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Tuesday, December 5th


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There's well. Yes and of course it comes from comedy and a Brett Hull always comes from comedy and the British. It always comes from the insert the absurd because the absurd is not. I don't know they don't do which are supposed to do. He doesn't he's one of my favorite people on television. And comics and we've. That it may that we chart on and I have we've tartan multiple times always. An amazing interview. An amazing interview. Earth. And this is where it comes down to because Iraqis does what people in the media won't do because you're not supposed to. Are talking about John Oliver confronting Dustin Hoffman. Ray and it was at a press event for wag the dog. Okay there's some wag the dog anniversary some movie that Dustin Hoffman made it really was not great on back you watch it. It was during peak dinero Hoffman time. Right it was right there and meet the clockers. Since our panel in TriBeCa death and TriBeCa is already an interest in plays at TriBeCa institute is and I. Janeiro is playing that's the play out they've pushing anti backstop to turn back is already kind of a weird place entree back as a place in New York number one but. The TriBeCa institute team in. So John Oliver is moderating a panel. And there have been allegations against Dustin Hoffman share. Well it's the it was on the sets. Death of a salesman. Okay my teenage intern on the TV movie does a salesman and a twentysomething playwright respectively. Bob about not much came that he was accused by two. Several women a sexual harassment allegations. So John Oliver. Is moderating it and it comes up and Dustin Hoffman's talking about how he apologized but he included this. Prays that his publicist said don't say she didn't say it don't say it in do you get in a back and forth apologized to use the word yet break. So he says that right here in front of everybody and most. If not. 99.9. Percent of all interviewers about point Lehman loudly throughout the teachers post to dip wrecked. And John Oliver's like. But now he presses yeah now we need more people like John Oliver actually in the news wound down. Not only in the news I agree with that but I think. As a man. More men. Need to be having this discussion with your friends with your when. With your buddies I told you need depress your buddies. Because. I really. Think. Because of the culture that Oran may be men really out or allies. Like do you really not realize that if somebody doesn't want your advance says and yet you persist. I I can't understand it I pretty much get a good idea and a sense of people want they want and what they don't want. But I think even on a bigger level yes he did it in the media he made it. Uncontrolled because it is income from all. To be sexually her house. And then yet were surprised to give her masters or the Yankees the Yankees harasser is of the sport. Leeway. It's really incomparable to be not hers about ten or listen to their own land sexual advances are coming your way. And it's hard to fight visit as the dude when you hear dudes saying things that are wrong and our definition of wrong. Is not deeply. Ingrained into us if you're my age I'm 35 right because it's a culture that has existed my entire life and you have to be actively. Aware and when people say things you have to say that's not cool. You have to like if it's just doing them but. People doubt you adjust it and we aren't as hard as is our art I had not saying map John Howard did. Was hard it was very hard also. In front of Dustin Hoffman. Agassi announced this phenomenon and I love it any sit there with you know with TriBeCa. Mr. Mann de Niro he's sitting there and in this this happens on a sea of the audio is good enough and if you have a question review echoes. He's yeah. Did anybody months. It's. Like I'm Hulk it's no or. Just. We'll. Speed. What. Hall on call. Nomo and he's just he's no where. He'd be candlelight doesn't confidence response he says his staff slingbox pisses me up around the moral or return anything and what this is a non flag is V it's not represented have who I am and then Dustin Hoffman such as which I think is very telling. Today said today so that the aim here is it represented them of who I am too Jay and that. Does an excellent thing about being born in this culture the existed and is changing and you can't just say today you have to go back and you have to look at it. Your past that you have to refute it if it comes if it's something you're dead hurt somebody break. You have to say I'm sorry brand it was wrong and it wasn't funny and it is an OK yeah. I agree and then more so I if you could planet's Dave and maybe we can Claire. Well. Yeah we you know everything. Okay. Boy. When you. It's. And it. This further. And Hala. Hello. Clash and and dollars as I'm a lot of it was I'm glad I was there if he does that answer is a cop he's right. It's dismiss them it can too easy route. In our own. I I love these. Having this conversation and I'm glad John Oliver just drop does not from the day he didn't like I'm glad. Does oddly UN there you know I have and I'm glad that I had been I don't know. Sosa it was a close. For me to burn up this. To reach you bring this thing. Flu is bring it up you break it up did you have sex on Friday they got way they sat in that whole thing down. That's right tidy can serve retaliate and now you all forgot about putting I'd you remember tiger and then