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Tuesday, February 13th


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All right. Tony was offended Danny's here. Mark's getting coffee and yeah out once going on laurels. I. Even do a lot of blues stories you know and I saw this one. And I'm like yeah. Maybe like Mimi Rihanna I don't know I'm tired of nerve or anything like an apple solved everything. Dollars says it was put on out. And apple. At apple fix everything. I haven't had any of that fix any thing that these certainly man. Preoccupy me. And not to forget what's gone I'm wolf fun apps sure it out in their apps like people like I don't know how much this app costs. I know that if it's going into schools. It probably costs a lot because that's what people like to do what Fiat in the exit rip off schools. Twenty. Harold plays the story you tell me it's going Miriam just being a sour pus it could be as policy play. It is possible C I mean it's happened before K Condo Lara. A lot of parents these days well a few schools here in metro using hi tech thermometer and high tech apt to keep a better track of it. He's done a better life. It and a nice. Isn't it does yeah that's. Better I am Ali how volley villain. Anyway you look at this flu season it's back it's really about these. Schools are looking at it by the numbers. Allard and all call and I. And regular conversations with the Health Department overall our attendance is down about nine point five due to illness. Apps sometimes it goes up to fifteen I don't think that could whatever nation us is third grade triplets. Had the flu last week I'm afraid that is his bat first domino falls the rest of us are gonna start getting sick Terry on the thermometer. She used a Smart thermometer provided by the school that connects to kids is fluent C app on her phone. You can upload those symptoms into that happened then it informs his cool if you should be on the look out for. Fever runny nose or strep throat going around school nurse. Again you to have to tell you that. I don't think that's the points again I think you're seeing as how are probably as I just like these you realize is a kids' sake and he's playing the school now AK. Here's why. Symptoms my cat has legs ears and laugh about as some in the school now that's the mom that the mom OK okay nay they've committed in the kids' mouth. And in the big Kansas like. Gimmick has got to fear. Yes we got us how period app you don't have tea. You don't have to. This cool if you should be on the look out for. Fever runny nose or strep throats going around school nurse and academy Lafayette was one of forty schools in Missouri who earned a grant to give the thermometers to each student. Allows parents and the nurse to see what's happening with students sickness in real tough in RA high and out on Wednesday as is due to wasn't in real time. We it would just be chaos. People are just wanna now you're. Cheating and did Danny's decision yesterday the answer is now unemployment today but he apparently hasn't employment he's going to make today yeah no it's already made he made it I made an appointment. The news 930. Mean Randy Ayers notes and as a time they have recommends that out now are we have made Tuesday. Now place but I aid if I got the flu I would hate it hides you indicated you know are we using to get this Smart I guess moms and you're going to get a yesterday we get this money though there was anything by the time I got nine new mother when any appointments on time. Yeah after the concert meaning as a free to mama or what do you care across the I mean it cost somebody something somewhere houses schools you gotta you know a grant well yeah grain costs money. A great cause for some wire. There is a grants. I grades I didn't realize it was aground Friday off and dried up and writing job it is spine is nobody anywhere and nowadays is right on. Flew under the plays and one had a stomach virus and I knew first thing this morning when another third grader had the same symptoms of four other ones that stayed home. To tell mom this is something you need to come get your child for. Keeping sick students home. In getting well once and class through technology the school hopes is made available to more students are on the metro and I guess that bill I get Muslim parents is supposed to do. Like it's dollar deal with the Ebola. Allow it denying it adds it fever ray. Amen I want and his allies. Yeah that's the thing you ever now let me tell you why I'm column. Everything a lot of dirty Tilden. Yeah I haven't encountered yet REI Wii and their allies thing or is last summer. Haven't they realize he yeah I'll open to avoid the outline for some reason we paid some ways to come and like. Run oil through there hair out of there early can we you know what do his physical you're gonna have to I'm just. You paid me to