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Friday, May 18th


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All right. There reference to Don Quixote. Down around my little windmill. And announced on here again. They did give. You may be the I don't know yeah donkey you know who has done yesterday and she voted gone fees holy. The wind died key the what when it is not known as donkey back how would be done she hold the magnetic return that is. Code for something out and out of the gas you know the Windmills. Guy fighting with Jason giants. In other giants for their Windmills and oh leg two days in Windmills. Is based on a TLC sunk the last parcel alive I'd say it again you never I really don't know I'm telling I don't now. Now you make everything is a real I think probably as maybe we can do news and we can discuss the soccer the mantle monsoon. I don't know man mines and I don't know what you're talking about right now. Sorry didn't era for. The man of LaMont. Forty talking about dark the hell do we had a code word oh let's say Don Quixote is life. Don Quixote is like the a big Don Steele already via a bank has is its sound that you're saying donkey party yet light. Like photocopies. If I had whoops here one reference machine after an umpire please say leg eSATA and how that might not supposed to think about economy. This award. Eight WA AR dean. One was in the hours for your chance to win a thousand dollars. Carried out oh lord and in. Texting to get possibly your thousand dollar reward 78 anyone donkey hoagie. It is like the really is it any. Odyssey Odyssey for Spaniards. OK so he's is that writers either Hummer hull and if you don't homer is either Holler no donkey or he's. Me. Tagamet nine doggie Hadi was written by a neat guild days supplement that. I can say he's a Hummer he's a homer. And there is a play called man of LaMont children as well are it's a ballet Jews that through enough. Yeah. The men have Lamond sung. My day of students does this have backed them are watching donkey code a lesson. It. Don here didn't die DOD. Donkey you know really dog DOD. It's about air I think you did in hanging their I didn't now I didn't read it you. I did not arena media Syria. Sound like it's a classic it look like an anti Obama attacks it's I don't. It's hard it's hard to get behind it's hard to read it's our very I really did I did the Odyssey. If I'm the Odyssey was sure it was an all. So great story earlier was now. Yet you have muses the act you got gamma one eyed giant yeah site clubs into the river Styx yep you got all kinds of stuff. Man. I don't know what happens is on here any deer did the days if your people ran bridge Don Quixote of students today also do the Iliad and Odyssey. We did the alien any. I was really include Don you know be out. Fires are here about I don't know but it forgets. We also did. That was I was in one exiled costs yeah. Delegate. I don't know as a reading thing then we read. Yet. Various aspects and discussed at yeah this is special that it's no reports Obama has a right imagery that he's a burgers. On an error I read catcher and right leader is upon us but is that I never write privilege I never did read the catcher in the rye in school law. I don't want to catcher in the rye now they got the kids is that Dick he had a bad go OK. Don't give Iran he had a bag out but pick. Don here he would eat lamb from army is for sure I know you're talking Matt Danny and even made a movie from his perspective. From the donkeys prospective and it's called Shrek. I didn't argue Cody is in one of those tracks it's about a crazy dude it's pretty wonderful says someone who. Don slaps he slaps hard to India. And don't forget he there's a farmer in a book you know the farmers name is no sun choked on site. Santo Ponce de serious about just for the names such bonds as soundly he should be in some sort have Maya yeah some sort of mob not a farmer follows his does this noble he's like glue gun. There was little brats in gathered around TFF. Today the godmother and nova I have watched that movie about record easily through. In the books really yeah I feel examiners are god are there comes on AMC. I'm all for commercial breaks. That's is too much. Day is to lose we have brought our parents right tango acting as I thought I'm oral Starbucks. Again a little heat again. Why well where about two weeks out from their nationwide. Racial bias training. Stemming from the incident in Philadelphia. And. And a two weeks out and something happens. Tell me what you think Graham I'm not gonna prejudged aren't. Whoops. It and so worker airlock Kenyatta Flint ridge Starbucks. Allegedly wrote a slur that is very offensive to Latinos on the customers comp and tonight people are outraged. Can cause Chris Holmstrom his life or life with more Chris. And Jeff that all happen at this Starbucks you see behind me it was on Tuesday morning and as you can imagine people living in this area. Are outraged. In it and I think ought to get put out of it made him at all. Inning Miguel let go stuck defending his friend after learning he received this