members now are gonna I gonna be crazy but apparently it's not. You know it. It went. But I. There stupid things voter and. Okay. I don't ask don't love yeah. Well it's. You know of that response either. Call me. Why are. There was no. I didn't know let's. Few oh. Red. Won't like but yeah. She didn't know what yeah you all back true brought it to hey we're normal levels. We've got a little piece we get us back. You moving whose. Leave all she wrote yes. We all know. That's the part. That I have. That is the apartment that I love that John Oliver's. Why is the point of her line. But of that what's the point what's your game. Because today as evict him. If you come forward you are certainly worse the eighth the accuser imagine Roy Moore is big titans. People defending on a daily if we hear from Dayton yet we hit me yet but. Those victims have to hear every day you waiting for you says and there are why errors are the camp. All day every day I the president thank you and but yet. Yes why is the point of them line what what would be their game. Because they're coming off as a criminal they're the ones that are being questioned. It down I agree with that sentiment and for him to have brought it up in that manner he's really yeah I love I love that I love they want is the point of their line yes I believe them. What is the point I'm all of these people coming forward because they're going to be treated as the criminals not the victims. And we see that day in and day out. What is the point M what do they have to gain absolutely nothing. Now I love the downward in a huge huge nets. I love is nuts. Is that good brother and I'm not usually calls a test on design what ever. I had a lot dollar and I'm amazed again our dollar really cool to see you again and it's a massive jazz writer dire as I love now as. Please going into target doesn't Augmon and certainly he is in the position where he's gonna get lamb base that it be agrees to do as an units Dustin Hoffman. Walk walk walk away at with some you know half cocked statement and I did to do that is really admirable yes I agree and it is possible and I do think. I gotta be John Oliver to take on Dustin Hoffman but well that's our house staff and even I thought. And does not who has been a little dismissive of his liking now actor type season. Like almost just tell it like I would have liked to be an actor you don't know what it's like aura to show entertainment exactly make. How John Oliver's probably he's a great actor. And I feel like I even better human being I believe the best video we have from this event has some shaky cell cell can't sell found out. I anger in India and then like to go to Dustin Hoffman like OK so it's Dustin Hoffman in my right now if you're. Fourteen years old you're like man what does that although it hasn't minute. And like if you even missed his Renaissance if you would call that out of a move those movies grab a meet the parents right prayer meet the Packers against was now out an air around you is an album now. In the eyes of the about them either under his dad in his pocket there out he's soccer's amateur that's in the air. Any kind of plays we are pervert actually in the movie opening act. I that's not all really true and I think what she wrote to take. Free man today The Hague that I like bright. Because that's true. A look at. Yes yes yes yes yes. We like pigs all the time and yeah. Yeah that I really. Want what's the point of them lying hidden. Is now they're there on trial. Even now would you regard him I mean this is this kind of what is but it. If before anybody is sending thing if doesn't Hoffman says in my past I had you know done some bad thing dozen. You know nobody said anything but you know there's people out that they could filter would that be better if he had like said that. Mikey get up ahead of it or maybe you didn't know because it was that time maybe you didn't know when you hear it may be yeah so dismissive. I mean it sounded like John Oliver was willing. Yes I'm very well IA said that doesn't sound self reflect pray so I don't believe yeah why not us. I mean does not know was was. And asking questions you have to do is think well laptop in now what you wanted to do on an actor I need to be told I want to do you really I believe genuinely wanted to know what to blunt what do you want to do what I said I did. That's I think he does does now and I think it was a good discussion at the really there really was there wasn't an all or nothing discussions. It was a I don't like you statement I think it's descriptive would you like to try again I I don't like that statement it's not so great liked it I always end let's try and how he kept I kinda does not meant to his credit debt trying your VW lamented that right he's like he did and an eye. Don't know. In out an eye doctor and number Jon Miller is correct and that yeah it's probably an uncomfortable. Line of questioning didn't imagine how on com or on an event for someone else I think it's a great way to bring it up maybe it'll Donna and somebody eaten. Or other people. I don't know I it's a discussion that easily and clearly in them. So I didn't read Dustin Hoffman's accusers Irina no side as well prepared has done well I am not either sour news on Oliver we just image on how hurt I condensed version guys got there won't and then Barack and eventually everything eerie music of this I believe Derek yeah. And everything July. And then they went on he did go on about. You know why would you bring up forty