show you had to do it repeatedly. Every day for very twice a day. You have to put stuff in there and had a dollar boiling home thing I don't why didn't do them. Chemical death yet claimed that but I didn't I didn't I don't know it was an error. Sticker heads and chemical breath. Grant all now the end Texans got a point yeah. For you know and employers all labor to suggest that registry here at times they have bingo that it's. Ball only bingo beret and just because you diamonds fever doesn't mean that you don't that you feel good. You can feel bad without fever it's exactly. It's right. Raises seems kind of this is silly it's silly we're getting everything doesn't need to be connected to the Internet and our phones today. I mean I'm out there isn't your parents without without map I think they are an item. I think I don't think they're not. I area and I don't think Ambien is an hour plus I did I got a smile on my faith. Kids do not have to go home school banner headlines anymore they don't lives. Well don't they just spread the eggs. And more kids get lice. Until they're dead. I mean I don't know if that is the American Tony Taylor just gonna start living our life now I seen a movie is caught alien three. It's a penal colony. And there analyze the emily's. I've never had a about it if it happens and happens frankly I can do. I I never lost a lottery as far as announce re. Database anyway as you are I had an today this is just a fluke my employment at 930 got none and in and out knows it's up to 4000 people we gonna die that's a big news or nobody was talking about but. When it comes to its app I have the problem with like people are done and in these apps make people seem so don't. For real I think your miss understanding we have got. Brian I think you are I know I felt like you Barley not idea. I feel like you're thinking that the app is telling people that their kid is sick I don't realize that. And I think people realize that Iowa and know how this became. Article in the news too on an out did like Saudi academy mafia figure Bafana go ahead amusing this crazy have you guys to come do a story on it. Or are. Subject hey we've got this great app is taken out here in the schools that are doing that Brett. I always question news is there's really comes of products chair. It was and it was they have a. Allah wills the way to go out many lives. As. Chemicals. Don't tell Nancy. That's false angry DJ varying goddess and the jet home. Good thank god. A CC DB Hillary eras understanding you know your cab of the flu that's not the point of the app appoint any app is that the school now. Bet your kid as a lightning and then a Bafana go hey right you could you could do that. Me and I am I did say that I'm doing that though they can put some thermometer in the mouth and it registers. God forbid you have to talk is of it alls I know I'd take down to earth into the weren't they great. Anywhere divert time when you buy your first temporal lobes scanner you are talking about. Every day every damn time you run the temporal loves getting his ninetieth point six nice simplify it. Had an ear thermometer is add one and you know the only accurate the moment and I'll I it's in the rectum. It is the rag time they don't mean that that's an app that'll damn near kill him. Offense is Greek thermometer. I've put into their Connor have their act of I have do our work and hospital and everytime I mean I am I don't like an app. Any kid on days like five almost if they couldn't handle an arm out and under arms sucks it doesn't deny it that's why they mean that your when the airline is here inside as others that Iraq under five. Rectal. Correct though Nat ring answers certain amount of time. There are OK with an ear does and one and then I was there when they're younger it's more important and an accurate temperature that's the only way to get I. I think that's pretty accurate I think adding poignant nodes in the air seized those C a in this ad ad reminding me I had a line in the air. You did duck to wind and was Yemen anal thermometer in name. If you put it in the rectum by did you know that no actually I do not believe that is true I believe that's a major well I noble we believe to be true and I think dancer and I. You have the anal thermometer. As there's one specifically for their act dumb ball the mama there's should be for the bottom amino risen well they're not not all Lamar. And there is one specifically. Nor probably many men their rectum barometers. And then. From my understanding of your doing a regular tape around her let's say TV ear thermometer. She found them rectum exam that I have does its act one and there is jail don't add. Just report to the doctor where the temperature that's out I usually via I say OK I get to air their barometer. Here is the temperature that's what I've gotten yes I agree with that. You say do it