strange. From the locking out of Flint ridge Starbucks on the label or racial slur toward Latinos his co worker helps translate to an already eagle. Guess he went to Starbucks and they ask for his name and his name is Peter and it robe is clean air. I mean he seemed headed stuffed bear. Miguel says his friend didn't deserve this and doesn't understand why he was targeted in move neither the meaning in his news release that bring out with everything that's going through. So it's really hard people living nearby also when disbelief. I'm shocked I go to Starbucks almost everyday in a discipline and Starbucks and that's. When you put something in a computer put a name on something you're labeling someone. I think that's not right at Starbucks customers I spoke with had no idea they tell me they would have thought twice before making a purchase. I guess it brings back a lot of discrimination it brings back a lot of or do you know. Growth that we should've had before this incident comes one month after a black man at a torrents Starbucks. Claims he was denied access to a bathroom and in Philadelphia two black men were arrested after waiting for a business meeting at a Starbucks. And now racist remarks on cuts the Starbucks manager declined to talk to me on camera. But the company released this statement saying. This is not indicative of the type of experience we want our customers to have. When they walk into our stores we have apologized to them directly and are working to make things right. All right. So. It seems pretty cut and dried. You should be able to find the person. Who put dinner instead of Peter. On the cup rank. And talk to them. IV I L Anderson and I want to get hit this I don't know darva is trouble problem and I feel like we're seeing a manifestation. Of a lot of yucky crappy stuff gas starts happening across the country. OK forget I was gonna ask I don't know. And never use beer brand. And I don't even now. I go well why. I don't get the mean. Mean I've never used it and I don't know yeah I mean it's it's like. Is not cool record I'm not saying it is not as saying I'm never yeah you know I don't even understand it. That city. It's. True. June 222. You know and I mean media. Link at least and our meters and territories labor Mexicans are people based in dissent the term originates from the prevalence of Pinto beans and other beings mixing was. All right that's why is it a third grade insult I really like a lot of being I mean Soto high do you Adobe yeah integrity I guess you are daddy and if I guess and Mike. It's such a stupid to me hand. Yeah it does the image sensor stupid derogatory term money rate environment a rare at Starbucks is Ali got to get away with it right. Have you not been paying attention people watching Starbucks. Ray. It's getting weird out there. He didn't really weird. Tax plan as a point there is a Kosovo thing with a Zacks and they misunderstood and where he said Peter. And there I got the inner eye you clarify before you go and throw slur on a cup I agree under present I'd be used hustler on the copy that. I don't you know or a nickname yeah I mean having announced a leaner note never I don't one being. We I don't have BM Lisa Kahn Diener Egypt. I've been going door okay. I'm Buick a leaner. And I didn't mean it. Does he like beings rights you know I'm just like the Diener and I had no idea I was under are out there anyway I like that even as bad bank anywhere is door if you know of talking about Don Quixote and are getting in and from. We're that's I'm sure. Some answers as as an organized they misstate Peter being a big deal I would ask you if you. Were questioning their out like. Don't you realize is that you can't use that term towards people so perhaps maybe. Mass twice. I I look. I don't like today leases the bay area of the doubt I had I not even not saying that they got that Tex lines out OK I have to I don't I don't I get it off I don't like him pres the United States. Regardless abuser referring to gang members or not. Call people animals. I like it I think you see a physical men manifestation of a lot of anger white anger. And it's starting to really leak out loud did you see an attorney. Oh yeah they do from my New York yeah yeah that was it wherever there was a coffeehouse. Swear was it was at some sort of marketplace. And Alec people's beat Spanish series now this. Guy goes in there for lunch or whatever and and houses. Food and drained and there are customers. That are speaking. In Spanish you dealer repair and there are bilingual and and they're ordering her talking whatever and Spanish edition. And then he does not count them yes he'd. It's. News. Did the employee even know as a racial slur never heard of before Jews diet I. Captain Kyle yeah I did not know Pineiro was I think I never used it seems that just think that's yeah stupid term yet to begin at. It doesn't like beans yeah I mean age in Plano as a wrestler Myanmar's raises his hand. On a minute and like you got that's just not right and pain and no offense that doesn't mean that you can use it. Period like get educated on what is