the posture of predators got busted for being a predator armed South Beach who could've seen that coming up. Everybody. Martha Stewart's. I Martha I Martha is shown herself to play a little fast and loose with the rules already. It's money now yeah it doesn't matter where you play presently money and honey you don't play fast it was on category and I put vessel and I don't just an area app. She's like all right now that's how you make a nice second towels now get down on your knees and so that Martha. Cat comes service mark. Yeah. They're fairly elaborate there are fine with that one. No complaint asks that we don't need to not taking uneasy back legally okay. We are meaningfully impact. And it that's the last thing we need around here's feedback give play matter around here. I don't need one more Jersey give me any god DM feedback. Bruce are rock tunes is fine and behaving and so are. That's who did she was avenues like Charlie Rose. Cheated sexually Sao one person. Quite the opposite it's a weird day when we're talking to Gretchen Carlson and being excited about it. From fox scenario is total pole and how do we error in the world yeah. Really weird anyway we're pleased to have earned she's kind of connects them yeah.