through direct them. Pencils around. Why and then the doctor idea and while leading the forehead boy and I never did before and I value the nor are we don't wanna be bothered enough to talk to our kids the make him take your temperature in their mouth. Wreck as do the year now. This year maybe digitally to our tech president is trying to limit the problems he'd take their kids have Richardson is going with a fever. That's why no I remind my console speeds and it sort of deteriorated so that's kind of weird isn't it though like the the if that's our motivation to be like we know parents are lying eyes we're gonna keep these kids that is cool. Why AV I mean ally here. Thermometers. In the anus you are I'm not trying to clarify. I think it just helps the school now like you think schools clean crap every day. Because Geithner as opposed to but I don't think they do that or is there away. Like if there is I I think it helps in that manner like marry somebody bust out. Some cleaning materials and then we got the flip. I I think this type of season. They should queens from every day very well yeah well but they doubt yeah. I mean I'm sure there's not enough person now available to do so bright I get. But. I don't think that's what it's ports tonight to tell you your kids sick. Here's the other thing what is that. It's strong odds mistrial they have their minor. My bottom. He may run here's the other thing you guys thing where you think this date as start. What company host this data. Do you trust this company to keep your data private. What background checks have done in this company in their history data management how much says it cost to maintain this data. How long is the Graham Ford does a cover the entire program it is just cover the purchase of its demise grade classes in your asking. Being out there on her by that I just don't understand when the news doesn't ask questions like out when they're there they're just like hey here's a glowing story on something. The data things to freak you out I mean they got vibrator is that are leaking your personal data now. Everybody's linking data and nobody take your time. Pressing they sell it to school they know they ought to secure that date art. It's our legacy health care bug. You can choose to opt out of the thermometer. And where you put it does your does and all know how much these thermometers cost like him find an answer. It's doesn't cause him he's now a day cost something there rain and yeah yeah I would definitely does how does writing gaga is Doug caught. Everything's free and a cloud you guys. Is download the app giving your personal information. Tell all our children's teachers are clinging to earn their janitors. I don't idol I don't know that teachers don't clean air and it really don't care stuff. Like we had an awesome first grade teacher who then. She's like I mean there's a few even the party I'll bring it. Like you don't have to do that we are you don't pay you enough and we only probably Curtis supplement stuff all the time now she's got a clean mean I don't think so. I don't Nathan. Offensive don't play that until things I don't that you don't played it. Like only clowns don't play these prayers. And then I don't I don't play pretty governor Lamar story may feel like fabulous. Do you guys remember I'm interment more confidence. He grabbed the microphone food. Do you guys remember this day of on low Liza. I don't remember a Saddam allies president sound like a good name out of bounds a great name what would you think he I had another child's he's as the villain manga. Now he's at the lemonade lemonade and Monet land Monet is T disease so that he wants. The left rough was blindsided Tebow to RI eggs. Sometimes don't work it back up divac governor and amazes me Manny isn't either of the dangers is that cost one out before the team and has zone reading. Peja ago what you think Esteban a day as he's a former Major League Baseball picked pitcher and he was arrested. Drunk driving no that's just far too common. Cocaine. And others but now all that's leave too much cocaine goat regularly. He's on that now no no I mean here it all the now it army he gave intent intent. There's no way you can argue. There's this much cocaine and heroin was for personally how much term mastodons like I I believe I'm buying in bulk to save money is like the Costco or drug program sir. Well I know I think this is is too much. Just sitting in jail this morning on drug charges after deputies say they found 44 pounds of cocaine. And Albany was renting an Imperial Beach in music Iran McKenzie has the details on his Iraq what did you say. And they. Yeah I didn't know that was me at a little run with a rock and well now all he's all there YR age. Talking about lady I got CA let you talk about it today. Four pounds of cocaine and a home that he was renting an Imperial Beach