racist. Okay. I I don't know now older and I know I'm tired of people being red light. Oh well how did you know how would I have known these idiotic California you definitely know. Fan base irritating and my AOL screen name was sixty spent in nineteen. Because sexy spice with taking. I could not figure out why people can't ask him charismatic think it. So. Yeah I'd take Singapore's he says did they know it was a racial slur as a viable by Mary costar from Iowa. Maybe give him a break Iowa but I feel like you guys use your share of immigrant labor to. I had no idea it was hustler and 37 and yet like I mean I anti the last couple of days I and in my life can does this other really worked up. About this new attack. On Hispanics in America it's it's big going on for a long time dog or a president and before him. Everybody's doing it for awhile but it has gotten really nasty. In the last 48 hours. And I've been watching people on shirts and Nacional that I'm sure that in years I'm talking about watching Talking Heads I'm watching the discussion in this country and keep in mind my dance Colombia right. Let he came over here and he worked for the veterans. For the VA boon for twenty years is a doctor okay like. I got skin in this part particular. Area for the first time ever I got skin in the game we're talking about some chart and I am. Horrified by watching. White people on television Talking Heads out sick here and mitigate. Certain things like like oh well he was talking about gang members what he called me animals. Well. Not bring you don't know now because. What do you think people who write beater on a cup take that yes they take it as a dog whistle. At present the United States is okay to call people animals dehumanize people. We're letting this happen break. Well. Let me gaffe yet while that man I mean that's. I would never use that's. Anyway. I don't disagree I wholeheartedly agree with I I I I've I might I everytime I see somebody talking about it ponson. It's it's discussing we're heading for the really scary dark place. And words matter and nobody seems to care. I know his words matter well when you. No more out there Zahn. As you get that please get the could already imagine in your area. There are is as reading there is a porn star who's suing his company and he's. And the producer asked if they can use the N word in the scene and rule. And he's like now I'm not I'm not okay with that. You're down and then he asks them later and says that is costar is OK with using it he let I don't care she's okay we are using it. I'm not okay. We're hearing it I mean so anyway after he does. The finale in. Our during the finale issues like gimme that and here she uses it twice and he's suing them. He's for word players are now words and how they met charismatic and great sound anyway and yeah I was just reading about that I thought that was interesting. Thank god you just said word manner like I'm. I mean hey guys. Let's go back to one instance where. Words really mattered. And historically and you go back to you you look at a group of people was dehumanize. For a long period of time and then some really bad crap happened. Right Boone. Like historically can't and I outlets are out and let's not start when I see the pres the United States calling people animals it doesn't matter. What they look like he's calling a group of people animals. Right sound racism has now I'm now as a voice but we minorities of Dolly's on it was yes absolutely yes absolutely if you see all these stories about the coffee colored people were black and you read so I have combat by people like yet could gradually since it's in the news this happens every day I'm surprised you didn't notice. That is as. That's technology. That's people now. Recording and their everyday lives and and every one else getting to see what they don't throw anything you have to get computers and technology that. It is everybody's caught and camera meaning people are you know dealer their phones everywhere. And to see I like I'm horrified at listening to this eighty New York in hand however people are still wonderful. And what they're doing to have a whole lot of LA after urinary is to do this story that I hire a true. I'll play a clip as was there was a bit person who originally Tex at the end and says it does sound like an honest mistake Peter beat her big deal. They were trying to be dismissive. And then you read the rest of attacks and then it goes to Danny boy you've been to California lately it's turning into Mexico that's not a good thing. Oh here's the president saying it's an honest mistake. But California turning into Mexico is not a good thing which tells me everything I need to know about how you view people would brown skinned. So we're specifically Hispanics you don't like kill or. So don't come talk Texan like text line essay by itself organized this day may be an honest mistake or races would make great. Is it. I believe Hispanics are the largest provider. He's Bogut she's blog am amazed he's been he's being as to your customers well their customers are seeing each other to each other the