years later world's. I mean can we stop asking that question. Does that question annoys as sodomy that you are now understand or fathom why someone wouldn't say anything week oh. Another leg and then now what was that Orrin hatch yesterday talking about Roy Moore he said what what what happened was forty years ago you know quote hair but like what Hitler did. Was like over forty years ago and it's still bad time doesn't heal. Wounds the way you think it does when it comes to. Beings that hurt other people pay anyway it's a discussion and very mentioning discussion and has BN and I'm glad that says John Oliver. It's here MacCallum and that it is in enjoyed his coming here. I everytime I think he tops off everytime I think he reits like Max Dahlberg and finds a way of certainly are some B arsenic now Melanie Martinez. Out Melanie Martinez Diego. Now emerging is. And that side and I don't remember it won't play what's on was that. And Cheryl little crowds you. Yeah he had a week later. Against my. And she's been your first shows Cesar she is part of the voice now. I know she was from that but that's punches discovered. Of this of this pulsing and in studio with that afternoon Chenault. And did include state dog house with against doll houses the big one okay yeah so. Former friend of first. Wrote a huge. Timothy Heller unfair. Wrote a very long post about. What she described to be being molested by rape by Melanie Martinez. To me the owners the amount yes it. A down and basically says I was in a co dependent relationship with her I was her friend it was all about focusing on term and then one night she decided to suck ass as you is my sex lighten and I was uncomfortable with what the conversation because I was sexually abused them uncover homosexuality. And kept her up all night asking her if she could touch or groups. You know price trying to prior we marijuana after two days. She finally consented because she is like. Okay cheap cheap she didn't say yes it ranked. And this is the same and you should read the whole thing it's got like 75000. Feet. Our friends over its it's a big if I have it ran her story either and Melanie Martinez. Responded by saying this and I think this goes back to. Well John Oliver was saying to Dustin Hoffman in and prone downs aside this is that seems to be the problem is the lack of self reflection and rank because Melanie Martinez said after you know her friend Timothy wrote all this thing about how she took two days to Wear her down of saying no don't no no no and finally. Basically. And Melanie Martinez says this. She never said no to what we chose to do together. And she doesn't realize even after reading everything that was written that it the other woman felt like she didn't have a choice and I. And how can you say that she never did she apologize now she did see emanates out from flags at all she said I'm horrified and saddened by the statements and stories told by Timothy Heller which he and I shared was a close friendship for period of time. If you read to me Heller statement it states that really was a co dependent the focus on. All about Mel Martinez's success. It's not effect she had something that I thought was really with Tim Heller said broke. He says something that really area. There at all I loved her co dependency works and a lot of strange ways in my relationship with his friend that was dependent on helping her with her life. As soon as I needed a small bit of focus and support from my best friend there was nothing for us to relate to each other. Act that's not their relationship work is being given nattering we've all been in. Maybe I don't know about everybody is that in one of those that. When it switches to annually we're about right hey what about me why can I get my golf that's not others relationship work during this guy. I intimidate. I hear the events I did a. And then and from knowing much chance to say quote we both had pain in dealing with our individual demons in the new password are forging but I truly felt we are trying to lift each other up. She never said no to what we're trying to do together. I. Did you not read what she wrote are you just responding to that allegation you're not responding to. Mare she may actually wrote I. Don't know I think that's that's terrible and this is you know. Without it but all of a so anyway that's what's happening pain you read yeah its own generator articles are read to him hollers. I think it's yeah 8:19 am. I can. Last summer and is being go to and the person your read does not respect him. That's and that they never as well or your wishes they never Wheldon whether or he sexual or any other doubt they will never look at you as an equal to our senior complaints as valid now and is if you're in a car to families have been some of these things are. You know striking a nerve inside of viewing like women that might be mean if it is you. Just don't spend your time or any more energy map person trying to figure out why or trying to validate yourself to them to try to get them to see was a person because they can't now here and then and I never will back your way better off. Not trying to do that that person and I know that there is going to be that empty part of view double always be there. Because they won't ever see was a person but you need to learn to deal with your loss. And walk away. And find yourself again because you will and you can find happiness and you don't need somebody who dismisses you. Being in your. Own. Ski here and earned him.