in news anchor rare McKenzie has that I was on his arrest. You know I'd I mean are mounting on her recently that a daily Durbin it's still I'm not examine it and it is hard you really you earlier arrests. The hole where shares say they've found Esteban alliance as cocaine stashed with just steps. From a local preschool they're not releasing the address but they say about 44 pounds of cocaine was found at a home that he means what. They think they get an idea that preschoolers are gonna break out of preschool and Ryan as a by the thousands and gas nor heard 45 pounds ago. I hate and I. Through maturity drug's a drug thing you do know that its legs like that kids are gonna bust out of preschool they can smell like out there like antiviral like dogs that run and Esteban who exactly is overrated. Tugboat ever did this their bodies we're going to ask the mound housed it's the others when he timeout in the little ropes and am online the bottom over NASDAQ and they're not giving away the address but they say it was just steps from a local school musical event like a block and a half away and 101000. Sad wanting thousands. His staff Hamas that act as you guys are known as its. It's not about school not about it and it's about or not trying to sell you cocaine and now the now about 45 pound. Pounds of Coke yap and asked about his house at throwback to let anybody near an ankle for three. And let the we'll follow any lives steps away from school promise law yes. We get that is the most ridiculous law in America in a priest. Raw material beach we're here at mar Vista high school where lies that graduated from and here's what we know right now on Friday as part of an ongoing narcotics investigation. Well Liza was arrested and booked in jail on three felony charges of transporting and possessing more than twenty kilos of cocaine for sale. What lined up according to sheriff's he was stopped for a minor traffic infraction while searching his vehicle they say they found some sort of sophisticated aftermarket compartment used to conceal drunks and based on back. They got a warrant to search the home where they found the drugs in Hawaii there. We'll wait a minute timeout breaks brace brace brace brace this sounds like one of those stories where the DEA let local law enforcement bill everything backwards to why they surgeon is dudes car. And why wouldn't you over for a traffic Haley and wide that end up with a search of the car. I can say about this nice little compartment which by the way congratulations on having a compartment I I I want our man department also smelled proof. I personally use of course. Thousands came up passer by and saw what I mean how you gonna pulls up but remember navy was the preschool kid is they elect he's really increasing his prices yes. They. If a cover rest decision Carissa now doesn't at a very innocent. You say no you always say no they are not your friends the minute they begin talking with you. They are working people could be buying drugs from his house could give mountaineers scored I mean I guess if he has 45 pounds ago he's not himself tee because you know we hear about all the time with these drugged while you're right I guess it started and I had an out of Ali well we hear about it all these children getting murdered all the time during drug deals right by schools -- we don't weed it's totally that's what we hear about. It's always like drug dealers murdering kids by schools spread and epidemic in America except it's not. You know it's very kids in schools guns. Rep freaking out about votes no we don't you got to live I don't know he's just schools know that's what we've freak out about. I don't disagree and I agree with your best among allies snort lines and selling dope. And me in nobody's problem but a state bonds. It's about the people that come to buy a so as the timer announcing how and why did people I am I drugs are like your neighbors OK everybody buys drugs. Site 90% of people in some way or another whether fish in person xanax or some mobile Lloyds and do what the legal way for everybody to listen drugs. So let's say it's the type of people owe you a drug people. Does look dirty in the wanna murder people in. Take your reefer madness and smoke it. Let 200000 dollars bail he is expected in court on Wednesday. A right hander last pitched in the majors in 2008. Playing fourteen seasons for a number of teams including the Dodgers. And the Yankees now he may just over 43 and a half million dollars during his baseball career. Now this begs another question what did you remember I mean Manhattan plus forty plummeting as he's ordered a sport that Lorena has depths. Cool that is personally news how much that salad an easy use of it but because it's a weird pound amount is 44 pounds. 