customers are is being Spanish yeah. Two workers and hand what do you care mind your business hey here's a paper examines her out didn't. So many is going on. I'm not this is how he feels about all Hispanics that he pays for their accident. Lay there in EG RE EZ guard like why it's. What has stretched. Taylor and thereby it was music got money which means they work we raise debating this is the and I'll break. I hate that welfare line nothing pisses me off more than that need to me I never did I mean I'm glad people of color should get. Subsidies you EB you don't meals right heads anybody brings out of their way to white people say and I paid for your EDT car. So I. Of this great anyway he says he's an attorney. That's what's even scarier you're talking about someone that's supposed to be. Current and decay NN. And then is beyond ignorant right who are you defending Wright how. I'll prove once again and how do carloads in professional school does not weed out the air holes or. Any hole B cons. Educate an enemy like that word. Comes wedge supposedly some worldly now why and why exactly some knowledge not being completely anger and baton anyway. Once again prevent this attorney is under present uneducated but. The company that has his office. And do believe he flew home. So each Hitler LA we're and then this is my favorite part about all of us as much as he was a complete and utter outsold everybody. In there. People are starting to go find me to send him to marry out she bit and yeah. Yeah we don't like in the most kind hearted of harassment ways to me it made me laugh I was dad it was all areas and apropos and I'm like I love that you can't videotape being napping average American it goes national brain should get a go funding for Mary she being absolutely. Absolutely. And that is that is so funny whoever started that go find me. Kudos C area around fantastic sense of humor I really like the ideas you know like I I I didn't ever wanna abdicate. Like when Richard Spencer got punched them not to go ponson was a big conversation should you punch a Nazi Nazi and it was very like you know if feet. By the racing I think this is 100% you should definitely send a merry got you yeah like there's no question to me it's harmless yeah yeah and that's. And right you could have been physically assault ES so many other thing I was you say that's why I think I love it so my tasks. Is it smarter. That anything you know until they weren't great retort now I will help or wonderful or tore that all just make it loses that us. Ever Mary asks me and shows that one out they get sharper than does off as it is now. So I mean I don't know where they've kind of I think it's the leery now of it and I don't -- I don't know let me give let let me let me let me ask you this because somebody tweeted this yesterday is it just Hispanic regular prom and all people. Am and I am I know who I'm asking right when he says English speaking assuring. I mile aren't like. Is he ever prom and all bilingual people. Probably he probably any language is it specifically. Spam is the kind of guys does the nail salon. And I says you speeding was in front of me right on I mean I don't feel like. They have probably. Been the I think it's Hispanics. I think Hispanics get ally they get the they don't pay taxes I pay for men more than any other name. Now and when they take you speak English pick. I don't know. We would speed more and where you from rank and no I. Privileged. Some Islamist is questioned yeah. Juliette. You only. I wish it was Juli and oh my god if my name was yeah I did change my name is. Julianne Julianne she's talking about is do this this guy and he is there any guys as they're raised as she got buried okay see up five point 5000 comments. And only 291 retreats are if your Twitter person. You don't want that ratio you never want your comments higher than your retreat that's a bad week I got what it sees that and she said Erin Schlossberg doesn't seem like a very nice person. And I'm asking this question immature and like inflame things here are but does that merit harassing him in the street kicking him out of his workspace having people trying to revoke his legal license. Imagine this happening to someone you agree with NC he field. I think that is the Reid points to say imagine happening to somebody you agree with. However if the person I agreed with happened to be a blatant racist. Then. Then I go here's the thing. I think that people all. Historically. Can say and do what they want without repercussions. In me. And it's every you don't feel bad you get used to be able to complete will use you walk Waverly inn say yeah he can say any derogatory term he can yell at whomever he wanted him. Complete and utter disregard and disrespect for other people white privilege is when you're describing. I think for him to think that he commanded. Domain mountains. To tell people what how to speak. What to speed. I mean there is not behind himself as above. Yeah them severe air so there's repercussions to your acceptance now freedom of speech is you if you read it. Say and do what you want the