44 he think it would have been 45 or fifty don't and have. Here's the other thing that they like to do for cops because I know I don't know what if let's see what the daily to round up. They like to bring free drugs or to round up to charge you with more. To. Just an FYI. Always me and I feel like EU's oppose it probably fifty pounds. Powered by dodge pounds is twenty kilograms of cocaine. Pop pop pop to church. To church. Now Caro 800 million nose and cooking spoon. May be boarded up houses. How much. Street polish flash cards. Vegas it was a killer Coke classic Columbia. Nine via. You get pretty cheap yet reaching them I would suspect cheaper around on our team. How Aquila 2.2 pounds. To enable all these does that mean I don't I mean I have as a gun club I need to give out now have you agency. Following Hilo town a grand. 15100 error as forget that I like Turkey. And the breach intersect you can tell I'm not there with during its legacy. That's why do you point two used to whenever pounds ten kilos in point fourteen was roughly worse about 350000. So you like about 700000. Dollars out there was toy he does this forty far much probably about 700000 dollars or. That's that's not a lot if you made 43 million that's a lot of risk. It proved that here for the the room now. I don't think so no we're ending at 220. So there was Ernie there and as you not. Tony you know on and I was talking about the cops do dare they liked of let's see whether there they saw a minimum sentencing guidelines I don't know. So I suspect they idea and I Corning cheer the tax line is you get busted with drugs. Closer tore school law that's what penalties are higher and it's something they definitely like to use you know yeah because there's really nowhere in America you can go. They you're gonna be far away from a school or church. Mandatory minimum penalties for drug offenses in the federal system in two. Sheridan can see that's a lot of Annie Gerard who took PDF. Even on the middle of nowhere in the country you'll have a church around the corner. That's right. Typical liberal idiots here out as the cops and beg for government handouts. Praises aboard the drug dealers and complain about the schools. That's so weird though like you're able to take. Well expressed Asian territories in that light you have it seriously weird problem in your brain that's pretty it's just probably go talk to somebody if that's what she talked take away from the us. You have to have the conversation we had like I said I hope you know all of this is for entertainment purposes. Break and we're about to Jack gases. It's weird that that's your black box in your head that that's what comes out when you take the tempo we did you guys doing drugs and as a mir's current media independent. Says are real dealer. It's always Fuzzy math Fuzzy math with the drug dealer holidays. There's a whole different sort of math pages dealing drug dealer math. That's a big class for kids that and get ripped off the drug dealer and they're on the tape masking. In Finland the glass Clinton college. Let's you know that. Clubs. Crack cocaine cocaine. Powder cocaine. No drug ten years sentence without parole is five kilos or he's gonna be gone tomorrow I'll. Move. They out. I would deal only four kilos or less. Is that. Five kilos or does that date in Lou what's the powder 500 grams. Church church which. And through this is 94. When we should be doing this right now. These mile an hour here weird math they have backed a drug reference. Mandatory and I had to weird dry bad actor and environment weirdo you gotta do math would drugs you gotta do a couple of these drugs why you gotta make sure your car is clean. You gotta make sure is registering images no lights out got to make sure you're sober. Right. You don't wanna be as they've done. It's. Too glitzy hey mark I gave you 49 dollars or two point one. He need to twenties and nine singles this is like this and and George Q. Because here responding. Yet each usually say is are they gave him between the united yet he loses 11. That's right. Elliott and I value that doesn't mean I ever mart I don't know if it's right five. I grabbed. Straw. And ending out the gal of venture of 125 curve ball in case they. In Paris isn't going around. I thinks now I think allow. In 2003 was a hundred navy. Maybe that's cut. Hart yeah and I never know anymore I am remains that there's stuff that's Malaysian Garrett. Here and I didn't hear them and it hit and he even though it cutting is yes I did because I need you and I actually don't underneath. You know I I wanna know I would like I mean is is like writing at all. Yes that is the real locker are gone that's cut. Weird tie. I am sorry Leon it. You let me me jobs those square with tokinio like. If you have insurance and I never gotten Qaeda you have that is why I figure Reagan violently I think it's what do you think that your hope that you're putting down here and is. As they try it yeah hi if you are at play here Corey easy. That asks is being cut over and over and over and over and tell you blow it up here out of the or your reign as whatever way you wanted to the end a you know how you it. Somebody says focus Sony says hey. This Stubbs give how do you know I mean I I don't know that it's going you have just yet there's a charts there's a trust thing going how they're going to be trust it's like are you do these hidden grad I mean the the lower you get on the drug dealer Paul the more power more okay our next OK and it's steadily and I'll. As. Maim rob good news. Just that. Twenty kilos. Little less of my aunt is pretty if you are ahead for good that I sort of pre I'm not even know that back and the me kind of hook up. Probably les why is it all adds to bonds has been cut lines of as a rides it out once it goes through masterminds there Otterhound. The county drug look at. At like 50% now idea that's being capped more than me to get down to this city level that's I hit as his it's their very existence in the sense that he threw that matters is yeah. That's like has a lock and I'm going guiding me that is they run I mean thank I mean it out on now. I would even gained as they've this isn't packed. I don't believe that's here hooked even and I'll call. Is it coincidence that pitchers and catchers report. Live Aniston bonds I don't I don't I don't know I imagine there's. Nobody is that it was a professional athlete ever does drugs. That's when the professional athletes they don't do I mean they all did drugs drugs and they love god and they're down they're zone over the country joke that is true. That is true it is yet it is spring training Gaudin Arizona spring training. Here are ready to go. All right so there as though about a cocaine went out washing cocaine you wash cocaine. You know how and on our watch and I'm cutting that I am allies nick and I don't like certain. Good there's some people are other solutions is a big hitters market. I think MMI exhibit any lines judges went through the whole system. Is right you only do it again this notes burning down nags I'm here. And the thing I know that if a fan sure got as Dave I'm right I know that you would not. If you ever became a drug cartel kingpin and I know in my heart that you would not over cut your guts because you would just be unable you give that you give great Coke. At a great price. With a lot of love. And like hasn't emerged doctors say I know that if this were the reality that we lived in the eye to eye toward that cut it wouldn't be with any of these danger and such so that is not out and like you could elect capitalist I say oh you are Shannon you're paying for cocaine usage get the best hopes and you can get you be running the first world's first cocaine nonprofit organization. So ensures that you need to make even I am the organization for I'm fat pat yeah. And is happy they did and cut its. We need to make his services as the bombings mine and hey I gotta is. Good or bad because sometimes I remember you get like a big goal like rock the biggest fine is gonna bring it up in my rocks at puzzles me. On Barbara. I you have this mode you're odds. You know it's there is practice. You're starting Iraq's well. You have a nose problem and that's a problem that's a problem yet maybe usually get now other drugs in your store in Iraq appears hard rock practice. Smith and I don't know rather unsavory you think about. Where is all right welcome seeing how Zetterberg hello lever let me yeah. Peter Iraq's. I. All right you should probably play a feel good hit of the summer network name. In his organs financially but haven't this is the night that we I think. But one of those song for an. It's it peccadilloes that feel good in the summer that I didn't have gathered today in America. Well here's your body you rocks and orders and are you people who'd cut it up you cutters see you dirty dirty Petr is IUI shares. I don't know why she refutes I mean other than Washington go to Washington. Ani Washington. I mean I think you go to the you know the rainforest the tropical birds. And then you take the Coca leaves. And then you got a leg you know you grind him up. And any closer drizzle. I don't know people earlier gasoline mixer and kerosene I've watched a lot and Archos may oh lead channel and anything what do you think. I also may or may not know a few people McNamee used to cut this out out. Seriously the world's first non profit McCain is dying laughing up and tried support your foundation Baghdad. Some answers as is Iraq is gun that's got that's okay. If it's still Iraq the less it's being cut. OK all right go to however this is a good conversation about technology in schools in cocaine yet. Here is queen's this hour range. How is Bruce Iraq ends and it's tax fast it's fast that it's and confers Barack lose her eyes and cut computer all row.