repercussions. As we all now particularly us. Yeah you can say whatever you can get us our river Russians to hear what comes out your mouse and human and I agree with a replica of some absolutely. Absolutely and is it. Fair I don't now. I don't know that type of person he is I don't know if this is if you believe in karma. This is and this is his fades I don't know whatever it has or his action and by I don't wanna be nuclear reactionary and say it is or isn't he shipped up to an island the next sciele. Because that like everybody deserves a chance for everybody deserves a chance rank. But well he well hey. You know well if it is holding them thought of losing. His opt you know what that does that help people do that how racist. People I think about it apparently leaves I'm not saying it's the wrong or right thing to do I think it by doing that he's going to be like seeding came after me sets right. Pray how do you. Does that how it nor does the network instead of being like man I said something and everybody is man I mean I obviously need to reexamine what I set. Right I mean that should be a normal pop process but some people doubled. Rick I don't know. Pilots say I would feel bad if there was a one time being there isn't there's video after video of him being erased as they go. The go find me is raising the money that attack attract and Kenyatta as a to the mariachi band yeah that's. Standing hesitant. Great way to handle that I think third asserted. Without making somebody feel the way they made you feel. Threatens. Grandstand it's like hey we're gonna make you feel we're put a spotlight on yet rank but were kind enough to make it a merry oxy began in a talk Cabrera. Backlash is for his behavior not his beliefs. I actually kind of really I like best break I do like that mean he stepped out in public right. All he's probably getting doubled down and he's yelling yeah and other doubts for speaking Spanish other Spanish speaking of outstanding. And wasn't now here's where navy. He says something wrong they won't serve him unless he speaks Spanish. I only Spanish speaking. I mean that would be the top story about how much happiness but does not happen and that. They can't tell dig indoor air date they're not pants not what happened at all the question what would happen but like I got told Italy's orders there it is right app and I. And that's to be. Cops called on you know and I hate president that this thing might trend on the ice is women not any of you belong here and I mean there are only ice OK let me explain this is let the equivalent of calling the police on black people bright people is calling it ice on Hispanics. And ice I know we know this is separating. Children from their parents at the border. And the plan is to put children. In camps on military bases so threatening to call I saw somebody. Is a really big acting deal. Ray. He had no problem threatening to rip people from their hounds he deserves Dolly's going well there you are you're ever out about the size thing I didn't forget that the app. He doesn't deserve it taco truck of tacos and make everybody happy to have had you how did you Liz country via a taco Tuesday. Which everybody is talking email yes. And they knew me like sweet. It's big blue's we want your culture we want you boo we want your ponchos and why why our line we were on how we want but we want to how we want it. Right from white people. I don't discuss about words that for. Yeah man. Hispanics. Are you know for sure that wouldn't happen if he was witnessing sign language. It's terrible yeah it's paying us this behaviors. Man. Yep scenario. I mean I've done that many times I've gotten to a Greek restaurant. And down the owner or someone working parents Belgrade firma. Really cognizant of that did I do you get back to English. In Al. Or it's yet we don't whine and hours. Or know how you're not it's usually that boards than your business yeah I mean degree Google target. I managed Tivo died matches are Hispanic I mean I have done that I Peggy again easily been me and you know. In that situation easily have walked in Munich on my caddie and now. The Canada are hanging 'cause he remembered in these say. As he does speak that they might wedge. And it's not. That's a very well I I don't know what I bilingual which there was Dane you know bring this year pour your week. Not on out on boost Andrew. Would you immigrants. I don't know maybe Lori Gary is Starbucks. I mean I'm okay. Speak English. And all of which is made up. Other countries words yes sir for sure merger. Edged to our winner webcam either Schlossberg family spoke and it came to America can't imagine missiles lost bird spoke English. I'm pretty sure they didn't know does this mean. That the US. Eight. Our good. Guide our but seriously hey I'm getting a lot of play this out one more time. The plan is when they separate children from their parents at the border the plan is to put little children. When other parents. On military bases in camps. That's he should Google that is happening. And that's it terror file. That's as Bruce Bruce or walk in the answer 100.